Avihayanyone knows of a good software that shows you your memory usage?01:15
James147Avihay: "free -m"01:17
AvihayJames147: thanks, not what I meant,01:19
James147Avihay: then say waht you mean :)01:19
Avihaymmm, well, how do I put it into words01:19
James147Avihay: what are you trying to find out?01:20
Unit193I could say `htop`....01:20
Avihaymem tells me that I'm useing 3-3.5gb of memory01:20
Avihayexcept for FF with 0.5GB, I don't know where my memory is going01:20
James147Avihay: htop or press "alt+esc"01:20
James147(or run system montor)01:21
CheckInJames147: You mean ctrl+Esc01:21
AvihayI tried ps -aux , and dumped it all into a spreadsheet. according to that, I'm either using 25MB or 25GB of memory..01:21
CheckInAvihay: alt+F2 -> Ksysguard01:21
James147CheckIn: yes that one :)01:21
Avihayif I manually sum up my programs with sysgurd, I'm not getting anywhere near the 2GB mark which is how much ram I have, yet free says I use a good 2GB of swap01:22
Avihayand my computer's favorite pastime seems to be swapping01:23
James147Avihay: the linux kernel will swap before you each the max memory, so that it has some room for the file cache01:24
Avihayso, know of any good graphical software that shows you your memory usage? and doesn't lie?01:24
James147Avihay: its not lieing... memory allocation is just more complecated then you think01:25
Avihayok, so according to you, I should ask how to set the kernel file cache to something more reasonable?01:27
James147Avihay: if you want to find what applications are taking up memory, then sort it by memory... if you want to know whats using up every last part of your memory then your going to need to look into how linux manages memory...01:27
James147Avihay: no... it probally is sensable... you can set the swappyness (how often the kenel swaps things out of memory), but you shouldnt need to01:28
Avihaywell, according to ksysgurd, I am now using (after closeing the main memory eaters) less then 400MB01:29
James147Avihay: are you having problems with your computer in any other respect? (is it being slow?) if not then you shouldnt need to worry to much about how linux is handleing your memory01:29
Avihayacording to free, I'm useing 1.7GB of ram, and 1.1gb of swap01:30
James147Avihay: and the linux kernel wont flush the swap untill it needs stuff located on the swap01:30
Avihaywell, it's slow because it's swapping alot01:30
James147Avihay: also, the totals in free list application memory + caches/buffers (ie file caches which the kernel will dump when you actually need the memory)01:31
James147Avihay: whats the +- buffers/cache line state?01:31
Avihay-/+ buffers/cache:     923108    113078801:31
Avihayused , free01:32
Avihaywhile Mem:       total 2053896    used 1763248     free 290648 Swap:      total 3903788    used 1165684    free 273810401:33
James147(its easier to read free when you pass it the -m arg)01:34
James147Avihay: but according to that your only using about 900M of application memory01:35
AvihayI should have waited with all my software still open01:36
James147Avihay: best things you can really do is 1) buy more ram (its relitivly cheap these days) or 2) optimise your program usage (use lightweight programs or don't open so many at once)01:38
AvihayJames147: this is from before I started closeing stuff: http://paste.kde.org/440948/01:39
CheckInAvihay: because Linux is so library based things get double counted or not counted enough depending on what's going on01:39
James147Avihay: that says you where using 1.2G of ram for applications and 2.1G of swap for applications (rest of ram will be caches/buffers)01:40
Avihayso a total of 3.3GB worth of application memory?01:41
James147Avihay: yup01:41
James147Avihay: which is more ram then you ahve so swaping is going to happen...01:42
Avihaythat's crazy, the difference between those free reads were closeing (and reopening FF) and wine with an ole game, and something minor that I can't recall01:43
James147Avihay: firefox can use gigs of memory if you have pages open01:43
Avihaysysgurd stated 0.5GB01:44
* James147 wonders if firefox dose what chromium dose and use multiple processes....01:46
Avihayno, FF still uses one thread01:47
Avihayerr process01:47
James147Avihay: best thing to do is list it by what process uses the most memory, then tring to reduce its memory usage (either by disalbing plugins... reducing how many document etc you have open or various other things dependong on the program) or by looking for a lightweight alternitive01:49
James147Avihay: some things you might want to do are, disable unused desktop effects, disable unused plugins in krunner, disable nepomuks indexer (if you don't use it)01:49
Avihaydisabling nepomuk was hard01:50
James147Avihay: also, try installing kubuntu-low-fat-settings as it will enable options (or rather, disable stuff) to reduce memory usage01:52
CheckInJames147: Nope Though it does sandbox Flash now01:53
CheckInAvihay: I don't know how much you can liv without it but when I was running KDE from 4.0 to 4.3 I just turned off the desktop and only used krunner01:54
CheckInNo menus no backgrounds etc01:54
Avihayturned off the desktop?01:54
Avihayno plasma shell then?01:55
CheckInAvihay: Right01:55
CheckInPretty much everything I needed I can get to it through krunner but I don't knwo if that is the same for you01:55
Avihayno, I can't live without a full shell01:56
* Avihay starts to stare at razor-qt02:06
Avihayno activities, right? ... :-<02:10
CheckInAvihay: oooh right..02:12
CheckInAvihay: Actually wait. Doesn't Kwin manage activities?02:12
Avihaywell, there's this kactivityd that used to leak my memory dry and spam xsessionerror02:14
Avihay "it is supposed to worked with an existing window manager. The Razor-qt developers prefer Openbox, but it can work with everything else, from Kwin to fvwm."02:17
CheckInRazor-qt isn't bad if you can't get more memory02:19
CheckInand I suppose don't want to turn of KDE stuff02:19
Avihaymmm, problem is, I'm probably in love with the KDE DE. I can't find any other explanation why I have put up with it for this long02:21
JMichaelXi hope razor-qt takes off. i have been hoping for a lighter-weight Qt-based DE for a long time02:22
JMichaelXsome aspects of KDE are just out of control, in my opinion02:22
CheckInAvihay: I understand :-)02:26
CheckInJMichaelX: I've never understood why no other Qt majot projects exist. I've always attributed it to how easy it is work with KDE02:27
CheckInWhereas there are 1/2 dozen looslely coupled Gtk big projects but none of them are easy to work with ;-/02:28
Avihaywell, I guess the only other alternative to kde is xfce (if you want a full de)02:28
JMichaelXit is easy to work with KDE is what sense?02:29
CheckInE! :)02:29
AvihayE as in enlightment?02:29
CheckInJMichaelX: You just ask for a commit login and you get one a few minutes later with a space to work in02:29
CheckInAvihay: Yes02:29
JMichaelXCheckIn: ok, gotcha02:29
Avihaytried, too alien, also not fully featured (first thing that hit me was the lack of a network manager), wierd input issues and rendering artifects...02:30
JMichaelXAvihay: there are several network managers to choose from. could't you just install wicd or gnome's network manager?02:31
CheckInJMichaelX: Gnome in particular is pretty hard to get them to compromise on something they have decided on02:31
JMichaelXCheckIn: i am sure that is true.02:31
JMichaelXi have never been a fan of gnome, for that and several other reasons02:32
CheckInif anyone wanted to do any Work with a Qt project it's almost stupid to not join in with KDE rather than building your own thing02:32
AvihayI guess I could, it also had a good searching algorithm in it's launcher if I recall correctly02:32
JMichaelXCheckIn: there are a lot of people out there who feel that KDE is extremely bloated02:33
CheckInJMichaelX: Hence Razor-qt02:33
CheckInThat's a pretty logical reason to start a brand new Qt project and so they have02:33
JMichaelXCheckIn: yes, which is not a KDE project to my knowledge02:33
CheckInExtremely bloated may be an opinion but I don't know that there is much to back that up02:33
CheckInJMichaelX: It's not. I don't think it uses any Klibs at all02:34
JMichaelXCheckIn: to be specific, i know that many people would love to give nepomuk/virtuoso/akonadi and the whole 'semantic desktop' the boot... including me02:35
CheckInremove your clock from the desktop ^_^ done02:35
JMichaelXCheckIn: i think you are wrong there.... that was the case until 4.7 or so, but i don't think it is anymore02:36
AvihayI'd actually use nepomuk if it didn't feel like churring my HDD for a few hours every reboot...02:37
JMichaelXAvihay: that and munching up RAM02:37
CheckInJMichaelX: What's it tied into now?02:37
daedalussorry for the quit/joins02:38
JMichaelXCheckIn: i will not insist that you are wrong, but when i try now to disable all of that, it throw (in classic KDE style) about 6 or 7 popup warning at me, all at once, upon starting a KDE session02:38
SIR_Tacoonce it's done it's first index, there should be little overhead. (and the initial indexing has been tweeked so as not to be such a pain)02:39
Avihaywould have also been nice if nepomuk would get the hint, and stop running when you disable it from the kcm. removeing the exe's from /usr/bin feels so wrong02:39
CheckInJMichaelX: I think it's tied into the calendar on the clock. I haven't tested in 4.8 (Really need to install that) but that should stop akonadi/nepomuk unless you use Kmail of course02:41
CheckIn(I do use Kmail)02:41
Avihaywould also be nice if jovie would work properly or stop working if you tell it to...02:42
JMichaelXthere was something that happened after one of the more recent rounds of KDE updates that really made disk access increase... then the next update seems to have fixed that. during the period before the last (4.8.1 ?) updates, my fan was running way more than it should02:42
JMichaelXCheckIn: i will investigate that at some point possibly.02:42
caronchenIs there any way I can setup Kmail (Version 1.13.5) to use MS exchange server?02:43
JMichaelXmy biggest issue with KDE is all of the problems with the task manager... i realize this is a Qt issue, but good grief is this annoying02:44
JMichaelXnow there is a PPA that includes a patch for this problem, but in oneiric, the patch is only for KDE 4.7.4... which leaves out those using 4.802:45
Avihay<JMichaelX> my biggest issue with KDE is all of the problems with the task manager...   that lasted for a few years, YEARS!02:47
JMichaelXAvihay: i have 6 machines running KDE 4.8... and all of them are plagued with that problem02:49
AvihayJMichaelX: I like the app name in my task manager, but I decided, now that kwin's compositing is reasonably fast on my intel gfx card, to see what kde has to offer, among other things, I tried the icons-only task manager02:51
Avihayit felt like I kinda betryed myself and gone the way of win702:51
JMichaelXwhat is the icons-only task manager called? i am so sick of this task manager, i would be really to try about anything02:52
Avihaybut, a task-manager that works fine, and has normal thumbnails, and even presents the windows from the same group02:52
AvihayI mean uses the present effect, only for that group02:53
AvihayI think it's called icons-only task manager02:54
Avihaythat's what it says in the right-click menu02:54
CheckIncaronchen: Yes youc an Look for openchange I think03:05
nafgAvihay: Are you talking about a taskbar or a window switcher?03:07
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k1sm4cHello everyone07:50
k1sm4cI was wondering if anyone here had any experience with su and xhost07:51
noaXessis there a translator widget instead of google translator which is deprecated and will no longer be updated?07:52
elkngthe size of "kubuntu-11.10-dvd-i386.iso" is 3.2G, why its not full DVD 4.7G ?07:55
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TSKBeta1, sweet...  Gettin' close to time for me to upgrade.  :)10:29
TSKOooo.  It'sa LTS release, too.  Bonus.10:29
TSKGreetings, McGuinnes11:13
McGuinnesin perl is: eval "require 'config.pl'" or die "Can't load config file\n"; obsolete? Did work for a couple of years ago ... :)11:14
TSKMight have more luck with that question over in #perl perhaps?  ;)11:15
McGuinneswell, maybe ;)11:17
TSKPersonally, I know a whole lotta nothin' about Perl.  I'ma Python guy mostly these days.  :)11:18
phloogCheers! How can I set the default font in acroread on Kubuntu 11.10? Is is some system-wide default font, or can it be configured in acroread itself somehow? I'm a bit lost...11:21
phloog(if no font has been embedded or set in the PDF...)11:21
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TSKWow.  I'm sorry.  I'm pretty useless today.  I don't know the answer to that question either.11:22
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James147phloog: okular tends to use system fonts (and generally looks better then acroread)11:29
phloogJames147: Okay, but acroread seems to use some very narrow thin font for me, I wondered where that comes from - that's why I asked.11:30
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BluesKajHey all11:55
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diego123hi all, I have a strange problem with my kubuntu 11.10. When I start my sesion, the screen turns console mode and shows periodically "[sda] CDB: 2:0:0:0: Read(10)" sentences. I left like this for hours, and didn't end it. Now I'm on recovery mode, but I want back to my user session. What happens? Thanks so much13:15
Peace-diego123: i am not sure but...13:15
Peace-diego123: i guess your harddrive has some problems13:16
Peace-diego123: maybe you should to repair it13:16
diego123Im using it right now13:16
Peace-diego123: yes but there is some problem13:18
diego123I know :(13:18
Peace-it's yoour harddirver13:19
Peace-you shoudl try to see if there are errors13:19
Peace-diego123: this hd is sata?13:20
diego123I dont know13:22
BluesKajdiego123,  how old is the computer?13:23
diego1235 years13:24
diego123but always worked fine13:24
BluesKajdiego123,  then it;s most like ly an ide drive13:24
BluesKajdiego123,  run . sudo fdisk -l13:25
BluesKajany errors?13:27
BluesKajPeace-,  any suggestions ?13:28
BluesKajis there a command to show them if they exist ?13:29
Peace-BluesKaj: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2008/01/howto-check-disk-drive-for-errors-and.html13:29
diego123What I can't understand is if the hard drive has problems, why I can use it within recovery mode?13:30
Peace-diego123: well recovery mode it's a way to try to fix the system13:30
diego123It must show the same problems too13:30
diego123ok ok13:30
BluesKajfsck , gave some dire warnings about disk damage13:31
BluesKajifi continued13:31
diego123fsck sais "13:33
diego123WARNING!!!  The filesystem is mounted.   If you continue you ***WILL***13:33
Peace-BluesKaj: well you need to be sure you have not sensitive stuff13:33
diego123cause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage.13:33
Peace-diego123: well ... you just don't do anything13:34
Peace-diego123: you should use a live cd to fix the system13:34
Peace-diego123: btw badblocks says you have problems ?13:34
diego123how I use badblocks?13:35
Peace-diego123: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2008/01/howto-check-disk-drive-for-errors-and.html13:35
Peace-diego123: if you read it sasy13:35
Peace-diego123: sudo badblocks -v /dev/hda1 > bad-blocks13:36
Peace-that write your problems into the file  bad-blocks13:36
Peace-diego123: try to google better badblocks13:36
diego123running badblocks :)13:38
diego123its too slow :)13:39
noaXesswhat is the alternative driver for nvidia grafic card? the open source one?13:39
BluesKajif you have a large drive it will take a while13:39
noaXessnv? nouveau? what to install to replace nvidia-current?13:39
noaXesshey BluesKaj13:39
noaXessBluesKaj: Veromix does a good job ;)..13:40
BluesKajyeah noaXess , i tried it but I don't need i13:40
noaXessit does not auto change from headphonfe to speaker if i plug out my headphone or vise versa... but i can do that over it's settings..13:40
BluesKajdunno much about veromix13:41
BluesKaj!info veromix13:41
ubottuPackage veromix does not exist in oneiric13:41
BluesKajI suppopse if I needed veromix I would use it , but I'll keep it in mind for ppl with laptops13:44
BluesKajseems to be a solution13:44
Peace-i have an old pc so..13:44
Peace-well notebook13:44
BluesKajthis pc is 4 yrs old13:45
BluesKajFinally fixed the esata to sata connection. There was small piece of plastic stuck in the mobo sata port that was preventing proper contact and trimmed it off with my trusty swiss army knife and Voila! Now I don't have to suffer the USB 2 speeds when transferring files13:47
BluesKajbut my lder pc in the den seems kaput ...think the mobo is in bad shape , altho it recognizes some peripherals like KB, mouse and cdrom drive , it won't boot past the bios screen :(13:50
bmoez_what is the minimum memory of video  cart for running kubuntu well in my pc with 512Mo of Ram?13:56
bmoez_with 1024x1280 for screen13:56
BluesKajusually 1G RAM is enough , some ppl get by with a little less , if you have a separate pci graphics card then 512 RAM might work13:59
bmoez_think you :)14:00
BluesKajbmoez_,  I would definitely increase to at least 1G RAM for faster computing14:02
rtdosunless you can add memory to that video card :)14:54
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LaibschIs Jonathan Thomas around?16:10
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sayakbhi, is there a way to set a static DNS server? i am using a mobile broadband connection.17:40
sayakb(and using the network management KCM module)17:41
ubuntuHi, I'm on the Kubuntu 11.10 live cd, the installer just crashed on my while setting up a normal ext4 partition, http://pastebin.com/4WuXu1V7 , also html5 playback in the rekonq browser on youtube isn't working, the video and player loads but no audio/video, do the codecs not get loaded up in live disk or soemthing or is it the browser's fault? thx17:58
ubuntuAlso just like to say from what I can see and from the way everything looks and feels this looks like it'll be the best KDE distro evar :D17:59
GirlyGirlubuntu: Can you try the alternate installer ... it always seems so much more reliable18:01
ubuntuThe alternative live cd?18:01
ubuntuomg i've just noticed you have to click the icons at the bottom of the KDE menu, that is genius I hate it accidentally switching on other distros <318:02
ubuntuGirlyGirl, do you mean the alternative live cd?18:04
GirlyGirlalternate install cd18:04
ubuntuoh ok, damn, worse aspect of python is these bugs dont show up until it's put in production lots of times ;(18:05
ubuntuBTW it's rekonq failing at HTML5 youtube, firefox is doing it fine18:06
ubuntuBTW that installer crash happened while the desktop was loaded in live cd styleee, it installed correctly last night on a VM so it's either the fact i was in live cd, the fact I had rekonq on, something else weird like hardware or drivers, formatting as ext4, clicking other partitions while it was formatting as ext4 :P <comprehensive bug report ^o^18:09
JMichaelXanyone know of a Qt-based mpd client?18:38
genii-around!info qmpdclient | JMichaelX18:43
ubottuJMichaelX: Package qmpdclient does not exist in oneiric18:43
genii-around( 12.04 has it but apparently not 11.10 )18:44
JMichaelXgenii-around: just found that the qmpdclient website has .deb's18:45
genii-aroundAh, good18:46
JMichaelXach, but only i38618:46
JMichaelXoh well, i'll just keep relying on ncmpcpp18:47
* JMichaelX feels that ncmpcpp is taking acronym-based app names to the extreme18:48
{[ggmmk]}I think the KDE network debug tools should be bundled, at full speed it just took me a while to download and I think it's preventing the program that caused the crash report to not work until it's finished :< 'tis a deterrent to help devs19:09
Quintasan{[ggmmk]}: There is only 700mb of space on CD, we can't afford to drop lang packs or some other applications just to add dbg packages19:10
Sentynel{[ggmmk]}: debug symbols aren't bundled precisely because they're huge; they wouldn't fit in the iso19:10
Peace-well there is dvd19:12
{[ggmmk]}Ah good point :P19:14
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OjolHi, my Kubuntu just completely died, I'm pretty sure it all went wrong after changing to the recommended 3rd-party nvidia graphics drivers in the additional drivers program, I couldn't connect to jabber on kopete, the software center failed to start too, just instantly crashing and when I went to restart two programs crashed (background KDE progs)19:31
Tm_Tnone of that should have anything to do with nvidia drivers19:32
OjolNot saying that but that all happened after I installecd the Recommended Nvidia drivers, lost connection to jabber then kopete crashed then all the rest ensued19:33
FanfareOjol: sound more like defect hdd or ram19:33
OjolSomething gave up on life once I switched drivers19:34
OjolBTW can screen refresh rate cause people's perception to be abit weird? Apparently this monitor is running at 50Hz and not 60 for some reason and I'm finding the screen hard to look at19:35
OjolCan anyone think why it's not giving me the options?19:36
macoOjol: my stepbrother went "ahhh how can you stand this refresh rate?" the first time he used my mom's computer, and up'd it, because the flicker bothered him. I can see pixels refresh at 50Hz or maybe 60, but not 7519:37
macohave you tried rebooting since whatever happened?19:37
OjolThe reboot is what caused the two programs to crash and yes it's mostly alright except the 'Recommended' nvidia drivers aren't S*** lol since they think my monitor has to have 50-51Hz19:38
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FanfareQ: i have 2 identical machines, 1 with kubuntu as single OS, 2nd with win XP and kubuntu. Now, i have the impression that the 2nd system is much slower.19:45
OjolI think it'd be a good idea to have a link in the System applications to Muon package Manager called System Update, I didn't really know where to do updates19:46
OjolAlso I wasn't prompted to do updates to my knowledge when I booted so it might be a good idea to have something make a scene in the system tray19:47
FanfareOjol: there is usually a yellow singn in lower right corner indicating available updates19:47
OjolNothing's there, I think there was for a little be after I first installed but it didn't do anything19:48
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OjolHi, I've run Full Upgrade in Muon package manager but it's been on Running dpkg at 52% for a long time, will forcing it to close be catastrophic? :P (it has not activity in System Monitor)20:16
asfyxiaOjol, I've had something similar. I had to force a shutdown of the pc, restarted it, and finished it with sudo dpkg --configure -a. But that's no guarantee that you have exactly the same, of course20:27
OjolYea I can't get it to update again :(20:28
OjolKubuntu, you were so full of promise20:28
jussiOjol: what is the error message?20:28
OjolThere wasn't one. Just got stuck on the dkpg stage20:28
jussidid you close muon?20:28
jussiOjol: ^^20:29
jussiOjol: also, which version of Kubuntu do you have?20:30
Ojol11.10, was trying to do updates from fresh install20:31
jussiOjol: ok, how familiar are you with the terminal?20:31
jussiOjol: please try the following command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -f20:32
Ojolgood point, should have done that in the first place20:32
glosolianyone can  answer me which version of KDE is using Kubuntu 12.04 ?20:33
OjolI'm used to debian-level-stability so I forgot Ubuntu can't be trusted in it's first days of a release xD20:33
asfyxiaglosoli: 12.04 has KDE 4.8, you can install that as well on 11.1020:33
glosoliasfyxia, nah, i prefer testing things :D20:33
glosolikind of an idiot I am20:34
asfyxiaI've done that too ;-p20:34
glosoliasfyxia, are you on 12.04  ?20:34
asfyxiaNope, I'm on 11.10 with KDE 4.8 at this moment. KDE 4.8 is quite a step forward20:35
jussiglosoli: #ubuntu+1 is the place for 12.04 discussions and help :)20:35
glosolijussi, ok sorry, don't be mad :)20:35
jussiglosoli: not mad, just trying to help you get the right place :)20:36
glosolijussi, I am in ubuntu+1 for long time :)20:36
glosoliasfyxia, kde 4.8 have that thing like docked task manager or smth new that was introduced some time ago yes ?20:36
asfyxiaI'm afraid that I don't know what smth is... I'm not using Kubuntu that long20:37
asfyxiaBut it has a docked activity manager, yes20:38
glosoliasfyxia, aa, never mind, gonna download it :)20:38
asfyxiaglosoli: good luck, you're gonna like it ;-)20:39
glosoliasfyxia, sure i will :>20:41
cobra-the-jokerHey guys ... using kubuntu 12.04 here ... bluetooth seems to be on but not working ( no send or recieve or even seen on other devices ) ... any help ?21:21
rorkcobra-the-joker: official channel for 12.04 is #ubuntu+121:25
cobra-the-jokerrork: ok21:25
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Jarlihello all23:04
Jarligot a question, whats the Xen app i need to download to create a virtal system?23:04
KarmaComaanyone knows how to get f.lux working on 12.04?23:05
JarliI don't karma, you're probably mroe skilled a linux then I am23:05
Jarlino, im looking for the Xen client23:06
KarmaComaoh ok23:06
JarliI see Xen tools and what not23:06
Jarlibut not sure which one I need23:06
JarliAny ideas?23:07
JarliThat and Kubuntu was just installed, and it has updates.... faster then windows to complain about those lol...23:10
Jarlidamn it, just removed the main task bar....23:14
Jarlihow do I add it back..23:14
Jarlianyone home23:16
Jarliwhat the crap, irritating...23:18
KarmaComaadd panel23:19
KarmaComaright click on desktop then add panel23:19
Jarlithe spacer between the left and right hand task bar, i removed it accidently23:19
KarmaComaadd widget23:19
KarmaComathen taskbar23:19
KarmaComatask manager i think23:20
KarmaComasomething like that23:20
Jarliit isn't finding anything..23:20
Jarliand I think muon froze... been at 42% for a bit now...23:20
KarmaComait has nothing to do with you cant find the task manager23:21
JarliWhen I search the catergories, nothing is found.23:21
KarmaComaits the widgets not categories!23:22
JarliBut there is nothing to select from is what Im trying to say23:22
KarmaComaunlock widgets23:22
KarmaComaadd widget23:22
Jarlik add widget23:23
KarmaComasearch for "task"23:23
KarmaComayou should find task manager23:23
Jarlinothing comes up..... under the task bar "add widgets" search "task"23:23
KarmaComawhat version of kubuntu?23:24
KarmaComait should be there23:24
Jarlitrying a reboot, be back in a minute23:24
Jarlimuon refuses to let me reboot... like really23:25
Jarlimuon seems frozen and the bitch won't let me restart....23:25
KarmaComathat happens a lot with muon in the first system update23:26
Jarliok... then hard reset?23:26
KarmaComano other choices23:27
Jarlisince I had to shoot my self in the face, blow my windows 7 os, and everything installed and then try again...23:27
Jarliawesome first impression lol...23:27
Jarlibe bacj soon23:27
Jarliwell im back23:30
Jarligot task manager back23:31
Jarlilocked that freaking panel, lol23:31
Jarlimore muon is saying it may be broken when looking for updates... WTF23:32
Jarlif it, full upgrade, I have a terabyte.23:33
KarmaComarun that at terminal sudo dpkg --configure -a23:33
JarliWhy is another updater running damn it, and where is it...23:33
KarmaComaclose any dpkg apps first23:33
JarliI dont know how...23:34
KarmaComaand run that command in terminal then opem muon again23:34
KarmaComaopen terminal23:34
Jarlihave that open23:34
KarmaComacopy that: sudo dpkg --configure -a23:34
KarmaComaand paste in terminal23:34
KarmaComaand write root password23:35
KarmaComaafter it finishes23:35
KarmaComaclose terminal and open muon again23:35
Jarliwill do23:35
Jarliit appears is has a lot to do23:36
KarmaComayeah it will fix all broken packages23:36
Jarlieverything? like really. lol23:36
KarmaComaand maybe it will update the rest packages muon would do23:36
JarliI bet you it's just reinstalling the OS while I watch.... it has a ton of things it's going through23:38
Jarlithe scroll bar is about half an inch at the moment23:38
KarmaComanot that much lol23:38
Jarlihi ralf_23:38
ralf_i use compiz as my main wm23:39
ralf_but i'd like to use the kwin decorator23:39
ralf_so i need to install the compiz-kde package23:39
Jarlithat finished23:39
ralf_problem is, after installing, ccsm segfaults23:39
Jarlihave muon open now as well23:39
KarmaComayou said you need to use kwin so why you need ccsm?23:41
ralf_only the decorator, not the fullblown wm23:41
KarmaComai'm not so familiar with compiz sorry23:43
Jarlirekong sucks FYI, it opens like 30 pages, showing some thumbnail... whats the hell23:43
Jarligotta reboot brb23:43
Jarliim back23:47
Jarliwell lets see if this is the right Xen server23:52
Jarli'crosses fingers'23:52

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