Kilosmorning superfly dLimit nuvolari and others07:35
Kilosmaybe the pro at work already too07:36
Kiloshi inetpro 07:36
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:36
* Maaz flips the salt-timer07:36
superflymorning Kilos07:37
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:40
KilosMaaz, ty07:40
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:40
kodezgreetings to all. how's your monday?07:41
superflyhi kodez07:41
kodezhi superfly, how are you?07:41
superflydoing OK thanks07:42
Kiloshi kodez 07:42
kodezhi kilos, how are you?07:42
kodezwhy is the room quite today?07:42
Kilosfine ty good ty and you07:43
Kiloseveryone is busy at work or not there yet07:43
Kilossome start late and end late07:43
kodezi'm in good shape and spirit07:43
kodezi'm unemployed07:43
Kiloskodez, is that good?07:44
kodezeish, yes @superfly07:44
kodezkilos, not at all. i am always broke07:44
Kilosthe fly is our auto spell checker07:44
kodezhence i'm not a regular07:45
superflykodez: where are you in life? just out of school/college/university?07:45
Kiloshaha kodez join the family07:45
superflywhat skillz do you have?07:45
kodezin university. unisa07:45
superflystudying compsci?07:46
kodezbasic knowledge in c++, python, linux, windows server 200807:46
Kilosah, to be young again07:46
kodezdiploma in IT07:47
kodezit's nice to be young but it has challenges of it's own especially if you are not guided07:47
Kiloslet the fly guide you07:48
kodezkilos, i accept that offer with open hands.07:49
superflykodez: getting involved in open source projects is usually a good way to get some experience with real world software07:50
superflyit helps when looking for jobs07:50
kodezi know hence i'm here. also to cement understanding of what you know.07:51
superflykodez: in the near future it's probably a good idea to get a job like a barman or shop assistant or something like that07:54
kodezi agree. i will resume looking for employment in next month07:56
Kilosgood luck kodez 08:15
kodezthanks kilos08:18
kodezthanks for the time we had. i must leave for an internet cafe to submit my assignments08:27
nuvolario/ hi oom Kilos 09:05
magespawnAfternoon all.12:06
magespawnHi Kilos12:12
Kiloshi there magespawn 12:12
Kilosis gc dead?12:18
KilosMaaz, coffee on12:18
* Maaz starts grinding coffee12:18
inetproMaaz: coffee please12:19
Maazinetpro: Righto12:19
Kilosohi inetpro howzit12:20
inetprohello Kilos12:20
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!12:22
KilosMaaz, ty12:22
MaazYou are welcome Kilos12:22
Kilosyo nlsthzn 12:27
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos 12:27
nlsthznHow are you?12:27
Kiloswell ty laddy and you12:28
nlsthznall good thanks12:28
magespawnKilos no just been too busy to log it back on.12:37
Kilosbusy is good12:37
magespawnIn some ways fish one is a bit sick12:44
nuvolariMaaz: is trello.com up?15:19
Maaznuvolari: No, https://trello.com/ is down (Not Found)15:19
kodezhello everyone. how do i get to places using unity as the desktop?17:44
magespawnEvening all18:04
superflyevening magespawn18:25
magespawnHey superfly18:46
Kilosyo fellas18:57
magespawnHi Kilos18:57
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:57
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:57
superflyhi Kilos18:58
Kilosyay that sounds much better without the oom18:58
magespawnSuperfly how is the fish?18:58
superflymagespawn: the fish?18:59
Kilosyeah magespawn what was that about the fish18:59
Kilos<magespawn> In some ways fish one is a bit sick18:59
magespawnYou said las night you had a green fish that wanted to shower19:00
Kiloswho said that?19:00
magespawnAssumed you where talking about kids19:00
superflyoh right. yes, green fish had his shower19:00
superflymagespawn: more repeating wth kid said19:00
Kilosoh i musta been off already19:00
superfly"Daddy, green fish want shower!"19:01
Kilosi was wondering all avy what you were smoking magespawn 19:01
magespawnWoman I follow on Twitter calls her kids "thing 1" and "thing 2"19:01
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!19:01
KilosMaaz, ty19:02
MaazYou are welcome Kilos19:02
magespawnThought fish was a cool thing to call your kids, instead of using their names.19:02
Kiloskids are funny hey , they use only the main words19:02
magespawnVery funny the things they say some times are so accurate19:03
superflymagespawn: no, we usually call him maggot :-P19:03
Kilosyeah. if we asked ian where he wanted to go he said ian go beach19:04
magespawnLooks like the game reserve is catching some heavy rain19:04
Kilosand if we asked what you wanna eat he said big meat19:04
magespawnThat suits with the fly19:04
Kiloskids are priceless19:06
Kilosthen they grow up and the gray hairs start19:06
Kilossuperfly, do you know what the next one is yet?19:07
Kilosfruit fly19:07
superflyKilos: no... we don't even have a pre-birth name yet (last time it was seamonkey)19:08
Kilosmagespawn, when i read where you said fish i thought you were talking about a linux program19:09
magespawnI thought you were on your way to the second already superfly19:09
Kilosanother linux goodie19:09
superflymagespawn: we are19:09
magespawnIs there a program called fish?19:09
Kilos5 more months19:09
superflymagespawn: there's a protocol called fish19:10
magespawnHah just round the corner19:10
KilosFish is a shell geared towards interactive use.19:10
magespawnOkay then.19:10
Kilosso have you guys filled in that survey yet19:11
magespawnThis going to blow your mind I searched just fish in google and this the last of the results on the first page.19:12
magespawnsnyman.info/tags/ fish.html19:13
Kiloswith http:// and www?19:14
magespawnHold on.19:14
Kilosha ha ha19:16
magespawnSuperfly should not have to go the link to see what it is.19:16
Kilosthe fly loves blogging19:16
Kilossuperfly, wassup 36519:17
Kilosis it now x2 +119:17
superflymagespawn: hehehe19:17
superflythat is pretty weird19:18
magespawnFame internet style 1st page of google19:18
Kiloslol yeah19:18
superflymagespawn: I think if you google my real name, I'm even more famous :-P19:19
magespawnI think I did at one stage.19:19
Kilosyeah Maaz gets you in first 319:20
Kiloslol life and times of a geek and his bride19:21
magespawnWhat is the text editor in ubuntu called?19:24
magespawnIs there a verssion for android with the same or similar capabilities?19:25
Kilosyou on the fone magespawn ?19:27
Kilosif so word it and i will ask maaz to google it for you19:27
magespawnTablet really19:27
Kilostablets one takes for headaches19:28
magespawnGedit version for android19:28
magespawnI did google it not much help19:28
Kilosall i find19:30
magespawnCool that looks like a useful page either way19:33
magespawnI am off I have Avery early start tomorrow. 04:0019:34
Kilosok magespawn sleep tight19:34
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:37

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