thumperchrisccoulson: broke in what way?02:50
pittiGood morning05:58
BigWhaleOffice time!06:01
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desrtpitti, hello06:18
pittihey desrt, good morning; enjoyed the weekend?06:18
desrtya.  took a break from 'real work' and got some nagging side-projects done06:18
desrtwhat's your plan for the week?06:22
pittibug fixing mostly06:27
pittinot sure how urgent that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR thing is, I might have a look at this as welll06:28
pittiit's not that hard06:28
didrocksgood morning07:02
pittibonjour didrocks07:03
didrocksguten morgen pitti. How was your week-end?07:03
pittididrocks: quite nice! I played some badminton with a friend, and finally got to unpack our last cradle from moving07:04
pittiwe got a glass cabinet for my wife's mineral collection07:04
didrockspitti: oh nice! and congrats to finish unpacking, that's always an achievement :)07:05
pittiand it was still less than a year :)07:06
desrtpitti, i've decided that i am definitely punting the dconf changes07:06
desrtso no (new) need for the runtime dir07:06
didrocksright ;)07:07
pittidoctor appointment, bbl07:17
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xclaessehello, would it be possible to add libgjs-dev build-dep on libpeas-1.0-0 please? :)09:13
xclaesseto be able to load JS plugins09:13
pittibonjour seb12809:13
seb128hey pitti, how are you?09:14
pittiseb128: quite fine, thanks! we had quite a nice weekend09:14
pittiseb128: how are you?09:14
seb128xclaesse, that would require promote and support gjs which is in universe09:14
seb128pitti, I'm good, had a relaxing w.e (for a change ;-)09:14
xclaesseseb128, hmmm and that's not going to happen I guess? :/09:15
seb128but it's easy enough to have a libpeas build with gjs in a ppa I guess09:16
chrisccoulsonthumper, broken in that alt+tab no longer shows a switcher. it just results in the focused application seeing a tab keypress09:46
chrisccoulsongood morning desktop team :)09:46
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?09:56
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. although, i'd be better if i could get alt+tab working again :)09:57
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:57
seb128I'm good thanks09:57
seb128what's wrong with alt-tab? what unity version do you use?09:57
chrisccoulsonseb128, the one from the PPA09:57
seb128the "ppa" ppa or the "staging" one?09:57
chrisccoulsonthe switcher stopped appearing. i noticed it at the weekend after updating09:57
chrisccoulsonseb128, this one: https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/ppa09:58
chrisccoulsoni also can't use unity 2d, as it won't start because of missing symbols in libunity-private09:59
seb128no upload in that one for 3 days09:59
seb128works for me (alt-tab)09:59
chrisccoulsonif you disable the shortcut key for the hud, then it stops working10:00
chrisccoulsonand i disable the hud shortcut10:01
seb128your fault :p10:01
seb128we should drop ccsm10:01
seb128see even you fall into its traps :p10:01
chrisccoulsonit sucks that i need to enable the shortcut for the HUD so that the alt+tab switcher continues to work10:06
chrisccoulsonif i was a conspiracy theorist.......10:06
kklimondathat doesn't sound right ;)10:08
xclaesseso gnome-shell 3.4 is not going into ubuntu precise?10:10
xclaesseit should at least cherry-pick commit f248aa69dc3db7b2fb4fb997f82cb210bcc8c368 into 3.2 branch, now that we have empathy-call10:11
xclaesseotherwise gnome-shell won't notify for incoming calls10:11
xclaesseand probably gnome-desktop-environement should depend on empathy-call too10:11
didrocksxclaesse: I already pinged jbicha about the needed cherry-pick btw10:14
xclaessedidrocks, good, thanks :)10:15
xclaessedidrocks, is there a reason for having most of gnome 3.3 but not gnome-shell, btw ?10:15
xclaessejust lack of time from universe people?10:15
didrocksxclaesse: not sure if it's lack of time or something not matching like clutter, jbicha is handling it, he's in the US time hanging out here, you should try pinging him10:16
seb128not sure we will not get it10:17
seb128issues were: requires keybinding in gsettings which we didn't do and now require the new gcr,keyring that we didn't update10:17
seb128oh, also require new clutter,cogl10:17
seb128they plan to get that in the day cogl will stop changing soname10:17
xclaesseseb128, great if that can be done in time for the freezes :D10:19
seb128let's see10:19
seb128not sure what the clutter guys are playing at, still changing cogl sonames weeks after freezes10:19
seb128it's like GNOME wants to make sure nobody can easily ship the new stack or shell ;-)10:19
pittididrocks: wohoo, release galore starting for real now?10:20
didrockspitti: right ;-)10:21
xclaesseseb128, RH wants to keep exclusivity on fedora maybe... not sure that's a good plan for them... :p10:23
pittirickspencer3: that means we should revert the Chinese specific startup homepage in ubuntu-defaults-zh, right?10:40
rickspencer3pitti, I don't think so10:40
rickspencer3sorry, it's vague, I think China is a special case10:40
rickspencer3in general, I think we don't want people creating ugly, hard to use home pages10:41
rickspencer3I the French team's is nice, though10:42
pittirickspencer3: I mean if I fix bug 881371, we couldn't build the defaults-zh package any more10:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 881371 in ubuntu-defaults-builder "Limit customizations for mere Ubuntu localization packages" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88137110:42
pittiunlesss I add a force flag somewhere10:42
rickspencer3pitti, well, may I suggest that we don't change anything then?10:42
rickspencer3and deal with the situation of a bad homepage if it occurs?10:43
rickspencer3I doubt anyone using this will would be hard to work with on this point10:43
pittirickspencer3: ack; I'll change bug 881371 then to allow changing the homepage10:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 881371 in ubuntu-defaults-builder "Limit customizations for mere Ubuntu localization packages" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88137110:43
rickspencer3thanks pitti10:43
rickspencer3sorry to be a nuisance ;)10:43
pittirickspencer3: i. e. like in comment 1, but your last comment sounded like "no change allowed"10:44
pittirickspencer3: you aren't, to the contrary -- I need some guidance there10:44
ogra_ugh !10:48
* ogra_ was just pointed to a pretty serious bug with user mgmt ...10:48
ogra_if i create a new admin user on a fresh install (didnt try non admin yet), that user isnt visible in the user admin gui10:49
ogra_i am also not asked for a password for that user10:49
ogra_once i reboot only  that new passwordless user and the guest session are visible in lightdm10:49
ogra_so i cant log in anymore10:49
ogra_is that already known ?10:50
pittiogra_: not on my RC bug radar, anyway; but I haven't searched bugs yet, seb usually has a better overview about existing bugs10:51
pittiif not, please feel free to report, I'll have a look later on10:51
ogra_yeah, thats why i asked here (in the hope seb would accidentially see my issue ;) )10:52
rickspencer3didrocks, is it still easy to disable the global menu via un uninstall?10:53
didrocksrickspencer3: yeah, but you loose the hud as well if you do it10:54
didrocksand I had some request to put it as depends instead of recommends10:54
didrocksas people on upgrade removed it on lucid and forgot about it, then upgrade and "I have no menu"10:54
didrocks(no global menu)10:54
rickspencer3didrocks, is there no way to uninstall global menu, and then install back the hud?10:55
didrocksrickspencer3: the hud is using the appmenu service10:55
didrocksso if you don't have the application exporting its menu, no hud10:55
seb128ogra_, what?11:00
ogra_seb128, what what ? :)11:01
seb128ogra_, what did you do and how?11:01
seb128ogra_, the user admin account is not supposed to ask for a password11:01
seb128it just adds an "inactive" user11:01
ogra_i take a fresh B1 install, add a new admin user and am not asked for a PW11:01
ogra_the UI refreshes and no users at all are in the list11:01
seb128you should be able to select it on the left pane and then set a password on the right11:01
ogra_if i restart the UI, only my original user is shown11:01
ogra_then i reboot ...11:02
ogra_lightdm only shows the newly created user (the one without PW) and the guest session11:02
seb128ok, I can't confirm that11:02
seb128if I add an user in user account it's listed on the left pane list11:02
ogra_hmm, confirmed on two different arm installs by two users already11:03
seb128and the right pane says "Unactivated account"11:03
seb128ok, arm issue I guess then11:03
seb128good luck debugging it ;-)11:03
ogra_not my job :P11:03
seb128I've no access to any arm device11:03
seb128so nothing I can do either11:03
* ogra_ will try to debug it, but you guys seriously need arm devices in the team11:04
pittithat's really strange, there's nothing arm specific in that chain11:04
pittiperhaps something in how the arm preinstalls are built11:04
seb128ogra_, check if accounts-daemon is running11:04
pittior another sudo vs. admin group confusion11:04
seb128pitti, I doubt admin,sudo have anything to do with that11:05
seb128the account dialog basically use accountsservice which basically call useradd11:05
ogra_should admin-daemon run all the time (i have no possible gui login anymore)11:05
pittiogra_: can you add non-admin users?11:06
seb128ogra_, it's a dbus service so probably not11:06
ogra_i need to reninstall first :)11:06
ogra_and i dont see admin-daemon from the tty11:06
ogra_ah, yep, it is11:07
seb128ogra_, check your system logs?11:07
didrocksagateau: can I hand bug #915801 over to you?11:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 915801 in sni-qt "sni-qt seems to no longer let skype show up as an indicator in precise" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91580111:07
seb128ogra_, is your old username, passwd still working on a vt?11:07
seb128ogra_, there is no reason accountsservice should delete any account, it just calls adduser11:08
ogra_just removed the new one from passwd/group/shadow, now i only have guest in lightdm11:08
seb128ogra_, what about vt?11:08
ogra_oh, and i seem to have an account called "Light Display Manager"11:09
ogra_what about it ? ogra still works there11:09
seb128ogra_, is the arm install UID range different from the other archs?11:09
ogra_and my test user "foobar" wouldnt, since it has no pw11:09
seb128ogra_, ok, so why do you need to reinstall exactly?11:09
ogra_foobar has 100111:09
ogra_to get a gui login again11:09
seb128well you can log into a vt and startx I guess11:10
ogra_removing the new user manually doesnt get me a gui user back11:10
seb128but that suggest your accountsservice is unhappy11:10
ogra_how do i restart it ?11:10
seb128that's what the user account dialog and lightdm use11:10
czajkowskicjwatson: can you give me a shout when you're about please?11:10
seb128ogra_, do you have anything in /var/log/auth.log or any other log?11:11
didrocksfunny, I don't see dee in -changes, but it's published in the packaging page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dee11:11
ogra_seb128, hmm, some dbus rejects11:12
seb128ogra_, that's likely the issue11:12
seb128can you pastebin them?11:12
ogra_hmm, no, they are indicator-datetime related11:12
seb128try to grep -i account /var/log/*11:13
ogra_only a line about successfully creating the new user in auth-log and a few startup messages from the account service in syslog11:14
seb128ogra_, are you under X?11:15
ogra_nope, as i said, i cant log in there11:16
ogra_hah !11:16
seb128ogra_, why can't you log into a vt and startx?11:16
ogra_erstarting dbus and lightdm gets me back ogra in lightdm11:16
ogra_so it seems accountservice somehow doesnt update11:16
ogra_seb128, i could :) but why would i to read logs11:17
seb128ogra_, things work as they should here11:17
ogra_anyway, i'm back to virgin state now and should be able to repeat while wtaching any logs you want11:17
seb128if I add an "ubuntu" admin account in the user account panel it's listed in the session indicator (change user) menu and in the left side of the account dialog11:18
seb128ogra_, maybe kill the accounts-daemon and run it with sudo manually to see if there is any debug output?11:18
ogra_adding the admin user here gets me a completely empty list on the left11:19
ogra_"my accounts" "other accounts" captions are listed, thats all11:19
seb128seems like the service is going down11:20
seb128like you hit a bug in accountsservice11:20
seb128did you run the daemon manually? no output?11:20
seb128sudo /usr/lib/accountsservice/accounts-daemon --replace --debug11:20
ogra_not yet11:20
ogra_was just checking, it didnt go down, still running11:21
* ogra_ kills it11:21
ogra_"duplicate object at /ogr/freedesktop.... etc"11:22
ogra_thelist got updated and shows only the new user now11:22
ogra_under "other accounts"11:23
ogra_(or however its called in english, using a german install atm)11:23
cjwatsonczajkowski: hi11:25
ogra_sigh, now my battery went dead on my test machine11:26
czajkowskicjwatson: do you have time for a quick pm, am cleaning out some of the lp feedback queue11:26
seb128ogra_, well, please do a fresh boot, run that --replace --debug command, add an admin user and pastebin the log11:27
ogra_seb128, k, will do11:27
seb128ogra_, but it seems like to be that the accountsservice daemon gets in a weird state11:28
seb128it definitively doesn't happen on i38611:28
seb128the users just got added fine and is listed in the indicator, lightdm, etc there11:28
seb128tried several times11:28
ogra_sure, might well be arm specific11:30
seb128ogra_, well, likely a bug in that stack which doesn't show up on i386,amd6411:31
seb128but it wouldn't be the first time that "buggy code" happens to work on some archs :p11:31
seb128like trying to cast an int into a pointer11:31
ogra_hmm, replacing the accountservice doesnt get me any output now, should i do it from tty ?11:32
ogra_oh, and the account indicator  lists ogra twice now11:33
ogra_heh, it adds one with every replace i run11:33
ogra_seb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/88020511:38
ogra_(sorry, german )11:39
ogra_i'm looking at an empty left pane now11:39
ogra_in the user admin tool11:39
seb128ogra_, what command did you run?11:40
ogra_no command at all, only used the gui tool11:40
seb128ogra_, to get that output11:40
seb128the pastebin11:40
ogra_the one you gave me above, but i need to replace the service and restart lightdem from tty to get it11:41
ogra_if i do it in the running session i dont get any output at all and the ogra user gets added to the list for each replace i run11:41
seb128ogra_, can you try to kill the running one and then start a new one using --debug then add an user?11:41
ogra_well, its running with --debug already11:42
seb128ok, it's out of "easy debugging"11:42
ogra_and if i restart it it wont give me any output anymore11:42
seb128I would be curious to know if somebody out of armel got the issue11:42
seb128like maybe we can get pitti or somebody to try on amd6411:42
ogra_i'm curious why it thinks there is a duplicate account11:43
ogra_i checked passwd/group/shadow, there definitely isnt11:43
ogra_seb128, bug 952909 btw11:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952909 in ubuntu "Some users invisible/unusable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95290911:44
ogra_was just filed by the user that reported it first to me11:44
tkamppeterpitti, hi11:53
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davmor2pitti: sorry for the delay bug #952933 contains all the info you requested for the sanza fuze not connecting as a media-player12:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952933 in media-player-info "sansa fuse not showing up as a media-player in precise ie not triggering open in Rhythmbox dialog" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95293312:10
jbichagood morning12:19
tkamppeterpitti, I have a problem with a user who tried to install CUPS from source and now he cannot install Ubuntu packages any more as they block on System V. Can you help him on #openprinting? Thanks.12:23
ogra_seb128, RoyK (original reporter of the bug) just said he thinks he saw it on amd64 too, i asked him to re-test and confirm on the bug ...12:31
seb128jbicha, hey, how are you?12:31
seb128ogra_, ok12:32
ogra_seb128, and jasoncwarner_ should seriously get you guys some arm devices, there will likely be more such bugs in the future ...12:33
jbichaseb128: doing good, how about you?12:33
seb128jbicha, I'm good thanks ;-) week shapes to be crazy for a change :p12:33
seb128ogra_, right12:33
xclaessejbicha, hey morning12:34
pittitkamppeter: sorry, was at lunch12:35
xclaessejbicha, in the case gnome-shell 3.3 is not going to precise, could you cherry-pick f248aa69dc3db7b2fb4fb997f82cb210bcc8c368 please? otherwise it won't notify about incoming calls anymore12:35
pittitkamppeter: it probably helps to remove all /etc/init.d/cups* ?12:35
xclaessejbicha, also gnome-desktop-environment should depend on empathy-call IMO12:35
jbichapitti: are you busy?12:36
vuntzW/ 112:37
seb128hey vuntz12:37
pittijbicha: always :)12:38
jbichapitti: :) & it's a Monday12:38
tkamppeterpitti, I asked him already for doing so.12:45
tkamppeterpitti, can you join #openprinting on FreeNode to directly communicate with the user?12:45
jbichaxclaesse: I still have my fingers crossed for gnome-shell 3.412:51
jbichait amazes me how many Ubuntu users use meta-gnome3, I was thinking about having gnome-contacts recommend empathy-call, which might fix your problem?12:52
xclaessejbicha, dunno where is the best to put the dep12:53
xclaessejbicha, I let you decide that ;)12:54
xclaessejust that if I'm using gnome-shell env, I probably want empathy-call by default12:54
jbichaxclaesse: well let us know if any app needs empathy-call, does gnome-shell use it?12:54
xclaessejbicha, the thing is we have 2 different dbus APIs for making calls in telepathy, empathy-av is using the old one, and empathy-call the new one. The only reason we kept empathy-av is because empathy-call depends on clutter and ubuntu didn't want that12:56
xclaessejbicha, also, with gnome-shell 3.2 it will only notify about incoming calls using the old dbus interface, but if I install empathy-call then only new iface is used and gnome-shell 3.2 won't see them. That's why we need to cherry-pick the above commit to make gnome-shell only notify about new iface12:58
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xclaessebut then, we need empathy-call to be installed to be sure it won't use the old iface12:58
xclaesse(not sure I'm clear here :/)12:58
jbichaso gnome-shell should recommend empathy-call too?12:59
jbichaby the way, the call button in my gnome-contacts is greyed out, do you know what I'd be missing?12:59
Sweetsharkwohoo! /me dist-upgraded to precise on his dev host machine and it seems to have worked without any trouble!13:01
xclaessejbicha, do you have empathy-call installed?13:02
xclaessejbicha, gnome-contacts supports only the new iface13:03
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pittiSweetshark: "Failure is not an option"13:04
jbichaxclaesse: yes13:04
xclaessejbicha, I have call button working here ... hm13:05
xclaessejbicha, restart your session after having installed empathy-call maybe13:05
Sweetsharkpitti: oh, we are going to the moon with precise?13:05
cyphermoxseb128: hey13:06
seb128cyphermox, hey, how are you?13:06
cyphermoxgood, good, you?13:07
seb128cyphermox, I'm good thanks ;-)13:07
cyphermoxseb128: for obex; was there something expected to be fixed in the new release, like browsing or something? because that seems to depend on changes in bluez too, I noticed at least some changes that expect this L2ETRM protocol which makes it in in bluez 4.9913:08
cr3hi folks, against what project should I report a bug about xterm not showing in alt-tab? ubuntu-bug unity?13:08
xclaessejbicha, ah, actually I have gnome-contact 3.3.90 here that still use old iface13:08
xclaessejbicha, with 3.3.91 it should use the new one13:08
seb128cyphermox, no, I just wanted somebody to look at the new bluez and obex so we don't miss bug fix versions in the lts13:08
seb128cyphermox, their site describe the bluez update as "This release fixes a few minor bugs in various places. In addition it uses the version 1.0 of the management interface now."13:09
seb128cyphermox, the "fixes a few minor bugs in various places" seems like a good deal ;-)13:09
cyphermoxseb128: so for bluez the managment interface 1.0 seemed like big changes when I look at the commits :)13:09
cyphermoxbut I agree, and I found 4 commits we could cherry-pick13:10
cyphermoxnow, obexd was less clear, it doesn't specify a dependency though so I guess I could try it13:10
seb128cyphermox, they added a note saying it required bluez 4.99 to build13:12
seb128cyphermox, it was the "fixes a few bugs with abort and application parameter handling" which make me want to update13:12
cyphermoxperhaps I'll just update it all locally and give it a shot13:12
seb128cyphermox, but as said, I rather wanted to make sure we don't overlook good bug fixes releases13:12
seb128cyphermox, I'm fine backporting patches if that's better ;-)13:13
seb128cyphermox, thanks for looking into it13:13
cyphermoxseb128: I'm just not quite comfortable enough with bluez yet to say "yeah let's update to this new mgmt interface" because I don't follow its development quite as much as I follow the NetworkManager development13:14
cyphermoxso I'll just merge with debian for bluez, and update obexd locally, see how stable it looks and whether the usual stuff works13:14
seb128cyphermox, ok, it's a double edge sword thing, I feel like using a "1.0" is a lts might be better than using an 0.something13:14
cyphermoxthat too13:15
seb128but I don't know enough about what is the "management interface" and what the change implies13:15
seb128it just feel like we would be better off on a stable interface for the 5 years lts13:15
seb128it might make further updates easier as well13:15
cyphermoxseb128: yes, good point.13:21
seb128cyphermox, since you are there, other bluetooth question for you, one bug that comes often is "bluetooth status should be preserved accross reboots"13:23
seb128cyphermox, do you know what component would be right for that? bluez? do you know if that's an hard problem to solve?13:23
cyphermoxyesh, I thought that was well working now with stgraber's rfkill-store/rfkill-restore upstart jobs13:23
cyphermoxbut maybe it's not quite working as well as we thought13:24
seb128oh, maybe it's fixed13:24
seb128cyphermox, I just ressigned another bug about that which didn't have infos about the distro version or anything13:25
cyphermoxdo you know the bug number?13:25
seb128bug #952036 for this one13:25
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952036 in bluez "Bluetooth starts automatically on start-up. No option in Settings to disable upon start-up and Bluetooth not listed in Start-up applications." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95203613:25
seb128but bug #92237513:25
ubot2`Launchpad bug 922375 in gnome-bluetooth "Bluetooth indicator will not stay turned off after reboot" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92237513:25
cyphermoxhopefully it's fixed already, but it's going to need checking, that upstart job was added just after coming back from the sprint IIRC13:25
seb128it's something coming often13:26
seb128in fact the other one is an indicator issue, ignore that13:26
cyphermoxyeah, and since that was confirmed again by jason at the start of the month, still an issue13:26
seb128cyphermox, ok, found back the "master" bug13:28
seb128bug #44665713:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 446657 in bluez "Bluetooth's on/off status doesn't update from the SetProperty D-Bus method that bluetoothd sends" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44665713:28
xclaesseoh, broken pkg since migration to newer empathy:  gnome-core-devel : Depends: libtelepathy-farsight-dev (>= 0.0.19) but it is not going to be installed13:29
seb128cyphermox, I will try to turn bluetooth off before restarting next time I restart to see how it goes ;-)13:29
cyphermoxme too13:29
xclaessedep should be changed to farstream13:29
cyphermoxI think that also might get fixed by 4.99; or at least there are changes which might help13:29
pittixclaesse: feel free to add a task to bug 95213613:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952136 in papyon "libfarstream-0.1-0 not installable due to conflict with libgstfarsight0.10-0" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95213613:30
xclaessepitti, ok13:31
stgrabercyphermox: it definitely works great here ;)13:42
didrocksagain a kernel panic :(13:43
desrtdidrocks, at the disco?13:44
desrtwow.  that was bad.13:44
* desrt needs to get some coffee in him13:44
didrocksdesrt: do you make better jokes after coffee? :)13:44
desrti don't know13:45
desrti do know that the bad ones are reduced13:45
desrtalthough i'd hesitate to even qualify that as a joke13:45
agateaudidrocks: sure gimme the skype bug14:07
* agateau tries to act as if he was not answering pings with a 3 hour delay14:08
didrocksagateau: no worry ;) bug #915801 gladly assigned to you!14:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 915801 in sni-qt "sni-qt seems to no longer let skype show up as an indicator in precise" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91580114:09
seb128mdeslaur, hey14:10
ricotzseb128, hey14:12
seb128mdeslaur, using the lightdm dbus api in gnome-screensaver might be a good thing to do yes, until now we used some lightdm hacks to "inject" /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm to PATH14:13
seb128mdeslaur, which seems to have broken again14:13
seb128which explains why the "switch user" stopped working14:14
seb128ricotz, hey, how are you?14:14
ricotzseb128, you probably like the idea to update cairo :P14:14
seb128ricotz, next cycle? sure ;-)14:14
ricotzseb128, i am good, thanks, hoping you had a nice we14:14
mdeslaurseb128: it's trying to call gdmflexiserver....how would that have worked with the path hack?14:14
ricotzseb128, this cycle ;)14:14
seb128I had thanks!14:14
ricotzseb128, it is a RC for 1.1214:15
seb128mdeslaur, well, lightdm ships a /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm/gdmflexiserver14:15
seb128ricotz, well feature freeze was over a 1 month ago and I don't see any reason why we *need* the update ;-)14:15
mdeslaurseb128: oh! I see14:15
dobeyseb128: doesn't that just mean you have to ask nicely now to put features in? ;)14:16
ricotzseb128, there are a lot of performance optimizations14:16
ricotzseb128, i can't imaging having 1.10.2 for the next 5 years14:16
seb128ricotz, well you say optimizations I read "things likely to behave different or misbehave"14:16
seb128ricotz, it's not like anyone had complained about 1.10.2 until today, our users seem to care less than you ;-)14:17
seb128ricotz, well open a ffe bug with debdiff etc14:17
seb128ricotz, and some measurable benchmark on how bad our current stuff are14:17
ricotzseb128, yeah, but gtk3 is pretty tied up with cairo and it would benefit from it14:17
ricotzyeah, proving this is probably harder :\14:18
seb128my bet is that as an user it will not make lot of noticable differences14:18
ricotzi guess so too14:18
seb128I don't really trust cairo upstream to roll 1.12 on time, there is like a 1.11 for years14:18
seb128and nobody has been packaging it14:18
ricotzfrom a dev point of view it is pretty interesting14:19
seb128even f17 is on 1.1014:19
ricotzyes, there releases are pretty random14:19
seb128well devs can get a ppa or will probably not stick to the lts14:19
ricotzright :\14:19
ricotzhaving it in x-edgers is fine but doesnt reach the needed audience14:21
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
* didrocks goes for some errands, bbl14:30
=== desrt_ is now known as desrt
dpmhi desktop people. We're trying to get a translated 12.04 desktop into Simplified Chinese. We're good for packages in main, but we want to make sure a few universe packages are translated too. Would it be possible to pull the latest upstream translations for cheese and upload a new package? Shall I file a bug for that?14:59
pittidpm: yes, please; a bug with affected tasks makes it easier to coordinate and collect the list of packages, assign it to people, etc.15:03
GunnarHjHi! I believe these two bugs are important enough to be beta2 milestoned:15:06
GunnarHj- bug 92620715:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926207 in ubiquity "Set formats related LC_* variables when applicable instead of LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92620715:06
GunnarHj- bug 95218515:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952185 in lightdm "~/.pam_environment not parsed when HOME is encrypted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95218515:06
dpmthanks pitti15:10
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, could you please take a look at my entry here at 16:06:56.15:18
seb128GunnarHj, we are a bit out of lightdm maintainer for the next weeks so not sure about the second one will make it to beta215:20
GunnarHjseb128: I see. But since the user locale settings are completely ignored if HOME is encrypted, I suppose it's important that it gets fixed before the final release.15:22
seb128GunnarHj, right, not arguing over that, it's just that we have lot of bugs and limited manpower15:24
seb128GunnarHj, I'm sure it should be easy to fix for robert_ancell when he will be back15:24
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, thanks for letting me know.15:25
seb128I doubt anyone else around knows well the lightdm pam code15:25
pittiGunnarHj: no immediate idea about bug 952185 -- PAM should read ~/.pam_environment all by itself15:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952185 in lightdm "~/.pam_environment not parsed when HOME is encrypted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95218515:41
pittiGunnarHj: as for 926207, I'll try to have a look at it soon15:42
GunnarHjpitti: As regards 952185, I think the problem is that HOME gets 'unlocked' too late.15:43
cyphermoxpitti: as well as the FFE bug for NetworkManager, I just filed one for nm-applet for the same kind of update, first to a snapshot so I can get a bit more testing before next week with the release of 0.9.4; nm-applet only really needs a UI freeze exception due to some changes in wireless authentication supported methods15:48
cyphermoxpitti: bug 95312315:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 953123 in network-manager-applet "[UI freeze exception] network-manager-applet (EAP-FAST support)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95312315:48
seb128GunnarHj, well, it's pam doing the unlocking?15:58
seb128so it should know how to do stuff in order15:58
seb128but maybe rules order need to be tweaked or something15:58
seb128GunnarHj, is that specific to lightdm? i.e does login into a vt has the same issue? what is parsing the pam env?15:58
pitticyphermox: I saw, thanks15:59
Saviqdidrocks, now that you're free and all, any word about unity-common for u2d make check? ;)16:01
didrocksSaviq: I tried a tweak on Friday evening, seems it didn't work, that's next on my list (just clearing some emails)16:01
Saviqdidrocks, just so you know, the last FAILs were due to xorg barrier issues16:02
seb128didrocks, nothing like monday emails ;-)16:02
Saviqdidrocks, so maybe it did, indeed, work?16:02
didrocksseb128: yeah, it's always a pleasure :)16:02
didrocksSaviq: ah!16:03
Saviqdidrocks, I'll wait for the merge queue to clean up and approve the branch16:03
seb128time for some exercice, nice weather today, be back in ~1h16:03
didrocksSaviq: so maybe it worked, I saw the FAILs and thought it was the same16:03
didrocksseb128: see you!16:03
didrocksSaviq: yeah, agreed, let's get the queue cleared out, then, we can talk :)16:03
Saviqdidrocks, nope, something weird happened with barriers in new xorg and our tests were affected16:03
didrocksinteresting, I'm sure it was to puzzle us!16:04
GunnarHjseb128: I don't know the answer to those questions. I discovered the issue when trying to write a patch that postpones the call to accountsservice's SetLanguage method til after HOME is unlocked. Checked for existense of ~/.profile at various spots in the lightdm code... I have assumed that PAM tries to do its things, and that it's other code that unlocks HOME after authentication.16:04
GunnarHjseb128: So yes, I too believe that it's the order rules that needs to be tweaked.16:06
kirklandso a recent precise update dropped the clock/time/date out of my task bar ...  how do I get it back?16:27
tkamppeterpitti, still around?16:29
pittitkamppeter: yes16:35
dobeykirkland: did indicator-datetime get uninstalled somehow?16:35
tkamppeterpitti, have you ever seen that "lpstat" in CUPS does not have any output, with the daemon running?16:35
pittitkamppeter: sure, if you don't have any jobs pending?16:36
pittitkamppeter: or no printers with "lpstat -p"16:36
tkamppeterpitti, even lpstat -r does not give any output.16:36
kirklanddobey: ah, that was gone.   installed now16:36
pittitkamppeter: not for me either16:37
pittitkamppeter: but I thought that would mostly communicate through the exit code16:37
tkamppeterpitti, I am still on #openprinting with this Kyocera user and we find more and more strange things.16:37
pittitkamppeter: hmm; after "stop cups", lpstat -r still exists with 0; that's a bug16:37
pittitkamppeter: I don't have any printers or jobs here, so "lpstat" and "lpstat -p" not printing anything looks right16:38
tkamppeterlpstat -r tells whether the daemon is running and only by screen message.16:38
pittibut lpstat -r ought to work indeed16:38
tkamppeterpitti, this user gets no output at all on two Precise boxes.16:38
pittilpstat -t only prints some 5 empty lines16:38
tkamppeterpitti, how many queues do you have?16:39
pittitkamppeter: none16:39
pittiactually I ought to have one16:39
pittimy wife's computer is running, and should broadcast its queue16:39
pittitkamppeter: I do see the remote printer in s-c-p16:39
pittitkamppeter: but I don't see it in lpstat -p16:40
tkamppeterpitti, for me lpstat -t gives info about my queues.16:40
tkamppeterpitti, what gives lpstat -r16:40
pittione empty line16:40
tkamppeterpitti, you get an empty line for each line of output you should get. For me lpstat works normally.16:40
pittitkamppeter: aah16:41
pitti$ lpstat -v16:41
pitti 16:41
pitti$ LANG= lpstat -v16:41
pittidevice for ML-1610: ipp://
pittitkamppeter: seems to be related to gettext/locales/translations16:41
pittiLANG=en_US.UTF-8 works as well16:42
pittibut my default de_DE.UTF-8 doesn't16:42
tkamppeterpitti, the other user has probably also de_DE.16:44
tkamppeterpitti, can you help on solving this?16:44
Laneybah, something broke gnome-panel16:46
LaneyI just get a black regular window now, not even 'docked' to the top of the screen16:46
pittitkamppeter: not right now; if you find (or create) a bug, please subscribe me, and I'll put it in myqueue16:46
zzecoolthe super - W  shortcut picks windows only form the current workspace    , but in compiz settings manager its assigned to pick for all windows.16:48
zzecoolwas this one done on purpose because it looks like a bit obvious to be a bug16:48
tkamppeterpitti, OK, thanks.16:49
zzecoolpropper way was to use just "initiate window picker"   not for all16:49
pittitkamppeter: I think I know why -- /usr/share/cups/locale/de/cups_de.po is totally bogus16:52
pittitkamppeter: it translates every string to ""16:52
pittitkamppeter: the other .po files as well apparently16:53
pittitkamppeter: it seems it doesn't use the standard gettext() call, so this needs some more time to debug16:53
tkamppeterpitti, so the CUPS package does not build the *.po files correctly?16:58
pittitkamppeter: no, they are just copied; the orig tarball has them broken already16:58
pittitkamppeter: when I do this, it works fine: sudo mv /usr/share/cups/locale/de/cups_de.po{,.orig}16:59
pittiso it's an upstream bug16:59
tkamppeterpitti, should we ship CUPS without them during the time being until the upstream fix appears?17:01
pittitkamppeter: I think we can make this a little more clever17:01
pittitkamppeter: I have an idea how to fix this, but as I said, I'd appreciate a bug so that I don't forget about it17:02
pittiI can't find an existing one quickly17:02
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|dinner
tkamppeterpitti, the Chinese one seems to be the only working one.17:04
tkamppetergrep msgstr locale/*.po | cut -d ':' -f 2 | sort | uniq17:04
pittitkamppeter: yes, I'll do something clever with msggrep and other tools, and filter out strings with empty msgstr17:05
pittiso that we'll keep as many translations as possible17:05
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
zygahow can I temporarily disable the hud?17:19
zygauntil the fix for alt-N tab switch lands my system is almost unsable17:19
zygahud is very slow to show up (taking seconds) and this shows up all the time17:19
seb128zyga, ccsm17:20
zygaseb128, thanks, trying17:22
tkamppeterpitti, http://www.cups.org/str.php?L404317:23
pittitkamppeter: thanks17:24
cyphermoxseb128: so far 4.99 seems to work properly; though the actual merge from Debian I have issues with, the debian bzr branch isn't up to date17:27
mptmvo, ev just suggested to me that for each installed package, we can track whether it was installed manually or automatically. If a "partial upgrade" would remove something that was installed automatically, that's fine. If it would remove something that was installed manually, that's a problem and we shouldn't even suggest continuing.17:28
mptDoes that seem plausible to you?17:29
mpt(where "installed manually" includes "installed as a dependency of something that was installed manually")17:29
seb128cyphermox, good news, we still have also ~1 month before hard freeze if there is any issue17:37
cyphermoxyeah, I'll wait a bit17:37
cyphermoxworking on NM right now, getting that to 0.9.4 to get the bugfixes; then I'll spend some time to look at evo and make sure that's in order too17:38
tkamppeterpitti, the translation bug in CUPS is already solved upstream.17:51
pittitkamppeter: ah, nice17:54
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
cr3hi folks, I just upgraded to unity-2d 5.6.0-ubuntu2 and I don't have any panels anymore, just the desktop :(18:24
cr3fortunately, I use irssi so that I can attempt to report this problem, but launchpad doesn't work too well with w3m :(18:24
* cr3 runs apport-cli18:26
seb128cr3, you might have a better chance on #ubuntu-unity18:30
seb128not sure if didrocks is still around18:30
seb128cr3, use 3d ;-)18:30
cr3seb128: thanks, I'll hop in there18:30
didrocksI am, but on the leave :)18:30
cr3seb128: I installed fresh this weekend and unity-2d was installed by default18:30
didrockscr3: do you have latest unity-2d?18:30
didrocksapt-cache policy unity-2d18:31
cr3didrocks: yes, but that's the problem. I just upgraded from 5.6.0-ubuntu1 to -ubuntu2 and now I have no panels18:31
cr3I just painfully reported bug #95326318:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 953263 in unity "unity-2d 5.6.0-ubuntu2 has no panels, just the desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95326318:31
seb128cr3, dpkg -l | grep unity18:31
seb128in pastebin?18:31
cr3seb128: crap, how do I pastebin from the commandline?18:32
didrockswell, I have the panel here though…18:32
seb128didrocks, maybe he dist-upgraded before unity2d was rebuilt18:32
didrocksseb128: he told he has the latest one18:32
seb128cr3, is unity-2d showing as "ii"18:32
* cr3 tries w3m https://pastebin.canonical.com18:32
cr3seb128: yes18:32
seb128cr3, do you have any symbol error in .xsession-errors?18:32
seb128cr3, can you scp your .xsession-errors or add it to the bug report?18:33
* didrocks has some people on the french forum running unity-2d with latest updates and it works. It works here too, so it seems to be local18:33
cr3seb128: sure, but I'll have to come back for that. give me a sec18:33
cr3didrocks: weird, I have a really fresh install. let me add the .xsession-errors and I'll be back in a few minutes18:34
didrockswell, I was just leaving :/18:34
didrockscan't go on exercice for the past hour because of every minute ping…18:34
seb128didrocks, enjoy your evening18:35
seb128didrocks, that's ok, I will deal with it18:35
didrocksseb128: thanks a lot, I confirm that on both machines, it starts here with only the official repo :)18:36
didrocksseb128: see you tomorrow!18:36
seb128see yo18:36
seb128u ;-)18:36
=== MacSlow|dinner is now known as MacSlow
cr3seb128: xsession-errors file uploaded18:44
seb128cr3, it's trying to start unity-3d from this log18:45
cr3seb128: ugh, would you like me to attach the output of: dpkg -l '*unity*' | grep '^ii'18:46
seb128cr3, yes18:46
seb128well, no18:46
seb128dpkg -l | grep unity18:46
cr3I wonder how I can tell whether my hardware is unity-3d compliant18:47
seb128try selecting 2d on the login screen?18:47
dobeyseb128: hrmm, isn't Ubuntu supposed to be the default font?18:47
seb128dobey, it is18:47
dobeyseb128: dconf-editor says Cantarell 11 is the default font.18:48
seb128dobey, don't trust dconf-editor it doesn't show overrides18:48
cr3seb128: attached output of dpkg -l to bug18:48
seb128cr3, "unity" is not installed it seems18:49
seb128that explain why 3d is not working18:49
seb128have to go for dinner18:49
dobeyseb128: oh, right. :-/18:49
cr3will try 3d, odd that it wasn't installed by default. I'll check the bios too, rebooting...18:50
cr3seb128: when you come back from lunch, installing unity seems to have been a usable workaround for me. I still find it curious why the installer chose 2d by default18:58
cr3seb128: I removed the unity-2d packages while I'm at it, I could reinstall them eventually if I ever find the need18:58
pittigood night everyone!19:00
desrtpitti, night19:03
desrtthanks for the big push today :)19:04
htorquedesrt: hi! seems your indicator-application patch fixed most of bug 930291.thanks! \o/19:04
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930291 in indicator-application "indicator-application-service leaking memory (~10 MiB/h)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93029119:04
desrthtorque, good to hear :)19:04
mvompt: sorry for the late reply - yes, that does sound plausible19:11
seb128cr3, weird indeed, maybe a video driver issue that got resolved19:20
cr3seb128: that'd be sweet, thanks for the help!19:23
seb128mdeslaur, \ø/19:25
seb128ups \o/19:25
mdeslaurseb128: see, you owe me another favour :)19:26
broderseb128: just remembered about the x-gnome-keywords grep on the lintian lab. looks like i got hits for activity-log-manager-control-center, system-config-printer-gnome, deja-dup, and midori19:26
brodernothing else19:26
seb128mdeslaur, yeah, you will drink for free for the whole UDS if you keep fixing desktop bugs this way ;-)19:26
seb128broder, excellent, thanks!19:27
brodernp :)19:27
mdeslaurseb128: for some reason, gnome-screensaver keeps reeling me in :)19:27
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, you love gnome-screensaver really19:28
seb128mdeslaur, can you upstream the patch anyway btw?19:28
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: yes, and flash too apparently :)19:28
seb128mdeslaur, it's not like it would cost them lot to have a test for another dm with a sane interface before falling back to their hackish gdmflexiserver19:28
mdeslaurseb128: sure19:29
seb128it could maybe push them to do things properly over dbus as well :p19:29
mterryDoes anyone here know much about GTK drawing performance?19:42
seb128they suck?19:42
jalcineseb128: not the obvious stuff :P19:43
mterryseb128, little bit, yeah.  Trying to help unity-greeter be smooth when scrolling around its list.  But sometimes a draw operation will just take 40ms longer than normal...19:43
seb128I don't know "much" about it out of njpatel and other who kept saying that gtk was too slow for stuff like the 2d solution at the time oem was using efl and then doing 2d because cairo sucks basically19:43
seb128you should ask specific questions on #gtk+ irc.gnome.org if you have some, you are more likely to find responses there19:44
mterryI guess I'll give it a go19:46
seb128mterry, you might want to ask Cimi or MacSlow, they have quite experience with cairo drawing19:46
kenvandinejbicha, mind if i update gnome-contacts to 3.3.91?20:17
=== rsalveti` is now known as rsalveti
jbichakenvandine: go ahead, I mentioned this morning that the call button in Contacts doesn't work for me20:22
kenvandinejbicha, ok20:22
chrisccoulsong'ah, ffs, can we please stop breaking keybindings?20:22
chrisccoulsonmy alt keybindings don't work properly in vim now :(20:22
chrisccoulsonfantastic. it works without the HUD. but now i can't use the alt+tab switcher :(20:23
mterrykenvandine, heyo.  You got some time in the next few days to review some unity-greeter code branches, now that there's a new little Ancell in the world?20:26
kenvandinemterry, sure, i can try20:26
kenvandinenot terribly familiar, but happy to do it :)20:26
mterrykenvandine, alright, not ready yet, but I will point you to them.  Yar, just likely needs a "this is stupid" or "this is not stupid" review20:26
kenvandinejbicha, is there a packaging branch for gnome-contacts that is more current than ~ubuntu-desktop?20:30
jbichakenvandine: on my laptop ;) some devs didn't like me using ~ubuntu-desktop branches for universe stuff20:35
kenvandinedid you see the pitti's comments on the MIR20:36
jbichakenvandine: yes, you don't need Contacts, do you?20:37
kenvandineempathy sort of does20:37
kenvandineit is supposed to prompt you to install it if you try to edit a contact20:38
kenvandinethey removed a bunch of the functionality in the contact list20:38
kenvandinewhich does work20:39
jbichawell Contacts is kinda broken here, I can't switch to my Google address book & the call & chat buttons are greyed out for some reason20:39
kenvandineif you right click on a contact and choose Information, you get prompted to install20:39
kenvandinemy chat buttons are working20:39
kenvandinebut i am on .9120:39
jbichaso am I20:40
kenvandinedo you have empathy-call?20:41
jbichakenvandine: yes, & I've been thinking Contacts should recommend empathy-call20:41
jbichadoes e-call need any setup?20:41
kenvandineok, call button works for me20:41
kenvandineif it is installed it will be the preferred handler for calls20:41
jbichamaybe I need to rebuild empathy against the clutter I'm using...20:42
kenvandinethat should matter, at least for that stage20:42
kenvandinetelepathy-mission-control-5 handles figuring out what handlers are available20:42
desrtseb128, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66852220:58
ubot2`Gnome bug 668522 in gio "Trying to register gtype 'GMountMountFlags' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'" [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:58
jbichaooh, this is an interesting bug... gedit should show as Text Editor, but it instead shows as gedit if the Desktop Actions are in the .desktop20:58
jbichaany ideas on where to report that?20:59
seb128jbicha, I guess that's because the groups are in the middle of the desktop?20:59
seb128jbicha, does moving the group at the end of the desktop fixes it?21:00
seb128desrt, thanks!21:00
jbichaseb128: yes, that fixes it, also it looks like we didn't actually drop the quicklist patch so the Actions are in the .desktop twice but it's the middle one that's broken21:05
seb128jbicha, right, I will fix it tomorrow upstream and in Ubuntu21:05
jbichaseb128: thanks, good catch on recognizing the problem, I don't think I would have thought of that21:06
seb128jbicha, I was unsure if that would work when I updated but I was not sure how to test21:07
seb128so I figured I would check later21:07
seb128well I didn't want to restart my session to make sure that the dash would get the new value21:07
jbichayeah it was hard to test before Unity got support21:07
jbichaupdate-desktop-database actually worked for the dash, but launcher items have to be removed & readded21:09
BigWhalejono, I have a suggestion for another achievement. Mailing List Troll ... :|21:28
jonoBigWhale, not sure that would be a good one :-)21:29
BigWhalejono, no, but it should come with a remote controlled boxing glove so that the person who unlocks it gets punched few times ...21:31
BigWhaleI better go write some more code ...21:31
kklimondawell, I'm pretty sure someone had proposed a "slap over tcp/ip" extension at some point ;)21:34
BigWhaleIt probably already has its own RFC21:36
desrtseb128, about to disconnect for the day.  anything else?21:37
seb128desrt, no21:37
seb128desrt, enjoy your evening!:21:38
desrti have one question for you before i leave21:38
desrtwhy am i stopping work first? :)21:38
desrtg'night :)21:38
seb128desrt, because you had a more productive day than me I guess ;-)21:38
chrisccoulsonlol @ http://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/qtinl/do_you_run_the_leechblock_addon_if_so_you_should/22:02
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur needs to do that!22:02
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: hey, I don't spend my time on reddit anymore now that everyone loves unity :)22:03
chrisccoulsoni can't tell whether you're being serious or not ;)22:03
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: hehe, your choice :)22:03
jbichamdeslaur: I think we have to wait unti 12.04 is out before everyone loves unity22:06
mdeslaurthe ranting has gone way down, people are liking 12.04 from what I can tell22:07
chrisccoulsonthe ranting has gone down because everyone moved to mint, didn't they?22:08
jbichawhen do we get to start ranting about Mint?22:10
TheMusoWhenever. I remember a few of us looking at a Mint git repo in Budapest as they had forked something from GNOME upstream, but they didn't keep any git history. :S22:11
broderwe can just rant about how they obsess over completely irrelevant and unrepresentative statistics, right?22:12
=== jbicha is now known as Guest1267
BigWhaleif I install compiz-dev package, I should get compiz.h too, right?22:52

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