M4dH4TT3ryour slick bazhang00:07
* Jordan_U thinks that a quiet would have been more fitting for kalimojo ;)04:29
* Jordan_U is mean04:29
bazhangis assembly really on topic for #ubuntu ?04:31
tsimpsonbazhang: discussion on how to setup the tool-chain on Ubuntu, sure. but specifics about Linux assembly programming, no04:57
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ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (Komasi)11:44
_313hummerwhy was i banned?13:12
bazhangfrom where13:13
bazhanglet me check13:14
_313hummeri am jordan4ibanez13:14
Tm_Thi _313hummer13:16
bazhang_313hummer, the ranting about unity and being asked to stop with the offtopic13:16
_313hummeri did not see the stop request13:17
Tm_T_313hummer: do you know what #ubuntu is for?13:17
Tm_Twhat is it for?13:18
_313hummerfor talking..i thought i was in ubuntu-offtopic13:18
_313hummertalking about fixing the os and stuff*13:18
Tm_Tah, so you were thinking you were on -offtopic?13:19
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jordan4ibanezyes and i apoligize13:19
Tm_Tjordan4ibanez: allright, so you are not going to use #ubuntu for ranting anymore? (:13:20
Tm_Tand you understand why it's not ok to rant in our support channels?13:20
Tm_Tgood, while were at it, you're familiar with out guidelines?13:21
Tm_T!guidelines > jordan4ibanez13:21
ubottujordan4ibanez, please see my private message13:21
Tm_Tjordan4ibanez: are you familiar?13:22
jordan4ibanezyes yes i thought i was in another channel13:22
Tm_Tjordan4ibanez: ban is removed now, happy ircing13:25
jordan4ibanezok thanks13:25
bazhangand immediately starts trolling in -ot13:25
bazhanga backtick is weird french now `ooh lala14:56
ikoniaRozy is trolling in my opinion15:04
ikoniahe's using mirc which doesn't default to #ubuntu on freenode15:04
ikoniahe's made a decision to join this network/channel15:04
bazhangseems mostly harmless15:28
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bazhang<orionsonofneptun> i need serious help18:03
Guest61815can i get unbaned from #ubuntu please20:20
ikoniaGuest61815: you are in #ubuntu20:23
ikoniaGuest61815: you where however talking about rather odd things earlier20:24
Guest61815i know but my problem is odd im sorry you dont like the truth of my issue i just dont understand why my ubuntu issue should not be heard i feel ive been cheated please tell me whatparts you dont allow thier20:28
Guest61815of my previous comments20:29
Guest61815you are seeing somthing different than what i type im shure20:29
Guest61815i need support very bad ive been trying to use pc for 2 weeks now20:30
ikoniaGuest61815: you feel that you've been cheated ?20:33
ikoniawell, based on your comments, which to be honest and blunt, where just rambling nonsense, I don't see how #ubuntu can help you20:35
ikoniaGuest61815: please tell me the question you want to ask #ubuntu ?20:35
Guest61815i cant even claim my registered nick cause of hackers20:35
Guest61815the question is20:35
ikoniaGuest61815: please tell me the question you want to ask #ubuntu ?20:35
Guest61815now i want to know where to go for ubuntu 11.10 software center software support20:36
ikoniaGuest61815: that is #ubuntu, so what is the problem you are having with ubuntu software center20:37
Guest61815no i need support on some of the software i get from there20:37
ikoniaok - tell me what you need help with20:38
Guest61815is thier a channel for ubuntu software20:38
ikoniayes, #ubuntu, now tell me what you need help with20:38
Guest61815im trying to figure out how to use gimp photo editor20:38
ikoniaGuest61815: if you want to re-gain access to #ubuntu, please tell me what you need help with20:38
Guest61815what channel20:39
ikoniaGuest61815: ok, the channel #gimp is for how to use gimp20:39
Guest61815is that considered exceptable #ubuntu question20:39
ikoniaGuest61815: for info on how to use gimp, the channel #gimp is the correct place20:39
ikonia#gimp is the correct place20:39
Guest61815ok then i dont have anymore to say on #ubuntu for now20:40
ikoniaGuest61815: great, in that case please leave this channel and good luck getting help20:40

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