rippsIs there anyway to tryout and experimental dri driver without installing it to /usr/lib/dri? Like how you can load libraries using LD_LIBRARY_PATH?05:29
Sarvattexcept its not working at the moment with upstream mesa git after automake fun05:33
Sarvattusing system libglsl and libglapi :(05:34
tjaaltonuh, so screensaver doesn't want to let go of the blank screen, even after killing it.. vt's don't work either, everything else does07:20
apwbryceh, where were we with the edid patch thing, any luck proving whether it works ?09:59
apwbroder, i have an updated patch which addes an edid/ prefix to the firmware paths -- that seems safest overall10:00
tjaaltonRAOF: still about? do you know if colorhug works with wled displays?13:29
tjaaltonSarvatt: btw the commit id's you gave for intel-vaapi-driver were both the same ;)13:32
tjaaltonso the other one was probably the cherry-picked commit-id?13:33
Sarvatttjaalton: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/vaapi/intel-driver/commit/?id=99ded53e66af1903f1d58ffbc24404d435a6de84 and http://cgit.freedesktop.org/vaapi/intel-driver/commit/?id=368731d104da84605fcf6683d6ce014916fe76b013:33
tjaaltonhmm, neither applies cleanly on what I have13:34
Sarvattit cherry-picks fine on whats in pkg-multimedia git, did you cherry-pick 99ded53 first?13:40
tjaaltonoh, so it does. doesn't apply on my ubuntu branch though..13:41
tjaaltonI'll figure it out..13:41
tjaaltonoh, hehe.. I had a snapshot already in the branch 14:16
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brycehapw, well, I at least proved the edid I was using didn't work16:47
brycehapw, I figure I'll come up with a different edid and try again, but am off today so a task for tomorrow16:48
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apwbryceh, ack, thanks18:25
RAOFtjaalton: I believe it does work with wled displays; if not, it should in future.21:52
RAOFtjaalton: (Where "it" is the colourhug)21:52
Sarvatttjaalton: i would hope so considering a very very large portion of laptops use them :) huey pro certainly does21:55
RAOFI presume tjaalton's talking about wide gamut LED displays, rather than just random led-backlit displays.21:57
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