Naranektgm4883: did you find out anything?08:34
Naranektgm4883: good news13:52
Naranekubuntu security responded. cardamom and kapok are iso build servers.13:52
Naranek11.04 mythbuntu .iso installs the livecd SSH host key by mistake when installing a system13:53
Naranekthe root user is for acces to the database when booting off the livecd13:53
tgm4883Naranek, ah13:53
Naranekand root login is enabled by default in all ubuntus13:53
Naranekstrange that last part13:53
Naranekbut yeah13:53
tgm4883Naranek, in that case, can you open a bug at https://launchpad.net/mythbuntu for the SSH host key thing?13:54
Zinn[launchpad.net] Mythbuntu in Launchpad13:54
tgm4883root login is enabled by default?13:54
tgm4883I don't think it's enabled on my desktop, where exactly are you looking?13:55
tgm4883hmm, i stand corrected13:57
tgm4883I suppose since the root user is disabled by default that it doesn't really allow the root user login13:57
Naranekstill.. it fooled me14:01
NaranekI couldn't imagine for a second that it would be the default setting14:01
Naraneka disturbing set of bugs this was14:02
adam__Hi there, I am having a bit of trouble I am setting up my ps3 bluetooth remote for my mythtv box, and for some reason when I put the box to sleep and then wake it up my keys are no longer set to what they are supposed to do. It appears it is creating a new event handler everytime I wakeup from suspend.16:26
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Shred00latest master (0.25) build is 21 hours old.  i recall the last time i asked about builds taking so long there was in fact a problem and someobody needed to kick something.21:57
tgm4883Shred00, it's a daily build22:02
tgm48831 day == 24 hours right?22:02
Shred00tgm4883: hrm.  i thought it was done on-demand, i.e. per commit.22:02
tgm4883that would be pretty crazy :)22:03
tgm4883it's built daily IF there is a new commit22:03
tgm4883so if there is no commits, it doesn't build22:03
tgm4883but if there are 27 commits in a day, it only builds once22:03
Shred00tgm4883: i'm not sure "crazy" is the right word.  understandable that it's a shared build infrastructure for many projects but it's not strange to see a build per commit in projects that have the build bandwidth.  so in the least it would not be crazy for a queue that simply triggered a build when a commit was done and all commits that were done when the job came up in the queue were included, such that the build system is alwa22:06
Shred00this is how systems like jenkins work22:06
Shred00builds are done as frequently as needed and able.22:06
tgm4883but doesn't work out so well for shared build servers22:07
tgm4883and isn't something that is usually a problem22:07
tgm4883is there something that needs testing?22:07
Shred00you don't get a guaranteed build for each commit but you are guaranteed to get a build that includes all of the commits done when the build is dequeued.22:07
Shred00jenkins works perfectly fine for shared build servers22:07
Shred00anyway, just wanted to see how much 2f6c4eec57121a652e60c8e426e5bec5250a9076 helped things here22:08
Shred00and was hoping to upgrade before the evening "condition brown" (no upgrades while recordings are happening -- obviously) set in.22:11
Shred00but really, wed/thu are the more busy recording nights, so no rush i guess.  only a single recording on the second qam tuner here this evening.22:12
Shred00oh.  i lied.  two.  and one is a WAF recording.  i guess we'll see what happens tonight.22:12
Shred00oh, looks like 0542a100237dd26bcbc60212c443f4619586f15b goes even further22:15

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