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bkerensaGood Morning14:20
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bkerensaAlanBell: you going to be at todays training18:01
Fuchswhen is that training, and is it mainly for #ubuntu ops, or general?18:03
Fuchs(general: #ubuntu-* as well)18:03
Myrttiand in two hours18:03
Myrtti@now UTC18:03
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: March 12 2012, 18:03:5018:03
FuchsMyrtti: then I could point it out to our guys if they are interested, or is that too late? (regarding rights and such)18:04
Sidewinder11:56 to be almost exact.18:04
Myrttino it's not too late18:04
Myrttifeel free to do so18:04
MyrttiI'm fully expecting some late awakers to come asking for flags when the class is running18:04
FuchsMyrtti: channel?18:05
MyrttiI just want to minimise it as much as possible18:05
Sidewinder1And they all need to email/poke myrtti w/their nicks. ;-)18:05
MyrttiFuchs: behind a passkey for now, but it will be mentioned during the session several times18:05
FuchsMyrtti: ah, so people should show up here?18:05
MyrttiFuchs: the actual class is in #ubuntu-classroom18:05
FuchsI'll tell that to our ops channel18:06
FuchsMyrtti: one of us asked whether this will be logged, since he is interested, but has to go to sports training18:08
FuchsMyrtti: and another one is intersted, but read only18:08
Myrttiyes, it will be18:08
Myrttifreenode staff and ubuntu members are already on the access list btw18:09
Fuchshe is neither18:09
Fuchswe don't have many ubuntu members, unfortunately (I think most people would get it if they just asked)18:10
Myrttileto already pokoed me18:10
* Myrtti facepalms18:10
Myrttijust so you know.18:10
FuchsMyrtti: okay, maybe jokrebel will as well18:10
* Sidewinder1 Hands an ice-pack to Myrtti18:10

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