c_smithhey, I'm working on a bug, and would like a refresher as to what file I add the changes to, was it the Changelog file?00:31
c_smithbkerensa, do you know?00:32
bkerensac_smith: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=fixing%20bugs%20in%20ubuntu&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CC0QFjAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwiki.ubuntu.com%2FBugs%2FHowToFix&ei=ClddT_GSCdDaiQLL9JWZCw&usg=AFQjCNG0ChpvuUiglopyVFbch5FMOLc61g01:53
c_smithmeh, found it already, but thanks.01:53
c_smithI'll let you know if I have more problems, k?01:54
bkerensac_smith: sure you can also join #ubuntu-bugs and seek help from the Bug Squad or #ubuntu-devel01:56
c_smithok, I'll join that.01:57
bkerensakees: Is there any reason why developers are not encouraged to move their source packages away from the tar-in-tar style?01:58
bkerensaOh look Git accepted my patch http://repo.or.cz/w/git-gui.git/commit/ef42057deae1aca6c3716019a3672809785f0a9601:58
c_smithbkerensa, is there someone I should be asking for reviewing the bug fix I submitted?02:07
bkerensac_smith: ?02:07
c_smithit's a bytesize bug fix I submitted for Freeciv.02:08
bkerensac_smith: once you propose a merge it will be reviewed in due time by a Ubuntu Developer02:08
c_smithbut I do have this to say about Freeciv: it's a good game.02:08
bkerensaI have very little time to play games02:08
c_smithah, ok02:09
c_smithhows Battlefield 3, might I ask?02:09
bkerensac_smith: it is good02:10
c_smithawesome, wish it existed for the Nintendo Wii.02:10
c_smithwell, time to see if I can't get into an Icecrown Citadel raid.02:11
bkerensahello cy102:48
cy1bkerensa: Hello hello!02:48
bkerensabdmurray: I just found what I believe to be a important bug but am unsure which package is bugging... Essentially when I toggle Bluetooth off via GUI in 12.04 it also Disables Wifi Networking in Network Manager and does a Hardware Switch off for my Wifi Card02:59
bkerensaas such I must have Bluetooth on in order to use Wifi? which potentially uses more power then just having wifi up02:59
bkerensac_smith: does your laptop have bluetooth?03:06
cy1Hey, anyone try Retroshare before?04:17
cy1I find it pretty awesome.04:17
cy1It uses GnuPG to do friending and stuff.04:30
cy1Haven't compared to that one java thing... allshare or somethin...04:31
bkerensahello mrae05:26
mraehello. I'm just kind of here to lurk.06:17
bkerensaGood Morning14:20
Brian_Hmorning :)14:28
bkerensaI need tea or coffeee14:30
bkerensatime to go make some14:30
slangasekbkerensa: hmm, I guess lp:~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/bash/precise-201112011313 is a case of the branch auto-importer fixing things up... and I guess the branch is broken.15:19
bkerensahi nathwill18:00
nathwillhi bkerensa18:22
nathwillhow's monday going for everybody?18:23
bkerensahi zenlinux20:36
zenlinuxhi bkerensa20:36
bkerensa /mode +q bkerensa*!*@*20:37
zenlinuxbtw, how did that meeting go at the Pho place in Hollywood?20:37
bkerensazenlinux: it was tasty20:37
zenlinuxI can literally walk there from where I live, I'm kicking myself for missing it20:37
bkerensagoing 20 or so people20:37
bkerensaWere going to do another one soon... Maybe next month20:37
zenlinuxcool, I'll keep an eye out for the announcement20:38

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