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DomasoFanhi guys. seems we still have broken things in ubuntu 12.04. does someone know if there all the things can be fixed in time? i know we still have 4 weeks left but yeah.19:40
jalcineMy team's repackaging the newer viewers of speech recognition utility PocketSphinx and also providing the training utility that CMUSphinx calls SphinxTrain.20:08
jalcineShould be ready from the farm in about two hours.20:08
AlanBelljalcine: is that in a PPA?21:00
jalcineYup, https://launchpad.net/~speechcontrol-devel/+archive/unstable, I believe.21:01
AlanBellis that CMUsphinx or pocketsphinx though?21:02
jalcineAh, they've just been built.21:02
jalcineThat's CMUSphinx. the latest stable sphinxbase and sphinxtrain21:02
jalcineWith that, we're going to bring it pocketsphinx and cmuctlk21:02
jalcine*bring in21:04

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