Roastedbjsnider, mutter00:01
bjsniderit uses mutter00:01
Roastedoh, GS is JS00:01
scientesI am getting problems that my apt wants to download the non-compressed Packages files00:12
scientesW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/universe/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found00:12
scienteswhen only Packages.bz2 and .gz are available00:12
glosolianyone can help me here a bit with Bash Scripting ?00:17
FernandoMiguelscientes: change mirrors and update00:17
ActionParsnipscientes: try:  wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage00:17
scientesi am using apt-cacher-ng in proxy mode00:19
ActionParsnipscientes: should still help afaik00:19
scientesswitching to mirror.anl.gov worked00:20
scientesusing the .bz200:20
c_smithhas anyone here had problems with Ubuntu One crashing?00:20
scientesshould be .gz or .xz00:20
scientesErr http://mirror.anl.gov precise/universe amd64 Packages00:21
scientes  Bad header line [IP: 80]00:21
phunyguycan someone help me figure out how to sync some music on my phone with amarok, and have it transcode to mp3? Currently I tell it to copy to that collection, but it keeps the flac format.00:21
scientesi set [arch=amd64] in my sources.list00:21
scientesto try to make stuff faster, that could be it00:21
scientes(so it wont fetch i386 for universe)00:22
glosolianyone can help me to making sh file execute with doubleclick ?00:23
ActionParsnipglosoli: mark it as executable. I assume you mean a bash script00:24
glosoliActionParsnip: #!/bin/bash00:24
glosolibut when I double click nothing happens but if I do sh fileName.sh in terminal00:24
glosoliit works00:24
FernandoMiguelnite folks00:25
phunyguyActionParsnip: makeit executable... chmod +x script.sh00:25
ActionParsnipphunyguy: indeed :)00:26
glosolistill the same00:26
glosolipyuic4 -py3 gui_main.ui > gui.py00:26
ActionParsnipglosoli: the file extension isn't needed in Linux00:26
phunyguysorry meant that for the other guy00:26
glosolionly works if I do sh in terminal with file_name.sh00:26
phunyguyim blind00:26
glosoliActionParsnip: I don't want to run it from terminal00:26
phunyguystupid tiny fonts00:26
glosoliActionParsnip: It just doesn't take any action unless i call it from terminakl00:27
ActionParsnipglosoli: you could always make a desktop file for it and run it that way, you can assign a pretty icon then, too00:27
glosolidoh I just need it for executing some commands regulary without any fancy desktop file00:28
ActionParsnipglosoli: if you double click it, do you get the option to execute the file?00:28
glosoliRun, Run In terminal, Ok, Cancel00:30
glosoliboth runs doesnt make any action00:30
scientesActionParsnip, wtf, bork my /var/lib/dpkg/status!00:33
ActionParsnipscientes: it clears all that out, then recreates fresh00:34
scienteswith the dpkg --configure -a?00:34
ActionParsnipscientes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure00:35
ActionParsnipscientes: its basically that in a handy script00:35
glosoliActionParsnip: seen in the forums people with same problems and no answer00:35
ActionParsnipglosoli: what does dpkg --configure -a   output?00:36
glosoliActionParsnip: nothing00:36
ActionParsnipglosoli: thats good00:37
glosoliActionParsnip: anyway, try creating some script yourself and try running it from desktop not from terminal00:37
ActionParsnipglosoli: all my scripts I run in terminal. If you right click it and set to run in terminal, does it work?00:38
glosoliActionParsnip: right click doesn't have run in terminal, but that popup has and does no action00:39
scienteswell i just used part of it, and that seemed to work now00:40
scientesprob most imp. rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists00:40
ActionParsnipscientes: basically it removes all knowledge of any packages from any source, then re-downloads fresh00:41
ActionParsnipglosoli: right click script -> properties?00:41
micahgActionParsnip: that may or may not help when using apt-cacher-ng as apt-cacher-ng has its own cache00:42
glosoliActionParsnip: nothing like run from terminal00:42
ActionParsnipmicahg: ahhh, I see. Thought it would be a communal thing00:47
ActionParsnipglosoli: not sure then dude. All I can suggest is to make a .desktop fiel00:47
glosoliActionParsnip: ah, no prob just was interested if it's possible, doesn't matter that big00:47
ActionParsnipglosoli: if you make a desktop file and put it in /usr/share/applications you can launch the app from dash (maybe if it makes the script work)..00:48
glosoliActionParsnip: I am sure it will, but that's not the proper way for me00:49
glosoligood night everyone00:55
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Mylentheslog you there?01:20
logMylenthes: Hi.01:38
Mylentheshi log01:41
Mylenthesits bobbeh01:41
logOh, hi.01:41
Mylenthesi think unity got updated01:42
MylenthesIm getting closer and closer to getting it working again01:42
Mylenthesnow the panels load up in like 5 seconds rather than 3001:42
Mylenthesbut it still freezes01:42
logThat's unfortunate.01:42
snadgeguys.. i've lost my time and date thing in the panel01:45
snadgewhats the package called01:45
Daekdroomindicator-datetime, I think01:45
Daekdroom!info indicator-datetime01:45
ubottuindicator-datetime (source: indicator-datetime): Simple clock. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.91-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 58 kB, installed size 312 kB01:46
Mylenthes!info unity01:46
ubottuunity (source: unity): Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.0-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 1141 kB, installed size 3256 kB (Only available for any all)01:46
Mylenthesnvm no update01:46
Mylenthesjust my luck i guess01:46
snadgelol.. indicator-datetime wasnt installed for some reason01:46
snadgecheers Daekdroom01:47
snadgenow how do i get it back after i've reinstalled it01:48
Mylentheslog out back in?01:49
snadgeprobably yeah.. i just did that already though.. sigh.. laziness01:49
snadgeok wow.. i just accidentally clicked suspend on the system menu01:55
snadgeand it just turned my pc off01:55
snadgei hit the power button.. and it does BIOS post and boots up normally01:55
snadgeoh.. and when my pc boots up now.. it says.. debian, the universal operating system01:56
snadgeso i've lost the ubuntu grub branding or whatever01:56
snadgehmm.. apparently removing the desktop-base package fixes that problem ;)01:59
Mylenthesim bock02:07
Mylenthesunity --reset now that it only takes like 5 seconds to load up, im getting like 20 warnings02:07
Mylenthessays "cannot cast bamfobject to bamfapplication" or somethign like that02:08
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Mylentheshey is there a way to make the scrolling of my touchpad instead of jumping, go smoothly like ios02:17
Mylenthessince im using two finger scrolling?02:17
dr_willisyup.. just hmmm.02:35
Mylenthesima try relogging and hoping unity3d will work02:36
MylenthesI fixed it02:39
MylenthesIt was compiz!02:39
MylenthesI knew it!02:39
dr_williswhen in doubt. use a bigger hammer02:40
Mylenthesfor anyone who comes on here in the future saying unity wont work02:41
MylenthesTell them to get ccsm, open it and in opengl set texture filter to fast and uncheck sync to vblank,02:42
Mylenthestell log i got it working too02:43
Mylenthesima do my hw now so yeah02:43
MylenthesI fixed it!02:43
Mylentheslook up02:43
* log looks up.02:43
logI'll save those notes. Thanks!02:43
logGlad you got it working.02:44
MylenthesI cant bloody beleive it was so simple too02:44
Mylenthesexcuse my blood02:44
Mylenthesgod text in daash looks horribel02:58
Mylenthesprobably ati catalyst02:58
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Mylenthesanyone there?03:40
User_007Hello i am with the bug : libfarstream-0.1-0: conflict libgstfarsight0.10-0 but 0.0.31-1ubuntu3 it's installed, (951407) that says to be fixed but even after update/full-upgrade it still conflicting03:41
MylenthesWait say that again, slowly03:41
User_007does anyone have some clue?03:41
Mylenthesare you trying to update?03:42
MylenthesI had that problem, can't remember how i fixed it though03:42
Mylenthestry pressing check at the bottom03:42
User_007i am with the bug (951407): " libfarstream-0.1-0: conflict libgstfarsight0.10-0 but 0.0.31-1ubuntu3 it's installed"03:42
User_007pressing check?03:43
User_007Mylenthes, if you mean pressing yes, it will uninstall several things including libc6 and empathy03:44
User_007In the bug page it says it's fixed, but even after i update, when i try upgrading it says it still conflicting.03:46
Mylenthesi meant check for new updates03:47
Mylenthessometimes that will ask you to do a partial update03:47
Mylentheswhich usually fixes most updating problems03:47
MylenthesIf that doesn't work, I have nothing else to tell you. I'm not even in here to help lol. I cam in here asking for help myself03:48
User_007ohh, you mean check for updates... i am using CLI so i just do apt-get update (it's what i mean by update)03:49
bsdfreakHi, I'm having an issue with Precise Kubuntu.  After logging in through KDM my desktop won't load.  It started after a recent aptitude upgrade.04:45
bsdfreakI'm running the x64 version.04:46
airtonixwhy is resolvconf being installed on ubuntu-server ?05:00
micahgairtonix: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/05:02
airtonixmicahg: bind9 is broken because of it then05:03
micahgthat would be a bug then :)05:03
airtonixcan't restart because /etc/resolv.conf isn't a symlink05:03
micahgbug 933723?05:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933723 in bind9 (Debian) "resolvconf creating bogus resolv.conf file" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93372305:05
Mylenthesanyone there?05:39
Mylenthesi need minor help05:39
dr_willis 9h05:40
Mylentheshow do i theme unity?05:42
Mylenthesi found an ambiance blue theme05:42
Mylenthesnow how do i work it05:42
dr_willistheme for what exactly.05:44
Mylenthesi think gtk05:44
dr_willisgnome shell. gtk.05:44
Mylenthesthats what unity uses right?05:44
dr_willisgtk 2 or 3  :)05:44
dr_willisthemes in unity and gnome shell is a bit convuluted. due to how all the 'parts' are themeable05:46
dr_willisyou can try the gnome-tweak and myunity tools to do some changes05:46
Mylenthesthe theme looks nothing like what its supposed to05:47
Mylenthesdo i have to logout back in?05:47
dr_willisgtk is the window decorations only.  try log out back in and see05:47
Mylenthesstill looks bronw05:48
Mylentheslemme try the gnometweak05:49
dr_willisyou mean just the colors are wrong05:49
Mylenthesits like windows 9805:49
dr_willisheard of some bugs that cause that.05:50
dr_willisperhaps check askubuntu.com05:50
dr_willisi thi k thats some theme failsafe mi05:51
dr_willismode if the stuff breaks05:51
Mylenthesis gnome tweak called advanced settings05:51
dr_willisi think so. for some silly reason05:52
Mylenthesfailsafe? i thought you cant use effects if that happens? i have my effects working fine05:52
Mylenthesadvanced settings only lists like 4 themes, but they work correctly05:52
dr_willisthey seem to like to make the menu name different then the binary name05:52
Mylentheshow do i get the theme in gnometweak?05:52
dr_willisi just use the themes from different repos05:53
dr_williswebupd8 has a good repo for them also05:53
Mylentheswait what?05:53
Mylenthesi am confuse05:54
dr_willisthere are themes in the repos05:54
Mylentheshow do i work that05:54
dr_williswebupd8 has its own repos with many more05:54
dr_willisinstall rhem via package manager tools same as an app.05:55
Mylentheswait, so download package manager tools?05:56
Mylenthesoh i think i understand05:56
Mylentheslol i feel stupid05:57
Mylentheswhats the repo?05:57
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:57
Mylenthesno webupd8 repo05:57
dr_willisgo to the site.05:57
dr_willisthey got guides on themes05:58
dr_willisgood luck. bbl. lunch time.05:59
MylenthesLunch time lol its 2 am her05:59
Mylenthesok figured it out thanks06:08
GirlyGirlHi, how is the performance of Unity on beta 1 before I install ubuntu-desktop to give it a try? On 11.10 the UI was to laggy to use. Kde works fine with all desktop effects on my system however both on 11.10 and 12.04. (EeePC 1005ha)06:32
bsdfreakIs anyone else experiencing Kubuntu login issues with Precise?06:34
GirlyGirlbsdfreak: you mean no desktop on login?06:35
bsdfreakOnly works in failsafe mode.06:35
GirlyGirlbsdfreak: Yes the latest update removes some required packages ... do a "sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"06:36
GirlyGirlworked for me06:37
bsdfreakOkay.  I had tried that earlier with no success, but I'll give it another shot.  If that doesn't work, is there something I can do to install the specific packages that were removed?06:37
GirlyGirlbsdfreak: No idea .. did this problem occur after updating packages?06:37
bsdfreakGirlyGirl: It happened after an upgrade on Friday.06:38
GirlyGirlbsdfreak: I think "sudo apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop, apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" in that order should work ... assuming you have a working internet connection06:39
bsdfreakGirlyGirl: Ok, I'll give it a try.  Thanks.06:48
almoxarifeanyone figured out how to get their old dnsmasq configuration to work on 12.04?06:56
almoxarifeanyone figured out how to get their old dnsmasq configuration to work on 12.04? it may only be a kubuntu issue, not sure if ubuntu also has dnsmasq by default now06:57
almoxarifeI want my old dnsmasq back!06:57
tokarbolI think it does, mine has it.06:57
almoxarifetokarbol: makes sense, its packaged in 'network-manager'06:58
tokarbolyou mean that network-manager depends on it?06:59
tokarbolyes, it seems so.06:59
bsdfreakDoes anyone have any issues with the Intel WifiLink 1000?  Seems like I'm not able to reliably connect to WPA2+AES networks.07:01
brentlyit was suggested in #Kubuntu that i ask a question about 12.04 here instead... am i in the right place?07:20
brentlyI need help setting up dial up networking with a tethered blackberry using bluetooth..07:22
GirlyGirlbrently: Both places are fine as far as Kubuntu is concerned due to it having less users than Ubuntu... If you have a Ubuntu specific problem you are likely to get better help here07:22
brentlygreat. i need help with pairing a blackberry via bluetooth and setting up DUN with it.07:25
brentlybefore in 11.04, I would pair the phone, it would ask if i wanted to use DUN, then send me through a wizard. once the wizard finished I saw tmobile listed in the network manager widget, and it worked like a charm...07:27
brentlynow in 12.04 it pairs, asks about DUN, and thats it. no wizard. not listed in the network widget. any help??07:28
UrBdoes the bluetooth work otherwise?07:29
UrBsending / receiving files, etc07:29
brentlyi have no idea. i could test it i suppose.. would it help to know?07:30
UrBwell, if the bluetooth is completely non-functional, then I'd address the question to #bluez-users07:31
UrBor does Kubuntu use bluez for bluetooth, anyone?07:31
brentlysame problem in ubuntu 12.04 I tried it yesterday. same problem in kubuntu 12.04.07:32
brentlyit asks if i want to use the found dial up network service. then doesnt open up the wizard to select tmobile and what plan...07:33
UrBfile a bug for it - that usually seems to gets better attention07:35
brentlyin 11.04 it was great. easy a pie to set up and it worked well. all kde 4.8 distros have the same problem07:41
brentlyhold on let me remove, re-pair the phone, and try sending a file or something...07:44
brentlyok just sent a picture from blackberry to kubuntu laptop07:46
UrBso it works otherwise07:50
UrBthat limits the problem to network-manager07:50
brentlyyeap phone pairs and sends files.07:50
UrBcan't help more with this as my own bluetooth is messed up :)07:50
brentlyis there a way to perhaps replace the buggy network-manager package with what was used in a previous ubuntu release???07:51
brentlybecause as soon as i fix the one thing of being able to tether via bluetooth, i can install some programs and show off kubuntu to friends at work...07:52
brentlywhat packages handle mobile broadband?07:57
UrBI'd say networkmanager08:01
brentlyok can i replace it with a previous version?08:02
UrBthat I am not sure of - but you could file a bug like a suggested earlier08:03
brentlyi figured maybe if it worked in 11.04, try using the older package....?...08:03
UrBthey usually get addressed quite quickly08:03
UrBand someone might already have work-around08:03
brentlywill you help me by submitting the bug?08:03
brentlynormally you pair the phone, it asks do you want to connect to DUN service, you say yes, it opens a wizard, you select tmobile....08:04
brentlythe wizard never pops up.08:05
brentlyis there an old school way to add the mobile broadband connection, and tell it to use the paired phone?08:06
UrBjust type ubuntu-bug network-manager to terminal08:06
UrBit should gather information and open pre-filled bug report08:07
UrBthere were some scripts years ago, but not sure if they work on current system08:07
brentlycool its collecting info08:09
UrBjust follow the instructions there and write down what you expected to happen and what happened instead - and then wait for replies08:10
brentlyi dint have a launchpad account.. or i forget what it was years ago08:11
brentlyah i remembered it!08:12
UrBit's fairly quick to do - useful to have if you use development versions (read: buggy versions) :)08:12
brentlyah. well thanks so much for your help!08:12
brentlyok bug submitted    should i expect a reply?08:18
brentlyjust curious, can i force it to use a previous version of the network manager package?08:19
UrBeventually, yes - either it's deemed a proper bug and attended to or someone will explain why it's not a bug08:19
UrBand close it08:20
UrBas for the old version: dependencies might prevent you from using an older version08:21
UrBhave you tried blueman on the ubuntu side to to get the bluetooth tethering working?08:22
brentlywhen i had kubuntu 11.04, and added a ppa for kde 4.8 and upgraded kde, it did something similar. it gave me the wizard, and added the connection. but it didnt work08:22
brentlyi tried an ubuntu 12.04 live dvd. it added the connection but failed to connect08:22
brentlysame thing as four other kde 4.8 distros. they all give the wizard, add the connection under mobile broadband, it says "configuring interface" but never connects08:23
brentlyi just noticed rf kill.txt was attached to my bug report. that will show the bluetooth interface listed.08:25
UrBbrently: make sure you have current e-mail address in your launchpad account - all updates on you bug report will be notified with mail08:27
brentlycool. any ideas for a work-around in the mean time?08:28
UrBnope - my bluetooth is broken so I can't even try with my own phone08:29
brentlyi really like kubuntu 12.04 and once this small thing is fixed I can take it out-and-about showing it off08:29
UrBdoes the blueberry do usb-tethering?08:29
UrBand does that work08:29
brentlyhmm didnt try the usb cable. with windows 7 i got bluetooth tethering working and i showed it off to friends... i will go grab my usb cable and see what happens08:30
brentlyit sees the removable media right away08:34
brentlyi have no idea what to do now08:35
UrBnot sure how it's done in blueberry, but at least in android you have to activate the usb tethering from the phone side08:35
brentlyi guess i will google it08:39
brentlyok there is a program called barry supposedly you install on ubuntu for thethering a BB08:45
brentlyis there a way i can start with 11.04 or maybe 11.10, mark the network manager to be kept, and do a complete upgrade keeping the packages marked to be held back?08:49
UrBdoubt that08:49
brentlynot having any luck figuring usb tethering out08:56
brentlyso i guess i wait for it to get fixed or someone write back with a work around... booo09:07
encrypthi i've activated the scale compiz plugin,but only wlor09:14
encrypthi i've activated the scale compiz plugin, but only works with the shortcut ctrl+w, not when pointing to the corner i've set. have to configure it manually after every boot09:16
almoxarifewhich install is the closest to gnome-2?09:32
almoxarifegnome-shell or unity-2?09:32
crizzyneither is correct answer if you want legacy layout09:33
crizzyinstall gnome3's fallback mode, or, like mentioned, xfce09:33
almoxarifelegacy layout would be best09:33
hifiyou can make the xfce panel layout exactly like gnome 209:33
hifias seen in some xubuntu spins09:34
crizzyi would rather use windows ^^ and would still if unity wouldn't have come along..09:34
almoxarifewindows? oh my09:34
crizzywell from win/mac users view linux desktops have been generally just a bad joke09:35
hifihttp://lh5.ggpht.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/S6TCzkP-pHI/AAAAAAAAAoM/705bdGpb7bs/SS_Selection_016.png xfce in xubuntu09:35
crizzyunity is the first thing that somehow looks promising09:35
crizzythat is ugly :)09:35
almoxarifehifi: the xfce install needs anything extra? to get the look?09:35
crizzywould never touch that over win709:35
hifialmoxarife: if you install xubuntu-desktop package you'll get all the bells and whistles09:35
hifiif you just install xfce4 it will not have the default settings like that09:35
hifiI never realized my xfce is set up almost like that09:36
almoxarifehifi: thnks. I actually use plasma-desktop, but I need the back-bone for some of the ubuntu apps09:37
ironhalikI dont know whats all that hassle about Unity :)09:37
hifiI don't quite get what you're after09:37
ironhalikwell, whoever09:38
ironhalikUnity seems to be annoying a lot of people09:38
almoxarifeI use plasma-desktop(kubuntu) , but I also use a lot of the ubuntu apps, without a base system installed the apps look like shit,09:39
crizzyjust very small and loud minority09:39
hifialmoxarife: what you need is a proper GTK theme09:39
crizzythese guys who complain about every change anyway09:39
hifithat looks like Qt (KDE)09:39
hifionly thing I find annoying is that IIRC ubuntu didn't give you the choice of gnome 3 at some point at least09:40
hifiand forced you to unity09:40
ironhalikcrizzy: which is strange, considering theres a lot of alternatives09:40
almoxarifehifi: that would be great, but that's the problem, no one has come up with a proper gtk thems that I have seen which bridges both09:40
hifiI might be wrong, I've been using xfce for ages09:40
ironhalikhifi: you had the chocie when you downloaded the ISO09:40
ironhalikyouve got the choice in software center too09:40
hifioh, but didn't unity replace gnome-2 for one release at least?09:40
hifibefore gnome 3 came out09:40
crizzyironhalik: also all that whining is very counter-productive. rather filing bugs with good explanation why something sucks is much more productive, and has got many rough edges polished from unity09:41
ironhalikhifi: nah, you had the fallback mode then09:41
hifioh, then I don't see the probelm09:41
crizzyironhalik: only if these whiners would put all that energy to that rather than just complaining :)09:41
hifior just don't use unity09:41
crizzyor that09:41
ironhalikits just the default, its not mandatory ;>09:41
hifiif gnome 3 is an option and even during install, I really don't see the problem09:42
crizzyunity was the only reason why i bothered to check linux desktop again.. would never have done that otherwise tbh09:42
ironhalikits like people whining about the default interior finish in the latest dodge ;> (mandatory car analogy)09:42
hifiand you can always just use netinstall <309:42
crizzydno what's the fuzz about these old crap desktops like gnome2, but i can guarantee you these don't attarct windows people09:42
crizzylook and feel ancient compared to win8709:42
almoxarifehifi: any recommends for a proper gkt theme?09:42
almoxarifeto bridge xfce with kubuntu09:43
hifiinstall gtk-qt-engine09:43
hifiThe GTK-Qt Theme Engine is a plugin for GTK that allows GTK applications to use Qt widget styles.09:43
hifiAimed primarily at KDE users, this plugin provides a way to unify the look and feel of the Linux desktop.09:43
hifiactually surprising kubuntu doesn't make sure GTK programs look like Qt09:44
crizzyunfortunately themeing is least of the problems with gtk apps in kde09:44
crizzykde-configured printers won't work, file dialogs are different, network mounts don't work in file dialogs etc etc etc....09:44
hificrizzy: some people want simple and elegant desktops, I disabled aero on win7 for performance reasons09:45
hifiI don't *need* anything pretty09:45
almoxarifehifi: I will do that09:45
hifias long as everything runs fast(er)09:45
crizzyhifi: aero is faster on my computer than basic as it's gpu-accelerated09:45
crizzybasic theme is not..09:45
hifiaero screws up everything not designed for win709:45
hifior vista09:45
crizzynot for me09:45
hifiI suppose you don't play games from the 90's09:46
crizzywin7 also has brains to automatically shut it down for apps that don't work with it, and enable it again09:46
hifiyeah, and that causes problems too when you switch between aero and basic09:46
crizzylike what09:46
hifijust sticking with basic is just fine, it looks nice enough09:46
hififlickering, window displacement09:47
crizzynever seen any, but ok09:47
hifiI use dual head so when aero switches off stuff on my second head moves a bit09:47
hifialso when I don't need it and it shaves off ~10 fps from team fortres 2, why would I use it09:48
hifimy gpu really sucks09:48
crizzyif you don't like it, don't :)09:48
crizzyi always just buy new hardware when it gets slow09:48
crizzyi hate ancient crapware09:48
hifibought new hardware in 2006 or so :p09:48
crizzyfigures, then09:48
crizzyhardware is almost free nowadays09:49
hifijust a big hassle to upgrade09:49
crizzymy comp is getting 1,5years old already.. still running everything fine tho09:49
crizzywith hd687009:49
hifiand everything moves so fast it's not as easy as just swapping a new cpu, adding memory and a new gpu09:49
hifilike it was 10 years ago09:50
crizzyi think that card is around 100-130e nowadays so there isn't really reason to torture yourself with bad hardware :909:50
hifito upgrade I need a new motherboard, new cpu, new memory and a new gpu09:51
hifiit's not just 100€ anymore I'm afraid09:51
hifito get anything reasonable fast for todays games09:51
crizzyjust buy a new ready-built computer and throw old one out of window :)09:51
glosolifriggin technology evolutioj09:52
crizzyonly gpu's have really progressed in last years tbh09:53
crizzymy wife has some several years old, first generation quadcore phenom 2.5ghz, and only thing i've upgraded in it has been the gpu... cpu itself is fine for all new games09:53
hifimy problem is LGA 775 and DDR209:54
glosoliWell yes, most of the upgrades are not even important for daily users09:54
glosoliexecept laptops upgraiding for economic power savings09:54
glosoliand etc09:54
crizzyyeah it's 4,5 years old.. checked09:54
hifiwith just a CPU swap, more memory and a new GPU it would be reasonable to upgrade09:55
glosoliI even have P4 2Ghz with GeForce MX440 is 11 years old, and it's still enough for my parents daily usage :)09:55
crizzyi would rip my hair off with that thing, though09:55
crizzyneed cores! :p09:55
hifiin-laws use a thinkpad T2309:55
glosoliWell it runs just fine, for a browser and etc :) they don't do much with it09:55
crizzydon't try to run firefox on it ;D09:56
glosolialthough it consumes big amounts of energy, as monitor is really big and old09:56
glosolicrizzy: well it runs just fine09:56
crizzyyeah, pun joke09:56
crizzyfor firefox eating your ram, cpu and babies09:56
glosoliwell Chrome would be faster although09:56
hifinot necessarily09:56
hifithere is a fine line between chrome and firefox09:56
crizzynah chrome likely is slower on single core machine09:56
glosoliEverytime I try to use FF it looks so slow for me09:56
crizzychrome relies heavily on threading09:57
glosolicrizzy: yes, you got the point here09:57
hifiyup, it also opens a lot of file handles IIRC09:57
hifidepends a lot on the setup which is faster09:57
crizzyon my 6-core, firefox makes me cry09:57
crizzysome one thing in one tab jams everything09:58
crizzylike.. cmon09:58
glosoliyes same here09:58
glosoliIt's smth just killing me, I can even use Google Chrome Dev Channel and it will be much more stable for me because one fail in Firefox will fail whole browser09:59
glosolicrizzy: maybe you have some knowledge with PyQt ?10:01
crizzydon't curse on me, i hate python :)10:02
crizzyit's like ruby done wrong, if you want that sort of programming language... ruby does it better10:02
crizzyeverything is an object, and no 'tarded forced indentication rules10:02
glosoliI hate ruby :D10:02
crizzythe syntax is 90% the sa,e10:03
crizzymindset is different10:03
glosolinah it just doesn't feel right, even tho, everyone in ruby channel saying that ruby doesn't even have any proper GUI Toolkit10:03
crizzyruby = everything is an object, python = same old mishmash mess of procedural and object functions10:03
crizzyand that forced indetication.. #¤!"%10:03
crizzyglosoli: write c/c++ if you want gui apps >=)10:04
crizzymy programming mind makes me wanna vomit every time i see python/ruby/whatever language ;D10:04
glosoliwell python + pyqt4 does it well why the hell I would go for C++ if I am not writing any video editing or any other high end app10:04
crizzywith Qt you could try Qt quick first10:05
glosolicrizzy: why is it better ?10:05
crizzydno 'better', but probably easier to learn.. if you know html/css/js you can get started pretty quickly10:06
glosolicrizzy: Well I know pyqt4 already, and it supports HTML and CSS in it's objects for designing them10:06
crizzyhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ this looked somewhat interesting too10:07
glosoliPyGTK is a mess for me10:07
glosoliWon't even start looking at it for bad cross platform support10:07
crizzygtk is a bit mess, ye10:07
crizzyQt doesn't exactly have that perfect cross platform support.. i mean it's non-native with it's own widget engine for windows and mac10:08
crizzyonly themed like native10:08
glosolicrizzy: that's fairly enough10:08
glosoliIf you compare it to others10:08
crizzyi still favor making of truly native guis for each platform10:09
crizzyuse shared components/libs for the core code10:09
glosolicrizzy: anyway, would you mind me naming any pros for python vs ruby (not mentioning syntax, which I find alright in python)10:10
crizzyalready did ^^10:10
glosolicrizzy: I didin't got the point of them ;D10:10
crizzyin ruby, everything is an object and no forced indetication10:10
glosolicrizzy: in python everything is an object too, or smth changed  ?10:11
crizzynope, everything is not an object in python :)10:11
glosoliit is10:11
crizzywell, go through http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/documentation/quickstart/ and make your own mind10:11
crizzyboth still suck imo ;)10:11
glosolicrizzy: http://goo.gl/HjxaJ10:12
glosolithey doesn't suck for me, as I don't make games dude ;D10:12
crizzyi find that anti-programming syntax obscure10:12
crizzydamned hard, just give me c/c++ syntax :)10:12
crizzyevery 'end' makes me shiver..10:13
crizzyi want my { }10:13
glosoliwell in python there is no ends ;D and identation thing is good for me as it makes anyones python code readable clearly10:13
glosoliI like that strict syntax10:13
crizzyi only find it limiting and annoying ;)10:14
glosolicrizzy: well it's near worthless for a game developer10:14
crizzyi once tried some opengl thingy with python10:15
crizzywas kinda fun10:15
crizzynot really useful for anything else than some prototype demos, but still pretty ez for new ppl to get into opengl10:15
crizzynot sure what it was.. some ogre wrapper probably10:15
glosolicrizzy: well as I mentioned before as I don't make any games and I will not in future, it suits me good ;D10:16
crizzyit's still good to know the languages that were USED for making these scripting languages ;)10:16
glosoliWell it isn't scripting language for sure, I know you hate it, but it isn't scripting language :)10:18
glosoliTHere are so many apps being developed using Python10:18
crizzyeverything that isn't compiled is a scripting language :P10:18
crizzyeven if you vomit some jit compiler over it10:18
glosoliwell it isn't :)10:19
glosolipython is compiled10:19
glosoliin fact :)10:19
glosoliif you even used it you probably seen these pyc files ?10:19
crizzythose are not necessity for it10:19
crizzyother way around, you can write scripts in C10:20
glosoliI know, I just don't like C :D10:20
glosoliwriting tons of stuff to get simple things done lol, life with java was even more painful10:20
crizzyc needs some library hunting, ye10:21
crizzylibraries are what make these languages something, not the language itself10:21
crizzyotherwise they're just slightly more glorified C10:21
glosoliwell yes :) but that's why I like python, and it doesn't suck for me at all, Ruby looks  like a pascal for me having these ends10:22
glosoliand If I want to co-operate with C i just use PyObjC and that's all :)10:22
glosoliPython can even be used for programming robots10:23
crizzyand python is written in C, around we come ;)10:24
crizzytime to go hunt some lunch >>10:24
glosolicrizzy: wasn't C written in smth else ? :D anyway have a nice lunch10:24
hificurrently C is written in C, mostly10:25
glosolimostly, that's it ;D10:26
hifiassembly is only used for optimizations10:26
glosolianyway, why not to use smth to make another good smth10:26
ironhalikPython rOcKz! ;>10:57
ironhalikI'm more of a Java guy myself, but overall, python is nice10:58
crizzyc > * :)10:59
ironhalikIt's nice and fast, but it's also a pain in the ass ;>10:59
jcgshi :) a recent update appears to have just broken libasound2 :( i can't seem to install 32bit and 64bit versions at the same time, which has meant that skype has been removed from my computer11:28
crizzyjust noticed my webcam isn't detected anymore in 12.04 -.-11:29
crizzywat to do11:29
crizzynaw.. seems to work, top menu doesn't have 'webcam' entry anymore though.. need to start cheese manually11:32
jcgsI managed to fix it by downgrading to the version in my cache11:39
kklimondajcgs: is it trying to install the same version for both architectures?12:18
jcgsunfortunately not. the versions in the repo have different numbers, and they both require the other one to be the same version12:19
kklimondajcgs: have you tried updating? it may be that your mirror was out of date12:20
jcgsi did, have the version numbers equalized now?12:20
jcgsupdating didn't seem to make anything better12:20
kklimondaboth are at 1.0.25-1ubuntu912:21
jcgsam currently downloading a very large debug package, but will have another go when that finishes. I can check what version is on my mirror using ftp :)12:21
MCRQuestion: Why is Cannonical dropping Emerald instead of using it as default window-decorator ?12:22
MCRIt was developed to work with Compiz and is by far the most advanced win-decorator out there, so ?12:23
MCRand now it does not build for Precise anymore (used it on 11.04 and 11.10)12:23
MCRbtw, thanks for the help with my RMB problem - the compiz version form the PPA was the culprint.12:25
bjsniderMCR, is it not a dead project at this point?12:26
MCRnow I got a new problem with Unity though - the tray area is constantly reloading until it finally fails to display the standard indicators...12:26
MCRbjsnider: What is exactly a dead project ?12:26
bjsnidernobody developing it anymore12:27
MCRbjsnider: Open Source is made to be revived, no ? ;)12:27
kklimondanot really12:27
kklimondaunless you're planning on reviving it ;)12:27
MCRI just do not understand why dropping the best stuff out there might help with getting forward...12:27
MCRkklimonda: It was not compiling for 0.9x+ versions of Compiz, but soreau (from the Compiz channel) fixed it, so many folks used it on 11.04 and 11.10.12:29
MCRbut now it is not compiling on Precise anymore.12:29
kklimondaMCR: because noone has been working on it. I don't know why hasn't Canonical stepped in - probably because what Unity needs is a small decorator, and emerald has a lot of code that is not really interesting enough to maintain it12:31
MCR^^^Here you can see that it is not dead, because many folks are using it :)12:31
kklimondaMCR: it's dead because noone has stepped in to maintain it on a regular basis. It means fixing bugs, releasing new versions etc.12:32
kklimondait's easy to just jump in and fix it enough to make it build again12:32
MCRIt has many features other decorators simply do not have, like programmable title buttons, which are very useful for pros.12:33
MCRYou can for example add 3 additional buttons to roll up/down, make the window sticky/unsticky or ontop/normal...12:34
MCRkklimonda: I can point you to the source and I bet soreau would upload the fix to git if you could fix it...12:35
MCRalso no Decorator can look that good :)12:36
MCRso long speech, short resumee: I want Emerald back - who is able to help ? ;)12:37
kklimondaMCR: I don't have time to fix it, as I don't use it myself this is not something I care about. What I meant is that fixing it to build is easy enough, but the problem is you need an active upstream developer to fix bugs, make releases and make sure that it builds again in the future.12:37
MCRSo where can I find an upstream developer then ?12:38
kklimondaMCR: I'd try asking on the compiz channel if anyone is interested.. but I'm sure if there were people interested in maintaining it they'd already step out and do that12:39
bjsnideri don't think there's any demand for it12:52
bjsniderif there was nobody would need to ask for a developer12:52
MCRkklimonda, bjsnider: Precise is not even released and I am sure people are interested - just wanted to speed up things a little ;)13:03
ironhalikHuh, after the latest compiz update, I'm missing it from lightdm session menu13:27
ironhalikand since it was the default, ot booted to wallpaper only, without any menu13:27
dr_willisive used windowmanagers  in the past that worked that way13:30
dr_willisold school13:31
ironhalikI'm still missing Unity :P13:32
DrHalanironhalik: why do you miss it?13:35
=== brot_ is now known as brot
ironhalikDrHalan: Dunno, tidays update updated compiz, after reboot, it stopped working13:36
kklimondaironhalik: do you have it still installed?13:37
kklimondaprobably the update removed something?13:37
DrHalanyeah it removed a lot of compiz stuff13:37
DrHalanif i'd do an dist-upgrade here it woudl remove compiz-* too13:37
DrHalanim guessing the packages are stil in process of being built13:37
kklimondaironhalik: so the lesson here is "don't do dist-upgrade unless you know what you are doing"13:38
MCRor always check if the upgrade would also remove packages...13:38
MCRI can confirm the problem.13:39
LjLis btrfs support broken in the precise beta CD?13:39
ironhalikyeah, it seems like it13:40
ikoniaI'd be more interested if it's more stable13:40
ironhalikIll wait till proper packages are in the repos13:40
MCRIn my experience compiz never was so stable like in this Precise release - the sad thing is that the compiz-plugins-extra and compiz-plugins-unsupported seem to be dropped and not maintained by the Unity team anymore, which is a bad thing...13:43
kklimondathe part of the reason compiz got so stable is that they've dropped a lot of plugins that were not working well with each other ;)13:43
MCRkklimonda: I am for fixing things not violently removing them...13:44
kklimondaMCR: but if there is noone ti fix things then some hard decisions have to be made13:44
DrHalanwell stability is most important13:44
MCRkklimonda: A lot of the removed plugins were working flawlessly...13:44
DrHalanthe only plugin i really miss are the modal windows from oneiric beta13:45
MCRSure stability is the most important thing13:45
spacebug-oops, latest update of my packages broke ubuntu-desktop (unity can't be installed, unmet dependencies)13:45
snadgeid like to see someone fix this bug13:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:45
snadgeits ancient.. and frustrating :P13:46
MCRbut workspacenames for example is a simple, useful plugin that never made any problems, but is not available anymore13:46
snadgeThis bug affects you and 70 other people13:46
snadgeReported by Kevin Knerr on 2011-04-2513:47
snadgecoming up to its 1 year anniversary ;)13:47
MCRone can still install the extra and unsupported packages (like I did) at least...13:47
MCRand compiz still is stable :)13:48
MCRironhalik: Thanks a lot for your help with the RMB problem ! :) SOLVED13:48
MCRironhalik: (had to remove the PPA)13:49
MCRDoes someone know how to best get in contact with Ayatana/Compiz/Unity developers ? Do they have their own channel ?14:23
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
MCR#compiz-dev is very quiet these days :-(14:24
brendandMCR - #ubuntu-unity14:25
MCRbrendand: thanx, very quiet there also :)14:26
dr_willistoo quiet14:28
bjsniderMCR, compiz's future has been questioned for a while now14:31
bjsniderfor example, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTA1Mjc14:33
bjsniderand, http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/apology-2/14:33
MCRbjsnider: I read the second one and also talked briefly to smspillaz on the #compiz-dev channel...14:38
bjsnideryuh huh14:38
MCRI still hope he comes back to it though ;)14:38
MCRand I am sure we will get Emerald running on Precise as well :-D14:40
Cajun_Lan_ManHello all.  I've been running 12.04 Beta 1 for a few days, and everything has been great (short of a few bugs).  However, this morning, when I'm trying to update the two machines I have running it, I'm getting "Not all updates can be installed" and it's prompting me to do a partial upgrade. Is this ok to do? What is this a partial upgrade to?14:43
ior3kbtw, I installed the beta on an acquaintance's computer (to replace Win XP) this weekend and I must say, the installer is really well done14:49
kklimondaCajun_Lan_Man: no it's not ok unless you understand what you're doing14:51
Cajun_Lan_ManI guess my question is why is it prompting me to do a partial upgrade?14:52
Cajun_Lan_ManIf I'm running 12.04, which is the latest, then what could it be trying to "upgrade" to?14:52
Cajun_Lan_ManI've never been prompted to do an "upgrade" like that.  Only updates.14:53
kklimondaCajun_Lan_Man: it's trying to upgrade packages to their newer versions, but not all dependencies are in place so it can't do that and proposes to upgrade just a part of them (and maybe remove those that it can't - I'm not sure, I haven't used update-manager in a long time)14:54
Cajun_Lan_ManAhh.  Well that makes sense.  In other words, it's got to do with the current state of the software in the repositories?14:54
brendandCajun_Lan_Man, it's just different wording. Strictly speaking all updates are upgrades.14:54
Cajun_Lan_ManBeing that it's still in beta form, I would understand that.14:54
Cajun_Lan_ManI just wondered what was going on, because it was more than just one machine doing this.14:55
Cajun_Lan_ManMy son is 10, and I just gave him his first computer to call his own. I put 12.04 on it, and it prompted me for this partial upgrade. That made 3 seperate machines asking for it. (I hadn't installed any software on any of them beyond the standard software included on the ISO)14:56
brendandCajun_Lan_Man, why are you making your ten year old use development releases?14:57
Cajun_Lan_ManBecause I'm a cruel parent?14:57
Cajun_Lan_ManNo. 12.04, for me at least, is noticably snappier than 11.10.  And being that it's about a 5 year old PC, it just runs smoother.14:58
brendandCajun_Lan_Man, that's good to know. If you run unity-2d then 11.10 should be fine14:59
brendandCajun_Lan_Man, i run 11.10 on 1.6 Ghz Atom netbooks and it runs fine14:59
Cajun_Lan_ManI may bump him down to 11.10 then.  Good to know.15:00
Cajun_Lan_ManThe only thing I really have to do to it is the ndiswrapper for the wifi card I'm using with it.  But I think that's a whole nother IRC channel.15:01
Cajun_Lan_ManI don't know much about programming, but I love what Canonical and Ubuntu are doing. So for now I just run Ubuntu where I am, and report bugs when they happen.15:02
brendandCajun_Lan_Man, that's cool - more beta testers is good :)15:05
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allainlatest update failed spectacularly and won't let me send a report. It complains of incorrect padding15:17
zzecoolglosoli: ?15:57
zzecooli want those updates15:57
zzecooli cant wait ;p15:57
zzecoolfooking dependencies15:57
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spaceneedleAfter trying to update , synaptic uninstalled unity-3d. This was probably due to my filing a bug regarding compiz--which was gobbling up 33% of cpu.16:18
spacebug-now I got the dependencies right but after the latest update things are kind of broken. Shortcut keys like alt+F4 to close I had to reset and now I got back that error with changing desktop with ctrl+F# makes it put out chars to terminal16:34
glosolithere are landing more updates this day I think16:39
spacebug-I hope ;)16:40
glosoliI am sure it will, there always comes a bunch of updates with broken dependencies16:41
spacebug-actually I like the gnome-fallback (no effects) relly much. That and maybe install cairo-dock again and that could might be what I will run later16:41
glosoliand only after then there comes dependencies16:41
glosolispacebug-: you probably will get even faster desktop using it that way :) gnome fallback does have global menu maybe ?16:42
spacebug-well the dependencies are no longer broken but the new compiz or unity broke things with shortcut keys and such (like I had when I was on unity-team dev ppa16:43
spacebug-default it is not global menu (and I dont want that. first thing i remove after install)16:44
glosoliwell for me they are, as I am develping apps with Qt, I have a lot of Qt related stuff :)16:44
glosoliand the same goes for ia32-libs-multiarch16:44
spacebug-hehe ok16:45
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travelinrobgreetings. am i at the right place to discuss beta issues?17:10
travelinrobgreetings. am i at the right place to discuss beta issues?17:12
soaringskytravelinrob: yes17:12
travelinrobso, i had two irc channels open and wanted to quit one. i used /quit and it logged me off the server. how do i do it properly17:14
soaringskyyou would use "/leave #channel"17:16
travelinrobah. thank you.17:17
travelinrobso, regarding bugs. say i have a folder window open (i assume nautilus) and there are multiple folders (directories) listed.17:18
glosolispacebug-: check for updates17:19
glosolispacebug-: for me everything fixed now17:19
travelinrobif i highlight the last folder and press shift-home, it hightlights all of the folders as expected. if i go into the last folder (double click or enter) and alt-left arrow back out, it's highlighted. if i then try shift-home again, it doesn't highlight all of the folders, it only highlights the first folder in the list.17:20
travelinrobeven if when i come back out of the folder and it is highlighted and i shift click on an earlier folder, it only highlights the one i click on.17:22
travelinrobcan anyone confirm this behavior?17:23
Mylenthesanyone there?17:31
travelinrobok. well, this seems no productive.17:31
MylenthesI have another q. If i install gnome shell will it screw up unity?17:31
john38Does Precise Pangolin use more cpu cores for multitask apps or Oneiric Ocelot?17:35
soaringskyMylenthes: not to my knowledge17:35
* patdk-wk wonders exactly how one could change that17:36
patdk-wkmultitask apps can only have so many tasks17:36
patdk-wkand you can only have so many cpu cores17:36
patdk-wknothing will change those17:36
soaringskytravelinrob: sorry I can't help you. keep asking here and eventually you'll find the right person17:37
patdk-wknow, an app could be made to use multi-cores better, but that would be on an app by app basis17:37
john38well what i mean is will it utilize all cores for example 6 cores for faster finishing time17:37
patdk-wkjohn, depends on the app17:37
patdk-wkwill the app use all cores or not?17:37
Mylentheswhat does travelinrob need help with?17:37
patdk-wkthe os doesn't limit it17:38
patdk-wklike, gzip will still only use one core17:38
john38is it true that command line based apps are faster than gui17:38
soaringskyMylenthes: issues with nautilus. look at the irc logs for specifics17:39
Mylenthesnvm i cant help lol17:39
Mylenthesok ima brb17:40
john38i still use Lucid ..wonder how much different Precise will be17:40
soaringskyjohn38: a lot17:41
john38are the updates in Lucid incorporated in Precise?17:42
john38or is it different17:42
soaringskyjohn38: generally yes. when something is updated in ubuntu the newest versions always get it17:43
john38Does Precise have a larger list for CUPS17:44
soaringskyjohn38: idk, but I would think so17:44
john38i dual boot lucid and windows 7 does precise allow me to delete lucid partition and install it in its place?17:46
soaringskyjohn38: that's going to be really tricky17:47
soaringskyjohn38: if you do that, you may run into issues with startup17:47
pahi, im sorry to ask here, but i cannot find help anywhere else. anyone familiar with grub rescue prompt? i constantly get symbol not found when i try to insmod modules that are needed to boot17:48
soaringskyjohn38: the safest way would be to upgrade in place, but that would leave a messy install17:48
pasuch as normal, help, or linux17:48
john38yeah i know17:48
Mylenthesminute i held the key17:48
john385 years support huh17:49
pagrub_env_export or grub_mm_base17:49
MylenthesWhen they say support, what exactly does that mean? bug fixes?17:49
soaringskyjohn38: so unless you really want to spend hours fixing boot issues, I'd upgrade in place17:49
john38i have Nvidia 470 card and use 32-24 pae kernel with older nvidia driver i have to avoid the newer kernel and newer nvidia driver i wonder if Precise will fix that prob?17:53
DrHalanyay unity 5.6 kicks in17:53
john38because it messes up system17:53
soaringskyMylenthes: support means bug fixes, irc help, and such17:54
Mylenthescool, but i will always use latest anyway lol17:54
soaringskyMylenthes: however, support decreases with age. hardy server is still technically supported, you won't find much help17:55
MylenthesSoaring, do you know of the move unity launcher to the bottom plugin thing?17:55
travelinrobMylenthes: say i have a folder window open (i assume nautilus) and there are multiple folders (directories) listed. if i highlight the last folder and press shift-home, it hightlights all of the folders as expected. if i go into the last folder (double click or enter) and alt-left arrow back out, it's highlighted. if i then try shift-home again, it doesn't highlight all of the folders, it only highlights the first folder in the17:55
travelinroblist. even if when i come back out of the folder and it is highlighted and i shift click on an earlier folder, it only highlights the one i click on. I was looking to see if anyone can confirm this behavior.17:55
soaringskyjohn38: maybe. try a livecd? a lot of things have been fixed in precise17:55
thomas001hello, before i go and download a iso: does the desktop or alternative version allow to specify custom root filesystem flags? (like btrfs and compression). all i found on the internet was old information which suggests some console hacking while the installer is running17:56
travelinrobthis is running 12.04 beta via live usb.17:56
v0lksmanhello!  I noticed that 12.04 still has nagios3 3.2.3 and not 3.3.1.  Can anyone explain why?17:56
soaringskyMylenthes: I don't use unity, sorry17:56
Mylentheswhat do you use?17:56
soaringskyv0lksman: someone probably forgot to update it17:56
john38soaringsky, Unity is the newest graphical interface?17:56
soaringskyMylenthes: gnome17:57
Mylenthesima try gnome17:57
soaringskyjohn38: not exactly. there are many different supported interfaces17:57
soaringskyMylenthes: shell is really nice and installs easily17:57
soaringskyv0lksman: does the update fix bugs?17:58
john38soaringsky, i know KDE Gnome...etc17:58
Mylenthestravelin, i cant help, I dont really know what exacltly your talking about17:58
Mylenthesi tried to do it17:58
Mylenthesbut, yeah idk. Just hope it gets fixed17:58
v0lksmansoaringsky: bugs and new features..been out for a while too17:59
soaringskytravelinrob: is there a bug reported in launchpad?17:59
travelinrobif you have a directory with multiple folders and you go into a folder near the end and then alt-back arrow back out and then hold shift and click on another folder it will highlight the folder you click on and not the highlighted and between.18:00
travelinrobsoaringsky, i don't know.18:00
john38soaringsky, whats the quickest way to report a buy18:00
v0lksmansoaringsky: I tried to build my own package but the patches fail pretty spectacularly.18:00
john38soaringsky, bug18:00
soaringskyv0lksman: is the new version in Debian?18:00
v0lksmansoaringsky: not that I can see18:01
trism!info nagios3 unstable18:01
ubottunagios3 (source: nagios3 (3.2.3-3)): A host/service/network monitoring and management system. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.3-3+b2 (unstable), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB18:01
soaringskytravelinrob: john38 run the command ubuntu-bug nautilus18:01
john38soaringsky, ok..in command line?18:02
soaringskyjohn38: yes18:02
john38soaringsky, what are system requirements in Precise with Unity 3D18:02
soaringskyv0lksman: ok, its probably not going to get in. maybe we'll do an SRU eventually18:03
soaringskyjohn38: idk18:03
john38soaringsky, i'll look it up18:03
v0lksmansoaringsky: okee dokee...thanks for looking into it!18:03
soaringskyv0lksman: google ubuntu sru process18:03
andrewacltCan somebody else on 12.04 go to the terminal run python and then type "import os" and then "os.urandom(1) and see what it says?18:04
trismandrewaclt: just a "random" byte, 'y' in my case, why?18:10
andrewaclttrism, I'm getting an ImportError: cannot import name urandom18:10
bluefrogit  will say something different each time as it has to do with entropy18:10
andrewacltlol yes, I know18:10
travelinrobsoaringsky: filed!18:12
andrewacltbluefrog, trism it looks like my virtualenv was busted reinstalling fixed it all (odd)18:12
soaringskytravelinrob: cool. hopefully someone will find and fix18:12
trismandrewaclt: definitely odd, at least it's fixed18:13
travelinrobsoaringsky. also, if i install software via a deb file, it doesn't seem to show in the unity menu interface. i have to start it from command line.18:14
soaringskytravelinrob: that shouldn't be happening. are you sure the debs were properly installed, and where did the debs come from?18:16
travelinrobone example was google-earth18:16
gavinstarkWhen installing from ubuntu-12.04-beta1-dvd-i386 in VMWare Fusion (3.1.3) I get a default screen resolution of 5120x3000. Not exactly sure where/how to search if this has already been reported.18:17
soaringskytravelinrob: many third-party debs don't work properly with ubuntu's menu system18:17
travelinrobit installs through software manager successfully, but isn't listed anywhere in the search or menus.18:18
travelinrobchromium has issues, as well.18:18
soaringskytravelinrob: those programs probably don't have menus set up correctly18:19
FunnyLookinHatMy Thinkpad T410 won't suspend when I close the lid - no matter what settings I have in Power Settings...  where should I report that sort of a bug ( or check for a duplicate ) ?18:19
travelinrobif you minimize it, you can't get it back. clicking the icon in the bar only opens a new instance. i had to set it up to open last opened tabs on startup. then if i accidentally minimize it, i have to kill the task via commandline and then click the icon again.18:20
soaringskytravelinrob: however, there is a semi-official chromium ppa out there that works18:20
itaylor57FunnyLookinHat, do you know the current bios version for the lemur2?18:20
soaringskytravelinrob: http://askubuntu.com/questions/89058/how-to-install-the-latest-stable-version-of-chromium18:21
itaylor57travelinrob, i am having no problems with chromium18:21
travelinrobanother thing that happens often is windows will open with their title bar above the top bar. Then, I can't move them because i can't grab the top.18:21
travelinrobitaylor57, are you running 12.04?18:22
itaylor57travelinrob, yes18:22
itaylor57no upgraded from 11.1018:22
travelinrobthat may be the difference as it worked for you prior to upgrade.18:23
soaringskytravelinrob: I don't use unity, so I'm not an expert in that situation18:23
travelinrobobviously, i'm giving it a shot.18:23
itaylor57yea but i have a totally different version after i upgraded18:23
itaylor5717.0.963.79 (Developer Build 125985 Linux) Ubuntu 12.0418:24
travelinrobhow do i get that number?18:24
travelinrobwhat command?18:25
itaylor57i got it from chromium help about18:25
Mylentheshey, is there any way to make it so that i can have it set to not need a password to login, but still be able to authenticate18:26
Mylenthesor is that a bug?18:26
glosolithere is an option18:26
glosoliSystem Settings -> Users18:26
MylenthesI know, but then when i try to install something18:26
micahgtravelinrob: that version of chromium was uploaded < 12 hours ago :)18:26
Mylenthesthe authentication fails18:26
glosoliMylenthes: it doesn't ask to authenticate ????18:27
Mylenthesit does18:27
Mylenthesbut because i have no password18:27
Mylenthesit fails18:27
glosoliMylenthes: well you have to get one :)18:27
travelinrobmicahg, ok. thanks. the live version has no help -> about.18:27
Mylenthesbut i dont want one :(18:27
MylenthesI hate having to type it everytime18:27
glosoliMylenthes: lost ?18:27
Mylenthesi login18:27
glosoliso use windows :)18:27
glosoliand be unsecure18:27
MylenthesI would shoot myself18:28
glosoliwhat's the point of linux by allowing anyone to do anything ? even wouldn't make any sense for bsd systems18:28
Mylenthesi dont care if my family does18:28
glosoliMylenthes: but do you care what online people can do to yu ?18:28
glosoliaccesing your data having your permission18:28
Mylenthesoh they can do that?18:29
Mylentheswell then18:29
glosoliNothing is impossible18:29
glosoliBut it would make easier for them you not having password18:29
soaringskyyes, having a good password is always a good idea18:29
Mylenthesk ill keep it then18:29
MylenthesOh god18:30
MylenthesI screwed up now18:30
glosoliMylenthes: at least if you so hate a passwords, try to think of easy one which is familiar to smth with your childhood or anything :)18:30
MylenthesIm trying to reset a password18:30
Mylenthesbut its asking for authentication18:30
Mylenthesnow what?18:30
glosoliif you don't remember one18:31
Mylentheswell cant hackers just do that then18:31
glosoliCtrl+C ? ;D18:31
glosoliit will cancel command18:31
Mylenthessrsly, how do i set a password without authentication18:31
glosolino way18:32
glosolior recovery mode18:32
glosoliwell recovery mode will do it18:32
Mylenthesyou're kidding me18:32
travelinrobi tried to open a link in xchat, and it worked, but it also put  a giant white box on my screen that covers anything below and i can't get rid of it. any ideas?18:32
glosolitravelinrob: log in log out ? and update your system if there is any updates available18:32
glosoliMylenthes: ofc not :)18:32
Mylenthesthats so stupid18:32
FunnyLookinHatitaylor57, I don't - but you could open a support case and our techs should be able to respond pretty quickly.18:32
Mylenthesthat has to be a bug18:33
glosoliMylenthes: what's stupid ?18:33
glosoliBeing asked to enter password to change one ?18:33
Mylenthesthat if you have no password, that you need a password to create one18:33
glosoliif you wouldn't be asked it will be the same as not having one18:33
itaylor57FunnyLookinHat, no problem thanks18:33
Mylenthesbut i have none18:33
glosoliMylenthes: you don't have password18:33
glosoli ? :D18:33
FunnyLookinHatitaylor57, sure thing - sorry that's not my dept.  :)18:33
glosoliMylenthes: no for don't or no for you have ?18:33
MylenthesI dont18:33
glosolihmm how ?18:34
Mylenthesuser accounts > password > "Log in without a password"18:34
glosoliyou just log in without password18:34
glosolithat doesn't mean you don't have one18:34
MylenthesYeah but i cant install stuff18:34
glosoliit's called auto login18:34
glosoliMylenthes: dude18:35
glosoliMylenthes: when you installed system18:35
glosoliyou were asked to enter password18:35
Mylenthesthe authentication fails18:35
MylenthesI tryed that18:35
glosolithat's the password for authentication18:35
MylenthesIt fails18:35
MylenthesI know im entering it right18:35
glosoliyour keyboard or fingers fails then18:35
glosolicheck for Caps Lock18:35
Mylenthestrust me18:35
glosoliOr Keyboard layout18:35
glosolitrust me, it doesn't fail :)18:35
Mylenthesk ill keep trying18:35
glosoliHave run into same problems when was tired18:36
Mylenthesi entered it slowly18:36
glosoliCHECK FOR CAPS18:36
glosoliif you entered in installation using CAPS, so you need to enter here with CAPS, if you didin't entered with caps, you can't do any CAPS18:36
MylenthesI did18:36
MylenthesI didnt have caps18:36
Mylenthestrust me, ive been using that password for like a week now18:36
MylenthesI always get it first try18:36
glosoliso you must be entering smth incorrectly18:36
MylenthesI went slowly18:36
glosolimight it be someone changed ir for you ?18:37
glosoliroomates or smth18:37
MylenthesI think it may be a bug, that if you set the auto logon, it erases your password18:37
Mylenthescouldnt be18:37
Mylenthesanyway found this onluine18:37
Mylenthesallows you to set a new one18:37
Mylenthesim a try seting no password again, knowing that i entered it correctly18:38
Mylenthesand tell you if it still fails18:38
Mylenthesbtw it works now18:38
Mylenthesyeah its a bug18:39
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:39
glosoliMylenthes: ah, sorry, then please try to report it18:39
Mylenthesim reporting now18:40
Mylenthesoh god im too lazy18:40
Mylenthestheyll fix it themselves hopefully lol18:40
soaringskyfor me, whenever I hope a bug will get fixed by itself, it never gets fixed18:42
soaringskyso I always report18:42
Mylentheslol, i dont really care though18:42
Mylenthesthis time18:42
glosolithat's the "spirit"18:42
soaringskytrue, but someone else will probably have the issue. we'd like to fix it before release18:43
travelinrobi know that sudo reboot now restarts the computer. is there a command for logout?18:43
glosolitravelinrob: kill gnome-session18:43
glosolias far as I know18:43
glosolisudo pkill gnome-session18:43
glosolior sudo killall gnome-session18:44
spacebug-glosoli: not updates regarding unity 3d or compiz in latest update. Since this was what I experienced when having the dev PPA enabled I think it is a feature/update they want but it sadly breaks much18:50
glosoliaaa dev ppa omg18:50
spacebug-well that unity-team PPA18:51
spacebug-but I dont have that enabled now but got the update I had when I had that enabled18:52
spacebug-so it's like it is a new thing they have put in main now18:52
Mylenthesaw man gnomeshell doesnt work18:52
Mylenthesas far as i can tell, im sure it CAN work its just not18:53
Mylenthesfreezes after logon like unity used to do18:53
glosolispacebug-: you can always ppa purge18:53
spacebug-glosoli: I did if you remember. So the update I got now is from main18:54
glosoliaa :)18:54
glosolisorry programming18:54
glosolia bit, so mind is whole messed up18:54
glosolispacebug-: In btw there was updates for unity for me18:56
glosoliit's at 5.6 now18:56
spacebug-the thing is that the shortcuts binded in compiz (or system-settings for that matter) seems to not do what I bind them to, but also send the key kombo to the application18:56
spacebug-yes, what I got also18:56
glosolitryed to reset compiz ?18:58
spacebug-I think. Will try again19:00
ryan_Hello. Is this a bug? The overlay when pressing and holding the super key (or Windows logo key) is not in US english - and my language settings are set to US English, not UK English.19:13
spacebug-glosoli: unity --reset did not help19:19
Mylenthesspacebug-: your having trouble getting unity to work?19:19
glosolispacebug-: sorry to hear that19:21
glosolisaschakb: are you using this as a main computer ?19:21
spacebug-Mylenthes: kind of yes. shortcut keys messin19:23
saschakbglosoli: Yes, I do, why do you ask?19:24
spacebug-Mylenthes: I want ctrl+F# to switch to different desktops. Bind the keys do make the dekstop switch but also it sends the key-combo to the running application19:24
glosolisaschakb: sorry mistakenly asked your nick :)19:24
glosolispacebug-: do you use it as in main machine  ?19:24
saschakblol - okay19:24
spacebug-glosoli: yes =)19:24
Mylenthesoh i thought you had trouble starting it19:24
glosolispacebug-: so you probably feel like I felt some days ago when everything went unstable :D19:25
spacebug-Mylenthes: ah, no19:25
spacebug-glosoli: yeah kind of hehe19:25
glosolispacebug-: even thought at that time to erase whole hdd and go back to MrMoney production :D19:25
spacebug-don't know if I should file a bug repport or just wait19:25
glosolifile a bug if you have time19:26
spacebug-I do have time yes hehe19:26
MCRnow upgrade worx :)19:32
Mylenthesis it possible to rotate unity launcher to the bottom in precise?19:32
Mylenthesgnome has an update19:33
Mylenthescompiz sorry19:33
itaylor57Mylenthes, the unity launcher only makes sense where it is on the left19:36
Mylentheshow does it not if its not?19:37
MCRbtw, compiz-plugins-extra have been updated in Universe for Precise as well :) So whoever did that: THANX A LOT :) !19:52
glosoliMCR: anything changed  ?19:52
MCRglosoli: Hard to say, did just update and had them already installed (older version), but it is good to see those do not get dropped in Precise and are installable via Universe repo...19:55
spacebug-And there it was done. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/95334919:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953349 in unity (Ubuntu) "keybindings for chaging desktop gets sent to the running application" [Undecided,New]19:56
glosolianyway I wish some day canonical will start developing by themself some user friend video/audio editng apps and smth  :) that could lead the to success19:56
bjsniderMCR, what did smspillaz tell you when you talked to him?20:06
faceprintanyone upgrade and find their keyboard shortcuts that use  the win/super key defunct?  I can't find anything recent in launchpad to point me in the right direction20:19
itaylor57Unity 3D keybindings are by default Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys for switching workspaces and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + arrow keys for moving a window between workspaces. However Unity 2D keybindings are still on the newer changes that has been reverted for 3D, meaning Shift + Super + arrow keys for switching workspace, and Super + Alt + arrows keys for movig a window between workspaces. A metacity upload is staged to revert it to the prev20:23
itaylor57ious defaults as well20:23
itaylor57well that didn't paste what i wanted anyways20:24
itaylor57faceprint, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/unity-5-2-lands-in-precise-brings-numerous-changes/20:26
itaylor57holding superkey will show what the "new" keyboard shortcuts are20:28
spacebug-faceprint: I have problems with shortcuts20:29
faceprintitaylor57: holding superkey doesn't show anything, the keyboard shortcuts in the keyboard settings don't work if "Super" is part of them20:30
spacebug-faceprint: for me alt+tab does not work and other keybindings for changing desktop to 1 to 4 do work but also the key-combo gets sent to the application20:31
spacebug-faceprint: I filed this report earlier. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/95334920:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953349 in unity (Ubuntu) "keybindings for chaging desktop gets sent to the running application" [Undecided,New]20:32
itaylor57for some reason my just seem to work as advertised20:33
Mylentheswhat does the update for compiz add / do?20:44
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz20:45
mongois "super" key a gnome naming thing? why not just call it what it is "meta" [/getoffmylawn]20:47
dboehmercan somebody give hints how to configure KVM networking in 12.04?20:49
TigerboyI have 12.04 and mplayer and kdenlive both crash the desktop(so you go back to the logon prompt) the very instant I try to play a video file. I have AMD gpu there is a fix for this problem but I can't find it.20:50
mongodboehmer: install bridge-utils and set up the bridges in /etc/network/interfaces20:50
dboehmermongo, i found a preconfigured virbr0 and thought if might be of use?20:51
mongodboehmer: do you only want nated interfaces?20:51
dboehmeri found lots of tutorials for earlier version describing how to setup a br020:51
mongoyou need to set up br0 if you want to have IP addresses on your local network20:52
MylenthesIs it normal for themes to not theme unity's windows?20:52
dboehmermongo, i have 2 ethernet ports and mostly want VMs bridged to eth120:52
mongodboehmer: and you want inbound services?20:52
mongoyes set up br020:53
dboehmermongo, thank your making that clear20:53
dboehmercan you describe what vibr0 is for? i couldn't find a source explaining that in a simple way20:53
mongovibr0 will give a private address to the VM and NAT all traffic as if it was from the hypervisor20:54
mongoif you shut down the "default" net in libvirt it will go away20:55
mongoset up your interfaces file like described on that page20:55
dboehmermongo, ok. i don't see why we need a bridge on the host for that but good to know20:55
dboehmermongo, i won't disable the possibility of NATed VMs. might use it for test purposes20:55
mongodboehmer: the guests need to connect to something, it is just a bridge behind a "firewall"20:56
mongoare you using virt-manager?20:56
dboehmeri already have a VM up and running, just need to make it bridged to allow inbound connections20:57
mongoonce you get br0 up and going that will be easy, just change it to "specify shared device name" and put br0 in the box20:58
dboehmermongo, couldn't qemu emulate a network interface and send masqueraded packages to the default network systems? i don't understand the necessity to have a bridge *on the host*. in contrast virtualbox doesn't need a host bridge AFAIK20:58
dboehmerif i don't want my host to be accessible on IP in the VM net i don't need to set an IP, right?20:59
mongodboehmer: something needs to act as a bridge, qemu would be slower than the kernel, thus the use of bridge-utils20:59
mongocorrect, just set it to iface eth1 inet manual21:00
dboehmermongo, "inet static" you mean?21:00
mongono static is for a static IP21:01
mongohopefully debian/ubuntu will make network-manager work with the new vswitch soon, they have ignored bridge-utils thus it is a bit odd to get working21:02
MylenthesCan someone help me with theming21:03
MylenthesAll my themes causes white backgrounds to have white text21:04
glosoliMylenthes: well if you are on precise that's likely what should happen21:21
glosoliMylenthes: as there was some updates for Metacity, Themers need to update their themes21:21
Mylenthesyeah it did update21:21
MylenthesI have a new problem though21:22
ironhalikhmm, alt+f4 kinda stopped working for me :>21:22
Mylenthesall the themes have white text on white backgrounds21:22
Mylenthesi found a fix21:22
Mylenthesbut if i try to save my edited file, it says i dont have permission21:22
ironhalikits in /usr/share - you need to do it via sudo21:23
glosolihey FernandoMiguel, ironhalik21:23
ironhaliksudo gedit /usr/share/themes/...21:23
Mylenthesoh ok21:23
ironhalikMylenthes: I had some bad expirience with editing gtk themes21:25
ironhalikHad better luck with gnome-color-chooser21:25
Mylenthesgnome color chooser?21:26
Mylenthescuz i just edited it21:26
Mylenthesand it didnt do anything21:26
Mylenthesnvm found it21:27
dboehmermongo, thanks! it's working:-)21:27
Mylenthesgnome color tool doesnt have an option to fix that specific color21:38
Mylenthesi think21:38
glosoliSaid you already :)21:39
glosoliNo custom themes work as original ones for now21:39
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Mylenthesdat suck21:43
glosoliThemers need to update their themes21:43
glosoliMetacity was updated21:44
MylenthesI saw compiz got updated, I should of assumed21:44
Tigerboy I have 12.04 and mplayer and kdenlive both crash the desktop(so you go back to the logon prompt) the very instant I try to play a video file. I have AMD gpu there is a fix for this problem but I can't find it.21:45
mikodoHi, I want to test "daily builds", in a VM. Where can I get information on the "builds" and how to install and daily update them, for testing and filling bug reports? I'll do the reading, from any links provided. Thanks21:51
mikodoSorry, a little more ... This information, I am seeking, is for the future. Not, for Precise!21:53
mikodoExample: Would an VM install of this, update itself once installed, or could I?21:59
steve81hello i am having a minor issue am wondering if anyone can help me21:59
steve81hello i am having a minor issue am wondering if anyone can help me22:04
itaylor57!ask | steve8122:05
ubottusteve81: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:05
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steve81i am using ubuntu 12.04 and i have gdm as my greeter i want to change to lightdm (unity-greeter) and i changed it but it looks weird its doesnt look like it should and it asks me for a username and password ussualy i log in with just a password22:07
steve81how would i show a screenshot22:07
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Mylenthesnick bobbeh22:10
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Guest95336Can I upgrade from 10.04LTS to Ubuntu 12.04LTS ( 32-bit desktop ) beta ?22:18
Tigerboymplayer and kdenlive both crash the desktop(so you go back to the logon prompt) the very instant I try to play a video file. I have AMD gpu there is a fix for this problem but I can't find it.22:24
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MountainXAnyone using Kubuntu 12.04 having problems with Firefox not being able to open containing folder of downloaded items?22:55
steve81i am have an issue if someone can help when I try to update by using update manager, displaying a message : "Failed to down load repository information. Check your Internet connection.22:58
itaylor57steve81, change which repo you are using22:58
itaylor57settings in bottom left of update manager22:59
MountainXwhich plugins should Firefox include in Kubuntu? I have only 1 plugin, whereas in gnome there are a dozen (such as Gnome Shell Integration plugin).23:07
Tigerboysteve81: try to see if you have sudo in front and also please see if you are not running any other package manager.23:32
lccI have been recieving kernel panics on 12.04, but don't know how to debug and report them.23:49
lccI have never had panics on 11.10.23:49
lccwith generic ubuntu kernels only23:50
FernandoMiguellcc: $ubuntu-bug linux23:50
MountainXis there a kubuntu 12.04 channel?23:53
arandMountainX: No, I think this one is for all +123:56

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