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bsdfreakHi there!  I'm having some issues when I alt+tab between applications running on different virtual desktops.  Specifically things like Firefox and Thunderbird.  It seems like I lose the ability to interact with the application.06:39
bsdfreakRunning Xubuntu 11.10/x64 here.06:39
pleia2by default you can't alt+tab between applications running on different virtual desktops06:40
bsdfreakIt also happens when I switch desktops using the workspace switcher.06:41
bsdfreakThen I have to minimize and maximize the window by clicking on the tray to regain control.06:41
pleia2ah, looks like there is a setting to enable tabbing through everything06:41
pleia2sounds like a bug06:42
bsdfreakWell, is there a way to use the development/beta release of Xfce?06:53
pleia2you can give the beta1 of xubuntu 12.04 a try and see if the bug still occurs (perhaps via a livecd since it's still in beta :))06:54
pleia2if the bug still exists there you can report it and there is a chance it'll get fixed by release06:55
bsdfreakOkay, thanks.07:05
bsdfreakI'll do that after I sort out my kubuntu issues on another laptop.  :-P07:06
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DraconicusI have a bit of a pickle.      Y'see, Compiz is working great in Unity and GNOME 3. It is NOT working in Xfce. The strangest part is that it WAS working until recently, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what I broke.12:12
Draconicus11.10, recently upgraded from 10.10, then 11.04. Went two versions up, sequentially via update manager. I dont' necessarily use Xubuntu as a whole so much as I use Xfce on Ubuntu 11.10. Close enough, right?12:12
DraconicusNow then, the lightdm Xfce session simply launches "startxfce4", while GNOME's entry leads to the gnome-sesssion file that does some fancy stuff.12:14
DraconicusWhat's missing here?12:14
ochosiDraconicus: i'm not sure i get what your problem is. compiz isn't working in the xfce-session?12:47
Draconicusochosi: Correct. "compiz --replace" just hangs. It works in Unity and GNOME3 though.12:49
ochosihave you tried from terminal?12:49
ochosi(for the output)12:49
DraconicusOf course.12:49
ochosiso no output? :p12:49
DraconicusIt just hangs after "Initializing core options...done"12:50
DraconicusIt keeps going in Unity or GNOME312:50
DraconicusIn Xfce or anything that doesn't pre-launch with Compiz as a prerequisite from lightdm, it stops dead.12:51
ochosihave you checked that gnome-services are started in the xfce-session?12:51
DraconicusMust they be? I didn't realize. Where should I look?12:52
DraconicusI'm in the Xfce4 session settings now12:52
DraconicusThey were disabled. Hmm.12:52
DraconicusThe weirdest thing is that I have no idea how that could have happened. I hadn't even opened that window since the upgrade, and Compiz was working up until it mysteriously didn't.12:53
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DraconicusThanks for the help, ochosi. I'll try that now.13:02
ochosiDraconicus: sorry, you sometimes have to highlight me13:03
nx7400hi all13:05
nx7400can anyone tell me where to adjust the powersave value for the hard drive?13:07
nx7400I tried to adjust the -B value in /etc/hdparm.conf13:08
nx7400but it seems to get overwritten when the power state (connected AC or on mattery) changes13:08
nx7400I always end up with a value of 127, which makes my drive spin down after a few seconds13:09
nx7400in the long run, this is going to kill my drive13:09
LachezarGreetings all.15:10
LachezarIs launchpad a good place to submit error reports for XFCE pieces (xfc4-goodies in particular).15:11
Sysithey should get to upstream if needed, but xfce has own bugzilla too15:12
LachezarI found out, that I can use /etc/default/keyboard to add special options to the keyboard. However I found out that doing so does not yield the same results as with «setxkbmap -option ...». Any help?15:13
LachezarSysi: Thanks. I know that they have their own issue tracking system, but I try to avoid additional registrations when possible.15:13
MarzataLachezar: you haven't contacted the author, have you?15:14
LachezarMarzata: No, I haven't... Most of the time I try to reach a developer directly I get scholded (rightfully so!), and forwarded to the project's publi issues tracker, wiki, mailing list or newsgroup.15:16
MarzataLachezar: heh15:17
donnocan someone help me? I am very new in unix OS and I try to get some photos from my digital camera. I managed to make it detect my camera, but nothing seems to happen after.18:25
pleia2donno: are you trying to import them into an application, or just open them with a file manager?18:26
donnotried both but could not get anywhere18:27
pleia2are you getting some kind of error when you try?18:27
donnothe software installed seems that it can not detect my camera18:28
pleia2what was the "it" you made detect your camera in the comment above?18:29
donnorapid photo downloader and gThumb18:29
donnoin removable drives and media settings18:29
pleia2if it's in removable drives you should just be able to doubleclick on it and bring it up in a file manager18:30
pleia2I use shotwell, which has pretty good support for cameras18:30
donnoI'm quite at the very first real discovery of the Linux and I have already deleted my W7 for xubuntu18:33
donnoI have tons to learn18:34
newnameHow do you identify a (Unkown program) in the session startup list?19:10
pjotterHi all. I installed Skype in Xubuntu 11.10. But when I get an incoming call, I don't see any notification popup. Does anybody know how to fix this?20:23
gzyhi, could someone help me with a xubuntu pxe install? I copied the netboot directory out of a xubuntu 11.10 alternative iso, but i'm having trouble configuring dnsmasq to serve it.20:33
gzyi can boot, but get a pxelinux.0 not found msg (with a path that matches the path i'm serving it out of)20:35
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