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* apw watches 100s MB of updated download08:36
smbWhich was even there yesterday...08:52
smbincluding just a new gcc... nothing to worry about...08:53
apwsmb, was that my '100s MB of updates' you are talking about ?08:56
apware you seeing "waiting for network configuration" as a plymouth message during boot?08:56
smbapw, Only when my network is bust usually08:56
smbSo by now its a bad sign to me if I see it08:57
apwsmb, this is on everything and on multiple networks all of a suddent08:57
smbHm, strange. But then you don't see the waiting 60s more message?08:58
smbAnd your network is up when you log in?08:58
smbapw, ^08:59
apwyep just a single message08:59
smbThe question now is whether it is always there and just now long enough for you to notice or whether it gets printed when network setup is delayed for a certain time09:01
smbany way, something seems slower for you09:01
apwi don't normally see any messages on the boot screen other than whn its doing an fsck09:02
apwthis message i have never seen before, and indeed i thought networks were done after you logged in09:02
smbapw, No that changed a while ago09:03
smbEven with nm, your network was running even you being on the lightdm or gdm screen09:03
apwok, still never ever seen that message with network or without09:04
apwand its all of a sudden on both my main machines and with two different network setups09:04
smbok, so something became slower. I assume just this mornings update (if one can say just to that)09:05
smbapw, Hm, finished updating a test laptop and I do not see that message in my environment10:25
apwsmb, hrm, will do the same in a bit10:25
smbapw, ok10:26
smbcking, we are talking to you10:26
apwcking, we heard you, a bit at least10:27
* cking gives mumble a kick10:27
* apw loses mumble too12:34
apwwtf is with this stuff these days12:34
ogra_its all hangouts now anyway :(12:35
awecking: ping13:38
ckingawe, pong13:59
aweso my machines has shutdown on me a few times in the last week14:01
aweI tracked it down to excessive CPU temp14:01
aweI was going to enter a bug against the kernel this morning, but noticed a new kernel was released14:01
aweshould I wait to hit the bug again before reporting?14:02
awe( also can it really be considered a kernel bug? )14:02
ckingawe I'd say file a bug so at least we can track this14:03
ckingyou are not the first to report this14:03
aweis there already a bug?14:03
ckingawe, file a new bug, as I expect your H/W is different14:04
awewill do14:04
ckingawe, I have a bunch of things for you to try, which will help me corner this issue14:06
aweI'm in crunch mode right now, but will file a bug today14:06
pgranersforshee, ping14:07
sforsheepgraner, hi14:08
pgranersforshee, hey, so I think the mystery of the dropping wifi is solved14:08
sforsheereally! what's causing it?14:09
pgranersforshee, I checked yesterday and running up2date precise kernel it happened twice yesterday on that netbook14:09
pgranerI found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/937118  14:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937118 in linux "Wireless stops passing packets" [High,Confirmed]14:10
pgranerand  mainline 3.3.0-030300rc6-generic  has made it work14:10
jsalisburypgraner, sforshee yeah, the  linux-backports-modules-cw-3.3-precise-generic package solved that bug because the bug was fixed upstream.14:11
pgranerlooks like its a dd-wrt issue and I'm guessing whatever it is exists on the cisco fw we use at events14:11
pgranersforshee, Its been running now for over 8 hours and no issue14:11
pgranersforshee, I could trigger it here in a matter of 2-3 hours14:12
sforsheepgraner, interesting. I use dd-wrt on one of my routers, but it wasn't the one I was using to test that machine.14:12
sforsheewe may want to bisect then to see what fixed it so we can backport it to precise14:12
pgranerjsalisbury, sounds like a job for you my friend :-D14:13
jsalisburypgraner, sforshee will do.  I think it may be this that fixed it: eea79e0713d94b02952f6c591b615710fd40a56214:13
jsalisburypgraner, sforshee But I didn't do an actual bisect yet.  I came up with that commit after reviewing the git log.14:14
sforsheejsalisbury, that's a merge commit, so it's not _the_ fix14:14
sforsheeit's just when the fix got merged to linus's tree14:14
jsalisburysforshee, ahh right.  So a bisect of the merge commit will need to be done.14:14
ckingawe, can you boot with an oneiric kernel and see if the overheating re-occurs?14:16
awecking, let me catch you in a few minutes...14:16
awecking, I've only hit it twice in the last week...14:18
aweunfortunately it's not reproduce on demand.  ;(14:18
ckingawe, well, I can write up a bunch of things to try once you've file a bug ;-)14:19
awecking, ok cool14:20
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akgranerapw, cking - still no crash today - and I've been stressing my machine pretty hard over the last couple of days - the fan thing seems to have fixed it14:40
ckingakgraner, that wasn't a fix, it was step #1 in me seeing what the problem could be - I've updated the bug - can you try the next step as instructed14:41
akgranercking, sure 14:43
akgranersorry I didn't see it sooner - I thought I would get an email when someone comments on it...weird14:43
ckingakgraner, LP email isn't instantaneous at times14:43
akgranercking, I didn't need to update a filter :-)14:44
akgranerI meant - I did  get it - just need to update my filters - English and typing fail today it seems14:45
ckingah, no worries14:49
* ogasawara back in 2014:50
ericm|ubuntusforshee, bug 95269815:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 952698 in linux "Backlight no longer works on Macbook Pro5,5 with EFI boot" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95269815:02
ericm|ubuntusforshee, backlight actually works with nouveau driver w/ EFI boot15:02
ericm|ubuntusforshee, and backlight is controlled by the nouveau driver instead of apple_bl15:02
ericm|ubuntusforshee, backlight used to work w/ BIOS compatible mode, I'll need to test again15:03
sforsheeericm|ubuntu, apple_bl doesn't work on all macbooks, nouveau might be the only way to change it15:04
* cking -> back in 20min15:04
ericm|ubuntusforshee, apple_bl works sometimes as I remember but not reliable15:04
ericm|ubuntusforshee, there is a small issue w/ nvidia-current though, when de-activating it in jockey, it makes nouveau un-usable, I have to purge it to get nouveau back again15:05
sforsheeericm|ubuntu, it may be that it only works in bios-compatibility, or that it needs changes to work with efi boot. I'm not sure.15:06
ericm|ubuntusforshee, I believe it's nvidia-current black-listed nouveau15:06
sforsheethat's nasty, probably need to file a bug for that15:06
ericm|ubuntusforshee, yeah I doubt the I/O ports are still valid w/ EFI boot - brightness control never seems to be reliable to me15:06
sforsheeericm|ubuntu, adjusting via the graphics card is probably your best bet then15:07
ericm|ubuntusforshee, yes15:08
sforsheethe backlight situation on macbooks is horrendous15:08
ericm|ubuntusforshee, and we won't have it w/ nvidia-current I guess15:08
sforsheeericm|ubuntu, no, and there's nothing we can do about it15:08
ericm|ubuntusforshee, there is a backlight driver in mactel ppa - but that's a bit hackish15:09
ericm|ubuntusforshee, one other problem w/ nvidia-current + EFI boot, I cannot seem to find my framebuffer consoles15:10
sforsheeericm|ubuntu, hackish yes, and I don't know what happens if you have it installed and try to use the nouveau driver15:11
sforsheeEFI boot still has lots of issues to iron out15:11
sforsheegraphics is the biggest one15:11
sforsheemost of the drm drivers rely on having access to the vbios, which doesn't seem to be possible in EFI boot15:12
mjg59Sure it is15:12
ericm|ubuntusforshee, yeah that's one issue15:12
mjg59But Apple don't provide it on Radeon-based machines for reasons that are unclear15:12
mjg59You can work around this by grabbing it out of the firmware during boot services and handing it off to the kernel15:13
mjg59I've a patch for grub that does that, but haven't forward-ported it to grub2 yet15:13
sforsheemjg59, thanks for the explanation. I confess I haven't looked into it much yet.15:13
mjg59But yeah nvidia is going to work badly on EFI Macs15:13
mjg59nouveau is a much better choice there15:13
awebjf, any idea who I talk to about problems with ubuntu-bug?  I tried to run 'ubuntu-bug -p linux' and it just returns on my system...17:00
aweI have a power-mgmt problem which I guess I'll report directly via LP, and then try to apport attach...17:00
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bjfawe, i think pitti knows more about ubuntu-bug than anyone 17:16
Sarvattawe: its ubuntu-bug linux17:20
aweSarvatt, someone should fix: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Bugs17:21
awecause that's where I got the command-line from17:21
awe'$ ubuntu-bug -p linux'17:21
Sarvattsorry about that, fixed the wiki17:22
Sarvatt-p linux is for apport-collect17:22
* ppisati -> brb17:23
philipballewIf i install a mainline upstream kernel to fix a bug, does that mess up updating from the repos or will it detect my newer kernel?17:27
apwogasawara, the enforcer deliberatly uses the enforcer file on master ... so that the rules are consistant on all branches18:07
ogasawaraapw: just saw your email18:07
apwogasawara, and it has expressive power in theory at least to allow different rules to be expressed for different flavours18:07
ogasawaraapw: will yank the patch from master-next18:08
apwppisati, you gave the arm peeps a way to test with an initramfs-less kernel didn't you, using the overlapping partition tables with puid fields ... right ?18:28
GrueMasterapw: being one of those arm peeps directly involved with testing, I have heard nothing yet.18:33
jsalisburycking, another overheat related bug reported, bug 953205  Looks like the same type of hardware as bug 751689 so it may be a duplicate.18:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 953205 in linux "System shuts down due to CPU temp exceeding critical thresh-hold (100C)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95320518:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 751689 in linux "ThinkPads overheat due to slow fans when on 'auto'" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75168918:53
ckingjsalisbury, cool, I was talking to tony about that early18:54
jsalisburycking, ahh, ok.18:54
ohsixare the fans on the thinkpad not managed by acpi or are the thermal zones just wrong?18:54
ckingohsix, they can be managed by the firmware or by the thinkpad_acpi driver (by prodding the EC memory if I recall correctly)18:55
ohsixalso strange that even if you can do it with thinkpad_acpi, TMM1/2 don't work; or the critical thermal zone in acpi doesn't overrule it18:56
ckingit's all in the thinkpad_acpi driver if you want to see the gory details 18:56
ohsixokie dokie18:56
ckingjsalisbury, I hacked up some code to monitor what's going on so I can get an idea of what's causing the grief18:57
jsalisburycking, cool.  I can reproduce an overhead pretty quickly on my x201, so I can do some testing if needed.18:58
ckingjsalisbury, so is this happening more with precise than oneiric? 18:58
ohsixburnmmx ftw18:59
jsalisburycking, In my case, I would say it happens the same.  My laptop will overheat and hit 100C shortly after kicking off a kernel build.18:59
jsalisburycking, That was also the case in Oneiric19:00
ckingjsalisbury, ok - that's bad, but not looking like a glaring regression.19:00
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* cking --> EOD21:05
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