hazmatm_3, seems like the timeout should be 5m instead of 2m00:00
m_3that's a remaininng bug I'll push tomorrow... I adjusted manually00:00
hazmatm_3, yeah.. some of those look ok, when it goes to record the state its working already00:01
hazmatbut the watcher timed out00:01
m_3the current set of runs are with the new timeout00:01
m_3they seem to be passing00:01
m_3one strange hang still... hadoop-mapreduce00:02
m_3green is wrong there...an artifact of how I killed it00:02
* m_3 out... back on later00:07
jcastroSpamapS, you are awesome00:10
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_mup_Bug #956697 was filed: Maas provider can't start second node for deployment (CloudInitError: Incomplete cloud-init: you need to call set_machine_id) <juju:In Progress by julian-edwards> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/956697 >04:58
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marcoceppiWhat does "I:" items mean in charm proof? I understand W:, etc but no I:14:25
bbcmicrocomputerwhat's the best way of writing a charm with a generic db relation such that it can support either mysql or postgresql?14:30
bbcmicrocomputerobviously, you could have two separate relationships defined, one for each type, but then you lose the meaning of a required db interface14:31
bbcmicrocomputerit'd be nice if you could say db interface was required in metadata but then specify which implementers can satisfy that requirement14:32
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, hmm14:35
jamespagethat would be nice but is not a current feature14:35
bbcmicrocomputerI did look at the existing charms but didn't find any that have attempted this.. yet14:35
jamespageif you want to support diff database types you will have to specify different relations14:36
jamespageI'd pick one to start with and be opinionated....14:36
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage: :)14:36
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SpamapSmarcoceppi: I is just informational.15:08
marcoceppiAh, thank you SpamapS15:08
SpamapSmarcoceppi: short for FYI ;)15:08
marcoceppihum, not sure if this is a bug15:11
marcoceppiI added a new environment to my environments.yaml file15:11
marcoceppiThe name of it is "720", which throws this error: "error: Environments configuration error: /home/marco/.juju/environments.yaml: environments: expected string, got 720"15:11
marcoceppinevermind, I wrapped it in quotes15:12
marcoceppiOkay, back to the real problem, when I bootstrap in EC2 machine 0's state is always "not-started"15:13
marcoceppisubsequent deploys don't seem to work15:13
SpamapSmarcoceppi: also you may have problems with the first char not being a number15:17
SpamapSmarcoceppi: that means the agent isn't starting15:17
SpamapSmarcoceppi: check the console output15:18
SpamapSmarcoceppi: what version of juju are you using?15:18
marcoceppiSpamapS: this is a boostrap/deployment on an environment that's all chars and not numberic, not sure which juju version since juju --version doesn't work but dpkg says it's : 0.5+bzr470-1juju2~oneiric115:20
SpamapSmarcoceppi: ok, and if you ssh to the machine directly, does it have the same juju version?15:21
marcoceppiOne sec, let me check15:22
SpamapSmarcoceppi: also do check the console output of the instance. I'd bet it had problems starting the machine agent.15:25
marcoceppiSpamapS: System Log from AWS doesn't show anything15:25
marcoceppiNot sure how to connect to the machine at this point, AWS Console won't connect because it has no key-pair, juju ssh 0 says "Waiting for machine to come up" and just a straight SSH timesout15:27
robbiewbcsaller: ping15:42
marcoceppiSpamapS: Did an upgrade on my machine for juju, good to go15:42
SpamapSmarcoceppi: you could have just ssh'd to the public hostname ;)15:47
marcoceppiSpamapS: Tried, it didn't accept my connections15:47
SpamapSmarcoceppi: did you try euca-get-console-output ? (or ec2-get-console-output)15:50
marcoceppiNope, I didn't know about that15:50
SpamapSmarcoceppi: very important commands. :)15:51
_mup_juju/refactor-machine-agent r462 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com15:55
_mup_Fix failing tests due to refactorings in other merges15:55
bcsallerrobbiew: hey15:58
robbiewbcsaller: just a friendly reminder about objectives ;)15:59
jcastrojamespage, thanks for that review, it's excellent16:03
jamespagejcastro, no problemo!16:03
jcastroespecially the tips to the sections of the documentation, that's clutch for new charmers16:04
jamespagejcastro, I commented on your sun-jdk/hadoop bug - what do we want todo with the existing hadoop charms for oneiric?16:07
jcastrojamespage, mims is at a conference, I was going to wait for his input16:07
jamespagejcastro, sounds sensible16:07
jcastrothat charm was mostly his right?16:07
jcastroI have a sneaking suspicion post-12.04 that no one will care for hadoop on 11.10.16:08
jcastroso maybe it'll just start down the road to obscurity16:08
jamespagejcastro, well the charm I wrote for 12.04 works with 11.10 as well - backported the packages I did for 11.10 in the hadoop-ubuntu PPA's16:10
jcastroah ok, so maybe just supercede it16:11
SpamapSjamespage: backporting charms to oneiric is a good idea. Though I think we'll do that quite a bit less after April :)16:14
jamespageSpamapS, most likely16:14
jamespageSpamapS, that was more of a between now and april type plan from my perspective16:18
jcastrohaving one set is better I think.16:19
jcastrobut hey, I don't want to make claims on someone's baby when they're not around.16:19
jamespageI'm sure m_3 is listening...16:20
jcastro"hey so welcome back, we threw away the charm you slaved on that was our premier use case for the entire project and stuff. Hope that's ok."16:20
jcastroactually, knowing mims he's probably happy that hadoop is now a james page problem and not his, heh16:20
SpamapS"I don't always do hadoop. But when I do, I do it with Sun Java". -- James Page16:22
* m_3 backscroll16:27
m_3jcastro: negronjl wrote the hadoop charms... I just got the natty packages building on oneiric16:28
m_3jcastro: I'm happy with the new charms/packages... and'd love to see the oneiric cdh pkg do an end-of-life16:29
jamespageforget that - I do it with OpenJDK16:29
jamespage(its the only option on armhf)16:30
jcastronegronjl, mira, how do you feel about just using jamespage's hadoop charms in 11.10?16:30
m_3OMG... finally!16:33
m_3we've got consistently reproducible full-graph charm-tests.... charmtests.markmims.com16:34
m_3hazmat: whoohoo!16:35
hazmatm_3, nice!16:35
SpamapSyou guys are unbelievably amazing16:36
hazmatm_3, thats incredibly awesome, nice work16:36
SpamapShttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh78T--ZUxY  <-- message from the entire juju community to hazmat and m_316:36
* m_3 is in public atm16:37
SpamapSm_3: SFW16:37
SpamapSin fact, I order you to watch it16:37
SpamapSORDER YOU16:37
hazmatSpamapS, got a moment to talk about the namespace-from-env branch?16:37
jamespagenice one m_316:37
SpamapShazmat: I saw your comments. Very frustrating parsing effort in general and I'm more than happy to shorten that code to a few RE's if that will work.. I just didn't give it much thought after I got the tests passing ;)16:38
hazmatSpamapS, i'm split out the parsing to a separate function on your branch, it simplifies it a little, i'll  put a diff link on the merge, outside of that if you can finish up the coverage, i'm fine with it16:39
SpamapShazmat: er, do you want to just do a new MP that supersedes imine?16:43
SpamapShazmat: this has gotten a bit out of hand for me.. originally it was a 1 line change.16:44
hazmatSpamapS, fair enough, i'll finish it16:44
SpamapShazmat: so at this point its easier for me to move forward with a wrapper than wait for this to pass review16:44
hazmatSpamapS, thanks for getting it this far16:44
_mup_juju/refactor-machine-agent r463 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:48
_mup_Expand comment on the reason for machine_id type assertion16:48
_mup_juju/robust-test-removed-service-unit r461 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:54
_mup_Merged upstream16:54
jcastroSpamapS, charmstests.markmims.com is back for me now17:25
SpamapSjcastro: yeah, ^^17:27
* marcoceppi checks in on Minecraft charm17:34
SpamapS2012-03-16 16:09:24,226 juju.service_watch:ERROR unit minecraft/3 startup failed install_error17:38
marcoceppiSpamapS: Yeah, saw that17:38
marcoceppiI really wish I could figure out the local provider, I still can't get it to bootstrap or deploy here17:40
marcoceppiSpamapS: have you ever seen this when deploying?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/886618/17:42
SpamapSmarcoceppi: yes17:42
SpamapSmarcoceppi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/95239717:42
_mup_Bug #952397: Juju is forcing *ALL* charms in a repo to be perfect to be able to deploy *any* <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/952397 >17:42
jcastrojamespage, would you consider the etherpad-lite charm complete enough to be demoable?17:42
SpamapSmarcoceppi: you need to fix your charms17:43
marcoceppiah, thanks17:43
SpamapSmarcoceppi: if you have the latest charm-tools you can do 'charm update --fix path/to/a/dir' and it will pull all fixes in17:45
marcoceppiSpamapS: I do, but all the repos are setup against the old charm/* lp branches17:46
jcastrohey does any other charm other than phpmyadmin have a "get from upstream instead" option?17:49
m_3jcastro: jenkins does17:50
m_3rails, node, django do too...17:50
m_3but they're not in the store except for node17:50
jcastronode does?17:50
jamespagejcastro, no - its broken17:50
* m_3 looking17:51
jcastroyeah I just need an example17:51
jcastroI'm working on my companion blog post to the store landing17:51
jcastroand I want to show an example of "don't want what's in the archive? Fine, here you go"17:51
m_3jcastro: yeah, node is using the pacakge... I thought I had npm updateing the node version, but it's only updating (node) package deps... not node itself17:52
SpamapSmarcoceppi: --fix fixes that :)17:53
jcastroyeah I am waiting for the node ppa guy to get back from SXSW to talk to him about it17:53
jcastrohopefully he'll dig it17:53
jcastronode is the perfect example of something that we can rock by having an up to date charm17:53
jcastrobut do we have one that works now?17:53
m_3oh yeah17:53
m_3I used it in the mongodb demo17:53
marcoceppiphpmaydmin works17:53
m_3node talks to a mongodb replset17:53
marcoceppibut it's not a very fun charm17:53
jcastromarcoceppi, yeah I am hoping for something sexy and cloudy17:54
jcastronot to take away from your charm of course. :)17:54
marcoceppinaw, it's PMA, it's neither sexy or cloudy :)17:54
m_3jcastro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886640/17:54
jcastrook which part there does the upgraded node?17:55
jcastrodo you just have that local?17:55
m_3oops, sorry that was unclear... node just uses the pacakge only... I was wrong17:57
jcastrohey so I see jamespage uses "lts" and "trunk" to differentiate his versions17:58
jcastrobut marco does it differently in phpmyadmin17:58
m_3the node guy should update it to get npm to update node itself to the version the app actually depends on17:58
jcastrowe should probably best practice one17:58
jamespagejcastro, those are quite specific to upstream naming17:58
jcastrom_3, yea, that's what I was thinking17:58
jamespagethey have LTS and trunk releases17:58
jcastrojamespage, ah ok, so we'll likely run into service-specific conventions then17:58
jcastrobut for a jenkins person that totally makes sense then17:59
jamespagejcastro, take a look at the zookeeper charm17:59
m_3although it's really pretty obvious.... might not need to be so std17:59
jamespagethat uses distro OR some PPA options17:59
jcastrom_3, indeed, I am overthinking17:59
jcastrojamespage, brilliant, that's exactly what I need18:02
SpamapSactually for PPA's ..18:02
SpamapSwe really need to be able to override that for system policy. I think a subordinate would be able to do that.18:03
jcastrojamespage, ok so ... you can do dev, testing, or stable, what does the command look like18:03
jcastrolike, do I set a config or ... ?18:03
jamespageset a config18:04
jamespagejuju deploy --config config.yaml --reposistory ....18:04
jcastro    juju set config source=dev18:04
jamespagetypically my charms don't support switching18:04
jamespagei.e. that information is use in the install hook only18:04
jcastroswitching is a bit too sexy and scary for now I think18:04
jamespageits one more thing to test....18:05
jcastroI think just an install switch is still way awesomer than what people have to do now18:05
jamespagejcastro, I'm going to switch the etherpad-lite charm to use chris lea's PPA for node/npm18:07
jcastrojamespage, I sent chris a mail18:07
jamespagetrying to make it work from upstream git for npm is to hard and unreliable18:07
jcastroI am going to try to work with him on convincing him about the node charm18:07
jcastroeveryone uses his PPA for stuff18:07
jcastrowe might as well make it a nice option in the node charm18:08
jcastrothat would be slick.18:08
jamespagejcastro, arggh18:11
m_3jcastro: I think the node one should be done like rails... the app specifies which version of node/rails it depends on thru package.json or Gemfile18:11
jamespageetherpad-lite won't run on 0.6 node js18:11
* jamespage put this down for the week18:11
jamespageI need a beer18:11
jamespagehave a nice weekend folks18:12
jcastroyou've had a good week james, chill!18:12
jcastroyou've earned it!18:12
m_3jamespage: I can help clean that up next week18:12
jcastrom_3, are you at a conference still? I'd like to start running my blog post past you guys18:12
SpamapSninjix: welcome :)18:40
ninjixI'm trying to do some juju with virtualized servers18:40
SpamapSninjix: excellent. That should work. :)18:40
ninjixrunning 11.10 orchestra and juju18:41
ninjixgetting a cannot connect error18:41
ninjixwhen I run juju status18:42
ninjixvirtual machines were PXE installed with Orchestra18:42
marcoceppiUh, juju local is prompting for a password when I try to juju ssh18:42
SpamapSninjix: backup.. did you run all the steps?18:42
SpamapSmarcoceppi: ssh password or sudo password?18:43
SpamapSmarcoceppi: actually it would have to be ssh password18:43
marcoceppiubuntu@localhost's password:18:43
SpamapSmarcoceppi: most likely there was a problem during master-customize18:43
SpamapSmarcoceppi: though 'localhost' sounds wrong18:43
ninjixI haven't manually copied any ssh keys18:43
ninjixI thought the juju profile was doing that18:43
SpamapSninjix: don't get confused, I'm talking to marco about ssh18:43
SpamapSninjix: for orchestra, the steps should be: 1) add VMs to cobbler (orchestra-provisioning-server) including adding them to the available mgmt class. Did you do that?18:44
ninjixSpamapS: I followed the Dustin's blog howto18:44
SpamapSninjix: Ok, so you did 'bootstrap' and 'deploy' already?18:45
marcoceppiFound out the problem with the Minecraft charm, the "store" doesn't have the latest code.18:45
marcoceppiScratch that18:45
marcoceppitalking out of my butt18:45
SpamapSmarcoceppi: makes sense because what you just said stinks ;)18:45
SpamapSninjix: I'd recommend getting juju from the juju PPA. The version in 11.10 is fairly buggy.18:46
ninjixSpamapS: I added the mgmt classes but only after I ran into the "no available" error18:46
marcoceppiSpamapS: did you actually merge the changes I had in to the main charm?18:46
SpamapSmarcoceppi:  not sure18:47
marcoceppinbd if you didn't I can merge it18:47
marcoceppibut the code in charms/minecraft doesn't have my changes18:47
SpamapSmarcoceppi: usually the proposer, not the approver, merges.18:47
ninjixSpamapS: do the orchestra-juju-available need to be added before the cobbler install runs?18:47
marcoceppiSpamapS: I'll keep that in mind, thanks18:47
SpamapSmarcoceppi: the merge proposal would be 'Merged' if the code was merged. :)18:47
marcoceppi<3 so foolish of me18:47
SpamapSninjix: definitely18:48
ninjixSpamapS: do I need both *acquired and *available enabled?18:48
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SpamapSninjix: no18:58
SpamapSninjix: only available18:58
SpamapSninjix: the sequence is to set them to 'available', then 'bootstrap', then reboot the box (so it installs w/ juju)18:58
SpamapSninjix: can you paste the HOWTO url you're using? I want to make sure thats what it says. :)18:59
ninjixthat wiki page is missing the default-series19:03
SpamapSninjix: so right after the 'bootstrap' step, you should reboot the server that was acquired.19:04
marcoceppiSpamapS: thanks, minecraft is updated now \o/19:04
SpamapSninjix: I just added some clarifying notes to that in the wiki page19:04
SpamapSmarcoceppi: been a while since I lost myself in minecraft.. might have to go digging for lunch.. :)19:04
SpamapSmarcoceppi: favorite thing to do: dig a ridiculously deep and long tunnel, then dig back up.. then find the ridiculously tall tower I built at my old base. ;)19:05
SpamapSI'm always a lot closer than I think I should be. :-P19:05
marcoceppiyeah, that's what my first base was, a giant pillar with torches so I could find it from afar :)19:06
SpamapSI can't really get into playing on big long living multiplayer servers19:08
SpamapSEvery time I do.. I come back and all my s*** is gone.19:08
SpamapSeven when I hide it under sand. ;)19:09
ninjixSpamapS: restarted the kvm and it was reinstalled by cobbler19:10
SpamapSninjix: ok, it should now have zookeeper running, and 'juju status' should work19:12
ninjixjust saw the zookeeper get installed on the kvm console's echo19:12
ninjixSpamapS: ahhh... just checked the firewall and a see some blocked traffic between the orchestra kvm's VLAN and the test machines19:15
ninjixSpamapS: juju status working now19:17
ninjixSpamapS: thank you19:17
ninjixgoing to switch over to the ppa juju now19:20
SpamapSninjix: you're not the first to get confused by that. Hopefully the wiki update will help.19:20
ninjixSpamapS: it did19:20
SpamapSninjix: I added default-series too19:21
ninjixgood move19:21
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ninjixcan juju do a master-master mysql relationship?19:29
ninjixi see in some references to slave instances19:31
SpamapSninjix: yes it can, but there's no charm for that yet19:32
SpamapSninjix: I'd like to add it to the mysql charm at some point19:32
ninjixnice.  Let me wrap my mind around these charms and maybe I can help out19:32
ninjixlooks like I'm going need to write a Proxmox API extension for provisioning and controlling the kvm19:35
ninjixis that what the "virtualization" settings are for in the Cobbler profile?19:36
SpamapSninjix: dunno. I believe cobbler has support for libvirt and/or kvm19:39
SpamapSninjix: you might want to consider trying the 'local' provider which does things in LXC containers rather than on VMs controlled by cobbler.19:40
ninjixSpamapS: thanks but I am working on project to leverage our mucho macho server nodes19:41
ninjixwe've been running proxmox for several years now19:42
SpamapSninjix: ah cool :)19:42
ninjixjust saw the first mysql charmed kvm get provisioned19:43
SpamapSninjix: what exactly is proxmox? I only see a mail gateway at proxmox.com19:43
ninjixSpamapS: mysql install is still pending19:44
SpamapSninjix: yeah, we've been looking at ways to allow you to install all of the nodes in parallel before you know what you want them to do. ;)19:45
SpamapSninjix: since the install takes a few minutes. :-P19:45
ninjixSpamapS: logged into the provisioned mysql charmed instance19:45
ninjixSpamapS: can see mysql there but the juju status still shows state: not-started19:46
ninjixSpamapS: kvm is idling now19:48
SpamapSninjix: interesting. So is there a juju agent running?19:48
SpamapSninjix: because it should have started up, and called back in to the zookeeper node.19:48
ninjixSpamapS: I see it running19:49
ninjixand it installed mysql19:49
SpamapSninjix: ok, can you maybe pastebin your 'juju status' ?19:50
SpamapSninjix: because that state should be 'running' or 'started' or something19:50
ninjixSpamapS: how do you restart the juju agent19:55
ninjixdon't see juju in the /etc/init19:56
ninjixSpamapS: I see an error in the machine-agent.log19:57
ninjixSpamapS: but I am not sure if it occurred before I fixed the firewall rules19:58
SpamapSninjix: if you're not on the PPA, you can't restart the agent19:59
SpamapSninjix: the one that shipped in 11.10 just ran it as part of the first boot.. newer versions ship an upstart job for each agent19:59
SpamapSninjix: dpkg -l juju , what does it show?19:59
ninjixSpamapS:  0.5+bzr398-0ubuntu20:00
ninjixthat's from the mysql instance20:00
ninjixthe orchestra machine is now running 0.5+bzr481-1juju3~oneiric20:01
jcastroSpamapS, hazmat, m_3, I have some stuff to run by you guys20:02
jcastroif you're feeling for a Friday afternoon hangout20:02
SpamapSninjix: yeah thats the old distro version, and you can't restart the agent (and it dies a lot if your servers get overloaded because the timeouts aren't handled right)20:03
jcastroSpamapS, oh, kapil and ben are already hanging out20:03
ninjixSpamapS: so... I should reboot the mysql instance?20:04
ninjixSpamapS: or can I bang on its pid?20:05
_mup_Bug #956000 was filed: 'juju' with no arguments gives confusing message <juju:Confirmed> <juju (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/956000 >20:06
ninjixSpamapS: killed the juju pid and restarted it with the same command line args20:07
ninjixnow I see the error20:07
jcastroSpamapS, invite sent!20:07
ninjixgetting "No zookeeper connection configured." along with python trace20:07
m_3jcastro: sorry, no can do atm20:11
ninjixdoes that mean it's having trouble talking to the bootstrap?20:13
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SpamapSninjix: it takes stuff from the environment too20:16
ninjixSpamapS: ok20:18
ninjixgoing to terminate this run and try again20:19
SpamapSninjix: definitely get on the PPA version, much better20:25
bkerensajamespage: I just pushed a new version of subway charm...  I have not yet had a chance to deploy myself since I need to setup LXC and I am writing this charm as a favor of sorts ;p20:26
ninjixSpamapS: do I need to change a cobbler snippet to get the instances to use PPA juju?20:26
bkerensajcastro: you did say --repository needs to point to my charm yes?20:28
SpamapSninjix: no20:28
SpamapSninjix: juju pushes the commands to deploy itself every time you bootstrap or deploy20:28
koolhead17|awayhi all20:34
bkerensajcastro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886877/ :(20:36
jcastroyou want20:38
jcastrojuju deploy --repository= . subway local:subway20:38
jcastrobut you need to be in ~Work/Development20:38
bkerensajcastro: juju: error: unrecognized arguments: local:subway20:42
bkerensafrom ~Work/Development20:42
jcastroone sec20:44
jcastroon a call20:44
ninjixSpamapS: got a little further with this run20:47
ninjixnow I see a "could not internally obtain zookeeper handle" error message20:47
SpamapSninjix: hrm20:48
SpamapSninjix: where are you seeing that?20:55
jcastrohmm, why would  local:subway not work?20:55
SpamapSjcastro: because --repository isn't pointing at something witht default-series/subway in it?20:55
SpamapSbkerensa: juju deploy --repository=~/Work/Development local:subway20:56
SpamapSbkerensa: juju deploy --repository ~/Work/Development local:subway20:56
SpamapSno =20:56
SpamapSyou need to let the shell expand ~20:56
* SpamapS goes to get lunch20:57
ninjixSpamapS: found it. just had to read a little further up in the trace20:58
ninjixSpamapS: DNS strikes again20:59
bkerensaSpamapS: same error21:01
bkerensajcastro: no idea why its failwhaling21:03
ninjixthis is turning into a very productive afternoon. Thanks for your help, SpamapS.21:04
jcastronor me21:05
jcastrohey, I'm going to finish off my charm and then just test yours bkerensa21:05
bkerensajcastro: sure :)21:06
jcastroyou're not the first person who can't get it working locally21:06
bkerensafeel free to propose any fixes to its bad state21:06
jcastrobut no worries, team effort.21:06
jcastroSpamapS, znc incoming!21:14
SpamapSbkerensa: can you do ls -l ~/Work/Development | pastebinit ?21:39
bkerensaSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886965/21:39
SpamapSbkerensa: and ls -l ~/Work/Development/oneiric ?21:45
bkerensaSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/887000/22:04
SpamapSbkerensa: they look identical.. that can't be right22:07
SpamapSbkerensa: did you forget to add /oneiric ?22:07
bkerensaSpamapS: add it where?22:08
bkerensait exists22:08
bkerensa~/Work/Development/oneiric/subway is where the charm resides22:08
SpamapSbkerensa: I was asking for ls -l ~/Work/Development/oneiric22:12
SpamapSbkerensa: also is the name set to 'subway' in metadata.yaml .. that can mess it up too22:12
bkerensaSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/887014/ ^22:14
SpamapSbkerensa: ok cool, and 'cat ~/Work/Development/oneiric/subway/metadata.yaml' ?22:15
SpamapSbkerensa: you are almost as good as sshd at running my commands btw.. though I think the connection has a bit more latency than I'd like. ;)22:15
bkerensaSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/887015/22:15
SpamapSbkerensa: and in environments.yaml, do you have 'default-series: oneiric' ?22:16
bkerensaSpamapS: where is this located?22:18
SpamapSbkerensa: ~/.juju/environments.yaml22:23
SpamapSbkerensa: you wouldn't have been able to bootstrap without that22:23
bkerensaSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/887026/22:25
SpamapSbkerensa: interesting. You have two 'environments' sections. You should only have one.22:29
SpamapSbkerensa: if that fixes it, we have a bug to fix :)22:29
bkerensaSpamapS: Nope I removed the EC2 copy and tried again22:32
SpamapSbkerensa: AHA!22:34
SpamapSprovides: subway: interface: http22:34
SpamapSwell, irc ate that22:34
SpamapSbkerensa: interface needs to be indented22:34
SpamapSwhat a terrible error message.22:34
SpamapS2012-03-16 15:31:02,246 WARNING Charm 'subway' has an error: MetaDataError('Bad data in charm info: /home/bkerensa/Work/Development/oneiric/subway/metadata.yaml: provides.subway: expected unicode or utf-8 string, got None',) Bad data in charm info: /home/bkerensa/Work/Development/oneiric/subway/metadata.yaml: provides.subway: expected unicode or utf-8 string, got None22:35
SpamapSbkerensa: I'm opening a bug to make charm validation more friendly. :)22:35
SpamapSactually bug 899433 is already open :)22:36
_mup_Bug #899433: YAML errors in charms should be obvious to users <juju:Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/899433 >22:36
SpamapShm no22:36
SpamapSThat wasn't even logging an error22:37
SpamapSbkerensa: so, yeah, indent interface: http one more level, and it should work fine22:37
_mup_Bug #957498 was filed: Metadata errors should be user friendly <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/957498 >22:40
bkerensaSpamapS: That fixed it22:51
bkerensajcastro: My charm works fully now22:51
bkerensaI just deployed it succesfully so its working fine here and I just pushed the final changes22:51
SpamapSbkerensa: *woot*22:51
SpamapSbkerensa: whats your new-charm tagged bug #? I'll review it first since you've been such a good sport working this out. :-D22:51
bkerensaSpamapS: Bug #94424622:54
_mup_Bug #944246: Charm Needed: Subway IRC client/server <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed by bkerensa> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/944246 >22:54
SpamapSbkerensa: ok, I have one other thing blocking me.. then I'll start review in about 30min22:55
bkerensaSpamapS: no problem :) I have to go run errands I just wanted to sort this for review before I went out and did this stuff22:55
_mup_Bug #929187 was filed: juju.control.tests.test_remove_unit.ControlRemoveUnitTest.test_zookeeper_logging_default is non-deterministic and should be removed <juju:In Progress> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/929187 >23:31

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