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mailis there a channel for arm assembly dev ?04:34
cooloneyNCommander and GrueMaster, hey, guys, i've already uploaded armadaxp kernel to our PPA. which builts fine06:50
cooloneyplease help to test on real hardware06:50
NCommandercooloney: saw your email. I'll punt it in the archive tomorrow morning06:50
cooloneyNCommander: cool, you still around? it's mid night, i guess06:50
NCommandercooloney: genius never sleeps!06:51
* NCommander laughs evilly06:51
cooloneyNCommander: if you got any new patches, please drop to me06:51
NCommandercooloney: none06:51
* cooloney hugs NCommander genius06:51
cooloneyNCommander: i'm waiting for my Galaxy Nexus06:56
* NCommander has his and it is awesome06:57
cooloneyi will get it this weekend06:57
cooloneycool, i always follow your choice06:57
NCommanderNeed to rebuild the kernel to put NFS on it so I can use it as a buildd06:57
cooloneyNCommander: you need buy 10 of GN and that's a good building cluster06:57
RoyKNeko: thanks07:05
RoyKhi all. I installed 12.04 beta1 on this pandaboard, and now it seems the new users I have created are invisible on login. the initial user was at first the only one visible, but now, only the last user created is visible to login. any idea what might cause this?09:36
ogra_RoyK, either a bug or improper usage of the tools to create users, what did you use ?10:13
RoyKogra_: probably a bug, then, just curious noone has seen it yet. I used the standard gui tools to create two admin users10:25
ogra_yeah, that pretty much sounds like a bug10:25
RoyKany idea where the bug might be? I mean, the users are in /etc/passwd etc, but aren't visible to the gui tools either10:25
* ogra_ knows that some people inappropriately use useradd etc 10:26
RoyKI sometimes do, but I didn't do that now10:26
RoyKso, user uadmin was created during install and then let's call them usera and userb, and now only userb is visible along with guest - not even 'type thy username' is possible - is that disabled somewhere by default?10:27
ogra_you should be  able to scroll through the userlist at the login manager by clicking the not highlighted one10:29
ogra_iirc it only shows two by default and keeps the last used one selected10:30
ogra_(unlike in 11.10 where it showed three from the list)10:31
RoyKogra_: it shows userb and guest, and nothing else. the user manager doesn't show the other users either10:37
RoyKbut still, UIDs are unique and things look good in the files10:37
ogra_surely a bug then10:39
ogra_i would file it against gnome-control-center as a start10:40
ogra_and probably lightdm too10:41
ogra_i can reproduce it here10:44
ogra_adding a new user doesnt ask for a pw ... after that the new user isnt visible in the user management tool ... upon reboot i can only select the new user or a guest session10:45
ogra_and indeed selecting the new user doesnt get me anywhere since he has no pw10:45
ayakawhy does abootimg must have a initrd to create img10:47
ogra_aks upstream :) but i guess it is because the bootloader simply requires it10:47
RoyKogra_: I set a password for the new users manually (passwd <user>), and the old user I created during installation is also hidden10:53
RoyKsomething is pretty fscked up in the user part...10:54
ogra_for me the old user shows up on next start of the admin gui10:54
ogra_file it please10:54
RoyKwill do10:54
RoyKbut now: Lunch!10:54
ayakaogra_ but i have a custom kernel11:13
ayakais there more  infomation about fastboot except android mod wiki11:13
lilstevieogra_, I have a question regarding the L4T drivers you have packaged up11:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952909 in ubuntu "New users invisible/unusable" [Undecided,New]11:43
* ppisati -> out for lunch11:59
ayakaogra_ thank you12:05
RoyKogra_: seems #952909 is being given some priority...12:12
ogra_well, i added some prio12:12
RoyKah :)12:12
ogra_the desktop team still needs to accept that :)12:12
RoyKI guess that should be possible, though12:13
RoyKnot a very obscure bug12:13
ogra_well, tricky to debug for them as they have no arm HW yet and it seems to be arm specific12:14
ogra_sdo expect more questions :)12:14
lilstevieogra_, how do you get around all EGL apps trying to use mesa-egl over tegra-egl on the ac100?12:18
ogra_lilstevie, i use the packaged nvidia-tegra driver :P12:18
lilstevieogra_, tried that12:19
ogra_(it sets the right alternatives in the postinst)12:19
ogra_well, works fine here12:19
RoyKogra_: I can possibly expose a pandaboard on the net if that would be of any help12:19
ogra_though its moot now that we switched to armhf by default12:19
lilsteviethings like glmark2-es2 still go for mesa12:19
lilstevieogra_, this is on oneiric12:19
ogra_RoyK, hardly, since its a desktop issue12:19
ogra_lilstevie, iirc we didnt have the package for oneiric12:20
lilsteviethe one on the ppa doesn't do it correctly?12:20
ogra_RoyK, but ask in the bug, i'm not the desktop team ;) probably they have ways12:20
RoyKogra_: btw, I think I've seen similar in oneiric desktop/amd6412:20
ogra_lilstevie, the one in the PPA is ages old, and likely broken in several reagrds (and was for natty)12:20
RoyKogra_: but I'll have to doublecheck that12:20
ogra_RoyK, if you can confirm that, note it on the bug ;)12:21
lilstevieah ok12:21
RoyKogra_: erm - not oneiric, precise12:21
RoyKbut yes, I will12:21
ogra_lilstevie, the latest precise one should work fine if you never installed one of the broken ones12:21
* RoyK runs to check12:21
lilstevieogra_, I will reflash my prime later and try12:21
ogra_lilstevie, the older ones did set the alternatives wrongly12:21
ogra_i also never tried anything else than es2gears and es2_info12:22
lilstevieok, well that would explain the issues I am having (alternatives being wrong)12:22
lilstevieyeah, es2gears and es2_info are still relying on the mesa ones12:22
xranbylilstevie: some projects like jogl and lwjgl   first probes all available libEGL variants installed on the system and  decides to pick the hardware accelerated one if both mesa and a nvidia driver are present12:24
lilsteviexranby, ok cool, just trying to get a true benchmark of the GPU on the tegra312:25
ogra_are the beta drivers supposed to support tegra3 already ?12:25
lilsteviethey do12:26
ogra_ah, cool12:26
xranbylilstevie: the quickest thing you can do are to pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/nvidia-tegra es2gears12:26
xranbyif the program for some reason are hardwired to mesa12:26
ogra_you are using the alpha drivers if you used the PPA though :)12:26
lilstevieI did something nasty in my own install and symlinked libEGL{whatever} to the nvidia ones12:26
lilstevieogra_, actually, not from the pap, just realised the link was from the ac100 wiki12:27
lilsteviewell the entry on the ubuntu wiki12:27
ogra_yeah, that links to the ones with the broken alternative12:27
xranbylilstevie: try glmark2-es212:28
ogra_(the later ones didnt work on oneiric iirc)12:28
lilsteviexranby, I did, with the horrible symlinking hack12:28
lilsteviebut the alternatives being broken in that package explains the issue12:28
lilsteviexranby, score is 189 overall12:29
lilsteviebut I did not handle it as well as I probably should have12:29
lilstevieI just symlinked mesa-egl to nvidia-driver12:29
xranbyhopefully we can get the alternatives correct for the precise release12:30
xranbyso that things work as intended out of the box12:31
lilsteviewell hopefully we get some hf drivers too12:32
xranbylilstevie: at least things are better now compared to say 2009, back then some hardware got shipped without any hardware accelerated drivers at all like the sharp pcz1.12:32
lilstevieit was nice to have almost out the box support for acceleration on the tf20112:33
xranbythe interesting thing about the sharp pcz1 are that this machine can actually boot the imx53 kernels.. so in theory you should be able to get the imx53 system with hardware acceleration running on the pcz1 by booting up a new kernel and using the right xorg libEGL and friends12:36
lilstevieI still wish I could get some acceleration on the galaxy tab 7" the original one12:37
lilsteviecause that has a hummingbird processor, with SGX54012:37
xranbywhich GPU are used on the galaxy tab 7" ?12:37
lilsteviebut that seems rather painful to actually get working12:38
steev_xranby: the pcz1 is mx51 isn't it? should be able to use freescale's gpu stuff for it12:40
xranbyright :)12:40
xranbyits mx51 and got 512mb of ram12:40
xranby+ neon12:40
xranbyon paper it are still capable of running the latest linux distributions12:41
steev_xranby: have they released the kernel sources yet?12:41
xranbyfreescale have not released the sourcecode for the amd gpu driver12:42
xranbysince they do not own it12:42
xranbythe kernel sourcecode exist12:42
xranbythe hardest part are to deal with the bootloader12:42
xranbyyou can boot your own kernel quite easily12:43
xranbyplace it on a sdcard inside a boot folder and place a boot.conf containing    /boot/zImage   and bootflags12:43
xranbyyou can then boot this kernel by holing down the both mousebuttons at statup12:43
xranbyits harder to replace the flashed kernel12:43
xranbyso if someone have a lot of free time12:44
xranby3d on the sharp are possible12:44
xranbyby using the latest freescale board support package12:44
lilsteviesounds like a pain12:45
steev_xranby: oh i work for Genesi, i know all about the freescale fun12:46
steev_ugh, yeah i can reproduce that bug 952909 here on an efika :(12:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952909 in accountsservice "Some users invisible/unusable" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95290912:48
steev_i'm surprised no one on the desktop team has an efika, we gave ~52 out to ubuntu developers, where did they all go?12:49
lilsteviemaybe people are having too much fun with it12:52
steev_that's one of many possible situations12:53
steev_i'd tell the desktop team to check their closets :P12:54
xranbysteev_: hi, are the armhf port fully hardware accelerated now on the efika?12:54
steev_xranby: ubuntu or debian12:55
steev_afaik, the debian image that markos made a few months back is12:55
steev_i've been working on precise for the efika, but it's been a bit slow going12:56
xranbyok. i guess i will have to test that one on my sharp then :)12:56
xranbythe debian image12:56
lilsteviesteev_, the efika looks kinda cool actually12:56
steev_as i'm mostly doing it in my free time and i was sick last week and moved this past weekend.  still trying to unpack and set up my lab12:56
steev_lilstevie: i enjoy them :)12:56
xranbyis there anything the community can help with to get the bardware acceleration bits in place?12:56
steev_xranby: nope, we can't give people access to the gpu source12:57
xranbyok, i keep on working on the software layers that uses libEGL then12:57
steev_xranby: sorry :/12:58
xranbymostly workaround bugs in all the different binary blob drivers12:58
lilsteviesteev_, heh, I have been stuck with tegra hardware, I have the trimslice for a desktop, and a tf101 and a tf201 as laptops12:58
steev_lilstevie: oh nice, i have 2 of the trimslices, one of the dev models, and one of the Pro units12:59
steev_i still need to ship them back so they can fix the pmics (i was an early adopter)12:59
lilstevieyeah I have a pro12:59
lilstevietf201 has been the most fun13:00
steev_i may get around to it next month or so13:00
steev_what's a tf20113:01
lilstevietegra3 is a lot more powerful than the older hardware13:01
steev_lilstevie: i'd hope so :P13:01
lilstevieI mean a lot13:01
lilsteviedoesn't have the tegra2 fail feeling13:01
steev_didn't they gimp the memory on the tegra2?13:02
steev_i've seen the mx6 in action, i'm pretty excited about it13:02
xranbysteev_: do the mx6 support opencl??13:03
steev_xranby: i've not been handson so i'm not sure, iirc there was mention of it in the documentations at FTF13:04
xranbyi got the impression it supports "desktop grade" opengl so that you can basically run unmodified opengl applciations..13:04
xranbyif it runs opencl as well then its the first mobile gadget i know that can run really cool stuff13:06
steev_that was in the documentation as well, without hands on, i can't say13:06
steev_i don't wanna be all, oh yeah, it does and it's awesome13:06
steev_and then be lying13:07
mik2Hello guys,15:53
mik2do you mind a beginner question about beagleboard xmand ubuntu?15:53
mik2does anyone have experience with rcn-ee ubuntu images for beagleboard?15:54
mik2I build an image following this http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Oneiric_11.10 and managed to run it... but I can't find a way to play audio, although from console it doesn't seem there is any error...15:54
mik2did anyone expereinced it?15:55
brendandmik2, do you have some audio device connected (headset etc)?15:55
GrueMastermik2: What does /proc/asound/cards list?  There has been an issue for a while on beagle audio in Ubuntu.15:56
mik2headset yes, or a speaker with amplifier: same 'none' result15:56
mik2let me try15:56
GrueMasterHeadset or speaker is irrelevant.  The kernel is not detecting the onboard audio codec.  I think it is because the driver needs to be built into the kernel (not a module).  See bug 925094 for more info.15:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925094 in linux "No audio on omap (beagleXM) system" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92509415:58
mik2$ cat /proc/asound/cards15:58
mik2 0 [omap3beagle    ]: omap3beagle - omap3beagle15:58
mik2                      omap3beagle15:58
mik2oh my...15:59
mik2thanks for this...15:59
mik2does it mean that there is no way around it than building my own kernel?16:00
GrueMasterOh, you are seeing audio.  In that case, you need to fiddle with the alsamixer controls to boost volume.16:00
mik2ah! that's a better news (ta!) do you mean from GUI presumably?16:01
mik2or actually maybe the same16:01
mik2I'll try that16:01
mik2thanks a lot16:01
GrueMasteralsamixer is a text gui of sorts.16:02
mik2I see (I see it badly from minicom, I'll try ssh into it). thanks for this16:04
mik2Generally, would you better use an official ubuntu image rather than an RCN one?16:04
mik2I am asking this because.... I didn't manage to get an official ubuntu one to load and run, while it went quick and smoothly with ths rcn one16:05
mik2but I don't know if there are downsizes...16:05
GrueMasterYou can also use screen on the serial console.  "screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200" (or whatever your serial port is).16:05
GrueMasterBetter than minicom.16:05
mik2oh! does it use an usb cable? (where did I live until now? :-)16:06
GrueMasterWell, my "preference" is kind of irrelevant.  I work for ubuntu.  I am the Arm QA guy.16:06
GrueMasterI was referring to your serial port on your desktop system.  If you are using usb serial, it is ttyUSB#.  If it is built in, it is ttyS#.16:07
mik2screen (in the same port than minicom) seems to hung in my pc... must be something else. But thanks for the tip, I will investigate this in a second time. I actually can use a HDMI cable, so probably I'll go the easy way16:11
GrueMasterOk.  We have both headless (server) and Desktop images for beagle.  The desktop images do not put much on the serial console by default though.16:13
GrueMasterWhat rev beagle do you have?16:14
mik2xm rev c16:15
GrueMasterCare to test the latest stuff?16:16
mik2you know what - along the side of being incompetent - I may have started on the wrong place for the beagleboard  ubuntu installation16:16
mik2I can't promise results, but I can promise to try16:16
mik2I am not sure what I need but I bet desktop rather than server is more for me16:17
GrueMasterhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/precise-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap.img.gz for desktop, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily-preinstalled/current/precise-preinstalled-server-armhf+omap.img.gz for server.16:18
GrueMasterDesktop is for doing anything with X.  Server is more for headless development work.16:18
GrueMasterAt any rate, we have decent installation instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OmapNetbook.  Just substitute the new image name.16:20
GrueMasterI am really curious how it runs on your system.  I am seeing issues on my beagleXM Rev B, but I have nothing to compare it to.16:21
mik2honestly following these installation instructions on that link, my SD card didn't make it to boot...16:24
mik2although its size is 1 Gb (not 4 as recommended) but I thought that it should be enough for starting16:24
GrueMasterAh, that would explain it.  The images are almost 2G uncompressed.16:25
infinitymik2: You'd think wrong.16:25
mik2well, I tried only the sh cmd: it didn't give any error so I didn't feel it was to be tried with 3 steps16:25
mik2ah! sorry then16:25
mik2I thought that was a minimal... my fault...16:25
GrueMaster4G is the recommended minimum.  The desktop image won't even fit on a 2G card iirc.16:25
infinityIt might, just barely.  Haven't looked in a while.16:26
infinityBut yeah, it hovers around 2G.16:26
mik2listen, for audio capability is Server distro a good choice? I need to run some python scripts that play audio16:26
mik2or is better desktop?16:26
infinitymik2: If all your stuff is command-line, server would be fine.16:26
mik2yes it is, Ok I'll try that! let me steal a card first :-)16:27
mik2and generally I presume that python packages would be equally available in a server and in a desktop... right?16:28
infinityIt's all the same archive.16:28
infinityThe difference between image types is what's installed by default.16:28
mik2ah ok16:30
mik2GrueMaster: it is taking long to decompress so I think I'll let you know tomorrow how it did go with the server on BeagleBoard xm rev C17:07
GrueMasterIt should't take too long.  What size SD are you using?17:08
mik24 gigs now17:15
GrueMasterOk.  That should boot to oem-config in ~10 minutes or less.17:17
GrueMasterDesktop or server image?17:17
mik2it was far more than 10 min (but my pc was doing other stuff). Desktop img17:19
mik2now tells me: resizing root pa17:20
mik2I should not be worried right?17:20
GrueMasterThis is normal.  It should reboot after this.  Then it will come up in X with oem-config.17:20
mik2do you know username and pwd by hart? I can find them if not17:21
GrueMasterThe image resizes root to fill the SD card prior to running in it.17:21
GrueMasterThere are none by default.  oem-config will prompt you to create a user.17:21
mik2cool, thanks17:22
mik2hwclock: select(17:22
mik2does it expect some input?17:22
GrueMasterIt shouldn't.  Are you in an X gui?17:23
mik2let me switch17:23
mik2mmm nothing comes up as gui17:24
mik2oh no!17:25
mik2I didn't follow the instructions "update for BeagleXM rev B & C"17:25
GrueMasterOne sec.  I'm flashing a daily to SD now.17:25
mik2grrr... sorry17:25
GrueMasterNo need.  That is for older releases.17:25
GrueMasterYea, that "update" was because TI released a new spin of hardware the week after Natty release.17:27
GrueMasterI fixed the wiki.  Thanks for pointing that out.17:27
mik2I didn't mean to :-D ahaha17:28
mik2so I guess.. I should try to reboot...17:28
GrueMasterOk, I'm booting here.17:28
mik2it is still hanging on hwclock: select(17:28
GrueMasterDid you change console screens or something?  Try <ctrl><F7>.17:29
mik2nothing comes out on the hdmi cable :-(17:29
GrueMasterWeird.  This is the desktop image, right?  What other video source do you have plugged in?17:30
GrueMasterI'm getting video on hdmi here.17:31
mik2I have my hdmi cable into my pc monitor. It used to work with Angstrom17:32
mik2I'll try to reboot and see if something happens17:32
mik2nothing to lose17:32
GrueMasterYes.  Also, does your monitor support 1280x768?  I think that is the default res for some odd reason.17:34
mik2now hanging on 'fsck from util-l'17:34
mik2yes it does17:34
mik2another reboot: stuck again on17:36
mik2fsck from util-117:36
mik2I may want to try an older image17:37
GrueMasterI'm booting the current desktop image here just fine (except no network or audio).17:37
mik2** Unable to read "preEnv.txt" from mmc 0:1 **17:38
mik2Hit any key to stop autoboot:  017:38
mik2The user button is currently NOT pressed.17:38
mik2SD/MMC found on device 017:38
mik2reading uEnv.txt17:38
mik2** Unable to read "uEnv.txt" from mmc 0:1 **17:38
mik2do these things matter?17:38
GrueMasterThat is normal.17:38
mik2now blocked on hwclock: select(17:38
GrueMasteru-boot looks for preEnv.txt and uEnv.txt before loading boot.scr.17:39
GrueMasterThat I don't understand.17:39
GrueMasterAre you seeing a text screen or something else?17:40
mik2I am still using minicom. I'll post you the output17:41
GrueMasterYou should be seeing a splash screen.17:41
mik2no I don't see anything from HDMI17:41
mik2U-Boot 2011.12 (Feb 16 2012 - 18:25:19)17:41
mik2OMAP3630/3730-GP ES1.2, CPU-OPP2, L3-165MHz, Max CPU Clock 1 Ghz17:41
mik2OMAP3 Beagle board + LPDDR/NAND17:41
mik2I2C:   ready17:41
mik2DRAM:  512 MiB17:41
GrueMasterOh.  You shouldn't see much of anything on minicom.  How did you flash this image to SD?17:41
GrueMasterThe last thing you should see on minicom is "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel."  Nothing else.  If you are seeing something else, you imaged the SD wrong or are using a different image.17:43
mik2I will try tomorrow to use 3 separate commands rather than sh 'zcat....' as instructed in the web sitge17:43
GrueMasterWhat did you use for "of=" ?17:43
mik2so you are using this one right? precise-preinstalled-server-armhf+omap.img.gz17:45
GrueMasterOk.  That should be right.  Might need to blank the SD first.  Try "sudo dd bs=4M count=256 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb"17:45
GrueMasterThat is the server image, not the desktop.17:46
mik2did I say desktop? DAMN I DID! sorrry sorry sorry17:46
GrueMasterAnd it should come up with more on minicom (although I prefer screen).17:46
GrueMasterheh.  NP.17:46
mik2really sorry, I am nackered!17:46
mik2I think server should do as I don't need gui and as it will be able to play audio anyway17:47
mik2blanking sd card now17:47
GrueMasterWhat is the serial port on your desktop system?  The one that you are using in minicom?17:48
GrueMasterOk, so to use screen, typ "screen /dev/ttyS0 115200".  It will look more like a normal terminal window.17:49
GrueMasterOk, I have a working desktop here.  Now switching to server.17:53
mik2Ok thanks. It is still blanking the sd card... and I am sorry but I must leave now... I will be fighitng with this tomorrow morning again17:53
mik2maybe I'll find you in this chat to tell you how did it go?17:54
GrueMasterI'll be here.17:55
mik2really sorry : must leave. Thanks for your great help and patience.17:56
mik2Have a good night!17:56
GrueMasterI think I hit the same issue.  Will let you know how it goes.17:56
mik2cheers, thanks17:56
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