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leftymansolved the CPU scaling problem, thank you all00:19
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maykoi found out why my mic wasn't picking up - the mic itself was dead. >_< I'd tried jiggling the plug in the socket which I'd expected to create *some* noise, but apparently not. Oh wellllll ....01:00
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Halexander9000Greetings gentlehumans! I'm using the LXDE desktop manager with ubuntu, messed around changing my desktop wallpaper, and eventually went into the advanced menu and checked something. Now, whenever I right click on the desktop, I get a strange new menu instead of the one that allowed me to organize my icons. Is there a way I can revert that?04:16
CTtechguyHalexander9000:  pcmanfm --desktop-pref  select advanced and uncheck 'Show menus provided by windows managers when desktop is clicked'04:27
Halexander9000CTtechguy: Yes, that did seem to do the thing. Thank you.04:28
Halexander9000CTtechguy: Have you ever used usestealth.com?04:28
Halexander9000CTtechguy: People suggest it's better that Google.com since it doesn't track you. I have reason to believe that it's a lie.04:30
CTtechguywhy do you say think that?04:33
Halexander9000Well, let me put it this way.04:34
Halexander9000If you really wanted to track someone who had a good reason not to want to be tracked while searching for things online, which site would you go to?04:34
Halexander9000If I had unlimited funds, I'd go to usestealth.com.04:34
Halexander9000For starters.04:34
Halexander9000Don't you agree, CTtechguy?04:35
CTtechguyIf I wanted to surf anonymously I would use a tor04:37
Halexander9000Define "tor".04:37
CTtechguyonion router?04:37
Halexander9000Could you please be more specific?04:37
Halexander9000How do you know that resource isn't corrupted as well?04:41
Halexander9000How do you know that my same logic doesn't apply to that particular website just as well as it did with usestealth.com?04:41
Halexander9000Why should I trust people I don't know?04:42
CTtechguysorry I'm just not that paranoid04:43
Halexander9000Well, people have called me a paranoid android for a reason. ;D04:44
CTtechguyI can see why lol04:44
Halexander9000I'd rather not search for suspicious things online at all. At least not in the traditional way.04:45
Da|Mummyi hate to break it to you, but nobody cares what you look up online04:47
Halexander9000CTtechguy: I apologize if you perceive me as anti-social.04:47
Halexander9000Da|Mummy: Exactly!04:48
Halexander9000Why, I could go down a conspiracy theory spiral ad infinitum. But in the end. Who cares?04:48
Halexander9000We may never know. :P04:50
Da|Mummywe do know, nobody will care04:53
Halexander9000And if there is, we have no means to know.04:53
Halexander9000So why should we care?04:53
Da|Mummywe dont04:55
Halexander9000Why not just admit that we're powerless to elements surrounding us, affecting out lives at their will? That we're all puppets on string they can play with whenever they feel like it?04:56
Da|Mummythe only way theyll have you on a string is if youre paranoid to even go online05:00
Halexander9000Yup. Ignorance is bliss.05:00
PsyCl0neMorning everyone. Can some one assist me with getting my desktop to come out of standby properly. I've used the xfce4 power manager to enable standby but when I try to wake it up nothing happens with the display although I do see the tower come back to life.05:47
holsteinPsyCl0ne: i can really only suggest trying different kernels... sometimes i just fire up a few live CD's and try and test different kernel revs that way05:49
holsteinyou can try different graphics drivers, or searching around for something helpful in the forums by the model name05:49
PsyCl0neholstein: Ok I will look into it, honestly though I am fairly new to using linux, and this is quite aged hardware. If I am not mistaken its an AMD K6 with some nvidia graphics card.05:55
holsteinyeah, you might just be expecting too much from that hardware, but you can always make you own kernel with support for what you need05:56
PsyCl0neholstein: is it difficult to create a kernel?06:27
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mark76IS it possible to install the lxpanel indicator applet on Squeeze?10:02
mark76Ignore the emphasis. My shift key is slow10:04
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AngelForgetGood morning to all11:21
AngelForgetI excuse you give good advice to clean my Lubuntu 11.1011:23
Myrttiwhat do you mean by cleaning?11:24
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haemogoblinanyone familair with running Darkplaces with quake?13:08
venik212When I run sudo apt-get update the system gets stuck in: "99% Waiting for headers" for EVER.  What do I do?15:39
hosokahello all16:44
hosokai just want to know if the latest update on Lubuntu 12.04 has the option for autologin16:46
hosokawill this be build in or not ? And if this can be possible.16:46
phillwhosoka: I've not checked, but I would imagine it is there, as it is a standard build package.16:48
hosokahello phillw17:01
hosokahow are you17:01
phillwhiyas hosoka I'm well, busy with QA stuff for the 12.04.17:01
hosokathe reason asking was that it was not build in by default in previous versions of Lubuntu but needed to install e.g. gdm instead. Any workaround withing lxdm was not working for me.17:01
phillwhosoka: In that case, you'd be better asking on the mailing list.17:02
hosokadone so. I was given the workaround already suggested in the lxdx wiki and that does not work for me.17:04
hosokaso since then using gdm instead.17:04
phillwas 12.04 uses LightDM I'd be most suprised if the DM is the issue here.17:05
hosokaNoticed that in other distro of linux was already build in when looking at e.g. bodhi linux or linux mint. So was wandering if Lubuntu would do the same.17:05
hosokais not a big issue, but would be handy you know.17:05
hosokafor the rest the memory issue should be taken in consideration using less cpu and ram17:06
phillwhosoka: well, the testers for 12.04 are mainly on https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-qa Ask them if they have it running under 12.04, i've not seen mention of it on that mailing list.17:07
hosokaok, will check it out. thanks17:08
phillwif you go join, I'll approve you immediately.17:08
hosokaok, thanks17:09
hosokaphillw: done currently17:10
hosokacheck it out17:10
phillwhosoka: approved :)17:11
hosokaphillw: thanks. Will do the needfull to improve Lubuntu as usual17:11
CatalanGuyis it normal that the lubuntu downloading is so slow?17:28
phillwCatalanGuy: are you torrenting it, or doing a direct download?17:31
CatalanGuydirect download17:32
CatalanGuythe torrent is down17:32
CatalanGuyfor 10.0417:33
phillw::sigh::, well if that is the case, everyone will be hammering the poor server :/17:33
phillwI'll look to getting the secondary link back up for 10.04.17:35
bobweaverHello there is there a ppc iso ?17:35
bobweaverof lubuntu ?17:36
phillwmy Server provider decided to delete all my secondary copies of the isos.17:36
phillwbobweaver: there is a 12.04 for Macs, our 1st foray into that architecture.17:36
bobweaverso I should install ppc server ubuntu then lxde-core or lubuntu desktop ?17:37
bobweaverthen change kernel17:37
phillwbobweaver: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing has the details.17:37
phillwbobweaver: you can get the ppc directly from that page. I do ask that everyone does join the https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-qa as you guys with the kit are actually responsible for if we do get Mac release :)17:39
bobweaverdone with launchpad17:40
phillwapproved :D17:40
phillwdon't forget to subscribe to the ML17:41
CatalanGuyi don't know in spain the download is so slow17:43
CatalanGuyfor 10.0417:43
CatalanGuyfrom this page17:44
phillw10.04 there is only one server for 10.04, as I said, my server provider decided to delete my copies of the Iso's17:44
CatalanGuyoh sorry17:44
phillwI'll ask my new server to go grab them.17:45
CatalanGuyso what you recommend me17:45
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CatalanGuyi have an old laptop with 512 mb RAM17:45
CatalanGuyI tried Puppy but I don't like it17:45
bobweaverlooks like a 404 at thouse links http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds/12788/downloads17:46
bobweavertried rsync zsync and http17:47
phillwCatalanGuy: at the moment, you will have to suffer the only link available. I'll go ask my server to grab a copy - but like with yourself, it could take a while.17:47
CatalanGuythanks phillw17:48
Benkinoobyhi, is there a notable difference in performace between xubuntu and lubuntu?17:48
wxlbobweaver: how did you get to those???17:48
CatalanGuyI think lubuntu is quite lighter17:48
phillwbobweaver: I think the iso's are currently rebuilding.17:48
CatalanGuyneeds less RAM17:48
bobweaverI just followed links17:49
wxloh oh it's beta17:49
bobweaverfrom the wiki xw17:49
wxlmaybe you want something more recent?17:49
phillwbobweaver: whilst they rebuild, they are off line. you can always grab the beta, that does not rebuilt daily17:49
wxlbobweaver: no 404s here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds/13388/downloads17:50
bobweaverthat is working lnow17:51
phillwdailies seem to get rebuilt at about 17:00 UTC each day. It is quite a task for the server to build them all!17:51
bobweaverthanks guys here is a log if it helps http://paste.ubuntu.com/880692/17:52
bobweaverhere is second one http://paste.ubuntu.com/880695/        Thanks again17:55
phillwCatalanGuy: I'm pulling in the iso at 11 Mb/s ... So it appears not to be a problem with the libre server. I'll post you up a link once the sii server has it.17:58
CatalanGuythanks philipballew17:59
CatalanGuyphillw,  sorry18:00
phillwCatalanGuy: you are welcome to try thesii.org/lubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso to see if it is any faster for you.18:01
CatalanGuyNot Found18:02
CatalanGuynow it goes fast18:02
phillwtoo many thesii's :P18:02
phillwyou are more than welcome, I'll go and edit the wiki.18:02
CatalanGuymerci beaucoup!18:06
* phillw loves that new server :D18:06
CatalanGuyby the way and just for curiosity18:06
CatalanGuywhy do u use lubuntu?18:06
CatalanGuyyou work on old computers ?18:07
phillwCatalanGuy: because I firmly believe in allowing "older" computers have a bang up to date, fantastic operating system.18:07
CatalanGuyso nice18:08
phillwfor myself, I like it because it uses very little resources & allows my laptop to do stuff that would otherwise be an issue.18:08
CatalanGuyi hope it runs well on my acer aspire 1363 with 512 MB RAM18:09
CatalanGuyamd sempron 3000+18:09
phillwCatalanGuy: it'll love having 512MB of Ram,18:09
CatalanGuyand what about the hard disk18:09
phillwCatalanGuy: why are you not using 11.10?18:09
CatalanGuycause I'll do an upgrade from 10.04 to 12.0418:10
phillw10.04 is really for pre i686 chipsets, lubuntu has come on a long way since then.18:10
phillwCatalanGuy: lubuntu does not have LTS's18:10
phillwwe do not have enough people to support an LTS.18:11
CatalanGuyi understand18:11
CatalanGuywell first I'll try 10.0418:11
CatalanGuycause i'm used to gnome18:11
CatalanGuyand if i like xfce then i'll upgrade to 12.0418:11
phillwlubuntu 12.04 will be running under LightDM, we are moving from lxdm to pool meagre resources.18:12
CatalanGuyi didn't understand that18:13
phillwCatalanGuy: for more general chat about things, please do /join #lubuntu-offtopic where we can discuss how lubuntu came to exist.18:14
CatalanGuyget it18:16
CatalanGuygot it18:17
pip__why is ndiswrapper on the 12.04 beta1 cd as it appears not to function?18:31
pip__I do like its inclusion though18:32
pip__oh, I mean in a live environment not an actual install18:37
phillwpip__: Whilst everyone hates me sounding like a record that is stuck on one track, please do read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing#Reporting_Bugs18:41
pip__ah, ok.  I asked on the forums if I'd reached the bug reporting stage as the same problem occurs with the Lubuntu beta1 12.04 live environment & a barebones install on physical hardware from the march 3rd mini iso.  Thanks Phill, you always seem to have an answer for me :-D18:44
phillwpip__: I am also still learning about QA stuff, I do try to keep that page updated.18:48
pip__I'll be sure to check it out.  I'll have to file the bug tomorrow, it'll keep me out of trouble for a while at least.  Thanks again & TTFN18:50
CatalanGuyman, it seems installing lubuntu after puppylinux it's quite a mess19:01
KM0201why is that?19:02
CatalanGuyi don't know, the screen becomes blank while installing19:02
CatalanGuymaybe there's a conflict with files19:03
CatalanGuyit seems lubuntu 11.10 has problems with graphics card19:07
CatalanGuyi'll try to install 10.0419:07
KM0201what graphics card? (and i find that hard to believe, since Lubuntu has no 3D, etc.. enabled by default)19:07
KM0201CatalanGuy: somehow i doubt 10.04 is going to solve your issue, if it's a problem w/ 11.10?  what makes you think 10.04 will solve it?19:12
CatalanGuyi don't know19:12
KM0201CatalanGuy: LTS, has nothing to do with your issue, and it's not going to make a difference19:13
CatalanGuyso i cannot run lubuntu on my old laptop :(19:13
KM0201the odds of something working on 11.10, and working on 10.04 (unless there is a specific bug report)... is very unlikely19:13
KM0201CatalanGuy: i wouldn't say that19:13
KM0201i don't think its your graphics device19:13
CatalanGuymy screen changes colours strangely19:14
KM0201that still doesn't mean its a graphics problem19:14
KM0201again, Lubuntu doesn't run any 3D, etc.. it starts up totally 2D, there'sno logical reason any GPU shouldn't be able to boot.19:14
CatalanGuythen i don't know19:15
CatalanGuymaybe should i format the hdd first19:15
CatalanGuycause there's puppy installed19:15
KM0201does the live cd/usb boot for lubuntu?19:15
CatalanGuybut when i start installing19:15
CatalanGuythe screen gets strange19:15
KM0201whats the GPU anyway?19:16
CatalanGuyi don't know it's an old amd sempron19:16
CatalanGuyis there a compatible hardware list for lubuntu?19:17
KM0201lol, let me get this straight... you don't know your graphics card problem, but you've drawn the conlusion that your problem is a bug in lubuntu with your graphics card.19:17
KM0201sorry, don't know your graphics card19:17
KM0201CatalanGuy: boot the lubuntu live cd, open a terminal and "lspci" and see what it kicks out for your GPU19:18
CatalanGuyi canno't say it because the screen freezes19:23
CatalanGuyHome > Drivers > Categories > GRAPHICS BOARD > OTHERS19:28
CatalanGuyAcer Aspire 1360 VGA Driver 797219:28
CatalanGuybut i could install puppy linux without problems19:28
KM0201are you in puppy now?19:28
CatalanGuyi'm rebooting and i'll be19:29
CatalanGuyin secs19:29
KM0201get to puppy, then open a terminal, type lspci and hit enter19:29
CatalanGuylast line: vga compatible controller: via technologies, inc k8m800...19:31
KM0201yeah, thats an MSI board IIRC< and i had that board, and linux ran fine on it19:31
KM0201but i think i used an AGP video card19:31
CatalanGuyI'll try to reformat whole HD19:32
KM0201i don't think that will change anything either, but if thas what you want to do, ok19:32
CatalanGuythen maybe the cd is corrupt19:33
CatalanGuyi don't know19:33
CatalanGuythanks anyway KM0201 ;)19:33
KM0201i wish i had an answer for you19:33
KM0201perhaps starting w/ acpi disabled19:33
KM0201CatalanGuy: take a look under "Changing the CD's default boot options"   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions19:35
KM0201specifically the "F6" part19:36
CatalanGuyi've disabled all F6 options19:38
CatalanGuyno luck, same problem19:39
KM0201i'm guessing bad RAM.. try the alternate install CD maybe?19:39
CatalanGuyyes i can try that19:40
CatalanGuyi'll come later19:40
CatalanGuythanks anyway KM020119:40
KM0201yeah, i'd try the 11.10 alt. cd, but thats just me.19:40
KM0201i don't think 10.04 is gonna do anything for you.19:40
CatalanGuyone last thing KM020119:43
CatalanGuywhat do u recommend19:43
KM0201what do i recommend?19:43
CatalanGuyext2 ext3 or ext419:43
CatalanGuyfor an old PC?19:44
KM0201the filesystem in this case, is irrelevant19:44
CatalanGuyok thanks19:45
milen8204I could not run spell cheking on xchat in Lubuntu21:30
milen8204anyone can help ?21:30
oyinbozanyone home? Im sitting with a ancient laptop trying to install lubuntu. It should meet the requirements but when I choose "try lubuntu without installing" I only come as far as to a terminal. Any ideas? Using a DVD that works like clockwork on my other machine.21:57
CatalanGuyat least your screen doesn't freeze22:00
oyinbozIntel 3, 796 MHz and 256 RAM. And heavy as a rock. It got XP running atm.22:00
oyinbozHehe, yeah.22:00
CatalanGuymine gets frozen22:00
oyinbozKind of wierd colours as it loads, compare to my eeePC running lubuntu.22:00
CatalanGuywhen installing lubuntu 11.1022:00
CatalanGuywierd colours22:01
CatalanGuythis is what happens to me22:01
CatalanGuyyou too?22:01
CatalanGuymy god i though i was alone in this hell22:01
oyinbozwell, yes compared to my eeePC wich got the cool blue this is quite wierd22:02
oyinbozbut mine don't freeze22:02
oyinbozI come to a terminal22:03
oyinbozannoying thing is that this piece of computerhistory can't bbot from a USB and I'm down to my last disc.22:04
oyinbozotherwise I would have tried with 11.04 and so on...22:04
oyinbozand I must admit, I am not really a terminal wizard so I can't get past that hurdle.22:06
CatalanGuyi can't boot from usb either22:07
CatalanGuylucky me i had a RW dvd in a drawer22:08
oyinbozhehe, you are a lucky man22:09
oyinbozdamn I feel stupid...22:31
oyinbozlxd-M- NOT lxd-E- and I'm in!22:31
oyinbozCatalanGuy, I wish you all the best!22:33
CatalanGuytoo late to wish him likewise22:34

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