resc_user_2809anyone there?02:02
stlsaintresc_user_2809: yes02:02
ubot2`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:02
resc_user_2809Great. Well, I've got a problem that I can't seem to figure out. I'm running from rescatux, as you can probably tell because I'm have problems with my Wubi install. Everything was going fine last night until I sut my maching down. Then I booted up not to long ago into ubuntu and got dropped into GRUB. I'm faily new to linux so I'm a little perplexed as to how to get ubuntu to boot. I tried rescatux to see if I could restor02:05
resc_user_2809e grub but it gave me an error. I ran the filesystem checks and everything is fine so anyone think they could help me out. Thanks.02:05
stlsaintwhat errors are you getting02:08
resc_user_2809"Grub was not installed. Something went wrong! :("02:09
stlsaintresc_user_2809: have you tried doing a re-install of wubi02:10
resc_user_2809I haven't yet, though I kind of hope there is a way I can get it worked out without a reinstall. I don't want to lose everything on ubuntu. :/02:11
stlsaintone sec02:11
stlsaintresc_user_2809: per the wubi wiki: Never try to correct Wubi boot problems by reinstalling Grub202:12
stlsaintresc_user_2809: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide02:13
stlsaintresc_user_2809: you may have to choose which route you want to take02:13
resc_user_2809alright. I'll take a look at the guide. Maybe I'll be able to find something that will help me boot again. thanks.02:14
stlsainti would look into backing up files and doing the reinstall again02:15
resc_user_2809Yeah. That may be what I end up doing. Alright, I'm gonna see what else I can find out. Thanks again.02:17
CacheMoneyis anyone using dual monitors?02:20
stlsaintCacheMoney: nope sorry02:21
dangertuxCacheMoney: I do at work, what's youre question?02:28
sluckxzcan i have your monitor?02:52
StepNjumpIs MSN safe on ubuntu against hackers?03:04
jalcineStepNjump: No protocol is particularity safer than the other.03:06
jalcineHowever, if security is something you're interesting in, I recommend privacy plug-ins in your instant messaging applications like OTR and Privacy Please.03:07
jalcineOTR is used in Pidgin, Kopete and other clients, I believe (even XChat)03:07
StepNjumpjalcine, its because I read that msn doesnt use encryption but other messengers like AIM do... I know this guy is a hacker but he is requesting me to add him on MSN. I wouldnt want him to break in my computer. If I dont click on links, should I be ok?03:07
dangertuxIt's probably noteworthy to mention that privacy and security are not the same thing...03:08
StepNjumpjalcine mmm OTR! I will look into that. Yes I use kopete03:08
dangertuxStepNjump: It's unlikely that someone would be able to compromise your system directly through a messenging service. Most messenger services got clever a long time ago, and realized there needed to be a "middleman" server that they control between the two people chatting for this very reason. I would however avoid creating a direct connection, and of course I shouldn't need to mention don't download files from the individual.03:09
jalcinedangertux: you're right, shouldn't have made a careless mistake like that.03:09
dangertuxIt's not really careless, it's easy to lump the two together.03:10
dangertuxafk for a bit03:10
StepNjumpdangertux ok you mean like no DCC chat?03:11
dangertuxStepNjump: Exactly.03:11
StepNjumpok sure... thank you for your help guys03:11
dangertuxStepNjump: Endpoint encryption also won't help in this case, since you're communicating with the person, it would be decrypted for them... So third parties would not be as much of a concern. Good luck!03:11
StepNjumpOk I read that if not encrypted, he could read what I write to other people in an article yesterday03:12
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KAUNGKUBHello My name is Kaung.06:21
KAUNGKUBHow to rebuild the Ubuntu OS?06:22
KaungkubHow to start for build Ubuntu OS?06:25
FyodorovnaKaungkub, do you mean install?06:26
benonsoftware!patience | Kaungkub06:26
ubot2`Kaungkub: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:26
webjadmin_Kaungkub: you want to build Ubuntu from scratch?06:27
KaungkubRebuild Ubuntu OS by source code .iso?06:27
KaungkubI'm not sure06:27
webjadmin_There's ISOs begging for you to download them.06:27
FyodorovnaKaungkub, there is a minimal cd for a netload.06:28
KaungkubUmm, I have source code by this ling06:28
KaungkubHow to start build OS by source code?06:29
KaungkubAha, Me too.06:31
KaungkubBut, I don't know06:31
havok_hi everyone. just wondering how to edit startup applications. I noticed the 'startup applications' application..but the app I added doesn't seem to be starting06:31
Kaungkubfor build06:32
KaungkubBut, How to build the source code.06:32
KaungkubHelp me pls.06:33
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_ted__hello all, new potential ubuntu user here with a few questions... :)18:34
_ted__i have tried ubuntu on a usb stick and really like it, it's pretty confusing to start out but I think I can get on with it.... however running it off USB is a little slow so I wanted to try it on a laptop18:36
_ted__i have an old NEC machine kicking around that has a restore partition on it (press Fsomething during startup on the NEC splash screen), will installing ubuntu on the 'normal' HD remove this functionality?18:37
M0hiI do not think so _ted__. However try searching in ubuntu forums too18:46
_ted__thanks m0hi - just trying to register at ubuntu forums, waiting for the verify email :)18:58
M0hiokeis =]18:58
_ted__is there a general rule for partitioned sections of an HD? it's a hidden partition of some sort as i cannot view it in windows explorer18:59
_ted__[followon] if i run ubuntu on the usb stick, will the file manager in there be able to "see" any hidden partitions?19:00
_ted__hmm, i think i might go and scope that out then, i will be back no doubt.... i am the uber noob :)19:06
_ted__thanks :)19:06
ukchrishello all :)19:46
jalcineHello ukchris19:46
catlover2Hello :)19:47
nothingspecialhi catlover219:48
ukchrisI am new to ubuntu (running 11.10 on a USB for now) and am trying to view the full file structure of the machine (essentially my computer on a windows system), what is the best way to do this?19:48
ukchris*context* trying to find a possibly hidden restore partition that may reside on this laptop19:49
nothingspecialukchris, click file system in the left hand pane of the file browser19:49
nothingspecialBut if the partition is not mounted it will not be there19:50
ukchrisok, so essentially it will be able to see the area already prescribed as 'the linux' partition?19:51
ukchrisand not say the main hdd?19:51
nothingspecialIf the other partitions have been mounted automatically they will be under /media when you click file system19:52
ukchrishere it only finds 'cdrom' which i presume is the cdrom drive, under devices (in the left hand panel) i can see HDD but clicking on it gives me a mount error --- 'exit code 21'19:53
ukchrisps please excuse my VERY beginner qs :)19:54
nothingspecialno problem that is the idea of this channel19:55
nothingspecialukchris, press Ctrl-Alt-T, then type19:57
nothingspecialsudo fdisk -l19:57
nothingspecialpaste the out put in the paste bin http://paste.ubuntu.com/ then post the url here19:58
ukchrisdone : http://paste.ubuntu.com/880884/19:59
ukchrispresume sudo fdisk is sort of like dir/p in dos?20:00
nothingspecialno idea ukchris :)20:00
ukchris*shows age* :)20:00
jalcineukchris: a bit.20:00
* nothingspecial shows complete lack of interest in computers until his 30s20:01
ukchrisplease, no 5 1/4 inch floppy jokes :)20:01
nothingspecialok so I assume that /dev/sda1 is your hidden recovery partition20:02
nothingspecialand /dev/sdb2 is your windows installation20:02
ukchrislooks like it nothingspecial, looking at the pastebin, there looks like two 'drives', one stock NTFS and one hidden, this latter is probably the restore partition20:02
nothingspecialso what did you want to do with it?20:03
nothingspecialget inside it?20:03
ukchrisno, leave it intact when i install ubuntu over the windows installation.  the restore partition is a windows install that I may need in the future if i ever need to get this machine back to factory state :)20:04
jalcinenothingspecial: low orbit cannon20:05
nothingspecialok, so do you know how to do that?20:05
ukchrisbeen wanting to try ubuntu as my 'hobby' os on this old laptop for awhile but may need to give it back to work one day20:05
ukchrisnothingspecial > no, hoping the install will allow me to choose a location BUT read some confusing stuff about 'GRUB' amending booting so any manufacturer boot options are no longer accessible.....20:06
nothingspecialI see, well during the install you will be asked how you want to install ubuntu, you choose "something else"20:06
ukchrisproblem is i don;t know what GRUB is? lol :)20:07
nothingspecialgrub is a linux bootloader20:07
ukchrisahh, and is it integral to the OS?20:07
nothingspecialWell it will let you boot whichever OS20:08
nothingspecialwhere as mbr will not ;)20:08
ukchrisright, so if i don't want dual boot i can just install onto the current windows part of the drive and the boot will remain as is... i.e. manufacturer splash then OS?20:09
nothingspecialBut to be honest I have never had a windows recovery partition so I can't tell you with absolute certainty how you deal with it when installing ubuntu20:09
ukchrisi'm guessing you have a custom rig so don't see any manufacturer splash screen on start up?20:09
nothingspecialno no, you see the splas, then grub loads20:10
nothingspecialand let's you choose between OSes20:10
jalcineI run a dual-boot (or tri-boot, if you add the recovery part) of Windows 7 and Ubuntu.20:10
ukchrisahh, that's good then, so theoretically i should be ok20:10
ukchrisjalcine > and the recovery is factory installed?20:11
ukchrisand when you installed ubuntu you just selected the relevent partition and away you went?20:11
jalcineI had to keep the Windows partition for the family, so I just resized the Windows partition and cut out 4 GB for swap (pagefile on Windows)20:11
jalcineukchris: you can do that, too, yes.20:12
ukchrisnice :) made me a happy man, thanks you guys20:12
jalcineThanks Ubiquity :P20:12
jalcineThat's the installation utility for Ubuntu.20:12
nothingspecialgot to go20:13
ukchristake care nothingspecial, cheer man :)20:13
ukchrisi'm currently running from a usb pen and when i start from here i get an option to install to hard drive, is this the best way to install ubuntu over an existing install (after backing up files - easy as it is a clean install anyway)?20:14
jalcineTypically, yes.20:17
jalcineYou can run Ubuntu alongside Windows, though it'd be a tad bit slower.20:18
ubot2`Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe20:18
jalcineVery, very useful if you don't want to touch Windows but want Ubuntu.20:18
ukchrisyeah ithought about that but have a couple of other machine running various iterations of windows (a work laptop and a personal desktop), this is an old POS from  the office that I use to play with new things (but eventually they'll want it back - hence wanting to keep a way of setting it back to stock)20:20
ukchrisi reckon it is too old to really work as a dual boot or 'within' anything20:20
ukchristhe usb pen works OK but I like it and want to dig a little deeper20:21
jalcineOkay, in the installation window, there's typically a window showing the drives available.20:22
jalcineFrom there, you should be able to select the one you want to use for Ubuntu's install.20:22
jalcineThe smaller one is (of course) the recovery partition so you just avoid clicking it.20:23
ukchrishopefully that will show the restore partition as a seperate drive given that the previous command shows the two drives as seperate drives (sda 1 &2)20:23
jalcineit does.20:23
jalcinepartitions are shown separately.20:23
ukchrisexcellent stuff, i can see linux and i getting on just fine :)20:24
jalcine:D Hope to see you back here soon, be it for support or to hang out :)20:24
ukchrisi have no doubt jalcine! :)20:25
ukchrisi will have a load of general questions about applications i have no doubt, and when i learn things it is always good to pass them on :)20:25
jalcineSo true, that's why we here at UBT do our best to reach everyone.20:26
jalcineThe ubuntu wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com is filled with information over the time of user experiences.20:26
jalcineand our little factoid bot helps out too.20:26
ukchrismost people i speak to have nothing but good things to say about mving to a *nux and most point out *buntu as a good place to start but like anything getting from NO knowledge to even a little knowledge is the steepest part of the leanring curve :)20:28
jalcineIt is.20:28
ukchrisi originally bought a ps3 to try linux but that went awry when the kids wanted new games and sony stopped support20:29
ukchristaken awhile to swing a machine that is essentially superfluous :)20:30
jalcineheh I do hope you enjoy your time. I'm looking at lines of backtraces atm.20:31
ukchrisgeneral qs: any recomendations for a 1) newsreader; 2) mediaviewer; 3) basic photo edit (i.e. irfan esque)20:31
ukchrisand is an ti-virus required on a linux only machine?20:32
jalcineAh, well, one question, you're installing Ubuntu or a different version of it (like Kubuntu, Lubuntu)?20:32
ukchrisubuntu 11.10 (latest downloader on the site) - may end up with long term release but want to try bells and whistles first20:33
jalcineAh, well, I'm using Kubuntu, so in terms of recommending applications, it'd be sparse.20:34
jalcineFor media: RhythmBox for music and VLC for video20:34
jalcineNews reader like feeds? I use Akgreator on Kubuntu, but I'm not familiar with a Gnome reader.20:35
ukchrisahh VLC has a version for linux, that is a bonus :)20:35
Unit193jalcine: !gnome20:36
jalcineUnit193: thanks.20:36
ukchrisnews reader like news groups, i work in academia and we are still old schoool enough to post stuff in alt.text :)20:36
ubot2`GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.20:36
jalcineukchris: that's before my age! lol, but I'm not sure about that one.20:36
ukchristhere'll be something out there i have no doubt :)20:37
ukchrisright, i'm off to goo and install and play, see you guys soon and thanks :)20:38
philipballewwhere would i type a start up script to run for a specific user as soon as they log in to a server?20:47
dangertuxphilipballew: Are you talking about as soon as they login to ssh? You could add it to their .bash_profile file or just .profile would work as well.20:53
dangertuxphilipballew: Those files would be found in their home directory (since I didn't specify it)20:53
StepNjumpmy memory is loaded at 90% and my CPU is running around the same. I was wondering.. If I were to put more RAM in my computer, would my CPU start cooling down a bit?20:55
dangertuxStepNjump: Not necessarily, CPU and Memory consumption are not really tied. If you were swapping out to disk a lot I would say that adding RAM would help.20:56
dangertuxStepNjump: By default linux tries to cache as much as it can in memory (it's faster than reading it from the disk) so ideally you want to see your memory being consumed.20:57
philipballewdangertux, its actually a telnet session20:59
dangertuxphilipballew: It should still apply, it's whenever their shell is loaded (by anything including at the console)20:59
philipballewthis is a headless install and i need the user to connect as soon as the loggin. ans then stay logged in dangertux21:00
philipballewwhere in the .profile?21:00
dangertuxphilipballew: .profile should be in their home directory. Neither file is probably created by default (specifically if it's a new user) I would add .bash_profile21:00
philipballewthats right.21:00
philipballewsorry its monday21:01
dangertuxphilipballew: Then just add whatever you want them to run you can just try a quick test put echo "hello word" in .bash_profile and try logging in as that user21:01
dangertuxphilipballew: when their shell executes it should execute that as well.21:01
dangertuxphilipballew: Obviously if you want them to automatically start some program you could just make that a wrapper for the program21:02
philipballewbut if i put telnet user name and password in the file it will autologgin i guess21:02
dangertuxphilipballew: You'd probably have to put something like echo "password"21:02
dangertuxphilipballew: echo "password" | telnet o
dangertuxor something like that21:03
dangertuxphilipballew: That should actually (if telnet can except the input from stdin) autoconnect them without prompting for a password21:04
philipballewdangertux, there is a password21:04
dangertuxphilipballew: if that's what you want (there username would also probably have to be the same on the telnet server)21:04
philipballewthe user name is public I believe21:04
philipballewits for a library for work21:05
dangertuxphilipballew: So...let's say that my password is  tuxxy and my username is public. The user public would have the following in it's .bash_profile echo -e "tuxxxy" | telnet o telnet.server.ip21:05
dangertuxphilipballew: that SHOULD log them in automatically. (you might have to tweak the pipe, and there may be a switch for telnet instead of piping echo)21:06
philipballewdangertux, lets say the servers name is bob would i just do21:07
dangertuxphilipballew: Or is that not what you're wanting to do? I might be misunderstanding.21:07
philipballew echo -e "tuxxxy" | telnet o telnet.bog21:07
philipballewhere is exactly what i want to do:21:07
philipballewhave the computer automaticly login to a telnet session to a local server and then never log out untill i say so21:08
dangertuxphilipballew: okay then the above command you posted should be right (I don't have a telnet server handy to test)21:08
philipballewall after i log in to the user account i made called booksearch21:08
philipballewi do. ill play with it21:08
dangertuxphilipballew: The onyl thing is they could always ctrl+c out of it so you'll need to set the command up in some kind of infinite while loop21:09
philipballewdangertux, that wouldnt be to hard right?21:10
dangertuxno it's jsut a bash while loop that never ends21:10
dangertuxphilipballew: so just set a variable call it var equal to 0 and while var=0 do your command21:10
philipballewand this goes into my .bash or .profile?21:11
dangertuxphilipballew: if your command returns an exit code (like if they control+c) it restarts the loop21:11
dangertuxphilipballew: I would say create .bash_profile21:11
dangertuxphilipballew: or .profile would probably work just fine .bash_profile is the more "linux way" .profile is the "ubuntu" way but they all go to the same place.21:11
philipballewokay. so  echo -e "password" | telnet o serverdomain21:13
philipballewand then make it loop?21:13
dangertuxphilipballew: Yep that should work, like I said you might want to man telnet, there may be a specific switch you can give it to take data from stdin.21:13
philipballewyeah, and dangertux I need to make it never timeout21:14
dangertuxphilipballew:  So long as you don't configure the client to timeout , I believe that it won't time out unless the physical network fails21:17
philipballewits worth a shot. now to just make it loop21:17
dangertuxphilipballew: outside of that I know you can specify notimeout with perl or python scripts, but I think the rest may just be on the server side (I don't happen to have xinetd handy to test)21:17
philipballewmy work wont give me accsess to that21:18
* philipballew shouldnt have said he works for anonymous in the interview21:18
dangertuxWell you can nicely ask the sysop if there is atimeout21:19
dangertuxand they can probaly work with you21:19
philipballewtrue, any timeout would be on the server or client side?21:19
dangertuxphilipballew: It can be specified on both, however by default I believe the client will assume there is to be no timeout unless you specify one21:20
dangertuxphilipballew: The server can also time the connection out, which we've established you don't have control over.21:20
philipballewalright. if it times out ill have to call the admins21:20
philipballewthey dont like me after saying i dont like going to a school that uses windows server 200321:20
dangertuxThat script should get you where you want to be also...21:21
philipballewyea. i just found it21:21
philipballewdangertux, what would I want to add to this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/881007/21:24
dangertuxphilipballew: I mean technically nothing, it's fairly rudimentary and they could quite easily escape that still. But it should be enough deterrent to keep anyone from trying too hard. Unless of course you want to add some additional functionality. Which should be in the program that this telnet session is offering anyway right?21:26
dangertuxphilipballew: You might get rid of the sleep 121:27
dangertuxphilipballew: Would make it slightly harder to escape from the session.21:27
philipballewwould I need to set a variable for while though?21:28
dangertuxNot in this case, if you don't specify a variable or condition it assumes it is true21:28
dangertuxthat's what makes that loop infinite21:28
philipballewand would the done make the script stop?21:28
dangertuxphilipballew: When the condition becomes false21:29
dangertuxphilipballew: Which it never does, because it's an infinite loop21:29
dangertuxphilipballew: the done is spurious it does nothing in this case.21:29
philipballewso my script is good as is to test I think dangertux21:29
dangertuxphilipballew: Yeah give it a shot and see if it works.21:29
philipballewalright. hold your horses21:30
dangertuxphilipballew: if anything the telnet commadn will give you issues I'm afk for a minute brb though21:30
philipballewdangertux, I get the error could not resolve o/my.domain.name: servername not supported for ai_socktype21:39
philipballewill get rid of the o21:42
dangertuxphilipballew: Yea hti might be that... but...21:42
dangertuxyeah it*21:42
dangertuxphilipballew : yep that o is a windows thing lol21:43
philipballewi see that now :)21:45
philipballewits all good21:45
dangertuxso it works then?21:46
philipballewdangertux, I get an error saying:21:57
philipballewConnected to servername.school.edu.21:58
philipballewEscape character is '^]'.21:58
philipballewConnection closed by foreign host.21:58
philipballewdoes that ring anything22:02
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
dangertuxphilipballew: That's not an error that means it connected, but for some reason disconnected afterwards.22:27
philipballewdangertux, what would make that happen? server side?22:32
philipballewbecause just pasting echo -e "password" | telnet servername.domain.edu into my terminal on my laptop produces the same error22:33
dangertuxphilipballew: Does connecting with telnet hostname then logging in properly work correctly?22:36
philipballewyes dangertux22:37
dangertux philipballew: Try telnet -a hostname22:38
dangertuxin the same convention22:38
philipballewno, same error. :)22:39
dangertuxphilipballew: is the username on the local system the same as the remote is expecting?22:39
philipballewthats it!!22:40
philipballewthe user name is not in the scritp22:40
philipballewthe user name is public22:40
dangertuxwell the -a flag pulls the username from the environment22:40
dangertuxso you'd want to add export USER=public to your script (probably outside of the loop)22:41
philipballewthe user name on the desktop is different then the one in the server. let me try to add this22:41
philipballewi can just change the users name to public as well22:42
dangertuxphilipballew: I'm pretty sure that the variable needs to be exported.22:43
dangertuxphilipballew: that just sets the USER variable in that script, telnet is pulling it from your environment.22:43
philipballewthe user name is public i need to connect with. so is my script good then?22:44
dangertuxphilipballew: If you change your script to read export USER=public22:45
dangertuxphilipballew: as opposed to just USER=public22:45
philipballewlets test it22:47
geirhaYou'll have better luck using something like expect to automate a telnet session22:51
philipballewdangertux, and change it to be a then e?22:52
dangertuxYeah that's what I was thinking22:52
geirha#tcl might be able to help out with that22:52
dangertuxhold on a sec philipballew22:52
* philipballew holds!22:52
dangertuxphilipballew: try sometihng like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/881133/22:53
philipballewill try it right now22:54
philipballewdangertux, should i install expect22:55
dangertuxdangertux: If you want that to work lol22:55
dangertuxBut the question is would you be able to install it on the computers at your work?22:55
dangertuxif not then this is a moot point22:55
philipballewthey dont care if i install it on the client desktop no. i cant touch the server though22:56
dangertuxYou don't need it on the server just the client.22:56
philipballewsudo apt-get install expect22:57
philipballewthey dont care what i do, they just hired me bacause i know "linux" and they dont22:59
philipballewbut telnet, never used it till today22:59
philipballewdangertux, the script runs then spits out a few errors. Where can I see these errors23:16
philipballewlogs of what?23:16
dangertuxor syslog maybe23:17
philipballewis it a problem if i have the # still in the script?23:19
dangertuxyeah...take out the comments23:20
dangertuxI'm not sure that expect knows what to do with those23:20
dangertuxTry running it seperately you wil lhave to wrap it to execute it, you can't call it from directly inside your loop either23:20
dangertuxso make that a seperate file then execute it from within your script23:20
philipballewwhen i type the scriot in my terminal is says No command 'spawn' found, did you mean:23:21
philipballew Command 'spawg' from package 'spawg' (universe)23:21
philipballewspawn: command not found23:21
dangertuxit's an expect script not a bash script23:21
dangertuxit needs to be executed in the context of expect23:22
philipballewthats right...23:22
philipballewi might try this one dangertux23:26

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