micahgScottL: len-nb: nevermind, didn't scroll up far enough00:00
micahgScottL: you already pull in the Qt stack with hydrogen, so digikam shouldn't add much more00:05
micahgTheMuso: are you comfortable with the lowlatency kernel being a default?00:06
ScottLmicahg, len-nb : i would be most comfortable waiting for TheMuso 's answer about the -lowlatency support before moving forward01:27
len-nbnp, I have no opinion either way. No ISO to test so I am playing with a replacement for the bottom panel. It has work flows listed clicking on a workflow replaces the list of workflows with the apps for that workflow.01:33
ScottLlen-nb, interesting, that sounds very, very similar to what i had considered asking one of the developers to do01:58
ScottLi was hoping it could use a couple configuration text files for each work flow, similar to how the old menu worked01:59
ScottLlen-nb, do you have the menu updated also in your -default-settings package in your branch?01:59
ScottLdid you remove the any unneeded menu files?02:00
len-nbScottL I had fixed the settings file adding and removing files as needed.02:16
len-nbHowever, it does not have your changes of logo files in it.02:17
len-nbmy workflow app would just use one config file. Each app can either be the name of a desktop file or exec file and label and icon... either one of the last two could be missing.02:20
ScottLlen-nb, i'm working the menu now, i just wanted to make sure which files were required and that you didn't leave any "legacy" .menu or .directory files :)03:26
ScottLi noticed there were various .directory files in the /UbuntuStudio directory along with the /debian, /usr, /etc directories03:27
ScottLi wanted to confirm these were the new ones, which i can see they are from going through the changes03:28
len-nbScottL, all the .directory files are used. I kept the two from before and added what I needed.03:31
len-nbScottL I've added a few icons to /usr/share/pixmaps as well I do have a better one for hexter than the one in the package. do you want me to send it?03:37
ScottLlen-nb, mmmmm, probably not03:37
ScottLoh, i need to file a sync request as well for mudita24 now that alessio has uploaded the latest version in debian03:38
len-nbok, I made that one up, but I found the right one when I loaded US 10.04. I have it saved on the desktop downstairs.03:39
micahgScottL: it's already in precise03:39
ScottLmicahg, the latest version?  quadrispro said he just did it yesterday (or very early today)03:40
micahgyep :)03:40
micahguploaded ~2 hrs ago03:40
ScottLsuper cool!  one less thing to do :-D03:40
ScottLmicahg, i really would like to wait to update the meta's until we hear from luke, even if it is delayed a few days03:41
micahgScottL: sure, no problem03:41
ScottLi would also like to use that time to adjust a few things that are not in the right place and add a few more smaller items to support the work flows03:42
ScottLnothing structural, mind you03:42
TheMusomicahg, ScottL, its not really up to me, I am just helping with kernel maintenance. I have run the kernel for a while without issue, so if you want it as default, I don't really have a problem with that.05:27
micahgTheMuso: ScottL: I would say it should only be default if there's a commitment to upload almost in step with any kernel security uploads (which will require coordination with the Ubuntu security team), if someone is committed to preparing these source packages, I don't have any objection, otherwise, you're opening users up to possible security issues05:29
ailoScottL: I'm perfectly willing to maintain the kernel myself. It seems like a simple deal from what I understand, since the diff is only a few config options (which I wouldn't expect to change during the course of LTS), and even if preparing the kernel is a bit more than just adding those configs, it doesn't seem like there's that much to learn in order to maintain it.10:40
ailoI would commit not only to maintain it, but to understand each step in doing so10:40
ailoWould need to be updated on the procedure. 10:42
ailoTheMuso: And coordinating with Ubuntu is not something I know a lot about either, so..10:43
ailoI would at least like to give it a try, but I would need some help getting started10:44
ailoI could start by doing maintenance paralell to the real effort, and if it works out, I would willingly take it over10:44
shnatselwhat the hell is going on11:23
shnatselwrong channel]11:24
ScottLmicahg, the blueprint has items for me working with jjhonansen and someone else to set up the git repo, UKT setting up lowlatency as a derivative or something to make this easier, and then working out the methodology for doing security12:11
* ScottL is finding the link to the bluepring12:11
ScottLmicahg, but cxan you still give me at least 18 hours to make the other changes to seeds before updating the meta?12:12
scott-workcan someone help me suss out the icons a bit?  i don't really like the way the cursor looks when it hovers over a link12:58
scott-worki thought i was doing this like xubuntu so i'm slightly confused, anyone have some time to help with this?12:58
micahgScottL:  sure14:00
scott-workoh micahg, i also wanted to solicit your help with a postinst file for implementing sane default settings for jack14:21
scott-worki know what the file should be, i know where it shoudl go, i just need to develop the code in the postinst file to make sure it's not overwritting something already created by the user14:22
scott-workmicahg:  if you can point me in at least a general direction on both of these issues that would be awesome :)14:23
scott-workmicahg: i'm surprised you are awake currently, i thought it was very, very early morning for you14:25
scott-workso, holstein, as i said ;)...14:34
scott-worki tested the new menu last night/this morning14:34
scott-worki'll tweak it a bit then push to bzr tonight14:34
scott-worklen was a big help (HUGE help) on this14:34
scott-workalso len has changes for the panel14:34
scott-worki'll do that next which shouldn't take long14:34
holsteinlen: :)14:35
scott-worki'm trying to work with cjwatson on the preseed/ubiquity/no -rt privileges issue14:35
scott-workand i want to get some help with the ubiquity installer background/text color issue as well14:35
scott-workbug #92381014:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923810 in casper (Ubuntu) "preseeding passwd/user-default-groups is ineffective" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92381014:35
scott-workbug #95246214:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 952462 in Ubuntu Studio "Ubuntustudio 12.04 installer has unreadable text" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95246214:35
scott-workhopefully, micahg can help me with the cursor issue and also getting the jack default settings resolves as well14:36
scott-worki have a list of other things i *shoudl* be doing as well, but those are the things on top of my head right now14:36
scott-workoh, and i figure we will postpone the ubquitiy plugin until next cycle14:36
scott-worktoo little time and probably too much testing/fixing/texting cycles required for this cycle14:36
scott-workplus this doesn't preclude me from getting other things done then14:37
scott-worki have dick mackinnis's licensing now for his images so i'll move to include those now14:37
scott-workhe is trying to work up another image that i've been talking to him about, so that might happen as well14:37
scott-workplymouth theme will probably remain unchanged and the lightdm greeter will continue to look like it is currently (i.e. not that great)14:38
scott-workbut the lightdm greeter theme that happens in precise+1 i would like to backport to precise to help further refine 12.0414:39
scott-worki really want 12.04 to be THE definitive release that people talk about for years14:39
scott-workoh, i'm tweaking the seeds as well14:39
scott-worksome of it is adding some packages that weren't put in yet (thanks astraljava for adding audacity) that better support the work flows14:40
scott-workbut also some of it is just OCD organizing for next cycle when we further define more tasks/work flows14:40
scott-workthis might include something like a "video-home" and "video-pro" tasks/work flows14:41
holsteinwhats the ubiquity plugin aain?14:41
scott-workit's the part of the installer that allows the user to select which tasks they want to install, the gui version of tasksel, basically14:41
scott-workright now all the tasks (or seeds) are being installed14:41
holsteinscott-work: i dont think that bad though14:42
scott-workit's not14:42
holsteini mean, we could just give an pre-determined environment14:42
holsteini think thats *quite* an improvement14:42
scott-workbut if we really get the tasks refined and with a lot of options then it might be though14:42
holsteinthe best thing about it is that it will work14:42
holsteini dont know how many times choosing something from that list in the debian installer would cause the installer to fail14:43
scott-workbut that wasn't the installers fault, i believe, it was the meta file and dependencies14:44
scott-workholstein: but if we go with a pre-defined environment, it would be nice to give users a solution to install other tasks later on14:45
holsteinsure, but i hope that wont be an issue now14:45
holsteini hope the install "just works"14:45
holsteinand looks/feels like the other ones14:45
scott-workone that's easier that "open synaptic -> serach for "ubuntustudio-*" -> install soemthign you like"14:45
scott-workit would be nice if it was coupled with the work flows14:45
holsteinscott-work: yeah, or the software-center... we have that?14:45
scott-worki have it on my short list to include in the seeds14:46
holsteinnot that i care... i could go either way about it14:46
holsteinnot that i care... i could go either way about having the software center**14:46
scott-worki should have be there already, i had intended it to be there along with synaptic14:46
micahgscott-work: re awake, 9AM meetings do that :)15:04
micahgscott-work: the lightdm theme could be backported in -backports, but that wouldn't be allowed on any point release images15:04
micahgscott-work: as for the postinst, I'll have to find a good guide for that15:05
scott-workmicahg: good point about backports, in this case i would persue an SRU then to make sure it gets into the point releases15:07
micahgscott-work: you can't SRU new packages except in rare circumstances15:08
scott-workoh :(15:08
scott-workso, i'm thinking i shoudl make a dummy package called ubuntustudio-ubiquity-greeter for precise then :P15:13
scott-workfalktx:  can you talk a bit about helping studio get a few things done for 12.04?16:28
falktxscott-work: I'm a bit busy, but I can help on small things I know how to do16:30
scott-workfalktx: there were two issues:  rolling some user themes into an existing package and maybe getting a prettier lightdm greeter theme16:31
scott-workfalktx:  i would be happy with whatever help you can provide16:31
scott-workbut don't feel bad about saying that these are too involved or you have too little time :)16:32
falktxI think I can check #1 at least16:32
falktxscott-work: what is the bzr repo link?16:32
scott-workfalktx: can i email you?  i will need to include information from other emails16:34
falktxscott-work: yes, sure16:35
micahgscott-work: I still need to show you how to look at the security history of your packages (sorry for not doing this yesterday)16:48
scott-workmicahg: it's okay, my yesterday afternoon was pretty non-ubuntu-work-on-computer until later in the evening because of the kids16:48
scott-workthey like the minecrafts and i've run out of computers that can run them :P16:49
scott-worki've decided that i need a dedicated, persistant, non-powerful computer downstairs (maybe in my bedroom) for development16:49
scott-workthis works well since i like to keep another computer for testing the current development release and i tend to build with ppa16:50
scott-workthe kids tend to overun my upstairs room (indeed, it is my oldest son's room who lives with his mother) and if they aren't using the computers they tend to distract me otherwsie16:51
len_scott-work, are you adding a DVD authoring app? As I have personally found out, lots of people don't know how to transfer a video by net.19:29
scott-worklen_: yes, i did some research and found a single one to be head and shoulders above others, i need to look back at it19:30
scott-workmy research was months ago though19:30
scott-worklen_: i expect to be updating the seeds (hopefully) one last time (for a bit)19:30
len_OK, needs to be in repo too.19:30
len_scott-work, one other comment (aside from we have had no power all morning) it is ok to include more apps than less with the more organized menu.19:32
scott-worki agree19:33
len_Disk space is less of a problem than in the past... Getting stuff out of the way while looking for the app needed has been more of a problem19:33
len_Anyway downloading todays iso... 16% different from the last one.19:34
scott-workcjwatson is updating the -rt privileges issue as well today, but it probably will not be seen until tomorrow or so19:40
len_scott-work NP, I do lots of downloads anyway. The live image is very representative of what is there. I do have issues if I try to run too many apps at once because of memory ;-)19:43
len-nbscott-work, Lots of new photography apps. Nice. Also a problem, it seems a lot of them do not include the category photography in their desktop file and so end up in the graphics menu.21:17
len-nbIt looks like the "in-elegant" manual method of assigning apps to where they belong will be needed. 21:19
len-nbmudit24 needs to excluded from multimedia and included in audio production mixers.21:25
scott-worklen-nb: ack21:30
scott-workwhich is short for acknowledged, btw :)21:30
len-nbscott-work I would suggest envy24 could be exclued from everywhere21:30
scott-workshould i just 'brute force' exlcude all photography items in graphics?21:31
len-nbJa... I got that. scott-work I will send you a few pictures by email to show where things ended up.21:31
scott-workthat would help, aye21:31
len-nbBrute force is the only way... too late to file lots of bugs...21:32
scott-workwhat i meant by brute force was should i just do all of them or was it few enough to be more surgical about what to remove?21:33
len-nbscott-work I would just do what is needed. The ones that are not photography category should be bugged as well... same with mixers BTW.21:37
len-nbIn my opinion a desktop file without proper category tags is a bug.21:38
scott-worklen-nb: would you like to help me fix these bugs?21:39
len-nbIs it the right thing to do? bug a lot of developers? If I was going to do that, I would want to be able to upload a fix and I don't have the time right now for all of them.21:41
len-nbscott-work, email sent to your gmail acc.21:51
scott-worklen-nb: depends on the package, but we might either do the bug report in ubuntu or preferrably in debian21:52
scott-workbut i gotta go, so i'll catch you when i'm at home21:52
astraljavaYou can create a debdiff and attach it in a bug report against the package in debian.22:41
len-nbastraljava, in the case of the above, it would be a replacement desktop file that includes the right sub-category.22:57
len-nbThere are some other considerations, none of them are really "wrong".22:57
len-nbThe spec has a set of "mandatory" categories that reflect the standard linux menu. But then there are a bunch of optional sub-categories.22:58
len-nbThe word optional means the SW writer can use them or not as they choose.22:59
len-nbThis effectively means it is questionable if they are really a bug.23:00
astraljavalen-nb: A bug can be filed even though there's nothing "really" wrong with the file. It's just a way of making a change, and tracking it.23:32
astraljavalen-nb: And the whole file doesn't need to be replaced, if there are only changes in one category, or (an) additional row(s).23:33
astraljavalen-nb: Hence I suggested the debdiff.23:33

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