micahgScottK: re anki, it's an arch all package, so I think the python dependency is proper in B-D-I03:41
ScottKmicahg: You still need to satisy clean from build-depends.03:41
ScottKThe rule for b-d is needed for arch any or clean.03:41
ScottKIf you don't need it for clean (I'd be surprised) then it's fine.03:42
micahgScottK: how do I check that, just try to build a source in a chroot without python?03:43
micahg*source package03:43
* micahg doesn't get a warning in the chroot except for the lack of locale, also, there's nothing python related in the clean rule save for the manual .py[co] removal03:49
ScottKmicahg: That's the simplest way.03:57
micahgScottK: ok, did that, doesn't seem to be a problem, do I need to do a full build first?03:57
* micahg actually just ran debian/rules clean03:57
ScottKAs long as you made sure 'python' was not installed.03:57
ScottKThat should be sufficient.03:58
micahggrr, was already in the chroot03:58
micahgah, I have devscripts in my chroot for some reason03:59
micahgclean rule still worked without the python package04:00
ScottKNever mind me then.04:05
micahgok, thanks :)04:06
pitticjwatson cdimage docs> cheers!06:00
cjwatsonXubuntu daily poked again following build failure, and I've moved it five minutes earlier to try to reduce the risk of running into LP downtime which is what I think the last two failures have been10:18
jamespageDaviey: I think bug 948993 is now ready for review10:23
ubot2`Launchpad bug 948993 in rabbitmq-server "[FFe] [MIR] rabbitmq-stomp, rabbitmq-erlang-client" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94899310:23
Davieyjamespage: okay, will look in the next 1hr or so11:28
jamespageDaviey: ta11:32
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mvopitti: hey, sorry for nagging, but could  we get software-center into oneiric-proposed ? the preicse version is uploaded and IIRC you looked at it last friday and the blocker was the missing precise upload, right?12:51
pittimvo: ah, good; sure12:53
pittimvo: bug 938736 is still open12:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938736 in software-center "For-purchase apps not showing up on Oneiric" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93873612:53
pittimvo: bug 949725 as well12:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 949725 in software-center "whats new does not refresh on db changes" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94972512:54
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cyphermoxhey, could someone please review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/95031313:22
ubot2`Launchpad bug 950313 in network-manager "[FFe] Update NetworkManager to a recent snapshot in prevision for the 0.9.4 release." [Undecided,New]13:22
pittimvo: did you see my response above?14:02
mvopitti: ups, sorry, missed that, I updated the bug with the commits that fixed the issue14:24
pittimvo: ah, thanks14:27
pittimvo: hm, 949725 is still open14:30
pittiand no recent comment from you14:30
* mvo looks14:31
mvopitti: updated this one as well, sorry again14:33
pittimvo: thanks; seems they don't always find their way into the debian/changelog?14:34
mvothat was sloppiness on our part :/14:35
stgraberinfinity: any luck with the metalink generation for Edubuntu dailies?15:06
infinitystgraber: Nope, my weekend turned out to actually be busy.  Diving into cdimage today.15:06
stgraberinfinity: ok :) I wasn't around much either so I only had a quick look now. As long as I get something to test before beta2 I'm happy with that.15:08
* infinity nods.15:11
infinitystgraber: I think the only work I got done on the weekend was making qtwebkit-source build.15:11
infinitystgraber: Which was less about working, and more about checking back every 8 hours to see if I'd done it right.15:11
phillwNot sure if I'm asking even the right question, but would access to the 16G model http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/ help you guys in anyway? It's currently sat twiddling its thumbs at about 1% cpu time. Currently CentOS, but popping on a Ubuntu VM would not be a big job?15:20
scott-workdo i need to provide more information or documentation for ubuntu studio's LTS consideration?16:30
micahgscott-work: that's a TB question, not a release team question :)16:47
scott-workyes, sorry, you are obviously correct, i'll respond to the mailing list then16:48
cyphermoxScottK: thanks for looking into the ffe for nm-applet. note that it bring in a difference from what the plasma applet exposes to the users17:22
ScottKI was first concerned about the impact on nm-applet.17:23
cyphermoxI was only adding that because it's relevant if both UIs don't show the same options17:25
ScottKIt might be useful to talk to the p-w-nm devs and see if they would support it.17:28
cyphermoxwhat's the best way to contact them for this kind of thing?17:30
ScottKcyphermox: Ask Riddell who to ask would be my plan.17:32
cyphermoxScottK: Thanks.17:32
ScottKWould someone please respin Kubuntu desktop now that the farsight thing is resolved?  I'd like to see how it looks now.18:36
ScottK(i386 or amd64 is enough)18:36
cjwatsonScottK: running18:38
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.18:38
cjwatson(I just did the lot, less typing)18:38
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GrueMasterstgraber: When you (or someone else) gets a chance, can you remove the armel images from the daily tracker (except netboot armel+omap4).  We are no longer making these images, so testing is fruitless.23:31
stgraberGrueMaster: doing now23:31
GrueMasterThanks.  I don't always do daily image smoke testing (can't readily automate it yet), but today was a special case.  Lots of users complaining about omap issues.23:33
stgraberGrueMaster: done, only armel left is Core which stills build daily23:33
GrueMasterYep.  netboot armel+omap4 should also remain, as it is an easy way to test the armel pool.23:33
stgraberah, right, let me restore that one then23:34
GrueMasterstgraber: ^^^23:35
GrueMasterok.  (thought you had wandered off again).  :P23:35
GrueMasterNow I need to figure out why server omap image blows up.  sigh.23:39
infinityWe have netboot armel+omap as well.23:46
infinitystgraber: netboot omap images seems to have gone from the tracker entirely.23:47
infinitystgraber: armel and armhf..23:47
GrueMasterinfinity: Yes, this I know.  The odd thing is the desktop image works, and so does the omap4 server image.23:47
infinityGrueMaster: Oh, that wasn't in response to your server comment.23:48
infinityGrueMaster: armhf+omap server is acting up?23:48
GrueMasterinfinity: We are only testing omap4 netboot actively at this time.  We'll probably keep the images for other netboots, but they will be mostly ignored.23:48
infinityOh, yeah, if we're not testing them, fair enough.  No need to track them.23:49
infinitystgraber: Ignore me.23:49
GrueMasterAnd yes, ubuntu-server armhf+omap goes poof on second boot.23:49
GrueMasterNo indications as to why in the logs that I can see.23:49
infinityWeird, given that it does nothing different from the desktop image up to that point.23:50
infinityMaybe there's just something goofy with today's daily.23:50
GrueMasterI hope it is a random thing.  btw, md5sums???23:51
GrueMasterpretty please???23:51
infinityGot a bit side tracked today, but yeah, looking at it tonight.23:52
infinityAfter I take some time out to reset my brain with a movie or something.23:52
GrueMasterI know the feeling.  I was supposed to be working on some automation scripting.  Got stuck with this, armadaxp kernel goofiness, etc.23:53
GrueMasterNeed something like "mirror /dev/gruemaster".23:54
infinityNah, just need to take a bit of "you" time and relax.23:54
GrueMasterCan't.  Weather sucks too much to do anything.  40f degrees and raining.  hard.23:55
GrueMasterI did take ~3 hours of me time yesterday...and did my taxes.  wheeee.23:56
infinityYeah, I did that over the weekend, too.23:56
infinityBecause when you travel to another city to help with a funeral, the only way to possibly make that more depressing is to bring your taxes with you.23:57
* infinity is smart.23:57

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