* micahg figures there haven't been enough chromium uploads this week and goes for one more :)04:15
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vibhavCan I bring unity fixes to precise?07:19
dholbachgood morning07:54
vibhavdholbach: hi08:24
dholbachhi vibhav08:24
vibhavdholbach: Did you recieve my email?08:25
dholbachyes I did08:25
dholbachbut I received a lot of emails this weekend, so it'll take a while until I get to yours08:25
vibhavdholbach: Could you write the testamonial until Wednesday?08:26
dholbachI'll do my best08:26
vibhavThanks dholbach08:27
vibhavWhenever  I aaply a patch, the .diff becomes empty and there is no patch applied , anybody experiencing this problem?08:32
ajmitchhow are you applying the patch?08:34
vibhavpatch < p.diff08:35
vibhavthe file is empty08:35
vibhavNever mind though I have applied the patch manualy08:35
ajmitchif it's empty it's not going to do anything, I'd suspect you accidentally did > p.diff instead08:35
vibhavI did that08:37
vibhavthanks ajmitch08:37
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danboidIs aptitude broke in oneiric?09:40
danboidI've been using a combo of aptitude and apt-get under 11.10 and I've got a number of packages I can't install as its saying it can't install them due to the deps being a bit new that whats supposedly required it seems09:42
danboida bit newer, sorry09:42
tumbleweedyes, if you have multiarch (amd64 will have i386 added as a foreign arch)09:42
danboidtumbleweed, What if I'm not even running x86 and haven't knowingly installed anything from another arch? I'm running the omap4 (armel) build09:43
danboidI won't have installed anything from another arch unless someone has mistaken packaged somnething that way in the 11.10 armel repos09:44
tumbleweedthen aptitude should probably work09:45
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danboidA number of packages are broken like libqt4-dev for example - it won't install as it says its deps are a bit too new basically :/10:15
tumbleweeddanboid: can you pastebin the exact error?10:15
danboidThat happens with apt-get and aptitude - apt-get -f install has been no help but yes will pastebin the error10:20
* Laney cuddles pexpect10:30
Laneyautomating haskell syncs since 201210:31
Laneyhttp://paste.debian.net/159427/ uh oh10:32
LaneyIn [10]: c[0].comment_date10:39
LaneyOut[10]: u'2011-12-12T13:49:17.718509+00:00'10:39
tumbleweedLaney: sounds like we should get around to writing that syncpackage module...10:42
LaneyOakland 2012 :-)10:42
yann__Dear MOTUs, please look at this FFe : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/806291/comments/30  . Need ack of a 2nd MOTU , and/or upload to Debian then sync.11:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 806291 in Ubuntu "[FFe][needs-packaging] Boot-Repair" [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:25
tumbleweedyann__: ScottK and I both commented on that as release team members11:27
tumbleweedScottK offered you archive-admin review, if it was a sync from debian, and I offered you an FFe if it was a sync. So what's blocking uploading it to Debian?11:27
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Guest52270Here's an example of the sort of errors I get trying to install certain (mainly -dev it seems) packages under 11.10 armel:11:50
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Guest52270I can still install some packages11:51
Guest52270apt isn't totally fubar - yet - I think! :)11:51
Guest52270Hopefully I won't have to re-install!11:52
geserdid you disable the updates repository by chance?11:52
Guest52270geser, Don't think so but let me check..11:52
Guest52270geser, Ah! Seems I only had 'Important security updates' selected but not the other three so lets see..11:55
geser4:4.7.4-0ubuntu8 is in oneiric while 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu8.1 is in oneiric-updates11:55
Guest52270geser, Dunno how it got unchecked11:55
ScottKtumbleweed: Lack of sponsoring.12:48
tumbleweedScottK: yeah, and a package like that probably deserves some fairly thorough review (I wouldn't jump and sponsor it)12:52
* ScottK neither.13:06
jalcineIs it possible to get the source qt-gstreamer backported to Maverick?13:26
jalcineOr has there been no interest in doing so? (I'm willing).13:26
ScottKjalcine: You know Maverick goes out of support in a month, right?13:45
jalcineeh, I know people who use Gutsy still. :p13:46
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:46
ScottKjalcine: ^^^13:46
jalcineThank you *clicks*13:47
genupulassome one plz http://pastebin.com/Qd2pzRXW13:50
tumbleweedgenupulas: nothing to worry about there, you just didn't have a gpg key for the e-mail address you are using13:51
genupulasbut i have uploaded an GPG key in my LP with that email13:52
tumbleweedhttp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=raja.genupula%40yahoo.com&op=vindex looks like there are *lots* of keys with that ID13:53
tumbleweedso it didn't know which one to use13:53
tumbleweedexport the ID in DEBSIGN_KEYID13:53
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genupulastumbleweed:  like this export DEBSIGN_KEYID=9266162613:58
genupulas ?13:58
tumbleweedexport DEBSIGN_KEYID=0x9266162613:59
genupulastumbleweed:  i did as you said , am i have to do total process again ?14:01
tumbleweedare you wanting to upload it to a PPA? or just build a deb locally?14:01
genupulasdebuild  -S14:01
genupulasi did but same error14:02
tumbleweedgpg --list-secret-keys 0x92661626 outputs anything?14:03
tumbleweedgenupulas: the error seemed reasonably clear: no secret key available14:04
genupulasyes gpg --list-secret-keys 0x92661626 gave me output14:04
genupulasit have sec,uid,ssb14:04
yann__Coming back to Boot-Repair's upload to Debian: thanks Tumbleweed and SkottK for your answers (i was disconnected so i may have missed someone-else answer). As SkottK said, it is now lacking sponsor for upload into Debian.14:05
tumbleweedgenupulas: throw in a -k0x92661626 ? (to debuild)14:05
tumbleweedyann__: right. But we can't grant you an FFe in Ubuntu unless you can get an archive-admin who volunteers to review it14:06
genupulasdidnt get you , sorry14:06
tumbleweedand that's far more likely if it comes from debian14:06
tumbleweedgenupulas: debuild -S -k0x9266162614:07
genupulastumbleweed:  thats awesome , thanks man14:07
genupulastumbleweed:  thank you very much14:08
tumbleweedgenupulas: I don't know why it wasn't finding your key. Maybe someone else has an idea?14:09
genupulastumbleweed:  am i able to upload this in my Lp just for trail14:09
tumbleweedto a PPA14:10
gesertumbleweed, genupulas: my guess is that the key uid (including any comments) as used in the changelog entry doesn't match a uid on that key14:20
geserbut as I can't find a keyserver which can lookup that key (timeouts), I can't check it14:21
genupulasexport GPGKEY=k0x92661626 duane told me to do that in .bashrc , i did that and i am trying again14:22
genupulasi will let you know if i got any14:22
genupulasthank you tumbleweed geser14:23
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yann__(sorry i have connectivity issues)14:28
yann__here is why i think it would be a good thing to put Boot-Repair in Ubuntu ISO : Boot-Repair is used by ~500 Ubunteros/day, and most of them currently have to download another ISO (Boot-Repair-Disk, or Ubuntu-Secured-Remix) to repair their boot/GRUB.14:30
yann__it's ok to wait for a mentor to upload in Debian, but this would probably mean no inclusion in Precise ISO. If by chance a MOTU was interested to review it now, i can take time to answer any question.14:35
ScottKyann__: It's very, very unlikely it would be added to the ISO now as we're well past feature freeze.14:42
yann__ok, no problem, then. I'll wait for Alessio to finish his exams ;)14:44
tumbleweedgetting onto ISOs is hard, there's a big fight for space14:45
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dupondjedh_installinit -a --no-start --name=cryptdisks-udev --upstart-only -> this installs the script for ALL run levels?15:32
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plustwoif i uploaded a package to my ppa:lpusername and i cannot it is not there, where else could it have been uploaded?16:40
plustwoor how can i find it?16:40
tumbleweedif it was accepted, you'd have got an e-mail (within 5 mins or so)16:40
tumbleweedyou sure the gpg key you signed it with was linked to your lp account?16:40
plustwoi think so, cause it said "Succesfully signed dsc and changes files"16:41
tumbleweedplustwo: that's unrelated16:41
plustwotumbleweed: i'll need to recheck then16:42
tumbleweedby unrelated, I mean, that means you signed it, not that LP knew who signed it16:43
dupondjewhat signal can be used in upstart to start a task after umount ?16:43
plustwotumbleweed: so i'll need to upload my key to LP?16:44
tumbleweedplustwo: yes16:44
plustwook, i'll recheck how to do that on the packaging-guide then. tnx16:45
plustwotumbleweed: just thinking, will that mean i lost the ppackage?16:45
plustwook. will try again then, tnx again16:46
dupondjeany idea's ? :)16:48
thibaud-ecarothi all16:51
vibhavdholbach: Could I PM you?17:05
dholbachvibhav, sure, if it's quick - I need to rush out in a bit :)17:06
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dupondjeNo upstart freaks around no ? ;)17:08
plustwotumbleweed: the key is in LP, i just uloaded my first package to my ppa as well.17:12
plustwoit was successful.17:12
plustwonow how do i ask for somebody to check if there's any mistakes to be relooked?17:17
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c_kornhello, how can I put a directory with spaces in the install file?18:23
jtayloryou can't18:23
jtaylorif its required you ahve to install it in rules18:24
jtaylor(or with an executable install file, not recommended)18:24
tumbleweedor use wildcards18:35
c_kornlike ?18:36
jtaylorstandard shell globbing18:37
tumbleweedthis*contains*spaces :)18:37
jtaylorthis?space should work too?18:37
c_kornok, thank you, jtaylor and tumbleweed18:53
c_korndoes this also work in links files?19:03
jtaylorthere is dh_linktree in precise for mass linking19:09
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chilicuilhi there, I'm trying to test if an app is completly translated, I do have a chroot environment (pbuilder) with the latest ubuntu version, know how can I installed the 'pt' version for example?20:23
chilicuilI know that the klavaro package is not complety translated, since I've it in ubuntu oneiric, I'd like to translate what's left20:28
pabelangerQuestion about the ubuntu sponsorship process for MOTU, it says to ask for some 'recommendations' to be added to your wiki page.  Should I actively be asking people to add them or do I just sit back and wait?21:21
tumbleweedwhen you apply for upload rights, it's usually a good idea to reach out to people who've sponsored several things for you in the past21:22
* pabelanger nods21:23
pabelangerI feel kind cheesy asking for them, but I guess I have to start21:23
broderi don't think it's cheesy, especially since it's just part of the process21:25
pabelangerbroder: I feel cheesy, not the process.21:25
pabelangerNever was one to get signature for a year book :)21:26
tumbleweedpeople are supposed to watch devel-permissions, and endorse/comment on applications that they see coming past21:26
brodertumbleweed: err, wat?21:26
brodernews to me21:26
tumbleweedbut that doesn't happen so much(as far as I know) most endorsements are solicited21:26
tumbleweedbroder: I thought that was the purpose of devel-permissions?21:26
broderis it? i don't ever remember hearing that i was supposed to be watching it21:27
tumbleweed"supposed" is a strong word :)21:27
Laneyi don't think so. it's just a public record of applications, but you can use it like that if you want21:27
Laneyi expect people don't announce there until after they've secured some endorsements though21:28
broderpabelanger: you might find http://ubuntu-dev.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu-sponsorships.cgi helpful21:28
pabelangerbroder: ack'd21:28
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