pleia2on my way home from palo alto, should be home around meeting time01:32
akkThen you have to tell us about your new toy!01:33
* eps tiptoes to the center of the channel02:04
epsWAKE UP!!!02:05
epsLet me guess ... they forgot to set their clocks ahead an hour02:06
pleia2eps: I was on my way home ;)02:08
pleia2took a bit longer coming back than expected02:08
pleia2so, who all is here for the meeting?02:08
epsI suspect we'll wrap this up while it's still light outside.02:10
pleia2nothing really on the agenda02:10
pleia2MarkDude, grantbow, you guys around? any words of wisdom or encouragement following the walnut creek global jam? :)02:10
pleia2broder ended up showing up at a coffee shop in SF last Saturday and casually inviting people out for informal jamming, I went, as did my pangolin: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/695045423302:11
MarkDudeJonopaloooza rocked02:12
pleia2ok, as far as upcoming stuff, looks like just the Ubuntu Hour in SF this week: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1580/detail/02:13
pleia2and iheartubuntu has been working on our Gaming Night wiki page, he's added a bunch of games! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GameNights02:14
pleia2akk, iheartubuntu and myself tested out PyScrabble the other day, was fun02:14
pleia2ah, beta1 came out on march 1st: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2012-March/000899.html02:16
pleia2probably a bit too early to start talking release parties :)02:17
pleia2anyone have anything they'd like to share?02:17
epsAny UDS-Q news?02:18
pleia2no news really, we started putting together a page of ideas here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q02:18
pleia2and yes, I know they said registration would open March 9th, but it hasn't yet02:19
pleia2hopefully tomorrow :)02:19
akkGot a 10.10 CD in my swag bag at PyCon a few days ago.02:19
akker, guess that would be 11.1002:19
pleia2neat, canonical was a sponsor so I assume that's where those came from :)02:20
jyoGotta get rid of those 11.10 CDs somehow.02:21
pleia2alright, anything else?02:22
pleia2ok, I think that's a wrap then, thanks everyone :)02:25
pleia2http://www.frys.com/product/6973897 is the new toy!02:26
pleia2I've been looking for a supercheap system for a while to do testing and whatnot on that had virtualization so it could actually be useful beyond that too02:27
akkCool... how well does linux work with those new integrated AMD/Radeons?02:28
akk(probably too early to be asking that, unless someone else knows)02:28
pleia2yeah, too early for me to tell :)02:29
pleia2so it does at least work!02:29
bkerensapleia2: We finally got a proper logo :) https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-or/+junk/logos/view/head:/ubuntu-us-or_generic.svg02:33
bkerensaHope to have our banner printed before release party :)02:33
pleia2nice :)02:34
akkfunny, launchpad doesn't offer a "view" option, just the svg source.02:34
bkerensaluckily we have someone who is good with the gimp :D02:35
bkerensaakk: yeah ikr :(02:35
* pleia2 actually loads up Windows 7 first02:35
akkI tried clicking download then using my "view in browser" extension, but firefox said it contained errors and it couldn't show it.02:35
pleia2(to make sure the computer works!)02:35
bkerensaI think our LoCo will also soon have a 1U server colocated locally so we can host our own website and then also have a bunch of VPS instances for doing packaging work02:36
epsI was able to open it in Firefox after downloading.02:36
pleia2this keyboard has a numberpad, I was in love at first sight02:37
akkAh, open in browser as "server sent mime" rather than "image" opened it.02:37
pleia2I see Windows figured out transparency02:38
bkerensapleia2: When a laptop has special keys that are meant to launch windows apps and such is there any way to map those keys to do something on Ubuntu?02:38
pleia2(I haven't used it since XP at my accounting job)02:38
epsbkerensa: yes02:38
akkbkerensa: yes, but sometimes it's easy, sometimes hard depending on the keyboard.02:38
pleia2bkerensa: yeah, the program "xv" can typically tell you what key code is when you press it02:38
pleia2then usually can map it from there02:38
pleia2ah, that's it02:38
akkxv is an ancient image viewer :)02:38
pleia2right :)02:38
pleia2I haven't done it in ages though, my regular keyboard doesn't have such keys and my netbook keys all worked OTB02:39
akkbut some "multimedia" keys don't show up in xev, and then it gets harder -- you have to map them first or get them through acpi.02:39
akkI need to write a script to map my mute key to one of these days.02:40
* pleia2 turns off Windows02:40
pleia2it has gotten prettier anyway02:40
akkAnd I want to map F-F8 to something that pops up a dialog saying "So you didn't believe Akkana when she told you this key isn't mapped, huh?"02:41
akkfor when people tell me what key to press on my own laptop to talk to a projector :)02:41
bkerensaxev is not a very pretty app02:42
akkNo, not at all.02:42
bkerensain fact I'm somewhat stumped as to how to figure out what data is important that it sends to terminal02:42
akkIt's also a pain because ending it causes a flood of additional events and you have to scroll back and find the ones you really wanted.02:42
akkbkerensa: Watch the output while you press and release the key you care about.02:43
akk(then try to remember that, and scroll back to it after you exit)02:43
bkerensaI just did xev | pastebinit and mashed the keys I want to map a few times02:44
bkerensathats what it came up with02:44
akkbkerensa: The only part that matters is the couple of lines that happened when you were pressing and releasing the specific key you're trying to map.02:44
bkerensaakk: well I press the button one time and kill xev and it does a lot of lines http://paste.ubuntu.com/879813/02:46
bkerensathats one press of a single button and then killall xev02:46
akkbkerensa: That's why I said "watch the output WHILE you press the button"02:48
akkand remember where it was, so you can scroll back to it after you exit xev.02:48
akkpress, some lines come out02:49
akkrelease, some lines come out02:49
bkerensaakk: Its hard to because when I press the button it launches the unity files lenses02:49
bkerensawhich blocks terminal02:49
akkno way to tell unity not to do that, or to move the terminal somewhere else?02:49
bkerensafor some reason its mapped to unity-files-lenses02:49
bkerensaakk: Hmm I could try to alt-tab02:49
bkerensalet me see02:50
akkalt-tab would add more event lines, but maybe you could tell which ones they were 'cause they'd have Tab in them.02:50
akkOr ... is unity-files-lenses the name of the executable?02:51
akkYou could temporarily sudo chmod 000 /usr/bin/unity-files-lenses (or whatever)02:51
akkso it can't run02:51
akkthen chmod it back to 755 afterward if you want it back.02:51
bkerensaakk: this seems to be the right one http://paste.ubuntu.com/879820/02:52
akkbkerensa: Generally you're looking for KeyPress and KeyRelease events.03:02
akkIf you're not seeing any of those when you press the key, than it might be that unity or something is grabbing it before it even gets to X.03:03
philipballewmeeting go well?04:45
pleia2yep, wasn't long :)04:46
philipballewgreat! glad to hear all id good.04:48
bkerensagood morning philipballew14:18
bkerensaphilipballew, pleia2: looks like that got resolved pretty easily14:26
philipballewlooks good bkerensa14:56
jtatum2am i the only one getting repeatedly killed for "excess flood"?16:48
jtatum2going to shut down my bouncer until this is sorted16:52
pleia2jtatum2: connecting to too many channels?16:54
jtatum2perhaps, pleia216:56
bkerensaphilipballew: I will be in Oakland the morning of the 12th17:08
philipballewbkerensa, you mean the seventh?17:10
philipballewor sixth?17:10
bkerensaphilipballew: Ahh yes... I will be Oakland at 8:42am on the 6th and will headback at 9:52pm on the 12th17:11
bkerensaI just got my tickets17:11
philipballewnice! flying or training?17:12
bkerensaphilipballew: Train17:12
* philipballew is unsure if training is used right here17:12
bkerensaWhich saved Canonical nearly $10017:12
akkTrain was actually cheaper than flying?17:12
bkerensaalthough he asked he I would require a room on the train and I was like dont they just have a seat?17:13
philipballewI will be taking the train as well. I think that Flying from Sacramento to Oakland is not very productive.17:13
bkerensamaybe I should have asked for the room :P17:13
bkerensabut I will likely just take a brief nap when I get in to Oakland17:13
bkerensaand periodically doze through the night17:13
bkerensaphilipballew: Uhh yeah that sounds not so fun... Doesnt Caltain go From Sac to SF?17:14
bkerensathen you could just take the Bart from Embarcadero to Oakland17:14
akkThere's a train but I don't think it's Caltrain.17:14
bkerensaoh thats right its the Amtrak Capitol something something17:14
philipballewno, the placer county commuter express bus does, but thats not on sundays.17:15
philipballewpublic transit on sundays is hard17:15
bkerensaphilipballew: the travel agency guy has a thick british accent17:15
philipballewI need to get one of those.17:16
bkerensaphilipballew: Amtrak has 10 trains leaving Sac to Oakland on Sunday17:16
bkerensabetter then my single option of one train :P17:16
philipballewyeah, well technically I could leave from Auburn. thats the town I'll be in. The station is say 2 miles from the house there. Sac is nice as is auburn because the cross counrty train comes through pretty often17:17
philipballewI should probably do JL square?17:18
philipballewI should be able to get my return ticket to a different location.17:19
philipballewgotta travel up to Napa to visit my 84 year old Grandmother. Figured at that age I should visit when I am in the area.17:20
philipballewthe train is 3 hours, but the Amtrak bus is only two hours.17:21
bkerensaphilipballew: my understanding and from google maps is that both hotels are really close to JL square17:22
bkerensaI plan on even walking from JL square to the hotel unless google maps is lying17:22
philipballewIm gonna have my bike so I can ride from there to the square towing my suitcase. Like Neapolitan Dynamite towing Kip into town17:23
bkerensashould be about a 10 minute walk17:23
bkerensatow a luggage?17:23
philipballewthe luggage has wheels17:24
philipballewit could work17:24
philipballewbit it will most likely end in horrible disaster17:25
akkI saw a guy last week mountain biking up Mission Peak with a dog running along on a (short) leash.17:27
akkIf the dog survived that, I guess wheeled luggage could survive a few blocks.17:27
philipballewthat can be a very bad idea17:27
akkYeah, I wouldn't have done it (maybe with a really long leash).17:27
akkThe dog looked like it was enjoying itself at least right then.17:28
philipballewi had a friend do that. the dog ran quickly and made her crash and tore her ligament on her front gear sprocket.17:28
nhainesDogs like running.17:28
akkI wonder what they do on downhills (short-legged dog, bulldog type)17:28
kdubmorning channel!17:28
philipballewdogs like fetching17:28
philipballewHey kdub17:28
kdub<i'll likely be heading up for UDS as well>17:28
philipballewI got approved last week so ill be there as well17:29
pleia2btw, registration did finally open: http://uds.ubuntu.com/register/17:29
pleia2(and as a reminder, anyone can go, the "approvals" people talk about are for paid sponsorships for travel and hotel, the event is free to attend if you can get there on your own)17:30
philipballewIll be packing heat again this conference, as well it is Oakland.17:30
philipballewI will rent out the floor on my hotel room for 20 a night. 50 and you can have my bed and I take the floor.17:30
philipballew100 and I leave the room completely17:31
kdubhavent decided how i'll get up there yet, worse case scenario is a 7h drive :P17:58
kdubwe're lucky its in-state this time at least!17:58
akkI do the drive for SCALE ... nice to have a car once I'm there17:59
akkthough for Oakland it's not quite so important, I guess.17:59
bkerensaakk: will u be at UDS?18:00
philipballewi drove that drive yesterday kdub Its doable, just nothing good to look at but cows18:01
akkbkerensa: I'll be there, for sure.18:01
bkerensapleia2: does California have any regular brochures or flyers that it produces to distribute in the community at libraries/schools or even events?20:10
bkerensaI have been looking through SpreadUbuntu and cant say that there are any that might currently be up to date20:11
pleia2bkerensa: we've handed out the ones from berkeleylug.com, but they need to be updated too :(20:12
pleia2they make the source available though, I'm sure they'd be happy to have fixes :)20:12
bkerensapleia2: Do you guys have a cost effective method for printing? I usually am paying all loco costs that are not sponsored out of pocket so Im thinking kinkos likely is cheapest for mass production?20:13
bkerensaprinting on my home printer has become to costly20:13
bkerensaespecially since costco wont refill my cartridges :(20:13
pleia2AFAIK berkeleylug accepts donations to get them printed at a cheap printing shop nearby20:16
pleia2I think they get them done at vistaprint20:16
pleia250 for $1520:16
pleia2and they have sales all the time20:16
pleia2actually, that was for a different product20:17
pleia2anyway, vistaprint is pretty cheap as these things go20:17
pleia2and if you order from them once, they'll send you billions of deals every day until the end of time20:19
pleia2(I might be slightly exaggerating)20:19
bkerensaI kind of wish these were updated20:21
* bkerensa wonders what happened to ubuntu-marketing20:22
pleia2every 6 months someone decides they want to be the leader (or spins off their own project like ubuntu-adverts) and nothing happens20:22
pleia2spreadubuntu has been the only really successful marketing thing the community has done, and that's because someone decided to Just Do It20:23
pleia2we do need to encourage more people to use it all the time though20:23
bkerensapleia2: Has Canonical supported the ubuntu-marketing team in the past?20:24
pleia2canonical has nothing to do with the community side of marketing, they have their own marketing department that only does canonical marketing for Ubuntu20:25
bkerensapleia2: well they have an ad campaign on Google Ads and other ad networks right now that doesnt really push enterprise use at all20:25
bkerensajust simply a ad campaign for people to download Ubuntu for free because its "virus free"20:25
pleia2they used to create a one sheet of info about Ubuntu that they'd ship in conference packs, but it was never very good (typos even), they didn't give us the source, and it was completely a waste for non-english teams20:25
pleia2so we told them to not bother20:26
pleia2"we" - a session at UDS discussing the useful (or not) stuff in the conference packs20:26
bkerensapleia2: Where do old release CD's end up?20:27
bkerensais there a CD graveyard Canonical owns?20:27
pleia2out of that session came the banners and tablecloths for approved teams though :)20:27
pleia2afaik they try to ship them out to conferences20:27
pleia2pycon got a bunch20:27
bkerensaif your loco is approved I guess ;)20:27
pleia2they don't keep them around though, except LTS20:28
bkerensahence why we are funding our own table cloth and banner :P20:28
pleia2we bought our own banner too (another berkeleylug hookup)20:28
bkerensayeah you guys have a nice one20:28
bkerensatechnically we have a company sponsoring our banner but if they do not come through Im just gonna buy it20:29
bkerensapleia2: Aside from Canonical folk and Ubuntu Contributors is there any other companies or vendors at UDS that work with Ubuntu?20:30
pleia2do you put donate jars out at you rbooths?20:30
pleia2UDS isn't really a vendor thing, there aren't booths or anything20:30
bkerensapleia2: No I dont really want to deal with money in that manner for transparency purposes and also because it pushes on the fine line of being a Social Club which could require us to incorporate20:31
bkerensaI would rather just have companies who have FOSS products and services sponsor things for us20:31
pleia2we put one out, never made more than $40 at an event (usually more like $3) so it doesn't really cause problems tax wise20:31
bkerensaand have it billed directly to them20:31
pleia2some people like giving a $1 here and there for a CD20:32
pleia2it helps a little, makes us able to ship CDs across the state each cycle20:32
bkerensayeah when we get approved and have a higher volume of CD's to get out then I can see possibly doing that to cover shipping20:32
pleia2well you seem to have expenses already20:32
bkerensaright now when I get CD's from Canonical any left overs I give to our loco members and try and get them all out strategically so they end up in all the various parts of the state20:33
bkerensawe do most of our events in Portland since its where the bulk of our members are and where the bulk of the state population is20:33
bkerensathis one city is like 80%+ of the states population20:34
pleia2the CDs weren't really my point20:34
pleia2they are our only real expense, I was using them as an example of an expense20:34
pleia2you have other expenses, collecting a few bucks at a booth can help with that20:34
bkerensawell the expenses... I see it like make a donation to charity or to Mozilla etc but instead into the Ubuntu Ecosystem :D20:34
bkerensame and my fiancee donate to mozilla each year so I like doing it20:35
bkerensaI like to see people engaged locally and enjoying Ubuntu and our community20:35
pleia2I was really just speaking to your frequent mention that "you pay for everything" and trying to make suggestions20:35
philipballewDoes a telnet session need root privileges?20:36
bkerensaI will definitely be doing a jar soon no doubt though :)20:36
=== kdub_ is now known as kdub
* kdub got his dyndns working this weekend, may as well switch from the web client to irssi on the home box :)20:59
philipballewirssi is really nice for a home box21:00
kduband if you can ssh into a home box from anywhere, its even better21:01
bkerensaI wish my Belkin N900 DB supported anything other than just DynDNS .... Ping O matic would be nice21:01
bkerensaI think the only good things about this router are its Self Healing, Intellistream Packet Shaping, Dual Band and Eco Conserve Settings21:03
philipballewtelnet is lame.. my work is making me use it today21:14
nhainesIt's (mostly) fine over a VPN.21:25
nhainesBut SSH is pretty much universally better for non-trivial uses.21:25
philipballewyeah, they dont see a need to install telnet on the server. Its not my server to have hacked I guess21:26
TtechHello everyone.22:15
DonkeyHoteiphilipballew: are you in sac now?22:16
philipballewnot currently. Was last week. but will be in like three weeks22:18
philipballewhad to come here for some work and school22:18
philipballewto sd22:18
DonkeyHoteii may be leaving here for good within a week22:18
DonkeyHoteiidk yet for sure22:18
philipballewwhere to DonkeyHotei22:20
DonkeyHoteii'll be "technically" homeless, but staying in SF22:20
DonkeyHoteidetails still sketchy22:21
philipballewvagabond. I like it22:21
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