SamuraiAlbaSouth Jersey in Millville00:00
SamuraiAlbaless than an hour from Philly00:00
MutantTurkeySadin: yeah tha tis00:00
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: is that the same place I met you?00:00
MutantTurkeyfor a vpn i recommend vps-forge00:00
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: that isn't terrible.00:00
SadinMutantTurkey AlienVPS is my fav got a 8$/amonth VPS with 1gb ram 30gb HD 1TB transferr 1tb bandwidth :D00:01
MutantTurkeyyeah same thing00:01
MutantTurkeyi needed more hard drive space00:01
SamuraiAlbaInHisName, nope.  That was Sicklerville00:02
InHisNameO I C00:02
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: are there empty memory slots with 8gigs ?00:03
SamuraiAlba4 empty00:03
SamuraiAlba4 filled00:03
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: max 16gigs ? or can one put in bigger sticks ?00:04
SamuraiAlbamax 6400:04
SadinMutantTurkey i really want to get cpanel....00:04
SamuraiAlba8 8gb ECC FB DDR2 sticks runs about 2800.0000:04
InHisName4x8gb STILL 2 much -- > $1400    whats 4x4GB run ?00:06
MutantTurkeyjust wait 2 years...00:07
InHisNameI probably will.00:07
InHisNameStill a bit steep.00:07
SamuraiAlbafor 2x400:07
SamuraiAlbaso 102000:07
MutantTurkeyi remember my 1gb of ram running 100 bucks...00:07
InHisNameOh NO! I thougt that was 400:08
InHisNameLast price check  4x2GB =?   and don't say $795 that'd be insane.  Ought to be < $199 ,  not really exciting as I already have a server that can hold 16gigs.00:11
SamuraiAlba173.42 with ship00:12
InHisNameIs your machine a 'pc' or mac pro ?00:14
SamuraiAlbaPC rack00:15
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=== JimiofSweden is now known as Joe_CoT
Sadini want to build my own server.... and host node and RoR apps on it :P01:02
SadinNode and RoR cloud hosting/scaling is expensive...01:02
ChinnoDogWhat is Node and RoR?02:25
waltmanRoR is Ruby on Rails02:30
SadinChinnoDog waltman http://nodejs.org/ && http://rubyonrails.org/02:36
Sadini want to get a lenovo thinkserver and put debian 64bit minimal on it and build my own system from group up02:37
MutantTurkey $$$$02:52
MutantTurkeySadin: wouldn't we all02:52
MutantTurkeythey have refurb ones though..02:52
Sadinyeah i know02:52
Sadinits not too much money would cost less then my macbook02:52
Sadinpaid 600 for it02:52
Sadina thinkserver would do me well develop on the mac server it on the lenovo02:53
MutantTurkey600 for the mac?02:55
MutantTurkeywhy a mac?02:55
Sadinit was a christmas gift my dad paid 600 for it im very happy with it and itll last me through collage02:56
MutantTurkeyvery nice02:57
MutantTurkeyI did the same thing for my lappy02:57
MutantTurkeyI did 600 and so did my parents02:57
MutantTurkeyor maybe 702:57
MutantTurkeynot ure02:57
SadinMutantTurkey untill i get my own server my VPS for 8 a month is doing just fine and my nodejitsu node cloud hosting beta invite was just given to me so im set for a bit lol02:58
SadinOMG http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=fedora+linux#/d2zbdyd03:11
Sadinhttp://open.spotify.com/track/4rwpZEcnalkuhPyGkEdhu0 <303:17
MutantTurkeyspotify is bad.03:22
MutantTurkeyreally bad.03:22
MutantTurkeybut while you're on it...03:22
MutantTurkeycheck out Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes03:22
MutantTurkeyin general all fleet foxes.03:22
MutantTurkeySadin: `seriously.03:23
MutantTurkeyit's good03:23
SadinMutantTurkey what would you use03:23
Sadinif you say pandora03:23
Sadinill lose it03:24
MutantTurkeyI buy CD's at the store and support musicians by attending concerts03:24
MutantTurkeyor something along those lines.03:24
SadinI do that as well but honeslty if you dont have the money atm and people have been telling you to listen stuff why not use sportify instead of shit youtube or grooveshark?03:25
MutantTurkeyisn't grooveshark getting sued by like all major labels?03:27
Sadincause anyone can upload03:28
MutantTurkeyit's not sustainable for the artists03:33
MutantTurkeywho are getting majorly screwed by grooveshark and spotify03:33
MutantTurkeythey're not exactly raking in the bucks....03:33
Sadinspotify they get money03:43
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: ?16:22
ChinnoDoghi aurigus16:23
aurigusHey ChinnoDog, how are you16:23
ChinnoDogI am fine. I have not seen you here before.16:23
aurigusI am fresh meat16:23
ChinnoDogPA needs more of that.16:24
* EvilResistance yawns16:25
aurigusSo what does the Ubuntu LoCo-PA need?16:26
ChinnoDogPeople that live in PA.16:27
ChinnoDogfor example, I do not. lol16:27
EvilResistancethen go away16:28
EvilResistancelol i kid16:28
EvilResistanceyou're welcome  here :P16:28
aurigusWhy do we need people that live in PA? People without action ... doesn't produce many results. :)16:32
ssweenywe need people who live in/near Pittsburgh16:34
EvilResistancewell the LoCo team is based in PA16:34
EvilResistancessweeny, give me 3 more years, i'll be in PA pretty much full-time :p16:34
EvilResistance(University student :/)16:34
ssweenyEvilResistance, you're not happy being in uni?16:35
EvilResistancessweeny, i'm out in Harrisburg :/16:35
EvilResistancemy hometown is Pittsburgh16:35
ssweenyah, that makes sense then :)16:35
ssweenyEvilResistance, could be worse. you could be in Philly16:36
EvilResistancegood point16:36
EvilResistancethat would be worse ;P16:36
* EvilResistance would be very annoyed if that were the case16:36
ssweenyno one would blame you for that16:36
ChinnoDoglol ssweeny16:39
* aurigus gets offensive at Philly comment16:39
ChinnoDogssweeny: we still need to play the zombie game16:39
ssweenyChinnoDog, i bought the wife an alien invasion game which uses the same rule set16:40
ssweenyChinnoDog, meaning they can be COMBINED16:40
ChinnoDogzombie aliens?16:40
aurigusso where does everyone hail from?16:40
* ssweeny hails from Pittsburgh, in case that was unclear :)16:41
* InHisName hails from Warminster16:41
MutantTurkeyKiller Grove.16:42
* EvilResistance hails (for now) from Harrisburg16:42
ChinnoDogVienna, VA. :-p16:43
InHisNameHey that's my old stompin' ground (Annandale,VA late '70s)16:44
jedijfdual homed16:44
InHisNameizzat where the bread factory is ?16:45
jedijfthat's where the office is16:45
InHisNameI C16:45
InHisNameand you, aurigus, where do you hail from?16:46
aurigusPhilly area16:46
ChinnoDoglate '70s was a long time ago16:46
InHisNamesure was16:46
InHisNameaurigus: -- generalist !16:47
aurigusWell i am currently located at 1309 Noble Street, 1st Floor16:47
aurigusThat specific enough for you? :P16:50
rmg51I'm currently in the Northeast (philly)16:50
cythesI live in pottstown.16:50
aurigusYes here is my door: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1309+Noble+Street,+Philadelphia,+PA&hl=en&ll=39.959738,-75.159144&spn=0.009967,0.020728&sll=39.960579,-75.160432&sspn=0.000000,0.000000&view=map&ftid=0x89c6c7d3628f2793:0x3027ca5c78bf78e&ftt=9&geocode=FQPAYQIdkCSF-w&hnear=1309+Noble+St,+Philadelphia,+Pennsylvania+19123&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=39.960283,-75.160495&panoid=qy-ciFyGSn9Fz4rSu226gQ&cbp=12,9.27,,0,016:51
aurigusCool, I grew up in Pottstown. Pottsgrove actually.16:51
MutantTurkeyaurigus: give me 2016:51
cythesaurigus: Really... I just graduated from grove.16:51
aurigusI'm meeting some people in 9 minutes for lunch nearby, if you are interested.16:51
aurigusMe too, but 14 years ago now16:52
MutantTurkeyaurigus: I was kidding...16:52
aurigusman i'm getting old16:52
aurigusWell geez we'll have to get lunch some other time then.16:52
MutantTurkeyI am sitting in my living room on my couch with my latop, my bunny slippers and robe and a cup of joe.16:52
cythesHah I was wondering if I might have known you lol16:52
MutantTurkeyyou can't pay me to move...16:52
cythesMutantTurkey: 1 million.16:52
MutantTurkeyI only take rubles.16:52
auriguscythes: cool. Just stayed over at my parents last night so was just in the 'grove16:53
cythesGet out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R :D16:53
MutantTurkeythe killer grove?16:53
aurigusI mean 2 nights ago.16:53
adomlasagna is great. re-re-reheated lasagna isn't amazing.16:53
MutantTurkeyadom: add some water to the container, then put the lid on.16:53
MutantTurkeyit will help moisten it up when you microwave it...16:53
cythesaurigus: Any releativs in grove I might know?16:53
aurigusWhere do you live in the grove? When will you be leaving your house? Do you have any valuable or cash stored there?16:53
jedijfadom: and keep the temp down16:53
MutantTurkeyput the power on 6 or 7 not 1016:54
jedijf6 is my fave16:54
MutantTurkeyif you have the time...16:54
cythesaurigus: Nope we be Poe right now... But a glance at the front yard would say other wise.16:54
auriguscythes: maybe, but i have brothers & sisters who either graduated a number of years ago, or won't graduate for another 4 years, so probably not16:54
adomwho has a favorite microwave temp?16:54
adomi like my food fast and edible.16:55
aurigusBut need to go to said lunch, back back  a bit later16:55
adomlike my women16:55
MutantTurkeyhave fun16:55
MutantTurkeyI like my microwaves like I like my women16:55
cythesMutantTurkey: Any interest in doing a mic chat? LOL16:55
adomeasily pressed buttons?16:55
MutantTurkeycythes: we can skype16:55
MutantTurkeyhold up16:55
MutantTurkeymaybe lemmingsinlove16:55
MutantTurkeyyeah well it's not working :[16:56
MutantTurkeylet me try reinstall16:56
cythesFIX IT!! Xd16:56
ChinnoDogssweeny: Let's take the games to pleia2's house to play16:57
MutantTurkeylibrary errors16:57
InHisNameGood Grief, I go to short lunch and BOOM  - whole lotta talking!16:58
jedijfworks on ubuntu16:58
cytheso.O.... ChinnoDog... I LOST BECAUSE OF YOU!!16:58
ChinnoDogcythes: huh? What did you lose?16:58
MutantTurkeyjedijf: i'm on oneiric....16:58
cythesI wonder..16:58
* jedijf took a jab16:58
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MutantTurkeyalexanderazimov: google hangout?16:59
alexanderazimovLol OLD NAME!!!16:59
MutantTurkeyI like it better16:59
alexanderazimovIt still works!!16:59
MutantTurkeywe should have a google hangout16:59
alexanderazimovYeah same here less of an effing hog on resrouces.17:00
alexanderazimovMutantTurkey: I'll add you.17:00
alexanderazimovAlso any one remember me now?17:00
MutantTurkeyyou're in my circle17:00
jedijfi haven't done a thing with my plus acct17:00
jedijfalexanderazimov: nope17:01
ssweenyChinnoDog, sounds good to me17:01
alexanderazimovAhh I used to come in here when I just started linux.. I attended a release party with pleia2 and ChinnoDog infact pleia2 drove me too and fro said party... In Manayunk... :D -- MEMORY OF AN EFFING ELEPHANT!17:02
jedijfalexanderazimov: i was teasing, how could we forget17:02
alexanderazimovMutantTurkey: Invite to hangout sent.17:02
alexanderazimovjedijf: You should learn to control your mind tricks.17:03
MutantTurkeyalexanderazimov: hangout...17:03
MutantTurkeyi'm waiting17:03
jedijfi think manayunk might be next release party location17:04
EvilResistancehere's a tip for everyone:17:04
EvilResistanceif your girlfriend or significant other has a cat, and the cat routinely scratches/gouges your leg17:04
jedijfshoot it17:04
EvilResistancego to the ER, deal with the wound, then shoot the cat.17:04
* jedijf mind trick17:05
ChinnoDogYou had to go to the ER for a cat scratch?17:05
EvilResistanceChinnoDog, a severe one17:05
MutantTurkeyeveryone come hangout17:05
waltmanWait, so ER *then* shoot? I've always done them the other way around.17:05
jedijfin that case, it would have been, snap its' neck17:05
MutantTurkeycome hangout17:05
EvilResistancewaltman, well my leg was bleeding significantly, so...17:05
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: I can't. meeting in 10 minutes.17:05
EvilResistancemy girlfriend did state, though, the cat won't exist soon17:05
* EvilResistance fully expects the cat to disappear by tomorrow17:06
jedijfyeah, she and the cat are leaving....17:06
ChinnoDogpoor cat17:06
EvilResistanceactually she's angry at the cat17:06
ChinnoDogThe cat is being a cat17:06
ChinnoDogWhy doesn't she declaw it?17:06
waltmanEvilResistance: Oh, she didn't try to say things like "Oh, little Fluffy doesn't know how sharp his claws are"?17:06
EvilResistanceshe's been scratched before too, and been to the ER for stitches too17:07
waltmanlittle Fluffy knows *exactly* how sharp his claws are.17:07
EvilResistancethe cat seems to like to scratch me now17:07
ChinnoDogMaybe she does not get its claws trimmed on a regular basis?17:07
EvilResistancethat's what i said17:07
waltmanMaybe the cat is a psychopath?17:07
jedijfwhen you say cat do mean like kitty, or like zoo quality?17:07
ChinnoDogjedijf: like a Panther?17:07
ChinnoDogpanther. idk why I capitalized that17:08
waltmanor a bobcat?17:08
jedijfthere's a bunch of 'cats' that can do damage17:08
waltmanOnce kitties develop a taste for human blood, nothing else will satisfy them.17:08
jedijfhmmmm, tv pilot17:08
jedijfvampire kitties17:08
waltmanToday it's your leg, tomorrow it'll be your brain!17:09
ChinnoDogI think that will be suitable only for 3am features on the channel formerly known as SciFi17:09
MutantTurkeyoh waltman, always the dramatic17:09
waltmanChinnoDog: I'd watch it!17:09
EvilResistancethe kitty might be staring down the barrel of a .45 pistol, though...17:09
EvilResistanceits locked in a crate in the other room right now :P17:10
waltmanMutantTurkey: I've got severe cat allergies that make me immune to their "charms" :)17:10
waltmanLike Amy on Futurama :)17:10
jedijfthat would suck, get all allergied up and then attack17:11
MutantTurkeyalexanderazimov doesn't understand reddit17:12
MutantTurkeyhe doubts that it will consume his life17:12
jedijfit's a little too lame to consume17:12
MutantTurkeythe metacholrian count is rather low in this one17:12
jedijfr/linux  r/philadelphia  5 minutes17:12
jedijfit's just you being would be politico17:12
MutantTurkeyr/libertarian r/ffffffuuuu17:13
alexanderazimovMutantTurkey: you froze up.17:17
pleia2I'm coming to visit next week17:42
MobileTurkeypleia2 returns to the homeland17:42
waltmancompletely coincidentally, JonathanD needs to reboot the holodeck next week.17:55
MobileTurkeyalexanderazimov: yo17:58
MobileTurkeyhit me on skype17:58
alexanderazimovJust did17:58
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=== kallar is now known as Joe_CoT
aurigusalexanderazimov: lets reminisce about pottsgrove18:51
aurigusIs Mr Shantz still kickin around?18:51
MobileTurkeyhe's at walmart...18:52
MobileTurkeyI guess he's reminiscing about the days of american made goods?18:55
waltmanat Walmart?18:55
MobileTurkeyit was a lame joke i'll admit18:55
waltmanI suppose corn flakes are still made in the US.18:56
MobileTurkeyonly because cheap to do so18:58
aurigusThis Christmas we looked for only non-chinese made toys for our kids. It was tough but we were pretty much able to find what we were looking for.18:59
MobileTurkeytoo bad those toys were probably by the labor of the US prison system...19:01
waltmanprisoners make toys?19:02
MobileTurkeycheap labor!19:03
waltmanother than for charity?19:03
MobileTurkeyfor profits19:03
MobileTurkeybasicallly the prisoners are used as slave labor19:03
auriguswe found certain brands were better than others19:04
aurigusfor the most part all the crap was made in china. even melissa & doug :(19:04
waltmanMobileTurkey: I'm not finding anything on google about this. Got a source, or are you just making it up?19:06
MobileTurkeymostly making it up about toys19:06
MobileTurkeybut the prison system does do a lot of labor for various companies19:06
waltmanThat's what I figured.19:06
MobileTurkey!google us prison labor19:07
MobileTurkeyit's there if you look19:07
alexanderazimovI am back!19:10
MobileTurkeynot even close19:14
alexanderazimovMobileTurkey: this is why I dont like skype..19:15
alexanderazimovIt dies on me lol19:15
alexanderazimovMobileTurkey: You get that?19:18
alexanderazimovAlso aurigus Pottsgrove... Full of Skank and decient looking teachers :D Nuff said.19:18
aurigusYeah when I was there I thought it was average, after a few years being out, I feel the same. Average.19:20
alexanderazimovMeh the one art teacher they have now is alright.19:27
alexanderazimovLibrarian is cool / hot... you know all the same.19:27
* alexanderazimov feels kinda good to be at home base again.19:43
alexanderazimovI actually remember the first thing I got told in here.19:43
aurigusis this your home base?19:58
alexanderazimovUsed to be... Its where I started with linux... In this very IRC chat aurigus20:06
aurigusOh the places you'll go!20:07
MutantTurkeyi started here as well20:07
alexanderazimovMutantTurkey: your working lol20:07
alexanderazimovI'm now bored T.T20:08
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!20:08
MutantTurkeyi know20:09
SamuraiAlbaArch Linux... must google20:11
alexanderazimovArch = Awesome :D20:15
auriguswhat is awesome about it20:16
jedijfsee the difference in graduation years20:17
SamuraiAlbaI blame Elvis20:17
jedijf /maturity/20:17
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going jedijf?20:17
SamuraiAlbaI'll be able to hit the Philly LUGs...20:17
jedijfSamuraiAlba: good, and you?20:17
SamuraiAlbaGF and I splt20:17
SamuraiAlbashe pawned the engagement set, too20:17
SamuraiAlbabuying an iPad 320:17
aurigusSo she was holding ya back from LUGs, huh?20:17
SamuraiAlbaJust I spent weekends with her20:18
alexanderazimovSamuraiAlba: You know what must be done right..20:18
=== alexanderazimov is now known as cythes
SamuraiAlbaMassive spending on tech toys?20:18
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: thats rough20:18
cythesNo hacking must ensue... :D20:18
MutantTurkeybachelor pad party?20:18
SamuraiAlbano hacking20:18
SamuraiAlbaI disabled teamviewer on her gear20:19
jedijfaurigus: it's popular now to dis Ubu, like the rental car companies said, it's hard being #120:19
MutantTurkeysomething like smoking alot and drinking...?20:19
MutantTurkeyjedijf: that's not why it's dissed.20:19
MutantTurkeyI don't diss debian...20:19
MutantTurkeyarch ftw20:19
jedijfMutantTurkey: not you, you have the whole not sharing thing working20:19
MutantTurkeyjoin us and you can become an arrogrant prick...20:20
jedijfi mean in general20:20
SamuraiAlbajedijf, what must be done with a dual quad core xeon rack?20:20
cythesWell I'm still bored lol20:20
jedijfsomeone like you /says/ it and people that don't know why, follow20:20
SamuraiAlbaMutu knows :)20:20
MutantTurkeywaste power?20:20
SamuraiAlba850 watts PER PSU20:21
SamuraiAlba1050 watts on 22 lines20:21
MutantTurkeyhow much does it pull normally?20:21
SamuraiAlba450 each20:21
jedijflots of vm's20:21
MutantTurkeyjedijf: but why?20:21
aurigusI thought with higher voltage lines lower wattage results20:22
SamuraiAlbaIt has 8 GB FB-ECC DDR220:22
jedijfMutantTurkey: but why what?20:22
SamuraiAlbasupports up to 6420:22
jedijfwe probably dont have enough to do with the hardware we already have20:22
SamuraiAlbahas 4 73GB SAS drives20:22
MutantTurkey473G ZOMG!20:22
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: raid or what?20:23
SamuraiAlbait supports up to 1.5 gb per drive if SATA20:23
SamuraiAlbaRaid 0 1 5 620:23
SamuraiAlba6 is 5 with an extra parity drive20:23
jedijfprobaly loud as heck too20:23
SamuraiAlbadull hum20:23
MutantTurkeyhow dull20:23
SamuraiAlbalower than talking volume :)20:23
MutantTurkeymy server is totally quiet20:23
aurigusWhat server are you talking about?20:23
MutantTurkeyno fan or hard drive...20:23
SamuraiAlbaHP DL 380 G520:23
jedijfMutantTurkey: start mutant vpn for friends20:24
MutantTurkeyHP DL 380 G5 Dual Quad Core Xeon 2.0ghz20:24
MutantTurkeyjedijf: and sell...20:24
MutantTurkeySELL SELL SELL!20:24
auriguswhose server is that?20:24
SamuraiAlbamine atm20:25
aurigusyou own or rent?20:25
jedijfaurigus: need a server? hive is selling a nice one20:25
MutantTurkeyis aurigus new here?20:25
jedijfhive wants a lazer20:25
jedijfpew pew20:25
MutantTurkeyi thought they were investing in tomohawk missiles...20:25
SamuraiAlbaI QQ LOL20:26
MutantTurkeyerr i mean "lazer"20:26
SamuraiAlbawhat server, jedijf?20:26
jedijfsome crazy loud dell20:26
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: can I wait a few weeks to drive over?20:27
jedijfcan't remember, except when we turned her on, it was like...uhhh no20:27
aurigusHere is the last batch of servers I installed: http://imgur.com/YlOt620:27
MutantTurkeyMy whole cash on hand situtation, is running amok20:27
MutantTurkeywow you're really awesome.20:27
SamuraiAlbaaurigus, I can has job with you?20:27
MutantTurkeyaurigus: woowzee20:28
aurigusthey are Xeon E3-1230s 8GB RAM20:28
SamuraiAlbaI know not to wire redundant supplies A-B and B-A20:28
aurigusOnly one power supply though20:28
SamuraiAlba19 48 port 10gb switches went... POOF20:28
SamuraiAlbaHalfa MIL in gear20:28
MutantTurkeythis is how I am imagining aurigus: http://www.tvsnob.com/pictures/frustrated-guy-clarkk.jpg20:29
jedijfDell power edge 295020:29
aurigusNo our racks are pretty clean20:29
aurigushttp://imgur.com/vQMs5 (partially cabled)20:29
SamuraiAlbaWhere u working?20:31
SamuraiAlbaI'm a net management/cyber security double major20:31
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: where are you at school?20:31
SamuraiAlbaCumberland County College20:31
MutantTurkeyCC college?20:31
MobileTurkeyyou could definitely pipe a music stream over the network though right jedijf?20:36
MobileTurkeygosh linux is so complicated. I'm going back to plan9, where _everything_ is a file20:36
jedijfMobileTurkey: i would think the presious discussion would hold true, yes20:39
aurigusI installed a server the other day with 98GB RAM. Pretty insane20:40
MobileTurkeylike, who would be using that much ram?20:40
MobileTurkeyjust a lot of VM's or what?20:40
aurigusMinecraft servers20:40
SadinO.o little old sadi  just wants his hexcore and 8gb RAM & an SSD20:40
MobileTurkeyminecraft servers?20:40
jedijfthat's a lot of blocks20:41
* MobileTurkey is running a pentium 4 server, so i might as well just quit life.20:41
aurigusyes it is20:41
jedijfi am excited about turning a p4 desktop into a server tonight at hive20:41
* jedijf is already dead20:41
aurigusthen they were saying the SSD drive was too slow for them20:41
aurigusguess its time to move up to 2 x SSD with RAID020:41
aurigusor 4x!20:42
aurigusmore power!20:42
MobileTurkeywho's this for?20:42
MobileTurkeyaurigus: your job is just installing insane minecraft servers20:42
jedijfthe minecraft obsessed obviously20:42
aurigusits quite the fad20:42
jedijfthey just repurposed the bitcoin farm20:43
aurigusnah bitcoin uses gps not cpu :P20:43
jedijfbut the wuestion is, what's next?20:43
Sadini dont think its that great.... all you need is 2gb RAM and a fast uplink and your set20:43
auriguser, gpus20:43
jedijfthat's a lot of "It works" pages20:44
aurigusMy 5 yo daughter loves it, im so proud she learned how to play20:44
MobileTurkeyI never played it20:44
aurigusI like it20:44
MobileTurkeyopenGL harnessing technologies?20:45
Sadinaugigus ive been playing since its intial release in 201020:45
Sadinaurigus *20:45
aurigusyeah same, its good...20:45
aurigusjust wish i had more time to play20:46
Sadinaurigus too bad the bukkit servers are pretty much not being worked on anymore20:46
auriguswell you always have craftbukkit20:46
Sadinor in the near future they will be unsupported20:46
Sadincraftbukkit/bukkit will both be going down20:47
Sadinthey are technically illegal lol20:47
aurigusi thought mojave supported community implementations20:47
Sadinthey do but bukkit devs were recently hired to build a offical minecraft modding API20:48
MobileTurkeydid anyone see the computer thing for minecraft20:48
Sadinand people are mvoing away from bukkit when i say people i mean the community plugin developers that made bukkit actually good20:48
MobileTurkeyessentially Lua scripting inside minecraft or something cool20:48
aurigusOk so you guys should help me think of a party theme for Philly Tech Week20:50
auriguswe want to do something to draw people in but dont want it to be lame20:50
MobileTurkeyparty theme?20:50
aurigusi was thinking a rack contest... is that too geeky20:50
jedijfaurigus: need more info20:50
MobileTurkeyanimal husbandry?20:50
MobileTurkey.. is that too earthy?20:50
aurigusa server racking speed contest20:50
aurigusi work at a hosting company20:51
MobileTurkeyanimal husbandry definintely then.20:51
aurigushmm, the live poultry shop is right down the road20:52
jedijfaurigus: that's not who yopu want to draw is it?20:52
jedijfthat contest would draw hosting type techies, not hosting buyers20:53
aurigusso just hookers and booze then?20:53
jedijfyou could do a ufc20:53
jedijfyour company racking versus hive vs hacktory vs indyhall20:54
jedijfthat's not too exciting either20:54
MobileTurkeywhat about a good old pie eating contest20:54
jedijfbooze, hookers, male strippers, and a petting farm20:55
MobileTurkeybut make sure the animals are locked away well..20:55
jedijfnow that's hosting!20:55
SamuraiAlbaAm at workings20:55
* SamuraiAlba no likey front desk20:55
jedijfaurigus: honestly just open it up to a tour - explain the various hosting options - that's the ptw crowd - lost of web dev types20:57
jedijfup close and personal, let them 'manage' locally a dummy rack20:57
SamuraiAlbaI r has nachos?20:59
aurigusptw=philly tech week21:20
jedijfwe're sponsors!21:21
jedijfubunt pa team21:21
jedijfubuntu too21:21
MobileTurkeyarch PA team represent21:21
aurigusus too!21:22
jedijfyou're a subteam of the pa LoCo21:22
jedijfarch not aurigus21:22
* cythes represents?21:24
MobileTurkeycythes: represent.21:24
cythesI did21:25
jedijfwe should do release party that week21:25
jedijfwe *will* do release party that week21:26
jedijfcan't blow the opportunity21:26
SamuraiAlbaSoo... the 1PM pacs, or the bring a computer thing at 2?  Which should I go to?21:26
jedijfboth always the same weekend, so it really doesn't matter21:27
jedijf3rd saturday21:27
jedijfi think ntr is a must see for anyone from this area21:28
jedijfat least once21:28
jedijfwe need an installfest after the release party too21:29
* SamuraiAlba has USB keys for that21:29
MobileTurkeyarch wise?21:29
jedijfMobileTurkey: installfest is open, if you come work it, you can offer your services21:32
jedijfthere is an arch interest, in general, so that may be more appropriate for it's own 'event' at hive - if you wnat to do it, i can set it up21:33
MobileTurkeywhen and possibly21:33
jedijfyou can let me know, best is probably a weekend due to the length of time that might be inolved21:34
MobileTurkeyi sort of keep bailing on these things.21:34
* MobileTurkey hangs head in shame21:34
jedijfif we do an ubu installfest i'll prolly reach out to ntr again - arch would be ok at hive21:34
SamuraiAlbaWhat is the nearest bus to the 408 and the terminal?21:35
jedijfMobileTurkey: no shame, pacs does arch now, because of you!21:36
cythesI do to as well you recruiting mofo.21:45
jedijfsee, there's still some shame ;)21:45
jedijftook him right out of our channel, changed his identity for like 2 years - arch is like the witness protection program21:47
SamuraiAlbaI can has wants?21:59
SamuraiAlbaWonder if I can get Ubuntu to dual boot on it...21:59
SamuraiAlbaoooh Android ICS on x86!22:02
* SamuraiAlba just likes octo booting his laptop22:02
cythesMeanwhile in Chernobyl.22:21
MobileTurkeymeanwhile nothing i'm bored.22:23
MobileTurkeygoogles targeted adverrtising is annoying23:26
MobileTurkeyi search for one Xeon core and now all my results are those23:26

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