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MCRIs this the home of current Compiz/Unity developers ?14:11
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MCRQuestion: Why is Cannonical dropping Emerald instead of using it as default window-decorator ?14:28
MCR It was developed to work with Compiz and is by far the most advanced win-decorator out there, so ?14:28
MCRnow it does not build for Precise anymore (used it on 11.04 and 11.10)14:29
MCR It has many features other decorators simply do not have, like programmable title buttons, which are very useful for pros.14:29
MCRYou can for example add 3 additional buttons to roll up/down, make the window sticky/unsticky or ontop/normal...14:30
MCRalso no other window-decorator can look that good :)14:30
MCRSo why not use it - it is already developed, there are many nice themes for it, there is the Emerald decorator, which is also working and fully developed...14:32
MCRPlease make it at least optionally available for Precise...14:32
MCRMany folks would appreciate that for sure :)14:32
MCRso long speech, short resumee: I want Emerald back - who is able to help ? ;)14:33
MCRAlso another question: Will compiz-plugins-extra and *-unsupported be dropped for Prescise ?14:34
MCRWhat is the future of Compiz/Unity ? :)14:34
kamstrupTrevinho: hey dude - just found a function to check if a pointer points into a mapped page (remember your write() trick?). I think you can use mincore() to a "clean" check14:38
kamstrupbut it requires some page alignment juggling14:38
mhr3kamstrup, madness! :P14:39
JanCMCR: is Emerald still maintained upstream?14:41
Trevinhokamstrup: cool :)14:41
kamstrupmhr3: dude, this is nothing. You wouldn't believe where I've been today ;-)14:43
MCRJanC: Not really, but it was made fit to work with compiz 0.9+ by soreau on the #compiz-dev channel not so long ago, then this version was available later via PPA for 11.04 and 11.1014:43
MCRJanC: Now (on Precise) latest master is not compiling anymore :(14:43
JanCright, so it doesn't make sense to include it in Ubuntu then?14:44
MCRJanC: I was not able to get in contact with soreau, or am still waiting for answers...14:44
mhr3kamstrup, i'll protect our nice userspace from the likes of you... "thou shall not pass!" :)14:44
MCRJanC: It would make sense for the reasons I posted above...14:44
JanCMCR: I'd say those reasons don't make sense when you look at the goals of the design team  ;)14:45
MCRJanC: Where can I find those goals ?14:46
JanCand I'm sure nobody would object against including emerald in universe in 12.04, provided there is somebody taking care of it...14:47
JanCMCR: it's quite obvious the unity team doesn't want to maintain a window decorator with 700 options, right  ;)14:48
MCRJanC: It is already fully developed so maintaining it would only mean keeping it compatible with the changes made to compiz - it would also mean to have a window decorator available that was designed to work together with Compiz - dropping features without proper replacement should not be the way to go IMHO...14:51
MCRJanC: If metacity or gtk-win-decorator would have the features I need and look that good, I would not complain - but they do neither14:53
JanCMCR: "good looking" is a subjective thing; I found most emerald themes to be quite ugly-looking back when I last tried it (which is several years ago now)14:56
MCRJanC: Sure it is. But stuff like buttons to shade/unshade sticky/unsticky roll up/down, transparency and glow, irregular window deco shapes are features that just Emerald is able to deliver and this is not subjective opinion...15:02
MCRJanC: I am sure you would find a window decoration for Emerald you would like these days ;) - there are plenty to choose from and you can individualize them as well... ;)15:04
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mhall119can someone familiar with the sound menu API take a look at this for me? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mhall119/devportal/soundmenu#preview18:48
mhall119just let me know if I'm missing anything important, or got anything wrong18:48
mhr3mhall119, ronoc is your guy for that19:41
MCRWho should I thank 4 making compiz-plugins-extra available in Universe :) ?19:43
MCR*for Precise19:43
MCRGREAT ! This is the right direction :-D19:44
doctormonHey guys, bit OT, is gnomeui library depreciated? I keep on getting errors which indicate it can't find gtk.19:47
doctormon/usr/include/libgnomeui-2.0/libgnomeui/gnome-client.h:107:3: error: unknown type name ‘GtkObject’19:47
mhall119mhr3: yeah, I spoke with him this morning, be he's gone now19:47
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JanCmost of libgnomeui has been deprecated for years AFAIK...21:21
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apwcan anyone tell me the current dash key is? tapping Super no longer works22:37
ppdstill super22:39
apwbroken then, as of now22:40
ppdcheck in ccsm under "Key to show the launcher"22:40
ppdmaybe something weird got in there22:41
apwsame on two boxes22:41
ppdhm. strange. both run 5.6.0?22:42
apwwhatever in the archive niow22:42
ppdyou can check with unity --version22:42
apwunity 5.6.022:43
apwppd keybinding says Super22:45
ppdwhat I would try is to set something else for the reveal key in ccsm and check again. But aside from that I have no real clue22:45
angelocmhr3: daemon.vala:814.27-814.32: error: The name `Locate' does not exist in the context of `Unity.FilesLens.Daemon.perform_locate'23:33
angelocmhr3: i have this error when compiling, can you enligthen me?23:33
angelocmhr3: i merged form trunk!23:34

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