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maxolasersquadmhall119: Harpy Bifday.18:03
maxolasersquadWrong terminal18:03
mhall119thanks maxolasersquad :)18:15
itnet7mhall119: was legoland really crowded?18:25
mhall119itnet7: yeah, there were a dozen schools having field trips there18:25
mhall119it got better after lunch, many of them had left by then18:26
itnet7Bree's b-day is on Fri., not sure what we're going to do yet18:26
mhall119there's a few rollercoasters, but I don't know how much there would interest her18:26
itnet7Did you guys get to build things too, or is it not really like that?18:27
mhall119not like that18:27
mhall119it's like the magic kingdom with legos18:27
mhall119rides, some carnival games, expensive food18:28

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