daker_cjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-django-theme-update/00:12
cjohnstondaker_: does that include the merge from Amoz ?00:14
daker_which one ?00:14
daker_i think, no00:15
cjohnstondaker_: http://amoz.dyndns.org:8080/uds-p/ is his branch live00:16
Amozcjohnston, http://amoz.dyndns.org:8080/uds-p/08:20
Amozfooter and top-nav fixed08:21
Amoznow the main is left, with all the content and grid stuff08:21
Amozand hr's08:21
cjohnstonthats looking awesome Amoz11:29
cjohnstonAmoz: what do you know of that still needs to be done?11:47
cjohnstonyaili: good morning12:02
yaili cjohnston hi12:02
cjohnstonIs Steve on another network presently? Would you mind asking him to jump in here?12:03
=== thecolonyroom is now known as steveedwards
steveedwardscjohnston: Hey.12:03
steveedwardsSorry, I had the wrong nickname.12:03
cjohnstonhey steveedwards12:03
cjohnstonI guess I should learn to look for both12:03
cjohnstonsteveedwards: did you see the new stuff about the sponsors?12:03
steveedwardscjohnston: It's cool. I should ditch the other.12:04
steveedwardscjohnston: Yes, working on that now.12:04
steveedwardscjohnston: How are you doing with Summit?12:04
cjohnstonsteveedwards: Amoz is doing most of the work for us...12:05
cjohnstonsteveedwards: I'm going to work on the track stuff in Summit right now12:06
steveedwardsAmoz: Looking great. Nice work.12:07
steveedwardscjohnston: Okay, no worries. Cool.12:07
cjohnstonsteveedwards: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/tracks12:12
steveedwardscjohnston: Thanks.12:13
cjohnstonsteveedwards: I can't yet assign leads because they aren't registered as attending12:16
steveedwardscjohnston: Ah, I see. I've added the registration link to UDS this morning, so we should've started receiving registrations already.12:17
cjohnstonsteveedwards: different registration :-/12:17
steveedwardscjohnston: Oh.12:18
cjohnstonsteveedwards: theres 17 registration forms12:18
cjohnstonyou have to register as attending in Launchpad for summit to work12:18
steveedwardscjohnston: Pfft. 17? Bloody hell.12:18
cjohnstonsteveedwards: are you good with replacing tracks on uds with tracks in summit now?12:21
cjohnstonif they don't start marking themselves attending in the next few days (the leads) I'll start poking them12:21
steveedwardscjohnston: Yes, I'll take the tracks out of UDS with the latest sponsor changes.12:22
steveedwardscjohnston: ;)12:22
cjohnstonMaybe point to the track page in summit if you can come up with a clever way to do it12:22
steveedwardscjohnston: Sure thing12:23
cjohnstonsteveedwards: do you think it would be possible to at some point in the near future un-hard code the new theme so that the theme can be used on other sites?12:24
steveedwardscjohnston: It should be. I'll speak with Ellen (our Project Manager) about scheduling in a project to create a generic theme.12:25
cjohnstoncool.. ty12:25
cjohnstonmake our lives much easier.. and not duplicate work12:25
steveedwardscjohnston: Definitely. It's something we've talked about doing, but not had the time to start.12:26
cjohnstonsteveedwards: poke your team to hang out in here ;-)12:26
steveedwardscjohnston: Makes our lives easier too.12:26
steveedwardscjohnston: :)12:26
steveedwardscjohnston: We've got some folk here already.12:26
steveedwardscjohnston: yaili, for example.12:27
cjohnstonI know she's here ;-)12:27
steveedwardscjohnston: And antdillon.12:27
cjohnstonshe's my default for when I need help12:27
steveedwardscjohnston: Ah, a good choice. She's my default too.12:27
steveedwardscjohnston: ;)12:27
yailiI'm here all week12:28
cjohnstonif your here, I can bug you too12:28
cjohnstonso antdillon is the same guy who does most of the work on ubuntu.com when I file bugs there?12:28
steveedwardscjohnston: The very same.12:28
cjohnstonso now i know when to poke when i find serious bugs12:29
steveedwardscjohnston: He's also the chap that built ubuntu.com/tour.12:29
cjohnstonhrm... somehow I have to figure out how to make other last in the track page12:31
cjohnstonCan we change the word "Other" to "Zother" in websters? hehe12:31
steveedwardscjohnston: Cheat.12:31
steveedwardscjohnston: ;)12:31
cjohnstonsteveedwards: we have three events that run on summit now, so if I hardcode that other goes last and then another event uses other than doesnt want it last......12:32
cjohnstonI added the track leads from old summits.. they just wont get permissions till I change them12:32
steveedwardscjohnston: Nice one. Ta.12:33
cjohnstondid you speak to the copywriter?12:33
steveedwardscjohnston: Yes, about 'up-stream' you mean? He said that he prefers the term without the hyphen, yet all the copy from him for UDS had the hyphen in.12:34
cjohnstoni love it12:34
cjohnstonso your going to remove the hypen at some point?12:34
steveedwardscjohnston: Yeah, I think so.12:34
cjohnstoncool.. ty12:34
antdilloncjohnston, Sorry was afk, yes ping me with any help you need12:35
cjohnstonty ant12:38
cjohnstonty antdillon12:38
antdilloncjohnston, :) np12:38
cjohnstonsteveedwards: did you see the reply on bug #92900412:41
svwilliamscjohnston, did the duplicate menu bug ever get resolved from summit?12:41
cjohnstonsvwilliams: ?12:41
svwilliamslast week we were working on a left hand menu for summit12:41
cjohnstonyour thing..12:41
svwilliamsyeah sorry12:42
cjohnstonnot that im aware of12:42
cjohnstoni havent looked at it at all12:42
svwilliamsok, I couldn't duplicate, but I'll try again tonight12:42
cjohnstonbeen working with Amoz to see if we can get the new theme update12:42
svwilliamsWohoo!! new theme!12:42
steveedwardscjohnston: Yes, I saw the reply. In fact, the fix has been released, so I'll change the status now.12:42
cjohnstonthat means the side menu will need to be made to work with the new theme :-/12:43
svwilliamsIf you need any help on that tonight, I'll be on after 812:43
cjohnstonty svwilliams12:43
svwilliamsnp, your welcome12:43
cjohnstonsteveedwards: I still can mark it confirmed12:43
cjohnstonjpds: any idea what happened to our bug bot?12:44
steveedwardscjohnston: Okay, cool. Please.12:44
steveedwardscjohnston: Grabbing some lunch. BRB.12:44
cjohnstonsteveedwards: http://uds.ubuntu.com/event/   the link in the venue text links to one place12:44
cjohnstonand the links to book a room under accommodation go to another palce12:44
steveedwardscjohnston: That's deliberate, apparently.12:45
steveedwardscjohnston: We're encouraging folk to stay at Oakland Courtyard, but UDS takes place at Oakland City Center.12:45
cjohnstonsteveedwards: I think the text is still somewhat confusing12:46
cjohnstonmaybe under accommodation specify that you should book at the other hotel?12:46
steveedwardscjohnston: Okay. I can raise that with Marianna. Perhaps she can add some extra clarification.12:46
=== steveedwards is now known as stevedwards-brb
cjohnstonstevedwards-brb: I posted on the bug.12:50
cjohnstonI'm /313:06
cprofittwhat is /313:07
cjohnstonwindow change fail13:08
cjohnston /3 == #ubuntu-community-team13:08
cjohnstonI'll be back in a couple hours13:08
=== stevedwards-brb is now known as steveedwards
mhall119cjohnston: ping13:37
cjohnstonmhall119: pong13:38
mhall119cjohnston: nvm, I found the issue13:39
mhall119you fixed tracks on summit.u.c, they need it fixed on uds.u.c also13:39
cjohnstonthey are being removed13:40
mhall119from uds.u.c?13:42
cjohnstonsteveedwards is replacing it with a link13:44
mhall119ok, I'm going to leave the bug open until that's done then13:44
steveedwardsmhall119: Just added a comment to the bug for clarification.13:45
mhall119steveedwards: did you know we have a json API for reading the track data?13:45
steveedwardsmhall119: Ooh, no I didn't.13:45
steveedwardsmhall119: Excellent. I could use that, of course, but we'd still be looking at duplication of content.13:46
steveedwardsmhall119: Worth noting though. Ta.13:47
cjohnstonatleast that way changes would only be required once13:47
steveedwardscjohnston: Hullo.15:03
steveedwardscjohnston: On the UDS Event page, I'm dropping the tracks and changing the button link to point to Summit. Do we still need a link to the full schedule?15:04
cjohnstonsteveedwards: pong15:04
cjohnstonwe will, yes.. obviously there isnt a schedule yet15:05
steveedwardscjohnston: Cool. I'll go for two links then. One to tracks and one to schedule. Thanks.15:05
Amozcjohnston, I'm here again15:19
Amozdid I miss anything?15:19
Amozmy bouncer didn't log everything it seems..15:19
Amozcjohnston, nvm, checked my other client15:21
Amozcjohnston, well, I should take a look at the main content, see if there are any grids classes or something that needs to be done15:22
Amozother than that, it's generally just cleaning up some comments and stuff15:22
Amozdo you consider it mergeable?15:23
cjohnstonsteveedwards: ping15:28
steveedwardscjohnston: Hey.15:28
cjohnstonsteveedwards: could you please review Amoz's work from the link I PMed you earlier and make any suggestions15:29
cjohnstonAmoz: the "social" area of the uds-p page isn't gettings its formatting like it should15:29
steveedwardscjohnston: Sure thing.15:29
cjohnstonthanks steveedwards. I'd like to get this out ASAP. :-)15:30
Amozcjohnston, what should it look like?15:35
Amozlike the old summit?15:36
Amozgray bg ?15:36
steveedwardscjohnston: Where do you want feedback sent, Chris? Email?15:41
cjohnstonsteveedwards: thats fine..15:41
steveedwardscjohnston: Cool. I'll get that to you ASAP.15:42
Amozhey I'd like to get feedback as well, if it's about my work ^^15:44
steveedwardsAmoz: Of course. What's your email address?15:45
cjohnstonAmoz: you would have gotten it ;-)15:47
Amozok, thanks15:47
steveedwardsAmoz: You there?16:18
Amozsteveedwards, ^16:20
steveedwardsAmoz: PM'd you.16:20
Amozsteveedwards, oh, you're at canonical?16:25
steveedwardsAmoz: Yes.16:25
steveedwardsAmoz: But I'm an okay guy, really.16:25
steveedwardsAmoz: ;)16:25
Amoznot awesome?16:25
steveedwardsAmoz: Rarely awesome, but always modest.16:26
cjohnstonsteveedwards: email16:27
Amozsteveedwards, as per your email, I'm on it...16:27
steveedwardscjohnston: Yup.16:27
Amozthe grid system I mean16:27
Amozand the hr's16:27
steveedwardsAmoz: Ah, brilliant. The grid work's not too much hassle?16:28
cjohnstonmy only thing about the grid stuff is its really only one page that it would be useful on16:28
steveedwardscjohnston: Even adding the 'row' class gives us some nice margin at the top of each page.16:29
cjohnstonwe can try it16:29
steveedwardscjohnston: If not, you can just pull the styles.16:29
Amozsteveedwards, I'll see what I can do16:29
Amozfixed the <p> in footer16:30
steveedwardscjohnston: There should be 55px between the header and the page content, I think.16:30
steveedwardsAmoz: Fantastic. Many thanks.16:30
cjohnstonsteveedwards: http://amoz.dyndns.org:8080/uds-p/2011-10-31/display   ignore the sub-nav... any suggestions for how to do this?16:30
Amozsideways expansion, not great for webdesign apparently :P16:31
cjohnstonAmoz: correct...16:32
steveedwardscjohnston: Hmm. A quick and dirty solution might be to stick it in a fixed-width container and use 'overflow-x: scroll'.16:32
cjohnstonthis page gets displayed on like a 50" widescreen TV tho16:32
cjohnstonsteveedwards: what will that do?16:32
steveedwardscjohnston: It'll keep it within the confines of the page, at least.16:32
steveedwardscjohnston: But the user won't be able to see the whole chart without scrolling.16:33
cjohnstonsteveedwards: that will screw it up for the UDS monitors16:33
cjohnstonit has to stay wide16:33
steveedwardscjohnston: Hmm. Okay, scratch that.16:33
cjohnstonsteveedwards: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/2011-10-31/display this is how it is for now16:34
cjohnstonand it works16:34
cjohnstonwe would have to re-modify it to work with the new theme tho16:34
steveedwardscjohnston: I think for now we'll have to do the same. We can figure out a more graceful solution as a group.16:36
steveedwardscjohnston: I'll run it past the team to see what we can come up with.16:37
steveedwardscjohnston: Pleasure.16:37
cjohnstonand I included my reply about the sidebar thing16:37
steveedwardscjohnston: Yeah, thanks for that. Very helpful.16:39
cjohnstonty.. at this point we are just waiting on that feedback prior to implementation of the new features16:40
dakeroh cjohnston, mhall119  have you seen the RT response ?16:53
mhall119daker: to what?16:53
dakerUpgrade loco.u.c to django 1.316:53
cjohnstondaker: I'm talking to them now16:55
cjohnstonthey are investigating16:55
Amozcjohnston, there, I did some more changes to the summit branch and pushed it to my server and my +junk17:20
cjohnstonAmoz: the "Latest tweets" area should be the same size as the one above it17:34
Amozcjohnston, where can one find that area? O_O17:35
cjohnstoni edited to make you see it17:36
cjohnstondoes the page now contain the grid stuff Amoz ?17:36
Amozhow did you do that? :O17:37
Amozstop hacking my surverz!17:37
Amozu haxor17:37
Amozwell, yeah kind of17:37
Amozat least the uds-p template is17:38
cjohnstonbecause the DB you are using has my access in it17:38
Amozif there are more sections in different template files we need to change them as well17:38
cjohnstonits a hidden field until its defined17:38
Amozcjohnston, I figured17:38
cjohnstonAmoz: do you want to clean up the other template files or do you want me to do that17:38
Amozcjohnston, no idea :P17:39
AmozTODO is17:39
Amoz * put all subnav anchors between <li> tags*17:39
Amoz * grid17:39
Amozthat's all I can recall right now17:40
cjohnstonI would like it if you could do the grid stuff..17:40
cjohnstonthe li's I can do17:40
Amozsure, have no idea when, but hopefully soon17:42
Amozbah, diverging branches...17:43
AmozI'm missing a revision17:43
Amozwat the ...17:43
cjohnstonI didnt do it17:44
cjohnstonAmoz: this is really awesome work your doing17:46
cjohnstonI'm glad to have you here17:46
Amozthank you17:47
Amozyes yes very well17:47
AmozI'm running for membership17:47
cjohnstonwhats your wiki page17:47
Amozhah, I haven't gotten that far17:48
cjohnstonyou need to17:48
AmozI just felt I should be more involved17:48
Amozyeah I know17:48
AmozI need to check out all that stuff17:48
cjohnstonok.. if you arent going quite yet, then its ok17:48
cjohnstonI'll help you out later on.17:48
Amozbut I want to contribute a few major things first17:48
Amozwhat's needed for membership?17:48
cjohnstonstick around with me and I will get you contributing, thats for sure17:48
cjohnstonsustained contribution17:48
Amozwho's responsible for the wiki.u.c design etc. ?17:49
Amozit's the old design I see..17:49
cjohnstonthe new design is quite new...17:49
cjohnstonso they will need time to migrate everything over17:49
Amozbut who is responsible? =)17:53
cjohnstonthe web team I believe17:53
Amozso its not a community page17:53
cjohnstonat one point the ability to propse fixes existed. I'm not sure anymore17:54
cjohnstonAmoz: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fougner/+junk/light-django-theme-new-design/view/head:/templates/website_base.html#L7917:54
cjohnstonPlease remove the seperate link from that line and just extend the one for the logo to incompass that17:55
Amoz<a class="logo-ubuntu" href="{% block logo_href %}/{% endblock %}">17:57
Amoz                <img width="118" height="27" src="{{ubuntu_website_media}}/images/logo-header.png" alt="Ubuntu logo"/>17:57
Amoz                <h2>{% block logo_text %}{% endblock %}</h2>17:57
Amoz        </a>17:57
Amozlike that?17:58
cjohnstonyes please17:58
Amozthat will mess it up17:58
cjohnstonok... then do17:58
cjohnston<a class="logo-ubuntu" href="{% block logo_href %}/{% endblock %}">17:58
cjohnston        <img width="118" height="27" src="{{ubuntu_website_media}}/images/logo-header.png" alt="Ubuntu logo"/>17:58
cjohnston        </a>17:58
cjohnston        <h2>17:59
cjohnston<a href="{% block logo_href %}/{% endblock %}">{% block logo_text %}Country Loco Team{% endblock %}</a>17:59
cjohnstonthat way the URL stays the same17:59
Amozpretty pleeease18:00
Amozyes sir18:00
Amozis the "country loco team" supposed to be there?18:00
cjohnstonits just a placeholder18:00
Amozu cant do that18:01
Amoztemplate error18:01
Amozwe can't use the same variable more than once18:01
Amozthe h2 is not shown inline18:04
Amozit's a block element18:04
Amozwhich means it will automatically clear:both18:04
AmozI suppose all headers are like that18:04
Amozoh wait18:05
Amozcould be float:left as well18:05
cjohnstonAmoz: on your running insance, can you please replace the database with http://ubuntuone.com/2wFfuUUS3YTsjHcmKuJGjr18:08
cjohnstonAmoz: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fougner/+junk/summit/view/head:/summit/common/templates/base.html#L6218:12
cjohnstonchange class='current' to class='active' please18:12
cjohnstonsomething broke with the tweet area18:16
Amozmy server is still complaining about missing revisions18:18
cjohnstontry --force  ?18:18
Amozpull has no --force18:18
cjohnstonbzr merge18:19
Amozcan I merge and commit to a branch to fix the diversion?18:23
cjohnstoni dont know what could have created a diversion18:24
Amozdamn russians18:24
cjohnstonyou could always revert everything off the server and then do a new merge18:24
cjohnstonunless you have made changed directly to the server18:24
AmozI shouldnt have18:24
cjohnstonjust revert everything off then imo18:25
Amozthat doesnt help18:26
Amozthe latest r is 31018:26
Amozfrom me18:26
Amozand 309 is from you18:26
cjohnstonbzr uncommit18:29
cjohnstonbzr revert18:29
cjohnstonbzr merge18:29
cjohnstonmhall119: ping18:30
Amozmhall is no more :(18:31
mhall119I'm not? oh noes!18:32
cjohnstonoh no's18:32
cjohnstonso its proven that he is just ignoring me18:32
mhall119 /nick ghost_of_mhall11918:32
mhall119cjohnston: write a few pages of developer docs and I'll be happy to help you18:32
cjohnstoni just need one little answer18:33
cjohnstonfor Amoz18:33
cjohnstonto retheme the site18:33
cjohnstoni can haz dox?18:33
Amoznow I got an even more complex message18:33
cjohnstonuh oh18:33
cjohnstonI'm really confused18:38
cjohnstonrm -r     ftw!18:38
Amozconflict solution, subversion style18:40
Amozwill all the virtualenv stuff be left if I do that?18:40
cjohnstonas long as you set it up via summit.readthedocs.org18:41
Amozcjohnston, the summit.db ploc18:45
Amozand btw, are we gonna have a bot here?18:46
cjohnstonthere is supposed to be a bug bot here18:46
AmozI'm gonna teach it aaaall I know!18:46
Amozcjohnston, we should have a bot taking care of some notes and stuff for us18:53
Amozfor example !db18:53
Amozwould trigger a link to latest dev db for summit18:53
Amozor something18:53
Amozfor files not trackable in the bzr etc.18:54
cjohnstonI do have a bot.. but that sounds like work to setup18:54
Amozbut most bots should be able to learn about that stuff18:55
Amozfactoid bot for example?18:55
Amozshould be easy to teach him that kind of stuff18:55
Amoznot him18:55
cjohnstonbut we would have to write something to push the dev db to a stable location18:55
cjohnstonthe u1 link changes every time I update the file18:56
Amozuse dropbox18:56
Amozthats not updated18:56
cjohnstonright now the dropbox right click menu thingie suxors18:56
cjohnstonits missing the actions18:57
cjohnstonit hasnt been updated to work with new nautilus changes18:57
AmozI can18:57
Amoz"copy public link" you mean?18:57
cjohnstonim in +118:57
cjohnstondid you get your server back?18:58
Amozah god no18:58
Amozoh yeah18:58
Amozyou are18:58
Amozthats why18:58
Amoznautilus 3.4?18:58
cjohnstonnot sure18:59
Amozif you're gonna use the exakt same link its not a problem18:59
Amozjust visit the db website18:59
Amozand copy the link from there18:59
* cjohnston lazy19:00
Amozthen you can use that forever19:00
Amozbut thats too lazy19:00
Amozbetter to do that than using U1 everytime19:00
Amozthat takes more time19:00
Amozgoood lord19:00
cjohnstoni know..19:00
Amozi hate virtualenv19:00
cjohnstonwhats wrong?19:00
cjohnstonshould just do workon summit19:00
cjohnston./manage.py migrate19:00
Amozreinstalling all reqs now19:01
cjohnstonshoudlnt need to19:01
Amozno I had to remove the dir remember?19:01
Amozand then it didn't want to do "workon summit19:01
cjohnstonare you using make?19:01
Amozgot a weird error19:02
cjohnstonthat's odd19:02
cjohnstonive never had to reinstall19:02
Amozcjohnston, so, why u not at work?19:09
cjohnstoni work tomorrow19:09
cjohnstoni work every third day19:09
Amozif there's a way to automate this environment setup, please let me know19:12
cjohnstonnot that im aware of19:13
cjohnstonit shouldnt break just because you removed the bzr branch19:13
Amoznuff for today19:17
cjohnstonits only like 4 lines to set it up isnt it?19:18
Amozthe site isn't even the right one now19:18
Amozyeah it is19:18
Amozand its up now19:18
Amozbut it looks nothing like it should19:18
cjohnstonyou havent merged in the changes19:18
cjohnstonit doenst look like19:18
Amozbzr info gives me my branches19:19
cjohnstondid you merge https://code.launchpad.net/~fougner/+junk/summit19:21
Amozsummit)alex@lancelot:~/dev/summit/summit$ bzr info19:21
AmozStandalone tree (format: 2a)19:21
Amoz  branch root: /home/alex/dev/summit19:21
AmozRelated branches:19:21
Amoz  parent branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fougner/%2Bjunk/summit/19:21
cjohnstoni just merged in both of your branches and it looks right here19:23
Amozthats soooo weird19:24
cjohnstonwhat does bzr info say in your ubuntu_website dir?19:24
Amozwhy aint it workin here beyaaa***ch19:24
Amozits my branch there as well19:25
Amozfrom my +junk19:25
Amozbut the faaak19:26
Amozits not even the right files afai can see19:27
Amozbzr update19:29
Amozthe tree was out of sync or something19:29
Amozprobably the init stuff removed my branch and overwrote it19:29
Amozwith the other stuff19:29
Amozweird bzr didn't say anything19:29
AmozTraceback (most recent call last):19:30
Amoz  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>19:30
AmozImportError: No module named virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader19:30
Amozvirtualenvwrapper.sh: There was a problem running the initialization hooks. If Python could not import the module virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader, check that virtualenv has been installed for VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON=/home/alex/.virtualenvs/summit/bin/python and that PATH is set properly.19:30
Amozbyobu gives me that error19:30
cjohnstonignore that19:30
cjohnstonit still says (summit)user@host right?19:30
cjohnstonworkon summit19:31
cjohnstonthen it will19:31
Amozalex@lancelot:~/dev/summit/summit$ workon summit19:31
AmozTraceback (most recent call last):19:31
Amoz  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>19:31
AmozImportError: No module named virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader19:31
AmozTraceback (most recent call last):19:31
Amoz  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>19:31
AmozImportError: No module named virtualenvwrapper.hook_loader19:31
cjohnstonno (summit) user  ?19:32
Amoznow watch19:33
Amozyeah now it is19:33
Amozbut still19:33
Amoza lot of errors19:33
Amozthats not userfriendly19:33
Amoznow I'm unr again19:33
cjohnstonAmoz: merge https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/more-theme-work into your summit/ and then commit it to your branch please19:34
cjohnstonits subnav across half the site19:34
cjohnstonworking on the other half now19:34
Amozup n running19:35
Amozcjohnston, why is there a link on the startpage going to localhost? :P19:36
Amozand how can I change the site url?19:36
Amozeverything points to Uds.u.c now19:36
cjohnstonits supposed to19:36
cjohnstonthe "schedule" link in the menu works19:36
cjohnstonand the link to UDS - P work19:37
cjohnstonthat branch actually should include all subnav fixes19:37
AmozI mean in general19:38
Amozwhen on a dev server19:38
cjohnstonmhall119: is there someway to make website_base.html call logo_href twice?19:38
cjohnstonmost of the links are hard coded19:38
Amozwhy? =(19:38
cjohnstonbecause we were told to19:38
cjohnstonthe logo link is hard coded to a different site19:39
Amozyeah but I'm talking about the menu and all19:39
cjohnstonthe schedule link is fixed19:39
cjohnstonyou can click it19:40
cjohnstonso the tweet box is still broken19:40
AmozI merge and pushed your fixes19:43
Amozyeah about the tweet box19:43
Amozit's dependant on the grid stuff19:44
Amozhold on19:44
cjohnstonmhall119: http://ubuntuone.com/2VVPsJR7PRHtf8WbUvBbAy19:46
cjohnstonmhall119: do you like it like that, or want it to go back to being narrower19:46
mhall119cjohnston: is that just a larger fixed width, or will it be always fullscreen-width?19:48
Amozcjohnston, is that the new schedule design?19:48
cjohnstonno idea19:48
AmozI've got an idea19:48
cjohnstonAmoz: thats the agenda page19:48
cjohnstonbeing messed with by the new css19:48
cjohnstonmhall119: is there a way to display a block twice19:49
mhall119cjohnston: what do you mean?19:49
cjohnstonthe logo_href I need twice19:49
mhall119hmmm....I'm not sure19:49
Amozwe'll fix it somehow19:49
mhall119might just need to do two blocks19:50
Amozi should be doable with a css hack or something19:50
cjohnstoni dont want a second block for the same url19:50
cjohnstonAmoz: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/2011-10-31/ is what it was19:50
cjohnstonmhall119: the text seems bigger19:50
Amozcjohnston, ah19:50
Amozlooks better to me19:50
Amozbut you showed the wiiiide site before19:51
Amozwhy not make it similar to this one?19:51
mhall119cjohnston: bigger than what?19:51
cjohnstonthe wide display has a seperate purpose19:51
Amozcjohnston, for big screens at the UDS?19:51
cjohnstonthe text in the new theme is bigger than the text on current summit19:51
cjohnstonAmoz: yes19:51
cjohnstonI personally like the narrower agenda view better19:52
cjohnstonbut i dont know how much wrapping of text will be caused by narrowing it19:52
cjohnstonsince the font size is bigger19:52
AmozI'm out for today19:53
Amozgbye guys19:53
cjohnstonthanks for your help19:53
cjohnstonmhall119: if we remove the track names it will be better19:57
cjohnstonmhall119: http://ubuntuone.com/73sJGqMoJHIWdS6gasg3Se19:59
cjohnstonmhall119: thoughts between the two?20:08
mhall119cjohnston: I don't have a strong opinion either way20:11
cjohnstonAmoz: can you please merge https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/ubuntu-community-webthemes/more-theme-work and https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/more-theme-work21:22
cjohnstoninto yours21:22
cjohnstonthen push them to your server21:22
Amozcjohnston, there21:45
Amoznow, running21:45
cjohnstonAmoz: ty21:47
cjohnstonI've asked mhall119 to look at it for suggestions21:48
cjohnstonAmoz: can you convert the track page to rows?21:50
cjohnstontracks.html in the schedule templates directory21:50
cjohnstonAmoz: another thing to do is run --settings linaro_settings and see what blows up21:53
cjohnstonbbiab.. dinner21:53
daker_hello :)22:19
cjohnstonhey daker_22:38
daker_cjohnston: any progress ?22:43
cjohnstonsome, yes22:44
daker_hey cjohnston mhall119 Amoz look at this http://austin.lanyrd.com/?day=mar-12&fullscreen=1&view=grid23:02
cjohnstontbh I like ours better23:04
daker_there are some issues like this http://amoz.dyndns.org:8080/uds-p/track/linaro-platforms/23:06
cjohnstonstill something to be fixed23:06
cjohnstonwe need to do full screen on those pages23:07
daker_or just fixed the width and add a horizontal scrollbar like this http://austin.lanyrd.com/?day=mar-12&view=grid23:08
cjohnstondaker_: its not for laptops23:08
cjohnstonthere is no scrolling ability23:08
daker_so the fullscreen is the solution23:09
Amozcjohnston, so we gonna make a custom css for the biiiig schedule thingy?23:15
cjohnstonim working on trying to23:16
Amozcjohnston, you know chromium is reaaaal good for web dev huh?23:18
Amozthen you can try disabling the styles23:19
Amozcheckboxes on the right23:19
Amoztry disabling the width style for the div.wrapper23:19
Amozand the .inner-wrapper23:19
Amozthat makes it wider23:19
daker_FF has firebug + the new inspector23:20
cjohnstonAmoz: if you know how to do it, go right ahead23:20
Amozcjohnston, not really, that was just a "hey try this" :P23:20
cjohnstoni dont have a clue how to do it23:20
Amozi can put it on my todo-list23:20
cjohnstonI got it a little better23:22
Amoznevertheless, the chromium dev tools are great for that kind of stuff23:23
Amozyou can even change html and css in realtime23:23
Amozjust doubleklick html lines or css styles23:24
Amozchange it, delete it, do whatever you want23:24
Amozand see the changes in the browser23:24
Amozalso, you can easily see where the styles comes from23:24
cjohnstonAmoz: can you merge bzr push lp:~chrisjohnston/ubuntu-community-webthemes/more-theme-work again please23:28
cjohnstonsorry.. bzr merge lp:~chrisjohnston/ubuntu-community-webthemes/more-theme-work23:29
Amozcjohnston, gotta go to sleep23:35

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