phunyguycan someone help me figure out how to sync some music on my phone with amarok, and have it transcode to mp3? Currently I tell it to copy to that collection, but it keeps the flac format.00:08
phunyguycant find an option to tell it to transcode to mp300:08
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vladimirhi any one here?00:55
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sergiyk0anybody here?01:03
sergiyk0can someone tell me how to make kubuntu remember wifi password? because everytime i start the computer it asks me for a password?01:05
vladimirhelp please01:11
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Guest81658hey, I just booted up and my touchpad isn't working01:18
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`Korvinany ideas?01:18
phunyguyoh for cryin out loud.  I am trying to want to use amarok, but I can't make it do what I want.  I just want it to encode to another format when copying to my phone.  And perhaps a synch feature.  Does anyone else have any suggestions for working software to do this in kde?01:46
`KorvinI updated my nvidia driver, and now kdm wont boot01:57
chronossomeone here has Galaxy S 2 and Kubuntu?02:42
chronosthe MTP in kde isn't working as expected... I can't browse my smartphone cards02:42
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bsdfreakGood evening!  Anyone having issues with Precise not loading the KDE desktop after logging in?  It happened to me after running an aptitude update.04:42
szalbsdfreak: #ubuntu+1 for Precise questions please04:43
Linkmasterbsdfreak: I am not currently running Precise, but see if all your file permissions are still yours, and then, after that, try putting a fresh .kde in there04:44
bsdfreakLinkmaster: Thanks.  Seems to happen even in a test account I just created.04:45
bsdfreakszal: OK.04:45
* Linkmaster shrugs04:45
LinkmasterI'll install the 64-bit on here sometime or another, no time now. but ask in the channel that sz recommended, so as we don't clog this channel up04:46
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seshagiriI've installed Kubuntu 11.10 in  Lenovo G550. I don't have seperate keys for tuning on network and bluetooth. I restarted the bluetooth service. But still the the bluetooth icon in the icon tray is showing no apapters found. I googled but didn't any particular solutions. The status tip is showing the bluetooth:off06:27
GirlyGirlseshagiri: The pc has no bluetooth on/off keys?06:29
seshagiriGirlyGirl: no it doesn't have seperate bluetooth keys. In ubuntu if i turn on the wireless card the bluetooth gets automatically on. I don't know what is the  kubunutu hack to turn on the bluetooth :/06:31
seshagirii did service bluetooth restart but no effect :/06:34
GirlyGirlseshagiri: Bluetooth service restart won't help.. is the device on as per indicator lights?06:34
Daskreech!info kbluetooth06:43
ubottuPackage kbluetooth does not exist in oneiric06:43
Daskreech!info bluedevil06:44
ubottubluedevil (source: bluedevil): The KDE Bluetooth stack. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.1-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 261 kB, installed size 1544 kB (Only available for linux-any)06:44
GirlyGirlDaskreech: the person left06:45
seshagiriyes i am still here06:45
DaskreechWas just trying to remember the bluetooth package06:45
almoxarifecancer: wine once removed does stay in the menu/s, probably a bug, but the wine packaged if it was un-installed is actually gone, unless you have 'team-viewer' in which case its still in /opt/......06:51
Sh0rtW4v3i was told recently that there is a PPA with a package that addresses the malfunctioning task manager (ghost buttons, min/max not working, etc). would anyone here know which PPA that is?07:03
OrdosTrinitus_does anyone have a minute for a sanity check?07:10
brentlyi need some help with kubuntu 12.04 please07:10
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: shoot07:10
almoxarifebrently: me too07:11
OrdosTrinitus_i swapped laptops and now have new hardware, I'm trying to configure my kismet.conf file but something is inaccurate in my sources07:11
OrdosTrinitus_and i cannot remember what i did to get the source  the last time  i did this lol07:12
brentlyjust installed 12.04. trying to set up bluetooth tether with vlack berry. anyone here able to help?07:12
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: sources= wlan?07:12
OrdosTrinitus_02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (rev 01)07:14
OrdosTrinitus_FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'RTL8188CE' in source 'RTL8188CE,wlan3,WLAN_intern'07:14
brentlyin 11.04 i would pair the blackberry with my laoptop. and it would ask if i wanted to connect to DUN. then send me to a wizard.07:15
OrdosTrinitus_what am i doing wrong07:15
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: pastebin the conf?07:16
OrdosTrinitus_seems like in my old sources file it read something like iwlxxx,wlan3,addme07:16
GirlyGirlbrently: 12.04 discussion why don't you try #ubuntu+107:16
brentlyoh didnt know..07:16
brentlyso like now in 12.04 it asks to connect to DUN. then doesnt give me the wizard. any thoughts?07:17
almoxarifebrently: is it something that may not have installed?07:19
OrdosTrinitus_hmm that didn't work07:19
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: is the point to capture from wlan3?07:20
brentlyhmm i seem to recall reading some packages that handled the usual mobile broadband providers info missing...07:21
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: so why the need to fixate on the 'rtl......'07:21
brentlybut that was a previous release07:21
almoxarifebrently: perhaps 12.04 also has the same issue?07:22
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: the reason I am asking is because I only provide 'wlanx' to sources and it works fine07:23
brentlyso how to i start the wizard where i pick tmobile, the plan, and all that manually?07:23
OrdosTrinitus_FATAL: Illegal card source line 'wlan3'07:23
almoxarifebrently: is the wizard installed?07:24
OrdosTrinitus_dosent seem to want to take just wlanx07:24
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: where is kismet.conf located?07:24
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: what version of kismet?07:25
OrdosTrinitus_Kismet 2008.05.R107:27
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: that is an older version,07:28
brentlyalmoxarife: what package would that be so I can look???07:29
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: version=2009-newcore07:30
OrdosTrinitus_k removing and running a fresh get07:30
almoxarifebrently: I am not sure, but I can look,07:30
brentlyalmoxarife: thanks please07:31
OrdosTrinitus_i didn't think about it but i have had this build up a long time even when my drive was dying i just ddrescued it to a new drive07:31
almoxarifebrently: you could try installing 'bluez-compat'07:34
brentlyalmoxarife: ok i will07:35
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: I got it from their ppa07:35
OrdosTrinitus_thanks for the help almo07:35
almoxarifeOrdosTrinitus_: welcome07:35
brentlybluez-cups and bluez are already installed... hmm07:36
almoxarifebrently: you could try installing 'bluez-compat'07:37
brentlyi just did... now what?07:37
almoxarifebrently: re-do your steps07:38
brentlynope didnt help07:39
brentlyI was hoping someone could tell me what to do to make it work :)07:49
brentlyis it possible to replace the network-manager package with a previous version?07:59
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brentlysubmitted a bug report with help from #ubuntu+1 channel... thanks guys!!!!08:20
Daskreechbrently, it is09:06
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psylocibeHi guys, I have a strange problem with KDE11:22
psylocibeevery so often some apps like Firefox and Thunderbird won't start11:22
psylocibethey will appear as <defunct> processes11:22
psylocibein the output of "ps"11:23
psylocibethey will hang forever11:23
psylocibewith no error messages11:23
psylocibethe error will persist after a logout or a reboot11:23
psylocibeand the only way for me to make firefox work again11:23
psylocibeis to delete my .kde directory and start afresh11:24
howlymowlyhi poeple...  short question: I updated my kubuntu 11.10 to KDE4.8, using backports and now the gtk integration is somehow damaged11:35
howlymowlyany idea?11:35
Tm_Thowlymowly: how it is broken?11:35
howlymowlyTm_T: The only theme engine I can use is the default "raleigh" theme11:36
howlymowlybut qt-curve, ocygen-gtk  and all these themes do not work anymore11:36
Tm_Tdoesn't happen here, hmm11:36
howlymowlyTm_T: I deleted all config files in my home directory11:37
howlymowlyor at least all those config files that I though were relevant11:37
BluesKajHey all11:51
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cancercannot copy file to 'user/src'? any help12:29
BluesKajcancer,  do you mean /usr/src ?12:30
bazhang!crosspost | cancer12:30
ubottucancer: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.12:30
cancerblueskaj: yes12:32
bazhangcancer, you are already receiving help in #ubuntu ...12:33
BluesKajcancer,  use root permissions with that file12:34
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elvispresleybom dia14:14
BluesKajgood morning14:16
faLUCEhi. ubuntu 11.10 is supported until...?14:56
`Korvinnvidia drivers are now preventing kdm from starting15:00
BluesKaj!support | faLUCE15:06
ubottufaLUCE: The official Kubuntu support channel is #kubuntu. Also see http://www.kubuntu.com/support.php15:06
BluesKajhmm, wrong factoid15:07
PiciThey've already been helped in #u anyway.15:07
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Timmy_when will kubuntu 12.04 LTS be released?15:19
PiciTimmy_: Generally the same date as the Ubuntu release, which is April 26th15:20
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Timmy_ok, what date is today?15:21
Timmy_aaaah, tooo long, i prefer use debian15:22
Timmy_part bye15:22
`Korvinhey, I have a kubuntu hdd that has it's home dir encrypted, I know the password, but I'm not booted into it, it's just mounted15:34
qw-Russianhelp me please15:34
`Korvinhow can I view the files?15:34
qw-RussianI would like to set Linux but does not know what the best of all distributive to set15:36
qw-Russian'Korvin may be /etc/passwd15:36
`Korvinqw-Russian, what do you mean15:45
Tm_T`Korvin: the folder is encrypted, or the whole partition?15:46
Tm_Tqw-Russian: if you ask here what's best Linux distribution, the obvious answer is Kubuntu15:47
`Korvinjust the folder15:47
`KorvinI chose the require password to decrypt home directory option15:47
`Korvinwhen installing15:47
qw-RussianTm_T it is all ?15:47
oneadvent_hi i would like to know how to get my samba shares to start on computer restart (connects automatically to wired network), as it is when I reboot I can ssh in but someone locally has to log in to get samba shares working. I shared them by using dolphin and right clicking and sharing.15:48
Tm_Tqw-Russian: I'm unsure what you're asking (:15:48
`KorvinTm_T, any ideda?15:49
DarthFrogqw-Russian: Kubuntu is my favourite version of Linux.  It's very full featured.15:49
qw-Russiannow in my notebock set Linux Spark15:50
Tm_T`Korvin: I wonder if this helps any: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering_Your_Data_Manually15:50
DarthFrogqw-Russian: But as to which distribution of Linux is best, only you can answer that question.  Do you want a simple, easy to use version?15:50
qw-RussianDo you want a simple, easy to use version? - no, may be pro15:51
jipang_menjeritis there bugs on amarok kde 4.8?15:51
DarthFrogqw-Russian: Then Kubuntu is a good version for you.15:51
DarthFrog!kubuntu | qw-Russian15:51
ubottuqw-Russian: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde15:51
`KorvinTm_T, looks right, but sudo: encryptfs-add-passphrase: command not found15:52
oneadvent_j/join #pensacola_linux15:52
DarthFrogqw-Russian: And there is support for Kubuntu in Russian: #kubuntu-ru15:52
qw-Russianbut it this version we have programming language ?15:52
DarthFrogqw-Russian: It has everything you want.15:53
qw-Russianim am understand English  )15:53
bazhangDarthFrog, its #ubuntu-ru15:53
Tm_T`Korvin: install ecryptfs-utils15:54
DarthFrogbazhang: So it is, thanks.15:54
qw-Russiani would like full pack's programming language example: C++, lazarus and full web language15:54
`Korvinyeah I found that15:54
Tm_T`Korvin: honestly said I don't know much of those encrypted homefolders done by ubuntu installer, so cannot say how it is in your system15:55
DarthFrogqw-Russian: They are all available for Kubuntu.15:55
`Korvinno problem, you googled better results than I did =p15:55
qw-RussianLSB Version:core-2.0-ia32:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-ia32:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-ia32:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-ia32:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch15:56
qw-RussianDistributor ID:Spark15:56
qw-RussianDescription:Spark 10.415:56
FloodBotK1qw-Russian: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:56
`KorvinTm_T, how does sudo mount -t ecryptfs /home/korvin/.Private /home/korvin/Private mount the dir?16:00
`Korvinbecause it's failing to16:00
qw-Russianand what difference between mac and kubuntu16:01
Tm_T`Korvin: is ~/.Private where your encrypted data is?16:02
ikoniaqw-Russian: mac is an operating system, kubuntu is the ubuntu operating system with kde for a desktop16:02
`Korvinno, it's on another hdd, but the .Private file is only accessible when the disk isn't mounted16:03
Tm_Tthen try mount where your encrypted data is to an empty folder16:04
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qw-Russiani'm search in web site  next Linux Deepin 11.12.1 [i386 + x86_64]16:04
DarthFrogqw-Russian: If you're new to Linux, you should choose one of the major distros (Kubuntu, Fedora, SuSE, Debian) rather than a minor one.16:06
EvilResistancei agree with DarthFrog16:07
DarthFrogAnd, personally, instead of Fedora, I'd suggest CentOS instead.16:07
qw-Russiani can update (upgrade) my os from this version Linux ?16:07
DarthFrogqw-Russian: What are you running now?16:08
DarthFrogqw-Russian: The next time someone asks you that question, Just answer "Lucid" or "10.04". :-)16:09
qw-Russianyes or no ?=)16:10
DarthFrogYou can update from Lucid (10.04) to Precise (12.04) when Precise is released next month.  But not to any other distro.16:10
qw-Russianto the best of my knowledge 12.04 is  beta version16:12
DarthFrogqw-Russian: It is indeed in beta right now.  It will be released late in April.16:12
qw-Russianlast update my system to 12.04 do i have problem16:12
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:12
EvilResistancethat includes Kubuntu afaik16:13
spaceneedle I Installed Kubuntu 12.04 on my desktop, but I don't see linux mint 12 at all. In fact there is no operating selection screen at all. It just boots up to kubuntu.16:13
DarthFrogspaceneedle: Lucky you! :-)16:13
qw-Russianbut i upgrade my bubuntu is off16:14
qw-Russianand i reinstall system16:14
DarthFrogqw-Russian: Then don't upgrade.  Lucid is supported for another year.16:14
qw-Russianthat I can not upgrade16:16
DarthFrogqw-Russian: Cannot?  Of course you can.  if you wait a year, you'll have support for Lucid for that whole time.  And then, when you upgrade to Precise in a year's time, Precise will have a year's worth of bug fixes itself.16:17
DarthFrogqw-Russian: We have a saying in English: If it isn't broken, don't fix it. :-)16:18
DarthFrogqw-Russian: And if your Lucid OS isn't broken ....16:19
qw-Russianan update is well-built to me no hurry16:20
`Korvinhabit ^16:22
`KorvinEvilResistance, I just booted up into that disk that was connected with esata, now my grub is all fudged up16:23
`Korvinit goes to grub rescue16:23
`Korvinsays it can't find the disk16:23
`Korvinthe hdd16:23
`Korvini installed grub again, let me try it16:25
dgirzchanserv access #channel list16:39
chronossomeone already have this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68042/hibernate-locks-out-session-instead-of-hibernating-kde-11-10-64-bit16:44
Dan-The-Mananyone know why kekonq and dolphin always show up pinned to my taskmanager on reboot or relogin even if i unpin them?  It happens every time16:47
`KorvinI downloaed boot-fixer or something like that, and it restored my windows boot recored16:52
`Korvinso I never get the option to switch to kubuntu, it just boots windows16:53
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FanfareQ: Is it possible to do kdm -> virtualbox. Could that work? I dont mean autostart, but login directly into virtualbox from kdm...17:51
BlouBlouguys, I can't get the key which is < pointing up. The one that you use to writte exponents, ²18:03
BlouBlouthat we use18:03
oneadvent_there you can copy and paste it now18:05
BlouBlouoneadvent_: oh, that you... now really, how can I configure kubuntu to work with it?18:06
BlouBlouthank you18:06
BlouBloudamn, asking questions and making homeworks isn't a good idea18:06
oneadvent_ no prob BlouBlou just return it when you are done with it18:06
BlouBlouoneadvent_: so, you don't know how to solve it18:07
qw-Russianhow help me please about Wi-Fi18:07
oneadvent_:) i'm not even sure what the question is...standard keyboards use shift and 6 to get it18:07
oneadvent_BlouBlou: alt-94 would do it too18:13
BlouBlouoneadvent_: it does not18:14
oneadvent_try ctrl-alt-9418:15
oneadvent_that is what i'm using as a guide18:15
oneadvent_I'll never know :(18:18
qw-RussianI want to create it the internet  of Wi-fi network but how to create it I do not know ...  Prompt me from what to begin to on stage if it is possible? Thank you.18:20
`Korvinare you using a translator?18:20
maco!ru | qw-Russian18:22
ubottuqw-Russian: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:22
JMichaelX i was told recently that there is a PPA with a package that addresses the malfunctioning task manager (ghost buttons, min/max not working, etc). would anyone here know which PPA that is?18:25
JMichaelXevery time i open thunderbird, two instances are opened. if i close one, the other closes, too. anyone else seeing this?18:35
JMichaelXok, i guess it is just one process... but two windows are opened18:36
JMichaelXok, figured that one out. some kind of problem with the minimize to tray extension18:40
`korvinI'm trying to restore grub and I'm getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/880761/18:45
designbybeck_Our Kubuntu Linux public access computer is Live! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150667483419847&l=37d095171918:55
designbybeck_This is in our commons area of our universities Library18:55
JMichaelX i was told recently that there is a PPA with a package that addresses the malfunctioning task manager (ghost buttons, min/max not working, etc). would anyone here know which PPA that is?18:57
Prometheshi, what app is best for cd audio ripping? KAudioCreator is not in repositories so i need alternatives. Nayone?18:57
`korvincan anyone help me install grub18:59
tsimpsonPromethes: K3b can rip audio CDs, and is pre-installed (you may need libk3b6-extracodecs installed for MP3 support)19:02
excognac10.8-32 Mb/sec is acceptable speed for moving files from an ntfs partition to ext4 with core i3 4 Gb RAM? browser and dolphin running only otherwise?19:05
tsimpsonexcognac: the speed depends mostly on your hardware (how fast your drives spin, bus throughput, cache etc), so it's not so much to do with what you're doing at the moment. unless you're doing (other) heavy reading/writing to the same disks, which is a web browser/file manager probably aren't doing19:10
tsimpsonshort answer is that it's a pretty decent speed for a "standard/recent" system19:10
excognactsimpson: thanks19:11
excognacthat was very helpfule, and yeah, how the hd is jumpered etc, absolutely right19:12
excognactsimpson: but it is normal that typing right into this chatwindow is appears slowly?19:13
tsimpsonheavy IO can do that, because the CPU is sending a lot of signals to the OS, saying it has new input for it to process19:14
tsimpsonthe input from copying files, and the input from the physical keyboard key press19:15
Promethestsimpson: yes, but i ripped cd 5 minutes ago and half of the tags (Artist and Album names) are empty in created ogg files, so K3b does not doing this task well19:15
tsimpsonPromethes: you can also just navigate to "audiocd:/" in dolphin (or any other KDE app) and use that interface19:21
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Sh0rtW4v3 i was told recently that there is a PPA with a package that addresses the malfunctioning task manager (ghost buttons, min/max not working, etc). would anyone here know which PPA that is?20:37
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BarkingFishEvening guys. Can anyone remind me how to change the commands grub2 receives at boot please?   At the moment it's loading with the options   ro  quiet  splash22:02
BarkingFishI want to set it to boot with rw  verbose noplymouth, but can't make it do this permanently right now22:02
yofel_BarkingFish: I'm not sure why you would want rw, but the other options are set in /etc/default/grub22:05
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)22:05
yofel_for reference22:05
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BarkingFishok yofel, thanks for that :)22:06
JMichaelX i was told recently that there is a PPA with a package that addresses the malfunctioning task manager (ghost buttons, min/max not working, etc). would anyone here know which PPA that is?22:38
crevolanteho controllato gli update, non riesco a aggiotnare linux-generic, linux-header-generic e linux-image generic a meno di non disinstallare prima la vecchia versione22:53
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:53
crevolantesorry wrong channel22:54
BarkingFishno problem22:54
muji8uhello guys23:48
muji8ufirst time using kubuntu :P23:48
muji8uwhat would u guys recommand is a good video editing software for ubuntu23:49
muji8uhmm can any1 help me with images.google.com? its only showing them in like rows of 4.....23:50
muji8ui want it to take up the whole page, im using rekonq23:50

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