jibelmvo, good morning08:53
jibelmvo, did you revert/change something on Lucid upgrade jobs ? The error 'dpkg is already installed' is back08:53
mvohey jibel08:59
mvojibel: let me check09:00
mvojibel: meh, yes - I think I know what caused this09:00
mvojibel: I think it would be good to get the apt fix  from lucid-proposed to lucid-updates as tihs is a issue for more users09:02
jibelmvo, unrelated question. What's the easiest way to calculate dependencies for packages from another release ?  e.g on a server running oneiric I want to calculate dependencies for packages in Precise09:43
mvojibel: create a aptroot directory with aptroot/etc/apt/sources.list etc09:48
mvojibel: and then a cache using "cache=apt.Cache(rootdir="/path/to/aptroot")"09:49
mvojibel: and then cache.update(); cache.open(); do_stuff_with_cache(cache)"09:49
jibelmvo, ah great! thanks09:54
mvojibel: yw, let me know if I can help furth09:59
jibelmvo, that should be fine. for info I'm using it to trigger autopkgtest runs on dependency changes.10:04
jibelmvo, for example, if s-c had a dep8 control file, the tests would run if any of its dependency changed.10:04
jibelmvo, I'll start with the 1rst level dependencies but I think I'll make the level of dependencies configurable.10:05
* mvo nods10:14
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botfatherDownload complete and in download only mode12:27
botfatheri am not able to upgrade any more12:28
botfatherand how do i change my font size pleeease ;]12:31
roignac_botfather: System Settings - Universal Access - Text Size12:54
botfatherahhh universal12:55
botfatherman thats not easy to find12:55
botfatherthnx roignac_12:55
botfatherthis is a big large ;]12:56
botfatherbut better12:56
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botfatheris it normal if i can't upgrade because ubuntu-desktop is locked ?15:50
jibelbotfather, there is a unity/compiz upload in progress. It may take time until all the dependencies are built and available from the archive.15:55
botfatherah thnx jibel ;]15:56
botfatheri am soo noob i reinstalled my ubuntu just to find the same prob arising15:56
botfathernever seen this15:57
hggdhbotfather: during the development you may find temporary inconsistencies on the archives -- some builds generate multiple packages, on different arches --. So you will have the archives not completely consistent.16:04
hggdhbotfather: safest option is to wait until the requirements are all resolved16:05
botfatherhggdh: yeah i understand now ;]16:05
botfatheryeah well it all started when i wanted to test the new spotify client16:05
botfatherthat borks so i wanted to upgrade and went hacking apt-get ;]16:05
botfatherthought it was my fault etc16:05
botfatherbut now reinstalled the beta from usb16:05
botfatherworks ok thouhg only thing i wish i could do normally is enlarging the nr of workspaces16:06
hggdhyeah, I also wonder, sometimes, about being limited to 4 workspaces16:07
botfatheri am used to 816:07
botfatherdevelop my bot on ubuntu mainly16:07
hggdhmost of my life is under byobu/t-mux, so I can survive with 4 workspaces (and two monitors)16:11
botfatheryeah i irc from my screen jails16:17
botfatheral my shell/hosting is on fbsd jails though16:17
botfatherall my code in googlecode so i can nuke my os any time and reinstall get it working in 10 min or so16:17
botfatherwith unity i have really the feeling like its ment for touch devices16:18
botfatherlike having to click twice in the workspace switcher to switch16:18
hggdhI switch with super-shift-arrow16:28
botfatheri switch with alt-f1 alt-f2 tec16:29
botfatherlike consoles ;]16:29
botfathercan this hud thing be disabled ?21:06
botfathereverytime i want to switch to alt-f2 the thing popsup21:06
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