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dupondjeHi somebody around for a question? :)16:59
dupondjei'm rewriting upstart script for cryptsetup. Now what signal can be used to remove the crypted mappings? This should be done after umount happend.16:59
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JanCdupondje: you want to automatically remove the crypted mapping after the filesystem on it gets unmounted?17:10
JanCthat might get complicated in case there is a partition table (or whatever else that is not a filesystem) on the encrypted block device...17:12
dupondjeJanC: well it should be stopped before lvm or so is stopped, and after umount ofc17:13
JanCdupondje: doesn't that depend on whether lvm is below or on top of dm-crypt?  ;)17:14
dupondjehmmmm :P17:14
JanC(and can't/doesn't the kernel handle this?)17:14
dupondjethere is a do_stop at least for debian17:18
dupondjethen i'll should just add post-stop script in the upstart to stop all (unmounted) crypt mappings when running service cryptsetup stop right17:20
dupondjeCause now there are 2 init scripts and 2 upstart scripts, the init scripts taking care of the stop, the upstart for the start17:23
dupondjethats like not clean ;)17:23
JanCyou might want to discuss with some of the people who know more about those parts of boot/shutdown...17:25
dupondjetought this would be the place ;)17:31
JanCdupondje: if this is Ubuntu-specific, #ubuntu-devel or such might be more useful17:34

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