apacheloggerthat of course can easily result in a lot of component files so it is not prefect either ;)00:00
apacheloggerrbelem: did we get a design for UDS app :P00:00
bulldog98apachelogger: how am I supposed to set the visibility of the buttons if I can’t get access to the currentPage00:03
bulldog98onCurrentPageChanged: {00:04
bulldog98back.visible =currentPage.back00:04
bulldog98gives me an error saying currentPage would be undefined00:04
apacheloggerwell, where is currentPage?00:06
bulldog98apachelogger: I made it work and pushed00:47
bulldog98check again if this is better for you00:48
bulldog98apachelogger: slideshow finished (only effects left)01:46
* bulldog98 is off for sleep01:52
ybitis there anything like wubi in the works for kubuntu?02:55
jalcineybit: well, I guess that if you can install Ubuntu, you could just install KDE on top of it.02:59
ybitit's true 03:07
ybitbut i would prefer not to walk them through this and just have it by default :)03:08
jalcineybit: but I guess your looking for a Kubuntu-based Wubi.03:08
jalcineHm, I think that Wubi's made from a squashfs expanded out onto the disk.03:08
jalcineI guess if you take the live session off of a disc for Kubuntu and replace that with the one typically made with Wubi you could make Kubi :)03:08
rbelemapachelogger, that time the designer was busy, but i forgot to poke him later03:50
rbelemapachelogger, i will poke him again tomorrow03:50
ScottK\o/ qtwebkit built on all arch thanks to infinity.04:04
LinkmasterI have a question/idea of a KDE implementation we could on Kubuntu - The activity feature is nice, since it lets us change the desktop widgets and all that good stuff...but what if we can make it change the interface as well? I tried doing that, and the changes I made to my panels, docks, etc. showed up on all my desktops. Is there anyway it can be made that each activity is literally entirely new? or would that be a massive resource 04:54
=== jalcine is now known as webjadmin_
bulldog98Linkmaster: not yet aaron and the other plasma devs are working on that08:40
Riddellthere's lots that need done to activities to make them understandable08:50
RiddellI think we should link virtual desktops to activities in Kubuntu by default08:51
bulldog98Riddell: to tell the truth I don’t use virtual desktops anymore. activities for the win :)09:12
Riddellbulldog98: right, they are redundant if you get into activities09:14
Riddellbulldog98: the main thing I don't like about activities is there is no pager and there is no animation on transition09:15
Riddellwhich confused the heck out of me when pressing win-tab accidently09:15
bulldog98Riddell: yeah I talked to mgrasslin about that and he told me there is simply no way to animate that stuff09:16
Riddellbulldog98: not setting to do it or no way for programmers to add it?09:17
RiddellI can't imagine it being impossible for programmers to add09:17
bulldog98Riddell: he told me about some tecnical limitations09:18
Riddellhmm, I'd like to see it with an animation similar to virtual desktops, you could have cube for activities and slide for desktops for example09:19
Riddellbut if it can't be added programmicly that's curious09:19
bulldog98Riddell: as Martin for details09:20
Riddellhappy belated birthday tsdgeos :)09:33
tsdgeosRiddell: tx :-)09:33
jussiRiddell: soemthing for you :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdjY6oy4Y2c09:42
* jussi laughs manically09:43
brestowsHi 09:43
jussihi brestows!!09:43
brestows how use svg tiny animations in Qt ?09:43
Riddelljussi: oh no the empire has invaded Scotland!09:46
Riddellbrestows: you'd need to ask in a Qt channel for that (or look at docs or find a programme that already does it and take inspiration).  I suspect Qt doesn't do SVG animations09:46
Riddellmaybe QtWebkit does09:46
bulldog98tsdgeos: happy brthday09:47
brestowsRiddell: ok will try09:47
tsdgeosbulldog98: thanks09:48
tsdgeosRiddell: we need http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/commit/9ae6f2f9a57f0c3096d5785913e437953fa6775c in our Qt asap10:24
tsdgeosotherwise i plan to bring JohnFlux to bring stupid broken chars here and crash all our irc clients10:24
Riddellnice article http://www.thepowerbase.com/2012/03/the-kubuntu-commitment/10:26
Riddellthat is a seriously old photo they dug up (and not even an ubuntu event)10:26
Riddelltsdgeos: looking10:26
Riddellwouldn't want death by oriental script!10:27
jussiRiddell: awww, you were such a young un there10:28
jussi(nice article though)10:29
tsdgeosRiddell: ask JohnFlux for a crashing text, he just psated it in #qt-labs and i needed to delete by client history to be able of getting in there again10:30
Riddelltsdgeos: will you be reporting this on https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-18170 ?10:30
tsdgeosRiddell: well, the other bug is linked, no?10:31
Riddelljussi: yeah and it makes nat friendman and jdub look like kubuntu developers :)10:31
tsdgeosRelated to QTBUG-1723810:31
bulldog98btw why do I always get certificate warings if I try to open any qt site?10:32
Riddelloh I need to learn how to use the qt bugtracker better10:32
Riddelltsdgeos: will you be adding it to https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-17238 ?10:32
jussiRiddell: hehe10:32
Riddellor did it come from there?10:32
Riddellbulldog98: "The root certificate authority's certificate is not trusted for this purpose"  root certificate needs added to KDE's list?10:33
Riddellor is it Qt's list now?10:33
Riddellthat would be ironic10:33
tsdgeosRiddell: it's there already10:34
Riddelltsdgeos: the patch is?10:34
Riddelllovely, I'll get that uploaded10:34
tsdgeosyes ↑10:34
Riddelltsdgeos: know the answer to where SSL certs for KDE are kept now?10:34
tsdgeosRiddell: same place as always?10:34
Riddelltsdgeos: still in kdelibs?10:35
Riddelllooks like kdelibs/kio/kssl/kssl10:36
Riddellbulldog98: if you want to get that fixed e-mail richard moore to query10:36
Riddellor check for existing bugs10:36
bulldog98Riddell: no that isn’t the problem its projects.forum.nokia.com using the projects.developer.nokia.com cert10:37
Riddellbulldog98: I get it on bugreports.qt-project.org too in rekonq10:37
Riddellbut not firefox10:37
bulldog98Riddell: that site works for me tm10:38
bulldog98grmls: hi10:38
grmlsbulldog98: hi10:38
LinkmasterThats awesome, I wanted to get my idea out there, but it seems someone thought of it before me, which is good (: 10:52
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger why haven't you guys filled in the doodle thing10:56
Riddellshadeslayer: I didn't know we had one10:56
Riddellwhere isit?10:56
shadeslayerRiddell: http://www.doodle.com/exzyt9wtfgsndd8b10:57
=== shadeslayer changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | 4.8.1 http://ur1.ca/8kalp | Precise: Feature Freeze -> Bug hunting: http://ur1.ca/8kam4| http://ur1.ca/8kamo TODOs! | http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.04-lts-announce | wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/UDSQSeries | Doodle : http://www.doodle.com/exzyt9wtfgsndd8b
bulldog98Riddell: what do you think, should I rewrite the keyboard showing stuff or should I try to export that to qml10:58
shadeslayerbulldog98: oh dude, while you're at it, could you add a choosing wireless network dialog?11:01
shadeslayerin QML Ubiquity11:01
* shadeslayer sucks at QML11:02
bulldog98shadeslayer: I could do that11:04
Riddellbulldog98: why would you rewrite it?11:04
bulldog98shadeslayer: but there is higher priority stuff11:05
Riddellshadeslayer: that's non trivial11:05
bulldog98Riddell: don’t know was just asking11:05
Riddellthe ubuntu desktop way is just to use network-manager-gnome11:05
Riddellthere's probably a way to insert KSNI items into QML?  in which case we could use plasma-widget-networkmanagement easily11:05
Riddellbulldog98: if it needs rewriting then do that but I wouldn't think there's any reason it would, just adept it to QML11:06
bulldog98Riddell: KSNI?11:06
RiddellKStatusNotifierItem I think, the KDE class for what replaced the systray tray (and called indicator applets in unity)11:06
bulldog98Riddell: sounds like it would be the right way to go11:06
shadeslayerRiddell: that's what I meant11:06
shadeslayerFigure out a way to insert the network plasmoid into the QML version of ubiquity11:07
Riddellagateau, afiestas: know if embedding plasma-widget-networkmanagement into a QML ubiquity installer would be possible?11:07
afiestasit should be11:09
afiestastheory says everything can be embedded into a QML1 since it is still using QGV11:09
Riddellagateau: and QML 2 doesn't?11:11
afiestasQML2 will be pure opengl, not sure if we will be able to do such hack11:11
Riddellafiestas: oh?  how does that work for unity-2d where they use QML for non GL needs11:12
afiestasgood news though lamarque and another Brasilian hacker are porting the plasmoid to qml11:12
RiddellI seem to remember at FOSDEM they said it was all good for non-GL11:12
afiestasRiddell: they are using QML1, not QMl211:12
Riddellafiestas: sure but can you use QML 1 with Qt 5?11:12
Riddellwell that's lucky, like QtWebKit 1 not going away i guess11:13
afiestasQt5 won't remove any technology but split them11:13
Riddelljust deprecate them 11:13
afiestaswell I guess taht we will see somebody taking up QWidgets maitarnership 11:14
afiestasDigia for example11:14
shadeslayerI guess it'll be like Qt3Support ?11:15
shadeslayerNew KDevelop tarballs up11:15
Riddellbut QtWebkit 1 I expect to be unmaintained11:15
Riddellwhich isn't great for rekonq11:15
shadeslayerI guess someone might do a GSoC and re write it in QtWebkit211:16
Riddelltsdgeos: qt uploaded, sorry for the delay11:16
Riddellshadeslayer: it's not rekonq that needs rewritten, it's kdewebkit11:16
Riddelland that needs done within the webkit project rather than within kde11:16
shadeslayers/rekonq/kdewebkit then11:17
tsdgeosRiddell: it's ok :-)11:17
Riddellshadeslayer: it's not GSoC material, way above that11:17
shadeslayerwell, I'm not sure what custom stuff KDE does in kdewebkit11:17
shadeslayerpretty thin wrapper from what I recall11:17
Riddelluse kioslaves, KDE cache, wallet etc11:17
schnelle_Riddell: qt 4.8 is still not patched for ghost taskbar entries bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/91173311:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 911733 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "Patch Qt to fix annoying KDE bug 275469 (ghost taskbar entries)" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:25
schnelle_this is fixed over 3 months ago11:25
schnelle_please guys dont forget about these patches :)11:25
Riddellschnelle_: are you able to update the packaging?11:26
schnelle_no :(11:26
schnelle_i am only bug reporting/testing at the moment... and slowly learning how to package when i have spare time :)11:27
shadeslayerRiddell: how did you get ktp to work with message indicator?11:35
shadeslayerKDE Telepathy11:35
Riddellshadeslayer: instal telepathy-indicator:11:41
Riddelland run /usr/bin/telepathy-indicator11:41
Riddellbut it'll bring in a load of GTK stuff11:41
Riddellso we need to convince agateau to rewrite it in Qt :)11:42
shadeslayerBrings in libunity9 .... nope11:42
Riddellor just to patch ktp-approver to talk to MI maybe11:43
shadeslayerhow difficult would that be?11:45
shadeslayerStep 1: Check if MI is running11:45
shadeslayerStep 2: Send text to MI for notification if Step 1 returns true11:45
bulldog98Riddell: how can I test ubiquity?11:45
shadeslayeragateau: does MI offer a dbus interface?11:45
bulldog98do I really have to build a deb package and install it?11:46
Riddellshadeslayer: so easy right?11:46
Riddellshadeslayer: agateau will know more11:46
shadeslayerRiddell: *sounds* easy :P11:47
Riddellbulldog98: I install ubiquity and copy changes to files in the install and run that, but only for steps before formatting!11:47
Riddellfor steps after formatting it needs either a virtual box or to run from a live system where you don't mind formatting a disk (can be USB)11:47
BluesKajHey all11:51
=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
tsdgeosRiddell: i see that http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/commit/9ae6f2f9a57f0c3096d5785913e437953fa6775c is actually there already :_S12:03
tsdgeossince 7 months12:04
* tsdgeos confused12:04
Riddelltsdgeos: in 4.8?12:05
tsdgeosRiddell: it's in our packages12:05
tsdgeosi mean the line is there if i edit the file in the qt4-x11 package i had got from apt-get source from last week 12:06
Riddelltsdgeos: hum, yes I agree12:07
Riddellnow we have it twice12:08
* tsdgeos hits himself12:08
Riddellhey, this is a non-violent channel!12:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: Cause I always have time, unless I do not have time in which case I'd not know about it beforehand because I always have time12:47
apacheloggerfriends! please be trying the splash themes in the kubuntu-experimental ppa12:48
apachelogger(install plymouth-themeblahblah-kubuntu-blahblah and kubuntu-default-settings)12:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: what12:49
=== vivek is now known as pvivek
ulyssesapachelogger: can't find plymouth-themeblahblah-kubuntu-blahblah (oneiric)12:53
apacheloggeronly precise12:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: Will let you know when the upgrade is done12:54
bulldog98apachelogger: plymouth splash looks good12:58
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
apacheloggerdoes it make startup noticable slower?12:59
bulldog98apachelogger: hm haven’t noticed a thing13:05
afiestasHaven't said anything because I was checking dates, but I will be sponsored for going to UDS :)13:14
bulldog98Riddell: how should I start it just tipping ubiquity?13:18
Riddellbulldog98: pardon?13:19
RiddellI don't understand tipping13:19
bulldog98Riddell: $ ubiquity13:19
bulldog98does that start it?13:19
Riddellbulldog98: umm I think so13:21
Riddellubiquity --frontend kde_ui maybe?13:21
Riddellit'll be obvious when it's installed no?13:21
bulldog98hm it doesn’t give any feedback, so I’d guess it’s not working13:22
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agateauRiddell: shadeslayer: sorry, forgot to turn my irc client back on after lunch :/14:04
shadeslayeragateau: does MI have a DBus interface I can play with?14:04
shadeslayerI didn't see one14:05
agateaushadeslayer: m.i does have a dbus interface, but more importantly, there is libindicate-qt, which provides a simpler binding to use it14:05
shadeslayeroh ok14:05
* Riddell steals agateau's baguette14:05
agateaushadeslayer: http://agateau.github.com/presentations/2009/indicate-qt_uds-lucid/indicate-qt.html14:05
agateaushadeslayer: this is a presentation I (didn't) gave about using libindicate-qt14:05
agateauRiddell: my precious!14:06
agateaushadeslayer: ping me if something is unclear14:06
shadeslayeragateau: that looks pretty simple! :D14:07
shadeslayerJust quickly went over the slides14:08
RiddellBlizzz: were you at cebit in a smart shirt?14:18
BlizzzRiddell: i have been at cebit, yes. if you mean the owncloud one with smart, then yes ;) unfortunately i did not see you14:21
RiddellBlizzz: yeah I was busy the whole day and didn't get to find you after to invite you for a late night free beer on the kde stand14:22
BlizzzRiddell: a pity, i would have appreciated it a lot :) you have been there only one day, right? 14:26
Riddellyes, a quick visit14:27
Riddellobviously by free beer I mean one taken from one of the other stands :)14:28
ScottKshadeslayer: Would you please go through https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-kde-telepathy/+bug/932833 and mark the ones fix released that have been promoted.14:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932833 in ktp-auth-handler (Ubuntu) "[MIR] telepathy-kde" [Undecided,New]14:28
* shadeslayer looks14:28
shadeslayerhi soee14:32
soeesny idea how can i  remove GNOME from my system? i have had Ubuntu 11.10 installed on this machine, than KDE installed and now i want to remove GNOME14:33
shadeslayerScottK: all done14:36
ScottKshadeslayer: Thanks.14:36
BlizzzRiddell: hehe ;) next time you also drop by our booth. There is free coffee throughout the day and sometimes free beer in the eve (if other stands did not take everything already ;) )14:41
RiddellBlizzz: I didn't see it, was it in building 2?14:42
BlizzzRiddell: yes, as part of the univention booth. on the corner opposite to Zarafa and Fujitsu14:43
Riddellmm, didn't see it alas14:44
Blizzzmaybe because it was mainly red instead of the common and familiar blue ;)14:45
* bulldog98_ dances with Riddell since I managed to get the keyboard loaded via qml15:14
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
Riddellbulldog98: exporting the current data to QML?15:19
Riddellor embedding a widget?15:19
bulldog98Riddell: embedding a widget15:19
bulldog98Riddell: http://paste.kde.org/43804415:20
Riddellbulldog98: PySide?15:20
bulldog98works but http://paste.kde.org/438050 doesn’t can you tell me why?15:20
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bulldog98Riddell: yes15:20
Riddellubiquity is in PyKDE15:20
Riddellwhich means PyQt15:21
=== Guest37444 is now known as pvivek
bulldog98Riddell: I’ll have a look at that later15:21
* bulldog98 needs to go buying stuff15:21
bulldog98Riddell: as far as I’ve seen there is no way to write a plugin in PyQt for qml16:06
Riddellbulldog98: hmm, asked on the mailing list?16:06
bulldog98Riddell: not yet16:07
Riddellhe's pretty responsive16:07
shadeslayerScottK: Riddell can we just skip this KDevelop RC1 and upload the final tarball next week?16:13
ScottKshadeslayer: Why?16:13
shadeslayerScottK: too much work, too little incentive16:13
ScottKNothing's forcing you to do it, so then don't.16:14
ScottKIf you aren't motivated either someone else will do it, or we'll go straight to the final one.16:14
* shadeslayer looks16:14
shadeslayerthe email subject says RC1 and the tarballs are versioned as 4.3.016:14
Riddellcheck in channel16:16
RiddellI'm doing calligra and there's a few things it needs before the final so it's worth doing the RC here16:16
Riddelllike upgrading the whole opengtl stack16:16
shadeslayerBreak time! cya in about a hour16:20
Riddellit doesn't take an hour to check facebook!16:21
bulldog98Riddell: http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/static/Docs/PyQt4/html/qml.html third bullet point16:21
Riddellbulldog98: hmm, nasty16:22
Riddellso maybe it needs the fiddly job of reimplementing it in QML16:22
Riddellor just get rid of it, I quite like that widget but I don't think the gtk frontend uses it16:22
Riddellmgraesslin: is it really not possible to add animations on activity changes?16:23
Riddellshadeslayer: "KDevelop 4.3.0 Final ready to be packaged"16:25
Riddellsays kde-packager16:25
bulldog98Riddell: the Code provided at that page is just shit16:28
bulldog98that is NOT the way qml is supposed to be used16:28
Riddelluh oh16:28
bulldog98there is absolutly no need to get the rootObject out of the qml16:29
shadeslayerRiddell: yeah, we got it fixed :P16:32
shadeslayerI rarely check facebook16:33
ScottKSo it takes an hour when you do?16:33
shadeslayerScottK: nah, playing games on the xbox16:33
shadeslayerBeen quite some time since I turned it on16:34
* ScottK isn't sure he needs to know you two have that kind of relationship.16:35
ScottKThe big smile isn't making me feel better.16:35
mgraesslinRiddell: what do you mean with "animations"?16:36
shadeslayerToo bad I can't boot ubuntu on this thing16:36
Riddellbulldog98: so he misunderstands QML?16:36
shadeslayerWould have been able to test PowerPC16:36
bulldog98Riddell: what is qml good for if your are not able to push a DataModel?16:36
bulldog98that really bugs me16:37
Riddellmgraesslin: when I change desktop I get a nice animation which makes it obvious the desktop has changed. when I change activities i get no animation and it's just a case of windows disappearing without knowing where16:37
mgraesslinRiddell: such an animation is possible, but it needs someone (not me!) to write it16:39
Riddellmgraesslin: oh that makes sense, it's not what came out of a wee conversation we were having easier16:44
ejatanyone can xplain / tell which one is correct?16:55
Riddellejat: check with sladen17:02
ejatRiddell: ok .. 17:03
bulldog98Riddell: where for do we use PyKDE in ubiquity?17:03
Riddellbulldog98: well everywhere, it's a PyKDE application 17:05
Riddellbut other than KApplication I don't know17:05
bulldog98Riddell: the keyboard is pure PyQt, so it should be possible to switch to PySide17:05
Riddellbut ubiquity is in main so it needs to use libraries in main and pyqt is in main while pyside isn't17:06
Riddelldemoting pyqt into universe and replacing with pyside isn't trivial, every app that uses it needs ported17:06
Riddellalso pyside isn't maintained any more17:06
Riddellso wouldn't be suitable for main17:06
bulldog98Riddell: http://www.pyside.org/ says the became Qt Add-On17:07
Riddellyeah qt being open now they take new libraries and addons17:09
Riddellhttp://lists.pyside.org/pipermail/pyside/2011-August/002816.html  says it isn't maintained17:10
bulldog98and this says http://www.pyside.org/2012/03/pyside-becomes-a-qt-add-on/ they moved the ml17:10
Riddellalas it doesn't matter where it's hosted as long as there are no developers17:11
ScottKbulldog98: Nokia used to fund it's development.  They don't anymore.17:16
ScottKThe Nokia funding is the only reason it came into existence.17:16
bulldog98Riddell: good thing is (python3 and 2) are handled the same way17:18
bulldog98Riddell: http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide_FAQ says Nokia is planning to continue development17:21
Riddell"Last edit: July 14, 2011" that's before they dropped it17:23
Riddelland it's really good for us if it doesn't have KDE bindings, we'd have to end up shipping two sets of Qt bindings17:24
Riddells/good/no good/17:24
kubotuRiddell meant: "and it's really no good for us if it doesn't have KDE bindings, we'd have to end up shipping two sets of Qt bindings"17:24
bulldog98Riddell: how many guys develop the PyQt stuff?17:31
cyphermoxRiddell: do you know who I should contact about adding EAP-FAST authentication for WPA Enterprise to p-w-nm; since this is about to land for nm-applet?17:33
bulldog98Riddell: from what I see here they even grow http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySideContributors17:34
bulldog98sorry I’m still in 201117:34
Riddellbulldog98: approximately 117:40
Riddellit's a 1 man company17:40
Riddellcyphermox: upstream is lamont17:40
Riddellcyphermox: err no17:41
Riddellcyphermox: upstream is lamarque17:41
Riddellwho is in #solid17:41
Riddellafiestas can say more probably17:41
cyphermoxahah ok :)17:41
Riddellcyphermox: this isn't something that's going to break p-w-nm right?  just a potential new feature it could get?17:41
cyphermoxRiddell: yeah, just a new auth method in NM backend that should be exposed17:42
cyphermoxRiddell: I'm mentioning it because I'm hoping to land nm-applet which has it17:42
bulldog98Riddell: maybe I should just write c++ plugins for all I need :)17:44
Riddellbulldog98: it might well come to that I'm afraid17:45
Riddellalthough I don't think I've mixed python and c++ before17:45
bulldog98Riddell: should I name the plugin com.ubuntu.ubiquity ? for import stuff?17:46
Riddellcyphermox: this is the mailing list if you just want to post to that https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-hardware-devel17:47
Riddellbulldog98: org.kubuntu :)17:47
cyphermoxRiddel: great, I will17:47
bulldog98Riddell: and if Ubuntu is gone steel it :)17:47
* Riddell out for a bit while calligra compiles17:48
soeedamn i forgot again, whats the name of app where you can define some sentencess shortcuts and when you press TAB in text after such shortcut it will replace it with full text ?18:03
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 626 * debian/ (changelog control) Bump breaks/replaces of plasma-widgets-workspace for 4.8 (LP: #950408)18:49
soeehow can i get code from git?20:42
soeefor example this one: git://gitorious.org/colord/colord-kde.git20:42
RiddellI expect the website for that page has a clone command for copy and paste20:49
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
MountainX Anyone using Kubuntu 12.04 having problems with Firefox not being able to open containing folder of downloaded items?23:57
Riddelluser questions best in #kubuntu and #ubuntu23:58
jalcineThat and MountainX, peek at #ubuntu+123:59

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