M4dH4TT3rok have a good one elky00:15
pangolinM4dH4TT3r, Please don't idle in here.00:20
M4dH4TT3rsorry didnt mean to idle00:38
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Myrttishould I mute or remove the fool?07:54
MyrttiI can't decide07:54
Myrttielky: ^07:54
elkyif he tries to defend more, remove.07:54
elkyi doubt he'd notice being muted07:55
elkyi'm pretty sure i haven't understood a word spoken in that channel in the past hour09:16
ikonialike's English is not going to allow him to use the channel09:18
Myrttimy head implodes when I try to understand him09:20
ikoniaI don't know why he won't use #ubuntu-es-offtopic it's quite active09:20
ikonia(it forwards to #ubuntu-es-cafe)09:20
elkybecause he's using us to learn english, even if he won't admit it.09:21
ikoniathen he should use ##english09:23
ikoniait's not really helpful to a channel that's got rubbish content to have someone just talking rubbish due to not understanding english09:23
elkyhe understands us fine09:24
elkyhe just can't speak/write it09:24
arand /msg ubot2` !mainline-#ubuntu-se works, but !mainline in #ubuntu-se where ubot2´ is doesn't work, what might be going wrong here?10:08
arandThis is not just simply a matter of db:s not being up to date, right?10:09
jussiarand: hrm, weird.10:12
arandSame goes for !inteunity which was added ages ago...10:13
jussiI think jpds isnt really around anymore, and the amount of bugs with those bots is fairly high. AlanBell, Pici, topyli, funkyHat, perhaps we can consider removing the ubot2 and 4 and replacing them with bots from ubottu.com - then ask jpds to have them web startable for  emergencies?10:15
arandHmm, on further investigation, it seems like none of the factoids that do work are adressable in that manner o_O10:15
jussitsimpson: and I allready talked about this, and we think it would work fine10:15
jussiarand: lets see how things go, until jpds comes back we cant adress the bug directly10:16
arandOk, he's likely to show up in the near future or so? (Just wondering, nothing urgent about the factoids really)10:18
jussihe has been idle for about 2 or 3 days, but Id expect him in the near future. do the factoids work on regulr ubottu?10:19
arandIt appears that #ubuntu-se:s ubot2´ database is independent from the ubot2`/ubottu one you get when /msging with the postfix I'm not sure what's going on here, I've forwarded the edit requests to #ubuntu-se-ops instead, and they should be added there at least.10:30
jpdsarand: Yes, it is indepentant.10:31
jpdsarand: You have to change the factoids in #ubuntu-se.10:31
jpdsarand: And the bot doesn't sit in -se-ops as it's not been invited there.10:31
jpds$ ls bots/ubot2/data/factoids/10:32
jpdsubuntu.db  ubuntu-se.db10:32
arandhmm, so ubuntu-se is an odd one out in this case? :/10:33
jpdsarand: Yes.10:34
jpdsarand: In /msg, it's set to look at ubuntu.db; #ubuntu-se → ubuntu-se.db10:37
arandHrm, Right, hmm, guess that's really something to discuss with the -se ops, but would it be possible to merge them?10:38
arandWell, I guess there's not much to do then, other than manually moving the factoids, if that is even wanted, thanks for your time!10:44
ikoniahi vijeshm12:41
Picivijeshm: Can we help you today?12:59
Pici2012-03-10T07:17:10 <elky> !google test12:59
Pici2012-03-10T07:17:10 <ubottu> I have no google command, use http://www.google.com/12:59
Pici2012-03-10T07:17:10 <Shinkamu1> Results for test on Google:13:00
Pici2012-03-10T07:17:10 <Shinkamu1> --13:00
PiciCan you please disable your script?13:00
Shinkamu1maybe its something I loaded up some time back, ill get it straightened out13:00
Shinkamu1if its not too much trouble, could you test again13:01
Shinkamu1I actually have no idea how to trigger it myself13:02
bazhang!google test13:02
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/13:02
Shinkamu1haha, and please don't laugh at me for that13:02
* Pici hits ikonia with the obvious stick14:20
ikoniasorry, but his whole issue wasn't making sense14:20
Myrttivijeshm: hello?14:20
Pici10:21:08 >>>> Irssi: Ban against *!*@$#ubuntu-ops matches vijeshm!~quassel@
ikoniathere we go14:21
ikoniasame as always14:21
ikoniahe was using another nick last week to try to get around the ban14:21
PiciThen perhaps the banforward needs to be revised.14:21
ikoniaI did think about it, but wanted to give him every chance to actually respond14:22
ikoniaespecailly when using the other nickname to make sure it wasn't him14:22
ikoniabut as we can see it was14:22
ikoniafinally got him in pm, he doesn't want to resolve his ban as he's using ubuntu "comfortably"14:32
mneptokwell then, make your auto-join list more comfortable to read quickly.14:34
ikoniahe doesn't seem to keen to take it off his auto join14:34
mneptokthen his banfoward should be converted into a striahgt-on -ops ban, IMO14:35
ikoniajust trying to talk to him to explain to him it's better to either a.) resolve it b.) change his auto join14:35
mneptokgood luck14:36
ikoniaidoru's back15:00
Picisomeone is pasting the output of dpkg -L as a query to me.15:09
mneptok /m Pici Call me Ishmael. Some years ago- never mind how long precisely- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.15:14
Myrtti/msg Pici In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice15:19
* mneptok sighs16:17
Myrttieep, three hours until the session starts17:03
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ryaxnb_who's dax?20:33
ryaxnb_ah, he's an op20:33
ryaxnb_which op20:33
daxI'm not an Ubuntu op.20:33
ryaxnb_then why the heck are you here?20:33
daxyou whoised me, you tell me.20:33
daxJordan_U: see #ubuntu-offtopic20:39
mneptok"you whoised me" is all that needs be said.20:45
mneptokdid i do that?20:45
* mneptok backs away slooooowly20:45
jussidax: you are so mean for not telling him21:00
mneptokjussi: there's a "show" in "show and tell" for a reason21:01
daxoh thank god, he finally figured it out21:03
mneptok"you're a bot?!"21:04
jussimneptok: is a small shell script now considered a bot? o.O21:04
mneptokjussi: i've had less than 6 lines of Perl i actually thought about dating, so maybe?21:05
jussimneptok: you are strange...21:05
* dax grabs the pepper spray21:06
mneptokrun the script. then look at the source.21:08
Jordan_Umneptok: Wow. Is that a winner of an obfuscated perl contest?21:11
jussino way21:14
jussithat just reminds me of brainfuck21:14
mneptokwhitespace counts. sorry Python.21:16
mneptoks/counts/ doesn't count/21:16
mneptokOK, off to find that brain hemisphere i'm apparently missing.21:17

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