bigjoolsthumper: huh staging is nonvirtual00:00
bigjoolsthumper: are you building on arm?00:02
wgrantthumper: Because debug symbols make packages massively larger.00:02
wgrantthumper: debhelper strips them by default.00:03
wgrantIt's nothing to do with PPAs.00:03
thumperbigjools: maybe...00:03
bigjoolswgrant: what's the situation with setting restricted archs on nonvirt now?00:03
thumperlet me tell you what we want00:03
wgrantNow, the Ubuntu primary archive (and optionally PPAs, although the feature is not completely implemented), can override dh_strip to create ddebs instead of throwing the symbols away.00:03
thumperand you can tell me how to get it?00:03
thumperwe have jenkins running some tests for us00:04
thumperand when they fail, we want decent stack traces00:04
wgrantSounds like you want ddebs00:04
thumperthat is the issue00:04
thumperwgrant: what do I need to tell didrocks?00:05
thumperbecause I'm not doin it00:05
wgrantYou need to tell bigjools to click a checkbox.00:05
bigjoolswgrant: what's the situation with setting restricted archs on nonvirt now?00:05
wgrantLinaro's been using this functioanliaty for a while, but I don't think anyone else is.00:05
wgrantbigjools: I think it works. But I'm checking the code.00:06
wgrant(I'm not really here today)00:06
bigjoolsthey have arm selected but are nonvirt - the form won't save00:06
thumperwgrant: it's a holiday in SA too00:06
wgrantbigjools: Ah, yes... you need to check both arms00:06
bigjoolsso if the code ignores restrictions if arch = nonvirt then we're ok00:06
thumperwgrant: who in AU is working?00:06
bigjoolsotherwise we're fucked00:06
wgrantbigjools: Is powerpc restricted now too?00:07
bigjoolsnot worked on this for 2 months00:07
bigjoolsI saved the "ppa" admin page but removed the arm boxes - dunno if I just hosed them00:07
wgrantbigjools: If they need ARM, they need to be checked.00:08
bigjoolswgrant: even for nonvirt?00:08
wgrantExcept for primary non-virt.00:08
bigjoolswgrant: then the form is fucked00:08
wgrantThere are bugs00:08
bigjoolsfuck sake00:09
wgrantWe've known this for ages.00:09
wgrantCheck all the archs00:09
wgrantSoyuz loves pointless special cases.00:09
bigjoolsthat's obtuse00:09
wgrantWhat is?00:09
bigjoolsthe bug00:09
bigjoolsthumper: ok you'll get debug syms now00:09
bigjoolsand powerpc builds.... :/00:10
thumperbecause we want that eh?00:10
wgrantbigjools: Heh, enableRestrictedFamily is exposed on the API, but disable is not00:11
wgrantSo we can't reverse the powerpc enablement.00:11
wgrantthumper: You'll need to alter jenkins to install foo-dbgsym as well as foo00:11
thumperwgrant: ok, noted00:11
wgrantthumper: This feature is not extremely well tested, so there may be some oddness. Poke me if anything seems amiss.00:12
thumperwill do00:12
thumperI'm sure it'll be fine00:13
shnatselbzr fails on source build with "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.KeyError: 'Source'"00:57
shnatsellooks like a bug00:57
shnatseljere's the log: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/96409587/buildlog.txt.gz00:57
poolieshnatsel, i think this means there's no packaging information in your branch00:57
shnatselpoolie: it's patched lp:ubuntu/xdg-user-dirs, so there must be packaging00:58
jelmerhi poolie, shnatsel01:00
jelmershnatsel: that's a bug in python-debian, it doesn't allow comments or empty lines before the first stanza01:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 804241 in python-debian (Ubuntu) "empty leading and comment lines in debian/control break source package name finding" [High,Triaged]01:00
shnatseljelmer: omg, it's been around for ages...01:00
pooliei thought it was familiar01:01
shnatseljelmer: or so it seems. Thanks, I'll patch away the blank line or whatever there is,01:01
poolieshnatsel, you could test the build on staging.launchpad.net01:03
pooliethis should have been fixed there01:03
poolieit may be a bit of a pain to test though01:03
shnatselpoolie: thanks, I've simply removed the comments, it should work now01:07
thumperwgrant: where in https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/staging/+packages would I see the -dbgsym packages?03:11
StevenKthumper: Have you re-uploaded the sources to the PPA?03:11
thumperStevenK: that has happened several times so far03:12
thumperwe have a jenkins job doing it03:12
thumperevery commit03:12
wgrantthumper: "Several times"?03:12
wgrantI see one package, still building.03:12
bigjoolsthumper: you'll seem them once the builds finish03:12
* thumper waits impatiently03:12
bigjoolsand we need some sql to remove powerpc I think03:12
StevenKOr we could change the code to export disableRestrictedFamily over the API.03:13
thumperyeah, I've had several emails about failures there03:13
thumperah, awesome03:14
* thumper does a little dance03:14
wgrantthumper: You can probably see from the file sizes why we don't do it by default.03:18
thumperwgrant: wow, yeah03:19
thumperwgrant: but they'll be real handy for us :)03:19
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solsTiCehi. what is this old way: send an email with a link to the requested .po file ??? I have still not received that email! What's wrong with a link on the page ?09:59
solsTiCeok. another update of lauchpad in progress10:01
solsTiCeoh no just a bunch of random 503 errors.10:02
wgrantsolsTiCe: It takes some time to generate the exported file, so a link can't be generated immediately.10:13
wgrantsolsTiCe: Launchpad was down for 60 seconds for a database update around the time you asked.10:13
solsTiCeok :-(10:14
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Wellarkhi! how does one change the owner of the project? We have a sparetime project and the current owner said he was unable to find a way to change the ownership of that project. What resource should I point him at?11:19
Wellarkhmm.. probably this one https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/Registering#Roles_within_projects11:21
maxbWellark: The current owner/maintainer of a project sees a yellow pencil "edit" icon next to their name on the front page of the project11:25
Wellarkmaxb: and same goes for team maintainer?11:31
Wellarkok, thanks! I hope he manages to get it done.11:51
Wellarkotherwise I have to come up with step by step slide show for him ;)11:51
Wellarkmaxb: there is no yellow pencil. http://imagebin.org/20301512:08
Wellarkmaxb: that's a screenshot from the current Maintainers computer12:10
czajkowskiWellark: file a question with that needs to be done. https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+addquestion12:14
Wellarkczajkowski: OK, I'll do that12:15
wgrantWellark: Try https://launchpad.net/libhdl/+edit-people12:15
wgrantWellark: It looks like the pencil doesn't show up in Internet Explorer.12:15
czajkowskiwgrant: not showing up here on chrome either12:16
czajkowskiI tried to see if I could change it12:16
wgrantczajkowski: That's because you don't have permissions :)12:16
czajkowskiwgrant: I never have permissions :(12:16
wgrantWe can't steal random projects without admins, for good reason :)12:16
czajkowskiwgrant: aren't you meant to be off, not that I'm not happy to see you12:19
czajkowskiwgrant: why do loggerhead Questions come under lp ?12:19
Wellarkwgrant: I asked the current owner to try another browser12:21
Wellarkif there is a problem with IE, that's a bug, right? :)12:22
StevenKczajkowski: Because we also maintain it.12:22
StevenKLoggerhead is a part of the Launchpad Suite12:23
Wellarkczajkowski: I added the question anyway. https://answers.launchpad.net/lp-dev-utils/+question/19041812:23
czajkowskiWellark: we support chrome and FF as the browsers12:25
czajkowskiWellark: can you try FF or chrome please.12:25
* StevenK moves it from lp-dev-utils to launchpad12:25
Wellarkczajkowski: I'm on the phone with the owner and he is trying with FF12:27
Wellarkczajkowski: if IE is not supported and it has these kind of known problems could LP show a banner or something like with private projects stating that "IE not supported, things _do_ break." ?12:33
Wellarkczajkowski: ok, I just got a word that it was because of IE12:33
Wellarkwith FF it worked12:33
Wellarkthat's a worst kind of bug there is, because the site seems to work OK, but some crucial information and functionality is missing without no apparent reason.12:34
Wellarkdon't get me wrong, I have no problems that IE is not supported12:34
Wellarkbut the fact is that many people do use it and currently there is no red flag telling them it's broken12:35
Wellarkczajkowski: so the question is: should I file a bug?12:36
czajkowskiWellark: nope no need thanks12:37
Wellarkand thank you for resolving this! :)12:37
czajkowskiwe have a page which I'm trying to find which states what browsers we support12:37
czajkowskiI'll also mark your question as resolved.12:37
Wellarkat least I now know to tell people not to use IE with LP in the future12:38
hakermaniaHello! What if I upload a ppa, and then I want to upload a new version of the same ppa (which apparently has different code)? I get error that orig.tar.gz already exists :/12:53
czajkowskihakermania: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/99012:55
hakermaniaczalkowski, let's say that current version is 3.0-0ubuntu3, if I update the version to 3.0-0ubuntu4, the same orig.tar.gz file will be generated...13:13
hakermaniaczajkowski, !13:13
gesershouldn't happen, check the sha1sum of both .orig.tar.gz13:14
hakermaniageser, by the 'same file' I mean with the same filename13:15
hakermaniaas a result, it'll say that file already exists.13:16
geserhakermania: that shouldn't be the problem, if both .orig.tar.gz (the new one and the one LP knows already about) are identical (same sha1sum)13:21
geseras you have a .orig.tar.gz, you should also have a .debian.tar.gz with the packageing and that should differ between those 2 versions13:22
hakermaniageser, thanks for the answer. I have a question because I think I must clear some things. The orig.tar.gz file must not change in any occasion. Right? Then, if I do a change in the code and I want to upload the new version,, let's say 3.0-0ubuntu4, then what should I do?13:24
hakermaniadebuild -S and then dput ppa-name *.changes?13:24
hakermaniaApparently something that will not change the orig.tar.gz file but will let launchpad now about the new changed of the code that are added in the new version13:25
geserhakermania: your changes should get recorded in debian.tar.gz (or .diff.gz if you're still using v1 packages)13:27
geseryou have .changes, .dsc, .debian.tar.gz and .orig.tar.gz for your upload, right?13:29
hakermaniageser, !13:33
geserthen figure out why your .orig.tar.gz changed between 3.0-0ubuntu3 and 3.0-0ubuntu413:34
hakermaniageser, that's what I don't get, if it doesn't change, then how will the code changes be included? (i am missing something apparent here)13:38
IronPatriotNYQuick question, for an external site, if they would like to have their user system authenticate using openID, should I still use Launchpad for that? Or Ubuntu SSO?13:38
hakermaniaIronPartiotNY, why don't you test both of them and see what does it work?13:42
hakermaniaI think lp would be fine13:42
geserhakermania: they get stored in the .debian.tar.gz (as patches or files for debian/*)13:47
IronPatriotNYhakermania, I guess I will. Do you happen to know if, besides username, email, and teams, if Launchpad can return anything else?13:50
hakermaniaIronPatriotNY, define 'return'13:50
hakermaniageser, seriously? And I debuild using -S only?13:50
IronPatriotNYhakermania,  Well I read with the drupal-teams module that was created for use with launchpad, the Launchpad teams a user is associated with will be available to the client site, to do with it as they please13:51
IronPatriotNYWas wondering if Launchpad provides any other info.13:52
hakermaniaI have no idea :(13:52
IronPatriotNYlol okay thanks13:53
geserhakermania: yes, just debuild -S13:55
hakermaniageser, so the steps are: 1) download the orig.tar.gz from the lp and I replace it with the 'changed' orig.tar.gz, then I debuild -S and then I dput?13:57
hakermaniaForgot to add 2) and 3) :P13:57
dobeyIronPatriotNY: you should probably use login.ubuntu.com13:57
geserhakermania: yes (you can use sha1sum on it to check if it changed or not)13:58
IronPatriotNYdobey, why do you say that?14:05
dobeyIronPatriotNY: because it's the official way to do that. and doesn't require users to also have a launchpad account14:07
IronPatriotNYdobey, would I still be able to access the Launchpad teams using that URL though?14:07
dobeyalso i think the goal is to eventually make launchpad not be an openid provider, but only a consumer14:07
dobeyIronPatriotNY: you can get team information via sso, yes.14:08
IronPatriotNYdobey, okay so I'll try that out then thanks14:08
IronPatriotNYdobey, that's what I was reading, but a lot of the docs aren't updated with newer info14:08
IronPatriotNYMost dev docs say to use Launchpad for an openid provide, not even mentioning Ubuntu SSO14:09
dobeywell i suspect a lot of docs might not be updated as well14:09
dobeywe use ubuntu sso for ubuntu one, and we use team information on lp for some things. so i know it's doable :)14:10
czajkowskiIronPatriotNY: mind not subscribing launchad to youtube channels. am getting mails to feedback address please.14:10
IronPatriotNYczajkowski, ?14:11
hakermaniageser, it doesn't work :( debuild -S says: local changes detected, the modified files are: wallch-3.0/mainwindow.cpp and exits with error... Should I make the patches myself or something?14:15
czajkowskiIronPatriotNY: if this is not you aplogies. http://www.youtube.com/user/IronPatriotNY14:15
IronPatriotNYczajkowski, yes that is me. I don't understand what I did wrong though.14:17
czajkowskiit's subscring lp to youtbe and I'm getting the email14:17
geserhakermania: which package format are you using? might be that you need to make the patch yourself (not sure when dpkg started doing it itself for 3.0 (quilt) packages)14:19
hakermaniaI use quilt14:19
IronPatriotNYczajkowski,  I subscribed to the launchpad channel on YouTube like I subscribe to everything else.14:21
IronPatriotNYThe channel was already there, I didn't sign up for anything on LP's behalf.14:21
geserhakermania: you might have to create a quilt patch14:21
hakermaniaany good guide?14:22
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geserhakermania: https://www.wzdftpd.net/blog/index.php?post/2008/02/05/3-quilt-a-patch-management-system-how-to-survive-with-many-patches looks good14:26
dobeyhakermania: it sounds like you have the files modified in-place, and the patches to those files aren't listed as being applied in .pc; unapply the patches before doing the debuild -S14:26
dobey"QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt pop -a -R" tw.14:27
dobeyerr, ftw14:27
hakermania:( i have to go, sorry. I'll be back in ~3 hours14:28
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mgzczajkowski: you might find the latest comment by mpt on bug 950996 interesting15:26
ubot5`Launchpad bug 950996 in Launchpad itself "Making your first branch is way too hard" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95099615:26
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achianghello, i'm trying to create a new private team in LP, and I don't understand what the email contact field is for: http://people.canonical.com/~achiang/lp/new-team.png17:11
achiangthe help text has pretty broken grammar... :-/17:11
dobeyachiang: it's not required. but it's an address for mail to be sent to, when someone clicks "contact this team" in launchpad. generally a mailing list. default is that lp e-mails everyone in the team17:15
achiangdobey: hm, one reason i wanted to create this team was to get precisely a mailing list. is that field the way i would create a mailing list, or does the list have to exist first (and i put it into that field)?17:16
dobeyachiang: leave the field empty. then set up the mailing list for the team.17:17
achiangdobey: ah, ok. thanks. not intuitive (imho)17:20
dobeyyeah, problem is it can't be an e-mail address that someone on lp is already using17:21
dobeywhich is the really annoying part17:22
czajkowskimgz: I find lots of stuff mpt posts as interesting now if he'd listen to my bugs I'd be very happy :)17:41
mgzczajkowski: :)17:45
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hakermaniageser, as for the patch, dpkg-source --commit did the trick, but it asks to submit a bug. Is this required?18:02
davmor2czajkowski: why would he listen to your bugs, he may read them he's not likely to listen to them :P19:00
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jnessHello everyone, I've noticed this afternoon the 'Create Branch' button has been removed from my project.20:25
jnessany word on this, and how I can go about creating a new branch?20:26
jnessis anyone else experiencing the same issue?20:36
beunojness, not sure about the button, but you can just push a branch20:37
beunobzr push lp:~user/project/branch-name20:37
beunoand it gets auto-created20:37
jnessbeuno: Oh i didn't think of that. Thanks!20:37
beunothe UI could probably be better at telling you that20:38
jnessYeah, I had no clue it would auto create. seems I can't create a +junk repo under my name either. I would guess some UI updated broke something.20:39
dokosinzui, lifeless: any reason that bug 945503 is closed without comment?21:24
ubot5`Launchpad bug 945503 in Linaro GCC "gcc-4.7 branch imports fails (timeouts)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94550321:24
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czajkowskidoko: as I commented already on the bug, it doesnt effect lp and I asked sinzui what to do on the bug and he removed affects LP as the changing of the status back and forth was landing the ticket in my bug queue every day and I had already asked people about it and nad updated the ticket.21:45
dokoczajkowski, well, just importing 500 revisions with each batch seems to cause a lot of overhead. and why isn't this an issue for launchpad?21:52
dokoczajkowski, no, this question wasn't answered21:53
czajkowskidoko: I asked sinzui about the bug, twice last week and each time I marked the bug invaldi and each time you re opened it. so he removed the effecting lp bit.21:54
dokoczajkowski, so you do not want to answer the question?21:55
czajkowskidoko: the reason it was closed?21:56
doko<doko> czajkowski, well, just importing 500 revisions with each batch seems to cause a lot of overhead. and why isn't this an issue for launchpad?21:56
czajkowskidoko: you'd have to check with sinzui again I guess21:57
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computa_mikegot a question - I've been compiling KXStitch - and it works great but I wanted to get into the repository.  There's already a project but it hasn't moved on since Maverick.  I don't want to duplicate a load of effort here, so what do we advise?   It was registered in 2005, but there are no download files....22:18
CoreyWhat's the approved method for deleting binaries from a PPA?22:40
cndI administer the utouch-bugs team on lp22:42
cndit's mostly used for subscribing to any utouch bug reports22:42
cndI receive utouch bug email just fine through the subscription22:42
cndbut when I go to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~utouch-bugs/+bugs22:42
cndI don't see most of them22:42
cndwhy is that, and/or how do I get a complete list of bugs that utouch-bugs is subscribed to?22:43
cndas an example, I receive bug reports through utouch-bugs for bug 94482222:44
ubot5`Launchpad bug 944822 in utouch-geis "Client doesn't get gestures from newly available device" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94482222:44
cndbut I don't see that listed22:44
wgrantcnd: That page only shows bugs that the team is directly related to. In the case of that bug, clicking "Edit bug mail" will reveal that it's a subscription to the whole project. https://launchpad.net/~utouch-bugs/+structural-subscriptions lists all such subscriptions.22:51
cndwgrant, how can I list all the bugs to create a report, essentially, like what I expected https://bugs.launchpad.net/~utouch-bugs/+bugs to do22:52
wgrantcnd: There's no way list everything right now. https://bugs.launchpad.net/~utouch-bugs/+packagebugs provides a summary of the counts of various categories by subscribed package (not by project), and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?orderby=-importance&field.structural_subscriber=utouch-bugs lists the corresponding bugs. https://launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.structural_subscriber=utouch-bugs *should* ...23:02
wgrant... show everything, but at present it's likely to just time out.23:02

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