highvoltagegood morning15:17
highvoltageare there any ARB votes outstanding?15:17
stgraberI don't think so, the graphic lens has been published last week15:27
ajmitchhighvoltage: no, are there any apps you've been looking at lately that are close?19:33
highvoltageajmitch: I was just catching up on emails the last week and making sure that there isn't anything particular that needs attention before marking them as read19:53
ajmitchok, will try & get something for you to vote on then :)19:54
ajmitchstgraber: for postinst/postrm in apps, how much of that is not allowed, when it's just standard commands like update-mime-database, update-desktop-database, etc?19:56
stgraberajmitch: if it's auto-generated I'm usually fine with it (as we need that for apparmor anyway)19:57
ajmitchit's not added in the #DEBHELPEr# part, but looks to be boilerplate from elsewhere19:58
ajmitchI don't think it'll hurt anything, I thought you might know better than I if we had something disallowing it :)19:58
stgraberI seem to remember some documentation explicitly saying that maintainer scripts aren't allowed20:04
stgraberbut we accepted auto-generated ones so far and can probably do an exception for boiler plates one20:04
ajmitchright, that's what I thought20:05
ajmitchif that's the case, them I might put harmonyseq up for you to check & vote on20:05
ajmitchalso tagplayer. I found where I was going wrong with patching it ;)20:05
ajmitchstgraber: david pitkin said you'd been discussing bugs in the developer portal?20:09
* ajmitch was just asking him about some of the bugs regarding needs info states, he said to sync up with you20:10
stgraberwell, I haven't talked to these guys in over a month ;)20:11
ajmitchright, so his idea of 'recent' is a bit blurry ;)20:11
stgraberyeah ;)21:45
stgrabermy last discussion with him was on what's acceptable for the ARB and led to our current guidelines wiki page21:45
* ajmitch was just asking him about bugs that have sat without comments & which are sort of important21:59

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