Cheri703yay! finally FINALLY getting my tv/server set back up properly, got an adapter for a spare hdd, getting it all put back together05:20
canthus13you have a crossdressing server?05:21
canthus13Never mind. I spend way too much time in kink-oriented channels. :/05:22
Cheri703well, it serves multiple purposes05:22
Cheri703so...I guess?05:22
* canthus13 nods.05:22
Cheri703I'd pulled the hdd from another computer but didn't want to change too much, as end goal is to put it back05:22
Cheri703I am so happy to have synergy back :D05:23
* canthus13 discovered that having a separate home partition is pointless if you encrypt your home folder. reinstalling means you have a giant encryped mess that you can't access. :/05:23
Cheri703currently transferring 253gb of stuff from an old 320gb drive to a 500gb drive05:24
Cheri703yeah, I keep OS on one partition, storage on another, use symlinks05:24
Cheri703instead of /home on one05:24
Cheri703I went with 11.10 on the desktop, since I've been poking at it here on the netbook. I was tired of having out of date versions of random software :/05:27
thafreakAfternoon Ohio16:24
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