gbyers_n #twitlive301:28
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Web Design Help Needed - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/03/12/web-design-help-needed/06:19
GirlyGirlHi, how is the performance of Unity on beta 1 before I install ubuntu-desktop to give it a try? On 11.10 the UI was to laggy to use. Kde works fine with all desktop effects on my system however both on 11.10 and 12.04. (EeePC 1005ha)06:41
MartijnVdSGirlyGirl: Depends on your hardware a bit, but I have no problems on Intel video06:58
GirlyGirlMartijnVdS: Which Intel GPU do you have?07:00
MartijnVdSpre-SandyBridge i3 and i507:01
MartijnVdSso IronLake I think?07:02
MartijnVdS[    94.821] (II) intel(0): Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) Clarkdale07:03
GirlyGirlMine is a lot less powerful ... Gma 950 Intel Atom, however I expect it to work as it works extremely well on KDE doing effects that unity isn't even capable of ... also theoretically it has the features to run unity. But for some reason all gtk3 stuff lags like the UI of software center (even when run under kDE). Unity itself is fast07:08
* Azelphur hugs his GTX 570 and OC'd i7 95007:09
MartijnVdSGirlyGirl: 950 isn't too bad, I'd go for it :)07:10
MartijnVdSAzelphur: I still can't stand nvidia :)07:10
AzelphurAlso, I've got an interesting challenge07:11
Azelphurthere's this guy who does awesome music, and he was doing a live stream on ustream earlier, I managed to get into the autorecord on ustream before he set it to private...so I can play it as long as I don't close the tab07:11
Azelphurany way I can rip it?07:11
GirlyGirlMartijnVdS: Not that I really care as KDE is my main DE, I just want to give Ubuntu 12.04 a test run07:11
MartijnVdSGirlyGirl: you can always boot it from an USB stick07:12
AzelphurI might just point gtk-recordmydesktop at it XD07:12
MartijnVdSAzelphur: rtmpsuck might help07:13
* Azelphur googles it07:13
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's a proxy for Flash's streaming protocol that saves the output to disk07:14
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's in the rtmpdump package07:14
AzelphurMartijnVdS: yea, the interesting thing is I can only do it if i can do it without refreshing the page07:14
Azelphurif I refresh the page, I'm locked out.07:14
MartijnVdSAzelphur: hmmm07:14
MartijnVdSyou could run wireshark and save ALL network traffic to disk07:15
MartijnVdSthen sort it out afterwards07:15
GirlyGirlAzelphur: Use gtk-recordmydesktop and later rip from that07:15
AzelphurMartijnVdS: haha, that'd be a bit difficult no doubt07:15
MartijnVdSAzelphur: I have no idea if there's crypto involved, but if there isn't it should be as easy as stripping the IP headers and concatenating07:16
MartijnVdSmaybe removing dups07:16
MartijnVdSdepends on how bad you want it ;)07:16
AzelphurI wants it, and I shall work until I get it :P07:17
GirlyGirlAzelphur: Send a cable from headphone, to mic or line in and use a recording app07:17
Azelphuryea, gtk-recordmydesktop can be my fallback07:17
Azelphurnah, rtmpsuck doesn't seem to see it07:21
Azelphurand it's not a flash flv stored in the cache like youtube either07:21
MartijnVdSAzelphur: for rtmpsuck to work it needs to see the start of the request, and you have to use iptables to route all traffic through it07:22
MartijnVdSAzelphur: see /usr/share/doc/rtmpdump07:22
Azelphuryea I did07:22
AzelphurI found a post on askubuntu.com that says it doesn't wok07:22
MartijnVdSAt all? Because I got it to work a few weeks ago07:22
Azelphurwith ustream?07:22
MartijnVdSwith npr :)07:23
Azelphurapparently it's a ustream specific issue07:23
MartijnVdSon purpose, no doubt07:23
AzelphurIs there anything better than gtk-recordmydesktop? It's almost impossible to select a region with it07:23
Azelphurfor some reason it feels the need to project your screen in a tiny postage stamp sized box, which doesn't allow you to accurately draw a box around something at all :(07:23
GirlyGirlAzelphur: you need audio only?07:24
Azelphurvideo would be cool too, but yea I only really care about the audio07:24
MartijnVdSthen you can use pulseaudio magics07:25
GirlyGirlA line in cable would make things easier07:25
Azelphurfun :P07:25
MartijnVdSGirlyGirl: not necessary, just pacat :)07:25
Azelphurstill interested in something that lets you select regions better than gtk-recordmydesktop, it's irritating :P07:26
GirlyGirlAzelphur: there is a similar kde utility that works fine forgot the name though07:28
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I found out that the command line recordmydesktop has accurate width and height params, so now I just need to make it capture audio07:39
GirlyGirlI can imagine the look on your face if the browser crashes or something07:41
AzelphurI would rage.07:41
Azelphurmissed live performance...must see it07:42
Azelphurwell, seen it already now I just want to keep it07:42
AzelphurMartijnVdS: and that pulseaudio page doesn't seem to be working for me :'(07:48
Azelphuraha, mission success I managed to make gtk-recordmydesktop capture07:50
popeyAzelphur: kazam07:53
popey"better than recordmydesktop"07:53
Azelphurah cool07:53
Azelphurwill have a nose at it :)07:53
popeyit can record the audio from the sound card which is handy07:53
MartijnVdSaudio in or audio out?07:54
Azelphurjust made gtk-recordmydesktop do that with some pulse magic07:54
popeyyeah, no magic required with kazam07:54
popeyjust start it and press record ☺07:54
popeyalso, recordmydesktop is dead basically, no active development at all07:55
imexilThis time I'm struggling to find the option to disable the login drum in 12.04. Any hint where to look?08:23
AlanBellkazam does need a bit more resources I think, best to do screencasts on somewhat deced hardware08:31
* AlanBell is on a boat08:35
christeli say! where are you sailing off to ?08:42
christel(and good morning lovelies)08:42
dwatkinsgood morning all!08:44
AlanBelldown the thames to Canary wharf08:47
AlanBellit is a lovel day for it08:47
MartijnVdSAlanBell: ft. T-Pain? :)08:48
christelooh nice08:50
brobostigongood morning everyone08:58
diploMorning all09:02
christelmorning :)09:03
brobostigonmorning diplo , christel and _serial_09:03
_serial_good morning brobostigon :)09:03
mungojerryi tried kazam yesterday, works great.09:07
czajkowskigah this new playing stuff once it has downloaded is most annoying09:11
popeyczajkowski: eh?09:11
richardperkinsmorning all09:13
czajkowskipopey: downloading stuff and when it arrives it's automatically starting to play using movie player which isn't my default application VLC is09:14
czajkowskipopey: 3 .avi files have just landed and all 3 open and start to play09:14
popeyczajkowski: how did the avi files download? click links in browser?09:23
czajkowskipopey: aye right click, save to place.09:23
popeyi havent had it open automatically09:28
czajkowskiodd only happening since friday09:30
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:30
=== angela-android is now known as nothingspecial
richardperkinscan anyone help me out with a network issue09:42
richardperkinswhenever i am connected to my net gear either wireless or wired and someone else connects the router crashes out?09:42
mungojerryanyone else tell me how much electricity and gas they use in a year?09:47
mungojerryterraced house, 1 wife+kid09:47
nothingspecialonly 1 wife?09:48
mungojerryestimated next year, 347 elec, £373 gas09:48
mungojerrynothingspecial, yeah, not enough space09:48
gordrichardperkins, sounds like a broken router to me ;) maybe try and figure out if you can reset the router to factory defaults if its a new issue09:49
directhexmungojerry, hang on09:49
directhexlet me find my paperwork09:49
gordonjcpmungojerry: sounds okay09:50
gordonjcp373 for gas is cheap09:50
mungojerryover winter i've had it on permanantely :S09:51
directhexlooks like about 1100 a year combined09:51
iofor a whole year?09:51
gordonjcpin my old house we were nearly 800 quid for gas09:51
mungojerrylast 12 months: 2,246 kWh elec 7,972 kWh gas09:51
iomine's £450/quarter for both09:51
mungojerryio what's yr setup?09:51
mungojerryis there a roof on the house?09:52
directhex7973 kWh of gas from november->may, 2340 kWh of electricity for the same period09:52
mungojerrydirecthex, wow pretty close09:52
=== Donald is now known as Guest50176
mungojerrymy wife is at home all day09:52
ioI have the heating on constantly though, 'tis cold at the moment :<09:52
directhex2 bed coachhouse09:52
mungojerryi suspect would be cheap if nobody was indoors09:52
directhexgas heating & hob09:52
mungojerrygas hob, too09:53
mungojerryi plot graphs of the temp of my house09:53
diplomungojerry, About same as mine £350 mark for each09:53
mungojerrygood to hear09:53
diplome and 2 young sons09:53
diploNo wife, so a large saving there09:53
gordonjcppurely theoretically, is there anyone in the London-ish corner of the country who could pick up three synthesizers for me and hold onto them for a week or two?09:54
JamesTaitmungojerry: 2-bed semi, wife + 2 kids. Estimated ~10,000kWh gas, ~4,500kWh electricity, based on current usage from June - present.09:57
mungojerryJamesTait, wow,..09:58
mungojerrythat's a fair chunk of your income09:58
gordi use a lot of electricity here, but its mostly just nerd tax09:59
mungojerryi feel that after food, fuel (gas/elec/petrol), mortgage and council tax, there's nothing left09:59
mungojerryi have a nerd budget entitlement each month that i haven't touched in ages10:00
JamesTaitmungojerry: Comes to about £1,000 p/a, which is a lot less than the mortgage and food. :)10:00
JamesTaitCome to think of it, it's probably less than I spend on the car I hardly use as well.10:01
mungojerrymy dad used to spend his whole time turning the heating down, but it was cheap in those days10:02
diploMy mortage a month is more than my gas/elec is per year :(10:08
DJonesOh bugger, my wife has just been given a works laptop.....10:08
christelmungojerry: i'd have to log in to check the kwh figures, but we spend around 700/quarter on gas+electricity10:09
mungojerrychristel, which country? UK?10:09
christel(that said, i work from home so we probably have heating on much more than we would if i left the house for 8-10 hours a day)10:09
mungojerryi think my mortgage is only around 160pm10:09
christelsemi-detached property, 2 adults + 1 child10:10
diploMy mortage is just shy of £90010:10
mungojerrychristel, save money on rail travel ,10:10
christelmungojerry: yeah UK (england)10:10
mungojerryapparently on the continent, gas prices are enormous10:10
mungojerrye.g. denmark10:10
popeymungojerry: do you live in a cardboard box?10:12
mungojerrypopey, why's that?10:13
popey10:09:54 < mungojerry> i think my mortgage is only around 160pm10:13
popeymine is ~120010:13
dauberspopey: Old people who bought houses when they where sensibly priced10:13
mungojerrymy first house was 65k10:13
daubers^ point proven10:13
mungojerrysecond house was 325, but th efirst house had gone to 165 in the meantime10:13
* daubers is just getting his first house at nearly £190k10:14
* popey wonders how old mungojerry is10:14
mungojerryi had a high deposit on first house, so was able to aggressively save while i was single, to put large deposit on 2nd house10:14
* popey is still living in his first house10:14
popeyis that a standard unit of measurement now?10:15
diplo4th house here10:15
mungojerrywill try not to move house for another 15years10:15
diploAnd I think I'm popey -3 or 410:15
popeywe've been here 10, would like to stay another 10 ☺10:15
popeyor 1510:15
mungojerryit involves throwing many thousands at people you dislike10:15
popeybe nice to pay off the house completely10:15
mungojerryi look popey -10 though10:16
mungojerrynothing to do with popey10:16
mungojerryjust the effect of drinking oil of ulay10:16
daubersaverage age of ubuntu-uk = popey ±10 ?10:17
mungojerryi have a public sector wage now and cannot afford to do anything ever again10:17
diploI will stay in mine another year or two, until I find someone to settle down with, don't want to move twice!!10:17
mungojerryi'm told that women like a man with a house and car10:18
* TheOpenSourcerer has a very low mortgage now ~£100 p/m10:18
diploPlease!! stop it!10:18
directhexi'm paying £1050 a month on my mortgage10:18
* MartijnVdS pays ~€600/month10:19
diploMine would have been if the ex hadn't wanted to move10:19
diplodirecthex, married ? / joint mortage ?10:19
directhexdiplo, married10:19
* daubers will be paying ~£800 p/m10:19
TheOpenSourcererWe paid off most of our mortgage in 2001. Thanks to redundancies & stock options :-)10:20
diploI really need to either think about getting a lodger or seriously trying to find a new woman10:20
diplonice TheOpenSourcerer , I tried that with my last job but no go :/10:20
daubersdiplo: lodgers are less expensive to keep10:20
nothingspecial+1 for paying off mortgage10:20
diploYeah but I also have 2 boys with me half a week each week10:20
mungojerryi opened a PEP (remember those?) in 1998..with £2800. guess how much it's worth now? 2900.10:20
mungojerryshould have bought apple shares10:21
mungojerryor del monte at least10:21
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: It was quite funny actually. My wife and I were both made redundant on the same day from different companies. And we were both really happy about it.10:21
christeli am not sure how old i am in popey.10:22
christel(i cant remember how old popey is!)10:22
mungojerrypopey is elvis-43?10:23
MartijnVdSgreat alt+f2 is broken10:23
mungojerrysomething like that.10:23
diploI asked for redundancy TheOpenSourcerer but they wouldn't give it to me, so had to hand my notice in which I was happy about10:23
diploJust not happy with this job now :(10:24
TheOpenSourcererI worked for a US start-up which got bought by Ericsson. Had to stay 2 years to get the money. Wifey worked for a startup that got bought by Freeserve.10:25
mungojerryfreeserve lol10:25
mungojerrythose were the days10:25
mungojerryreminds me of the facebook IPO10:26
mungojerryever user of freeserve was worth £200010:26
mungojerryyeah right10:26
TheOpenSourcererThey signed the deal about three weeks before the dotcom bubble popped <phew>10:26
mungojerryare men allowed to the flossie conference? looks good http://www.flossie.org/?page_id=12510:27
=== mungojerry is now known as oimon
popeyoimon: dont think so10:29
popeychristel: 40 in 23 days10:29
* oimon revises his popey age.10:30
* TheOpenSourcerer was 47 last week.10:30
oimonpopey, thought not. shame as it's in my building10:31
oimonlol @ https://twitter.com/#!/NickMotown/status/179135101119115265/photo/110:32
bigcalmRAT tickets arrived \o/10:37
AlanBelldanfish_: got the ducks yes?10:39
* daubers ponders acquiring some music10:41
* DJones donates Agadoo to daubers10:42
sagacibigcalm: would've been better if they were RATM tickets ;)10:42
daubersDJones: I already have agadoo10:42
sagaci... rage against the machine10:43
dauberswho're they then10:43
BigRedSthey got the christmas number 1 the other year and don't seem to have done anything since10:44
sagacitoured but no new material10:44
sagacian hour and 15 minute concert felt like 3 hours10:44
sagacihi andylockran10:45
* daubers waits for U1 to get new music10:47
andylockransagaci: what's new?10:54
gordhrm, what would be a better use of my time this morning, working on work, or making a youtube playlist of really good zx spectrum music10:55
bigcalmThe latter10:56
bigcalm_always_ the latter10:56
MartijnVdShaha. work.10:56
oimongord, will the playlist help you work faster?10:57
gordgiven that i'd have to rock out like grandpa dizzy in kwik snax, i'd say no10:58
davmor2morning all11:01
davmor2czajkowski: prod11:01
czajkowskidavmor2: ello11:02
davmor2popey: you made the awesome, awesomer, /me sits back and watches czajkowski head explode11:03
czajkowskitoo busy11:05
popeydavmor2: hmm?11:07
hoovermorning all11:07
davmor2popey: in the Topic it's not asterisks any more for pompoms11:08
davmor2popey: so the awesome got awesomer and again /me waits for czajkowski head to explode11:14
* jussi waves to davmor211:15
davmor2jussi: Hey dude11:16
jussidavmor2: My daughter is feeling better now, its amazing the difference when they have been sick and then they are happy11:16
davmor2jussi: Woohoo!  glad to hear it dude, nothing worse than a poorly kid and you can't do anything :(11:17
jussidavmor2: yeah, it wasnt serious, just an upset tummy, but still, not nice for her11:18
jussiwhen well, she is such a happy kid11:18
jussidavmor2: you did hear the name, tight?11:19
davmor2jussi: Nope  you hadn't chosen one when last we spoke11:19
jussioh! Her name is Elodi Aurora :)11:19
davmor2jussi: you should of gone the whole hog and added Borealis as a second middle name ;)   nice name though on a more serious note :)11:22
jussidavmor2: but then I would have had to choose Australis or Borealis... was too hard so we left it out :P11:23
jussi(given Im australian and Sari si a finn...)11:23
popey\o/ spotify is fixed11:28
popeyhttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/spotify-for-linux-preview-gets-small-bug-fix-update/ works for m11:28
bigcalmMight have to give it a go11:29
popeydamnit, works on one pc, not on another11:30
bigcalmI can't remember the package name for me to remove11:31
bigcalmRemove my current install (from the spotify site)11:32
Niels_remove what11:32
bigcalmShow off :P11:32
davmor2bigcalm: no it just means he has way too much time on his hands11:33
daubersHmm... my 3g modem has stopped working in precise11:35
=== graham is now known as Guest48401
bigcalmNope, still crashes upon loading11:36
oimonstartup disk creator requires password entry 4 times when writing a usb. worse than vista :(11:37
popeyfile a bug?11:37
bigcalmBut works if I launch it from the CLI11:37
=== graham_ is now known as Guest40658
czajkowskianyone else having issues when they open up any folder and try and get the scroll bars to work, cant seem to touch mine but they go and hide  on me11:37
popeyoverlay scrollbars?11:38
davmor2bigcalm: check the /usr/share/applications/<name_of_app>.desktop  file and ensure the details are correct11:38
bigcalmdavmor2: how would I know if they were not? :)11:40
Laneyrun the command it has there and see if it then crashes11:40
bigcalmThe command is 'spotify %U'11:41
czajkowskipopey: yup11:41
bigcalmI'm not sure what it expects to be passed into %U11:41
davmor2bigcalm: if the path is pointing some where other than where the app is etc,  it might be that the original version left it's desktop file in place so it is pointing at the old version not the new for example11:42
Laneyit just means it can open URLs / files11:42
daubersWhere on earth is all the usb-modeswitch data kept these days?11:42
Laneyit is supposed to be removed if launched from a menu11:42
MartijnVdSdaubers: /lib/udev?11:42
Laneyi.e. 'spotify'11:42
oimonRS Components said it will have the first batch of Raspberry Pi microcomputers in its warehouses by the end of March.11:42
MartijnVdSoimon: I have "Stock allocated" by Farnell for the end of April11:43
popeyi got a mail from RS saying thanks for joining the mailing list, no idea how to order or pre-order11:44
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gordspotify still crash11:53
gordits all lies!11:53
=== webpigeon_laptop is now known as webpigeon
Laneyright-click and menus working again is LIES11:56
daubersHmmm.... if I put it in a USB2.0 port it works, in a USB3 port it doesn't12:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Lord] How to: OpenERP 6.1, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, nginx SSL Reverse Proxy - http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/03/12/how-to-openerp-6-1-ubuntu-10-04-lts-nginx-ssl-reverse-proxy/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-openerp-6-1-ubuntu-10-04-lts-nginx-ssl-reverse-proxy12:19
* gord spies a not pretty url12:29
gordonjcpwould openerp be a good fit for a stock control system?12:30
gordonjcpit looks like it does a hell of a lot more than I need12:30
AlanBellgordonjcp: it would, you can turn off stuff you don't use12:30
* popey hands AlanBell http://ocaoimh.ie/2010/02/22/remove-unused-utmsource-urls/12:32
AlanBellnot a very clueful article12:37
AlanBellit is google analytics stuff, I dunno how much value it adds though. TheOpenSourcerer probably has an opinion.12:37
TheOpenSourcererThat URL is from the planet not me.12:38
AlanBellit is from the RSS feed12:39
AlanBellplanet isn't adding it, the wordpress google analytics plugin is (probably)12:39
TheOpenSourcererOh OK - It doesn't happen that often so I'm totally unfussed.12:40
gordi propose all planet urls are first passed through http://socuteurl.com12:41
AlanBellI like that!12:42
diploI could see some odd combinations coming out of that!12:47
BigRedSI just got http://socuteurl.com/weewillyrub ...12:48
diploheh that's the sort of thing I was thinking, but was thinking more of the lady garden12:51
gordonjcpAlanBell: sounds good13:00
oimonis there a quicker tool than wipe? i'd like to use DBAN to wipe a disk before a RTM but only have ubuntu livecd with me. any suggestions?13:09
diploAll depends how well you want it wiped13:09
diploIs it really sensitive data ?13:10
diplotbh, I'd be happy with formatting it a few times13:10
gordonjcpformatting won't help13:10
gordonjcpsince you're not actually writing to all sectors13:10
gordonjcpfor all practical purposes a single pass of /dev/zero will destroy all data on the disk beyond hope of recovery13:11
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: Not 600 times /dev/random1?!?!11/!?13:12
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: not in this lifetime13:13
popeydd zero over the disk is enougfh13:13
popeynobody has ever recovered a disk that has had dd if=/dev/zero /dev/sda13:13
gordonjcpwell, no13:13
gordonjcpand saying you can look at residual magnetism doesn't work either13:13
gordonjcpnot since about the earliest >1GB disks13:14
MartijnVdSThat's what NSA spooks _would_ say :)13:14
oimondd /dev/zero doesn't have a progress bar :(13:14
oimoni think there's a kill command to see progress tho13:14
oimoni'm doing that instead tho, thanks for sugestion13:15
AlanBellkill -USR113:15
oimonwipe uses /dev/random , and even quick wipe is 4x13:15
oimongonna take a while on a 500gb laptop disk :-\13:16
gordonjcpmake sure you're on the right disk13:16
gordonjcp-!- oimon has quit (connection just plain gone...)13:17
oimonanyone use mathematica?13:18
oimontrying to do some data analysis, dunno where to start13:18
gordoimon, can you not make it use /dev/urandom - it has less entropy but is way quicker13:32
oimonzero is quicker gord :D13:32
oimonbut still slow13:32
gordyeah but zero is more suspicious!13:33
gordthere should be an easy way you can wipe a drive, replacing it with a fake windows 98 (not se) install that is full of viruses13:34
daubersoimon: mathematica \o/13:38
oimondaubers, wondering whether i should use it or libreoffice calc13:38
daubersoimon: What're you trying to achieve?13:39
oimoni have a sqllite db of interesting data i'd like to draw graphs with13:39
daubers(mathematica = powerful++ compared to libreoffice)13:39
MartijnVdSReally? ;)13:39
daubersoimon: Is it lots of data or simple graphs? any manipulation involved?13:39
oimonmathematica imports it as a list of lists (i think ) { {1,fred,3}, {3,bob,2},... }13:39
oimonit is a list of hundreds of machines and all data about the machine (disk IOPS, etc).13:40
daubersoimon: I'd do it in mathematica (tbh) with hundreds of data points if you're doing maniupations on them13:41
daubersmathematica can make nicer graphs (IMHO) too13:41
oimonunfortunately i'll need to learn mathemtaica first :(13:41
daubersbeen a long time since I used it13:41
daubersoimon: Worth learning if you do lots of math13:42
oimonwill probably make me look cool, but unsure if i have time13:42
daubersheh :)13:42
daubersoimon: Do it in LO, then if you have time, play with mathematica13:43
oimonprobably that's what's gonna happen13:43
daubersonce you've got a worksheet in mathematica, rerunning it with new data is quite easy13:43
daubersused to do that lots with experimental results13:43
oimondid you see what stephen wolfram blogged about recently?13:43
MartijnVdSoimon: his phone calls and keystrokes you mean?>13:44
daubersI did :) Made me want to start collecting everything13:44
oimoni want the source :P13:44
oimonits pointless though13:44
ali1234oimon:  use python14:36
oimonali1234, numpy/scipy ?14:36
popeydirecthex: I HAZ XBOX360!14:42
directhexpopey, hook it up & make sure it works as expected, otherwise it's time to moan at hermes14:42
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directhexpopey, the video cable has a switch on the side to decide if it tries HD (720p by default) or not. i think i set it to SD before shipping14:43
oimonhave some semi useful results in mathematica now, has similar features to python actually14:44
popeydirecthex: it does work14:45
* daubers loves the mathematica14:45
MartijnVdSdaubers: mathemagician14:52
MartijnVdSali1234: there are python/matlab wars?14:55
MartijnVdSali1234: Strange people14:55
oimonhumans war over anything possible15:03
MartijnVdSoimon: VI!15:04
oimonpeoples front of judea15:05
bigcalmIs Echo123 working for anybody here? Not able to test my connection is a worry15:07
directhexpopey, time to stock up on games, then!15:07
bigcalmBefore Game nose dives?15:08
MartijnVdSbigcalm: your connection is worky!15:09
directhexi'd say there are bargains to be had at game, but there probably aren't15:09
bigcalmMartijnVdS: not much of a surprise that. Though the test call just worked for me15:09
oimonali1234, i'm tempted to use python but mathematica just makes it so easy15:09
oimonalthough all i'm doing at the mo is open sqlite db, perform a sql query, then plot a sorted list of the Xth field of the resulting list15:10
MartijnVdSgnuplot! ;)15:11
ali1234what's the deal with EA and Game?15:21
popeydirecthex: yes!15:22
MartijnVdSali1234: They lost the game?15:22
popeydirecthex: will probably take a trip to the local indie game shop and rummage in the bargain bucket15:22
ali1234game should go back to being gamestation and only selling second hand and grey market imports15:23
gordali1234, poor xmas performance at game basically meant they couldn't afford to buy video games anymore. so they went to the big publishers and asked them to loan them games to be paid off at a later date, ea refused15:23
ali1234and ubisoft too presumably?15:23
gordi read they are looking for a buyer for game now, not sure who would be interested15:24
directhexali1234, nintendo and capcom too15:25
directhexpopey, remember: viva pinata!15:25
ali1234actually, were game and gamestation ever the same company?15:25
directhexali1234, after game bought them yes15:26
ali1234i see15:26
gordi could maybe see someone buying the gamestation part of the business, seems to do better15:27
oimonoccasionally i browse those shops but haven't bought anything for many yeasr15:32
popey*sigh* https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg08688.html15:33
ali1234god bloke again?15:33
popey"god bloke" ☺15:34
popeyhe's only about 12 iirc15:34
popeywell, says he is15:34
MartijnVdSGod kid then15:34
MartijnVdSWheels for suitcases were invented AFTER the moon landing15:36
ali1234then how did astronauts get their luggage over those craters etc?15:37
MartijnVdSali1234: they lugged it around.. LUGgage15:37
popeyit was all done with wires in a warehouse15:38
gordy'know those people with the tiny bags? about the size of a large handbag or so? but they have wheels on them and cart them around the airport? those people should be banned from england15:38
MartijnVdSEasyjet accepts those as cabin baggage15:39
MartijnVdSso that's why people have them15:39
gordthey also accept non wheeled small bags15:40
MartijnVdSof course, but tell that to the public15:40
gordi thought it was common sense15:40
ali1234yeah but when you have to spend 3 1/2 hours waiting on the other side of the check in gate15:41
ali1234you can see why you wouldn't want to carry it around, even if it is fairly light15:41
* MartijnVdS has a very good backpack15:41
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daubersHmmm.... British train prices are silly15:44
ali1234not if you book advance15:44
daubersI can go from paris to venice (return ticket) for £73.5015:44
daubersyet a peak ticket to London from Reading is £57 odd15:45
dauberssorry,  Reading to London15:45
popeybah, why did we switch back to rhythmbox15:45
popeyits utter poo15:46
ali1234yeah it is isn't it?15:46
ali1234i'm still using banshee15:46
popeyplay one song, click anywhere in the UI.. BANG15:46
popeylooks like apport is uploading an 8GB core dump or something now15:47
ali1234what's with the new apport that just reports it and doesn't ask you for any details or give you a link to the bug?15:47
popeythats whoopsie15:47
popey(yes, I know)15:47
ali1234what's that?15:48
popeythe new crashreporter15:48
ali1234so, is it supposed to do that?15:48
popeywhich allows you to submit crashdumps without a launchpad id15:48
popeybut you still can do the usual apport thing15:49
popeyit seems to be better at detecting duplicates now15:49
popeyor I am just getting a lot of dupes15:49
gordhrm, rhythmbox works perfectly for me15:49
gordnot crashed in a long long time15:49
ali1234mostly when i get a real crash i don't have anything useful to add to the bug report anyway15:49
ali1234"it just randomly crashed" isn't helpful i guess15:49
popeylolsummary "rhythmbox crashed with SIGSEGV"15:50
bigcalmTrying to sort out car insurance, what would this mean? "Did the insurer of your vehicle recover the cost of the claim?"15:52
bigcalmI made a claim for flood damage and they paid me15:52
davmor2bigcalm: Pass I've never made a claim15:53
AlanBellbigcalm: that means did the insurer sue the other person's insurance and get their money back15:57
AlanBellfor flood damage they would have to sue $deity and those do not have a history of paying out15:58
davmor2AlanBell: for Act of God disasters I think we should be allowed to sue the Pope as Gods representative on earth :)16:06
AlanBellor people who evangelise on mailing lists :)16:07
oimonhmm mathematica has crashed 3 times on me today. don't get this problem on centos/SL16:08
bigcalmTa peeps :)16:12
bigcalmRenewal cost with Direct Line > 750 quid. Quote from Hastings Direct 464 quid16:13
* bigcalm does a couple more searches to be sure16:13
popeyphone direct line back, they'll price match16:16
bigcalmI'm sure they will, but I still want to have more than one example quote16:16
bigcalmAnd I need to find some cheaper break down cover. Current renewal cost for that is well over 100 quid16:17
MartijnVdSdon't break down ;)16:17
bigcalmI haven't yet16:18
bigcalmWell, I had a break down in 2003, but I wasn't a driver back then16:18
MartijnVdSAren't breakdowns covered by the NHS? ;)16:19
daubersI had a breakdown last year, but fixed it myself :)16:29
MartijnVdSdaubers: home-made prozac?16:31
bigcalmMore Than 582.77, LV 692.71. Hastings Direct looks the best so far16:32
bigcalmWho else shall I check against?16:33
gordyou should compare the mearcat16:36
gordthat is a thing right?16:36
davmor2bigcalm: There is epic popey's site, moneysupermarket.com , comparethemarket.com , gocompare.com , directline.com , lv.com , churchhill.com , admiral.com16:36
gorddo the one with the oh yes dog16:36
MartijnVdSDo the one with the least annoying ad16:37
davmor2bigcalm: it's also worth checking the supermarket site asda, tesco not sure if sainsbury's and the others do insurance too16:38
bigcalmI'm doing Sainsbury's now16:38
daubersMartijnVdS: Nah, was a mucked up spark plug16:39
bigcalmWow, Sainsbury's are expensive16:40
davmor2bigcalm: that's why I said asda and tesco :P16:41
* daubers hasn't heard back from the solicitor16:41
* daubers ponders ringing the estate agent...16:41
davmor2bigcalm: to be fair most of the supermarkets are but occasionally they have a really good deal if you catch them in sales mode16:41
TheOpenSourcererI'm pretty sure Tesco get their insurance products from Direct Line16:47
TheOpenSourcererHave been very happy with price and service from DL for plenty of years.16:47
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: I went back to DL last year at renewal time and said they were expensive. They said what do you think you should pay, I told them and they pretty much matched it.16:48
DJonesbigcalm: Try Liverpool Victoria, they halved my quotation, and have just knocked 25% off my wifes quote17:11
popeybah, cat is sick ☹17:11
MartijnVdSpopey: eww17:11
MartijnVdSVet o'clock!17:11
gordgiant, bright LED's on my router burnt out or something :D17:13
gordfast forward to a months time when gord is complaining that his router has broken17:14
MartijnVdSgord: the smell of magic smoke?17:14
gordMartijnVdS, had it hidden away for a while, not actually physically looked at it for 5/6 months or so17:14
gordfor said giant, bright LED related reasons17:14
MartijnVdSgord: "SED" -> Smoke-Emitting Diode17:15
davmor2gord: is it your router or the isp's if it is the isp's report it17:16
gordthe important LEDs are still working ;) just the giant pointless one that stopped17:16
gorddavmor2, no, a, its my router, b, this is a *good* thing ;)17:16
davmor2gord: or so you think :D17:17
davmor2gord: it's that led that allows you're ps3 to connect with out it no online gaming for you ;)17:17
MartijnVdSthat LED is only on when they're watching you17:19
MartijnVdSlike webcam leds17:21
AlanBellevening all19:16
mattthey alan19:16
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Expressing a Pinterest - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2012/03/12/expressing-a-pinterest/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=expressing-a-pinterest19:19
* daubers requires coffee19:50
MartijnVdSecho coffee | daubers20:15
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Accomplishments Design: Update! - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/03/12/ubuntu-accomplishments-design-update/20:19
Azelphurhow can I kill a screen, and the process inside it?21:51
Azelphurlike, aggressively kill, -9 style :p21:51
czajkowskiscreen wipe?21:52
Azelphurdon't think that's it21:53
daubersAzelphur: just kill the screen?21:56
Azelphurthink I found it, screen -S some_name -X quit21:57
AlanBell654MB of upgrades today /o\22:06
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Ctrl+a, Ctrl+K? kill -9 the processes? screen -X "kill" id-of-screen ?22:08
AzelphurMartijnVdS: yea, I found it :)22:08
ubuntuuk-planet[Alistair McKinlay] The problem with Game - http://www.10people.co.uk/index.php/2012/03/the-problem-with-game/22:20
gordonjcpugh, what a horrible website22:36
gordonjcpI kept clicking on things on 10people trying to get the lightbox-effect greyed-out thing to go away22:37
gordonjcpbut apparently it's part of the site design22:37
gordonjcpa website designed to look as though your monitor is knackered22:37
gordonjcpI have perfect vision, and that is too low contrast for me to read comfortably22:37
YaManicKillgordonjcp: which bit exactly is too low contrast?22:41
gordonjcpthe text22:41
gordonjcpactually the menu down the side is pretty hard to read too22:42
YaManicKillthe only thing i have problems with is the tag cloud, but i'd had big issues with that and getting it to use my css colours, i kinda gave up on it...22:42
gordonjcpwhere's the tag cloud/22:43
YaManicKillbut as for the normal text, i don't have any issues with it, but i'll see what i can do to fix it22:43
YaManicKillgordonjcp: top of the sidebar22:43
YaManicKillit is flash though, so if you don't have that its a bit weird22:43
gordonjcpI can see where it says "My Tags"22:43
YaManicKillyeah, underneath that there is actually a tag cloud, but the colours seem to have a mind of their own22:44
gordonjcpoh, I can see it change when I mouse over it, the larger text is just about readable22:44
gordonjcpbut it looks like black on 10% grey22:44
YaManicKillyeah it is pathetic that bit22:44
gordonjcphm, that's odd, the body text is showing up a lot darker now22:44
YaManicKillcause its flash, it doesn't work very well with my css files22:44
YaManicKillok, so its not an issue now? that's weird, maybe it was a blip on my server and it wasn't serving the css files properly22:45
gordonjcp"For all intensive purposes" -> "For all intents and purposes"22:46
YaManicKilldone. incase you couldn't tell, i failed English at school :-P22:47
gordonjcpdon't pull the dyslexia card, I'm ridiculously dyslexic ;-)22:47
YaManicKillhaha, no i'm not dyslexic22:48
gordonjcpthat's one of the reasons I'm so picky about language22:48
popeydirecthex: how on earth do you get the batteries out of the controller?22:48
YaManicKillbut seriously, if you have issues with my website please let me know what i can do to make it better etc. I don't claim to be a great web designer, just an amateur.22:49
popeydirecthex: managed it!22:49
gordonjcpYaManicKill: it does look really low-contrast still22:50
gordonjcpmy website is pretty crap too though, so you may want to take my advice fairly lightly22:51
YaManicKilllol, well I'll have a play around with some colours later when I actually have some free time fromuni22:51
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] DirecTV Charge You To Fix Their Service Issues - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/03/12/directtv-charge-you-to-fix-their-service-issues/23:20
directhexpopey: no idea, i bought a play-and-charge kit immediately23:28

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