bkerensaakgraner: Did you know HP Cloud uses Linaro?04:46
bkerensaakgraner: I'm in their private beta and noticed this in one of the instances Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.1-9ubuntu304:47
akgraneryep - if you look we're in a lot of places :-)04:48
akgranerbkerensa, glad you noticed, it's really cool...04:49
dholbachgood morning07:54
nigelbMorning dholbach! Good weekend?08:25
dholbachhi nigelb08:26
nigelbHi ara, dpm :)08:28
arahey all!08:28
dholbachnigelb, how about you?08:28
nigelbdholbach: Not bad. Buried under work though :)08:29
dpmhey nigelb ;)08:43
=== angela-android is now known as nothingspecial
s-foxo/ cjohnston11:30
s-foxHow are you today?11:30
s-foxSounds positive ;)11:31
cjohnstonballoons: ping12:26
* jussi is feeling great! I hope everyone else can take a positive spin into today - cause at least one person in the world is feeling good :)12:32
s-foxjussi my positive meter must have the monday blues ;) lol12:59
jussican anyone give me a very freely licensed (ie. no attribution needed) screenshot of a clean install of unity?13:02
cprofittjussi: you need the default icons on the dash?13:08
jussicprofitt: yes, straight clean if possible13:08
cprofittI do not have access to such right now... I have a few changes on mine13:08
cprofittthat is my current13:10
cprofittjust in case that helps13:11
jussicprofitt: looks actually fine. I can use that freely? (commercially)13:12
jussicprofitt: thanks very much13:12
jcastrogrrr irc13:41
* jussi hugs jcastro13:44
jussijcastro: what I said before :) [14:32:59] -*- jussi is feeling great! I hope everyone else can take a positive spin into today - cause at least one person in the world is feeling good :)13:44
snap-lJust a point of reference: do not play jcastro in risk13:59
snap-lhe will crush you.13:59
jcastrothat's the first time13:59
jcastroI usually get wailed on13:59
snap-lpoor poland, we barely knew ye.13:59
snap-ljcastro: Considering I've never played before, I'm surprised I lasted this long. :)13:59
jcastrothe trick is to concentrate on a continent/color14:00
jcastrolike in the cold war one14:00
jcastroyou get a +3 if you have all of england and scottland14:00
jcastroso you try to move from clump tp clump14:00
jcastrobut like, if you're Germany you might be in trouble14:01
jcastroin the other  game I ended up concentrated in germany, now I am surrounded14:01
mhall119should have invaded Russia14:05
mhall119that always works out well for Germany14:05
snap-lmhall119: Yeah. :)14:07
nigelbmhall119: lol14:07
snap-lWell, I'll know better for next time.14:08
nigelbThis is the board game right?14:08
nigelbalso. I fail today. I got stuck in the office for rush hour.14:08
nigelbAnother 1 hour wait before I can get out of here :(14:08
* dholbach is not available for comment14:14
bkerensaGood Morning14:21
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
jonodholbach, hey, going to be a few mins late15:00
dholbachsure sure15:00
dholbachmhall119, jcastro: another nice comment we got in the dev advisory team: "I have received appreciation from many people like Michael Hall, Jorge Castro and yourself and this is very welcoming and also encouraging! It is a nice feeling when your work gets appreciated and noticed!"15:02
jcastrooh awesome15:02
jcastroit must be my nice clone15:02
jcastrospeaking of awesome15:02
dholbachyeah, encouragement from jcastro is pretty rare15:02
jcastroI had an awesome experience getting a wireless bug fixed15:03
mhall119jcastro: nice clone, lol15:03
jcastroI would  have not been able to do that in the past ^^15:03
mhall119dholbach: was that comment from someone on the dev advistory team, or an external developer?15:04
dholbacha new contributor we talked to15:04
jcastroobviously I paid him off15:05
jonodholbach, ok, one set15:06
jonodholbach, invite sent15:08
mhall119dholbach: nice!15:08
jcastromhall119, are you jujuing on canonistack or just normal instances?15:12
jcastroyes, I used juju as a verb15:12
akgranerjcastro - I think juju can be used as every part of speech :-)15:13
mhall119jcastro: normal for now15:15
jcastrodpm, any word on disqus?15:22
dpmjcastro, ah, I had to come back to you on this one, sorry. I filed an RT ticket to deploy it a while ago, but IS haven't come back to me yet15:23
jonodpm, sorry will be two mins late15:32
dpmjono, no worries, no rush15:33
technovikingjcastro: We should have a chat with the FC and IS to set a firm date for the forums upgrade.15:37
s-foxprobably a good idea15:38
s-foxdpm,  That announcement is now live btw.15:38
technovikingI was think we could launch soonish and call it beta till Ubuntu 12.04 is released15:39
dpms-fox, yeah, I just read your e-mail, thanks a lot for your help :)15:39
s-foxdpm,  No worries.15:41
jcastrotechnoviking, hmm, I thought joeb made it so old threads weren't spidered by the googles?15:41
technovikingshrug thought so to, but think that happened after I left FC/admin15:42
jcastros-fox, can you check into that?15:43
jcastrofor example if you do a logged out search for "ubuntu broadcom" on google the first forum thread is from 200615:43
jonodpm, ok, all set15:43
jcastroI thought we had fixed that15:43
dpmjono, ok!15:43
cjohnstonjono: did you look at the community web themes for your css stuff?15:43
jonodpm, invite sent15:44
jonocjohnston, I already got a pretty rocking submission from Brandon15:44
s-foxjcastro,  I'll see what the score is.15:44
technovikingjcastro: this thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2568315:45
jcastroiirc joeb set it up so anything older than X wouldn't be indexed15:45
jcastroyeah, that one15:45
s-foxjcastro,  I thought it was anything in the archives15:45
jcastros-fox, that'll work too15:45
s-foxThat particular thread is not in the archives15:45
jcastrook so do I flag it instead?15:46
technovikingCould we edit the thread and put in bold on front "This info is out of date!!!"15:47
jcastroor just remove it?15:47
technovikingjcastro: +115:47
jcastrothere's likely a newer thread that can just be reindexed15:47
s-fox-1 deletion. Archive is my preference.15:47
jcastrowhat possible good can that thread do?15:48
s-foxjcastro,  The information contained within that thread is 1 year out of date. It would be a great source of information for a newer thread to be created. Why start from scratch ?15:48
technovikingagree, as long as the thread is visible users will use it and possibly mess up their systems. It does a true dis-service for them15:49
jcastrolooking at the newest page it doesn't appear to have correct information either15:50
s-foxjcastro,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9573692&postcount=58215:51
jcastroI'm just saying that thread is hogging the google juice for more up to date broadcom questions15:51
popeyHow on earth is someone supposed to find comment number five hundred and eighty two?15:53
s-foxI found it without really trying popey15:53
jcastroit isn't about #58215:53
jcastroit's about post #115:53
jcastro"I haven't had a Broadcom card for many months, but I've been told this how-to doesn't work properly under Dapper. Here are a couple of links that have been passed to me - but I can't vouch for their quality."15:54
s-foxjcastro,  The original poster has the opportunity to update the thread with more recent information.15:55
popeys-fox: you're somewhat more experienced at this than most15:55
s-foxYou mean I look at the last comments?15:55
jcastrook so that guy bailed, so let's get rid of it!15:55
bodhi_zazenjcastro: We do not like to delete stuff from the database as it often causes problems, but I do not mind editing the first post15:56
bodhi_zazenIs there a link we should point to for more up to date information ?15:56
jcastrothe link s-fox posted should be fine I guess15:56
popeythat link is still two years old though15:57
* bodhi_zazen looks on the wiki15:57
jcastrolink to the wiki result in the search15:57
bodhi_zazenthis one ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:58
jcastrothere's a 2nd one on the wiki but it's a candidate for deletion15:58
s-foxThe information would be better placed on the wiki, it allows for multiple people to update the information. As it stands only the OP and forum staff can update any post.15:58
s-foxAnd that is a general comment on the tutorials and tips section.15:59
jcastrois deletion a problem with vbulletin 4.x?15:59
s-foxjcastro,  Any thread can be deleted, the issue is people would complain "my post count dropped - WHY?"16:03
jcastrowait, what?16:03
mhall119that hardly seems like a valid reason to leave bad information around16:04
jcastro"sorry, your post had to be sacrificed for a greater good"16:04
jcastroor, if they want it to not be removed ... update it!16:04
bodhi_zazenHow's that jcastro ?16:05
jcastrook better16:05
jcastrobut is removing threads a technical problem or a social one?16:05
technovikingreducing post count should not be a reason to prevent the forums to provide the best information available16:05
bodhi_zazentechnical problem16:06
bodhi_zazenThe database is large, and tends to become unstable if posts are deleted16:06
jcastrook do we know if vbulletin 4.x fixes this?16:06
bodhi_zazenPerhaps the upgrade will fix it16:06
mhall119unstable?  that doesn't sound good16:06
bodhi_zazenYea, we sometimes have to backtrack deleted posts in #canonical-sysadmin16:06
s-foxI have been in contact with canonical information services regarding issues that have occured due to deletion of records.16:07
s-foxIt hasn't been fun16:07
technovikingbodhi_zazen: that is due to the DB maintenance script not being run16:07
bodhi_zazenThe database is several GB and deleting a post causes hiccups16:07
mhall119s-fox: has the cause been identified?16:07
bodhi_zazentechnoviking: do you  know how to fix it ?16:07
s-foxmhall119,  Yes, deleting records does not update all database tables.16:07
technovikingsomething I have found in the upgrade16:08
mhall119s-fox: is that a bug in v-bulletin's delete code?16:08
s-foxmhall119,  I would say bug, yes.16:08
mhall119s-fox: is it filed somewhere? and is there a fix?16:08
technovikingi think, not sure what effect running the script has on forums access, and it does take awhile16:08
s-foxmhall119,  An update to the forum software would be a good starting place.16:09
technovikingbut this they run automatically when going to vB4.16:09
mhall119s-fox: ok, what is the status of upgrading?  Are you in talks with IS about it?16:09
jcastrostaging is upgraded16:09
jcastroso it's almost ready16:09
technovikingI have the theme on it and working on plugins now16:10
jcastronice, the jira bugtracker makes you create a login16:10
mhall119s-fox: bodhi_zazen: if the delete problems can be fixed, is there any objections then to deleting old/invalid threads?16:10
jcastroso you can't just easily browse vbulletin bugs16:10
* mhall119 dislikes jira16:10
bodhi_zazenI have no objections , would like to work with canonical to do a few test cases16:11
mhall119bodhi_zazen: manual or automated?16:11
bodhi_zazenWould want to warn the community, I can see a flood of objections16:11
technovikingI have deleted thing on staging with zero issues16:11
jcastroit's ok I got flamed last time, I'd be happy to get flamed again16:11
technovikingit maybe a squid issue more than vB4.x16:11
s-foxmhall119,  -1 on automation . Just  because a thread is old does not always means that the information isn't accurate16:11
bodhi_zazenI would prefer to use it as an opportunity to ask the community to move to wiki for documentation, wiki is easier for peer review & maintance16:12
mhall119s-fox: I meant automated or manual testing16:12
s-fox+1 bodhi_zazen , wiki16:12
s-foxI would be in favor of closing the tutorial and tips section, asking people to submit to the wiki instead16:12
technovikingI'm just an old county sysadmin, and don't know about this fancy squid stuff:)16:12
bodhi_zazenSo we should probably start closting tips and tutorials -> encourage wiki16:12
bodhi_zazenwarn about old posts16:12
mhall119bodhi_zazen: we're investigating a replacement for the wiki for help.u.c16:12
s-foxdholbach is here \o/16:12
bodhi_zazenI would like to see a better archiving method as well16:12
dholbachs-fox, I was here all the time :)16:12
dholbachI just rebooted to check out the new unity, etc16:13
mhall119bodhi_zazen: it would probably be good if you or s-fox blog about the new direction and justification for it16:13
bodhi_zazenAs a community , we should rival the Arch wiki16:13
s-fox+1 on arch wiki being amazing16:13
jcastroOur wiki sucks, I don't buy that the AW is that good.16:13
bodhi_zazenAnd we sort of need a 6 month archival cycle , in sync with release, but that is IMO16:13
mhall119SUMO, ftw!16:13
jcastroIf my answer to users was "you suck for not being smart" then my wiki would be amazing too16:13
s-foxPerhaps all these changes would be better post upgrade, we're probably going to get a lot of "noise" from the forum community without going around deleting threads.16:17
jcastroand it's probably not a good idea to do it on 3.x anyway16:19
s-foxI think if we go down the delete route, we should be relying on the community to report the threads that need attention.16:20
jcastrowhat other way would we do it?16:25
s-foxHave the staff manually go through every thread in the section, which isn't going to be popular or especially practical16:25
mhall119+1 for community cleanup16:26
s-fox*what if* we copied the most active tutorials (140ish) to the wiki and then got the community to update them? mhall119  & jcastro16:29
jcastrosounds awesome16:30
mhall119+1 from me16:50
jcastromight want to find a bbcode -> moin script though to automate it16:50
jcastroor whatever format wiki+1 will use.16:50
s-foxWhen is the wiki being updated?16:51
s-foxOh I use mediawiki at work16:52
mhall119s-fox: we're evaluation mozilla's sumo app, no ETA on implementing it though16:52
mhall119for now let's just focus on the wiki we have16:52
technovikingok testing forums is pretty much set, theme looks great16:53
s-foxAre we still waiting for new hardware? What are you trying to source?16:53
jcastroit's in the RT ticket16:56
jcastrohe just posted an update16:56
s-foxWhat is the ticket number?16:56
ejatmhall119: y u dislike jira ?16:57
s-foxThank you16:57
mhall119ejat: it's been years since I used it, but I remember it being a pain16:57
ejatnot user friendly ?16:58
mhall119yeah, not intuitive, etc16:58
ejatalso use it to monitor my dev team16:58
mhall119all I remember was thinking that I was spending more time in jira than I should have16:59
ejatouch ..16:59
* ejat wondering if there is similar to TFS & MS Project on OSS16:59
ejathow about project-open ?17:00
jonomhall119, will be two secs and then will send an invite17:01
ejatmhall119: so whats is your recommendation other than jira ?17:01
dholbachalright my friends - I need to rush out to buy and organise a few things, so see you tomorrow17:02
dholbachbig hugs17:02
ejatsee ya dholbach17:02
dholbachbye ejat :)17:03
mhall119ejat: I don't have one, not constructive I know17:07
mhall119I like Launchpad, but that's not as easy for other organizations to seteup17:08
mhall119other places I've used in-house built PHP progs that worked well17:08
ejatowh ..17:08
ejatokie ..17:08
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
ejathopefully soon launchpad can have all the features need to run a project17:09
ejatand project monitoring .. or someone will do the API to charts with launchpad :)17:10
bodhi_zazenjcastro: and others - I started a discussion with the staff on how to best manage outdated information on the forums. Clearly we need to promote wiki and community effort, but, we also need to communicate with staff and the community in general to get the porcess started17:35
balloonss-fox, I saw your animated gif logo.. nice :-)17:46
s-fox balloons thanks, though it has some flaws for the slide. I redid the slide using jquery image gallary with fade effect. I have it all in the slide framework ready to go but no idea how to get it to the maintainers :/17:48
s-foxballoons,  I have done a few now, did you see the one i posted on sunday ?17:49
balloonsyou posted to a thread I must have been subscribed to on the forums just a few mins ago17:50
s-foxSplendid =)17:50
s-foxIt'd be great to get this in for the coming release, it is such a trivial change17:51
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s-foxGoodbye, time to eat :D18:08
balloonsbodhi_zazen, I remember efforts such as http://ubuntu-manual.org/ and http://ubuntuguide.org/.18:15
balloonsAs far as the forum, archiving discussions is a nice approach.. some areas of the forum work rather nicely with this. For example, the development release forum is archived each time there is a new release, and all discussions are point in time and specific to that release. Perhaps you could find a way to archive many more forum categories with each change in release18:17
* balloons finally has all of unity 5.6 in his main precise archive.. upgrade here we come18:19
* jcastro is just upgrading now18:19
cjohnstonballoons: I'm hurt18:19
balloonscjohnston, I'm sorry!?18:19
cjohnstonI pinged you :-(18:20
cjohnstonand never heard back18:20
cjohnstonballoons: http://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-q/+attend18:20
* balloons ohh boy, losing pings18:20
balloonscjohnston, I clickity clicked your link.. I hope I didn't get myself into trouble18:21
cjohnstonI can't mark you as a lead unless you are attending18:21
* balloons chuckles18:22
jonoballoons, sorry, going to need to reschedule our call for a few hours time18:29
balloonscjohnston, does that mean I get my name in lights?18:29
cjohnstonmeans you have more work to do18:29
balloonsjono, no worries.. I'm rocking out on doing YAWP (yet another wiki page)18:30
jonobrb call18:30
=== dvestal|away is now known as dvestal
balloonscprofitt, :-) time to ping you again for some wiki knowledge. In mediawiki, I could create little attention boxes to warn people for things, like deprecated pages etc. Two-fold question. Is there a similar thing in moinmoinwiki? How do I put a page on the wiki that is in progress -- ideally having a big WIP banner on the top or ?18:35
cprofittballoons: go ahread...18:36
cprofitthmm... yes18:36
cprofittat least if I understand your question18:37
balloonsohh! yes, tags!18:38
balloonshmm.. the only issue is that if I tag my own page I'm working on, it's going to show up on a list for cleanup right?18:39
balloonsI would probably use this: <<Include(Tag/NeedsExpansion)>>18:39
bodhi_zazenI would like to archive inactive threads every 6 months (so no activity in last 6-12 months archive)18:47
cprofittif you use the content cleanup -- yes18:48
cprofittbut I think you could just put a 'do not modify note right below it'18:48
mhall119balloons: you at least get a shirt out of being a track lead18:49
balloonsthanks cprofitt18:49
cprofittballoons: np18:50
balloonsmhall119, ohh.. nice18:50
cprofittspecial shiny shirt!!18:50
balloonst-shirt's make every better18:50
balloons*everything better18:50
mhall119balloons: a limited-edition shirt too18:50
* balloons is jealous of future balloons's t-shirt18:51
mhall119worn by *the* QA track lead at an actual UDS event18:51
cprofittebay will have precious few of those :-)18:52
mhall119it'll be worth a fortune!18:53
jcastrothe track shirts are awesome18:53
jcastrorobbie gave me some of his18:53
jcastrothe bright orange pangolin one is so nice18:53
cprofittI got shirts last UDS from Robbie -- the Skynet ones18:53
balloonscprofitt, ebay can have my t-shirt when it pries it off my dead body :-) lol18:53
cprofittMy son, daughter and I all had them -- we worse them all at once and quite a few questions.18:54
cprofittballoons: lol18:54
mhall119balloons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37955218@N08/6327838110/18:55
cprofittmhall119: show him the other one... the one with Green18:56
mhall119cprofitt: that's all I found on flickr18:56
mhall119I don't know what green one you're referring to18:56
balloonsmhall119, I saw the pic and I thought the mic was a stogey..18:56
balloonsI think it's more epic that way.. stogey, off lighting... leaned back.. gangsta posing18:57
mhall119that'd be one big cigar18:57
balloonscool shirt tho18:57
cprofittballoons: Robbie - http://tinyurl.com/6v3b9mx19:01
jcastrohey balloons19:28
balloonsohh hey jcastro i missed your message in the join/parts :-)19:47
mhall119balloons: you should set it to ignore join/parts19:48
* balloons likes the join/parts :-)19:49
jcastroI thought I found something cool with the launcher in twinview but I was wrong19:49
balloonsbut I suppose that makes sense if I keep missig convo's19:49
balloonsgotcha, yea19:49
balloonswell, i need to talk to the unity guys again about that.. it's on the list19:49
jonoballoons, all set to chat?20:00
balloonssure sure20:00
jcastroI just get happy saying balloons20:00
jcastroI envision happy bunnies running around and stuff20:01
jcastroand candy20:01
jonoballoons, sent20:01
balloonspink bunnies.. jcastro, maybe some lime green too20:02
balloonsjono.. ohh.. it may be ubuntu one crushing my upload bandwidth again20:05
balloonslemme look20:05
jonoballoons, aha!20:06
jonoballoons, invite sent20:06
balloonsyea.. something is amiss20:07
balloonsfully sapped on upload speed20:07
balloonsdoes u1 respect your upload speed settings20:07
balloonsit ignores mine :-(20:07
jcastro<-- EOD in 520:57
jcastrolast call for alcohol!20:58
bkerensaballoons: I cannot get U1 to upload fast enough20:58
jussijcastro: so finish your whickey and beer20:59
jussi( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TubHXvBDt0w )21:00
jussi(although the semisonic version was better)21:01
jcastroor you could say no version was better21:02
jussijcastro: people are allowed to like music that doesnt work for you ;)21:03
jcastrowhen this song came out I told all my friends "get used to this, we're going to hear this song at every bar for the next decade."21:03
jcastrook EOD for real, cya all tomorrow21:04
balloonsbkerensa, that's funny.. hehe21:25
balloonspeace jcastro21:26
bkerensamhall119: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat23:27

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