Airtreckjen_ : did you try the "locate" command to search for your screensavers? if they're there, it will find them00:01
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ActionParsnipjen_: http://www.solarum.com/2010/01/03/acer-aspire-battery-not-charging/      seems a BIOS upgrade helps00:02
vallorso I almost got this working in a virt, but now when I run usb-creator-gtk & set it up to install, it shuts down the ubuntu virt :(00:02
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jen_well...if I can recall, I downloaded the awesome 'blue screen of death' somewhere KMV01 showed me (he's awesome by the way) and it had a bunch of screensavers but I dont remember how I did it00:02
RoastedQuestion - if I want to use something other than Unity as my default environment, yet I want automatic login, how do I select which DE I want since I won't have the option to choose @ login screen?00:03
jen_oh synaptic!00:03
droptonecan one of you guys recommend a twitter client that provides real-time updates for ubuntu 11.10? I hear good things about polly, is it worth the install?00:03
CFHowlettRoasted   you CAN choose at login - click on the gear00:03
RoastedCFHowlett, right - but how would I do that with automatic login to a specific user account?00:03
jen_but then again I dont know what package to get00:04
SlothScriptSo my issue, currently, is that when I boot my computer grub will not start. If I hold shift, I get a message "Grub Loading.." but then the screen essentially shuts off with the message "Out of Range" and it changes resolution. After that, it boots to Ubuntu. I am currently unable to access my Windows 7; does anyone have any ideas?00:04
jen_so what is the package for screensavers on synaptic?00:04
CFHowlettRoasted   aaah, different question.  Sadly, IDK as I still use 10.04.  ask the channel about setting default DE00:04
RoastedCFHowlett, nevermind, it looks like it still holds the last one I logged in as. I don't recall 11.10 doing that. I'm on 12.04 now (wrong chat, just realized, shoulda been in ubuntu+1 for that)00:04
RoastedCFHowlett, but nonetheless, fixed! :D00:05
ActionParsnipRoasted: the last session is remembered for each user00:05
Toph2when I run htop in a terminal, it occupies the terminal,,, can I start and run another terminal for other tasks while htop is running?00:05
CFHowlettToph2   yes00:06
upsetHelp me please! I'm begging you! Pinta just crashed and corrupted my project. How do I get it back?! Isn't there a bak somewhere??00:06
vallorToph2: of course -- this is Unix, it's multiprocessing and multiuser :)00:06
tannerstejen_, i think xscreensaver is fairly popular.  I haven't personally tried it yet00:06
ActionParsnipToph2: sure, press CTRL+ALT+T00:06
jen_yeah I have xscreensavers but there are a bunch just missing from then tannerste00:06
Toph2indeed,, thanks all00:06
ActionParsnipupset: use your data backups will be a great way00:06
upsetActionParsnip: Could you explain?00:06
vallorwoot, I got it working -- the trick was to attach the usb passport drive to the virt as an ide disk00:07
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tannerstejen_, hmm, check out this post talking about xscreensaver http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/10/enable-screensavers-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/00:07
upsetPlease, does anyone know how I can repair this file or get an older version back?!00:07
ActionParsnipupset: how long have you had the project going?00:07
upsetActionParsnip: Three days. I've been opening and closing and saving often00:08
ActionParsnipupset: so you will have backed it up, right? to a USB storage or a different PC, or a DVD or such...00:08
upsetActionParsnip: Obviously if I did I would not come here00:08
ActionParsnipupset: why did you not make a backup?00:09
ZaitzevIf i do this, will it find all rars in subfolders and unpack the files IN those subfolders? : find . -iname "*.rar" -exec unrar {} \;00:09
upsetActionParsnip: That's NOT an answer to my question00:09
ActionParsnipupset: unless you made a backup the file will be gone as data recovery apps like foremost will simply recover the bad file00:10
upsetActionParsnip: It's not deleted00:10
upsetIt's just corrupted00:10
SHOVELLis there a way to correct a logical partition ending beyond the end of the physical drive?00:10
ActionParsnipupset: yes, so there is no way to restore the data as you made no backup00:10
upsetActionParsnip: There are no earlier versions anywhere?00:10
ActionParsnipupset: you could try an fsck on the partition00:11
Airtreckthere is no "system restore" in linux :)00:11
ActionParsnipupset: not unless the software you made the file in makes them, no00:11
upsetActionParsnip: Fffffffffff00:11
ActionParsnipupset: make backups and you have no issue00:11
upsetActionParsnip: I'm furious00:11
jen_oh this has been bugging me too but I totally forgot about it, how can you adjust the settings so if you have one window up, you can click on the second one but the other window is still behind it,00:11
upsetActionParsnip: Fuck you, man00:11
Zaitzevnoone? oO00:11
amazingrandoi cloned ubuntu server from on machine to another.  eth0 device is not found on the cloned machine (exact same hardware)00:11
CFHowlettmellow out people00:11
ActionParsnipupset: you learned the hardest way possible of the value of backups, sorry00:11
amazingrandotried sudo mv /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.old00:12
Airtreckuh that was WAY rude!00:12
amazingrandonow there's an eth0, but still won't get an IP address00:12
SHOVELLActionParsnip, you are a valued comunity resource tyou dont deserve whay upset just did00:12
KotusSHOVELL, if you delete a partition and recreate it, begining at the exact same byte then it will be ok, all you have to do is resize2fs it somehow, be carefool resize2fs takes a size parameter00:13
SlothScriptActionParsnip: Do you happen to have any ideas on a grub menu not loading, even with holding shift; I've purged and reinstalled, and some other obvious solutions.00:13
ActionParsnipZaitzev: looks ok, just watch for duplicated folders coming out of the archives as they may overwrite each other or similar, not sure where the extracte files would go tbh00:13
Airtreckbtw, hi again ActionParsnip , danileigh79 spoke nicely to me about you. So hi!00:13
ActionParsniphi Airtreck :)00:13
ActionParsnipZaitzev: i'm sure the guys in #bash will be able to help a little :)00:14
ZaitzevActionParsnip: But the syntax looks fine? Guess I could run it and see what happens.. I asked because I wasn't sure if that's the "best" way to do it, or even the right way00:14
ZaitzevHm, guess I can start hanging out there as well ;)00:14
KotusSHOVELL, i used parted to create the partition00:14
ActionParsnipZaitzev: you could copy a subset of the files out to a test folder and see what happens00:14
SHOVELLKotus, the other issue is that the logical partition contains the swap "drive"00:15
ZaitzevActionParsnip: Yeah that's what I was gonna do, don't want to mess up the originals or anything ;p00:15
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Kotusthen simply remove it after( swapoff /dev/partition )00:15
ActionParsnipZaitzev: you gotta watch out for duplicate file names in the files though dude. That stuff gets messy00:16
SHOVELLKotus, cant i just change the end sector?00:17
phunyguycan someone help me figure out how to sync some music on my phone with amarok, and have it transcode to mp3? Currently I tell it to copy to that collection, but it keeps the flac format.00:17
scientesapt-get update is failing on precise cause its asking for the uncompressed Packages, over the .gz/.bz200:17
phunyguyI am really asking if it is possible to synch00:17
KotusSHOVELL, can gparted do it , check it out00:17
ActionParsnipscientes: are you using Precise?00:18
ZaitzevActionParsnip: Guess I need some flags to unrar as well00:18
bingerAm getting /bin/bash: java: command not found.  Can someone take a look at this and point me in the right direction?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/879711/00:19
hoshi411anyone know how to clear previously failed packages from showing up evbery time you try to install something??00:19
Airtreckhoshi411:  you uninstall them00:20
Super_DogAnybody know what precise command one should enter in Ubuntu when it says, "Make sure that the « data » sub-folder is writeable by the webserver."00:20
SlothScriptI currently have 3 swaps, and need only one. Can anyone help me in correcting this?00:21
Super_DogI'm presuming some type of chmod command...?00:21
Super_DogAjaxPlorer install00:21
droid-0854Hoshi did you check /tmp?00:21
beenohanohow do I change the system resolution when no proprietary driver is installed and xrandr only shows one resolution?  I have an old desktop with integrated intel 845 which is buggy so the Ubuntu team sets it for only one resolution.00:23
ActionParsnipSlothScript: configure your OSes to use the same swap partition, then delete the other 2 and either create data partitions in them, or resize the other partitions into the free space. I suggest you take a full backup in case of catastrophe. You will be modifying your drive in a big way00:23
ActionParsnipbeenohano: what GPU?00:24
Super_DogSlothscript:   You can use Gparted...  That will help you modify / delete your swap partitions... Please back up before use though...00:24
Gyesbeenohano, start with cvt 1600x1200 60, then xrandr --newmode "the result from cvt", then xrandr --addmode 1600x1200_60.00 VGA100:25
beenohanoActionParsnip: integrated intel graphics (845G/GL)00:25
SlothScriptActionParsnip, Super_Dog - This being the first time I have ever done any direct editing to my partition; is there any guide which would talk in more detail as to what I need to do?00:25
beenohanoGyes: that doesn't work with the old intel 845g/gl.  I can't add any modes.00:26
ActionParsnipbeenohano: and the output of:  lsb_release -sc00:26
beenohanohere is some explanation of why only one resolution is allowed:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Mavericki8xxStatus00:27
SlothScriptActionParsnip, Super_Dog - I can search for the guide myself; I just am really at a loss of what to even look for because my understanding is so limited.00:27
beenohanoI'm wondering if it's possible to change that one allowed resolution00:27
SHOVELLis there a way to manually modify a partition table?00:28
ActionParsnipSlothScript: if you look in /etc/fstab   you will see how swap is mapped, choose a swap partition and make that the same for all the install OSes.00:28
Super_DogSlothscript:  You can load and "look" at your drives with GParted.  Do you know how to install GParted in Ubuntu?00:28
SHOVELLie nano or other text editor00:28
bingerAm getting /bin/bash: java: command not found.  Can someone take a look at this and point me in the right direction?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/879711/00:28
Super_DogThat would be your first step...00:29
CacheMoneydoes anyone know how to make the text in XChat larger?  Zoom in?00:29
ActionParsnipbinger: do you have java installed?00:29
Super_DogI can walk you through it if you're that new to Ubuntu...00:29
SlothScriptI have installed it yes;00:29
AirtreckSlothScript: use your exact words to describe what you want to do, you will find beginner guides. Also take notes on paper. Also backup everything and make a map of files you have. The guide will ask you to use a botting disk/usb00:29
bingerActionParsnip, yes I do.00:29
SlothScriptI am not so much new to Ubuntu in general, but the partitioning; and the core of it, I am quite new there.00:30
GyesCacheMoney, isn't it in the preferences?00:30
Gaming4JCAre there any tools like UnFreeze (to turn a batch of photos into an animated .gif) for Ubuntu?00:30
SlothScriptMay I ask what impact having 3 swaps opposed to the one that is needed will have on my system?00:30
Super_DogSloth:  Upon up Gparted.... look.... Don't touch or Apply anything.  You will need your sudo password to get in there....00:30
AirtreckSlothScript:  i am new too, but i managed to patition with guides, not that hard. Try to read the guide carefully and take notes00:30
bingerActionParsnip, am thinking it could be a PATH issue but am not sure00:31
CacheMoneyGyes: Couldn't find anything relating to zoom or text size.. Seems like it should be in there :/00:31
Gyescan you change the font ?00:31
Gyesit must be saying FreeSans 9, make it 1200:32
SlothScriptThe reason I ask, for the real impact, is because the issue I am trying to fix right now has to do with Grub; and if they are two unique issues I'd like to tackle grub first, however, if they contribute to one another than obviously it is best to take both at once.00:32
CacheMoneyGyes: Yes, good call.  Thanks!00:32
Super_DogAre you multi-booting Sloth?00:32
AirtreckSlothScript: how my OS's you have on your system?00:32
Super_DogSloth:  To my knowledge - multiple swap partitions aren't a big problem.  Maybe just a waste of a bit of hard drive space depending on your configuration...00:33
SlothScriptSuper_Dog, Airtreck: I have dual-booted; Windows7 + Ubuntu 11.10; However, grub menu will not appear; holding shift brings the message "Loading Grub.." but then a message which says somethign to the extent of "Input is out of range" and changes the screen resolution comes up and it boots directly into Ubuntu.00:33
SlothScriptSuper_Dog, Airtreck: Essentially, through any efforts thus far, I have been unable to boot into Windows 7 since I've installed Ubuntu 11.10;00:34
Airtreckdid you install ubuntu after linux?00:34
Super_DogGrub can be a little tricky.  My problems with Grub and Windows 7 went away with the new Grub 2 in the 11.04/11.10 editions of Ubuntu...00:34
SlothScriptI had Windows 7 installed, and used the main download from Ubuntu to install 11.10 with the default partitioning.00:35
Airtreckwell that pretty much "deleted" windows00:35
bingerActionParsnip, any other thoughts on what might be happening?00:35
Super_DogI always use "manual".  It is actually easier that way... I've got like 10 systems with multi-boot...00:35
Airtreckwow 10 !00:35
SHOVELLthere is no way to manualy correct the size of a partition without gparted(which has an error?00:35
Super_DogYour windows actually isn't deleted...00:35
Super_DogUnless you did something really goofy... Can you see your NTFS in Gparted?00:36
SlothScriptAirtreck, Windows isn't deleted. I can see the partition in my drive; I just don't have the boot menu00:36
SlothScriptWindows is still there. I just can't access Grub.00:36
hoshi411Airtreck uninstalling them does not work00:36
Soul_Samplei get thrown back to the login screen whenever I try to play an .ogv file. any ideas?00:36
hoshi411i get dpkg errors00:36
Super_DogSloth.... Can you boot windows?00:36
SlothScriptI am not able to through grub; and I know no other way;00:36
doc-saintlyI'm currently copying about 300gb of data from one disk to another, and there are some errors along the way that i've had to skip. It got tedious so I hit "skip all", is there a place I can look to see all the files that were skipped?00:36
ActionParsnipbinger: not sure, you may need to run: sudo update-alternatives --config java00:37
Airtreckis it possible your system was initially a linux system that had windows installed? then the ubuntu over windows00:37
hoshi411because of this one package errors it prevents me from installing anything else00:37
Super_DogSloth:  But you can boot windows right now or no?  Grub or any other way?00:37
hoshi411i tried dpkg --purge <package>00:38
SlothScriptNo. Grub menu does not load; I do not know how else I could boot it.00:38
hoshi411but that would not get rid of it00:38
AirtreckSuper_Dog: No he can't. Installing linux in default keeps windows, but you're not able to use it00:38
Super_DogOK.... Would you like to at least get back to booting windows?00:38
Super_DogYou really have to handle one problem at a time here....00:38
SlothScriptThat's what I want to do.00:38
SlothScriptThat is my main issue; primary concern.00:38
oPhelias_trying to dual booth windows 7 and ubuntu with new pc with efi.00:39
Airtreckso you prefere keeping windows and deleting ubuntu?00:39
oPhelias_seems when I'm loaded in Ubuntu it doesn't 'see' my windows system..00:39
oPhelias_gives me no choice but to do a clean install00:39
SlothScriptFor now; I would reinstall manual partition again afterwards; but I need to keep Windows yes.00:39
SHOVELLadam@Shovell:~$ sudo gparted00:39
SHOVELLlibparted : 2.300:39
SHOVELLCan't have a partition outside the disk!00:39
FloodBot1SHOVELL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:39
oPhelias_anyone have any ideas?00:39
Soul_SampleoPhelias_: did you do a wubi install?00:40
Super_DogSloth:  You've got your Windows 7 boot disc?00:40
SlothScriptNo I do not; the harddrive came installed with it;00:40
OerHeksdoc-saintly, diff folder1 folder200:40
Super_DogOh boy...00:40
CFHowlettSlothScript  got something for you00:41
oPhelias_no I want I have an iso with unetbootin00:41
oPhelias_want to setup up a separate system00:41
Super_DogCan you download a Windows 7 image somewhere.... Torrents or what not...00:41
SlothScriptOh boy. . ." is how I felt entirely.00:41
SlothScriptI can look for it;00:41
SlothScriptCFHowlett: Yes?00:41
CFHowlettSlothScript   what's the brand of your computer???00:41
Soul_SampleoPhelias_: if you install ubuntu "from windows", then you cannot see the rest of the partition you installed it on.  if you want to access your windows system through ubuntu, it has to be installed on a different partition00:41
OerHeksSuper_Dog, please do not suggest illegal download.00:42
Super_DogYou may not need to have an HP Windows 7 disc to resuscitate the MBR...00:42
Soul_SampleoPhelias_: your best bet is to make a new partition and install it there properly, not "from windows"00:42
CFHowlettSlothScript   see http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/w/microsoft_os/3316.aspx  download the iso, create a boot usb with unetbootin.  REPAIR your windows, not reinstall.00:42
oPhelias_I am not doing it from windows00:42
oPhelias_I have ubuntu on a usb stick00:42
Super_DogNo illegal... There's lots of legal Windows 7 images on the net...  I've got access to Technet and they have tons of Windows 7 images there...00:43
biosystemalteredGood night people. I have a problem with youtube, the screen is smaller, I'm using google chromium browser. What do I fix this?00:43
oPhelias_I rebooted and am trying to install on the hd00:43
oPhelias_but with efi ...it tells me that my hd is empty00:43
hoshi411anyone know how to get apt from trying to satisfy the last install operation????00:43
oPhelias_it's not ...has windows 700:43
Super_DogSloth:  Essentially you will need to do a boot repair....00:43
widewakeHello, wondering how i can find what programs are eating my kbs without my knowledge? im a bit novice with linux.00:44
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:44
Soul_SampleoPhelias_: you don't see any partitions in nautilus? (file manager)00:44
SlothScriptOkay, so you guys think I should download a Windows 7 image, repair from it and then try from there?00:44
CFHowlettwideawake  in a terminal run ps-x00:44
hoshi411help , i can't install anything because apt tries to install the last failed package every time00:44
hoshi411that package will not delete00:44
Super_DogI've used this facility successfully on machines that hosed their MBR and / or screwed up their GRUB installation....00:44
hoshi411dpkg purge will not delete it00:44
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Robinuxis there something I must enable00:45
widewakeCFHowlett, No command 'run' found, did you mean:...00:45
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, what package is failing?00:45
oPhelias_I pulled up 'disk utility'00:45
hoshi411how do I get apt to understand that they dont need to do that00:45
RobinuxHI is there something I must enable...for remote desktop viewer to work00:45
hoshi411Seven_Six_Two: linux-image00:45
oPhelias_and it does say ntfs partition00:45
AgamemnonZwidewake: You can also try 'top' in your terminal. alternatively install 'htop' which is a more readable version of top00:45
CFHowlettwideawake.  open a terminal. type ps -x.  press enter00:45
widewakeCFHowlett, not found00:45
oPhelias_but when I go to install doesn't give me the choice to shrink the partition or install00:45
oPhelias_along sidde00:45
AirtreckSlothScript: No you can't recover grub with a windows image00:46
SlothScriptI mean to repair the windows system; and then re-do the entire process with Ubuntu.00:46
SlothScriptInstead of trying to repair grub from Ubuntu?00:46
Soul_SampleoPhelias_: is that the only partition?00:46
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, what is the error it gives?00:46
Super_DogSloth:  If I was forced to bet my life, I would tell you that you hosed your Windows MBR (Master Boot record) with Grub...00:47
widewakeAgamemnonZ, tried agem, it is like system monitor :)00:47
biosystemalteredGood night people. I have a problem with youtube, the screen is smaller, I'm using google chromium browser. What do I fix this?00:47
Airtreckthe problem with windows is that the grub only sees ubuntu. You can't fix grub through windows00:47
AgamemnonZQuestion: Is it be conceivable that ATI and/or NVIDIA would ever open-source their drivers? If so, should we create a petition to urge them to do so?00:47
AgamemnonZwidewake: good;  also it is ps -x (with a space before the -) this should work00:48
Seven_Six_TwoAgamemnonZ, highly unlikely. Not worth the effort.00:48
Airtreckgrub is something beyond windows in lamest terms00:48
Super_DogI have fixed these situations MANY times by first fixing windows and then installing Ubuntu properly (manually.... :-))00:48
widewakeCFHowlett,  this is what im getting for ps -x Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? , not sure what that means00:48
AgamemnonZwhy do you think so Seven_Six_Two?00:48
CFHowlettwidewake   try "top"00:48
booleanwidewake: man ps for more info00:48
AirtreckSuper_Dog: how did you fix windows?00:48
SlothScriptOkay; so what I am asking is the proposed solution is to download a windows image; repair windows from that so that using windows boot loader I can get into windows, and then reinstalling ubuntu manually?00:48
Super_DogGrub and Windows MBR live in the same "space" so to speak...  Grub is awesome when it's configured correctly...00:48
Seven_Six_TwoAgamemnonZ, because they make a lot of money selling proprietary solutions, and a large part of that is algorithms00:49
CFHowlettSlothScript   actually, you shouldn't need to reinstall ubuntu.00:49
CFHowlettSlothScript   fix windows.  then reinstall GRUB00:49
widewakeCFHowlett,  yes, did top looking at it. will it tell me whats using my kbs?00:49
widewakeCFHowlett,  i think i got too much crap running lol00:49
hoshi411Seven_Six_Two: http:/www.pastebin.com/GskLiZx700:50
widewakeboolean, thanks boo, srry im a bit novice00:50
Super_Dog1) Boot Windows from disc and let it run an installation repair 2) Fix with re-install of Ubuntu manually.   (Grub automatically sees and recognizes Windows installs including XP, Vista, and 7.)00:50
Super_DogAlso, for systems that can boot windows, see the EasyBCD link I gave above...00:50
widewake PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND  is whati get top. kb/s?00:50
booleanwidewake: we all were at one point .. man is the best for those who can Read The Fine Manual00:50
CFHowlettboolean   oh, is THAT what rtfm means now??  :)00:51
AgamemnonZSeven_Six_Two: making their drivers open-source wouldn't change much about ati/nvidia's dominance i guess as nobody can create their hardware00:51
AirtreckSuper_Dog:  your computer had manual or default linux over windows installation?00:51
hoshi411so how do you get apt-get to stop trying to install failed packages???00:51
widewakeIm wondering if there is a way to directly see what on your computer is using Kb at that moment. perhaps a program for it00:51
hoshi411i just want it to be quiet and give up00:51
booleanwidewake: define Kb .. networking or memory usage?00:52
Airtreckhoshi411:  you uninstall the failed application(s)00:52
SlothScriptOkay; so I am currently downloading the image for Windows 7. Burn a bootCD from that. Installation Repair; then how would I go about fixing grub from there? I mean, theoretically should I be able to boot from either windows or ubuntu once that has happened?00:52
widewakeboolean,  networking, internet memory00:52
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, can you run in a terminal    uname -a      and paste the results here please.00:52
Super_DogNo.... Grub will get blown out the door....00:52
Seven_Six_TwoAgamemnonZ, if that were true, then opening their drivers would help their business00:52
CFHowlettjameslord_new   greetings00:53
widewakewidewake,  to see whats using my internet connection00:53
booleanwidewake: sudo apt-get install iptraf00:53
hoshi411Airtreck: like i said, the package was not installed and can not be uninstalled bt either apt-get or dpkg, therefor I want apt-get to give up00:53
SlothScriptSo then I would have to go back into it and reinstall ubuntu, properly?00:53
AirtreckSlothScript: i think grub can only be repaired with the ubuntu CD, you need to do manual installation00:53
Super_DogWhat I would suggest is Easy BCD... I think it writes a new Grub right inside of Windows... It is free for commercial use...00:53
booleanwidewake: iptraf will show you the networkign usage on your pc00:53
Super_DogDo you have a lot of stuff already set up and running in your ubuntu install?00:53
FloodBot1jameslord_new: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:53
Seven_Six_Twojameslord,  try   /part00:53
SlothScriptNo. My ubuntu install is fine to lose.00:53
booleanwidewake: via the ethernet interface00:53
SlothScriptIt's my Windows install that I'm more concerned about..00:53
booleanwidewake: iptraf is a console command00:53
widewakeboolean,  sweet! Its asking me if i am root00:53
widewakepermission denied00:54
Super_DogOK.... My suggestion is boot that Windows 7 CD and do a boot repair.  You shouldn't nor do you want to re-install anything...00:54
booleanwidewake: you will need sudo access ... most ubuntu machines will prompt you for your username00:54
hoshi411Seven_Six_Two: Linux ubuntu 3.0.0-16-generic #29-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 14 12:48:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:54
booleanwidewake: 's password00:54
SlothScriptOkay, and with a bootrepair of Windows 7, that should permit me to be able to boot into Windows?00:55
Super_DogYes... And Grub will get deep sixed... :-)00:55
Super_DogFor the time being...00:55
CFHowlettSlothScript   once repaired, win7 should boot and grub will disappear00:55
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, you're trying to uninstall a running kernel. That's a very bad plan, and probably the reason you're having troubles00:55
booleanwidewake: atferwareds ... use the detailed interface stat00:55
widewakeboolean, i see, it does not prompt me, E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?00:56
xtremoxi need ubuntu for a old computer amd 64 1.8ghz 256mb in ram 20gb hard disk00:56
booleanwidewake: yes u need root00:56
hoshi411Seven_Six_Two: but the pacakge is not a running kernel, it was an update to the kernel that did not install... i thought00:56
SlothScriptOkay; perfect. I am quite well working if I can get back into Windows; I am actually a much more competent computist than I appear :o just new to dual-booting + Ubuntu specifically; but from Windows I should be able to work it out I think.00:56
ouyescould anyone help me with this, when I try to sudo modprobe rt5370sta00:56
ouyesFATAL: Error inserting rt5370sta (/lib/modules/2.6.32-38-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt5370sta.ko): Device or resource busy, what is wrong?00:56
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, that package depends on the latest kernel, which you're running00:56
widewakeboolean, ok, how do i root? heh00:57
Super_DogSloth:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/startup-repair00:57
CFHowlettwidewake   sudo -i00:57
booleanouyes: do a sudo lsmod|grep rt5370sta to see if it is already loaded00:57
hoshi411Seven_Six_Two: if im running it then why does apt tell me "failed to instal"00:57
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, line 4:  Removing linux-image-3.0.0-16-generic ...00:57
Airtreckhoshi411:  go into the directory and delete the files00:57
lyaadrien@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libpcre3-dev libssl-dev libncp libncp-dev libpq5 libpq-dev libssh2-1-dev libsvn-dev00:57
lya[sudo] password for adrien:00:57
lyaLecture des listes de paquets... Fait00:57
lyaConstruction de l'arbre des dépendances00:57
FloodBot1lya: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:57
lyaLecture des informations d'état... Fait00:57
Super_DogWhen you get to this screen on boot, please choose the "Startup Repair" button....00:57
widewakeCFHowlett,  awesome. installing00:58
CFHowlettwidewake   good luck.00:58
ouyesboolean, nope, there is nothing in the output00:58
Super_DogIf that doesn't work, I'll be surprised...00:58
widewakeCFHowlett, txx00:58
* boolean hmms ... didn't need direct root access to do it ...00:58
jameslord_newwow, where am i ?00:58
vladimirhi i need help please00:58
* boolean wonders about why widewake's machine did ....00:58
CFHowlettvladimir   ask away00:59
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, I'm not sure where you're reading that, because what I see from your pastebin is this:   dpkg: error processing linux-image-3.0.0-16-generic (--remove):00:59
SlothScriptOkay; so boot from the disc and use "Startup Repair" option?00:59
Super_DogIn the future, when installing Ubuntu, please manually install to a separate ext3 or ext4 partition or something other than the automatic partition choice in Ubuntu...  I've had less problems with that setup...00:59
CFHowlettSlothScript   right00:59
AirtreckSuper_Dog: i installed linux on dual boot with windows, then deleted windows. Now i have unpartitioned space and two swap partitions :) Suggestions?00:59
Super_DogBest if you create a separate partition or get a second hard drive or what not...00:59
widewakeboolean, processing triggers for menu.. its done i believe00:59
vladimirhow install ubuntu on a mac?00:59
Super_DogLots of ways to skin that cat both in Windows 7 and Ubuntu.  Google is your friend...00:59
Seven_Six_Twohoshi411, can you do   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:59
widewakeboolean, wat next? iptraf01:00
booleanwidewake: sudo -i iptraf01:00
SlothScriptOkay perfect; CFHowlett, from the list of downloads you sent to me; just choosing the one which I had installed is fine, and that is the image to make the disc out of?01:00
CFHowlettSlothScript   right01:00
booleanwidewake: then choose detailed interface statistics01:00
SlothScriptand will a liveCD/liveUSB work, or only one / the other?01:01
widewakeboolean, sweet. am there.hmm01:01
booleanwidewake: it will show you your transfer rate (both, in bound and out bound) based upon the moment you started iptraf01:01
vladimirany one know how add anonymous chanel on irc?01:02
jameslord_newvladimir go home ,dude01:02
vladimirim home01:02
Airtreckjameslord_new:  don't be rude pls01:02
Seven_Six_Twovladimir, this is a help channel for ubuntu, not irc.01:02
Gyesvladimir, irc.voxanon.net/669701:03
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
[[thufir]]how do you use dar with cdrwtools?   the syntax I mean.01:03
vladimirthank you01:03
widewakeboolean,  right, is there a way to find specifics? what programs/ips?01:04
widewakeboolean, thats what im looking for.. To find exactly whats using my internet connection. Like at the moment, i have mozilla open so i already know its using kbs, my clock is, this Irc chat, etc01:07
vladimirdoes any one know how install a canon printer drivers in ubuntu 12.4 ?01:07
CFHowlett!precise|vladimir ask in #ubuntu+101:07
ubottuvladimir ask in #ubuntu+1: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+101:07
widewakewheres anonymous when you need em xp. jp01:08
RobinuxI've enabled remote desktop viewing in the preferences yet I can't access my ubuntu01:08
RobinuxI can establish ssh connection01:08
AirtreckGyes: may i pm you?01:08
Robinuxboth use same port right?01:08
widewakeboolean, CFHowlett thx.01:09
Gyessure why not01:09
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=== fnbuzzzz is now known as buzzzz
vallorBug 95265301:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 952653 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "used ubiquity to try install in a virt to a usb disk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95265301:12
=== akem_ is now known as akem
* vallor always finds the bugs :P01:12
jen_how can I get gimp 2.7? I am still stuck with 2.601:13
CFHowlettjen_   download and compile from source01:14
`KorvinHey, my touchpad stopped working01:18
`Korvinon kubuntu01:18
ActionParsnipkortsi: try:  sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 2; sudo modprobe psmouse01:21
armenceHello all. i think I screwed up my sound config somehow. I can't play sounds as my user. But other users can play sounds just fine. Can somebody help me out here?01:21
`KorvinActionParsnip, I'm not seeing the touchpad01:21
ActionParsnip`Korvin: try the command, it may wake it up :)01:22
`Korvinthat did it01:22
`Korvinwhat was it?01:22
`Korvinwhy did that work01:22
`KorvinActionParsnip, same thing, but with y wireless card01:23
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=== tensorpudding__ is now known as tensorpudding
autojackit's been a long time since I had to give a crap about file system types. is there any reason I should use something other than ext4 for a generic personal web/mail server?01:27
hmwa friend "did nothing" except updating (I suppose). Now he has two new ifaces: pan0 and virbr0. What could have happened? What could he possibly have installed?01:27
CFHowletthmw it's a zen virtualization interface01:30
hmwdoesn't sound like the standard update would do that, right?01:30
CFHowletthmw   I can see the update happening, but actually configuring without prior use?  I think not.01:31
psusihwm, no, he installed something to get the birbr0 setup... pan0 is bluetooth I believe01:31
CFHowletthmw see https://buzzcodington.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/getting-rid-of-virbr0virbr1-interface-in-ubuntu-server-9-10/01:31
hmwah fine, thanks01:31
hmwbut i need to find out what really happened first01:32
hmwthat guy is so stubborn. He won't come here because "he doesn't know you" (thinks it would be unpolite to ask strangers). Is there a package I could install on his brain, that would fix this bug?01:36
jen_how can you make the ubuntu oneiric ocelot taskbar move??01:37
CFHowletthmw just tell him the error is between the keyboard and the display ...01:37
CacheMoneyI'm trying to connect my external monitor but I'm having trouble taking it off of 'mirror mode'.  I keep getting this message "requested position/size for CRTC 147 is outside the allowed limit: position=(1366, 0), size=(1920, 1080), maximum=(1920, 1920)"01:37
jen_how can you make the ubuntu oneiric ocelot taskbar move??01:40
Korvin_hey, I installed an nvidia driver, and on reboot kdm fails to load01:44
Korvin_how can I fix that?01:44
=== Korvin_ is now known as `Korvin
Loshkiautojack: ext4 should be fine. I personally prefer ext3, just because there are more rescue tools for it, but ext4 will be fine too. You'll be making periodic backups, right?01:44
`Korvinany ideas?01:46
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PicklefaceHey when I try to burn the ubuntu disk it keeps saying error while burning drive busy01:53
Picklefacehow can I fix this?01:53
=== braiam_ is now known as braiam
`Korvinwaht operating system Pickleface01:55
Pickleface`Korvin: I have ubuntu 11.10 im trying to make another disk for it.01:55
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
`KorvinDoes anyone know how to revert driver updates in kubuntu?01:56
`KorvinI can't boot up as kdm fails to initialize01:57
`KorvinI can boot up, just not with the gui01:57
simpson1897hey Shon! are you here? It's Vladymyr01:59
CacheMoneyDoes anyone run dual monitors?  Not mirror-mode but separate mode..01:59
`Korvinyes CacheMoney02:00
CacheMoney`Korvin: do you have to cross your mouse over to the next screen vertically or horizontally?02:02
`Korvinthat can be changed by opening up the screen resize menu and dragging the monitors into their respective positions02:02
CacheMoney`Korvin: for example, only when I place the screens on top of one another in the System Settings > Hardware > Displays  can I get into 'separate mode'02:03
CacheMoneyif I place them side-by-side I get an error saying ""The selected configuration for displays could not be applied02:03
CacheMoneyrequested position/size for CRTC 148 is outside the allowed limit: position=(1280, 0), size=(1280, 800), maximum=(1600, 1600)""02:03
CacheMoney`Korvin: where is the screen resize menu?02:04
CacheMoneyDo you think I need to update my graphics card driver?02:05
dave_nullwhy does echo give me a blank line when I try something like "date > today.txt ; echo < today.txt" ? According to tutorial it should output the date.02:08
Fuegoit'l write not print02:09
SwedeMikedave_null: echo doesn't work like that, you can't pipe stuff to echo and expect it to do anything.02:10
SwedeMikedave_null: you have to use cat.02:10
StepNjumpI have natty here. My time never switched automatically. Did the time change automatically in newer versions?02:11
dave_nullit gives a blank line even if I don't pipe. I go exactly by the tutorial02:11
SwedeMikedave_null: yes, echo gives you a blank line regardless of what you pipe to it.02:11
SwedeMikedave_null: echo will type the first argument on the terminal, nothing else.02:11
canthus13How do I go about recovering the encryption key for my home folder? I'm about to wipe my root drive. root is a separate partition from /home02:12
SwedeMikedave_null: or actually, all arguments.02:12
dave_nullstrange, this is exactly what's in Linux Phrasebook. The guy redirects date's output to a file, then does echo < file.txt and according to him it prints it to stdout02:13
SwedeMikedave_null: well, I'd say it's wrong.02:14
SwedeMikedave_null: I've been doing unix since 1994 or so, and I would never have expected echo to do anything with stuff piped to it.02:14
* Draconicus braces for the flood02:14
dave_nullyeah, it's Linux Phrasebook by Scott Grannerman02:15
canthus13Draconicus: No flood.  I came in 4 minutes ago and can still see the user listing.02:15
DraconicusI had Compiz running splendidly utilizing fusion-icon's control until I tried this little fix to get emerald working: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1870792   -- I did not do anything after the second box of code. I just needed a quick fix for Emerald 'cause the packaged one wasn't working.02:15
[[thufir]]how do you install dargui?  is that a manual install?  I can't find it at  http://packages.ubuntu.com     project:  http://dargui.sourceforge.net/02:16
CFHowlett[[thufir]]   download the deb file.  sudo dpkg -i file.deb02:16
hammommahgot a question: just did bios update and a few things playing up. How do i reinstall kernel. sudo dpkg -reinstall linux.......02:17
Draconicus[[thufir]]: What's the package called? It might exist in the repositories still.02:17
CFHowlett[[thufir]]   http://sourceforge.net/projects/dargui/files/02:17
log[[thufir]]: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dargui/files/dargui/0.5.2/dargui-0.5.2_i386.deb/download02:17
DraconicusWell anyway, I've got a dead Compiz out of nowhere02:18
DraconicusI run a heavily customized Xfce-based desktop. We're not talking about Unity here.02:18
fisheeAm I able to switch from aes256 to aes128 for my disk encryption that's already set up?02:18
DraconicusLightDM pulled the gnome-session for Xfce without issues and as I said, Compiz was working splendidly. I restarted X and suddenly Compiz decided it didn't feel like working anymore.02:19
Draconicusfishee: I know nothing about it, but by the sound of it that would probably be pretty unfeasible. Can you reverse the encryption? Are you encrypting the entire disk or just a directory?02:20
[P]3pafvyvasci sta qualcuno?02:20
ubottu[P]3pafvyvas: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:20
ubottu[P]3pafvyvas: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)02:20
fisheeDraconicus: It's an entire disk, LVM with encryption on a default ubuntu installation.  seems the 256 key takes a lot of processor time while transferring large files between disks... was wondering if the 128 would be faster/less processor intensive02:21
Draconicusfishee: I guess that would probably make sense, but I think you're probably pretty well stuck that way. I would be impressed if one could transition from one encrypted environment to another without removing encryption first...02:22
Draconicusfishee: Remember, I am not an expert. I would google "changing encryption methods" or some such02:22
[P]3pafvyvasHello guys, I have problems with USB devices, does not detects the / dev / ttyUSB *, as I do?02:22
DraconicusAnyone have an idea about my lovely Compiz troubles? I feel so in the dark, here.02:22
fisheeDraconicus: thank you for your time and input02:23
Draconicusfishee: Good luck to you!02:23
CFHowlettrororo1   greetings02:25
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: is the device seen on the usb bus at all  sudo lsusb ;02:25
CFHowlett[P]3pafvyvas   greetings02:25
[P]3pafvyvasBus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:26
[P]3pafvyvasBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:26
[P]3pafvyvasBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:26
[P]3pafvyvasBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:26
[P]3pafvyvasBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub02:26
FloodBot1[P]3pafvyvas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:26
[P]3pafvyvasif I connect a usb device not recognized02:26
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: that's only the hub so it's not seen at all, you might try another usb plug and bypass the any usb hubs if posible02:27
dr_williscould be the hub needs moar power02:28
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: I'm assuming that you had the device pluged in when you ran the lsusb02:28
AmdpcHi..I am nin iMac machine and I want to install Ubuntu using bootcamp…is it posseble ?02:28
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages02:29
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson chat in pvt please?02:29
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: you can get more support in public02:29
[P]3pafvyvasI'm trying to install Smargo, but is not detected when I insert the USB02:30
CFHowlett[P]3pafvyvas   see http://www.satellites.co.uk/forums/dreambox-support-forum/148795-how-setup-smargo-smartreader.html02:31
Amdpcdr_willis : My Model no. i.e. imac12,1 is not in the list..02:31
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: if the usb device can't be seen on the usb bus then no driver will help you02:31
hammommahi would recommend using reFit for your dual boot imac. thats what i use. very simple very handy02:32
CFHowlettAmdpc   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Intel_iMac02:32
[[thufir]]when space is limited, how can you use dar to create slices?  what if you don't have enough space for the slices?  can you just create one slice at a time and write that to cdrecord?02:34
hammommahAmdpc, refit.sourceforge.net/02:34
[P]3pafvyvasCFHowlett: those drivers are for dreambox, I want to run Smargo on pc with ubuntu, just that, having updated the kernel, installed libusb 1.0.8 does not detect when I insert it.02:35
CFHowlett[P]3pafvyvas   sorry for the bad intel thougth I had a match.02:36
rfoust_just installed ubuntu for the first time02:36
CFHowlettrfoust_   and...02:36
rfoust_lol, there's no and.  just playing02:37
=== d_atharva_ is now known as Amdpc
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: was the device pluged in when you ran sudo lsusb?   did you try any other usb plugs yet?02:37
CFHowlettrfoust_   see http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/02:37
rfoust_CFHowlett: cool thanks, i'll check it out02:38
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: yes, 8 pluged usb tested02:38
[P]3pafvyvasdmesg ed lsusb02:38
[P]3pafvyvasI do not find / dev / ttyUSB * I miss.02:40
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: so you tested 8 different ports with sudo lsusb and none can see any device?  can the device be seen on another computer?02:40
Amdpchammommah : Thanks ...I will try this....02:41
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson :I only tried the device on all ports on windows pc, I installed the drivers and it works.02:42
hammommahAmdpc, no worries, it'll also pickup usb and cdroms if there bootable :)02:43
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: ok so the device works on a different pc that runs windows or the same system when it runs windows?02:44
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: I would find hard to beleave that lsusb wouldn't see a device at all even if it could find a driver for it.  or if the dmesg has activity and crash the device beyond lsusb ping02:46
[P]3pafvyvasthe problem seems to be that ubuntu does not recognize when I connect the device02:47
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: the problem with ubuntu is it does't see any device at all02:47
dannytrying to update but update manager doesnt show that i have internet but i do02:47
rfoust_alright, how do i get to a smb share from linux?02:47
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: thid is device http://argolis.com/downloads.html02:48
supercom32Is anyone here good with regular expressions?02:50
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: ya and it says it has linux support but no good if the device is not seen on your system02:50
terrdryHi supercom32, I've used them before, can I help?02:50
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: I would try it with ubuntu on a different system02:50
supercom32Terrdry: Thanks! I have a regular expression "[0-9][0-9]\/[0-9][0-9]\/[0-9][0-9]\/[0-9][0-9]\/[0-9][0-9]", and I'd like to extend it to cross over the next line. Do you know how to do this?02:51
supercom32Terrdry: Specificly, I want to check if the same number pattern exists over two lines in a row.02:51
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: I tried it on ubuntu and debian, I can not get it to work either.02:52
rfoust_oh i figured it out, google ftw02:52
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: on a completely different box?02:53
terrdrysupercom32: There is a option for ignoring line breaks... what are you using?02:53
dr_willisrfoust_:  gnome file manager can take smb://servernameOrIP/sharename. type addresses02:53
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: it's not software it seems it's hardware the system doesn't even respond to a usb on the bus, try DIFFERENT computer system02:54
rfoust_dr_willis: oh thats good to know, thanks02:54
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: Yes, I have two different servers02:54
supercom32terrdry: I'm using notepad++'s regular expression engine. Ive tried \s to ignore line brakes but I can't get it working.02:54
=== ubuntu is now known as orionsonofneptun
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: and both respond with no responce from sudo lsusb ?02:55
supercom32terrdry: Even if I make a simple text file with two words like "Apple" written on two seperate lines, I can't get it to match. Like "Apple\sApple". etc.02:55
orionsonofneptunok how do i identify my nick please02:55
=== max is now known as Guest79347
terrdrySorry supercom32, I'm at  a loss with that one... sorry.02:56
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: no, debian detect USB mouse and keyboard, but not Smargo02:56
Spr1nghey guys02:56
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas:  what does no detect mean?02:56
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: I'm going to connect a usb device on ubuntu server02:57
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
Flannelsupercom32: notepad++ uses the default Scintilla regexp engine, I believe.  So \s should work, however you may need more than one \s (or a multiplier), depending on your line endings and other stuff.02:59
orionsonofneptunhow do i identify that my selected nick is mine03:00
supercom32Flannel: Suppose the word "Apple" appears twice over two lines. So you have 2 lines that just say "Apple", can you show me a simple regex for that? Just so I can know how \s works?03:00
pepeehi. I think I found a bug in a driver or something, but I'm not sure03:01
supercom32Flannel: I tired \s so many times, but I think I have the syntax wrong.03:01
fxhppepee: which driver03:01
orionsonofneptunsomebody please03:01
[P]3pafvyvasThe computer recognizes the peripheral03:01
kallisti5for the love of everything holy. Any one know how to stop unity from "absorbing" the window controls when you maximize a window?03:02
pepeefor the power management,  /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/wireless  should enable or disable it, but /var/log/pm-powersave.log says "cat: /sys/class/net/wlan1/device/enable: No such file or directory"03:02
pepeefxhp, rt73usb03:02
fxhpkallisti5: i use gnome303:02
pepeeto me, looks like /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/wireless is not working with this device03:02
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: what does that mean the "the computer"  did something change?03:02
pepeeat least, not correctly03:03
kallisti5fxhp: sigh.  made a laptop for my parents with ubuntu vs XP.. and it confuses the crap out of them03:03
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/879832/03:03
riddleboxwhat is a good app to convert wmv files to ogg or mp3?03:03
StepNjumpIs it safe to use MSN on Ubuntu? I was told some hackers could get info from your computer from that. Is that true.03:03
kallisti5fxhp: the whole point of ubuntu was "easy to use, even for grandma"... now it seems like a clusterf*ck of fail03:03
fxhpkallisti5: sorry, switch it to gnome 2 then03:04
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: so this must be a different computer Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0420:1307 Chips and Technologies Celly SIM Card Reader   is this the device?03:04
Flannelsupercom32: Ah, I take that back.  In Scintilla, regexps are made line by line, so you're not able to do multi line (see the note for the first bullet of [3] here http://www.scintilla.org/SciTERegEx.html )03:04
xanguakallisti5 if you want something similar to windows use kde03:04
dr_willisor try lubuntu for. a classix desktop.look03:04
kallisti5xangua: i really don't even care about something simular to windows... just has to be useable03:05
ubuntuhow do i identify that my selected nick is mine03:05
StepNjumpubuntu, you do /isthisnickmine nick03:05
chrisvjWine does not recognize my sound output, can anyone helot?03:05
kallisti5if I could get unity to stop sucking up the window controls I'd be 100%03:05
dr_willisi dont see how the controls goung to the top left makes it ynuseable03:05
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: no, the device has not detected03:05
kallisti5dr_willis: things jumping everywhere without any reason makes it unuseable03:06
=== ubuntu is now known as orionsonofneptun
pepeeorionsonofneptun, write /me is my nick03:06
kallisti5example:  window controls on left side, move the window near the unity bar... you can no longer access the window controls as the unity bar jumps "over" them03:06
dr_williskallisti5: controlls are normally at top left anyway.. there are tweak guides at the webupd8 blog site03:07
* orionsonofneptun is my nick03:07
kallisti5dr_willis: yeah.. I've got it almost good... the file menu no longer gets absorbed and the window controls are on the right side03:07
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: well you tried it on two different systems and not responding so take it back03:07
kallisti5but when I full screen the window controls jump to the left top into the unity top bar03:08
orionsonofneptunhow do i get the server to realize my nick belongs to this pc03:08
webnetident it orionsonofneptun03:08
dr_williskallisti5:  may as well just use lxde then...03:08
webnetare yo u using xchat03:08
orionsonofneptunident it orionsonofneptun03:08
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/879834/03:08
slothscriptsSuper_Dog: You still around?03:08
kallisti5dr_willis: sigh. this is why I've mostly moved from ubuntu... I can do anything... but I don't want to spend hours tweaking it to be useable03:08
orionsonofneptunhow does that work03:09
orionsonofneptunsmuxi webnet03:09
orionsonofneptunand where is our channel03:09
dr_williskallisti5:  install lubuntu no tweaking then. most of the issues ive seen yiu mention are bugs and fixed in the next release03:10
StepNjumpubuntu, I was just joking03:10
StepNjumpubuntu, did you register a nick?03:10
=== beejeebus is now known as beejeebus-afk
orionsonofneptuni dont think server k nows my nick goes to this pc dangit03:10
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: so what activity are we looking at in the dmesg?  what was done to cause that?03:12
kallisti5dr_willis: example why I'm fed up:   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/77534603:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 775346 in Baltix "close / min / max button location inconsistent with metacity / global app menu settings" [Undecided,New]03:12
kallisti5Marking this bug 'invalid' in terms of design because having the window decoration on the right hand side of the window title bar is not a supported config.03:12
supercom32Flannel: Doh! No wonder. I was trying everything. No problem, I'll just code something to do it for me. It would be faster than all this other business. :-)03:12
daxorionsonofneptun: /msg nickserv identify orionsonofneptun yourpasswordhere03:12
daxorionsonofneptun: and please do be sure to type that correctly03:12
kallisti5there ya go.  "screw the users"  -- ubuntu03:12
slothscriptsI am trying to repair my Windows 7 install, so that I can boot into Windows as grub is not functioning properly. I created a recovery disc; and ran "start-up recovery" or whatever from the disc on start-up. There was no apparent effect from it. Any suggestions?03:12
fxhpkallisti5: troll somewhere else,  switch to gnome or kde03:13
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: you should remove all other usb devices from the usb bus in test phase so we see mostly only your test device03:13
StepNjumpslothscripts: Have you tried fixmbr command ?03:13
orionsonofneptungot it03:13
slothscriptsStepNjump: I have not. It's a windows command?03:13
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: I discovered that I have to install the FTDI drivers, but how do I?03:14
StepNjumpslothscripts: yes it is... YOu can't log on to windows right?<03:14
slothscriptsCorrect. But I now have a recovery/installation disc so I can run command prompt through it.03:14
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: http://nattster.siamdev.net/2010/02/getting-a-ftdi-usb-to-serial-converter-to-work-on-ubuntu-9-10/03:15
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: I'm not sure03:15
slothscriptsStepNjump: Is there more to the command than "fixmbr" that I will require; if it is going to work?03:16
orionsonofneptunok now for the love of god how do i remember the channels im adim of please03:16
dr_willisorionsonofneptun: take notes?03:17
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: I have to change the kernel apparently03:17
StepNjumpYes, run this repair disc from Windows and run the fixmbr command in the pseudo DOS there... That will OVERWRITE the grub in the MBR but then your ubuntu will no longer boot up from Grub as grub in the MBR will be gone so you will have to go in ubuntu using a pendrive and then fix your grub from there.. There is a command but I forget what it is.. something like grub-update or something along those03:17
orionsonofneptunhow do i highlite a message to webnet03:17
orionsonofneptunim takin notes now son03:17
slothscriptsOkay, but that command should permit me to run windows again?03:18
orionsonofneptunand i keep writing the dang notes wrong03:18
dr_willisorionsonofneptun:  im not clear on how this is related to ubuntu support03:18
[deXter]Hi all, are there any downsides to installing the mainline kernels from Precise, in Natty?03:18
StepNjumpslothscripts: Fixmbr should reinitailize your boot sector to Windows default... then you will be able to boot into your win partition.03:18
orionsonofneptunim just trying to connect with web net then get out sorry03:18
slothscriptsSounds awesome! Thank you so much! If I'm not back within a while it means it worked and you have saved me! :)03:18
StepNjumpOr try to do grub-update or update-grub from ubuntu first to see if it will detect your windows partition first03:19
slothscriptsI've tried prior.03:19
slothscriptsNo luck :(03:19
orionsonofneptuni cant remember our channels but i remember i can find him here03:19
dr_willis[deXter]:  id be impressed if it worked. to he honest with you.03:19
slothscriptsThank you very much for your help!03:19
[deXter]dr_willis, I've done it before without any issues, but I just want to know if I was just plain lucky or are there any real drawbacks to this?03:19
StepNjumpnot fixmbr yet right slothscripts03:19
dr_willisorionsonofneptun:  you can do a /whois nickname03:20
[[thufir]]first dar command (stolen from dargui):  /usr/bin/dar -c "/home/thufir/Desktop/videos_201203112007" -B "/tmp/dargui-root//dargui.batch.3" -v -X "videos_20120311200.*.dar"    does this seem correct? I want to add -p so that it only creates one slice at a time,however.  plus, it seems to peg the cpu and cause overheating.03:20
StepNjumpIf it's important for you to log in your win, try the fixmbr, it's your best bet03:20
StepNjumpIt's always worked for me slothscripts03:20
slothscriptsThat's what is most important right now; to log into it without having to reinstall the operating system; I will try it now.03:20
slothscriptsThank you :)03:21
AmgoHi all03:22
StepNjumpslothscripts: Try to backup your ubuntu data first in case you might have to reinstall your ubuntu after running fixmbr cuz you will not be able to go back to ubuntu after that unless you use a pendrive and you are familiar with the CLI to cd into the proper linux partition and mount it. Its simple but if you dont know how, would be easier for you to back up your ubuntu home folder first and reinstall03:23
StepNjumpin the right partition from windows again. but there is more than one way to skin the cat. good luck03:23
szalStepNjump: reinstall *buntu after fixmbr? you gotta be kidding..03:25
szalStepNjump: the only thing that needs to be reinstalled in that case is the Grub03:26
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: I put the kernel and now I find in the directory / dev/ttyUSB003:26
sacarlson[P]3pafvyvas: cool03:26
Amgowhat that mean?03:26
hydrox24_Amgo: what does what mean?03:28
ubuntuok -> I have screwwed up. I had Win 8  installed on one partition and had Ubuntu installed in the other. Whenever I logged in to the PC, I used to get the default ubuntu bootloader screen in purple (GRUB or LILO?). That used to have Windows enumerated as Windows recovery console (/sdaX) which I used to click to go on to Win8. Fast forward to today. I grew tired of Win8 and deleted the whole partition and put Wn XP on it. Now m,y comp doesn03:29
ubuntu't boot up at all?.. Because the Linux MBR/bootloader doesn't know the start-up point?03:29
[P]3pafvyvassacarlson: we made a step forward, now almost.03:29
hydrox24_ubuntu: sounds like you'll need to start by botting off of a live USB03:29
ubuntuI'm typing this whilst on the LiveCD now.03:29
hydrox24_ubuntu: great03:30
Super_Dogubuntu:  Live and learn muchacho...03:30
ubuntuhydrox24_, -> so how do I point the bootloader?03:30
hydrox24_ubuntu: do you know which partition is you boot partition?03:30
ubuntuhydrox24_,  for the ubuntu install?03:30
hydrox24_no, overall. There should be a partition with a boot flag03:30
rbrooksubuntu what live cd?03:30
Amgoguess so the win 8 is stop the ubuntu to run03:30
ubunturbrooks, 11.1003:31
ubuntuhydrox24_, -> how do I know that?03:31
Super_Dogubuntu:  In future, run betas in Virtual Box or VMware...03:31
ubuntuSuper_Dog, Well I was a wannabe nerd03:31
rbrooksyou have to mount /boot so grub2 installer can work for your system03:32
blendedbychriswhat's the lesser of two evils… running dotdeb stuff with debian or running ubuntu server03:32
rbrooksthen run grub2 install, then create config03:32
blendedbychris(so one gets newer packages)03:32
rbrooksthen reboot should work03:32
hydrox24_ubuntu: ubuntu just looking for the right tool now03:32
Super_Dogblendedbychris:  whatcha tryin' to do exactly?03:33
rbrooksdo you know what your /boot is?03:33
hydrox24_ubuntu: run the "sudo fdisk -l" command03:34
rhin0i've set up a cron job through ssh and using crontab -e -- and it doesn't appear to run - is there an issue with the user?  I have set up the script (python) as access all areas03:34
rhin0it doesn't run03:34
hydrox24_ubuntu: but just to confirm, your issue is that you can't even get a grub menu?03:34
blendedbychrisSuper_Dog: just come up with a nginx/php server03:34
Super_DogGrub 2 is pretty smart...03:34
blendedbychrismy problem is php-fpm isn't offered in long term support-esque distros03:34
blendedbychrisso you end up backporting stuff03:35
researcher123what the meaning of could not update ICEauthority file?03:35
Super_Dogubuntu:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:35
rbrooksfast php?03:35
Super_Dogubuntu:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair03:35
hydrox24_Super_Dog: I wouldn't assume that he has grub2 installed, although I admit that it is indeed probable03:35
hydrox24_Super_Dog: also, keep in mind that our job is to help as much as is possible without directing to links.03:36
Super_Dogubuntu:  download the boot-repair disc here....  Looks pretty easy....03:36
=== william is now known as Guest6706
ubuntuhydrox24_, OK - i'M NOT SURE  I follow : First issue was : If I installed win8 first and THEN ubuntu, how did Ubuntu's bootloader become the more prominent one?03:36
pepeedoes someone have a ralink rt73 USB device in here?03:36
rbrookswin8 will overwrite grub2 must be installed first usually03:37
Super_DogUbuntu replaces the MBR with a GRUB install.  Grub knows all....  Actually GRUB is the absolute best way to set up multi-boot machines now...03:37
Super_DogI prefer loading Windows, then GRUB...03:37
Super_DogIf Windows 7 or 8 ever gets hosed, use Startup Repair.  I would recommend making images and system recovery CD's for any critical windows platforms...03:38
rbrookswhy wouldnt fast php be lts?  wierd...03:38
Super_DogUse CloneZilla and big external hard drives for any Linux distro you have....03:38
ubuntuSuper_Dog, Thats what I did . Windows , then ubuntu - so how did GRUB superecede?03:38
hydrox24_ubuntu: ubuntu installed grub on the boot partition. Can you tell us the Exact problem you're having?03:38
researcher123when I try to loginto administrator account suing which the system was installed I get this message "Could not update ICE authority file"03:38
rhin0how do I install packages I normally see from synaptic from the command line?03:39
Guest6706i'm trying to setup a vnc server but can't manage to connect03:39
hydrox24_ubuntu: ubuntu isntalled OVER windows bootloader (I think that's waht you're talking baout)03:39
rhin0never been able to do that03:39
ubuntuhydrox24_, Exact pblm : Can't boot into Windows03:39
rbrooksyou put xp on thats why it overwrote mbr03:39
Guest6706rhin0, apt-get install packagename03:40
rhin0I can't do like sudo apt-get install html5lib (when I can see html5lib in synaptic)03:40
rbrooksnow just re-install grub2 nbd03:40
Super_DogGrub takes over the boot loader at the master boot record level....03:40
pepeejust reinstall grub and you will be fine03:40
rhin0E: Couldn't find package html5lib03:40
hydrox24_ubuntu: but you ARE able to boot into other partitions?03:40
Super_Dogubuntu:  try this.  Looks like the cure for your ills in one tight CD package:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/03:40
rhin0can get it from the server ie. gui through synaptic03:40
rbrookswill tht do it automatically?03:40
Super_DogAbsolutely... I have double/triple/quad boot setups multiplying like bunnies around here....03:41
hydrox24_Super_Dog: please stop suggeting things, you are putting himm through more pain than is needed03:41
rbrooksahaha cool03:41
hydrox24_Super_Dog: he03:41
rhin0I can't get synaptic packages using sudo apt-get install <packagename>  ... I know that03:41
ubuntuhydrox24_, :)03:41
hydrox24_Super_Dog: he's already in a live-CD env ready to go03:41
ubunturbrooks, I think what you suggested must work - reinstall GRUB?03:41
hydrox24_ubuntu: so can you can't boot into windows, but can you boot into ubuntu?03:41
rbrooks1st mount /boot paartition03:41
ubuntuhydrox24_, no i cant03:41
ubuntuhydrox24_, can't boot into eithert03:42
hydrox24_ok, so I would go with reinstalling grub03:42
rbrooksmkdir /mnt/whatever then mount your /boot partition03:42
hydrox24_ubuntu: so run the "fdisk -l" (as root)03:42
ubuntuhydrox24_, Allrite03:42
ubuntuhydrox24_, rbrooks, but this can be done off the liveCD?03:42
hydrox24_command, then that should identify the boot partition03:42
hydrox24_ubuntu: yup, just fine03:42
=== Guest6706 is now known as nightrid3r
researcher123when I try to log into administrator account I get this message "Could not update ICE authority file" and failing to login.HELP please03:42
rbrooksit should but idk i use other distro03:42
rhin0whats the way to enable remote desktop from the command line (anyone) (xubuntu)03:42
ubuntuhydrox24_, Thanks a lot. Let me try it right off.03:42
rbrooksi am coming back now lol03:43
Super_DogFor beginners, I think the boot - repair disc is much friendlier...03:43
ubuntuAnd thamks a lot Super_Dog, your suggestions were commendable too03:43
rhin0ok ok is no problem will do it later03:43
nightrid3ri'm trying to setup a vnc server but can't manage to connect to it03:43
Super_Dogubuntu: BTW, in Windows, I have had great success with EasyBCD.  Free for non-commercial users...03:43
pepeebe careful, grub != grub203:44
hydrox24_Super_Dog: I would agree, but ubuntu is already in his ubuntu liveCD03:44
pepeeyou will need to install grub203:44
rbrooksUbuntu has one of most up-to-date grub2 installers i'm aware of...03:44
pepeegoogle "reinstall grub2"03:44
hydrox24_pepee: you're getting ahead of yourself, we don't even know what he currently has installed as his bootloader03:44
rbrooksno he put xp on after everything else03:45
ubuntufdisk -l --> http://pastebin.com/h2t3mxEf03:45
rbrooksreally should backup the works forst03:45
ubunturather s///g03:45
hydrox24_ubuntu: I concur with rbrooks and I think you should backup first, if you don't want to then don't hold us responsible for issues03:46
ubuntuhydrox24_, I'm ok buddy -> Anyway there's nothing to lose here, this is a new system build03:46
hydrox24_ubuntu: great, what I like to hear!03:46
ubuntuhydrox24_, :P03:47
hydrox24_ubuntu: so sda1 is your boot partition03:47
hydrox24_nice win95 part :)03:47
ubuntuhydrox24_, Ah - I see what it is -> denoted by the * ?03:47
ActionParsnipubuntu: websearch for: omgubuntu sticking it to grub   awesome how to there03:47
hydrox24_no sorry, that's not true. FAIL -.-03:47
ubuntuhydrox24_, I belive the /dev/sda1 -> is some sort of Windows recovery partition03:48
hydrox24_ubuntu: Yes.03:48
hydrox24_what do others on the channel think?03:48
Super_Dogubuntu:  looks like you NTFS'd your boot partition....03:48
ubuntuhydrox24_, Stupid Win8 did that without asking me if I would want to have one03:48
Super_DogAll Win7 and Win8 installs do that....03:48
hydrox24_ubuntu: that's windows for you, just because most users won't notice of course03:49
Super_DogAs I said, using Grub / ubuntu install after windows install is my preferred method...  Ghost and CloneZilla images also highly recommended for production platforms... :-p03:49
hydrox24_ubuntu: can you run "grub-install -v" please?03:49
ubuntuhydrox24_, as su?03:50
Picklefacehi, I cannot access my main account for some reason, I type in the pw and a blank screen appears......>>?03:50
Super_DogI believe you will have to sudo your grub command, yes...03:50
hydrox24_ubuntu: yes, alhtough almost all these commands will be as root03:50
hydrox24_Pickleface: what sort og blank screen?03:51
ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install -v03:51
ubuntugrub-install (GRUB) 1.99-12ubuntu503:51
Picklefacehydrox24_: just my backround..03:51
lcweiHi,all. my hard disk partition type is GUID , I can't install grub using live usb or livecd03:51
Super_Dogubuntu:  Technically that's Grub 2.... (Dont' freak about the 1.999999 stuff...)03:51
sacarlsonPickleface: did you try boot recovery mode and maybe create a new user account and try login to that?03:51
ubuntuSuper_Dog, hah ok03:51
lcweianyone has met this problem03:52
Picklefacesacarlson: well I can go on the guest account, im on it now....03:52
hydrox24_ubuntu: what version of ubuntu is installed?03:53
ubuntuSo, I have grub 2 installed -> Can I just point to the drive containing the WinXP install as the boot parttiotn?03:53
ubuntuhydrox24_, 11.1003:53
sacarlsonPickleface: oh ok so maybe make a new admin account then.  it must be a config setting that can be cleared but you might loose somthing you want03:53
hydrox24_Pickleface: are you able to login to your normal account using a different WM? (under the cog meny once you click on your username)03:53
Picklefacehydrox24_: I dont know what a WM is or a cog meny is :P03:54
Picklefacesorry, im new......03:54
Picklefacesacarlson: i'm trying....03:54
Super_Dogubuntu:  You got another system installed to pop IRC on?  You're going to need to reboot here soon at some time...03:55
ubuntuSuper_Dog, Yep, I got my laptop03:55
sacarlsonPickleface: what are you trying?  makeing a new admin?  you would still have to boot into recovery to get a sudo user and maybe modify /etc/sudoer to temp add your guest to be admin until you fix stuf03:55
Super_DogYou might want to grab that puppy and login to #ubuntu on Freenode on that thing...03:56
ubuntuok. Let me come in on that03:56
roastedAnybody know offhand what the service is to restart openssh? isnt it just sudo service openssh restart?03:56
hydrox24_ubuntu: OK, run "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"03:56
hydrox24_ubuntu: that should do the trick03:56
hydrox24_ubuntu: STOP03:57
hydrox24_ubuntu: wait a second03:57
ubuntuhydrox24_, hmm - I wouldn't want to run terminal commands just like that - unless I know what it does03:57
sacarlsonPickleface: it may be a good idea to keep another sudo account that you don't modify so that if this happens again you will have the power to easy fix it03:57
Super_Dogubuntu:  you sure you had a running install of WinXP.... don't remember...  don't point to winxp partition if you're not sure... point to the working os.03:57
ubuntuhydrox24_, ah ok03:57
ubuntuSuper_Dog, point noted, maybe I'll just point to the Linux partiton then?03:58
rbrookshey you should mount /boot you do that?03:58
hydrox24_ubuntu: OK so, run: "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt"03:58
sacarlsonroasted: I thought openssh was just a lib,  there are many things tied to it,  maybe apache2?03:58
hydrox24_ubuntu: just to clarify, that should be your ubuntu root partition03:58
ubunturbrooks, Explanation of what  that does?03:58
rbrooksdo what hydrox24_ said that is correc03:59
ubuntuhydrox24_, Yeah I got that - but lets see what rbrooks chimes in with03:59
ubunturbrooks,  all righty then03:59
tyler_dokay, so I installed bumblebee, and now my graphics resolution is set to extremely low... would like some help getting it back up there please03:59
ubuntuhydrox24_,  Done04:00
hydrox24_ubuntu: once you've run that and it has worked (you can check by listing /mnt to see if your files are there) "ls /mnt"04:00
rbrooks#grub2-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda  #DO NOT TYPE THIS04:00
hydrox24_has it worked??04:00
rbrooksthat should install grub2 what u think?04:00
ubuntuhydrox24_,  yep it did04:00
roastedsacarlson: I'm just trying to reboot the service... I Got it though, its still an /etc/init.d command04:00
hydrox24_rbrooks: I think that that is right, but if grub2-install isn't availbale grub-install is fine04:00
sacarlsonroasted: there are many services under openssh, like sshd,  apache2 ....04:00
rbrooksok yes...04:01
rbrooks#grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda  #DO NOT TYPE THIS04:01
ubuntuhydrox24_, rbrooksguys - so what next ?04:01
hydrox24_sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda04:01
roastedsacarlson: I thought there was one way to just reboot the entire ssh system...04:01
hydrox24_ubuntu: and that should be it!04:01
ubuntuhydrox24_,  shouldnt  it be /dev/sda6?04:01
sacarlsonroasted: oh you want to restart sshd server?04:01
Super_Dogubuntu:  no.... that would be bad...04:02
roastedsacarlson: yes04:02
hydrox24_ubuntu: grub will autodetect the boot partition, you're just pointing it to the right disk04:02
ubuntuhydrox24_, hmm sometimes this overwhelms me -> and I'm a CS major :(04:02
rbrooks#grub-mkconfig -o /mnt/boot/grub2/grub.cfg #this might not work...04:02
hydrox24_ubuntu: just run the command I sent you, if you want it explained then feel free to ask04:02
ubuntuhydrox24_,  rbrooks all-rite then04:02
rbrooksthat just generates a config so put it anywhere04:03
ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda04:03
ubuntuInstallation finished. No error reported.04:03
hydrox24_rbrooks: what are you doing???04:03
sacarlsonroasted: might try sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart ; or sudo restart ssh04:03
rbrookswell i think the grub2 dir04:03
ubuntuhydrox24_,  Looks fine04:03
hydrox24_rbrooks: I don't think that jazz is needed.... is it?04:03
rbrooksthe config yes04:04
rbrooksthat will aotodetect and create config04:04
ubunturbrooks, hmm - and where is this grub2 config file created04:04
hydrox24_rbrooks: shouldnt we just run the grub-install?04:04
hydrox24_ubuntu: have you run that grub-install command yet?04:04
rbrooksno the grub bin is on the disk now make the config04:05
ubuntuhydrox24_,  Yep - I even pasted the 1-line O/P04:05
rbrooks#grub-mkconfig -o /mnt/boot/grub2/grub.cfg #this might not work...04:05
rbrooksbackup any other config thats in there04:05
orionsonofneptunanyone know what to check in ubuntu 11.10 to find out why wifi card dont work04:06
hydrox24_rbrooks: should ubuntu reboot before trying that?04:06
hydrox24_orionsonofneptun: try "additional-drivers" under system settings04:06
rbrooksno then he will need to start over and make config anyway04:06
hydrox24_orionsonofneptun: see if there is a proprietary driver for your card there04:06
ubuntuorionsonofneptun, First off I'd check ifconfig and last few mesgs in dmesg04:06
hydrox24_rbrooks: OK thats fine04:06
rbrooksit is pretty safe04:07
rbrooksalthought i see your point he could reboot04:07
rbrookswont see any updated kernels04:07
rbrooksor windows04:07
ubuntuhydrox24_, rbrooks, ok - whats this thing I need to do now? I've not done anything yet04:07
orionsonofneptunit says wireless network broadcom bcm4318 airforce one 54g 802.11g device not ready firmware missing04:08
rbrooks#grub-mkconfig -o /tmp/grub.cfg #this might not work...04:08
ubunturbrooks,  Let me try that then04:08
rbrooksinspect the file it generates and compare it to your conf04:08
rbrooksit says not to edit but its fine04:08
orionsonofneptunwhere is system settings04:08
tyler_dno-one else using bumblebee?04:09
rbrooksyou should really edit /etc/default/grub to your liking before running the config generator... :)04:09
orionsonofneptunlittle help04:09
ubuntugrub-mkconfig -o /tmp/grub.cfg04:10
rbrooksbut you probably do not need to04:10
ubuntu/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).04:10
hydrox24_orionsonofneptun: go to the top right corner04:10
researcher123how to identify my nick here04:10
ubuntuhydrox24_,  Uhmm - can I just do a reboot (without changing grub2 cfg file) and would it/should it boot -up fine?04:11
orionsonofneptunit says no drivers are in use04:11
hydrox24_orionsonofneptun: are there any options there?04:11
rbrooksubuntu, i think it should04:11
Halexander9000Greetings gentlehumans! I'm using the LXDE desktop manager with ubuntu, messed around changing my desktop wallpaper, and eventually went into the advanced menu and checked something. Now, whenever I right click on the desktop, I get a strange new menu instead of the one that allowed me to organize my icons. Is there a way I can revert that?04:11
ubunturbrooks, hydrox24_ok -I'm signing off now - I'll reboot and check iof everything is fine. I'll log back in with a diff ID04:12
rbrooks grub-mkconfig -o ./grub.cfg ?04:12
rbrooksok then good luck04:12
ubunturbrooks, that didnt work04:12
hydrox24_ubuntu: that's fine!04:12
=== researcher123 is now known as testrun
hydrox24_Halexander9000: hi!04:13
ubunturbrooks, /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).04:13
=== testrun is now known as researcher123
Halexander9000hydrox24_: Greetings from Eastern Europe! Could you please help me?04:13
rbrookshmm may need to chroot then04:13
jeregoni need help installing ubuntu!04:13
hydrox24_Halexander9000: sure, but just address questions to the whole channel04:13
ubunturbrooks lemme just reboot and check04:13
Halexander9000Greetings gentlehumans! I'm using the LXDE desktop manager with ubuntu, messed around changing my desktop wallpaper, and eventually went into the advanced menu and checked something. Now, whenever I right click on the desktop, I get a strange new menu instead of the one that allowed me to organize my icons. Is there a way I can revert that?04:13
ubuntuBye bye everyone04:13
rbrooksrun that when you reboot then04:13
orionsonofneptunso where to find firmware for wifi card04:14
Barridushow do you check and repair a ntfs partition in the current ubuntu?  ntfsfix doesn't seem to function04:14
hydrox24_Halexander9000: I think you'll get more useful help in the LXDE channel04:14
researcher123how do I know if I am heard here?04:14
Halexander9000hydrox24_: Could you please tell me the channel name? Is it #LXDE? I have issues with loading the channel list on my machine.04:14
hydrox24_researcher123: you're heard :)04:15
hydrox24_Halexander9000: I imageine so.04:15
westernanaloghelp: http://pastebin.com/cKnxZhqh04:15
hydrox24_Halexander9000: also try #lubuntu04:15
dr_willisBarridus:  ntfsfix just sets the 'partion is good' flag i think. it dosent really fix any bad data04:15
Super_DogAny of you guys tried AjaXplorer?04:15
westernanalogwhat do i make of that04:15
Halexander9000hydrox24_: Alright then. Thank you.04:15
researcher123I can login as Administrator.Got this message "Could not update ICEauthoprity file"04:16
rbrooksthe grub-mkconfig woorks off this live cd, i will test Ubuntu now that config should have generated04:16
willijs3__Does anybody here know about Ubuntu Studio and iPod support?04:16
rbrookshave live cd loading off grub2 :D04:17
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod04:17
hydrox24_willijs3__: Even normal ubuntu has good iPod support now04:17
UbuntunubHey everyone!  I have a question about crontab again.  Man page isn't really answering it.  In this example -->               0,30 16 1-7 * *   test $(date +u) -eq 7 && /bin/sample                    <--- What is the +u and the q following the -e doing?04:17
dr_willis+u is an option to the date command04:18
blendedbychriswhat's it mean when i do dpkg --get-selections and it says deinstall ?04:18
UbuntunubYes, but I'm not seeing what the +u option is actually adjusting.04:18
Barridusdr_willis, any idea what will work for me then with ntfs?04:18
dr_willis-eq is a bash test statement04:18
willijs3__Yeah, it's just not recognizing my ipod when I plug it in. It was fine when I was using normal ubuntu, but i recently switched to studio.04:19
dr_willisBarridus:  use windows. there are some windows live cds out u belive to fix things04:19
hydrox24_Ubuntunub: look at the -u option in the manpage for "date"04:20
Barridusdr_willis, something like fsck won't be of use?04:20
dr_willisif there are any ntfs repair tools out the ntfs3g hompage may mention them04:20
previous_ubuntu_hydrox24_, rbrooks, Yay - it worked!04:21
dr_willisBarridus:  never nituced a fsvk.ntfs command04:21
hydrox24_Barridus: fsck is not for ntfs unfortunately04:21
rbrooksfact: you can run grub2-mkconfig off fc16 live cd w/o chroot04:21
hydrox24_previous_ubuntu_: great, glad it worked04:21
rbrooksok cool <phew>04:21
Barridus_ok well thanks for the responses anyways04:21
blendedbychrisif i get dpkg: warning: while removing sendmail-bin, directory '/var/run/sendmail' not empty so not removed.04:22
orionsonofneptunwhere to find firmware for wifi card04:22
previous_ubuntu_hydrox24_, rbrooks -> I got the grub screen on bootup - however, I have this pblm now . It shows the windows error recovery screen option (last one) - > however nothing happens on choosing it. I'm guessing it doesn't know abt Win XP -> as it was only aware of Win 8 at that point04:22
rbrooksprevious_ubuntu_, glad to hear it now i woder how the config file will look compared to one on system...  also now check /etc/default/grub04:22
previous_ubuntu_How do I make GRUB2 aware of my Win XP installation, now?04:22
ActionParsnipwillijs3__: there is ifuse, it treats the ipod as a normal usb drive, not sure if you can access stuff on it as you expect. Apple is always weird, causes a tonne of issues. best avoided imho04:23
rbrooksthis is simple04:23
ActionParsnipprevious_ubuntu_: run:  sudo update-grub   should do it04:23
rbrooksrun grub-mkconfig command it will all be sorted04:23
previous_ubuntu_ActionParsnip, rbrooks, 2 diss commands :P04:23
rbrooksis that grub legacy?04:23
rbrooksActionParsnip, he is using grub204:24
ActionParsniprbrooks: yes it will work04:24
rbrooksok nice04:25
ved_a very good morning to all of you04:25
previous_ubuntu_rbrooks, Anyway - I went with your solution and it remade the cfg file04:25
willijs3__ActionParsnip: I'll have to try that. I believe i can do what i need if it's just a backdoor into the device04:25
rbrooksi see update-grub2 also04:25
previous_ubuntu_so if alls well, it should be fine on the reboot?04:25
rbrooksupdate-grub is nice it probably runs same thing in a (hopefully) sane way04:26
ved_ubuntu rocks04:26
previous_ubuntu_rbrooks, ActionParsnip, Let me do a reboot and report back!04:26
szalJogster: no polling please (see topic)04:26
dontputneed help regarding Samba 3.5.6 No04:26
ActionParsnipdontput: details please :)04:26
JogsterSorry szal04:27
dontputok im now almost done with my samba PDC but im confused regarding about the user permission in the folder04:27
ved_any python programmer here :(04:27
aeon-ltdved_: #python04:27
ved_any python programmer04:28
dontputActionParsnip, at smb.conf whats the exact format in Profiles & home?04:28
dontputso that i the user i registerd in smb can only access his home folder04:28
ActionParsnipdontput: ive not used it as a pdc, i've got shares and i use passwords using smbpasswd to dictate access04:28
ved_i am going to learn python any one can help me ?04:29
hydrox24_ved_: check out "thenewbostons"'stutorials on youtube for python04:29
dr_willistons of books and sites on learning python04:30
hydrox24_ved_: there is a beginners and non-beginners series depending on if you're already knowledgablle about another program or not04:30
dontputActionParsnip, [homes]04:30
dontputcomment = Home directory for %u on %h04:30
dontputpath = /home/samba/profiles/04:30
dontputvalid users = %S04:30
dontputread only = No04:30
dontputbrowseable = No04:30
FloodBot1dontput: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
dontputops sorry04:30
ved_thanks dear04:30
ved_why my linux os freezes some time04:31
Picklefaceso I deleted my old account and added a new one.......then i got an error saying nether worked, then I rebooted and it showed my new account but its asking for a password that I did not set ?04:31
ved_it happens with gnome only not with kde04:31
sacarlsonPickleface: I missed the method you used to create a new account04:32
Picklefacesacarlson: went to user accounts on the guest account, gave my root pw and it let me make a new one, then I deleted my old admin account, a few minutes later I get a error saying both have failed04:33
dontputActionParsnip, this is the link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/879881/04:33
dontputplease check it04:34
Picklefacethen I reboot, see my main account gone, new one there , I did not set a pw for the new one, and its asking for one, so right now im back on the guest account.......04:34
sacarlsonPickleface: I don't think I would have deleted the account I would have just create a 2nd admin, but I guess it's too late now04:34
xrfanghi, where is the default system PATH set?  it seems nothing is set in /etc/profile or /etc/bash.bashrc?04:34
Picklefacesacarlson: yeah lol, what should I do now though?......04:35
sacarlsonPickleface: I take it you now deleted the only working admin account so you will have to create another by boot into recovery04:35
ActionParsnipdontput: i've only use samba with locally defined users like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/879882/04:36
hydrox24_xrfang: just run "echo $PATH"04:36
Picklefacesacarlson: uh, can you tell me how to do that ?04:36
ActionParsnipxrfang: default is set in /etc/environment04:36
sacarlsonPickleface: at what point?  boot into recovery?04:36
xrfanghydrox24_, I know that... what I want is to find out where it is set, and I want to add another path to the list,04:37
xrfangI would prefer to make it system wide, not using ~/.profile etc.04:37
Picklefacesacarlson: how do I boot into recovery ? then make a new account from there ?04:37
ActionParsnipxrfang: you can add to the path by adding to ~/.bashrc   something like:   export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/folder04:37
dontputActionParsnip, actualy my Share is now ok, but just the user with their home profile access. Im stuck to that part04:37
xrfangActionParsnip, as I said, would like to make it system wide...04:38
sacarlsonPickleface: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode04:38
hydrox24_xrfang: you have to edit your ~/.bashrc file and add an export command to the end of the file04:38
ActionParsnipxrfang: as I said, the default is set in /etc/environment04:38
ActionParsniphydrox24_: bashrc is only for that user, xrfang want's it system wide04:38
hydrox24_export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/scripts/folder/04:38
Picklefacesacarlson: okay then what?04:38
dr_willisgrep files in etc to find PATH. :)04:39
ActionParsnipdr_willis: nice04:39
hydrox24_ActionParsnip: you want to edit /etc/bashrc then04:39
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:40
sacarlsonPickleface: sudo adduser <username> admin04:41
kooyouI am Chinese.04:41
hydrox24_kooyou: try #ubuntu-NN    replacing NN with your lang code04:42
hydrox24_#ubuntu-fr for french04:42
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw04:42
hydrox24_ActionParsnip: thanks!04:42
ActionParsnipxrfang: System-wide .bashrc file for interactive bash(1) shells.    = /etc/bash.bashrc04:43
ActionParsniphydrox24_: nice one dude :)04:43
kooyouHow to let Android Client connect  C++ serve ?04:43
ActionParsnipkooyou: what software are you using for the C++ serve?04:46
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=== boten-anna is now known as boten_anna
CacheMoneyI'm having trouble installing Sublime Text 2 using PPA..04:47
CacheMoneyI've added the PPA to the 'Software Sources' but not sure how to proceed04:48
sacarlsonCacheMoney: sudo apt-get update; ?04:48
=== boten_anna is now known as webnet
CacheMoneysacarlson:  This is the site I got the PPA information  https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/sublime-text-2   What's the command I run?04:49
wrektjethey im unable to download packages from the software store it tells me to check my internet conex. but the internet is fine04:49
wrektjetand im in dire need of a python ide for HW04:49
sacarlsonCacheMoney: better I ask what command did you run04:50
CacheMoneysacarlson: I copied the string "ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2" and inserted it into the 'Software Sources' under 'Other Software'.. following Ubuntu Manual04:51
sacarlsonCacheMoney: well then you forgot to update04:51
kooyouActually,I create the C++ server for Android Client.The Android Client likes weibo.And the Server transfer the XML data to Client.How do you think that?04:51
wrektjetas a matter of fact - im unable to a do a system update bec it aborts with the error -the would require the installation of untrusted packages04:52
CacheMoneysacarlson: What command do I run?04:52
sacarlsonCacheMoney: I hate to repeate sudo apt-get update04:52
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2; sudo apt-get update04:52
omesacarlson: have you looked into Webduino ?04:53
sacarlsonome: no should I?04:53
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: then: sudo apt-get install sublime-text-2-beta04:53
CacheMoneysacarlson: sorry04:53
omesacarlson: Oh, my bad. Andriod, I was thinking of Arduino. :P04:54
wrektjetWhats the command you have to run after udating your repos/sources?04:55
CacheMoneyActionParsnip:  Thank you!  I'm a noob and needed it all laid out simply.  Appreciate it04:55
bkerensawrektjet: sudo apt-get update04:56
CFHowlettwrektjet   sudo apt-get update04:56
wrektjetduh thaks04:56
wrektjetforgot the sudo apt-get part04:56
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: the add-apt-repository is the way in CLI to add the ppa address you copied rather than slow-ass software centre04:56
sacarlsonwrektjet: maybe we forgot you may also want to install something after that.  sudo apt-get install yourappname04:57
CacheMoneyActionParsnip:  Ahh... So, I don't need to add the PPA into 'Software Sources' if I just run the command $ add-apt-repository ppa:<path_to_ppa> ??04:58
wrektjetsacarlson, nope im good was having an issue with an outdated ppa holding up any new installations just had to remove it04:58
CFHowlettwrektjet   don't forget sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:58
wrektjetvery funny04:58
hmwwhere does firestarter store its configuration?04:58
wrektjetCFHowlett, very funny04:58
CFHowlettwrektjet   no sarcasm intended - I only learned dist-upgrade last month after 5 years of ubuntu.04:59
wrektjetCFHowlett, ok. but im not ready to upgrad to 12.04!04:59
CFHowlettwrektjet   I only LTS so I'll stay with 10.04.  12.4 is beta at the moment anyway...05:00
konamis there a page where i can download mutter effects as extensions for gnome shell?05:00
wrektjetCFHowlett, im actualy using 11.10 atm id say stick with10.04!05:01
wrektjetif only for compiz05:01
CFHowletttzhuang_   we see you05:01
konamwrektjet ha! that's why i stayed with 10.1005:02
brianp1992dose it show that im on an android tablet?05:02
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: yes, its a lot quicker05:02
wrektjetkonam, i really really really miss switching desktops with the cube and dragging windows from one desktop to another and even the graphics05:04
ActionParsnipbrianp1992: http://paste.ubuntu.com/879899/05:04
norberto1039someone can help me?05:06
CFHowlettnorberto1039   ask away05:06
dontputActionParsnip, can i see your samba global?05:06
norberto1039i have two video card, one dedicated and one on board05:06
dontputActionParsnip, just want to compare mine05:06
hydrox24_!someone | norberto103905:06
ubottunorberto1039: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:06
brianp1992cool, thanks05:07
CacheMoneyIf I want to open a file in gedit I do $ gedit <filename>  but how do I do the same with Sublime Text2?05:07
norberto1039and i have problem with hybrid card, or something like this05:07
ActionParsnipdontput: the rest is default except that block05:07
norberto1039my screen blink a lot05:07
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: type:  sub    then press tab, may give clues05:08
rhin0where do I set up environment ie $ENVARIABLE variables please05:08
norberto1039and i can not install the driver of my dedicated video card05:08
CacheMoneyActionParsnip: it's subl <filename>   Thanks!05:09
ActionParsnipnorberto1039: hybrid graphics cause a tonne of issues in linux05:09
dr_willisrhin0: .profile or .bashrc normally05:09
hydrox24_rhin0: just type "export VAR=value_of_variable05:09
rhin0ok thanks05:09
norberto1039how can i fix this?05:10
CacheMoneyActionParsnip:  The file opened successfully in Sublime Text2 but this message followed the open command "Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap" "  Is that okay??05:10
ChorvusHello, I installed ubuntu server on a virtual machine. I have currently two virtual adapters (showing in lspci) and ifconfig shows only the loopback. Any thoughts?05:10
grayhatpythonhi i want to make a ubuntu bootable from usb key with custom applications installed, can anyone help me?05:11
GhostWolfhi  all, i have an issue that hyst happened, my pc froze while i was doing stuff and when i tried to reboot, i get this error message, error: disc full, then has prompt grub return abd this is with ubuntu 11.04 thanks05:11
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, you want a full install or a custom ISO load?05:12
CFHowlettgrayhatpython   remastersys to create a custom ubuntu05:12
ye_hello  where can i get the *gnome specification*? such as the purpose of "/usr/share/applications", or where the theme configuration file locate ?05:12
CFHowlettye_ from terminal "locate theme" or "whereis theme"05:12
grayhatpythonFyodorovna custom iso i want to use it only from my usb no more installation on host computer.05:13
JelloPopI just installed ubuntu05:13
JelloPopyesterday. When I plug in external usb hard drive, my dmesg prints05:13
JelloPop                      out "sense urb submission failure" continuously, whether the drive is attached or not;05:13
JelloPop                      however, if I plug in my thumb drive before this error occurs, it works fine. What can I do to05:13
JelloPop                      fix this?05:13
FloodBot1JelloPop: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
JelloPopFloodBot srry05:13
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: yeah thats just a warning, you can suppress it by running: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf05:14
sacarlsongrayhatpython: maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization  or http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/remastersys.html05:14
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, how big is the flash drive?05:14
grayhatpythonnot enough?05:14
hydrox24_grayhatpython: that's way more than enough05:16
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, so your limited to a iso loaded that can have a persistent, but that persistent will fill up after awhile and is not easily cleaned, really not cleanable for most.05:16
ye_CFHowlett: OK , I just wonder if there are documentations that introduce the gnome configuration file?05:16
CFHowlettye_   sorry, but IDK ... I'm sure there is somewhere.  Perhaps someone else knows?05:17
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, you would be better with a full install say like a 8 gig usb that will run like a HD although a little slower. Your not looking for a install usb right?05:17
ChorvusAh, fixed my problem. Adapters were down. `ifconfig -a` helped me find their adapter identifiers >:}05:17
GhostWolfi totally need help with this issue. was doing some things on firefox and then it froze, could move my mouse but couldn't click on anything, this happened once before, but this issue is different, did a manual restart on my pc and i get at the read disc part of the boot up it says disc full then has a prompt with grub return. can anyone help me please?05:17
ye_CFHowlett: that's Ok05:18
grayhatpythonFyodorovna, ok  i just want all scientific software to be installed in my usb ubuntu and use it anywhere. though persistent is required.05:18
CFHowlettGhostWolf   boot into recovery and run the following to clean out old packages: sudo apt-get clean05:18
GhostWolfCFHowlett, i can't boot into that part of ubuntu05:18
CFHowlettGhostWolf   reboot won't let you into recovery mode?05:19
GhostWolfi can boot into my windows hdd fine but i can't select or get to choose the recvery section05:19
CFHowlettGhostWolf   would this be a wubi installation by any chance?05:19
CacheMoneyActionParsnip:  Wow.  Thanks for all the help tonight05:19
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, did you miss waht I said about the persistent. You can actually make a as large as you want persistent partition, depends on the usb. I think what your missing is the knoledge of the limitations of a usb loaded with other then a full install.05:19
grayhatpythonFyodorovna: no need of install usb just a usb itself like hdd.05:20
Veritas242I have a question. How do I require a password to login with 11.10?05:20
CFHowlettVeritas242   system>administration>login screen05:20
GhostWolfCFHowlett, i don't get that far into the boot of my computer. i get to the 2nd page of the boot section for the mobo. like first page shows what hard drives are connected and then second page shows bunch of other info. it stops at that page05:21
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, then you would do a full install make sure the usb is big enough, you would install with any cd, even a custom one likr e remastersys burn.05:21
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CFHowlettGhostWolf   is this a wubi installation?05:21
Veritas242I've read that elsewhere, but being new to Ubuntu I don't know how to get there05:21
grayhatpythonFyodorovna ok i don't want persistent i will copy data  to some other usb key05:21
GhostWolfCFHowlett, nope its a full install of 11.o4 haven't been having any issues since i had to reinstall 11.04 cause 11.10 has bugs in java05:22
CFHowlettVeritas242   that's the sequence in 10.04 - might be different for you...05:22
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, a full ibnstall does not a have a persistent it has the regular OS and runs a s such, and you can offload to another.05:22
=== boten_anna is now known as webnet
grayhatpython Fyodorovna ok so how about installing my custom apps in that usb having ubuntu? using remsatersys?05:23
Veritas242CFHowlett, I'm running 11.10. Everything I've read so far suggests it's setup different.05:23
ActionParsnipCacheMoney: np man :005:24
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, a full install you would just install them. Remastersys is for making a ISO to burn of a installed OS.05:24
GhostWolfVeritas242, as i installed 11.10 you had the option of doing that in the installation of 11.10.05:24
Veritas242GhostWolf, I'm not sure how I changed it, but is it possible to change it back without reinstalling?05:25
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, here is a remastersys link. http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/05:25
GhostWolfVeritas242, don't know but im googling it see where to go. so are you saying you don't want a password when you reboot or restart your pc?05:25
grayhatpythonFyodorovna: so it' just a mirror image of ubuntu and it's applications installed in my desktop to usb key?05:26
rippsIs there a flag for loading up experimental dri? Like LD_LIBRARY_PATH does for loading not install libraries?05:26
Veritas242GhostWolf, when I boot, instead of asking for a password I see the login button on my account, like the one on the guest account.05:26
Veritas242I want that password there to make it more secure05:27
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, basically, but it has limitations in data amount, you would have to look into05:27
GhostWolfVeritas242, ok its not really more secure unless you have people snipping on your computer05:27
sacarlsonripps: modprobe ?05:27
rippssacarlson: that's for loading kernel modules, not x11 drivers05:28
jayjayhey I'm trying to set up ssh for my ubuntu server but I'm having issues with transferring the key from my server to my laptop. Im using ubuntu server edition 10.04 and a macbook pro as the client05:28
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, limitations as far as it has to fit on a disc of some sort even a dvd, not sure of all the uses.05:28
Veritas242GhostWolf, So, even if someone logs in they'll still need the password to make changes- so it's just as secure?05:28
GhostWolfbut im looking it up for you Veritas242 i have had issues with system settings and all in 11.10 i don't like it much05:28
grayhatpythonFyodorovna: how about making a live cd of  ubuntu with custom application and converting it into live usb?05:28
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, that is what it does.05:29
Veritas242GhostWolf, thanks for the help.05:29
GhostWolfVeritas242, yes if someone needs to install or remove a program or update files they need your password05:29
crfripperguys, I hit the windows button or something and now my screen bobbles around as I move the mouse05:29
dr_willisjayjay:  why are you transfering keys05:29
crfripperhow do I turn this off... whatever it is05:29
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, it makes a bootable cd for installing.05:29
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, or dvd.05:29
rhin0jayjay: use ssh-copy-id05:29
grayhatpythonFyodorovna: custom application in the sense any applications like audacity, stellarium?05:30
jayjaythat is what I'm using05:30
sacarlsonripps: funny I do see my graphic card driver in kernel also.  is that not an X11 driver?05:30
rhin0ssh-copy-id user@hostname/ip05:30
jayjayi get connection timed out05:30
rhin0hang on maybe that only works ubuntu to ubuntu05:30
rhin0ask around05:30
jayjaywait hostname/ip?05:30
jayjayso 2 different ups?05:30
rhin0hostname or ip05:30
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, probably. You could just clone a install if you had the partition in a size that will fit on the usb, you can do it a number of ways really.05:31
jayjayhostname of the server and I'm doing this from the client right?05:31
rippssacarlson: they are two seperate things, one is an interface for the X server, the other for the Kernel hardware. Yes, the X11 driver interfaces the kernel module, but they are seperate things05:31
rhin0yes to ssh into the server05:31
jayjaykk il try it again05:31
jayjaymaybe shore wall is messing it up?05:31
rhin0i always use ip address just to be certain05:31
rhin0there will be firewall issues05:31
=== wad_ is now known as wad
grayhatpythonFyodorovna: forget about cloning. what if i want to install later on to that usb for an app that is in internet?05:32
malkauns_why does the google-play up not upload what i tell it to upload?05:32
=== ubuntu is now known as orionsonofneptun
jayjayshould i remove shore wall and then try it?05:32
jayjayi mean should i remove shore wall or can i just disable it05:32
GhostWolfVeritas242, in the system settings, do you see User Accounts?05:32
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, it is a full install, what do you think. :)05:34
GhostWolfdid you go there to add a password to your account Veritas242/05:34
jayjayno one?05:34
Veritas242Ghostwolf, yes I did.05:35
GhostWolfand did it work when you reboot to login?05:35
jayjayi am going to ubuntu server05:35
=== geek is now known as Guest57741
jayjaygood bye05:35
grayhatpythonFyodorovna: : ok i think i didn't explain it properly. I was using Slax which can add modules, like installing apps as a modules. does ubuntu has this feature?05:35
Veritas242GhostWolf, it changes but doesn't ask for it at the login screen. It has a login button where I used to enter the password.05:36
GhostWolfok. should be another section, can you go into your dash and type passwords and keys and you will get that icon and open it up05:36
GhostWolfCFHowlett, any issue about my problem at all? as you last asked if its a wubi installation.05:37
dr_willisgrayhatpython:  slax is a bit specilized in some ways. ubuntu uses the apt packageing ststem05:37
blendedbychrishow can i get a list of cron jobs?05:38
grayhatpythonok thanks05:38
GhostWolflet me know when you have that app up05:38
CFHowlettGhostWolf   if you're not even completing the boot process, you got something else happening.  error msg's would give a hint05:38
Veritas242It's up05:38
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, not sure how slack loads modules.05:38
=== Comradephate is now known as Comradephate|afk
GhostWolfCFHowlett, iagree, but its a fairly new hdd that i just gotten few months ago, this was a replacement, only error it gives me saying disc is full. but its a 500gb hdd05:39
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, I have used slax but never longterm so I'm not familiar.05:39
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
CFHowlettGhostWolf   100% ubuntu installed or dual boot?05:39
GhostWolfVeritas242, ok next says find the passwords default entry05:40
GhostWolfCFHowlett, ubuntu is 100% on its own hdd. windows is isntalled on another hdd05:40
grayhatpython Fyodorovna:  ok Last doubt, whenever i try to install any app using source it get some error saying some supporting package missing. so i tried to get that package source and it said to get some other! so i need to keep on going behind it. How to install app from source? i did ./configure, make , make install. I love to install from source not by apt get install method. please help me example.05:41
Veritas242GhostWolf, it's there but there is no dropdown menu. There's another one called "passwords: login" with a dropdown menu containing several passwords.05:41
GhostWolfVeritas242, then after that it says open the  context menu for that  entry and it says you do that by using the right mouse button05:42
Fyodorovnagrayhatpython, I never install from source.05:42
loginixhey i have a questions05:42
GhostWolfVeritas242, i am just reading what it says on a site i have no clue other than what im seeing05:42
GhostWolf*reading not seeing05:42
Veritas242Ghostwolf, can you send me the link?05:43
CFHowlettGhostWolf   safer that I vote myself out of this one.  I've never done a multi-drive system.  Please ask in the channel.05:43
CFHowlettloginix   ask away05:43
loginixhow do i create usb boot in windows05:43
GhostWolfVeritas242, http://askubuntu.com/questions/68761/keyring-password-unity-in-11-1005:43
loginixfor ubuntu05:43
Fyodorovnaloginix, unetbootin05:43
loginixok cool05:43
DasEi!unetbootin | loginix05:43
ubottuloginix: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:43
dr_willisgrayhatpython:  if the app is in rhe repos. you can use apts  build-dep option to pull in all needed deps. ro compile it05:43
GhostWolfCFHowlett, i never had an issue til now. so i don't think its a drive issue. but i'll try again. i need to go anyways05:43
GhostWolfgood luck Veritas24205:43
loginixthank you guys05:43
loginixi am going to do that now05:44
DasEiloginix: format with fat , get the iso, use unetbbotin to play it to the stick05:44
grayhatpythonok i added app repo to source list so can i still compile it to deb package?05:44
Guest57741hello friends, can someone help me please05:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:44
loginixoh yeah i formated with NTFS so i will change that now05:45
Guest57741i installed compiz and compiz settings manager but still dont work05:45
Guest57741wobble windows won't work05:45
[[thufir]]Hmm.  I am using dar and writing the slices to optical disc.  I delete the slices as I go. yet have now *completly* run out of hdd (26M free).   why is the hdd filling up if I'm deleting the slices?  trash is empty.05:46
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: have you deleted old kernels?05:46
ActionParsnipGuest57741: do you have 3D accelleration configured?05:46
[[thufir]]is it possible to see ahead of time how many slices dar will create?  or you just have to manually calculate that?05:47
Guest57741is this for everything? sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager05:48
[[thufir]]ActionParsnip: not yet.  lol.  guess I will now.05:48
Guest57741or am i missing something05:48
ActionParsnipGuest57741: if you don't have 3D accelleration enabled in the video card, it won't make any difference what you do in ccsm05:48
[[thufir]]actually, I'm still able to create new slices, and so long as that works I guess it's "ok" in the short term.  odd, though.05:49
Guest57741how do i enable 3d05:49
ActionParsnipGuest57741: what video chip do you use?05:50
[[thufir]]Guest57741: GIYF.  I say that in friendly way.  I often ask for help, but I thry to try a cursory search first.05:50
Guest57741oh my not sure im new05:50
ActionParsnipGuest57741: what is the output of:  lspci | grep -i vga05:51
Guest5774100:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)05:51
ActionParsnipGuest57741: and the output of:  lsb_release -sc05:52
Guest57741ActionParsnip: oneiric05:53
ActionParsnipGuest57741: you may need an xorg.conf file, sounds like your screen isn't playing nice05:53
ActionParsnipGuest57741: does the system have a make and model?05:53
JelloPopActionParsnip: does inxi -g work in ubuntu??05:54
CFHowlettGuest57741   I've got the same chip.  Full on video effects are more trouble than they're worth IMO05:54
JelloPopops inxi -G05:54
ActionParsnipJelloPop: never heard of it, sorry05:54
Guest57741i have compaq presario CQ56 21905:54
Guest57741older laptop05:54
lahwrananyone know of open source timeline software? preferably I'd be able to hand-edit it, as well as fill it with generated data that I create with my own code05:54
Guest57741only given me trouble in xubuntu05:54
JelloPopActionParsnip: Using LInux Mint never heard of it today can u experiment and see if this command works in ubuntu seeing there is changes bewteen distro's ... Which means that Linux Mint is defentliy changing the unbuntu code05:56
ActionParsnipGuest57741: same driverbase, thats why05:56
ActionParsnipJelloPop: mint isn't supported here05:56
=== mobius is now known as mobius22
mobius22greetings #ubuntu05:56
loginixnice i booted from usb thank you guys05:57
JelloPopActionParsnip: not the idea I just want to see if there is a dividing line bewteen the distros introduced this would be the first time I have seen a change05:57
mobius22I tried to install a program called 'netams' and it seems to have broken my package manager. Of course now nothing can be installed and the netams install process just hangs forever at the configuration portion of its install process05:58
mobius22is there a way to purge pending installs from the terminal?05:58
mobius22rather is there a way to purge hung installs05:58
rhin0kill the process mobius2205:59
ClientAliveHi. I'm using the alternate install cd to do a base system install. What do I put in for a mirror to download packages from though? I chose "ftp"05:59
ActionParsnipGuest57741: seems the compaq uses an AMD chip...05:59
mobius22would that be the PID of the software manager? because if that's what you mean that did not work05:59
rhin0ps -ef | less <- find it in that05:59
mobius22what a bummer....06:00
theadminClientAlive: I suppose it expects you to put in a real mirror instead. Try "us.archive.ubuntu.com"06:00
Guest57741im so new, ty for helping06:00
Guest57741on ubuntu it works fine but xubuntu not working06:00
ActionParsnipGuest57741: so is it the compaq you are having issue with or is that what you are typing on now (different system)06:01
ClientAlivetheadmin: ok, I'll try that. I would expect it to be something like "ftp://ftp..." but not sure how far the path is supposed to be carried out.06:02
ClientAliveI'll try that though.06:02
Guest57741this compaq im on now06:02
Guest57741i have dual boot06:02
Guest57741ubuntu and xubuntu06:03
mobius22all linux installs should come with acronis pre installed lol06:03
* rhin0 started using xubuntu on server ubuntu for luxury client06:03
typo567what does acronis do?06:04
mobius22so then , apparently there is not in fact a way to kill a hung install  in DPKG?06:04
mobius22it images your hard disk06:04
mobius22in anticipation of everything breaking when you turn your volume up  lul06:04
mobius22free is free06:04
ActionParsnipmobius22: x will always equal x06:05
mobius22i was trying to install a program which is a network monitoring tool called netams06:05
mobius22it promptly asked for my root system pwd, which i refuesed to supply06:05
ActionParsnipGuest57741: you don't need to dual boot that, you can just log in to the xfce or gnome desktops at the login screen, the underlying OS is 100% identical06:06
mobius22now dpkg is frozen and will not finish that install06:06
mobius22essentially paper weghting the entire system06:06
rhin0maybe reboot it mobious?06:06
mobius22negative,  dpkg issues are persistent06:06
mobius22that only works in winblows06:06
mobius22no, there is a way,  but it's not going to be revealed on this sunday night06:07
mobius22good night all :)06:07
MrBusinessIf I install Ubuntu and a bootloader onto an external USB HDD, will I be able to use it between two different machines with different hardware specs, or will I be likely to encounter driver difficulties along the way?06:08
ClientAlivewell that was stupid... I should have just chosen "http" instead. It just defaults to the right path - lol06:08
FyodorovnaMrBusiness, probably work most of the time, a full install will put the bootloader in  the mbr, if your sure to point it there.06:12
Fyodorovnaone way or the other.06:12
MrBusinessAh, well, part of my goal is to have the bootloader on the external HDD06:12
MrBusinessI'm trying to make this for someone else, and I don't want them to have to deal with GRUB on their own MBR06:12
MrBusinessI don't think I'll run into any issues where one computer has more devices plugged into it than the other, thus potentially confusing GRUB.06:13
MrBusinessOh well, I'll know soon enough, since I'm simulating what I think will be a similar arrangement with my own garbage equipment.06:14
FyodorovnaMrBusiness, they need to familiar with grub really if they can be. Grub will only see what is in its boot file.06:14
cancer!ubottu | nvidia06:16
ubottunvidia: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:16
MrBusinessYeah. I see what you mean; I guess the best I can hope is that it'll be a non-issue.06:16
cancer!ubottu | n-vidia06:16
ubottun-vidia: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:16
cancer!nvidia | cancer06:16
ubottucancer, please see my private message06:16
nibbler_(how) can i convert my ubuntu root server to have an encrypted / ? (running LTS)06:19
CFHowlettnibbler_   sudo ecryptfs06:19
hymen00how to tell bash to run command n times06:20
CFHowletthymen00   chron??06:20
mobius:) to the fellow who suggested the reboot, that actually was part of the fix for removal of the stuck package06:20
taipressudo apt-get install phpmyadmin doesn't install latest version, installs very old ugly version06:20
nibbler_hymen00, for i in $(seq n); do foo; done06:20
taipreshow I get the latest06:20
nibbler_taipres, download it (source) or look for a ppa06:21
ActionParsnip!ppa | taipres06:21
ubottutaipres: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:21
nibbler_CFHowlett, thanks, i'll read up06:21
CFHowlettnibbler_   have fun / be safe06:21
mobiussudo apt-get install -f worked after the reboot06:21
mobiusso the package was removed, thanks  :)06:21
sindhiBhaiWhat is the expected ate of ubuntu 12.04 release06:21
mobius good night06:21
hymen00@nibbler is there a way to do this with just bash?06:21
FlannelsindhiBhai: Last Thursday in April06:21
taipresaction why is it third party06:22
sindhiBhaithx <Flannel>06:22
taipresand why does ubuntu not have latest version of the software(extremely popular software)06:22
Flanneltaipres: example?06:22
Blue1taipres: depends on what release is avail. at time.  Ubuntu does not use beta versions of anything06:23
taipressudo apt-get install phpmyadmin installs Version information: 3.3.10deb106:23
taipresthe latest is06:23
hymen00not using seq that is? trying to keep code as portable as possible06:23
taipresVersion information: 3.4.5, latest stable version:
taipresat least06:23
taipresso it's not even remotely close...06:23
Blue1it is what is in the repo - not always latest version06:24
CFHowletttaipres feel free to download and install from source ...06:24
taipreswell considering how old and ugly this thing is, not to mention popular, they really need a remotely close newer version that's nicer06:24
Flanneltaipres: Ubuntu 11.10 was released last october, package import freeze was June 30, so lets take a look at what phpmyadmin's version was on June 30th.06:25
taipresplease do take a look06:25
cancer!nvidia | cancer06:25
ubottucancer, please see my private message06:25
taipresbecause i've had the same phpmyadmin for months06:25
taipresover year maybe06:25
taipresso it's years outdatted ubuntu version is06:25
Blue1taipres: I guess the question is, why cant you just get it and install it from the web site?06:26
Blue1taipres: please also note that later version of software might not be compatible with currently installed software (like webservers and such)06:27
taipresBlue1 I guess I have to now? I'm just pointing this out to you guys, this isn't bobs linux editor, this is one of the most used linux apps in the world, just expected ubuntu to have decently recent version thats all, as it usually does06:27
Chorcaheyhey, what's up.. having a vim question in 11.10.. gnome-terminal seems to hate it by default, status bar doesn't show, and arrow keys don't work, anyone else have that?06:27
Flanneltaipres: If I had to guess, I'd say 3.4.3 would be in 11.10, based off of release dates and such.06:27
taipresok thanks06:27
taipresi'm using latest ubuntu06:27
taipresand updated so06:28
Flanneltaipres: 11.10 has 3.4.5 in it currently, so that's what you have.06:28
* CFHowlett thinks if ubuntu had EVERY stable package, ppl would complain that the development package wasn't installed by default...06:28
hymen00is there a way to do this with just bash? not using seq that is? trying to keep code as portable as possible06:28
taipresi'm not using regular ubuntu06:28
taipresit's server version06:28
Blue1what CFHowlett said06:28
nibbler_CFHowlett, ecryptfs does not exist as executable, and as it seems to me its more desigend for ~ encrypten, rather than /06:29
Flanneltaipres: same packages/repositories.  But yeah, you have 3.4.5, which was released in September of last year, so I don't think that's very outdated.06:29
taipresit's telling me "Version information: 3.3.10deb1"06:29
taipresi'm logged into it06:29
cancer! ubottu | synaptic06:29
ubottusynaptic: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:29
Flanneltaipres: Alright, what does `lsb_release -r` in a terminal say?06:29
taipresso isn't *latest* ubuntu I suppose06:30
Flanneltaipres: right, so you're not on the latest Ubuntu, you're on 11.0406:30
bsdfreakIs there a reasonably straightforward method for mounting SMB shares in a persistent manner?06:30
taipresFlannel how I tap into latest ubuntu's repository then?06:30
Flanneltaipres: Upgrade to 11.1006:31
taipresFlannel that's the only way?06:33
GirlyGirltaipres: yes06:33
crfripperthe synergy in ubuntu software center is 1.3.8..... how do I install 1.4.7?06:34
Flanneltaipres: That's the only way I'd recommend.  With this particular package, you could snag the updated deb, because the dependencies haven't changed from what I can see.  But you lose security updates that way, and there's some other things you should be aware of as well if you're going to do that.06:34
cancerhow to run this file NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.31-pkg1.run06:34
Flanneland there's no guarantee that the actual package dependencies are accurate (version wise), because mixing ubuntu versions isn't something that's tested for.06:35
theadmincancer: Just by full path, or if it's in the current directory, ./filename06:35
cancertheadmin: i have it on desktop folder06:36
Grakcancer: might need to right click on it and enable executing as a program in the permissions tab as well06:36
theadmincancer: chmod +x ~/Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.31-pkg1.run ; ~/Desktop/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.31-pkg1.run # Also, I think nvidia drivers are in the repos. "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" will get them for you without messing your system up06:36
Grakcancer: you can do this in the command line with 'chmod +x <filename>'06:36
Flanneltaipres: You'll need to upgrade within the next seven months anyway, when 11.04 goes EOL.06:36
cancertheadmin: i did the sudo apt-get command in terminal and is in process now.06:39
UltimatePowerHi. I am having 80 GB harddisk . I am panning to install Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu 12.10. Any ideas or tips how I should partition the disk?.06:40
GrakUltimatePower: That's a bit tight on space. If there's no possibility of an extra drive, I'd probably split down the middle.06:42
CFHowlettUltimatePower   a standard installation of ubuntu runs around 5 gigs - add some more for saved data06:42
CFHowlettUltimatePower   also, I HOPE you meant to say you/re installing 11.10 NOT 12.04 BETA...06:42
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : sorry tpo error. I planning to install 11.10.06:43
cancertheadmin: grak: yesterday, auronandace told me some commands of ppa for nvidia. is there any way i can remove them.06:43
theadmin!ppa-purge | cancer06:43
ubottucancer: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html06:43
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : I have no ectra money to spare a external disk.06:44
CFHowlettUltimatePower   no worries.  have fun.  Maybe after you're all dual booted up, see this http://fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads/06:44
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : Grak:can u give me tips?06:44
GrakHmm... without knowing which side you plan to use more it's hard to say which partition should be bigger.06:45
=== sun is now known as Guest24966
GrakOne thing I can say is that you'll want to install Windows first.06:45
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : it about linux magazines. what i should i do now?.06:45
CFHowlettUltimatePower  find out how much space is actually used by windows.  subtract that from the 80 gigs.  split the remaining free amount between windows and ubuntu.06:46
GrakUltimatePower: during the Windows install you should have the option to create the install partition. You'll want to make sure it doesn't use the whole drive.06:46
cancertheadmin: i have just removed 'wine' in past few minutes and it's still in06:46
Name141is ext4 now considered stable as ext3 ?06:46
CFHowlettjimbo   greetings.06:46
cancertheadmin: i have just removed 'wine' in past few minutes and it's still in 'application' tab.06:47
CFHowlettName141   safer if I understand correctly06:47
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : y split the remaining between windows and linux. why not only linux.06:47
CFHowlettUltimatePower   you never plan to save files again in windows??06:47
UltimatePowerGrak: I am novice in this area. can please elaborate?06:48
crfripperI upgraded from synergy 1.3.8 to 1.4.7 and now it can't find my synergy.conf06:48
ClientAlivewith this minimal ubuntu install, I would like to have a bare bones xfce desktop environment. I see that the x window system is slated to be installed but i can remove it. What would happen if I did that though? Is there other things that require it (like the terminal or something)?06:48
jaminkleAnyone know of a good fan speed tool? I have an old hp dv5 and it's overheating06:49
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : I already win7 & ubu 11.10 in dual. win 7 creating problems so  I am planning fresh install of both06:49
CFHowlettUltimatePower   you have windows.  You want ubuntu.  if you do ANY work or save ANY files, they'll need somwhere to be saved.  Thus you leave extra room ...06:49
crfripperalthough I can see synergy.conf just fine06:49
CFHowlettUltimatePower   OK - install windows first is my advice.06:49
cancergrak: theadmin: please help: http://paste.ubuntu.com/879985/06:49
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : I can back up important on a dvd or some thing like that.06:49
theadmincancer: sudo apt-get clean and repeat the command06:50
Name141CFHowlett: Alrighty.  I know some distros still like to stay on ext3 (specially debian).06:50
CFHowlettUltimatePower   always good plan... do you actually have your windows dvd?06:50
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : ya k. can point me to info detailing about partioning installing, etc06:50
cancertheadmin: nothin happen with 'sudo apt-get clea'06:50
CFHowlettUltimatePower   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot06:50
cancertheadmin: nothin happen with 'sudo apt-get clean'06:50
UltimatePowerCFHowlett : I will get it in a day or two.06:50
theadmincancer: It won't print anything06:50
CFHowlettName141   well its not like anyone is saying OMG don't use ext3!  ext4 is just the latest/greatest.06:51
Name141CFHowlett: okie dokey.06:51
cancerultimatepower: i have installed kubuntu 11.10 in last days :D. it's working fine with XP.  there was a dual boot problem but solved very easily06:52
[[thufir]]from the dar man page:  −c, −−create [<path>/]<basename>    now, what does that mean?  if you want to backup /home/me/foo and put the slices onto /home/me/bar what's the syntax for that?06:52
willijs3Can anyone help me figure out why my fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 11.10 isn't recognizing an iPod?06:52
ClientAlivedoes anyone know if anything in the ubuntu base system requires x?06:52
UltimatePowercancer: oh i see.06:52
* CFHowlett xp?06:52
ClientAlivethe x window system that is06:53
cancercfhowlett: Windows xp06:53
CFHowlettwillijs3   latest generation ipod??06:53
willijs34th gen.06:53
CFHowlettwillijs3   doesn't see it at all or just the ipod/synch functions?  It should show up as external media06:53
willijs3I used the newest version of itunes to sync it a few days ago, could that be the issue?06:53
willijs3it's not seeing it at all06:54
CFHowlettwillijs3   apple likes to sneak in FOSS break tech with each update...06:54
willijs3CFHowlett Yeah, i figured that would be the case. I just don't get why normal Ubuntu 11.10 could see it fine, but when I switch to Studio it isn't seeing anything.06:55
taipresthanks for the help, have a good one06:55
cancertheadmin: what about this time, do you think command will work fine till end.06:56
CFHowlettwillijs3   slow down.  How did you install US; fresh install or upgrade?06:56
willijs3fresh. I wante to start completly from scratch06:56
crfrippergot synergy working again, but I believe I have it running in the "foreground" using startup applications synergys -f --config /etc/synergy.conf ?06:56
CFHowlettwillijs3   you lost something then..from ubuntu ## to US 11.10?  what version of ubuntu?06:57
crfripperis it ok t just leave it like that?06:57
rhin0crfripper - "x2x" is more basic than synergy I think06:57
Juv1228hello, I am having a strange issue with sshfs mounted via fstab06:57
Juv1228everything works fine for an indefinite period of time, and then randomly once in a while it will cause everything that touches that mount point to hang06:58
crfrippermore basic being good or bad?06:58
JelloPopHave a question if u instal .bin file how do u update the package?06:58
crfripperI'm reading about how to create a system level startup06:58
willijs3CFHowlett 11.10. I'm puzzled. I can's figure out if iTunes put a lock on the iPod or what.06:58
rhin0i ditched synergy yonks ago - x2x totally reliable06:58
Juv1228the strange part is that my media keys and custom keyboard shortcuts also stop working06:58
CFHowlettwillijs3   lots of issues with 4th gen and ubuntu 11.10 ...06:59
cancertheadmin: what are 'fakeroot', i just saw that in the process of the last command. 'setting up fakeroot'?06:59
theadmincancer: Just a package, it allows to "pretend" you have root priveleges, kind of hard to explain06:59
CFHowlettwillijs3   seems to maybe be some 32/64 bit issues as well06:59
cancertheadmin: okie06:59
cancertheadmin: the command ended, what now? do i have to run 'nvidia-xconfig' or need to restart wihtout it?07:00
theadmincancer: Not sure if you need to run that anymore, try without it first I guess07:01
theadmincancer: I'm an AMD person lol07:01
cancertheadmin: what if i lost the display?07:01
CFHowlettwillijs3   look like gtkpod is a recommended app for ipod users07:01
theadmincancer: Boot into the recovery mode and, uh, work from there? Or try nomodeset, or...07:01
cancertheadmin: ok.07:02
cancertheadmin: tnx07:02
willijs3CFHowlett I tried installing that thinking maybe it had what I needed, but it didn't help. I also added Banshee to no avail.07:03
CFHowlettwillijs3   yeah I'm seeing a lot of questions but not many answers.  sorry.07:03
willijs3CFHowlett Me too. Thanks for trying! I think i'm going to try US 11.04 and see if that plays nice with Apple products.07:04
CFHowlettwillijs3   good luck.07:04
willijs3CFHowlett thanks, I'll need it, ha07:05
JelloPopI understand u can build a .bin file, how do u meet the dependencies of the package does ubuntu handle this??07:06
=== primary is now known as Guest28693
JelloPoptrying to get my head wrapped around binary files anyone goa link?? to understand binary files07:07
bsdfreakAnyone know when AMD will support the Radeon 7960M in Linux?07:07
van7huhi everyone07:11
van7huI am using 10.04, so which version of gnome am I using Gnome2 or Gnome3?07:11
theadminvan7hu: gnome207:12
van7hutheadmin, are you sure?07:12
theadminvan7hu: Yes07:12
van7huso, thank you07:12
theadminvan7hu: Unless you're using unofficial software sources which introduce gnome307:12
_amoeba_van7hu, System-> About Gnome07:12
van7hueverything of my machine is normal07:13
van7hu_amoeba_, oh, okay07:13
cancertheadmin: drivers did not worked?07:14
theadmincancer: How can you tell?07:14
cancertheadmin: it's not showing complete options for setting up graphics. even i was having options for DVI, now they are removed from 'monitor'07:16
theadmincancer: I think NVidia has it's own tool though, NVidia Settings or something07:16
j1xwhats a rohila?07:18
jerrrysj1x hello07:18
j1xwazup man07:18
j1xanyone know what a rohila is?07:19
[[thufir]]how do you specify /home/thufir/bar/ as the slice destination for backups of /home/thufir/foo/ with dar?  I don't understand −c, −−create [<path>/]<basename>   from the dar man page.07:19
j1xany word07:20
j1xwhats a kujak?07:21
theadmin!ot | j1x07:22
ubottuj1x: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:22
Kujaknice o/07:22
j1xwhy what happened?07:22
_amoeba_anyone know where the notification area panel gets the icons from ... couldn't find them in /usr/share/icons07:23
j1xanyone know a good channel to learn about irc?07:23
[[thufir]]in all that, no advice on creating a dar slice and specifying the path for the resulting files?07:25
ClientAlivewhat is the "base system" in the alternate install cd? Does this include the full blown installation or is it just the cli base system?07:27
[[thufir]]ClientAlive: without context, I would lean towards the former07:30
theadminClientAlive: I'd think it's just the base07:33
=== Guest53663 is now known as onre
theadminClientAlive: Only the necessary packages that's it07:33
ClientAlive[[thufir]]: I'm using the 'expert install' on the alternate cd, desperately trying to keep this thing from giving me anything more than a stripped down cli only system.07:33
dj_ryanwhy archive.ubuntu.com slow? i want fast archive. Me man, me need huge bandwidth07:34
theadmindj_ryan: Select a mirror closer to you.07:35
jerrrysClientAlive Use F4 function for cli only install07:35
ClientAlivewell "necessary" is sort of ambiguous. Ubuntu may fell that everything all the way up to Unity is "necessary"  --no offense intended, it is sort of ambiguous though07:35
dj_ryantheadmin: archive is the closest to me07:35
theadminClientAlive: Well... You're true on that, but I highly doubt that option will include Xorg or anything07:35
jerrrysClientAlive at the start of the install you get options07:36
ClientAliveok. well, I'm about to find out I guess. It's a bare system to begin with so I guess there's nothing to worry about wiping out. Can just try again and then I'll know.07:36
ClientAlivejerrrys: you mean at the first, main menu right?07:37
ClientAliveof course07:37
dj_ryansweet jebus, the 'us' ubuntu archive is pointing to a EU location!07:37
jerrrysClientAlive no at the start of the cd installation process on the alt install cd07:38
ClientAliveI'll have to look for that if this install I'm in the middle of doesn't give me the result I'm after.07:39
ClientAliveI don't remember seening any function key options to use though07:40
jerrrysClientAlive I too start with terminalonly install07:40
ClientAliveright, exactly....07:40
ClientAlivewhat is the F4 thing though. I haven't heard of that and I can't place where in the installation process you would use it.07:41
derpella_Hello. I disabled lightdm in my Ubuntu, and I start X with startx. Now, there is a funny situation, the sound doesn't work in x, but sound from x plays when I switch to tty... Any ideas?07:41
[[thufir]]ClientAlive: what's installed?  you're overlaying the OS?07:41
ClientAlivewell the fist time I just chose "install Ubuntu" I wan't worried about what kind of install at that point only that it would instlall on a uefi system. Now this is the second time round trying the "expert install" option to get a minimal install07:43
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FonzieIm trying to apply a logrotation on my DHCP custom log. Ive applied the file in /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog. http://pastebin.com/RjsX7e5y. This doesnt wook like working. Do i have to reload some processes to make logrotate eat the new config?07:43
ClientAliveI'm not sure what "overlaying" means. I'm just paving over, and over, and over...07:44
ClientAliveI need a minimal base system to start07:44
[[thufir]]ClientAlive: err, ok, umm.  you're doing it "wrong" IMHO07:44
ClientAliveyeah, I think so too07:45
[[thufir]]if you really want a minimal system, probably you want to format the hdd since there's no data there, right?07:45
ClientAliveabsolutely not. Yes, there is no data there. However there is a rather complicated raid/lvm setup. I can't lose that base.07:46
[[thufir]]when you say minimal, you mean no GNOME, no xterm?  why not just install those from cd (easier) then just use apt to remove those packages?  why not do that?07:46
[[thufir]]then just uninstall xterm, gnome, etc.  why not?07:46
* [[thufir]] isn't a linux expert by any means, just offering his two cents07:47
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:47
ClientAlivemy ideal? Ultimately just cli, a very light weight window manager like openbox, a light browser like chrome or opera, and eventually quemu-kvm07:47
[[thufir]]that sounds like the ticket.  use that cd aurondance gave link for.07:48
ClientAliveI have that web page in my browser. I'm not sure what they mean when they say "install base system" There is also an option to manually choose the software.07:48
dddbmthas anybody in here been running ubuntu on "ACER Aspire S3-951" ? - Or maybe you have a suggestion for another "ultrabook" that runs out-of-the-box with ubuntu?07:49
ClientAlivebut will the minimal do uefi - I can't begin to explain the horror I've been through these last 3 wks over this efi thing.07:49
henriquevHow do I disable the <meta> key on Gnome? I've tried everything but it is still there.07:49
[[thufir]]just go with base system.  in this context, it just means whatever comes on that minimal disc by default.07:49
ClientAlivewe'll see what happens I guess07:50
ClientAliveI still want to know what this F4 thing is though. That was coming from someone who says this is thier gig.07:51
[[thufir]]I have an announcement:  dar rocks!  however, it should tell you how many slices it will create at some point.07:51
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ClientAlivenow it won't even boot07:57
ClientAliveIt's possible my only option is to do a regular install then stip it down07:57
ClientAliveomg!! The horror!!!07:58
[[thufir]]woohoo!   now at  86% full hdd.    from 90%+07:59
jameslordhzanybody here use tmux?08:04
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
auronandacejameslordhz: if somebody replied affirmatively, what would be your follow up question?08:06
jameslordhzauronandace why tmux ls fails?08:07
ircnode0hmmm... in my current host I executed screen command. Then I ssh to other hostname and executed screen -r command. How I can exit outmost screen?08:07
dancekircnode0, just exit the outmost screen, get a connection to the inner server and reattach that screen08:08
ircnode0dancek: so I can just exit a program and it will exit outmost screen?08:11
ircnode0okay let's try. If I leave this channel, means I exitted inner screen =)08:12
andykstmux,very good tols08:12
dancekircnode0, `screen -rd` reattaches a screen08:12
dancekand even detaches from another pty/screen/whatever if needed08:12
jameslordhzhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/880028/  what's wrong?08:14
Xabsterany reason 11.10 doesn't come with firefox 10?08:14
ircnode0dancek: thanks. outmost screen is gone08:14
auronandace!info firefox | Xabster08:14
ubottuXabster: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 (oneiric), package size 18316 kB, installed size 38088 kB (Only available for any all)08:14
Xabstersay whaaa08:15
Xabsterisn't it version 7 you get?08:15
Xabsteri would have sworn i had to update it08:15
auronandaceXabster: check the release date of ff1008:15
maumhow to install the latest flash version?08:16
maumon ubuntu 11.1008:16
AdvoWorkWhats the latest version of Ubuntu Server LTS? Am i right in thinking its 10.04 ? i know theres 11.10 out but not LTS?08:16
theadminAdvoWork: 10.04, 12.04 will be the next LTS08:17
AdvoWorktheadmin, and do you know when thats coming out?08:17
theadminAdvoWork: Look at the version number, it's year.month :P08:17
theadminAdvoWork: 2012, april08:17
Xabsteroh ofcourse, auronandace, but isn't it firefox 7 you get with ubuntu 11.10? that's waaay old08:17
auronandaceXabster: not sure what comes by default, blame the mozilla release schedules08:18
AdvoWorkahh ok, so if im thinking of doing a new installation, is it better going down the 12.04 route? or is it better going 10.04 as it still has a few more years support?08:18
auronandaceXabster: i tend to use chromium08:18
Xabsteri don't want to blame anyone, auronandace, i just wanted to know why08:18
HypocrealeHow can I find out what command is used to invoce a certain program?08:18
theadminAdvoWork: Get 10.04, it's stable. You can do an LTS-to-LTS upgrade anyway08:18
XabsterHypocreale, what program?08:18
AdvoWorktheadmin, ok, thanks for the help, much appreciated08:18
theadminHypocreale: What do you mean? Most usually it matches the program name08:18
PsyCl0neGood morning everyone. Can someone help me with my lubuntu install and trying to get it to suspend and resume properly08:19
auronandaceXabster: check the release dates of firefox versions, 7 was likely the latest out when 11.10 was fresh08:19
Xabstertheadmin, doesn't it always?08:19
Hypocrealetheadmin, it doesn't in this case, that's why I'm asking how I can find out. :)08:19
theadminXabster: Not *always*, for instance in case of Firefox, in SOME packages, the command is "firefox-bin"08:19
Xabsteryeah, firefox-bin is the name of the program08:19
theadminHypocreale: Try, uh... dpkg -L package | grep -F 'bin/'08:19
oPhelias_@Psyclone: what problem are you having?08:21
jameslordhzi use tmux -S a, ctrl + b ,d.  then how to attach it ?08:21
r4idi need help.. pm please08:23
Myrtti!pm | r4id08:23
ubottur4id: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:23
theadminr4id: You should ask your questions in the channel.08:23
PsyCl0neoPhelias: So I am running older hardware but I can get the computer to suspend using the sfce4-power-manager-settings but when I try to wake the computer back up my display doesnt come back up. I have just changed the drivers to I guess the "Recommended" version and rebooted. But when I rebooted and brought up the terminal to get the power manager an error popped up saying that it wasnt running and if I would like to start it...08:23
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r4idok here goes08:23
PsyCl0neoPhelias: I actually have no idea if I am doing this properly, I just need to get it done. Got two 400$ electricity bills in a row...08:24
r4idi have installed ubuntu inside windows08:24
r4idnow, in ubuntu, it only shows 2 of my 3 hard drives08:24
r4idhow do i get the 3rd one?08:24
r4id*its the drive in which ubuntu is installed08:25
Myrttir4id: sorry, I have no idea on how wubi installs work nowadays, and I don't do pm support08:26
velkojameslordhz, any specific reason for not using screen?08:26
dddbmthas anybody in here been running ubuntu on "ACER Aspire S3-951" ? - Or maybe you have a suggestion for another "ultrabook" that runs out-of-the-box with ubuntu?08:28
Myrttir4id: although, you could try to explain your problem a bit better, what do you mean it shows only two of three, what shows only two of three? if this is in a GUI, can you take screenshots?08:28
r4idwill do myrtti08:29
r4idplease wait08:29
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
PsyCl0neoPhelias: If youre still willing to help me out, I just changed a couple of settings and going to see if the work. If I drop give me like 5 minutes and I will be back just as I reboot the rig.08:32
velkojameslordhz, tmux a08:32
Myrttijameslordhz: tmux a -d is what I use08:32
jameslordhzsocket file is in certain dir, once detached , i should find that file before i can attach:(08:33
hymen000how can i search for a string and duplicate that line n times?08:37
Xabsterfirefox 10 with openjdk and icedtea plugin crashes when i visit www.shb.dk/webbank08:39
Xabstercan anyone confirm and/or give a solution?08:39
Xabsteri'm using a fresh install and i've done is updating firefox08:39
jameslordhzvelko tmux a?08:41
Xabster... maybe the 356 updates will solve it =)08:42
jaminkleAnyone know of a good fan speed tool? I have an old hp dv5 and it's overheating08:43
velkojameslordhz, i don't use tmux. but according to the documentation this is the command to attach a session (provided you have only one session running). if you have more than one "tmux a -t sessionname" shall connect to it08:44
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velkojameslordhz, and if you follow Myrtti's advice to use also -d this will detach all previously attached clients to this session08:47
MyrttiXabster: you probably need to try to get the Sun Java installed.08:50
jameslordhzvelko lier:(08:50
syddrafI found a page that describes a way to disable the tap-to-click functionality of my trackpad, but when i run the provided script, I receive this error: http://pastebin.com/yA5015Qz  Which package do I need to install in order to make this work?08:53
Likeif you are under a tty6 and need help tell me08:54
Likeno one .. cya mens08:54
velkojameslordhz, it's good suggestion for a new nick. i'll consider it ;)08:57
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[[thufir]]cdr error:  Session error : SCSI error on write(512,16)     http://pastebin.mozilla.org/1515234     this is probably hardware?  every few discs this happens.  Incidentally, brasero was uninstalled, using gnomewriter.09:00
levuhi, i use mail(1) to send mails from command line, and when i use mail -c '' the mails are delivered to additionally users... is this a mailserver misconfiguration?09:02
encryptmorning, why my compiz configuration does not loud after booting?? using ubuntu-desktop package, scale plugin and show desktop (have them configured to show when pointing to top right and left corners) dont loud even they're on09:06
[[thufir]]more scsi errors.  those are hardware problems?09:06
AdvoWorkhow can I find out if a laptop im considering buying is suitable for use with ubunut?09:08
crizzyAdvoWork: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/09:08
crizzyAdvoWork: i recommend thinkpads (still check the model number from certification list first)09:09
bluefrogjameslordhz, tmux ls  to list your detached session.  tmux a -t session-number   to attach09:11
jameslordhzbluefrog tmux ls09:11
jameslordhzfailed to connect to server: No such file or directory09:11
bluefrogjameslordhz, means there is no tmux session detached or whatever09:12
bluefrogjameslordhz, so you closed it correctly09:12
jameslordhzbluefrog that's not true09:12
F-GThow do you restart x from a terminal with ubuntu 11.1009:13
F-GTor drop back to init 309:13
GordonShamwayhi everybody09:13
jameslordhzbluefrog pgrep tmux -lf09:13
jameslordhz25352 tmux -S irc09:13
jameslordhz26781 tmux -S x09:13
bluefrogjameslordhz, you have a bug/problem then09:13
GordonShamwaycan anybody help me set up proxy server settings in a vm... i tried everything and it didn´t work except in firefox....09:14
jameslordhzwhich version of tmux do you use?09:14
afidegnumhello good morning, I have been using my Dell with ubuntu 11.10 installed, for some time now, my PC kept freezeing after 10 mins, what is happening and what should I do to fix it ?09:14
bluefrogjameslordhz, 1.5-109:15
WejqHi. I have page, that shows me "index of /" when i enter. How to measure that directory files size,09:16
jameslordhzi am using tmux 1.509:17
WejqIts not my page Its somewhere on web09:17
crizzywrite a script to fetch file sizes and calculate them09:18
crizzynow how to do that you might ask? learn to code09:18
WejqI wont ask, i thought that its a smarter and already done solution.09:20
encrypthi i've activated the scale compiz plugin, but only works with the shortcut ctrl+w, not when pointing to the corner i've set. have to configure it manually after every boot09:20
Chaitanyacan any one tell me how to find files more faster from command line09:21
newbchessplayeris it possible to run an asterisk server on ubuntu and still use it as an internet workstation?09:21
llutzChaitanya: more faster than ..?09:22
Chaitanyamore faster than what it does regularly with find command.09:22
ChaitanyaI am using 1 TB hard disk and it takes a very long time to find files by name, size, time, etc.09:23
newbchessplayeris it actually safe to run an asterisk server on an internet workstation box?09:23
Chaitanya@llutz more faster than what it does regularly with find command.09:24
ChaitanyaI am using 1 TB hard disk and it takes a very long time to find files by name, size, time, etc.09:24
theadminChaitanya: "locate" uses an index-based search. You will need to rebuild the index now and then though by running updatedb09:26
ChaitanyaHow to find files more faster than what it does regularly with find command.09:26
ChaitanyaI am using 1 TB hard disk and it takes a very long time to find files by name, size, time, etc.09:26
Chaitanyayes I did that but it doesn't help me find files by size, time, etc.09:26
theadminChaitanya: You also need to stop repeating too often, once per 15 minutes or so is okay, but if nobody knows nobody will answer09:26
Chaitanya@theadmin thanks for the information09:27
GordonShamwayanybody knows how to configure proxysettings in ubuntu????09:29
xroHi, i have a soft that is blocked --> strace says : futex(0x7ff52c014600, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, NULL    is there a way to force continue?09:32
ikoniaa soft that is blocked ?09:32
harsh343I got an error http://pastebin.com/KeLrkmQP When I am trying to install drupal on ubuntu09:33
harsh343what i can do any help09:33
ikoniaharsh343: have you messed with your sudoers directory ?09:33
ikoniaharsh343: or permissions on your machine in general ?09:33
harsh343ikonia, sudoers yes but right now something different also09:34
=== angela-android is now known as nothingspecial
ikoniaharsh343: I know it's something different09:34
harsh343ikonia, ok09:34
ikoniaharsh343: but I'm working through your error and you appear to have messed up the permissions on your sudoers directory09:34
ikoniaharsh343: fix that first, then move forward09:34
harsh343ikonia, so what i can do ?09:34
ikoniaharsh343: well, if you look at the errors, there is some good info in clear english09:35
ikoniaharsh343: 1.) use apt's autoremove function to clean up packages09:35
ikoniaharsh343: 2.) look at the file /var/cache/apt/archives/locks - it is comaplining it can't get a lock on it, so either you have another package manager open and "locking" it, or you need to remove and re-create that file09:36
criragazzi se istallo i plasma su kubuntu dove vanno a finire09:37
OerHeks!it | cri09:38
ubottucri: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:38
harsh343ikonia, locks file is present inside the  /var/cache/apt/archives then ?09:39
ikoniaharsh343: that's what the error says09:39
harsh343 Unable to lock directory09:40
ikoniaharsh343: yes, look at the line above that09:40
harsh343could not get09:40
ikoniaharsh343: "could not get lock!"09:40
ikoniaharsh343: it says it in clear english09:40
harsh343ikonia, yes but what i can do09:40
harsh343to get the lock09:41
ikoniaharsh343: I've told you what to do09:41
ikoniaharsh343: the two reasons it won't be able to get a lock09:41
xroikonia, a python script....09:41
ikoniaxro: what ?09:41
harsh343ok so how to remove them and install again\09:42
ChaitanyaHow to find files more faster than what it does regularly with find command.09:42
ChaitanyaI am using 1 TB hard disk and it takes a very long time to find files by name, size, time, etc.09:42
ChaitanyaI have used locate command but it doesn't provide search option based on size, time, etc.09:42
xroikonia, i have a python script that never ends... with strace a saw --> futex(0x7ff52c014600, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 0, NULL09:42
xroikonia, so, i looking for a way to "force" the FUTEX09:43
ikoniaxro: you'll need to look at fixing the python script09:43
geirhaChaitanya: Limit the directories find searches through09:43
xroikonia, my script was working fine... but this time i get a problem...09:44
ikoniaxro: so what's changed09:44
xroikonia, nothing ;)09:44
ikoniathat sounds unlikley09:44
bluefrogharsh343, identify the program already opened and close it.   sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/status    should tell you what program is in use09:44
xroikonia, it's a cronjob... it worked fine and today not....09:45
xroikonia, and i quite sure that it will wok fine tomorrow....09:45
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
ikoniaso something must have changed09:45
ikoniaxro: so why are you quite sure it will work fine tomorrow ?09:45
geirhaxro: Then add some debugging messages in the python script so you can locate the problem next time it happens.09:46
xroikonia, because i didn't change anything... so, that should be a "bug"09:46
harsh343bluefrog, output http://pastebin.com/r6XXaiHa09:46
ikoniaxro: so, it doens't work for one day, but you are confident it will work tomorrow with no understanding of why it's failing or whats changed09:46
xrogeirha, i have log infos... but there is no errors... just a threads that wait for ???09:46
bluefrogharsh343, apt-get is certainly waiting for a CD to be inserted (but you don't see it) old bug. kill apt-get and then you'll be ok09:47
geirhaSo your script has a race condition probably09:47
xroikonia, this script worked since 2 years without any bug....09:47
ikoniaxro: ok so something much have changed in either the environment or the processing of what it does09:48
xroikonia, so no way to force a FUTEX? i don't really care if there is an error...09:48
harsh343bash: kill: drupal6: arguments must be process or job IDs09:48
ikoniaxro: how do you expect to force an internal process09:48
xroikonia, there are 10 threads that do the "same job"... 1 on them is locked... why i d'ont know09:49
bluefrogharsh343, sudo kill -9 1757009:49
xroikonia, with a SIG09:49
ikoniaxro: but which one ?09:49
xroikonia, that is my question09:49
ikoniaxro: doubtful09:49
harsh343bluefrog, now next error again http://pastebin.com/STkrTSFH09:50
xroikonia, so i have to kill it, remove processed data, start it again and debug it if necessary....09:50
ikoniaxro: seems like a reasonable way forward09:50
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
xroikonia, yes... but boring.... i hoped finding a way to remove the current FUTEX...09:51
bluefrogharsh343, identify what program is locking the file. kill the program. hope that everything goes back to normal without you having to fiddle with soemthing else09:52
harsh343 /var/cache/apt/archives/postfix_2.8.5-2~build1_amd64.deb09:52
ayakawhy does abootimg must have a initrd to create img09:52
harsh343E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:52
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
harsh343bluefrog, now i got this error for updates also09:53
harsh343when i try sudo  apt-get install -f09:53
ikoniaharsh343: I told you to work through the problems09:53
ikoniaharsh343: 1.) fix the permissions problem 2.) use the autoremove to clean up 3.) fix outstanding errors09:54
harsh343ikonia, but i don't no how to do that09:56
ikoniaharsh343: it says in clear english in the logs09:56
ikoniaharsh343: 1.) the permissions are wrong and it says how to fix it 2.) it says the command to do the autoremove and clean up09:56
harsh343ikonia, now i got new error http://pastebin.com/eRCtFnxF09:57
ikoniaharsh343: have you got a PPA or 3rd party repo installed ?09:58
ikoniaharsh343: and you've still not fixed the permissions09:58
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
harsh343ikonia, i don't no the 3rd party but I always update my system09:58
ikoniaharsh343: please pastebint the output of "sudo apt-get update"09:59
MeirDHello. some process is listening on my 25 port. when I use netstat the PID/Program column value is "-".. How can I still know who listens on iy?10:00
kristelqualcuno sa come togliere la pasword di accesso a ubuntu 11.1o10:00
FleckMeirD netstat -l -n -p10:00
harsh343ikonia, this is the output http://pastebin.com/0EeLqKfT10:00
MeirDthat's what I used... the column shows "-"10:00
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Fleckas root10:01
bluefrogMeirD, that's usually an smtp port10:01
Flecksudo netstat10:01
MeirDyup... how can I iknow the process ID to kill it?10:01
ikoniaharsh343: yup, lots of PPA's in there10:01
ikoniaharsh343: what version of ubuntu is this ?10:01
MeirDoooh, sudo10:01
MeirDthanks :)10:01
Fleckps aux | grep name10:01
Fleckalso netstat shows pid i think10:02
Fleckbut app will start next time you boot anyway10:02
Fleckso you shold remove app u dont whant to10:02
Fleckor remove service from starting at boot10:02
ChaitanyaHow to find files more faster than what it does regularly with find command.10:02
ChaitanyaI am using 1 TB hard disk and it takes a very long time to find files by name, size, time, etc.10:02
ChaitanyaI have used locate command but it doesn't provide search option based on size, time, etc.10:02
harsh343ikonia, 11.1010:03
ikoniaharsh343: ok, it looks like you have some package conflicts, without investigation I'd suggest at looking at those creating the dependency conflicts10:03
harsh343ikonia, so what i can do ?10:04
ikoniaharsh343: what I've just suggested10:04
harsh343but how ?10:04
ehsanHi Im installing some programs but its like 7 hours that its stuck on UGet "Applying changes".10:04
ehsanwhat shall I do?10:05
ehsanI can't even cancel it10:05
ikoniaharsh343: I'm not going to start debugging your PPA setup, there is warnings with PPA's that they should be used at your own risk, there are some PPA clean up scripts that may/may not work, you may want to look at them10:05
lawltoadmy compiz randomly seems to freeze up and crash, my solution to this is been to switch to a console with ctrl+alt+F1, $killall -s KILL compiz a few times until it works, run metacity (since compiz segfaults), then switch back to my X with ctrl+alt+f7, and then a $compiz --replace... but lately it seems that my compiz cant read it's settings until I restart X (workspaces and unity settings are all wrong)10:06
harsh343ikonia, i don't now about PPA and also I am newbie in ubuntu so Can you please help me to install drupal 6 and one more help remove this message sudo: /etc/sudoers.d/README is mode 0755, should be 044010:06
bluefrogehsan, time to reboot10:06
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harsh343I am trying chmod 440 but this not works for me10:07
ehsanwill it not corrupt it?10:07
bluefrogehsan, maybe10:07
ehsanok I'll try10:07
bluefrogehsan, you can stay in fornt of your screen a few more days if you prefer10:07
ikoniahateball: sorry, no, I don't think your system is in a good state and you've played with things you shouldn't have used if you are "new" to linux10:08
ikoniahateball: sorry, not you10:08
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hateballikonia: I'll live10:08
ehsanNo I went to university and set it to install alot of software but now that Ive come back home I see that its stuck in installing the first one10:08
ehsanOk I'll restart10:08
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution10:10
harsh343ikonia, yes10:10
AdvoWorkIf i can access my server via sftp or smb, whats the quickest for transfering files from that to another server/10:10
Noxvillehi, i've recently added a second monitor to my desktop (the last one died a week or 2 ago), but when modifying my xorg.conf (through nvidia-settings), X + gdm restart fine, but when I log in, I get a "The system has crashed" kind of error (it loads the background and then this pops up over the primary monitor). /var/log/Xorg.0.log doesn't have any relevant info.10:12
bluefrogAdvoWork, upload 5 meg via sftp then via smb and make a rule of three10:12
Krambiorixhi guys, in the command line i used to be able to paste things after i selected them with just hitting the two mouse buttons... Now that doesn't work anymore... Anyone an idea how to do this?10:13
bluefrogKrambiorix, what does it do if you click on the wheel (if any of course)10:14
bluefrogKrambiorix, (that's 3 fingers on a touchpad)10:15
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jaminklepwmconfig is not picking up my laptop10:16
jaminkleany way around it?10:16
jaminklei need to boost my fan speed10:16
Krambiorixbluefrog, ow that does it!!10:16
harsh343Today i got so many error what i can do http://pastebin.com/gUJSgeQZ10:19
bluefrogharsh343, stop computers and enter reading school10:20
Krambiorixthx bluefrog!u10:20
fr33r1d3harch343: How about sudo apt-get install....10:20
Krambiorixdoes anyone know which file the recipients addresses contain for the Thunderbird recipient suggestion list?10:21
XabsterI want to remote-control my ubuntu 11.10 from my windows 7 pc, and I want to see the desktop - any recommendation?10:21
bluefrogKrambiorix, http://superuser.com/questions/155790/how-to-remove-addresses-from-thunderbirds-autocomplete-drop-down10:22
lawltoadXabster, Xming/putty wos10:23
Xabsterputty? isn't that some remote shell thingy?10:23
lawltoadXabster, yea, but u can open up parts of the gui using Xming thru it...10:24
bluefrogXabster, vnc10:24
Halexander9000Greetings Gentlehumans!10:24
Xabsterlawltoad, parts? is anything essential missing?10:24
Halexander9000Regarding GIMP, does anyone here know how I can automate the overlay of a png image with transparency on top of a large number (say a few thousands) of other png files?10:24
lawltoadwell, actually this will let you use gui componants of the remote computer locally... so not exactly see your running desktop10:24
Xabsterbluefrog: i'll check it out10:25
lawltoadXabster, yea i take it back... vnc10:25
bluefrogHalexander9000, http://www.randomsequence.com/articles/overlaying-images-with-imagemagick/10:26
Halexander9000Thanks bluefrog, I'll give it a try.10:27
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mgskHi, all. I have an Ubuntu server 10.04. I'd like to upgrade it to something newer but my VPS provider doesn't have the tools to do so. How would I go about doing this manually (over ssh)?10:29
jpds!de | bk0810:30
FloodBot1bk08: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:30
ubottubk08: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:30
Xabsterwow that VNC stuff works nice on LAN - I got almost no delay and good quality picture!10:30
Xabsterthanks, beat the shit out of teamviewer 710:30
Krambiorixbluefrog, thx for the link but i still can't find the file10:31
szalXabster: wash your mouth..10:31
bluefrogXabster, not the same product10:31
Xabsterwhat do you mean, bluefrog?10:31
bluefrogKrambiorix, what file?10:32
bluefrogKrambiorix, oh thunderbird10:32
Krambiorixbluefrog, yes10:32
bluefrogKrambiorix, it's not a file from what I understand. equivalent of delete (ctrl k) an address in outlook exchange10:33
Krambiorixbluefrog, nono, i mean what is the file where all used recipients email addresses are stored in?10:33
bluefrogKrambiorix, dunno. isn't thunderbird using sqlite?10:34
bluefrogKrambiorix, will be in a db file10:34
executeHey. My harddisk went to readonly mode while the system was running. After a restart, I started getting "hd0 out of disk" and got thrown into grub-rescue. From there, I was able to access my grub folder (via `ls (hd0,msdos5)/boot/grub`). I looked-up for some solutions, but nothing seems to work. right now I'm on an livecd on that machine, and it manages to mount and read/write to it. Any ideas?10:35
NubletHello, just wondering if someone can give me a hand I have an MSI Wind Box Nettop and I just installed Ubuntu 10.4 and the resolution is stuck at 800 x 600 How can I make it use a higher resolution? :s10:35
NubletSystem > Administration > Hardware Drivers finds nothing :s is there anyway I can get a normal resolution?10:37
Nubletanyone ? :(10:38
irish:0 all10:39
irishis anyone available to help?10:40
irish5:40am been working at this for 8 hours now.10:40
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jpdsirish: You just joined, help on what exactly?10:41
nwoodhi, when using a different screen resolution (1024x768) from the laptop's native (1024x600) the pointer doesnt reach the bottom of the screen, as if only working on the 1024x600 space. is this fixable??10:42
=== captain_ is now known as captainfixerpc14
Nubletis anyone available to help with my graphics problem please? I will be forced to use windows if I cant fix this :(10:42
Nubletstuck at 800 x 600 resolution on a MSI Wind Box dc10010:42
irishI am using ubuntu 10.10 on an old lappy and I'm trying to burn an iso (puppy 528) to dvd. Having issues after downloading iso.10:43
jaminkleanyone know how to change fan speeds if pwmconfig is not detecting anything?10:43
irishjpds:I am using ubuntu 10.10 on an old lappy and I'm trying to burn an iso (puppy 528) to dvd. Having issues after downloading iso. Should be simple...just a newbie.10:44
jpdsirish: Check the MD5 sum of the ISO to see if it was downloaded correctly.10:44
irishwhere? how?10:44
Nubletanybody know how I can add a higher resolution please?10:45
irishjpds: the file automatically mounted and now the dvd drive isn't working.10:45
jpdsirish: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM10:46
shesekHey. My harddisk went to readonly mode while the system was running. After a restart, I started getting "hd0 out of disk" and got thrown into grub-rescue. From there, I was able to access my grub folder (via `ls (hd0,msdos5)/boot/grub`). right now I'm on an livecd on that machine, and it manages to mount and read/write to it. Any ideas?10:47
johnmNublet: I presume it's either using a standard vga driver, or can't detect the supported monitor resolutions. Looks like a radeon HD 6320, so I'd be inclined to look at installing the radeon drivers and go from there. I'd be surprised if there isn't something online to tell you how ;)10:47
johnmshesek: is it out of space? :)10:48
NubletI have been online searching all morning nowhere says anything about linux and this msi wind box dc100 :(10:48
Nublethow do you know its a radeon HD 6320?10:48
Nubletan lspci tells me its "VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 9806"10:49
shesekjohnm, nope. that was my first thought too10:49
shesekaround 9GB of free space10:49
doomgiverwho has a hd 6320?10:49
johnmNublet: I looked at the MSI manufacturers page and the tech specs said it shipped with a 6320.10:50
doomgiveroh, a laptop gpu. well, i have a 8400 gs, if that makes you feel any better10:50
johnmNublet: 9806 is the device ID for a 63xx series card.10:51
doomgiverhey, does anyone know how big an image will be, if i use DDRESCUE, on a 1 TB hard disk?10:52
irishjpds: its puppy not ubuntu10:52
CatKiller1TB or less10:52
jpdsirish: Same principles apply.10:52
Nublethmm so how can I be sure which card i have exactly johnm ? :s10:52
kelvinflyliuchaoi have a 120G hard disk10:52
doomgiverCatKiller: oh my, now i must pay through my nose to buy one :(10:53
irishjpds: so search for puppy hashtags then?10:53
CatKillerdoomgiver: Depending on the state of the drive, you could try partimage10:53
johnmNublet: Well, given that :9806 is the device ID for 63xx cars, and the manufacturer claims its a pre-buiklt unit that ships with a 6320, I'd suggest you're fairly safe to go with Radeon HD 6320.10:53
doomgiverCatKiller: im pretty sure there are some bad sectors on the drive.10:53
CatKillerdoomgiver: But if you are using ddrescue, chances are your drive is dying, you need a new one. Therefore ddrescue from the original to the new one10:54
doomgiverwindows errors10:54
jpdsirish: Yes.10:54
doomgiveractually,  the cabinet toppled over, while running10:54
CatKillerdoomgiver: Bad sectors means that your drive doesn't have much longer left.10:54
CatKillerdoomgiver: Drive is probably scratched, you may lose a lot.10:54
doomgiverCatKiller: i've heard bad sectors can be 'repaired', using low level formats.10:54
CatKillerdoomgiver: I guess you can feel lucky nobody was under when it toppled over.10:55
CatKillerdoomgiver: Not true at all10:55
johnmNublet: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver looks fairly up to date10:55
CatKillerdoomgiver: This "low level format" is a thing of the past afaik.10:55
CatKillerdoomgiver: When  a bad sector is detected, the drive remaps it to a reserved area of the disk (because you are bound to get a few over the years). But when that area is full, that means you're getting more bad sectors than the disk can handle and generally it won't stop.10:56
doomgiverhmm, ok. but the hdd seems fine, it doenst make noises. is there no chance at all of recovery?10:56
CatKillerdoomgiver: Noise is for a different problem. Here it is most likely scratched. A whole pile of data is gone./10:56
doomgiverCatKiller: ok, so ts a cascasde kind of thing10:56
abe_I can not type in terminal ubuntu 11:0410:57
abe_please help me10:57
CatKillerdoomgiver: The shock sent the head crashing onto the surface of a fast spinning disk, causing the magnetic coating to be removed10:57
Nubletok thanks johnm I will try that site10:57
CatKillerdoomgiver: This is a likely explanation. Opening the drive afterwards will tell10:57
doomgiverim not opening it up!!10:57
CatKillerdoomgiver: Once you have the data safe, why not?10:58
CatKillerdoomgiver: That drive will need to be binned anyways.10:58
doomgiveractually, whatever happens, i'll use it as a dump drive or put it in a cage10:58
doomgiverjust to see how long it lasts10:58
CatKillerIt may last a while so long as you don't use the whole pile of sectors that are corrupted10:59
Nubletjohnm, quick question , I run "lspci -nn | grep VGA" and I get "00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Device [1002:9806]" the site you linked me says it should report "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AS [Radeon 9550]"10:59
doomgiveralright, thanks, once again10:59
Nubletbut it didnt... is this guide safe to follow to install the driver? I dont want to install wrong thing and mess it up10:59
CatKillerdoomgiver: No problem./10:59
CatKillerdoomgiver: Good luck :)10:59
doomgiverCatKiller: ty11:00
pea_Hello room11:01
johnmNublet: it'll only say that when it can match a driver with the device ID (9806) which in this case it cannot.11:02
pea_Can anyone help me with an internet sound problem?11:02
Nubletso there is no way to be sure of the exact card in here? if its the one you say, it is not in the list of drivers in the site you linked me11:03
johnmNublet: I've not used a radeon card on linux in a very long time personally, but the proproetary drivers are here: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx and they're based on the open source fglrx drivers.11:03
johnmNublet: I'd imagine at the very least, they;'ll be supported by catalyst.11:03
johnmNublet: No, I'm 99.9% confident that the card is what I said it was. Mainly because thats what the manufacturer says it is, and it's embedded on the motherboard.11:04
NubletI have never had to install propriety drivers before usually the hardware drviers option in ubuntu does it for me...11:04
kameis there a channel for embedded linux?11:04
Nubletis there no command line option to verify the type of card I have in here _11:04
irishjpds: not quite understanding how to type the name  for the file...lupu-528.004.iso Every attempt has been unrecognizable.11:05
johnmNublet: you're very welcome to ignore my suggestion and continue looking. I imagine it's simply that the device database isn't up to date for the newer radeon card.11:05
sacarlsonNublet: sudo lshw; should all the info you need11:05
Nubletim not ignoring your suggestion I just want to be 100% sure I am installing the right driver and following the correct guide11:05
johnmNublet: you've verififed it already. The device ID is resolved by looking up vendor and device id's in the device id database. It isn't in there. It doesn't mean its not what the manufacturer says it is though. And it's already within the same family re: device id's11:06
johnmWell, the catalyst drivers support all modern radeon cards.11:06
johnmI think that includes your modern radeon card too :)11:06
doomgivergpuz and cpuz should be ported to linux :)11:06
johnmNublet: http://pciids.sourceforge.net/11:06
johnmATI  Technologies Inc Device [1002:9806]11:07
johnmName: Wrestler [Radeon HD 6320]11:07
johnmpciid's is presumably older than Nov last year with the version of ubuntu you're installing - or you've not updated it.11:08
irishcan anyone help me type a md5sum command to find out if lupu-528.004.iso is a valid download of linux puppy 528?11:08
Xabsterwhen running GNOME desktop: where do I find Ubuntu One?11:09
Nubletsacarlson lshw only tells me "ATI Technologies Inc"11:09
johnmand by pciid's, I mean the pci id database.11:09
johnmNublet: please look at the last few posts I've made. It tells you a lot more than that.11:09
pfifoirish, `md5sum /path/to/image.iso`11:09
irishclick on username X11:09
johnmNublet: it tells you 1002:980611:09
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johnmthats the vendor id:card id11:09
johnmand I linked to you the pci id database entry for it11:09
doomgiverXabster: logout and see the session/desktops option at the bottom. chenge it there.11:10
johnmwhich also explcitly mentions it as being a Radeon HD 632011:10
Nubletwhich one tells me 1002:980611:10
Nublethttp://pciids.sourceforge.net/ ?11:10
shesekHey. My harddisk went to readonly mode while the system was running. After a restart, I started getting "hd0 out of disk" and got thrown into grub-rescue. From there, I was able to access my grub folder (via `ls (hd0,msdos5)/boot/grub`). right now I'm on an livecd on that machine, and it manages to mount and read/write to it. Any ideas?11:10
johnmNo, your lspci output11:10
ribothey, how do i make my ubuntu server receive emails sent to its domain? now i got an mx record with the data "10 mail", what does it mean?11:10
pfifoshesek, are you out of diskspace?11:11
Nubletbut where do I go to verify its output with the card? where can I view the ID of certain cards online to match them to be sure?11:11
johnm<    Nublet> johnm, quick question... ATI  Technologies Inc Device [1002:9806]"11:11
doomgiverXabster: you wish to have ubuntu one? do you have ubuntu 11.04 or higher?11:11
johnmhttp://pci-ids.ucw.cz/read/PC/1002/9806 <- which is that entry11:11
Xabster11.10, yes11:11
balwhen i try to open a html file in my localhost it is not working . 403 forbidden11:11
shesekpfifo, nope, around 9gb of free space11:11
Xabsterand it's installed, doomgiver, just don't know how to start it11:12
pfifoshesek, are you out of inodes?11:12
Xabsterit's not in the "applications" menu11:12
Nublethmm ok11:12
doomgiverXabster: logout and do this : http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu1104classicgnome-large_002.jpg11:12
NubletI will try find a way to install the proprietry driver for that card then11:12
shesekpfifo, how do I check?11:12
balhow can i access particuler folde by give it permission to browes11:12
Xabsterbut I'm in GNOME desktop, doomgiver11:12
doomgiverXabster: choose the "UBUNTU" option, not the ubuntu classic one11:12
XabsterI don't want Unity11:13
johnmNublet: pretty sure you simply download and run the setup script.11:13
pfifoshesek, `df -i` checks free inodes11:13
Nubletis it that easy ? i just go to ati website and download it and run?11:13
XabsterI installed gnome, doomgiver... I don't want that other desktop... it's too heavy for my laptop11:13
shesekI just restarted to try something; waiting for it to load the livecd and I'll check11:13
irishpfifo: I don't understand "/path/to/image.iso'" so "md5sum irish/Downloads/lupu-528.004.iso"?11:13
cactux_I need to notify my application when a certian device node shows up. i am not sure if is possible to use udev rules to notify my application11:14
balError :- "You don't have permission to access /Devotion/index.html on this server."11:14
pfifoirish, that looks fine if your path is correct11:14
arandirish: likely that path is "~/Downloads/lupu-528.004.iso11:14
Nubletbrb 1 sec, sorry11:15
Nubletthanks for help so far though, sorry for being a bit noobish I am still nw to this11:15
irisharand: so copy and paste what you typed?11:15
doomgiverXabster: try this then11:15
doomgivermy bad, i understood wrong11:15
johnmNublet: no problem. good luck.11:16
leejincould someone help read a lsof?11:16
balhow to solve the perrmission problem?11:16
XabsterI don't have the "envelope" icon, doomgiver11:16
irisharand: permission denied11:17
ubottupedro: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:17
sacarlsonbal: does the file exist at the default apache2 location /var/www/Devotion/index.html ;  is the file owned by www-data  or have read perms to www-data?11:17
balsacarlson: File is there . but i don't to how to give permission for the folder11:19
doomgiverXabster: what version of ubuntu? are you comfortable with running a command on the command line?11:19
Xabsterdoomgiver, 11.10, yes, but i just found ubuntu one in the system settings11:19
Xabsterhold on11:19
doomgiverXabster: you can follow from the "reinstalling" part here https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/how-do-i-completely-remove-and-reinstall-ubuntu-one/11:19
sacarlsonbal:  you should research chmod  and chown  or look at man page  man chmod ; man chown11:19
Xabsteri'm trying to write the letter ø but i got wrong keyboard layout and changing it makes no difference11:20
balsacarlson: i am new to  this . if you help me with steps i may do it11:21
sacarlsonbal: forgot to add  the command ls -l to see perms of file in a directory11:21
balis it using  cmd prompt?11:21
balis any way in gui?11:22
balsacarlson: is there any way in graphical interface?11:22
ribotin /etc/hosts -- does it matter which ip is higher up in the list? should i keep there and also add my domain and ip?11:22
sacarlsonbal: nautilus can change file permisions also but hard to explain over text chat11:22
Noxvillehi, i've recently added a second monitor to my desktop (the last one died a week or 2 ago), but when modifying my xorg.conf (through nvidia-settings), X + gdm restart fine, but when I log in, I get a "The system has crashed" kind of error (it loads the background and then this pops up over the primary monitor). /var/log/Xorg.0.log doesn't have any relevant info.11:23
balsacarlson:  ok, if you give it step by step i may try .11:23
sacarlsonbal: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/filepermissions.html11:23
AdvoWorkhow can i find out from the CLI if my system is 32 or 64 bit?11:23
r0you shoudn't need to use xorg.conf at all....11:23
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doomgiverCatKiller: is it possible to use ddrescue on specific partitions? mind that the disk is partitioned and is in ntfs11:24
balSimooon: alredy done "sudo nautilus"11:24
dydi've connected an ide hd, i can see it from disk utility, it's already mounted on /dev/sda1, but how can i browse it?11:24
balsacarlson: i done  sudo nautilus in terminal and add the folder Devotion11:25
CatKillerdoomgiver: I believe so. it's like dd. you can specify /dev/sdXN11:25
CatKiller(e.g. sda3)11:25
CatKillerso long as you know which partition it is11:25
doomgiverok, that makes my job easier :)11:25
sacarlsonbal: see not that hard11:25
doomgiverCatKiller:  is all this info available in the man page?11:26
CatKillerdoomgiver: No idea :p11:26
balok i am trying11:26
jcgshi :) can anyone tell me what's gone wrong with libasound2? why won't aptitude let me install both 32bit and 64bit versions at the same time?11:26
sacarlsonjcgs: it's been a while since I've ran both 32bit and 64bit libs,  you must be running the 64 bit kernel11:29
Noxviller0: nvidia-settings modifies xorg11:30
Daekdroomjcgs, don't crosspost questions, and don't ask for 12.04 support in here.11:30
jcgsSorry :(11:30
jcgsI forgot I'd update11:31
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howlymowlyhi poeple...  short question: I updated my kubuntu 11.10 to KDE4.8, using backports and now the gtk integration is somehow damaged11:35
howlymowlyany idea?11:35
XabsterIn what folder does Ubuntu 11.10 save the wallpapers that comes with the install? How do I move the close/minimize/maximize buttons to the right side of the windows?11:37
MarKsaitisubuntu server channel?11:39
OerHeksXabster, in /usr/share/backgrounds/11:39
MarKsaitiswhat is the default ubuntu server root password?11:39
MarKsaitisdidnt get a chance to set it up anywhere11:39
gingerlinghi, trying to install celtx, its not in repos, it downloads into my downloads folder11:39
OerHeksMarKsaitis, root account is disabled11:39
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:39
gingerlingbut i don't seem to have any permisons to move it to extract in root or anything11:39
gingerlinganyone spare 5 mins to help?11:39
MarKsaitiswell, what is sudo's password then?11:40
ikoniaMarKsaitis: your user password11:40
OerHeksMarKsaitis, the fist user has got sudo priv, so use your password11:41
MarKsaitisis it only the first user aded to sudoers then?11:41
MarKsaitisoh ok11:41
ikoniaMarKsaitis: it's the user you are using11:41
MarKsaitisthank you11:41
ikoniaMarKsaitis: any user in the "admin" group can use sudo11:41
hoshi411if i need emerald to install compiz themes then why is there a different section for both emerald and compiz themes at compiz-look.org?11:41
MarKsaitisok, thanx for prompt help11:41
OerHeksgingerling, use sudo, to acces any folder outside your /home11:42
gingerlingoerheks: don't know how to use terminal real well11:42
=== saulius is now known as sauliusg
hoshi411is it possible to install a .emerald theme without using emerald?11:43
OerHeksgingerling this howto could help >> http://wiki.celtx.com/index.php?title=Installation#For_Linux11:44
gingerlingOerHeks: could you guide me though it in terminal step by step?11:44
OerHeksgingerling, please look at the wiki, it guides you with all options11:46
gingerlingOerHeks wiki for celtix?11:47
smolkaze proc ?11:47
gingerlingOerHeks: been looking online for over an hour, can't find anything that actually tells me what to do. I mean even the ubuntu docs just say "all you need to do is..." and start halfway through the process assuming i know a ton of stuff allready11:48
woqhi, is there webmail different than roundcube that you can recommand?11:48
gingerlingOerHeks: best i can find is this http://wiki.celtx.com/index.php?title=Installation#For_Linux11:48
freewayzifyhelo pals11:49
freewayzifywhos online11:49
doomgiveri think that at least half of the text here is of ppl leaving and joining11:52
doomgiveri rest my case11:53
rumpe1doomgiver, you can filter that11:53
doomgivernaah, its alright11:53
jaminkleanyone know how to change fan speeds if pwmconfig is not detecting anything?11:53
OerHeksjaminkle, try lmsensors & fancontrol11:54
jaminklelm sensors is installed11:55
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.11:55
jaminkleand configured11:55
jaminklethen sensors0detect is done11:55
jaminklewhen i type sensors i get 2 outputs11:55
mandiraalter table tickets ALTER ticketid varchar(30) NOT NULL;11:56
jaminklelooks like the right temp11:56
jaminklebut there are no fan speeds11:56
jaminklepwnconfig shows /usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed11:57
Nubletback, thanks Johnm :)11:59
OerHeksjaminkle, what machine is it?12:00
jaminklehp pavilion dv512:00
freewayzifyhelp with libre office help fle12:01
jaminklek10temp is one of the sensors12:01
jaminklethe amd chip sensor i assume12:01
johnmNublet: working I presume then? :)12:02
Nubletnot yet I just got back I am looking for the Radeon HD 6320 on the ati website to download and run the script you mentioned12:04
jaminkleideas OerHeks?12:05
NubletIm assuming this should be a desktop ?12:05
Nubletbecause it is a tiny nettop I can not see a normal size desktop graphics card fitting in this thing..its smaller than a laptop :s12:06
OerHeksjaminkle, i am looking for you, did't find any solution yet.12:06
jaminklei have googled around for a few hours ;[12:06
=== sozadmin is now known as maks_
NubletI assume this is the one I need johnm http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx ?12:06
jadoeare there backup tools available that can make a bootable copy of the currently running system? (like e.g. Carbon Copy Cloner for OS X)12:06
OerHeksjaminkle, if K10 is installed correctly, you should be fine.12:06
OerHeksjaminkle, does fancontrol help?12:07
jaminkledosen't work12:09
jaminklesays can't read config file12:09
jaminkleprobably because pwnconfig has not created it12:09
jaminklepwnconfig shows /usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed12:10
johnmNublet: yeah the card you have is technically an embedded card but class it as a laptop if it asks.12:11
johnmNublet: and yes, that one.12:11
Nubletok i chose laptop12:11
Nubletit is downloading a .run file I assume i just double click it when done ? or run it as sudo in terminal ?12:12
Nubletshould i run it in termina ? sudo amd-name-of-file.run ?12:14
hajime-katohello, i have a serious problem12:15
sacarlsonNublet: I prefer terminal you can see the results if any12:15
Nubletsudo sh name-of-file.run ?12:16
jaminklemight have to put windows on it and use a fan control app then run backtrack with vmware :(12:16
DraconicusHiyo. I'm having trouble with Compiz! It runs fine in Unity and GNOME, but I want it in Xfce and "compiz --replace" isn't working! I've been using Xfce+Compiz for a couple years now in Ubuntu. I'd really like to have it back!12:17
hajime-katohello, i can't connect to internet using wvdial. wvdialconf detected my modem, but pppd daemon has died, modem hang up the phone (exit code = 16). how we solve this ?12:17
DraconicusOh hey. Lots of exclamation points. I guess I was a little excited.12:17
Draconicushajime-kato: Are you sure your modem is supported?12:17
hajime-katoDraconicus: i'm sure, it was work before..12:18
Nubletjohnm,  I have a problem... running this command, opens up a gui to install it i choose the options I want... but the gui screen is too big12:18
NubletI can not see the "ok" and "next buttons I assume should be t the bottom12:19
NubletI can not continue with the installatioin :s any ideas ?12:19
DraconicusNublet: Press alt+f7 to move the window without grabbing it12:19
darktemplateHi guys. Could you help me with gnome3 ?12:20
NubletTHANKS :D it worked now to install :)12:20
DraconicusNublet: No problem. Good luck to you!12:20
Nubletthanks :)12:20
Draconicusdarktemplate: I'll need you to be a little more specific12:20
darktemplateDraconicus: for sure ...12:21
hajime-katoDraconicus: my modem works great before12:21
darktemplateI've just installed gnome 3 and every time it works in fallback mode12:21
darktemplateis it something wrong with my graphic configuration ?12:22
doomgiverdarktemplate: iirc, you are supposed to run gnome 3 in fallback mode, infact, the guide i folowed had me force fallback mode12:22
lazikI have a 'special' lan chipset, I installed a new kernel 3.2.0. The kernel driver is in Linux/drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/, how do I load the driver? Do I use modprobe?12:22
Nubletguys it has installed now I need to restart the system to see if it worked :) thanks for your help ill be back to let you know what happens :)12:23
Nubletif i am not back.... you can safely assume i broke the system and reinstalling lol12:23
Nubletbrb :)12:23
darktemplate doomgiver: I installed gnome-shell, not gnome-shell-fallback12:23
darktemplatemaybe i should use gdm ?12:24
Draconicusdarktemplate: I'm not 100% sure, but I think gnome-shell-fallback is a package dependency. All the same, GDM can't hurt. LightDM causes problems sometimes if you want customized sessions.12:24
=== csuhbcsd is now known as energy
darktemplateI will try GDM12:25
Draconicusdarktemplate: This is not surefire advice. I suggset you wait for more info.12:25
DraconicusSo anyway, Compiz works great on Unity and GNOME, but I can't get it working in Xfce. Halp?12:25
ouyeshello, everyone, I get a usb wireless card recently, and follow some tuturiale on the web to install the driver, and I installed it successfully, but the original wireless card on my lap does not work any more and the wireless led light never lights12:26
Nubletguys! it worked! :D I have a high resolution now, THANKS :D12:26
ouyeshow can reinstall a wireless driver?12:26
Nubletjohnm,  thanks for your time :)12:26
sara2010any one help me12:27
sara2010i m using ubuntu12:27
JSBhelp!...QJackctl + Seq24 + SooperLooper12:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:27
DraconicusNublet: Well done. Now go get some goodies for your new system! :D12:28
sara2010and i want install D-link DWA-252 pci wireless    its not workinyg12:28
DraconicusNublet: Or were you just installing a graphics driver on an old system? I missed the beginning.12:28
Nublet:D using the ATI Catalyst Control Centre now to tweak it to what i need :D12:28
NubletI have a new nettop computer here a MSI Wind Box dc10012:28
Nubletcame with no OS so i threw Ubuntu 10.4 on it12:29
Nubletits my first time using it today :)12:29
cancercannot copy file to 'user/src'? any help12:29
DraconicusWhy 10.04? >..>12:29
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
darktemplate Draconicus: you was right ) I should wait for more info12:29
Nubletbecause it is a LTS and still uses gnome 2 10.4 has another 2 years left of security updates12:29
jayarcancer: shouldnt it be /usr/src12:29
Nubletwhen unity or gnome 3 seem to have matured a bit more and I am happy with them I will switch :P12:29
lazikcancer: sudo sh -c "cp ..." ?12:29
crizzyNublet: one year only, actually12:29
crizzyNublet: up to 2013 on desktop, 2015 @servers12:30
Nubleti thought it was until 2014 ?12:30
Nubletahh ok12:30
DraconicusNublet: Heh. Okay, but don't be afraid to upgrade. It's hard to get WINE 1.4 on Ubuntu 10.04, and that provides a lot of new compatibility.12:30
Nubletwell thats good enough it gives unity and gnome 3 a year to mature some more12:30
johnmNublet: no problem, enjoy ;)12:30
Nubletahh i dont need muhc of wine tbh :)12:30
* Draconicus recently got Diablo II working in Wine 1.4 :D12:31
cancerlazik: i know nothing about terminal command12:31
NubletI just need to figure out how to get wireless working on it now haha xD then its 100% complete and all running :)12:31
sara2010and i want install D-link DWA-252 pci wireless    its not working ..  any solution ! ?12:31
Draconicussara2010: You need to approach this differently. First off, you're running what version of Ubuntu?12:32
cancerjayar: it want give any option to paste file in to /usr/src12:32
=== david is now known as Guest94653
bazhangcancer, why would you possibly want to do that12:32
bluefrogcancer, sudo cp file /usr/src12:32
Nubletglxgears seems to run good so i assume 3d acceleration is working on this driver to :D12:32
Draconicusbluefrog: Careful, he's going to break his system that way.12:32
bluefrogDraconicus, and?12:33
Draconicusbazhang: I suspect he found a very old guide after trying to download some old application that has been in the repository for years, because nobody showed him how to use a package manager12:33
Draconicuscancer: What are you actually trying to do?12:33
johnmNublet: imagine so. You can confirm with "glxinfo | grep direct"12:33
sara2010Draconicus ..  ubuntu 11.1012:33
Nubletyeah I just ran that and it says "yes" so its all good driver went on peice of cake!. thanks a lot for your help im sorry if i was a bit annoying being all noobish xD12:34
Draconicussara2010: Look at the top right of your screen. You will see a set of icons to the left of your clock. One of them represents internet connections, including wireless. Since you're talking to me through that machine (I assume), it probably looks like two computers12:34
DraconicusNublet: Now go look into Compiz. :312:34
Nubletlol :P12:34
NubletI would like to :P but this is a works computer :O I was asked to install ubuntu on it to put in the meeting room for the overhead projector for presentations xD12:35
Nubletdont think they have much need or want for compiz xD12:35
DraconicusNublet: Well, at least it can't get those nasty viruses now! :P12:35
bazhangcancer, why would you want to copy something there? please explain12:35
Nubletyeah Draconicus that is one of the main reasons we are usin gubuntu on certain machines here12:36
Draconicusbazhang: I think he took bluefrog's instructions. He's probably blowing up his computer right now.12:36
bazhanghard to say as he refuses to clarify12:36
sara2010Draconicus ... i know these things .. but this pci wireless card is not working ...   !12:36
DraconicusNublet: gubuntu? Oh god, what did I miss now? There's one prepackaged with Gnome because Unity is default now?12:36
Nubletwe have some that either run a slide show on a big screen in our main office 24/7 never gets turned off and some like this used for meetings with presentations etc so ...windows is always slowing down and needing cleaning and defrag etc and viruses..this...we just set up and leave... no need to worry aobut it much less maintenance once its set up :)12:37
Draconicussara2010: Please tell me what it says under that icon for "wireless network"12:37
sara2010Draconicus ..  it was working with old d-link card i buy new one !12:37
Nubletthere is something called Gubuntu? :s12:37
DraconicusNublet: You said it first. I dunno.12:37
sara2010Draconicus .. there is no wireless card only lan is working !12:37
bazhangNublet, you spelled it that way two lines up12:37
Draconicussara2010: Do you know how to open a terminal?12:37
Nubletoh sorry must have been mistyped if i added that12:37
Draconicusbazhang: Hay, do you know why my Compiz won't work in Xfce? :D12:38
bazhangDraconicus, got ccsm installed?12:38
sara2010Draconicus ,, yah i know  how to open terminal12:38
Draconicusbazhang: Of course. Compiz just hangs on its own. It only works in Unity or GNOME3... Unless Unity is pulling Gnome's alternate compositor. I hope not.12:39
Nubletwhat is the best way to start troubleshootng non working wireless with ubuntu say for example, I type ifconfig and it does not show wlan anywhere only eth0 but in the top ubuntu panel/toolbar I click on the wireless icon and it displays NO wireless connections when there are atleast 4 in this area12:40
* vvvvv 12:40
Draconicussara2010: "Type lspci | grep controller" - do not paste the output here, but tell me if you see your wireless card12:40
DraconicusNublet: Do that on yours too. :D12:41
bazhangDraconicus, I'd ask in #compiz in a little bit were I in your situation, sorry I can offer only the most obvious suggestions12:41
Nubletok lol12:41
Draconicusbazhang: Already there. They are perplexed thusfar. Do you know if GNOME3 has its own compositor?12:41
NubletDraconicus, the closest thing I get to wirless from that command line is "03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)" but that is my current wired connection :s12:41
Draconicusbazhang: My benchmark so far has been AWN. If AWN gets all pretty, I know we're compositing and assume Compiz is working. Might not be the best method.12:42
DraconicusNublet: Are you quite sure it's plugged in?12:42
DraconicusNublet: Sometimes they're not called controllers. Try just "lspci"12:42
Nubletyeah wireless is built into this nettop12:42
DraconicusMight be labeled with "adapter" or some junk.12:42
n0t4n3asyn1ckdr_willis: i cannot find fuzzy linux12:43
html_5how do i fix my sound so i can hear it both on my desktop and skype without restarting12:46
haemogoblinAnyone on here, ever run quake 1?12:46
html_5well i wish i could12:46
haemogoblinI'm trying to use Darkplaces to run quake12:46
haemogoblinwith varying degree's of success12:47
html_5whats that?12:47
tattusNeed some help. This morning I start my pc with Ubuntu and then there was no Unity ruinning, and it's like only Nautilus is running... What can I do now?12:47
eradicuswhere did sun-java6-jdk go? is it still in lucid partners?12:47
html_5restart unity12:47
inveratulogood morning folks, how do I override the default behavior of replacing '~' with '/home/<user>' during a tab completion ?12:47
html_5in xchat?12:47
NubletDraconicus, I still dont see anything related to wireless with the lspci command :s12:47
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.12:47
Nubletany ideas?12:47
tattusrigth now I'm on live cd12:48
bluefrognublet what's the model of your netbook?12:48
html_5inveratulo,  in xchat?  settings12:48
VAMPIRвсем здарова12:48
Nubletbluefrog its a nettop MSI Wind Box dc10012:48
bazhang!ru | VAMPIR12:48
ubottuVAMPIR: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:48
inveratulohtml_5: no, in bash12:48
mgskHi, all. I have an ubuntu 10.04 VPS. I'm trying to upgrade it with do-release-upgrade, but it fails with "No new release found."12:48
mgskAny ideas?12:48
alexn6Hi all! Does anybody know about many cron proceses respawning and hanging(up to 100+ cpuusage stat)? 11.04 x64 srv12:49
OerHeksmgsk, do you want to upgrade to 12.04 BETA ?12:49
Nubletany idea where I would go from here if lspci and other things dont see anything related to wireless12:49
bazhangNublet, pastebin out put of lspci and lsusb12:50
tattusNeed some help. This morning I start my pc with Ubuntu and then there was no Unity ruinning, and it's like only Nautilus is running... What can I do now?12:50
Nubletok 1 moment12:50
mgskOerHeks: well, not beta, no, I'd want to upgrade to 11.12:50
mgsk10.04 is olllld.12:50
SunTsuinveratulo: why do you want to override that? And with what?12:50
html_5tattus,  i said restart it12:51
tattushtml_5, how?12:51
inveratuloSunTsu: I do not want to lose my '~' that I typed while doing a tab completion.. mostly for bash history purposes12:51
DraconicusNublet: Can you confirm that the card was present on another system or during the setup?12:51
Nepheriusfrom a terminal12:51
bazhangosee, english please12:51
SeySayuxHey, how does Ubuntu get that purple background color in the alternate installer (debian-installer)? AFAIK it isn't a default terminal color.12:51
tattusyou mean the pc? already did...12:51
Nublethere is the lspci http://pastebin.com/dCisLWAi and here is lsusb http://pastebin.com/RyQg3Wu812:52
Nepheriustattus restart unity/compiz from a terminal12:52
OerHeksmgsk, what is the output of "  cat /etc/lsb-release " ? i guess you are on 10.04.3 now ?12:52
NubletDraconicus, the wireles sis built into this system internal and it is my first time using it so I can not confirm it works at all tbh12:52
oseeno fresh12:52
tattusis there a command for tha?t12:52
Nepheriusor reset setting to default12:52
NubletI just know it has wireless built in and it wont work :(12:52
bazhang!fr | osee12:52
ubottuosee: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:52
tattusI mean, what is command? hehe12:52
mgskOerHeks: 10.0412:53
Nepheriusno idea, I forgot it but it's on google :)12:53
tattusand how can I open the terminal?12:53
=== MartinS is now known as Guest66755
n0t4n3asyn1ckok ok so there cant really be 1587 people named nick in here12:53
OerHeksmgsk, try " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  "12:54
DraconicusNublet: If it doesn't show up in lspci it's usually a physical hardware problem, in my experience.12:54
html_5unity --reset12:54
bazhangn0t4n3asyn1ck, got an actual support question?12:54
tattusI would like to reset setting to defaul... How can I then?12:54
mgskOerHeks: I think the problem was that i had release-upgrades set to "lts"12:54
Nepheriusuhm ctrl+shift+t I think12:54
SunTsuinveratulo: in my experience bash only substitutes the tilde if you tab right at it, not if you do e.g. ~/bin<tab>12:54
=== root is now known as Guest18840
DraconicusAlthough recently I had an Archos tablet whose screen does not show up in the 3.0 kernel... I'm tempted to test with 2.6 to see if it's something there.12:54
html_5tattus, unity --reset12:54
OerHeksmgsk, that could be it, yes.12:54
oseeje parl francai12:54
sara2010Draconicus,  . sorry got dc yes pci wireless card is showing there12:54
bazhangosee, yes. in #ubuntu-fr NOT here12:55
DraconicusNublet: Do you have any idea of the model? I can't think of a series that wouldn't be supported by 10.0412:55
Nublethmm, Draconicus you dont think there should be a keyboard shortcut or something to turn it on or off?12:55
Draconicussara2010: What model is it? Broadcom?12:55
NubletI dunno let me check its specs see what I can find12:55
n0t4n3asyn1cksudo aptitude fix-my-problems always works for me12:55
mgskOerHeks: thanks for your help.12:55
bazhangn0t4n3asyn1ck, stop that12:55
OerHeksmgsk, have fun12:55
DraconicusNublet: It will show even if the hardware switch is off. That only disables the antenna via firmware usually.12:55
bazhang!ot > n0t4n3asyn1ck12:55
ubottun0t4n3asyn1ck, please see my private message12:55
tattusthanks html_512:55
sara2010Draconicus,  nops its Ralink corp. RT3060 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R12:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
slsjoin/ als12:56
html_5tattus,  wellcome, just google it, it was easy,12:56
Draconicussara2010: Ralink cards sometimes need firmware. I'm surprised it didn't just say "firmware missing" on your network status though. Go to dash-home and type "driver", then click "Additional Drivers"12:56
Draconicussara2010: If you're missing your wireless firmware, it'll show up there.12:56
NubletThe only thing the specifications page shows me on their website is "WiFi 802.11 b/g/n12:57
Shinkamu1what script12:57
Nubletso I have no idea :s12:57
tattusone more thing, google says to open the terminal alt + f2, I tried that but nothing happenned...12:57
DraconicusNublet: Vendors aren't terribly helpful. Sorry.12:57
Shinkamu1is there a google command that can be used publicly in the channel12:57
bazhangShinkamu1, to do what12:57
Nubletits ok12:57
Shinkamu1no idea12:57
bazhangShinkamu1, then why ask12:58
Shinkamu1im apparently confusing people with a trigger I don't know I have active12:58
OerHeksShinkamu1, no google-bot-extention here12:58
DraconicusNublet: Crazy idea, but can you try shutting the machine down and physically re-seating the card?12:58
Nubletyou think i dont have much chance to get this working then since we cant find out what the hardware is exactly?12:58
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:58
Nublethmm dunno I would need to open up the nettop12:58
Shinkamu1well, no idea why I got removed then12:58
Nubletit looks pretty sealed12:58
Nubletno screws etc...12:58
DraconicusNublet: Oh god, it's probably buried in that thing. I'm sorry.12:58
Shinkamu1have to wait for elky to come back12:58
PiciShinkamu1: Stop by #ubuntu-ops then12:58
DraconicusI'm afraid I've run out of help, Nublet. I wish you the best of luck. :C12:58
Nubletahh ok12:59
Nubletwell thank you for your time anyway :)12:59
DraconicusNublet: If I were you and needed a quick fix for an office, I'd go buy a $15 USB wireless dongle.12:59
NubletI will have a word with my boss I think we can survive without the wirless on this thing12:59
DraconicusNublet: The cheapo netgear ones work great.12:59
Nubletok, thanks :D thats good to know I am always hesistant of buying wi fi adapters for linux lol12:59
Nubletbut ill look at netgear :)13:00
gvandeweyerhi, I'm having issues with fdisk on ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS. I'm trying to create a partition on a large raid system, but fdisk refuses to create anything larger than 2TB.13:00
dr_willisi need to pick up one of those also.13:00
DraconicusNublet: Well, I can't say much about 10.04, but in 11.10 I haven't yet found a wireless thing that doesn't "just work" to some degree.13:00
gvandeweyerWhat might be the problem here?13:00
Nubletnice :D13:00
NubletUI have had one that would not work properly on 10.4 it was a cheap unbranded one from china lol13:00
Nubletsuppose you get what you pay for lol13:00
DraconicusNublet: After 10.10, firmware has prepackaging in Ubuntu repos. It's pretty sexy actually. Broadcom card? Click here to install fwcutter!13:00
sipiorgvandeweyer: yeah, that is the limit of fdisk, i'm afraid. parted will manage just fine. (also sfdisk, i think)13:00
Nubletlol nice13:01
gvandeweyersipior : thanks, I'll have a look.13:01
DraconicusNublet: That boils down to clicking the wireless icon, seeing "firmware missing", going to "additional drivers" and grabbing the b43 thing13:01
DraconicusNot far from what I told sara2010 to do. Any luck, sara?13:01
sipiorgvandeweyer: actually, i'm probably wrong about sfdisk. no harm giving it a go, of course.13:01
DraconicusI really need to go...13:01
DraconicusAh well, good luck to you all! Thanks for the help... wait, that was #Xubuntu.. :x13:02
DraconicusAh well13:02
gvandeweyersipior : yes, I've looked into the sfdsisk manual, it specifically states 'not for large partitions'13:02
gvandeweyertime to learn to use parted...13:03
sipiorgvandeweyer: indeed :-)13:03
Nubletwell Draconicus  I click the wifi icon and it seems to work as normal apart form it does not show any wireless connection to connect to and I knwof ro a fact there are atleast 4 connections here it just doesnt see them13:03
dr_willisit would be neat if you could somehow autogenerate a repo cd that had all the restricded drivers on it. gor people with wireless only13:03
Nubletbut ok, if you need to go ill cya later :) thank you for your time :)13:03
amr_gaberhi every one13:04
bluefrogNublet, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MsiWind13:05
amr_gaberany body know how to remove protection from ubuntu to install some downloaded programs from internet  on wine13:05
bazhangamr_gaber, from where13:05
edwarentamr_gaber, what you need install?13:07
dr_willisoften you need to make the .exe. executable or use the cli..    wine /path/to/whatever.exe13:07
inzihey everyone13:07
speddiehey all. Fairly long time ubuntu/linux user. first time on this #ubuntu channel13:07
zambamy eth0 card is set up to automatically retrieve network configuration (dhcp).. the same goes with ipv6 addresses.. but i need to add some additional ipv6 addresses.. how can i do this so that it will be permanent?13:07
Nubletthanks bluefrog  Ill take a look now! :)13:07
inzidoes anyone know if skype 5.8 will run well on ubuntu, with windows 7 under virtualbox13:08
queencyhello can you tell me what flash add on should i use in ubuntu ?13:08
speddieinzi, yes13:08
inzii want to switch to ubuntu but i use skype a lot.. and the linux version of skype isnt gud enuf13:08
speddieif your host is up to it13:08
haemogoblinanyone on here used Darkplaces?13:09
inzispeddie will all the functions work? camera etc..13:09
dr_willisamr_gaber:  keep it in the channel. not in pm13:09
speddieyou can do that, if you have issues jsut make the virtualbox task a high priority in windows13:09
speddieyou could even go the other way and virtualize windows in ubunti13:09
Nubletbluefrog, wil that link be safe to follow since it is for Ubuntu 8.10 when I am on Ubuntu 10.413:09
bluefrogNublet, it will need some reading and understanding of what's going on13:09
speddiei havent tried camera, only voice when i was testing other voip stuff13:09
inzispeddie thats the plan, ubuntu is the main OS, while windows is virtualizd13:09
haemogoblinis there an irc for linux gamers? as i need some advice getting quake running13:10
nx7400join #xubuntu+113:10
inzispeddie thanks.. i think i'll hv to give it a try myself13:10
dr_willishaemogoblin:  the original quake 1?13:10
bluefrogNublet, apparently opensuse  is runnning ok on your nettop. so you could grab a suse live version and see what wifi chipset is in there13:10
haemogoblindr_willis, Yes13:10
Nublethmm maybe. I will check this guide qucikly though give it a go if it works I am set13:11
speddieyeh your better off having ubuntu as host and virtualize windows. best thing is because the hard drives are single files, snapshots are just a matter opf copy/paste the file you stuff up windows/get virus whatever, just go back to known working hdd13:11
inzianyone here using 12.04, stable?13:11
Nubletif I change to OpenSuse I may need to sort out my graphics again lol13:11
dr_willishaemogoblin:  use one of the.remakes from the.repos perhaps13:11
inzispeddie r u on ubuntu?13:11
haemogoblindr_willis,  i've been following an online guide from the ubuntu forum13:11
Nubletthe wireless isnt really a priority it would just be nice to have it working lol13:11
wyldeinzi, 12.04 isn't stable yet13:11
haemogoblinand hidding a brick wall.13:11
speddie11.04 latest13:11
speddieand yeh im on 11.04 inzi13:12
dr_willishaemogoblin:  made from the gpled quake source code13:12
Nubletrandom question when I do wget where will it download the file to?13:12
inzispeddie, my skype on 11.10 has dark almost green video, tried all the work arounds on the forum.. hopefully 12.04 fixd the issue13:12
speddieif your CPU has it inzi, make sure vXD is turned on in the bios (or whatever else it may be called)13:12
dr_willis!find quake13:12
ubottuFound: ioquake3, ioquake3-dbg, ioquake3-server, quake3-data13:12
bluefrogNublet, where you launched the commande13:12
shaneohey guys is there anyway to create symlinks on a fat32 extgdd13:13
inzispeddie, im using a laptop13:13
Nubletok thanks lol xD I am noob :P13:13
inzispeddie, wat does vXD do?13:13
hansisolohello. I just took a look into the automtatic reboot mechanism at kernel-updates.  Just to be ensure, the whole directory /var/run is cleared including /var/run/reboot-required is cleared on reboot?13:14
amr_gaberok dr_Willis13:14
dr_willisshaneo:  not that i know of13:14
amr_gaberhow i make .exe executable13:14
speddieim not sure about the greenish video, suspect driver but would need to google. vXD is in the processor that helps virtualisation on a hardware level13:14
gunfire007any idea when ever i type automatically some text get's copied .13:14
ironmHello ubuntu guys. Why do I need an invitation for #ubuntu-live?13:14
inzispeddie, oh ok.. thankx alot.. will give it a try13:14
shaneoamr_gaber, right click select properties go to permissions tab and tick allow executable file13:14
dakabHi everyone.. I've spent some time trying to solve an issue with ubuntu server and authorized_keys. Hope someone here can help.13:14
inzithnx everyone .13:14
dr_willis!permissions | amr_gaber13:15
ubottuamr_gaber: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:15
jvoxselamlar. motu mkII 2408 pci324 için pardus'ta çalışacak driver bulabileceğim bi yer bilen var mı13:15
sw0rdfishis there something that keeps track of who has used remote desktop viewing on my ubuntu? damn it I left it wide open last night I forgot to disable it and let it give anyone access without passwd or anything and now an important text file containing a lot of secret details is empty :O13:15
jvoxselamlar. motu mkII 2408 pci324 için pardus'ta çalışacak driver bulabileceğim bi yer bilen var mı13:15
speddiecrap its not vXD it VT-x13:15
hansisolosw0rdfish, you might have a look on /var/log/auth.log13:15
dakabI've set this up on several other systems and it works. But with ubuntu server i always get an password prompt. However if i login with password and run another terminal to the same server, it logs on with the keys.13:16
hajime-katowvdial can't bring me to connect ? how to solve this problem ?13:16
jvoxdoes anyone knows where i can find a driver for MOTU MK2 2408 PCI324?13:16
hansisolodakab, you you checked your log files?13:16
shaneosw0rdfish, I had that same problem once except i didnt allow all and when i woke up there were multiple attempts at a connection on my pc def check your logs than if you find a ip than you may want to do a whois on that ip13:17
sw0rdfishwhat does this mean in /var/log/auth.log:13:17
sw0rdfishMar 12 14:15:01 sw0rdfish-HP-Compaq CRON[25523]: pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user sw0rdfish13:17
sw0rdfishand there are several lines like that13:17
shaneosw0rdfish, looks like a crontab disconnect13:18
sw0rdfishclosed / opened / closed / opened....etc13:18
shaneosw0rdfish, do you use crontab ?13:18
shaneoif not crontab -e in a terminal and remove any entries that dont look familiar13:18
dakabhansisolo, yes. First time I login it says: Could not open authorized keys.13:19
dakabon second login it suddenly can open the file.13:19
Nubletbluefrog, that web page you linked me did not work I get a lot of warning messasges from ./makedrv and a lot of error messages from sudo ./wlan0up :(13:19
ironmMay I ask one question, please? Why do I need an invitation for the #ubuntu-live channel? I have found some issues with live-builder on ubuntu 11.01 or 12.04 (server) but can't report them anywhere. I am looking for current documentation how to create live images on ubuntu.13:19
hansisolodakab, check your owner, filepermission, and names of your .ssh directory13:19
sw0rdfishwell there was a php project which I had made that uses it... but damn I haven't used that pastebin in a while13:19
ikoniaironm: probably not an active channel13:19
sw0rdfishshaneo, ^^13:19
satyanashMy Gnome login keyring password and login password is the same. Why do I still have to enter it each time after I log in ?13:20
bluefrogNublet, you'd better grab live version and ttry to see if it works with any distro13:20
bluefrogNublet, (including a live version of latest ubuntu13:20
Nubletyeah i will maybe try opensuse like you say13:20
Nubletdo you know if graphics works for opensuse?13:20
bluefrogNublet, same as ubuntu13:20
ironmthank you ikonia  Do you know if such irc channel exists at all? (maybe on another sever)13:20
dr_willissatyanash:  you can set the keyring to not use a password13:20
satyanashdr_willis, aahh.. I would rather not.13:21
Nubletwell thanks for your help :)13:21
shaneosw0rdfish, hmm well remove any unknown crons and look for a connection from an ip that is not on your network in the log13:21
ironmMay I ask one question, please? Why do I need an invitation for the #ubuntu-live channel? I have found some issues with live-builder on ubuntu 11.01 or 12.04 (server) but can't report them anywhere. I am looking for current documentation how to create live images on ubuntu.13:21
satyanashdr_willis, I remember it gettting unlocked automatically when I logged in.13:21
dakabhansisolo, file permissions are ok.. I think: -rw-------  1 username username 1215 2012-03-12 13:58 authorized_keys13:21
dr_willissatyanash: you set a blank password for it and it auto unlocks on login13:22
sw0rdfishoh wait shaneo... I found the text file... but for some reason it has changed names.... like it used to be .hiddentext for example... and now its .hiddentext.save.113:22
sw0rdfishwhata hell13:22
sw0rdfishlol... thank God its still there though I need that file's text/13:22
sipiorsatyanash: might be worth trying to set both passwords to an (identical) new value.13:23
=== ubuntu is now known as orionsonofneptun
satyanashsipior, they are identical.13:23
shaneosw0rdfish, the the directory the file is stored ctrl+h and see if there is a backup file13:23
sipiorsatyanash: that's not my point.13:23
dakabIf permissions are incorrect i would think that the login from the second terminal would fail as well but that one works.13:24
shaneoubuntu usually keeps a ~backup of text files13:24
hansisolodakab so an ssh user@localhost works? Do you use something like nfs homes with  -sec=krb5 ?13:24
satyanashsipior, oh you mean again, to a new value.13:24
sipiorsatyanash: yes.13:24
sw0rdfishlike I told you shaneo ...  ".save.1" was appended to its name13:24
sw0rdfishand I gotta go for like 10 minutes now...13:24
sw0rdfishcya in a bit13:24
shaneosw0rdfish, sorry didnt see it alot of text strolling right now13:26
dakabhansisolo, Aha.. Your on to something there. The /home/bytezero/ is encrypted..13:27
Nubletbrb gonna try a few things13:27
hansisolodakab, so, there you have your problem :-)13:27
dakabhansisolo, yes.. Nice! Thank you so much. It's been bothering me! :-D So first time i login the partition is decrypted and then SSH process can find the ".ssh/authorized_keys" ?!13:28
sw0rdfishshaneo, damn man why do you think that happened13:30
sw0rdfishscared the heck out of me13:30
sw0rdfishI probably should have several copies of that file13:30
sw0rdfishand perhaps learn how to encrypt13:30
sipiordakab: the first entry under "Troubleshooting" may be of use to you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys13:30
shaneosw0rdfish, you could use Ubuntu cloud to store it13:31
dakabsipior, Excellent.. Why didn't i think of that ;) Thanks alot.13:31
sw0rdfishubuntu cloud you say.... I don't like the idea of cloud... you store files in a group of servers belonging to someone else13:32
sw0rdfishand they have access to it...etc13:32
shaneobelonging to Ubuntu13:32
sw0rdfishregardless if its a profit or non-profit organization.13:32
jpdssw0rdfish: Welcome to the 21st Century.13:32
sw0rdfishis it fre?13:32
shaneotrust me Ubuntu Cloud will save your ass13:33
shaneoyes 5GB13:33
sw0rdfishdamn 5GB for millions of ppl... haha they must be rich and cool :D13:33
shaneorich prob not cool very :)13:33
uictamalesw0rdfish: Most people only use a few MBs at most13:33
uictamaleso they overprovision like crazy13:33
sw0rdfishany of the admins can just have a look at files stored by users there though... still sucks...13:33
gvandeweyerwhat would be the recommended file system for a production server under linux on a >20TB raid5 setup?13:34
sw0rdfishin any cloud network I mean.13:34
shaneosw0rdfish, as long as you dont have some sketchy shit on there your good to go13:34
gvandeweyerI'm used to setting up ext4 for daily usage, but it has a limit at 16TB13:34
sipiorgvandeweyer: jfs should be fune.13:34
sipiorgvandeweyer: fine, even.13:34
crizzysw0rdfish: ever heard of encryption? anyway, don't worry, no one will give a crap for your data :P13:34
uictamalegvandeweyer: depends on the average size of files, how much you care about corruption vs performance, what model of read vs. write.. etc13:34
gvandeweyerlarge filesize typical around 20GB per file13:34
shaneosw0rdfish, you could use gpg to sign and encrypt the file13:35
shaneoor asc13:35
gvandeweyerwith corruption is not tolerated :-)13:35
sw0rdfishcrizzy, hehe... yeah thats what I said I'll learn how to encrypt and store the file in several places here on my machines and wALA!13:35
gvandeweyerI read xfs is more mature than jfs, does that still hold?13:35
shaneoyoull have to trust the cloud eventually its going to be everywhere13:35
sipiorgvandeweyer: not especially.13:36
sipiorgvandeweyer: i mean, you were going to put ext4 on it until just a few minutes ago, right? :-)13:36
sw0rdfishthe hell with it shaneo13:36
uictamaleshaneo: I highly doubt that.  Consumer hard drives are still the cheapest datastores by far13:36
gvandeweyersipior: yes13:36
uictamaleshaneo: And they only keep getting cheaper.13:36
sw0rdfish+1 uictamale :D13:37
uictamaleshaneo: Need offsite-backup?  Buy one for your parents :)13:37
shaneolol damn i just got hammered13:38
uictamaleEnh, I see a lot of sentiments like yours lately.. especially when I'm trying to determine what I want to do with my own data13:38
uictamalethe allure is definitely there13:38
uictamalebut if you have 100s of GB of important data (for me it's photos), there really is no comparison to just buying two $50 external hard drivers.13:38
uictamaleerr drives.13:39
dakabsipior: worked like a charm. :)13:39
sipiordakab: good!13:39
StavaI spammed the super key (hide/show unity panel), so unity-2d-launcher gave up and crashed. How do I start it again?13:39
giuseppelamalfaSalve, qualcuno parla italiano?/Hi, does someone speak italian?13:39
uictamalegvandeweyer: Looks like ZFS is your best bet for large files.13:39
shaneoyeah thats true i only use cloud right now for storing stuff for school other than that i have a truecrypt encrypted exthdd that holds all my data my actuall hdd contains nothing but what the system needs13:39
Stavarunning unity-2d-lancher in my terminal will hijack the terminal13:39
bluefrog!it | giuseppelamalfa13:40
ubottugiuseppelamalfa: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:40
giuseppelamalfaOh, thanks13:40
sipiorgvandeweyer: uictamale: zfs is lovely (i'm a big fan), but understand that the linux implementation is not yet necessarily bulletproof.13:40
zul_could anybody help me in a very stupid thing in mysql?13:40
zul_I have this problem:13:40
zul_with root user:13:40
zul_1. create database foo_db;13:40
zul_2. I created the user foo13:40
zul_3. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO  'foo'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY  'passwd';13:40
zul_4. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO  'foo'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY  'passwd'13:40
FloodBot1zul_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:40
uictamalesipior: yeah, I'm just reading that now.. bummer.13:40
sw0rdfishman I'm still on Maverick... and I have to say after trying out gnome3 in the arch I installed on the desktop I have to say I don't like it13:41
sipioruictamale: i've been using it quite happily here, but depending on your requirements, it may still be a bit bleeding edge.13:41
shaneopastebin zul_13:41
uictamalea LOT of people are swearing that EXT4 is still arguably the best, just with some tweaked parameters for large files and your raid setup.13:41
sw0rdfishI'd have to go to the upper left side of the window to switch between windows or do ALT+TAB... weird13:41
lxuer1doese the 32bit apps works slower on 64bit OS?13:41
sipiorlxuer1: no, not really.13:42
johnjacobjingeris there a way to set '/' as a samba share13:42
zul_sorry this is my problem  http://paste.ubuntu.com13:42
johnjacobjingerso i can access / from a PC13:42
zul_emmm sorry again: this is my mysql problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/880347/13:42
zul_could anybody help me?13:43
Nubletback lol13:43
LjLzul_: maybe better chance to get an answer for that in #mysql13:43
C_KodeHi.  I just installed 11.04.  Tried to enable the second monitor and it said I needed to restart.  I did and now it boots to a  black screen never actually getting into X.  How to I reconfigure / reset it?13:43
JMLatvalajohnjacobjinger, did you add a share in your config file? https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileserver.html - change path = to /13:44
adminextremeHi, new at linux, what is the run command in linux?13:44
LjLadminextreme: the "run command"?13:44
C_Kodeadminextreme: run command?13:44
johnjacobjingerrun command?13:44
Picizul_: iirc, you don't put a space between -u and -p and the user and password. i.e.: mysql -ufoo -pyourpass13:44
NubletI was wondering if anyone could take a look at my dmesg results here http://pastebin.com/NFpuA5AJ if you look nearer the bottom you see things like "rtl819xU:Firmware Download Fail!!a" I was wondering if that is anything to do with my wirelessa nd why it does not work I would really appreciate if someone with more knowledge than me could take a look at my dmesg results and let me know if them errors at the bottom are anything to do with my wi13:44
Nubletreless not working13:44
adminextremeif i want to run a *.sh file13:44
LjLadminextreme: go to the file's directory, and then type ./file.sh13:45
LjLadminextreme: also be careful running random .sh files13:45
johnjacobjingerwell usuially it's just ./<somefile>.sh13:45
C_Kodeproviding it's set executable13:45
LjLadminextreme: if you're trying to install software, check the repositories first before doing things like that13:45
uictamalethis looks absolutely bada$$ - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btrfs#In-place_ext3.2F4_conversion13:45
uictamaleDoes anyone here use btrfs ?13:45
adminextremetrying to install a conky script13:45
Nubletanyone any ideas about my dmesg results?13:46
Xabsterhow do i check which driver my wireless card is using?13:48
bluefrogNublet, iwconfig   gives anything?13:48
Nubletbluefrog iwconfig gives this now http://pastebin.com/2U60C1Nd13:49
Nubletit displays wlan0 but it still does not let me connect to any wireless connection i click my wireless icon and it does not detect any wireless connections :s13:49
bluefrognublet ok read this. should solve  your problem  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/59545513:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594248 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #595455 Installed a USB WiFi device dmesg reported: rtl819xU:request firmware fail!" [Low,Triaged]13:49
Nubletthanks ill look now13:50
bluefrogNublet, especially the svn.debian.org part to copy/install the requested file13:50
Nubletok, I am trying it now :) thank you13:51
Kingsyguys, I am getting a 404 not found on this --> Err http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid/main Packages <--13:52
Kingsywhy ?13:52
Xabsterit's not a valid URL13:52
bluefrogNublet, and if it's working, consider doing a bug report against it13:52
Nublethuh ? "sudo mkdir /lib/firmware/RTL8192SU" my dmesg shows RTL819xu ... am i ok to go ahead with them instructions?13:52
Kingsythis is in a ubuntu LTS installation.. why would there be a mirror thats a deadlink ?13:52
=== smile is now known as Guest47679
XabsterKingsy, there's a space in that URL in a place where no spaces can be13:52
KingsyXabster: where do I find that to change it? also what do I change it too ?13:52
Xabsterthat's why13:52
bluefrogNublet, i see SU13:52
Xabsterwhere did you see that URL?13:52
Kingsyoh yeah13:53
Nublethuh ?13:53
KingsyXabster: it just appeared when I tried to run a update13:53
LjLXabster: uh, that's an error from APT, it's not a URL13:53
bluefrogNublet, requesting RTL8192SU/rtl8192sfw.bin13:53
Xabsteroh :/13:53
bluefrogNublet, x is a wild card...13:53
JanithGuys, my 11.04 is very slow in copying files(compaired to windows). Is it normal? Do anyone have the same problem?13:53
XabsterKingsy, ignore me13:53
Nubletwhat do you mean ?13:53
Xabsteri get 404 on that url too and i dont know how to fix it13:54
bluefrogNublet, that's your card13:54
LjLKingsy: i don't believe you can have ppa.launchpad.net enabled generally, you need a specific ppa repository. you can ignore that error, or if you want to make it go away you can remove the relevant entry from /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/13:54
Nubletso I am ok to follow that sudo command ?13:54
Nubletand them instructions ?13:54
KingsyLjL: ok13:54
bluefrogNublet, yes. reboot once everything's done13:54
Sidewinder1Janith, Perhaps the partition to which you are copying is almost full?13:54
Nubletok, thanks a lot for your help ill install it all now :)13:54
adminextremewhen trying to run startup.sh I get invalid configuration file /home/adminextreme/.conky/conjyrc113:55
bluefrogNublet, the worst thing afterwards will be your card is not functionning..13:55
KingsyLjL: I cant find that url in either sources.list or in any of the files in sources.list.d/13:55
bluefrogNublet, which is already the case.13:55
Kingsywhere else could it be?13:55
LjLKingsy: i can't think of any other place13:55
JanithSidewinder1: all are full13:55
Kingsyif I grep for it it only seems to appear in .gpg files13:55
KingsyLjL: :S what would you recommend then?13:56
LjLKingsy: are you grepping for "ppa.launchpad.net"?13:56
Sidewinder1Janith, All of your partitions are full?13:56
Nubletwell I have just finished I am going to restart to see if it will work now13:56
boumawhat is the correct way to change mime associations for magnetlinks13:56
Nubletthanks for your help ill be back in a moment to let you know how it went13:56
Kingsyno 1 sec13:57
carl__Anyone able to assist with an apache question by chance?13:57
JanithSidewinder1: yeah, nearly. Most of them have less than 1GB. Is that the reason?13:57
almoxarifebouma: as in bittorent links/?13:57
adminextremeAnyone know wireshark?13:58
Kingsyturns out the error is coming from http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/php5.3/ubuntu lucid main <-- what shoudl that be?13:58
KingsyI suppose I could just remove that .. I don't even use nginx so I don't know why thats there13:58
LjLKingsy: ah i see, that repository is currently empty.13:58
Picicarl__: Don't ask to ask, just ask.13:58
ikoniaKingsy: did we not talk about this yesterday /13:58
LjLKingsy: no idea, but it can't hurt removing it13:58
ikoniaKingsy: you wanted php-fhd or something13:58
Kingsyikonia: we did? actually I vaguly remember..13:59
KingsyI have php-fpm installed13:59
ikoniaKingsy: that's it, php-fpm13:59
Kingsyman, I totally forget13:59
ikoniahow did you end up doing it ?13:59
ikoniawe looked at the PPA and it wouldn't work as it had too many conflicts14:00
Kingsyikonia: I already have it, installed.. I cant really remember14:00
Kingsybut hey it doesnt matter, I have removed the mirrpr14:00
=== ISOcrates is now known as ISOcrates|away
ikoniaKingsy: you must know how you installed it as you where looking at a PPA/manual compile yesterday14:00
ikoniaKingsy: did you use the php5.3 PPA we found yesterday  ?14:00
Kingsyikonia: I think you are talking about someone else, I did this months ago14:01
Kingsywell at least 1 month14:01
ikoniaKingsy: pretty sure I'm not14:01
Sidewinder1Janith, Yes, that's what I suspect. Personally I don't like to occupy more a than 50%-70% but my machine is an antique; about 10 years old. :-(14:02
almoxarifeKingsy: a ppa is not a mirror, a ppa is some joes idea of a fun add/change/revision to the official package14:02
pythonsnakeWhat's the lighest web browser you can think of?14:02
Kingsyikonia: well it was a while ago so I really cant remeber where I got php-fpm from14:02
Nubletback, bluefrog it didnt work I clcik on my wireless icon and where it should show the wireless connections it says "Device not ready" :( and my dmesg still gives me firmware download fail also it says "rtl819xU:ERR!!! _rtl8192_up(): initialization is failed!"14:02
MonkeyDustpythonsnake  elinks14:02
ikoniaKingsy: fair enough, must not have been you,14:02
Kingsyalmoxarife: yeah, sorry14:02
Nubletany ideas why it didnt work what we tried :(14:02
MonkeyDustpythonsnake  midori14:03
pythonsnakeI'll try it thanks14:03
johnjacobjingerhmm ok i was able to share all of the root of my drive ('/').  However when browsing it from my PC I am able to access everything except /home/username is there a way to allow guest access to all user folders?14:03
Kingsytbh I wish I could go through and setup php-fpm again, I really cant remember how I did it, I just blundered through it.. tbh I don't even know how I did it14:03
ryannathansdoes a MHEA28-XSC PCI-E express Infiniband Host Adapter have native support?14:03
* Kingsy shruggs14:03
almoxarifeNublet: what did you try? see the very last command shown on that longggggggggggggg winded link?14:04
almoxarifeNublet: is that what you tried?14:04
Nubletalmoxarife, you mean the commnad on this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/595455 ?14:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594248 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #595455 Installed a USB WiFi device dmesg reported: rtl819xU:request firmware fail!" [Low,Triaged]14:05
carl-ericWhere do I need to put .desktop files for custom application launches so that unity will find them?14:06
almoxarifeNublet: yes, that's it, is the file there but in the wrong location?14:07
hansisolohello. is /var/run cleared automatically during boot process?14:08
Nubletwell I followed the part below "Instructions for people new to linux to get this to work:" and it didnt work...14:08
Nubletbut I see the comment at the bottom about it being in the wrong location...want me to try them commands and restart see if it works?14:08
almoxarifeNublet: no, I would want to see first if it is indeed in the wrong location first14:09
Nublethow do we see that then?14:09
hansisolocarl-eric, have you tried ~/.local/share/applications ?14:10
carl-erichansisolo, no I haven't. I've been searching the web for information about where to put this but found *nothing*14:10
almoxarifeNublet: use nautilus to locate this '/lib/firmware/RTL8192SE'14:11
carl-erichansisolo, I seriously think that this needs to be documented and preferably a GUI for it ;-)14:11
Nubletfound it almoxarife14:11
dr_williscarl-eric:  the alacarte is a gui for.t14:11
almoxarifeNublet: as shown above?14:11
Nubletwell I went to '/lib/firmware/RTL8192SE14:12
carl-ericdr_willis, I tried alacarte, and I just saw it actually put its desktop files into .local/share/applications - but the Unity dash is not seeing them14:12
Nubletand yeah there is a RTL8192SE folder with 3 .bin files inside14:12
dr_williscarl-eric:  askubuntu.com has some.info.also on launchers and .desktop files14:12
almoxarifeNublet: cool, now open a terminal and copy paste this >              sudo cp -R /lib/firmware/RTL8192SE /lib/firmware/RTL8192SU14:13
dr_willisit may need a logout.14:13
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  alacarte is for gnome2 / fallback-session14:13
Nubletdone, now what almoxarife, restart?14:13
dr_williswine also makes .desktop files somswhere14:13
almoxarifeNublet: sounds good, do it14:13
Nubletok brb whilst I restart14:13
Nubletwont be long14:13
carl-ericMonkeyDust, yes, but I saw it recommended to edit what shows up in unity. If that's not it, then what is?14:14
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  i havent followed, you want to add custum launchers to the unity bar?14:14
dr_willisi tend to use a gnome menu indicator applet. so alacarte works for me there14:14
carl-ericMonkeyDust, yes exactly14:14
carl-ericMonkeyDust, the aim is to have some launchers that start programs with some parameters14:15
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  here's how you do it http://danielj.se/2011/04/28/how-to-add-a-launcher-to-the-unity-launcher-bar/14:15
`Korvinhey my kubuntu partition is failing to load the gui14:15
dr_willisyou can make a .desktop file anywherr i thought. then drag it to tbe launvher14:15
jayarhow do i dl a tar.gz from remote ssh?14:15
ikoniajayar: scp14:15
dr_willisscp is handy14:16
`Korvinit says that kdm is running fine, but I have to switch to ctrl alt f114:16
`Korvinis there any way to kickstart the desktop environment?14:16
dr_willisstartx.  starts x14:16
carl-ericMonkeyDust, my freshly installed 11.10 desktop doesn't have a "create launcher" in the context menu14:16
ikonia`Korvin: sure, kickstart works with desktop pages, the same as server14:17
Nubletalmoxarife, restarted and still no luck my network manager shows wireless as "Device not ready" :(14:17
`Korvinikonia, is that a command?14:17
ikonia`Korvin: what do you mean by "kickstart"14:17
almoxarifeNublet: pastebin dmesg14:18
`Korvinmy boot stalls just before kdm takes over14:18
MonkeyDustcarl-eric steps 3-4-5 in the tutorial14:18
`KorvinI see the init script of ctrl alt f714:18
ikonia`Korvin: what do you mean by stalls14:18
`KorvinI don't ever see a gui14:18
ikonia`Korvin: does the gui ever start ?14:18
`Korvinkdm starts14:18
`Korvinbut I don't ever see the gui14:18
carl-ericMonkeyDust, um, duh. got it, thank you. Now to try it out...14:18
FloodBot1`Korvin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:18
ikonia`Korvin: ok, you need to login to kdm to get a gui up14:18
Nublethere you go almoxarife  http://pastebin.com/kYvjiaFD14:19
`KorvinI can't interact with it ikonia14:19
`Korvinf7 never gives the login14:19
ikonia`Korvin: what do you mean you can't interact with it14:19
`Korvinjust sits on the init script14:19
ikonia`Korvin: f7 ?14:19
`Korvinctrl alt f714:19
ikonia`Korvin: where are you seeing kdm ?14:19
ikoniawhat ?14:19
ikoniatop of what14:19
`Korvinthe process manager -.14:20
EvilResistanceikonia:  the program `top`14:20
ikoniaprocess manager ??14:20
ikoniaEvilResistance: ooooh14:20
=== companion is now known as Companion
`KorvinI tried sudo service kdm restart14:20
`Korvinsaid it restarted14:20
`Korvinnothing on f714:20
ikonia`Korvin: so where / what tty is kdm running on ?14:20
`Korvinyeah EvilResistance14:20
ikoniakdm must be running on something14:21
nujabesdoes anyone have any experience with enlightenment on ubuntu?14:21
`Korvinidk ikonia14:21
EvilResistancemy scrollbacks are a bit crapish today, what version of ubuntu are you running, `Korvin?14:21
`Korvinkubuntu 11.1014:21
Nubletany idea almoxarife14:21
johnjacobjingeri have  a foldre inside a users ~ directory that I'm trying to access via samba share, and I am able to get into the user's home directory but none of the subfolders... any one have any idea how I can grant access to samba users to the subfolder14:21
ikonia`Korvin: kill kdm14:21
`Korvinenv didn't change14:21
`Korvintried stop and start14:21
`Korvinyou want a kill?14:22
ikoniawhy not14:22
`KorvinI'm booted into a windows partition14:22
`Korvinitl take a bit for me to test14:22
`Korvinso give a few more ideas14:22
ikonia`Korvin: sorry, I don't work like that, I work through the problem, rather than firing random things14:23
almoxarifeNublet: nope, you did run the command as shown?14:23
johnjacobjingeralso i've set up FTP and for some odd reason i have a user who tried to upload less than 1GB and it took over 6 hours... any reason anyone can imagine that FTP would take this long?14:23
carl-ericMonkeyDust, followup to that: What if I don't want the application to stay in the launcher and just to be found in the dash?14:23
Nubletyeah I copied and pasted exactly what you said14:23
`Korvinwell ikonia, if stop/start didn't work, why would kill be any different?14:23
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
johnjacobjingeri have a 100mbps download and he has a 25mbps upload14:24
almoxarifeNublet: what type of usb wifi is it?14:24
EvilResistance`Korvin:  start/stop might not actually *kill* the process, if the process is nonresponsive killing the process and starting it manually might work14:24
NubletI dont know14:24
`Korvinderp, I'll try it14:24
johnjacobjingerso i should have been able to download alot faster14:24
Nubletits built in, inside the nettop14:24
Nubletthe actual nettop is a MSI Wind Box dc10014:24
NubletIt seems to be pretty sealed up to, like no screws etc so dont fancy my chances of cracking it open to try find the wifi card to see what model it is lol14:25
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  try just adding it in ~/.local/share/application, without dragging it to the launcher14:25
=== asma is now known as Guest26496
carl-ericMonkeyDust, that's where they already are - alacarte put them there. yet unity dash doesn't see them14:26
almoxarifeNublet: what version of ubuntu?14:27
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  strange, no further advice, maybe someone else knows14:27
Nublet10.4 LTS14:27
AufwindHello dear nice guys, I need some help to set up a ssh-server (default would be sufficient for me) on my ubuntu machine (fresh installed Ubuntu 10.11). I can ssh to a machine let's call it B but I can not connect back per ssh from machine B to my machine. It always tells me: "host blubb port 22: Connection timed out" where blubb is the hostname of my machine.14:27
EvilResistanceAufwind:  apt-get install openssh-server14:28
JaybirdOk I am new. Very confused and not technical. Not even sure if I am in the right place....14:28
AufwindEvilResistance, Already did that. :-)14:28
MonkeyDustAufwind  you need both ssh server and ssh client14:28
EvilResistanceAufwind:  make sure you have the ports open, and make sure you're specifying the right IP14:28
Jaybirdbut am trying to get a new os onto a laptop14:28
Sidewinder1Jaybird, Just ask and we'll see what we can do..14:28
dr_willisdefault works fir me14:28
AufwindEvilResistance, the command (I did some googling before) `sudo service ssh status` yields: ssh start/running, process 966, that means ssh server is ready, right?14:29
dime01Hi all14:29
dr_willisAufwind:  yes14:29
JaybirdOK my acer  aspire 6930 - windows died. Acer want to charge £52 I do not have for their restore disk.14:29
AufwindEvilResistance, I installed Gufw and disabled the firewall. Same results.14:29
EvilResistanceAufwind:  yes, on machine B, how are you trying to connect to machine A?14:29
dr_willisAufwind:  try ssh localhost14:29
EvilResistance(A being the machine you're having issues with()14:30
JaybirdMy friend thinks it is possible to install a free os and then get into the hd ( I know I will have lost anything not backed up and don't care)14:30
Aufwinddr_willis, ssh localhost works fine.14:30
dime01It seems that I have a problem of permission with java plugin for firefox14:30
AufwindEvilResistance, by ssh myloginnamne@myip14:30
dr_willisJaybird:  yes14:30
JaybirdI went to the ubuntu site and downloaded what I thought was the os14:30
EvilResistanceAufwind:  are the two machines on the same network, or separate networks?14:31
pfifoJaybird, you can use a livecd to make a backup of your drive first (if you have a place to back it up)14:31
MonkeyDustJaybird  you need the .iso14:31
Jaybirdbut when I try to open it it says that the  free version is expiered14:31
AufwindEvilResistance, same networks. connection from A to B works but not the reverse.14:31
dime01When I run Firefox under root I have Java plugins enable (seen in about:plugins) whereas I run it under the install user Java is not enabled14:31
AufwindEvilResistance, Sorry for my horrible english, I am no native speaker/writer. :-)14:31
dime01Any idea ?14:31
MonkeyDustJaybird  ubuntu 11.10 ?14:32
EvilResistanceAufwind:  you're speaking quite well :P14:32
dr_willisJaybird:  all ubuntus are free14:32
AufwindEvilResistance, They should be. Since the machine B is sshable from machine A.14:32
Nubletalmoxarife, you think this is something I am going to have too much trouble with? Its something I should just leave and maybe buy a cheap usb wireless adapter that works with ubuntu?14:32
Nubletor do you have anymore ideas?14:32
Jaybirdwell that is odd..I have the whole thing burned to a disk and it tells me it is no longer free14:32
dr_willisJaybird:  what did yiu fownload exactly14:32
AufwindEvilResistance, Thank you [Sir, Madame], for this compliment!  :D14:32
Jaybirdoh dear....what did I get14:32
pfifoJaybird, ubuntu is free and never expires, you need this file http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=latest14:32
Jaybirdhang on14:32
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
Jaybirdsorry it is hard to keep up will be back in a mo with the info14:32
almoxarifeNublet: I think I would get the current ubuntu, at least 11.04/11.10 and try installing it14:33
PessimistWhere can I find info about performance with ATI GPUs in Ubuntu?14:33
AufwindAny ideas, what I can check next?14:33
dr_willisuse the link above if you got a 32 bit mschine Jaybird14:33
carl__Anyone able to assist with an apache question by chance?14:33
NubletHmm ok, I think I will leave the wireless for now I really dont like Unity or Gnome 3 :(14:33
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
Jaybirdok I downloaded ubuntu 11.10 desktop14:33
EvilResistanceAufwind:  on machine A, can you do ssh localhost, and see if it'll work?14:34
AufwindEvilResistance, I did and it works great!14:34
NubletI can use a wired connection, I will maybe try the next LTS of Ubuntu when it is released and see if the live cd of that works with wireless14:34
MonkeyDustJaybird  32 or 64bit? 32bit runs on any hanrdware, 64bit only on 64bit hardware14:34
dr_willisJaybird:  where does it say expired at14:34
Jaybirdhang on and will open it and tell you14:34
Nubletthank you for your time though14:34
AufwindEvilResistance, Isn't it the case, that if machine A can acces machine B by ssh, then it is not a "network/router config problem? And machine B should be able to access machine A by SSH, too?14:35
almoxarifeNublet: live dangerous, install 12.04 plasma-desktop14:35
EvilResistanceAufwind:  not necessarily the case14:35
MonkeyDustlive dangerously: get married14:35
Nubletlol ubuntu with kde?14:35
EvilResistanceAufwind:  random crap happens XD14:35
Jaybirdwierd it says "roxio this version has expired."14:35
EvilResistanceAufwind:  gimme a sec14:35
Jaybirdoh....is that the burner and if so...why did it burn the cd???14:35
Nubletlol MonkeyDust, marry did not work for me xD14:35
pfifoJaybird, your CD authoring software has expired14:35
AufwindEvilResistance, Sure!14:35
Nubletgot hopelessly rejected last year lol >.<14:36
MonkeyDustwhat's roxio?14:36
Nubletthat was too dangerous for my liking :P14:36
=== ISOcrates|away is now known as ISOcrates
Jaybirdok can anyone tell me what to use to author the cd - that would make sense. I assume I can find a new burner then burn the download I have again?14:36
almoxarifeNublet: oh dear, perhaps you need to stick to 10.0414:36
pfifoJaybird, wht not just use what you currently have?14:37
dime01Nobody could help me ?14:37
Jaybirdbecause it has expired14:37
MonkeyDustdime01  start by asking a question14:37
pfifoJaybird, and? give it your credit card number14:37
JaybirdI am sorry I find the fact there are so many conversations going on a bit confusing14:37
Pici!who | Jyothis14:38
ubottuJyothis: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:38
* Pici fails14:38
JaybirdI would not give something I downloaded my credit card unless I had checked it was genuine14:38
Sidewinder1!who | Jaybird can make things a little more readable.14:38
ubottuJaybird can make things a little more readable.: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:38
dime01MonkeyDust Its already done14:38
PiciJaybird: Just prefix your message with the person you are talking to, and the person who is talking to you will do the same.14:38
Jaybird<Pici> ah ic. like this14:39
Sidewinder1Pici, Beat 'ya. ;-)14:39
PiciJaybird: aye14:39
dime01MonkeyDust,  When I run Firefox under root I have Java plugins enable (seen in about:plugins) whereas I run it under the install user Java is not enabled14:39
EvilResistanceAufwind:  can you do sudo iptables -L, and pastebin the output?14:39
MonkeyDustdime01  are you using sun-java or open-java?14:39
Jaybird<Pici> ok14:39
almoxarifedime01: under 'root'? because?14:40
EvilResistanceAufwind:  i want to make sure its actually clearing the firewall14:40
EvilResistanceAufwind:  because i'm getting mixed results on my test machine here14:40
dime01MonkeyDust, Humm I made the install manually14:40
opampHi, using 11,10, I am addin a new monitor to my laptop but unable to set it to highest config. The selected configuration for displays could not be applied. Requested position/size for CRTC 71 is outside the allowed limit: position=(1920, 0), size=(1366, 768), maximum=(1920, 1920).14:40
dime01MonkeyDust, using sudo sometimes14:40
AufwindEvilResistance, Sure, give me a sec.14:40
Sidewinder1dime01, IMHO running FF with root privileges is not the best idea..14:40
`Korvindidn't work EvilResistance / ikonia14:40
dime01amoxrife : yes using sudo to install manually14:41
`KorvinI even installed gdm to see if thatd work14:41
JaybirdSo can anyone tell me what to use to burn the cd to get the ubuntu working..windows vista home14:41
dime01Sidewinder1 : what is IMHO ?14:41
`Korvinin my humble opinion dime0114:41
Jaybird<dime01> I know that! In my humble opinion...14:41
Sidewinder1dime01, In My Humble Opinion.14:41
=== Ph0b0s is now known as Genk1
MonkeyDustJaybird  better ask in ##windows (double #) what windows programs there are14:42
EvilResistancefooey, i have class shortly... Aufwind, i'll still take that pastebin, but i might not get to it immediately, i have to disappear over to class :/14:42
Jaybird<MonkeyDust> is that a chat room or what?14:42
dime01Thks all, but It's why I ask this question14:42
Sidewinder1dime01, But, as my wife says, sometimes my advice is worth exactly what I charge for it. :-)14:42
MonkeyDustJaybird  yes14:42
almoxarifedime01: so it's a test machine and you are using root and a user account to .......... stuff?14:42
dime01How can I do to use Firefox with java without launchiing firefox under root14:43
Jaybird<MonkeyDust> ah do you have a link it is years since I used a chat thingy14:43
AufwindEvilResistance, Still there?14:43
MonkeyDustJaybird  type /join ##windows14:43
JaybirdThank you all14:43
Jaybird<MonkeyDust> Thanks14:43
EvilResistanceAufwind:  for the next 6 minutes, or so, yes, but i'm out the door in 6 minutes, wont be back until I get my wifi back on campus14:43
Sidewinder1Jaybird, FF should run java just fine without running from root.14:43
AufwindEvilResistance, If you want I can login back later on.14:44
MonkeyDustJaybird  don't say it's for ubuntu, just tell them it's for a cd or dvd14:44
dime01almoxarife : Im a web developper, I just install ubuntu (5 days), and I encountered problems using an applet14:44
AufwindEvilResistance, If you could tell me a time.14:44
EvilResistanceAufwind:  no, i'll take the pastebin now14:44
AufwindEvilResistance, http://codepad.org/uslslbDi14:44
EvilResistanceit takes 3 minutes to walk to campus, another minute to turn on the wifi xD14:44
dime01So I try several things install / uninstall java / firefox14:44
Zaitzevapparently Adobe Flash 11 has native 64-bit support, but where do I find and install it?14:44
AufwindEvilResistance, Ah, I undestand. ^^14:44
Zaitzevand I'm using Google Chrome..14:44
dime01and Now I can run this fuc**ng applet14:44
Jaybird<Sidewinder1>  what is FF?14:44
=== beejeebus-afk is now known as beejeebus
Sidewinder1oops, wrong nick; sorry.14:45
dime01But only using firefox under root14:45
EvilResistanceAufwind:  in Gufw, Add > Simple > Allow In Both 2214:45
`KorvinEvilResistance, any idea?14:45
EvilResistanceAufwind:  the firewall is still enabled, so its blocking traffic14:45
Jaybird<MonkeyDust> ok thank you I am off to try that.14:45
user82hope its not to OT: short question about kernel compiling. can i compile a intel atom kernel on a intel core2duo or will gcc automatically optimize it for the cpu its running on currently?14:45
`KorvinI'm guessing its the nvidia driver that isn't letting it boot up14:45
sipiorZaitzev: try "about:plugins" in google chrome. you may already have it.14:45
dime01So at the end, I Installed java using this tuto : http://blog.tersmitten.nl/archives/82914:45
Zaitzevsipior: i don't.14:45
AufwindEvilResistance, Allow in anywhere 22?14:45
EvilResistanceAufwind:  (Gufw is a graphical frontend to ufw, which is an "uncomplicated firewall" that uses iptables as its base, hence why I asked for iptables -L)14:45
PessimistWhere can I find info about performance with ATI GPUs in Ubuntu?14:45
Zaitzevsipior: I have the version 10, and it simply stopped working for me14:46
EvilResistanceAufwind:  yeah that'll work14:46
MonkeyDustdime01  java is in the repos / software center14:46
sipiorZaitzev: and you're running the latest chrome?14:46
pfifouser82, you can compile a kernel for any architecture using any architecture so long as gcc supports both architectures14:46
AufwindEvilResistance, those entry was already there... :-/14:46
Zaitzevsipior: yes I am14:46
EvilResistanceAufwind:  really?14:46
=== esm_ is now known as emorisse_lap
AufwindEvilResistance, Yeah!22 ALLOW IN ANYWHERE and ... ANYWHERE(v6)14:46
user82pfifo, how can i tell gcc to optimize it for intel atom(or will it automatically be done when i choose "intel atom" as cpu type in the kernel config)14:46
dime01and now MonkeyDust : Yes I know but with this version firefox crashes when it try to load the applet of my website14:46
pfifouser82, thats too OT14:46
AufwindEvilResistance, FROM14:47
sipiorZaitzev: ah well, you might try here: http://www.ubunturoot.com/2011/07/how-to-install-flash-player-11-beta-for.html14:47
AufwindTO ACTION FROM would be the legend, I mean. :-)14:47
user82right ok14:47
AufwindEvilResistance, I hope you understand. ^^14:47
MonkeyDustdime01  so you ruined your pc for just one custom applet to work?14:47
EvilResistanceAufwind:  you're using the advanced one to set that *shrugs*  Yeah i do.  Do me a favor and uncheck the "Enabled" tickmark in Gufw14:47
EvilResistancethen try to ssh from box B to box A again14:47
AufwindEvilResistance, You mean switch to off?14:47
Zaitzevsipior: I would assume removing Flash 10 first is good, but how do I do that? (and to answer the obvious question, yes I am a Linux-noob)14:48
EvilResistancemhm, just to test14:48
EvilResistanceto make sure its not Gufw being stupid14:48
dime01MonkeyDust : lol yes you can say thah but this applet is the heart of the web application Im working on14:48
EvilResistance(if turning of Gufw fixes this, then Gufw is being stupid)14:48
sipiorZaitzev: shouldn't be necessary.14:49
AufwindEvilResistance, does not work... :-(14:49
AufwindEvilResistance, ssh: connect to host my_ip port 22: Connection timed out14:49
Zaitzevsipior: not even for the sake of keeping the system somewhat clean?14:49
EvilResistanceAufwind:  pastebin the output of sudo netstat --numeric --programs --listening --verbose | grep ssh14:49
* EvilResistance is temporarily offline while in transit14:50
AufwindEvilResistance, http://codepad.org/RoAve8zb14:50
AufwindEvilResistance, Here you go14:50
AufwindEvilResistance, Seems like weard stuff to me. :-)14:51
PessimistWhere can I find info about performance with ATI GPUs in Ubuntu?14:51
PessimistLast I used Ubuntu with AMD/ATI cards, performance was very bad14:52
Kitty_ppl can someone tell me how to install google  earth on gnome or send me a link14:53
giuseppelamalfa_Hi, i installed a .deb package, but i don't know how to open the  application in it14:53
milliganGot a lucid server that I have set up a static IP on. Yet, the machine still gets a new IP .. presumably from DHCP. What could be doiung that ?14:54
`Korvincan anyone help me? my nvidia driver is preventing my desktop manager from starting14:55
pfifomilligan, most likely you setup your static IP in the wrong place14:56
milliganhmm /etc/network/interfaces has always done the trick before..14:56
Picigiuseppelamalfa_: you can use dpkg -L to show you where the deb put files.  dpkg -L packagename14:56
Frazive just installed ubuntu. its my first time away from windows14:56
pfifomilligan, if your using netwrok manager then thats wrong14:56
Frazhow to i install stuff:o14:57
milliganpfifo, I didn't install network manager.. is that something that's gotten included by default .. ?14:57
giuseppelamalfa_And then what?14:57
faLUCE hi. ubuntu 11.10 is supported until...?14:57
queencytnx all for helping14:57
pfifomilligan, why not just look and see if its running?14:57
PicifaLUCE: April 201314:57
Frazi downloaded xchat and its a .rpm file14:58
Frazwhat is .rpm and what do you do with it14:58
Zaitzevsipior: Even though it says "Browser: Firefox" on the Adobe Flash Player 11 download page, it will work with Google Chrome?14:58
giuseppelamalfa_Pici: Then what should i do?14:58
faLUCEPici: after this date, repositories will not be manteined?14:58
faLUCEwhat happens?14:58
`KorvinFraz, you can install xchat with apt-get14:58
milliganpfifo, no process named anything with network, manag or mgr running14:58
`Korvinsudo apt-get install xchat14:58
=== Comradephate|afk is now known as Comradephate
Frazwhats apt-get14:59
Pici!eol | faLUCE this should explain things.14:59
ubottufaLUCE this should explain things.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:59
Jyothisubottu: I am not sure if I spoke here14:59
ubottuJyothis: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:59
PiciJyothis: My fault, I redirected a factoid to you accidentally.14:59
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=== giuseppelamalfa_ is now known as Peppe01
JyothisNo problem14:59
PiciFraz: If this is your first time using Ubuntu, then the Software Center is probably the best way to install software. Just search for xchat in there.14:59
Frazokay thanks15:00
pfifomilligan, sudo dpkg -l | grep network-manager15:00
AufwindEvilResistance, Back again?15:00
Peppe01How i can create a shortcut to an application installed via .deb package?15:00
faLUCEI don't understand what "End of Life (EOL)" means15:00
milliganpfifo, not installed15:00
jbwivguys, I have an executable I've compiled on ubuntu 11.10 but need to run it on 10.04. I've used ldd to determine necessary shared obj files and copied each of them into its directory, and then I've tested it in chroot to make sure those are all it needs (adjusting LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly). However, when I run it on 10.04 I get a segmentation fault. Is there something I've missed here? Is it because 11.10 uses a later version of gcc? Something else?15:00
PicifaLUCE: Did you read the links there?15:01
JyothisfaLUCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End-of-life_(product)15:01
ikoniajbwiv: run gbd against it to get a better idea15:01
pfifomilligan, paste bin your /etc/network/interfaces15:01
faLUCEPici: sorry, I read only the first one15:01
MonkeyDustfaLUCE  EOL means it is no longer supported, no updates anymore15:01
user1hi,mic not working in ubuntu 11.1015:02
jbwivikonia, you mean gdb?15:02
uictamalehey all.. I have ntp installed and it's running, but my computer keeps drifting pretty far.  I just ran ntpdate and it was off by over a minute.  Any ideas?15:02
faLUCEMonkeyDust: ok, but are the repositories still active?15:02
MonkeyDustfaLUCE  not sure http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/15:03
user1hi, how to fix input volume (MIC) in ubuntu 11.1015:03
Peppe01Pici, after that what i must do?15:03
PiciPeppe01: I don't know, what are you trying to run?15:03
Peppe01i wanted to run bit.trip.runner15:03
Peppe01i know where are the files, but i don't know how to run it15:04
Zaitzevnot that "installing" flash player 11 did anything...15:04
* Zaitzev gives up15:04
=== tazjin|away is now known as tazjin
MonkeyDustZaitzev  what was your initial question?15:05
PiciPeppe01: Can you pastebin the output that you got?15:05
=== esm_ is now known as emorisse
ZaitzevMonkeyDust: Adobe Flash stopped working in my Google Chrome browser recently, and I mentioned Flash 11 which has 64-bit native support. I THINK I have installed it now, but it's still not working..15:06
BrandonBoltonHello guys, I am having trouble connecting to Ubuntu server via ssh or webmin.15:06
jbwivikonia, if I set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH that way, even gdb segfaults15:07
ZaitzevMonkeyDust: In chrome://plugins it says "Flash - Version: 11.1 r102" yet I can't play flash videos on for example metacafe15:07
=== bitmonk_ is now known as bitmonk
MonkeyDustZaitzev  if it's for Youtube, try this http://www.youtube.com/html515:07
pfifo!webmin | BrandonBolton15:07
ubottuBrandonBolton: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.15:07
lost_edenI've just booted the live on an x96 tablet which has an accelerometer/g-meter in it - how might I go about identifying it? I can't seem to see anything that might be it in lsusb/lspci15:08
izinucsAfter coming out of suspend, the top bar (whatever they're calling it these days) is pixelated corrupted.  HOw do I reset it?15:08
ZaitzevMonkeyDust: And to add to my confusion, it looks like flash is "loaded" or whatever. The area where the video is showing doesn't show a "flash is not installed" message.15:08
Peppe01Here: /usr/share/bit.trip.runner/Shaders/skinnedunlit00.aeshader15:09
FloodBot1Peppe01: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:09
BrandonBoltonpfifo, even before I installed webmin? I couldn't even ssh into it.15:09
pfifoBrandonBolton, you should reinstall, leaving webmin out, so that it is a supported configuration15:10
BrandonBoltonpfifo, alright I will try that right now.15:10
Frazthats irc installed....15:10
Fraznow why is my mouse sensetivity so high15:10
Frazits on the lowest in the settings15:11
PiciPeppe01: http://paste.ubuntu.com15:11
MonkeyDustZaitzev  I use Chromium, works fine, maybe this link helps http://www.thewwwblog.com/install-flash-player-google-chrome-browser.html15:11
ZaitzevMonkeyDust, uh, that's for windows15:11
ZaitzevAND it's Flash 1015:12
MonkeyDustZaitzev  correct I was too fast ;)15:12
Zaitzevand I'm not using Chromium15:12
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ZaitzevMonkeyDust: I also have libflashplayer.so in /opt/google/chrome/plugins (the new one from the Flash 11 tarball)15:14
leOni'm not being able to find any bug report that resembles the problem i'm experiencing. In 11.10, sometimes after i minimize and maximize a window i "loose" the title bar and close/max/min buttons. It appears that the whole window is shifted up and the tittle bar is overlaped by the top panel. Any ideas how to correct this?15:14
Frazhow do i open a terminal15:14
EvilResistanceAufwind:  i wanted to make sure SSH was listening for connections :P15:15
izinucsHow do I reset/restart the top bar in Unity? You can see what it looks like here.. http://min.us/mSC4Dk23q15:15
ZaitzevFraz: click on the Dash-button, type in terminal15:15
EvilResistanceAufwind:  given that its listening for connections on port 22, and given that you can SSH in locally on the box itself, i'm thinking its something in your network blocking it, at least locally15:15
MonkeyDustZaitzev I only find help for old flash and ubuntu versions, or for chromium, maybe someone else has better advice or you should use chromium to get things done15:15
EvilResistanceeither that, or your firewall is being stupid15:15
Zaitzevizinucs: Try unity --reset in terminal15:15
JyothisleOn: does menu bar and buttons reappear if you hover at the top end of the screen?15:16
ryannathansis a Mellanox MHEA28-XSC PCI-E express Infiniband Host Adapter natively supported?15:16
Zaitzevit's stupid if I have to change a browser to get something as dumb as flash working.15:16
PessimistSince #flash is unavailable then I'll ask here: Where can I find old Adobe Flash browser plugin versions (for Windows and/or Ubuntu)?15:16
=== gvo is now known as JimXL
ZaitzevPessimist: adobe.com ?15:16
=== JimXL is now known as gvo
pfifoPessimist, actually i think its macromedia.com, look in the developers section15:17
JyothisPessimist: why do you need the old versions again?15:17
izinucsZaitzev: Thanks that worked.. took a while and I thought it was logging me out because of all the screen changes .. but thanks :)15:17
ZaitzevPessimist: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html ..15:17
Zaitzevizinucs: np :)15:17
leOnJyothis: don't think so ... i'm only able to correct it after i double click right under the top panel, since it resizes the window and them i double click it again to maximize.15:17
JyothisO hmm. thats odd.15:18
leOnJyothis: seems as if the title bar is going right under the top panel, when it shouldn't15:18
JyothisOk. does that happen for all windows?15:18
AufwindEvilResistance, welcome back. :-)15:18
AufwindEvilResistance, What would you suggest me doing?15:19
nishttal2hi .. my fresh Ubuntu installation was working great till I rebooted and now I am stuck at the grub> prompt.. why would that happen and how can I fix it15:19
EvilResistanceAufwind:  standby, fixing a lag issue on my end15:19
gvonishttal2: what happens if you press enter?15:20
nishttal2gvo, i get the same grub> prompt back15:20
leOnand i'm not the only one experiencing this .. a colleague of mine says it's happening the same thing with him. As for which windows .. maybe it's beacause it's what i use more .. but i do see it happening more with chromium-browser and the terminal windows. More with chromium, actually.15:20
ryannathansis a Mellanox MHEA28-XSC PCI-E express Infiniband Host Adapter natively supported?15:20
pfifonishttal2, did you installl using a liveUSB ?15:20
nishttal2gvo, when i press TAB.. i get a screenfull of commands i can choose from15:21
nishttal2pfifo, yes15:21
JyothisOk leOn.15:21
nishttal2pfifo, however, i was able to reboot several times without issue..15:21
AufwindEvilResistance, Sure!15:21
pfifonishttal2, you might have put grub's config files on the usb by accident, hell you might of installed the whole thing on the usb. try plugging it back in and see what happens15:21
leOnJyothis: from what i know we're using stock setup, with unity, etc15:22
gvopfifo nishttal2 good point, did you have the usb plugged in when you rebooted?15:22
JyothisOk, all updates applied?15:22
JyothisleOn: ^15:22
nishttal2gvo, pfifo I have 2 disks and setup RAD0 on 2 volumes (grub was installed on this) and RAID 1 on other 2 volumes (no grub on this)15:23
nishttal2gvo, pfifo no everything was installed on md0 (RAID0 drive, with sda1 and sdb1 as underlying disks)15:24
gvotype in boot at the grub prompt15:24
pfifonishttal2, do you have /boot as a seperate partition on a non-raid device?15:25
leOnJyothis: yep, to the day ... i also notice that if i minimize->maximize a chromium window i get the overlaped top panel. If then i change focus to another window with alt+tab and return focus again to the chromium window with alt-tab, the title bar is correct15:25
nishttal2pfifo, no i dont15:25
`KorvinEvilResistance, I was able to get the gui working, heres what I had to do:15:25
gvoWhat distro?15:25
nishttal2pfifo, gvo i dont have any partition that is NOT RAIDED15:25
pfifonishttal2, is thei sofraid, fakeraid or realraid?15:25
`Korvinkill [k|g]dm uninstall nvidia driver, install nvidia driver start kdm15:25
nishttal2pfifo, gvo software raid15:25
EvilResistanceAufwind:  i'm unsure what to do at this point, it could be anything interfering with your SSH connectivity, outbound blocking on machine B, SSH not properly listening on port 22 on Machine A (unlikely per the netstat)15:26
leOnso apparently the "shift up" is only happening on the initial redraw of the maximizing window15:26
pfifonishttal2, for soft raid, a non raid /boot is REQUIRED15:26
nishttal2pfifo, gvo.. i used the alternate ubuntu disk to create/configure raid15:26
uictamalehey all.. I have ntp installed and it's running, but my computer keeps drifting pretty far.  I just ran ntpdate and it was off by over a minute.  Any ideas?15:26
nishttal2pfifo, gvo REALLY?? wow that must be it then.. why would it let me install without complaining???15:26
Jyothisnishttal2 / pfifo - I had a similar issue and had to force installer to create a 100 MB /boot by hand to get things really starting for 11.1015:26
AufwindEvilResistance, I understand, the outbound blocking could be checked id I tryed to log onto my machine(A) from another machine C, right?15:26
pfifonishttal2, grub is not running properly because it doesnt know anything about RAID, and its configs are on the raid15:27
leOnJyothis: didn't put your name on the last message, hope you don't miss it =)15:27
gvonishttal2: what distro?15:27
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis aaah.. man i tried installing 3 times with the same issue.. now I know15:27
nishttal2gvo, 11.1015:27
JyothisleOn: saw that - sounds like a bug :)15:27
gvonishttal2: OK what happens if you type "boot"?15:27
dime01yes I fix it !!!!!15:28
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis, gvo so do i need to reinstall the whole thing OR is there a way i can repartition??15:28
nishttal2gvo, i dont have access to the box at the moment.. will try once i reach home15:28
pfifonishttal2, you could, copy the /boot on the raid to a suitable place. its probably more trouble than its worth if you dont have any daya to preserve yet15:29
JyothisI went with a reinstall as I didnt have patience to try fixing it on the fly and I dont count myself an expert in that15:29
gvoAs pifo says it's not nice to run /boot part on anything other than a normal partitions.15:29
AufwindEvilResistance, sshing my machine from a machine C does not seem to work either15:29
gvonishttal2: I'd start over.15:29
leOnJyothis: just tried on a bunch of windows, it's happening with them all. It's not application specific15:29
AufwindEvilResistance, drives me crazy, I hope I am not bugging you.15:29
nishttal2gvo, pfifo.. OK but is there way to boot up for now.. so i can copy some data back15:30
JyothisOk, I would say if you cant find a bug, file one :)15:30
Jyothisnishttal2: use a live distro15:30
zykotick9uictamale: do you have ntpd setup/running?  "ps aux | grep ntpd"15:30
leOnnishttal2: use sysrescuecd15:30
gvonishttal2: maybe a boot or do what Jyothis  says.15:30
pfifonishttal2, no, but you can use a liveCD and then mount the raid by hand to copy /boot15:30
EvilResistanceAufwind:  then the issue is Machine A.15:30
uictamalezykotick9: yup.15:30
EvilResistanceAufwind:  if you can, can you do me a favor, and (1) disable Gufw, and (2) do sudo iptables -F15:31
EvilResistancethen try15:31
JyothisleOn: Ok, I would say if you cant find a bug, file one :)15:31
_MarcusIs there a changelog for mysql-server anywhere?15:31
nishttal2gvo, pfifo, Jyothis, leOn : ok thanks guys.. btw.. does /boot partition mean i install the OS on there or just boot loader?15:31
AufwindEvilResistance, sure, You are the one who is doing the favors here. ;-)15:31
`KorvinI have an HDD with ubuntu on it, I need to get a file from /home/derp, however, my home dir is encrypted on that hdd, how can I access those files?15:31
pfifonishttal2, I myself use encrypted root, and i have my /boot burned to a CD for security, you could do the same15:31
Jyothisnishttal2: boot only15:32
leOnJyothis: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107787/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-is-there-a-way-to-fix-the-maximize-window-malfunction15:32
pfifonishttal2, /boot is only your kernel/initrd and grub's configs15:32
droid-0854Kor cryptkeeper?15:32
leOnlooks like it's something prior to 11.1015:32
unkrhey i m unable to start vmware workstation 8.0.1  in kernel 3.2.1    any one help me ???15:32
gvonishttal2: when you set up partitions just make a /boot and a / partition, the install will take care of putting the right stuff in the right places15:32
AufwindEvilResistance, disabling Gufw by this Gui-thing? Switch to Off?15:32
JyothisleOn: ok, good to know15:32
nishttal2pfifo, encrypted home is another can of worms... i will often have to remote in to that box.. so then I would have to keep my private key in an unencrypted folder that defeats the purpose and is too much hassle15:32
EvilResistanceAufwind:  yes.15:32
EvilResistancebe right back, got to get some lunch15:33
`Korvindroid-0854, would that decrypt the directory?15:33
pfifonishttal2, right, im just saying you 'could' put /boot on a cd even though your not using encryption, it will work for raid too15:33
lost_edennobody got experience with accelerometers? 'find \sys -name position' returns nothing?15:33
nishttal2pfifo, yeah the only problem is I do not have a CD drive :)15:33
AufwindEvilResistance, I disabled gufw but `sudo service ufw status` still yields `ufw start/running`. Is this ok or shall I disable the whole firewall? (If yes how do I do that?)15:34
nishttal2pfifo, i am doing everything through USB.. i guess i could do a USB /boot15:34
Fyodorovnapfifo, advising to put the boot other than the hd is out of the channels norm.15:34
pfifonishttal2, well a usb key would suffice (although since i do it for security a read only media is required for me)15:34
pfifoFyodorovna, what?15:35
Fyodorovnapfifo, were you asked for this info?15:35
nishttal2gvo.. thats good to know becoz that was my next question .. how do i tell the installer to put OS on / and grub on /boot.. thanks. :)15:35
traumHello, world!15:35
traumdo you see me?)15:35
pfifoFyodorovna, check the channel logs if you are wonder about the conversation15:35
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis, gvo 100MB enough for /boot?.. more or less?15:35
desiph3rdoes anyone know answer to this thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11759311#post1175931115:35
Jyothisnishttal2: I have mine at 10015:36
Fyodorovnapfifo, you were not you are just advising then when not asked.15:36
desiph3rI'm tried everyting to get extended desktop to work15:36
nishttal2Jyothis, 100 seems like a lot for /boot15:36
aezaerthhello here15:36
Jyothisnishttal2: this is alos linked to a bug with certain drive chipset15:36
Jyothisas far as I can remember15:36
pfifonishttal2, 100mb is plenty, the kernel image and initrd are small enough to fit on a floppy in most cases15:36
Fyodorovnapfifo, under a encryption it ios not needed, and under a regular install provides little protection.15:37
nishttal2Jyothis, pfifo, gvo .. i wish the installer was smart enough to warn me when i tried to install the bootloader on RADI15:37
Jyothisnishttal2: I left at 100 on a futuristic perspective15:37
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis ok.. sounds good 100 it is15:38
pfifoFyodorovna, his /boot is on a raid LVM because of setup misconfiguration, he is looking for a way to make his system bootable, there is no non-raid partition available, do you have a suggestion?15:38
AufwindEvilResistance, I deactivated the firewall by `sudo ufw disable`. Now I have to reboot. Back in 2 minutes.15:38
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis, gvo i do have another compiz related issue.. its cosmetic but annoying me a lot15:38
Jyothisnishttal2: you are free to experiment with the size, but 100 was what I settled as a comfortable number - ymmv15:38
Sivikanyone know how to fix the bug with vsftpd not starting right in ubuntu?15:38
Fyodorovnapfifo, raid is not my specialty, a lvm has a separate boot partition already I believe, my concern basically with was putting a boot off the hd is not really a norm, but what very few would do.15:39
Sivikanyone have any luck getting vsftpd to run correctly?15:39
_MarcusSivik: I am running it fine.15:39
Sivik_Marcus, what version?15:39
SivikI am getting an issue with terminating with status 115:40
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis, gvo i enabled desktop cube, it works fine.. but when i rotate to the next desktop.. it shows windows from the last desktop for some milliseconds.. enough to cause a flicker.. does anyone know why that is happening15:40
_MarcusSivik: What do you mean?15:40
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis, gvo.. does not happen on 10.10 that i run at work15:40
Sivikwhat version of vsftpd and ubuntu are you running?15:40
pfifoFyodorovna, we need a temporary work around, so putting /boot on a cd is 1 way, until he said he dosent have a CD drive15:40
AufwindEvilResistance, Back again!15:40
Fyodorovnapfifo, probably a setup that is not really needed overall I suspect, some will jump in without really understanding what thet are doing, oh well. :)15:41
Jyothisnishttal2: may be your graphics driver wants a coffee? :)15:42
_MarcusSivik: Ubuntu 11.10 and vsftpd.. well, I am still checking15:42
pfifoFyodorovna, I use it myself with my encrypted root, as you cant sneak a keylogger into an initrd thats on a readonly medium15:42
nishttal2nishttal2, its Intel's Sandybridge onboard driver15:42
nishttal2Jyothis, ^^^15:43
venik212any ideas?15:43
Jyothisnishttal2: ok, did you check if it is a reported issue?15:43
venik212on how to get WAITING FOR HEADERS to finish?>15:43
nishttal2Jyothis, i dont even know how to articulate this :)15:43
Jyothisnishttal2: happens :)15:44
PraxiIn my ongoing effort to switch my windows workstation over to linux, I need something to manage MS SQL servers.  Mainly just simple queries.  I looked @ razor, its nice, but I don't think I want to buy it yet.15:44
elijahCan someone who is running Ubuntu 11.10 and Server version: Apache/2.2.20 (Ubuntu) pastebin the output of the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf for me? I seem to have deleted the contents of mine and apache is failing to start with the contents of the Ubuntu one https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/apache2/2.2.20-1ubuntu1.215:44
_MarcusSivik: vsftpd 2.3.215:44
Sivik_Marcus, I have 11.10 and whatever version of vsftpd is installed in the repos and here is the error I get when I try and start it: http://pastebin.com/iV3gyQR515:44
AufwindEvilResistance, I deactivated ufw (status is inactive now) and tryed to login from the other machine. Same issue.15:45
elijahIt is just a local development environment for Drupal and other sites15:45
Sivik_Marcus, how did you determine the version and how did you instlal it?15:45
elijahI need to get virtual hosts working and I think I need some data in the httpd.conf file15:45
johnmelijah: you should be able to reinstall the package15:45
_MarcusSivik: I typed "vsftpd -version" to get the version number. I did "sudo apt-get install vsftpd" to install it. It was last year when I installed it though.15:45
elijahjohnm: k, I can try that. is it apt-get reinstall apache215:46
johnmelijah: ie: apt-get install --reinstall apache 3 (iirc)15:46
nishttal2Jyothis, question about the my RAID setup.. so I have 2 disks.. i create 2 volumes on each.. then setup RAID 0 on sda1, sdb1 and RAID 1 on sdb1, sdb2... wondering if I am getting what i hope for.. .. that if one disk fails, I would still be able to recover data from RAID 115:46
_MarcusSivik: Can you paste what you get when you type "ps aux | grep vsftpd" please?15:46
nishttal2Jyothis, sorry RAID1 on sda2, sdb215:47
Sivikroot@NAS:/home/sivik/vsftpd-2.3.5# ps aux | grep vsftpd15:47
Sivikroot     30382  0.0  0.0   9244   872 pts/0    S+   10:42   0:00 grep --color=auto vsftpd15:47
_MarcusNext time, pastebin it please.15:47
Praxielijah, I went and looked at my httpd.conf and its empty15:47
Sivikthats the messages in dmesg15:47
pfifonishttal2, that looks fine, but you dont need 2 raids, you can have singel raid contain 2 or more partitions15:47
mneptokSivik: do you have anonymous users using this FTP service, or is everyone that uses it also an acocunt holder?15:48
elijahPraxi: Very interesting! thanks a bunch for that15:48
_MarcusSivik: Is anything written to "/var/log/vsftpd.log"?15:48
Sivikmneptok, anonymous is disabled but thats not even the issue.15:48
nishttal2pfifo, but i want one to be RAID0 for performance and another for RAID1 for reliability15:48
mneptokSivik: why FTP?15:48
Sivik_Marcus, not, its empty15:48
AcidRainunder ubuntu, i have the issue where i cant access subdirectories on my ftp server under the user ftpuser.  i get 550 directory does not exist. what i dont understand, is why? cant be permissions. the home directory doesnt belong to ftpuser. and the upload folder doesnt either, but ftpuser can do anything to that folder15:48
PraxiI'm running a openerp server through that apache, so I know its doing something, is it possible its getting info from somewhere else?15:48
Sivikmneptok, what do you mean why ftp?15:48
elijahjohnm: Thanks, I ran it and it went great, but the httpd.conf file was not updated so based on what Praxi said I think it ships empty15:48
_Marcusmneptok: The issue he is having is that it wont start up and is terminating with status code 115:48
Antigone3010i'd like to know, is there a way to download ubuntu packages ? i try to install some on a offline machine, i have to use a usb stick15:48
pfifonishttal2, your not going to get any performance from a sotfraid, you need realraid for that15:49
mneptokSivik: i mean "why use FTP when SFTP is far easier and also encrypted?"15:49
elijahI guess I need to figure something else out about why virtual hosts are not working then15:49
AcidRainbtw, im using ftpdpro15:49
AcidRainno wait. im using pureftpd :)15:49
Sivikmneptok, wow, i'm stupid, didn't even think about that.15:49
johnmelijah: it definately ships with content. Does the file exist - but it's empty? if so, remove it. Buit you should now have a httpd.conf.dist which you can copy in its place15:49
nishttal2pfifo, Jyothis so my rationale was to put everything on RAID0 and hourly incremental backups of everything to RAID115:49
mneptokSivik: sudo apt-get install openssh-server. done.15:49
Sivikmneptok, thats way easier and I totally forgot you could do it without needing any additional software15:49
Sivikyea, ssh is already running.15:49
_MarcusSivik: Are you using the newest vsftpd version?15:50
mneptokSivik: then all users need are accounts and FTP clients that do SFTP (e.g. Filezilla)15:50
nishttal2pfifo, yeah nothing beats realraid.. but i read somewhere that software raid0 would give better read/write than no raid at all15:50
elijahjohnm: Yeah, it exists but is empty, i will remove it15:50
Sivikmneptok, I just didn't think about using sftp15:50
Sivikthat makes too much damn sense.15:50
Sivik_Marcus, installing from repos, its 2.3.215:50
Sivikbut it doesn't matter15:50
mneptokSivik: problem solved. go remove vsftpd stuffs.15:50
Sivik_Marcus, I will just use sftp15:50
johnmelijah: check there isn't a .dist version next to it now. If not, delete it and reinstall.15:50
_MarcusSivik: Well if vsftpd wont start up, how will sftp work?15:50
Sivik_Marcus, cause ssh is already running.  I just logged into sftp without any issues.15:51
_MarcusSivik: Oh. Okay15:51
elijahjohnm: There wasn't a dist version, I deleted it, reinstalled and it did not put the file back15:51
Sivikmneptok, too early, just not thinking well.15:51
pfifonishttal2, raid0 isnt going to provide any performance, raid1 will provide a bit better read performance under a few circumstances, neither provide write performance (use raid 5 for that)15:51
elijahjohnm: What does yours say, if you have one?15:52
mneptokSivik: i asked that initial question because i see *tons* of people trying to install FTP without really needing it all.15:52
Sivikmneptok, yea, I always forget about sftp15:52
SivikI should know better15:52
mneptokSivik: IOW, you hardly made an uncommon mistake.15:52
Siviki'm a darn admin for a large company after all15:52
nishttal2pfifo, so why would anyone ever do RAID015:52
SivikRAID0 = bad15:52
johnmelijah: let me see if I have an install - 11.04?15:52
pfifonishttal2, raid0 increases disk space15:52
Sivikpfifo, sorta15:53
elijahjohnm: 11.1015:53
Sivikpfifo, just allows one partition accross multiple drives15:53
mneptokSivik: "remote file access with end-to-end encryption has been anabled." <--- then point it out on the performance review.15:53
nishttal2Sivik, why is RAID0 bad?15:53
liam__ny one know where i can  get the skype 2.1 package15:53
Sivikcause its stripping and its not got any redundancy15:53
Sivikalmost nullifies the point of RAID15:54
nishttal2Sivik, yeah but I am backing up the RAID0 volume to RAID1 for redundancy15:54
SivikThats what RAID10 is for15:54
pfifonishttal2, then you should just make one big raid115:54
SunTsuSivik: no, because it gives you more space and faster access, so RAID0 is good for large filespaces, you don't need redundancy on15:54
nishttal2pfifo, problem is it RAID1 would have slow writes15:54
SivikSunTsu, yea, thats true but I personally thing its dumb to just run RAID015:54
mneptoknishttal2: you can use LVM to do the job of RAID015:54
pfifonishttal2, raid10 is an option, but since you only have 2 disks, your not gaining any performance, you would need 4 disks for that15:55
elijahjohnm: Nevermind, httpd.conf is deprecated, apache2.conf is where it is at now a ways - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5680993#post568099315:55
nishttal2pfifo, Sivik .. another reason i had setup this way is because the 2 disks I have are of different sizes.. 1TB and 1.5 TB15:56
Praxielijah, so I wasn't crazy!15:56
zykotick9mneptok: the one with all the "good" alternatives today ;)15:56
nishttal2so i have 850GB on each allocated to RAID1 and the remaining on each totals to 650GB RAID0 volume15:56
SunTsuSivik: it depends on what you need. As long as you know what you're doing it's OK. I wouldn't count on RAID as "data security measure" anyway, RAID is good for keeping a server running in case of HD failure, but it daoesn't make backup obsolete anyhow15:56
johnmelijah: ah, explains it :)15:56
SivikSunTsu, yea, backups are always needed15:57
SivikWe have customer that are like, We have raid, we don't need backups and then their raid fails multiple drives, full data loss15:57
elijahPraxi: nope, and neither am I (thank goodness), they left it there for historical reasons I suppose.15:57
pfifonishttal2, the slight performance you gain from a softraid isnt worth the effort your putting into this.15:57
venik212any ideas how to get rid of the WAITING FOR HEADERS stuck situation?15:57
elijahjohnm and praxi - thanks for your help15:57
nishttal2pfifo, well i was thinking performance (if at all) was just a side effect.. main goal was backup/redundancy15:58
SunTsuSivik: it's like a friend of mine: "Oh, I have a airbag, I don't need a safety belt"15:58
ryannathansis a Mellanox MHEA28-XSC PCI-E express Infiniband Host Adapter natively supported?15:58
SunTsu"an airbag", of course15:58
SivikI know what you mean SunTsu15:58
sipiorSunTsu: cute :-)15:58
sipiori may steal that.15:58
pfifonishttal2, redundancy is a real benefit of raid1, but the raid0 isnt redundant so theres no need for it15:59
nishttal2pfifo, yeah but RAID0 is helping my combine the disparate disks i have into 1 volume15:59
sipiornishttal2: look into lvm.16:00
pfifonishttal2, no its not, raid 1 can combine all the disks, without raid016:00
Ca11umHow can I remove the Guest access?16:00
Ca11umAnd make it so only users may login16:00
SunTsusipior: steal what exactly?16:00
sipiorSunTsu: "Oh, I have a airbag, I don't need a safety belt"16:01
MonkeyDustCa11um  http://askubuntu.com/questions/28165/how-do-i-remove-the-guest-session-option-from-the-shutdown-menu#2816716:01
diverdudeWhat program can i invoke from shell to view an image?16:01
AcidRainok question about  my ftp server, i think i found the issue.16:01
jpdsdiverdude: eog.16:01
AcidRain<Anonymous /media/Server2/My_Documents>, but i have allow ftpuser, but deny all16:02
jpds!cn | rice_16:02
ubotturice_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:02
AcidRainis ftpuser being treated as anonymous?16:02
sipiordiverdude: "display" is the classic choice.16:02
sipiordiverdude: you'll need imagemagick installed.16:02
SunTsusipior: it's something called "risk compensation", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risk_compensation - acting stupid because you deem to be safe16:02
nishttal2pfifo, raid1 doesnt need both disks to be of the same size?16:02
AufwindIf I may ask, is somone here an expert in setting up an ssh server on an ubuntu machine? I desperately need some help to figure out why I cannot login onto my machine (A) from an other machine (B) although I can login from machine A to machine B succesfully by ssh.16:02
nishttal2sipior, can you point me to a link that i can read up about lvm16:02
sipiorSunTsu: i just found the quotation humorous. sorry i said anything.16:03
pfifonishttal2, you may want to make 5 500gb partitions and merge them all as a single raid5, then you make use of all the disk space, and get redundancy, and youll get more diskspace than a raid 1 would provide16:03
diverdudesipior: thx16:03
sipiornishttal2: for starters: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/40702/how-to-manage-and-use-lvm-logical-volume-management-in-ubuntu/16:03
mneptoknishttal2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_Volume_Manager_(Linux)16:03
SunTsusipior: er, no need to be sorry, that "acting stupid" was coined on that friend of mine. Do what you like with that quote ;)16:04
nishttal2pfifo, sipior mneptok thanks all good ideas.. i have some reading ahead of me :).16:04
MonkeyDustCa11um  this is less drastic http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/11/remove-the-guest-session-from-the-logon-screen-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/16:04
pfifonishttal2, actually dis regard that, if your 1.5 tb drive failed, it would ruin the raid16:04
Ca11umThanks MonkeyDust.16:04
AcidRaincan anyone help me with this issue?16:04
nishttal2pfifo, yeah i was thinking that.. ok thanks16:05
mneptoknishttal2: negates having to buy RAID hardware or hope that the Linux drivers for said hardware are functional16:05
Ca11umDoes Catalyst Control Center come by default with Ubuntu, if you're using an ATI card?16:05
mneptokCa11um: no16:05
Ca11umMy friend can't seem to find it, he has a problem with screen scaling16:05
Ca11umoverscan or somin16:05
Ca11umI don't recall installing it myself, but I have it16:05
nishttal2mneptok, pfifo sipior actually my motherboard supports raid.. but i am told thats fake raid and worse than what Ubuntu will do16:06
mneptokCa11um: is that person using the proprietary ATI drivers, or the FLOSS "radeon" driver.16:06
Ca11umThe former16:06
pfifonishttal2, fakeraid support in linux is not very good16:06
=== fiz0 is now known as fiz-
mneptokCa11um: dunno if CCC comes with the proprietary drivers. i use "radeon:16:06
sipiornishttal2: my general feeling is: if you really want hardware raid, buy a decent high-end card. the crap on most motherboards does not really qualify. you'll likely have better performance, and fewer bytes will come up missing with software raid.16:07
nishttal2pfifo, if i setup a LVM.. can i have the /boot partition on there16:07
applesouceHey I need help, my Ubuntu doesn't show my USB Drive16:08
pfifonishttal2, no, /boot needs to be on a non LVM volume16:08
nishttal2sipior, no budget :-)16:08
mgskHi, all. How do I make sure a service is going to start up when the server is restarted, sshd for example?16:08
sipiornishttal2: well, that makes your decision very simple :-)16:08
pfifonishttal2, softraid that your already using IS lvm16:08
mneptoknishttal2: yes, you can. but it's a really bad idea as then you get into chicken/egg problems.16:08
mgskLast time I restarted my server, I couldn't ssh back in xD16:08
nishttal2pfifo, ok.. the wikipedia article is misleading then... The installers for the Arch Linux, CrunchBang, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandriva, MontaVista Linux, openSUSE, Pardus, Slackware, SLED, SLES, and Ubuntu distributions are LVM-aware and can install a bootable system with a root filesystem on a logical volume16:08
elijahjohnm and praxi - It appears httpd.conf isn't actually deprecated but just for user configurations - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2567432/ubuntu-apache-httpd-conf-or-apache2-conf16:09
mneptoknishttal2: it's not misleading. because you can in theory, but never should in practice.16:09
pfifonishttal2, afaik grub does not support lvm, but I could be wrong16:09
nishttal2ok :)16:09
AufwindEvilResistance, Dude, you deserve a cake or something. It works now. I don't now why, but something you told me must have delivered the solution. Thanks a loooot!16:10
mneptoknishttal2: the booting kernel lives in /boot. that kernel knows how to deal with LVM. if it's on an LVM volume itself .... chicken/egg.16:10
rzx237mgsk: run nmap against your server can show if it running the sshd16:10
sipiormneptok: the default ubuntu installer puts /boot on lvm. that's what initrd is for.16:11
EvilResistancei betcha it was the iptables -F :p16:11
mgskrzx237: I want to be sure it's set up to automatically start.16:11
sipiormneptok: in fact, i just did it ten minutes ago :-)16:11
applesouceCan somebody help me with my Problem? Ubuntu isn't showing my USB-Drive16:11
mneptoksipior: and it's a bad idea.16:11
pfifosipior, but if the initrd is on an lvm, chicken/egg16:11
nishttal2mneptok, i see.. i burnt my hands with this problem over the last 2 weeks.. ubuntu would boot up fine 2-3 times and then i would get a grub> prompt... now i know why16:11
sipiormneptok: you're mistaken.16:11
[[thufir]]anyone get phishing attempts from #ubuntu users?  very odd.16:11
mneptoksipior: i assure you, i am not. :)16:11
pfifo[[thufir]], report them in #freenode please16:12
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
sipiormneptok: well, at least you're confident in your ignorance. of course, that's the problem.16:12
Ca11um[[thufir]], for your free trial just enter your credit card details below16:12
rzx237mgsk: I'm sure openssh-server put upstart info in /etc/init/ssh.conf16:13
carl-ericIs it possible to make Unity's urgent notifications (the wiggling icons in the launcher) stay urgent until I actually change to that window? Right now they wiggle for a second and a half, and if I don't look during that time I miss it. The faint glow that remains around the icon is almost unnoticeable to me.16:13
sipiormneptok: perhaps you would care to explain why the ubuntu installer selects that as a default? what do you know that they do not?16:13
CharminTheMooseHow do I switch off rsyslog during the boot process and just let the contents of dmesg be saved? Am trying to boot ubuntu 11.04 in 44MB RAM VM. Tryiing to hit 32MB of RAM..16:13
sipiormneptok: perhaps you should tell them.16:13
[[thufir]]lol.  no, it was odd. he was only logged onto #ubuntu, but really wanted my fb/gmail info.    seems like #ubuntu wouldn't be the place to look for that stuff.16:13
mneptoksipior: i have. when i worked there. but it's a d-i inheritance no one wants to dance with.16:14
Ca11umWill it be possible for me to get my Microsoft headset to work on Ubuntu?16:14
Ca11umCurrently I cannot hear any sound whatsoever, as my monitor has no inbuilt sound16:14
op1um56cant seem to join freenode?16:14
mneptoksipior: hence, myself and other Senior Ubuntu Support Analysts for Canonical always recommended against it, with the full blessing of the dev team.16:14
op1um56set +i mode16:15
pfifoop1um56, /join #freenode16:15
AcidRainmy ftp server WILL work if i add each individual directory to conf to allow listing and downloading. how can i stop from adding 3000 directories to config?16:15
MonkeyDustCa11um  in a Terminal, type alsamixer, if you see MM, go there and press M16:15
sipiormneptok: and yet you made the installer...16:15
op1um56your the best16:15
carl-ericMonkeyDust, I solved my earlier problem - create a launcher with alacarte, then navigate to the launcher and run it. after that unity's dash will find it16:15
mneptoksipior: no, Debian did. as i said.16:15
zlynxhi guys, need some help on citrix client ..anybody has ideas on the error like network dial=up is not connecting..16:15
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  i'm glad alacarte did the trick => <3 alacarte16:16
sipiormneptok: ah, well they know what they're doing, at least. anyway, this isn't going anywhere.16:16
rzx237I can't find package prism/xulrunner in oneiric, where is it going to?16:17
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  OT: about the only thing that keeps me from using Unity, is the absence of a notification area, where I can see radiotray and liferea16:18
pfifo!citrix | zlynx16:18
ubottuzlynx: For help configuring the Citrix ICA Client, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CitrixICAClientHowTo16:18
=== zomGreg_ is now known as zomGreg
SachTrying to open Facebook in Ubuntu 11.04.  Page loads for half a second then just stops, and the screen remains blank.  Any solution please?16:19
UrBSach: MTU settings16:20
zlynxubottu: i believe i've already installed the client successfuly.. my problem is connecting to it's ica files ..16:20
ubottuzlynx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:20
SachUrB, what is that please?16:20
pfifo!details | zlynx16:21
ubottuzlynx: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:21
UrBadjust that from router -> should work16:21
hydesteris there any robust file copy/queuing program that will do things like retry attempts to connect to remote server via cifs?  just looking around before rolling my own features to my current copy script16:21
SachUrB: Thanks.  Is there a way to test my current MTU settings?16:21
UrB1492 worked for me16:22
MonkeyDusthydester  rsync has plenty options16:22
q0si am running a harddrive check atm and during this my system is / partition gets full because /var/www/messages|kern.log|syslog is about 30gb. is there a way to disable logging?16:22
UrBit should be automatic, but sometimes the network devices just don't work together16:22
Ca11umThanks for the help guys, got sound sorted16:22
carl-ericMonkeyDust, I'm just about to the point where I consider Unity usable. Took me some days of configuring and tinkering to get to the level of features (not just usability) I had previously on gnome216:22
Ca11umUbuntu had the wrong hardware set by default16:22
carl-ericMonkeyDust, any idea about the "urgent" icons? :-)16:23
MonkeyDustcarl-eric  nah, i use gnome-classic ;)16:24
pfifoq0s, delete the logfile, most programs that create logs, only append to existing files, and if the file doesnt exist, then logging = disabled. Im 90% sure klog operates like this16:24
q0spfifo, i did via console and "rm". but i recreated them and set the proper permissions. the wired thing is that "df" shows that there is still no free space. and i am sure i delete the right files ;) "baobab" clearly showed it16:27
zykotick9Sach UrB do either of you know a method of "test my current MTU settings"?  I found where you can set it if ifconfig, but can't find and perference in ifconfig's output.  couldn't find a proc for specifically mtu either :(16:27
applesoucePlease help my USB-Drive isn't shown by Ubuntu16:27
pfifoq0s, are you out of inodes? `df -i`16:27
q0spfifo, /dev/sda6            3276800  433327 2843473   14% /16:28
Sachzykotick9:  I dont know, but i think this will help me too!16:28
zykotick9Sach: UrB then man page just references the setting of mtu16:29
pfifoq0s, then something is using your diskspace, du program can be used to find out what is taking up so much space16:29
q0spfifo, yeah. but i am using the gui application "baobob". its default in ubuntu and it showed me the huge 3 log files before. the wired thing is that baobob shows that there should be plenty of space but df shows its full. and the system feels as it is full. firefox is a pain currently. all at slowmotion. but the cpu is only at 20%16:32
syddrafI found a page that describes a way to disable the tap-to-click functionality of my trackpad, but when i run the provided script, I receive this error: http://pastebin.com/yA5015Qz  Which package do I need to install in order to make this work?16:32
philipballewIf I want to test the upstream kernel for a bug on my 64 bit system. What deb would I download http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3-rc7-precise/16:32
pfifoq0s, I dont trus baobob, use du please16:33
MrSassyPantsHey, what's the least problematic way to install a newer version of something on 10.04lts ?16:33
friktionAs a programmer and an computer nerd, please help a bro get into space :) http://metroinspace.com/se/view/cpys/Space_bat_fick_sin_chans_Far_jag go in there and vote, sorry for spamming but i need every vote i can collect :) thanks allot16:33
q0spfifo, ok. mom16:33
kionGood Morning, I did a fresh Ubuntu install on my computer wich has an Nvidia GTX 260M video card, and under the aditional drivers16:34
SachHow do I know if my MTU settings in ubuntu 11.04 are good?16:34
zykotick9MrSassyPants: 1st check if there is a backport (there probably won't be), 2nd go looking for lucid PPAs (and hope for the best)16:34
kionThe system shows me 4 choices16:34
MrSassyPantszykotick9, whats a lucid ppa16:34
kionWhich one should I install?16:34
zykotick9MrSassyPants: Lucid is the codename for 10.0416:34
=== q0rban_ is now known as q0rban
ROBOT1024Good night16:36
zykotick9MrSassyPants: see "/msg ubottu backports" and "/msg ubottu ppa" for details.  good luck.  sometime "latest" of something isn't the best.16:36
kionNvidia version 173   or  Current or actualizations post launch??16:36
kionI am confused16:36
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pfifokion, try the current16:37
=== hari_ is now known as harikt
kionpfifo: thanks, what are the differences anyway?16:38
=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
kionpfifo: Can I  change that in the future? :)16:38
pfifokion, between 173 and current, the current supports more cards. im not sure what the other 2 are16:38
pfifokion, yes you can try them all 1 by 1 if you like16:38
kionpfifo: Ok thanks!16:39
pfifokion, but current should be all you need16:39
zykotick9kion: does one say "recommended"?16:39
racesHi Everyone, My ubuntu system is taking very long to load when I initiate it. I have installed bootchart and hosted the image here http://www.filedropper.com/races-t410-oneiric-20120310-1_1 . Is this the right place to ask these questions?16:39
kionpfifo: Yes the one that sais Current16:39
pfifozykotick9, current is recommended (i use nvidia too)16:39
q0spfifo, how do i limit the output to just show the files over ... lets say ... 1gb?16:40
kionzykotick9: the problem with me is that I have had random X crashes with Nvidia drivers, and that was the reason I decided to do a fresh install!16:41
Bruce___Cannot access Facebook.  How do I know if this due to bad mtu settings?16:41
zykotick9races: are bootchart images to large for imagebin (it is an image right)?  i'm no help, but i would have been interested to see it - but captcha download, no thanks ;).16:41
pfifoq0s, use sort to list by size, something like this du -chs * | sort -n16:41
kionzykotick9: I will try version current, and not mess with downloading and installing the driver from Nvidias webpage as I did before.16:42
UrBBruce___: by adjusting it lower from the router - if it helps, that was the cause16:42
kionzykotick9: Will see how that impacts glxgears16:42
Bruce___UrB : Thanks,  suggestions for how to do that?16:43
pfifoq0s, actually to revers sort by size this is ideal du -cs * | sort -nr16:43
zykotick9kion: glxgears is a terrible test - but one i just all the time ;)16:43
UrBBruce___: that depends on your type of router16:43
UrBusually it's fairly easy to find16:43
raceszykotick9: the image is really big, that is why I uploaded there. I wrote in the ubuntu forum and posted the picture and it was impossible for people to read it. that is why I used that hosting place to put the picture. what other service can I use to show you the picture?16:43
UrBopen the admin web page and look around16:43
kionzykotick9:  do you know a better test?16:44
Bruce___urB: do u mean my router ip address?16:44
zykotick9races: !paste suggests http://imagebin.org/?page=add for images, have you tried it?16:44
zykotick9kion: well, running somesort of demanding 3d application is one way ;)16:45
kionmaybe OpenArena and showing FPS.. or FlightGear!16:45
zykotick9kion: glxgears will be greatly affected by any hsync you might be running!16:45
sw0rdfishoh oh what does this mean?16:45
ThraspicI made my first icon theme, which is working fine, except that gimp.png is not being used by gimp, it's still using its usual icon.  Should I name it something other than gimp.png?  Or does gimp need to be told to use the system icon theme?16:45
sw0rdfish[99593.256800] phy0 -> rt2x00usb_vendor_request: Error - Vendor Request 0x07 failed for offset 0x3090 with error -11016:45
Bruce___UrB: I know mt gateway IP address if that helps?16:46
zykotick9kion: OpenArena is ok, it's the Quake3 engine remember (so rather low h/w requirements)16:46
UrBBruce___: you haven't ever changed your router settings?16:47
Bruce___UrB:  No16:47
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racesI did not know that service before.... here it goes http://imagebin.org/20305516:48
pfiforaces, what was your original question?16:48
kionzykotick9:  ok time to restart to activate the driver, I will be back in 30 seconds!16:48
racesMy system (Ubuntu) is taking too long to boot... I want help to make load faster16:49
pahi, please help. I updated ubuntu, but the stupid installer didnt realize once again that grub was installed in a different disk. now i get grub rescue>16:49
pai tried to boot from rescue, setting the root first16:49
EvilResistanceraces, define "too long to boot"16:49
pfiforaces, how long is 'long'16:49
pathen the prefix to boot/grub16:49
EvilResistancepa ^16:49
pabut if i do insmod linux, i get symbol not found "grub_mm_base"16:49
paany idea?16:50
q0spfifo, wired. http://pastebin.com/9XpmweD716:50
racesApprox 1 min and 20 seconds... My computer is a lebovo t410 with an I7 processor and 4gb of ram...16:51
pai tried to google, but got no helop16:51
papeople with this problem eventually had to use livecd16:51
paand i cant16:51
paas i have no cd drive anymore16:51
paand the machine doesnt boot from usb16:51
skmsmslkwhere to c++ language and compile ?16:51
goldinspa: your best bet is to just say root (hd0,x) kernel (hd0,x)/you/can/tab/complete/here initrd (hd0,x)/you/can/tab/complete/here/too boot16:51
oneadvent_how do i get an ubuntu phone??16:51
goldinsoneadvent_: you get a phone and install ubuntu on it.16:52
oneadvent_goldins: can you link me and will it work on verizon in usa?16:52
goldinsoneadvent_: no, and no.16:52
UrBBruce___: seems you can also set it at computer -> http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/03/ifconfig-7-examples-to-configure-network-interface/16:52
pfifoq0s, run a filesystem check16:52
UrBBruce___: 6. there16:52
oneadvent_goldins: :)16:52
pagoldins, you mean set root, set kernel and set initrd?16:52
pathen boot?16:52
UrBtry that with value 149216:52
pai try16:52
goldinspa: yep, that's what the grub menu.lst says16:52
swickI cant play any video on ubuntu 12.04. It seems like the xserver is crashing and the lightdm login screen gets shown. I redirected the output to a file and it says: [0x7f89cc001268] xcb_xv vout display error: X server failure16:53
swickvlc: Fatal IO error 11 (Die Ressource ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar) on X server :0.0.16:53
luisrcan anyone please tell me the channel for aricrack.ng polease16:53
goldinspa: there's a command in there to read files (it might be cat, but I forget) and then you can tab complete the location of menu.lst and see what it says, follow it's example16:53
Bruce___UrB: Thanks16:53
pfiforaces, is there any paticular place in the boot sequence that it hangs for a 'long' time? you may need to boot without 'quiet splash' to get feedback16:53
saviddoes anyone here use maximus?  I'm having this weird issue with gnome-terminal on multiple monitors.  It seems that when I maximize it moves the window to my main monitor, so I'm not able to maximize on my secondary monitor.  Any ideas why this happens?16:53
LjLluisr: it's very imaginatively named #aircrack-ng16:54
q0spfifo, i am doing this with another drive, which imho makes the logs go crazy and using up all space. besides this, its about my / partition. i need to umount it check the fs, right?16:54
luisrlol thanks16:54
hariomIs there any tool for generating RSS feeds? I know a lot of RSS readers but not any RSS generator. A tool which provides few default template for adding title, link description etc16:55
pfifoq0s, yes, you cant check a mounted filesystem, you can `sudo touch /forcefsck` and reboot16:55
pagoldins, i get error no loaded kernel16:55
pai mean i can only "set" kernel16:55
paif i try "linux" i get unknown command16:56
paand if i insmod linux i get symbol not found grub_mm_base16:56
donsdsudo -s changes user to root, how do I change back to regular user?16:57
LjLdonsd: exit16:57
`Korvinmy grub broke, and I reverted back to windows boot loader, how can I fix grub?16:57
donsdLjL Thanks. Only way?16:57
pfifo!grub | `Korvin16:57
ubottu`Korvin: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:57
crunchybumblein grep regex \. doesn't seem to escape a period. Example: grep .*\.txt$ will grap file.txt and also notatxt16:57
pfifodonsd, ctrl+d16:57
LjLdonsd: why, what's wrong with it?16:57
donsdOh, I see what you are saying.16:58
donsdThank you,  LjL.16:58
`Korvincan't you just type exit?16:58
canceri can't get into kubuntu, i tried this http://paste.ubuntu.com/880630/16:58
donsdI thought he meant to exit Linux.16:59
racespfifo: it doesnt look like any particular process is taking too long. According to what i read, the gray line means the process is iddle, so i dont understand why it takes so long16:59
q0spfifo, thanks. can i abort an filesystem check when its currently searching for bad blocks?16:59
crunchybumbleah. \\. you need to escape the backslash, so that its read as \.16:59
pfifoq0s, are you doing a filesystem check on / now?16:59
carl-ericHow can I turn on "emulate3buttons" in Unity?17:00
cancer! i can't get into kubuntu, i tried this http://paste.ubuntu.com/880630/ | #ubuntu17:00
ubottucancer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:00
q0spfifo, no. another drive. no system partition... an old storage drive.17:00
upsetInstalled Live Android to a usb. Formatting options in nautilus and gparted are gone. How do I clean this thing?17:00
pfifoq0s, yes you can cancel it17:01
`Korvinpfifo, I ran boot-repair, and thats what made me only able to boot windows717:01
syddrafI found a page that describes a way to disable the tap-to-click functionality of my trackpad, but when i run the provided script, I receive this error: http://pastebin.com/yA5015Qz  Which package do I need to install in order to make this work?17:01
mneptok!repeat | cancer17:01
ubottucancer: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:01
cancermneptok: i can't get into kubuntu, i tried this http://paste.ubuntu.com/880630/17:01
StevenXHi. If I am using FreeNX to connect to my computer (FreeNX uses SSH), will my data be safe even from people on my wifi network?17:01
pfiforaces, is it waiting for drives/partitions to become available that arent connected to your system?17:02
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q0spfifo, dmesg | tail works. there is always a fresh output about drive errors of the drive i am currently checking. where does this data come from? i mean it has to be read somewhere17:02
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MK``What precisely is the 'cached' ram listed in system monitor? Just stuff it's loaded into ram that you've used before but hasn't been swapped?17:03
mneptokcancer: do NOT repeat your question every minute.17:03
pfifoq0s, the data dmesg outputs is generated by the kernel using the function printk()17:03
Praxihmm if I disable libnotify in pidgin, will that disable it showing tray icon on new messages too?  really all I want is no tray icon for login/logout messages.17:03
AcidRainhow do i clear all of my preferences for firefox. its stopping me from logging into my squirrelmail email because its making my username in caps :/17:03
zykotick9!atemyram | MK``17:03
ubottuMK``: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html17:03
hariomIs there any tool for generating RSS feeds? I know a lot of RSS readers but not any RSS generator. A tool which provides few default template for adding title, link description etc17:03
AcidRainclearing all private data didnt work -.-17:03
AcidRainepic fail on firefox17:04
racespfifo: That question is way over my knowledge. What is the easy way to know if the system is waiting for drives/partitions?17:04
upsetAsking again: Installed Live Android to a usb. Formatting options in nautilus and gparted are gone. How do I clean this thing?17:04
pfiforaces, look at /etc/fstab and see if any drives are missing17:04
cancerbazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/880630/17:04
MK``Thank you zykotick917:04
mneptokupset: this is Ubuntu support only.17:04
AcidRainsupport my ubuntu question17:05
upsetmneptok: I need ubuntu support.17:05
orionsonofneptunok folks please help me get the proper firmware for broadcom bcm431817:05
q0scancer is a pretty tasteless name -.-17:05
AcidRainme too17:05
orionsonofneptunwifi card17:05
pfifo!broadcom | orionsonofneptun17:05
ubottuorionsonofneptun: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:05
cancerbazhang: i tried this and now stuck, i still haven't solved my issue.17:05
upsetI need to erase this drive. That's an ubuntu question because I need to do it in ubuntu.17:05
orionsonofneptunso is my pee pee17:05
orionsonofneptunive been to that link it dont work son17:06
upsetorionsonofneptun: Really? You know you're not supposed to talk like that.17:06
szalorionsonofneptun: define 'dont work'17:06
mneptokupset: gParted17:06
uictamalehey all.. I have ntp installed and it's running, but my computer keeps drifting pretty far.  I just ran ntpdate and it was off by over a minute.  Any ideas?17:06
upsetmneptok: I just said that it wasn't an option in gparted.17:06
EpsilonSigmaUltrHow do I set an Ubuntu Partition as bootable? (Windows is a jerk)17:06
mneptokuictamale: if ntp is actually running, ntpdate will fail.17:06
upsetmneptok: Gparted is saying it's all unallocated.17:07
AcidRaini just want my firefox passwords to be erased and actually be erased17:07
AcidRainhow do i do this?17:07
upsetAcidrain: Erase config folders?17:07
EpsilonSigmaUltrTry firefox preferences17:07
mneptokupset: the the Live Android install you did borked things badly. try asking the Android people.17:07
uictamalemneptok: Interesting.. then it appears ntpd is crapping out for some reason.17:07
orionsonofneptunterminal says command not found17:07
SivikEpsilonSigmaUltr, use fdisk /dev/sda#17:07
OneFix_WorkI've got a problem with Compiz on 11.10...it doesn't seem to be working with Gnome Classic17:07
Sivikthen there is an option to set bootable17:07
mneptokAcidRain: mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla-backup17:07
orionsonofneptun~$ lspci -vvnn | grep 14e417:08
EpsilonSigmaUltrAnd what does that command do?17:08
AcidRainmneptok: so i have to lose all of my firefox preferences just to erase a password?17:08
upsetmneptok: There is absolutely no safe thing to do for situations like this? I have to go crying to the Android kids?17:08
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mneptokAcidRain: no, you can go into the Firefox prefs and delete a single password. but you asked how to clear data.17:08
pfifoorionsonofneptun, `sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source` is all I had todo to get the driver working17:08
q0sAcidRain, u can delete them in the privacy settings of your ff.17:08
orionsonofneptunit should identify card17:08
EpsilonSigmaUltrSorry to be questioning, but I run a server on this computer17:09
EpsilonSigmaUltrso I need to be careful17:09
AcidRainq0s: that dont work. firefox is haxing me17:09
racespfifo: there are two drives missing /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6... what shoud I do?17:09
AcidRaini have no option but to delete everything it appears17:09
mneptokupset: gParted works for the vast majority of people. they do not lose the ability to format. so ... what caused you to have this issue? seemingly Android. that makes it an Android problem.17:09
AcidRainall my plugins will be lost =(17:09
q0sAcidRain, what does it do exactly?17:09
pfiforaces, can youi pastebin youe fstab, let me check it before I advise you17:09
StevenXHi. If I am using FreeNX to connect to my computer (FreeNX uses SSH), will my data be safe even from people on my wifi network?17:10
rzx237orionsonofneptun: I was using broadcom 4318 two years ago, I tought b43-fwcutter package did everything for me17:10
AcidRainon the squirrelmail interface, it saves my password and username from another site. and its in caps. so i cant login17:10
AcidRainclearing all private data doesnt work17:10
trismAcidRain: you can always export your bookmarks before doing anything, so you don't lose them17:10
AcidRainbut this is the 2nd time this has happened. when will an update be available17:10
racespfifo: Do you want me to send you the link here?17:11
pfiforaces, yes please17:11
upsetmneptok: I mean, I just wrote the iso to it with a typical dd blah of blah17:11
mneptokupset: you wrote the Android ISO to *what*?17:12
carl-ericI have configured my marble mouse according to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Logitech_Marblemouse_USB with the xorg.conf.d file. The file is read, the right options scroll by in the xorg log, but the middle mouse button emulation (by pressing left+right) does not work. Any ideas?17:12
q0sAcidRain, i would think that your whole ff profile has messed up. export your bookmarks and the other stuff u need, then backup the old profile and delete ~/.mozilla . after this let ff create a new one17:12
racespfifo: http://pastebin.com/U9MtnyFY17:12
upsetmneptok: To a usb drive. /dev/sdc17:12
upsetmneptok: Computer dying. Forgive me if I'm suddenly gone17:12
mneptokupset: caffiene beckoning. back at you.17:13
AcidRainq0s: its my plugins i dont want to reconfigure17:13
AcidRaini have no bookmarks lol17:13
UrBBruce___: did it help?17:14
pfiforaces, no sda5 and 6 are you root and swap, their not missing. and thats not why your system is taking time too boot. are you running any extra startup scripts on boot? whats in your /etc/rc.local17:14
orionsonofneptunok its installed the os says firmware still missing is thier an activation commad or what next17:14
Bruce___UrB:  Not really...still trying to figure it out   :s17:14
q0sAcidRain, sorry, i dont know exactly where those settings are stored. but the most practical solution is to create a new one. otherwise u can spend hours with keeping some of the files in ~/.mozilla and to test if everything went fine17:15
pfifoAcidRain, I know where passwords are sored17:16
AcidRainq0s: too late. lol17: