StevenKwallyworld___: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/drop-garbo-accesspolicy-redux/+merge/9777900:50
StevenKThree underscores? That's a bit excessive ...00:50
wallyworld___StevenK: each time i plug or unplug my laptop from the docking station it disconnects the network00:51
wallyworld___you sure you won't need to re-revert the revert again :-P00:52
StevenKI bloody hope not.00:52
StevenKIt should be redeletion :-P00:53
wgrantwallyworld___: Feel like reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/GRAR/+merge/97782?01:32
wallyworld___wgrant: looking now01:32
wallyworld___wgrant: typo line 9 otherwise good. what a silly error01:34
wgrantwallyworld___: Already fixed that01:34
wallyworld___np, r=me01:34
StevenKwgrant: Importing a bug that has <private>False</private> into a product that has private_bugs = True still creates the bug as public.01:58
wgrantStevenK: :(02:00
wgrantwallyworld___: I guess we probably want to display the beta banner too.02:01
wgrantwallyworld___: I think we can probably turn this on RO for beta testing on Tuesday morning if we get these few things fixed up. Are you going OK, or should I work on bits once I finish the garbo job?02:01
wallyworld___wgrant: the read only branch is up for review, just entering a bug for the performance issue02:03
wgrantI see there's an unassigned card in Coding -- that's you?02:03
StevenKwgrant: Fixing it is easy, overwrite private if product.private_bugs. A test is harder02:03
wgrantNo longer unassigned.02:04
wallyworld___wgrant: not unassigned anymore. i was in the middle of doing it when i answered you irc ping02:04
wgrantHeh, sorry.02:04
wgrantwallyworld___: I'll review the RO branch after lunch.02:04
wallyworld___ok, thanks :-)02:04
wgrantStevenK: Isn't that Done-Done?02:05
wgrantwallyworld___: What about disclosure.enhanced_sharing.enabled and disclosure.enhanced_sharing.writable?02:06
StevenKwgrant: Doesn't your everything is broken in IE8 card move?02:06
wgrantStevenK: No02:06
wgrantStevenK: A few less things are unbroken in IE.02:06
wgrantBut there are more branches.02:06
wallyworld___wgrant: i guess so02:07
* mwhudson squinets02:07
mwhudsoni think there is the wrong parity of negatives in that sentence?02:07
wgrantUm, yes.02:08
wgrantwallyworld___: getPrecachedPersonsFromIDs is probably of interest.02:12
wallyworld___wgrant: no kidding02:12
wallyworld___but thanks :-)02:12
wgrantI've seen people reimplement it before :)02:13
wallyworld___the real issue will be the web service marshalling - whether that triggers lazy evaluation of properties02:14
wgrantIt does, but getPrecachedPersonsFromIDs is used to prevent that.02:14
wallyworld___wgrant: sure, but i don't want to load data not needed on the client02:15
wallyworld___there's a lot of joins etc that can be avoided02:15
wgrantBut you can't avoid that while still returning marshalled Persons.02:16
wgrantwallyworld___: Person.api_activemembers shows the args you need.02:17
wgrantIt would be nice to avoid this, but the current API design makes that a bit hard. So for now I'd just precache.02:17
wallyworld___wgrant: but i don't really need marshalled persons in their intirety02:17
wgrantThat's true.02:18
wallyworld___kusy name,displayname, self_link really02:18
wgrantAlso icon, but you don't use that yet.02:18
wallyworld___anyway, i'll see what can be done02:18
wgrantwallyworld___: Reviewed02:32
wgrant13:32:23 < wgrant> wallyworld___: Reviewed02:32
wgrant13:32:25 -!- wallyworld_ [~quassel@27-33-46-253.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #launchpad-dev02:32
wallyworld_wgrant: what's up?02:36
wallyworld_thanks for the review - the reason for making the links depend on either flag is so that it is robust enough to handle that we may want to just activate the writeable flag and expect that it all should work02:39
wgrantWill the underlying APIs cope with that?02:39
wallyworld_well that is the intent, i'll double check to be 100%02:40
wallyworld_why did you paste the "wallyworld has joined..." text?02:41
wgrantwallyworld_: Because I tried to talk to you two seconds before you reconnected.02:42
wgrantloltpg? :)02:42
wallyworld_no. as i said to StevenK, when i disconnect the laptop from the docking station, the network hicups02:42
wallyworld_i don't know why you guys dis tpg so much. it's been great for me02:43
StevenKIt's easy when you start the day as wallyworld and end up as wallyworld__________________________03:07
wallyworld_but that's nothing to do with tpg03:08
StevenKSo you say. :-P03:08
wgrantStevenK: Is the migration done on prod yet?03:10
wallyworld_how do you know it is?03:10
StevenKwallyworld_: I'm yanking your chain. For a happy TPG customer, you sure are defensive. :-P03:12
wallyworld_because you dis it so much :-)03:12
StevenKwgrant: Nope.03:13
StevenK350k bugs to go03:13
wallyworld_wgrant: did you put up the card about changing access for sharing to owners and not drivers? i didn't think we had agreement from the product team yet for that change?03:13
wgrantwallyworld_: Did Product actually say that driver should have access?03:15
wgrantThat's pretty odd, since driver is approximately RM03:15
wgrantI don't think we should open it up to driver yet.03:15
wallyworld_wgrant: can't recall exactly where that came from but it was communicated as a requirement03:15
wallyworld_in an email perhaps, can't recall03:16
StevenKI think that's an OEM thing03:16
wgrantAh, right, the silliness with pmteam03:16
wgrantBut I'm not sure it matters massively for the initial beta next week...03:16
wgrantI'd prefer to err on the side of revealing too little.03:17
wallyworld_not sure. we'd best check03:17
StevenKsinzui: I just fixed bug 457489, so I'm not sure why you self-assigned it. :-)03:23
_mup_Bug #457489: Bug importer ignores the product.private_bugs flag <bugs> <disclosure> <easy> <lp-bugs> <privacy> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by sinzui> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/457489 >03:23
sinzuiStevenK, I did not see you working on it03:23
lifelesssinzui: why are you awake?03:24
StevenKsinzui: I even have a card for it03:24
sinzuiBecause the bug should have been fixed. I see the public security rule trumped the default rule03:24
StevenKlifeless: Clearly the bug I linked is so henious that sinzui can't sleep.03:24
sinzuiStevenK, I was looking a the bug, I do not look a kanban during non-work outs03:25
StevenKsinzui: Sorry if I stepped on your toes, I reproduced the bug before lunch and just finished off the branch.03:26
sinzuiYeah. I wrote the test and thought, what, the call chain is right, why is it wrong03:27
sinzuiStevenK, you get a free review03:27
StevenKsinzui: I love how the bug importer was setting private, creating the bug, and then re-grabbing private from the node.03:28
sinzuiStevenK, the public security rule still trumps your code03:28
sinzuiand it should not03:28
StevenKsinzui: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/885845/03:30
sinzuiyou missed the duplict rewrite of of security (twice no less) The bug is made private correctly, then change once by code from 5 years ago then made public by code from last year03:33
sinzuiThere are duplicate lines which i see you saw03:33
sinzuiYour code will fail if you run my test I think03:34
StevenKI think my new code is okay, since your test reads reads like mine.03:35
sinzuiStevenK, I believe product.createBug() -> BugSet.createBug() which ignores/overwrites any value in the private param. The bug is create private every time.03:36
sinzuiYou code has a needless check of .private_bug. We do not do that anywhere else in lp code. Searching will reveal two methods seem to know about it03:37
StevenKsinzui: Now test_public_security_bug fails since I force private = Ture03:38
sinzuiwhy does your change still set security twice after creation!03:38
StevenKOh, bloody heck. I missed that one.03:39
StevenKsinzui: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/885859/03:40
sinzuiI tested with a public security bug. I found that bug was created private but those two alterations overwrote what createBug does03:40
sinzuiStevenK, didn't you just break the public security bug case in another test. I am allowed to import a public security bug. Lp created it private, then the import makes it public, but it should only do that if the project does not have default private bugs03:44
StevenKSigh, can't we use information_type03:45
StevenKThat makes it so much easier. :-)03:45
sinzuiDamn right03:46
sinzuiI think bug.setPrivacyAndSecurityRelated is needed, but it must be guarded by if not self.product.private_bugs:03:46
StevenKAnd we need the private or security_related03:47
StevenKJust to deal with that case03:47
sinzuiStevenK, Look at by diff http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/885848/03:49
* wgrant randomises everything except faq_id_seq, bug_id_seq and question_id_seq.03:49
sinzuiWe test with the public_security_bug because it was the reason there were two rules in the code to overwrite.03:50
sinzuisecurity and privacy.03:50
sinzuiWe just want a second test that shows that .private_bugs wins in  battle with public security03:51
StevenKOr I can just re-use the current test ...03:52
sinzuiStevenK, any, you understand what I was seeing. I am approving your branch. I see jc's branch came back with two failures, So I can fix these and go to sleep03:52
StevenKI'm looking forward to CreateBugParams() taking information_type, since that setting crap can die03:56
wgrantYay, /builders in less than 100 queries04:01
lifelessI'm thinking we need more soft oopses04:08
lifeless-> on any page with > 100 queries04:08
wgrantlifeless: I think we should soft oops anything over 2s or 100 queries, personallhy.04:10
wgrantIt's an awful lot of soft oopses, but all those requests are bad.04:11
wallyworld_wgrant: 2 queries, static04:22
wallyworld_previously it was O(n)04:23
wgrantwallyworld_: Hell yeah04:25
wgrantThat's what I like to see.04:25
wallyworld_me too04:25
wgrantThis makes API usage awkward04:29
wgrantBut I guess it will do for now.04:29
wallyworld_wgrant: with the api usage, it depends on what data they want back. we can always add additional attributes, but for now, let's get this landed to fix the core issue04:49
wallyworld_are you able to +1 it and i'll send to ec204:50
wgrantwallyworld_: Sorry, got distracted in -ops04:51
wallyworld_wgrant: one option is for the callers to ask for the attributes they want04:52
wallyworld_otherwise they just get a minimal set like what's there now04:52
wallyworld_i've used that pattern before quite successfully04:52
wallyworld_that way the api can be used for any use case04:52
wallyworld_and not have to over or under deliver04:52
wgrantGood luck doing that with lazr.restful(client)04:53
pooliehas anyone else encountered https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dnsmasq/+bug/956655 by running lxc locally?05:16
_mup_Bug #956655: libvirt dnsmasq causes runaway chain reaction <dnsmasq (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/956655 >05:16
* wallyworld_ stabs ec2 - a landing run failed and no email :-(05:55
wallyworld_wgrant: why + getUtility(IAccessPolicyArtifactSource).deleteByArtifact(abstracts) ?05:59
wgrantwallyworld_: Ah, good point. Because artifact deletion should remove the grants and policy links, rather than removing the grants and then failing with a foreign key violation.06:00
wgrantShould probably test that directly.06:00
wallyworld_yes, was wondering why exiting tests didn't fail or there wasn't a new test added06:00
wallyworld_wgrant: we can't select from the access artifact grant table to see if a bug id is in there and therefore already mirrored?06:08
wgrantwallyworld_: There may not be any grants.06:10
wgrantWe've used this pattern before.06:10
wgrantFor the SPR.changelog migration, IIRC06:10
wgrantstoring the value in memcached.06:10
wallyworld_ok. and if the app is restarted, we just redo some work06:11
wgrantNot the app, memcached.06:11
wgrantAnd memcached is very rarely restarted.06:11
wallyworld_that runs in a separate process, ok06:11
wgrantThe migration should complete within one run.06:12
wgrantI believe.06:12
wallyworld_ffs. another ec2 run failed with no email06:13
wgrantSure you've updated your lp-dev-utils?06:14
wgrantMine are emailing fine.06:14
wallyworld_and only an hour in, before any of the new tests would have been run06:14
wallyworld_wgrant: yes, i landed stuff yesterday ok iirc. and i just updated then and no changes06:14
wgrantMaybe EC2 is being shit.06:14
wallyworld_yeah :-(06:15
wgrantwallyworld_: The delete() change is now tested.06:15
wallyworld_wgrant: cool. i just +1'ed it anyway06:15
wgrantwallyworld_: You probably conflicted with jcsackett's branch06:26
wallyworld_perhaps. sorting it out now06:27
wgrantI'm just sorting out the beta banner.06:27
wallyworld_ok, cool. next week will be good06:27
wgrantwallyworld_: I guess that page also wants the privacy banner.06:28
wallyworld_hmmm. could do. is it really displaying private info though?06:29
wgrantI guess it could be argued either way.06:29
* wgrant just goes with the beta banner for now.06:29
poolieis anyone running lxc on your laptop/etc?06:29
wallyworld_no, bare metal for me06:30
wgrantpoolie: I run it on my laptop (oneiric) and desktop (precise)06:30
wgrantOnly precise's has its own libvirt.06:30
pooliedid you see anything like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dnsmasq/+bug/95665506:30
wgrantBut it's working for me.06:30
_mup_Bug #956655: libvirt dnsmasq causes runaway chain reaction <dnsmasq (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/956655 >06:30
wgrantI'm running libvirt, lxc and system dnsmasqs06:30
wgrantAnd it's working OK06:30
wgrantI haven't rebooted in several days, though.06:31
wgrantpoolie: Heh06:31
wgrantpoolie: You know what adds that dhclient.conf thing...06:31
wgrantpoolie: LP's setuplxc06:31
poolieoh ffs06:31
pooliei should never have run that06:31
poolieit's so ridiculously intrusive06:32
poolieworse than rocketfuel-setup06:32
pooliedespite intending to run on the host06:32
stubYou should run it from an lxc container.06:32
poolieonly inside an existing container?06:32
stubImplied smiley06:32
lifelessdhclient thing?06:32
lifelesspoolie: YHBT by stub :)06:33
wgrant$ bzr grep domain-name-servers06:33
wgrantutilities/setuplxc.py:        'prepend domain-name-servers {};\n'.format(lxc_gateway_address))06:33
lifelesserm wtf06:33
poolieit modifies your dhclient.conf in a way that sets up an echo loop between various dnsmasqs06:33
lifelessWhy would it add that06:33
wgrantwtf is right :)06:33
pooliefor fun06:33
lifelesspoolie: file a bug, I think it indicates a missetup host06:33
poolieagainst what?06:33
lifelesslaunchpad for now, which is where the setuplxc script is06:34
pooliei already filed a bug06:34
pooliei don't believe setuplxc's serious06:34
lifelessin what way?06:34
poolieit's full of stuff that does random modifications to the host06:34
pooliereporting them individually doesn't seem like a good use of time06:35
pooliethe discussion needs to be around splitting it into bits you could safely run on a host you care about06:35
pooliethat should be very conservative06:35
poolieand things inside the guest, that can do whatever06:35
pooliebut, per stub's troll, i don't know if that's even what it's meant for06:36
poolieis it?06:36
lifelessi gotta go06:36
poolieah, sorry if that's too bitter06:36
pooliei can post to the list06:36
pooliei thought i already did though06:36
poolieok, i mentioned this in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/936817 and you replied, but no one else06:37
_mup_Bug #936817: setuplxc scrambles your bzr whoami <Launchpad itself:Triaged by mbp> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/936817 >06:37
poolieanyhow, thanks for that wgrant06:38
stubpoolie: I believe its purpose is to completely setup a Lucid lxc container with a full Launchpad development environment ready to go.06:39
poolieit's intended to be run on the host?06:39
stubI think so, yes (I didn't write it, but I vaguely recall running it once)06:39
pooliei infer it's only meant to be run on a host you don't care about, like an ec2 vm06:39
wgrantwallyworld: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/sharing-beta-banner/+merge/9780106:40
wallyworld_ooh. a banner,  i like banners06:40
stubI ran it on a host I cared about. It seemed to survive. Would have been december or January?06:41
wallyworld_wgrant: that's nice infrastructure the bugs team added. i had no idea it would be so easy06:42
wgrantwallyworld_: Yep, it's pretty nice.06:42
wgrantIt can also link each feature to a URL, but I don't think we have anything for these yet.06:42
wgrantSo meh.06:42
wallyworld_one thing at a time06:43
lifelesspoolie: so, I'm sure you'll agree that if it was *just* refactored, and you ran it to setup an lxc container for you (so ran on the host), the existing change to your resolv.conf would be wrong06:43
lifelesspoolie: its not particularly useful to reject identifying specific bugs just because the structure could be better06:43
wgrantwallyworld_: Thanks.06:44
lifelesspoolie_: so, I'm sure you'll agree that if it was *just* refactored, and you ran it to setup an lxc container for you (so ran on the host), the existing change to your resolv.conf would be wrong06:44
lifelesspoolie_: its not particularly useful to reject identifying specific bugs just because the structure could be better06:44
wgrantwallyworld_: It depends on yours, so I'll watch and land it when appropriate.06:44
lifelesspoolie_: its meant to be run by random developers as well as on e.g. ec206:44
wallyworld_wgrant: ok. i'm keeping an eye on mine too so i can land if i get to it first06:45
lifelesspoolie_: filing bugs is a useful thing to do; suggesting ways to make similar bugs less likely is also good, *but does not replace* identifying existing flaws.06:45
lifelesspoolie_: the folk writing it are not unix sysadmins, so they may well make mistakes or oversights, and we should be supporting them in getting a good result06:45
poolie_yes, that's all fine06:45
poolie_i just thought it might be closed invalid 'it's meant to do that'06:46
lifelessLP very rarely does that :) - you may get 'but X happens and we need to address it' as an answer, and if so we can have a discussion06:47
lifelessspeaking of bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/936817 you have assigned it to yourself, so I suspect noone has answered because they assume its all under control06:47
_mup_Bug #936817: setuplxc scrambles your bzr whoami <paralleltest> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by mbp> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/936817 >06:47
lifelesspoolie_: I don't know why these things have been added, I can ask gary, but I suspect something came up and the team took the most direct solution they saw.06:48
poolie_yes, i'm sure that's true06:48
lifelessthis happens reasonably often in software dev AFAICT, and its usually 'wast'e06:49
lifelessI'm not sure how to stop it without really negative velocity side effects06:49
wallyworld_wgrant: found one of the ec2 issues, looks spurious, nothing to do with my changes: test_memory_hog_job06:49
wgrantwallyworld_: That seems to fail on certain days.06:49
wallyworld_fridays perhaps06:49
wgrantwallyworld_: eg. I had two branches fail with it yesterday, one not.06:49
wgrantOne failed today, two did not.;06:49
poolie_lifeless, what i would have liked to have happen is for one of the developers to reply to my original bug to say06:49
poolie_"sorry, it's not meant to mangle your host, please tell us of any other issues"06:50
wgrantIt did the same thing a couple of months ago.06:50
wgrantAnd recovered without anybody doing anything.06:50
poolie_then i would have felt encouraged to do it again06:50
lifelesspoolie_: that would have been nice. I guarantee they haven't seen it :)06:50
lifelesspoolie_: - I failed to tag it for their queue06:50
poolie_cause they're rotated?06:50
lifelesspoolie_: and few folk are subscribed to all LP bugs06:50
lifelesspoolie_: and you triaged it yourself, so noone who is not subscribed had cause to look at it and tag it.06:51
lifeless(all of which is fine, but you can see why they probably hadn't seen it)06:51
lifelessthis comes under 'LP is too big, we need to split stuff out' - I've asked that this script move to lp-dev-utils06:51
poolie_ok, i see06:52
lifelesswhich is a smaller project, and they could reasonably be expected to be subscribed for the project duration, for instance.06:52
lifelessanyhow, my general advice when feeling ignored by a developer of $anything, is to reach out directly and seek help from them :)06:53
lifelessI just heard a massive THUMP06:53
lifelesscat trying to get out of the lounge06:53
poolie_lifeless, i don't mind being ignored on it, i was just not going to run it until it was more stable06:55
poolie_if the residual damage hadn't caused my whole network to fallover i wouldn't have been thinking about it06:55
lifelesspoolie_: anyhow, can you please file a new bug for that other damage, also on LP, and either point me at it, or tag it paralleltests06:56
lifelesserm, paralleltest IIRC06:56
poolie_i retargeted the existing bug06:56
poolie_dnsmasq is perhaps a bit dangerous but i think the proximate cause is setuplxc06:57
lifelessoh, the existing dnsmasq bug ?06:57
lifelessso yeah, thats purely setuplxc doing something inappropriate06:58
lifelessprobably the ec2 image is missing dnsmasq06:58
lifelessand so the libvirt dnsmast magic isn't kicking in06:58
poolie_yes bug 95665506:58
_mup_Bug #956655: libvirt dnsmasq causes runaway chain reaction <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/956655 >06:58
poolie_yes, and missing networkmanager06:58
lifeless(or missing a rule for (host) dnsmasq usage.06:58
poolie_so you need a few different things for it to kick off06:58
poolie_thus my question whether it was even intended to be used on laptops06:58
lifelessdo you need n-m for libvirt to do its thing ?06:58
lifelessdefinitely, its concieved as a dev + devops + ops tool06:59
poolie_n-m is starting the host's dnsmasq06:59
poolie_you could have dnsmasq without nm06:59
wgrantwallyworld_: Ah, one thing I missed in the review: you check whether the flag values are None, rather than letting them naturally cast to bool. This makes it impossible to override them to false.07:00
wgrantwallyworld_: You have to have no matches rules at all instead.07:00
lifelessright, so we'll need to tease that all out, the code in setuplxc today is flawed07:01
wallyworld_wgrant: can't we just delete the flag07:01
lifelessEOW'ing for reals07:01
wgrantwallyworld_: Occasionally we need to disable it just in one exceptional case.07:02
wgrantwallyworld_: eg. to this day we have two rules for dynamic bug listings.07:02
wgrantThe main one to enable it globally.07:02
wgrantAnd a second one to disable it just for one page that doesn't work with it.07:02
poolie_lifeless,  thanks, have  a  great weekend07:02
wallyworld_and we can only do that if we cast to boolean?07:02
wgrantwallyworld_: It will implicitly do that.07:03
wgrantwallyworld_: The pattern is to just say "if getFeatureFlag('foo'):"07:03
wgrantRather than "if getFeatureFlag('foo') is not None:"07:03
wallyworld_ok, will fix07:04
wgrantShould be pretty trivial :)07:05
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wallyworld_wgrant: you can land you beta banner branch now08:16
wgrantwallyworld_: Excellent, thanks.08:21
StevenKQuite irritating now that LP is marking merged MPs diffs as empty08:52
adeuringgood morning08:53
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lcanashey guys, I'm trying to get the info from https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/950364/+activity using the launchpadlib but it seems that the content of the activity entries is not available via the API. All I can get is the total number of entries, but the "bug.activity.entries" object is always empty. Any ideas?09:46
_mup_Bug #950364: the owner field in glance is tenant_name <Glance:Triaged by jaypipes> <OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon):In Progress by gabriel-hurley> <Keystone:In Progress by jaypipes> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/950364 >09:46
wgrantlcanas: You can't access activity entries anonymously right now.09:48
wgrantEven for public bugs.09:48
wgrantBut if you're authenticated at all it will work.09:48
lcanaswgrant, I see, thank you! :D09:49
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rick_hmorning party people11:45
czajkowskirick_h: ello11:46
nigelbrick_h: Recovered from pycon?11:54
rick_hnigelb: the process begins...I think it might take a while.11:54
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wgrantsinzui: Morning.12:33
sinzuiI am afraid it is12:34
wgrantsinzui: wallyworld and I landed several branches today which get us into a state where we could sensibly turn on a read-only version +sharing page with fully populated data on Tuesday.12:36
wgrantDoes that sound like a reasonable idea?12:36
wallyworld_oh yeah12:37
sinzuiyes it does12:37
wgrantIt all looks pretty nice.12:42
wgrantAnd it is nice and fast.12:42
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deryckMorning, everyone.13:18
deryckwelcome back, rick_h13:23
rick_hderyck: thanks, let the shoveling begin!!13:23
deryckrick_h, a little email there to tend to? :)13:23
abentleyadeuring, deryck, rick_h: hi.13:24
rick_hheh, not just that, but crap to do. 2-factor auth, reviews, etc. You all got busy last week13:24
deryck2-factor auth?13:24
deryckoh right13:25
deryckI recall now :)13:25
rick_hyea, giant thread on using phone for 2-factor auth stuff13:25
rick_hordered a yubi key to try to hook into it13:25
adeuringrick_h: could you have a look at this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~stefanor/wadllib/datetime-924240/+merge/97099 ? It's about a change you made to wadllib; I have no real clue about this stuff13:25
rick_hadeuring: looking, see if I can recall13:26
rick_hadeuring: ah, that was for py3 compat. It's a hack, but the only way I could get tests to pass in both13:27
adeuringrick_h: I assume that the round trip ET.tostring(ET.fromstring(markup)) is necessary? If so, could you explain this in the MP13:28
rick_hyes, I'm trying to remember how it works. will do13:28
rick_hbasically we need to foce bytes. ET return a string in py2, but unicode in py313:29
rick_hso we have to get it to a string, and then force it into Bytes13:29
rick_hfor the stream to work13:29
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jcsackettabentley: you use bzr-colo these days for lp, right? or am i misremembering?13:52
abentleyjcsackett: Yes, but OTP13:53
jcsackettabentley: dig.13:53
deryckrick_h, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/orange-one-on-one13:53
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jcsackettsinzui: looks like you fixed some failing code for me; thanks.14:13
mabacadeuring, would you land this fix? it's approved but I'm not sure it's landed: https://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-infrastructure/launchpad/fix-work-item-brackets/+merge/9758414:15
adeuringmabac: sure14:15
mabacadeuring, thanks!14:16
sinzuijcsackett, I am still looking into the pillar-person failure. I think it is spurious.14:18
jcsackettsinzui: it certainly looks it.14:18
jcsacketti've run it locally, and that failing test passes.14:19
wgrantIs it MemoryHogJob again?14:19
sinzuiI will pqm-submit it once I merge tip into14:19
sinzuiyes it it14:19
sinzuiwgrant, yes14:19
abentleyjcsackett: I'm around now.14:19
jcsackettabentley: awesome. i'm having a problem with my colo setup that is leading bzr lp-propose to believe my submit branch is lp:~jcsackett/launchpad/devel. i'm certain i have just set things up poorly.14:20
abentleyjcsackett: Okay, so bzr-colo branches are not special, they just live in a weird location (.bzr/branches).  When you configure them, you may need to keep that in mind.14:22
jcsackettabentley: yeah, i knew that. i bzr colo-ified a branch of lp:launchpad, and renamed the core branch "devel" instead of "trunk".14:22
jcsackettabentley: my submit_branch is then listed as the branch in the .bzr/branches path.14:23
jcsackett(which is cargo cult from the default rocketfuel setup, which sets lp-branches/devel as the submit)14:23
jcsackettbut i'm guessing that's where i've goofed?14:23
sinzuijcsackett, pillar-person is merged14:24
jcsackettsinzui: you're today's hero. :-)14:24
abentleyjcsackett: Okay, it sounds like your "devel" branch needs its public_branch configured to be bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel14:25
jcsackettabentley: ah, yeah, that could be it.14:25
abentleyjcsackett: just trying something...14:27
jcsackettabentley: i'm trying that out now.14:28
abentleyjcsackett: You can do this using the config command: bzr config --scope=locations -d .bzr/branches/devel public_branch=bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel14:29
jcsackettabentley: it would appear that my branch was indeed badly setup with its public branch.14:31
abentleyjcsackett: All good now?14:33
jcsackettabentley: so it would appear. thanks! :-)14:33
abentleyjcsackett: np14:33
abentleysinzui: Do you know the root cause of the spurious MemoryHogJob failures?14:34
sinzuiI do not14:34
abentleysinzui: Me neither.  I was just curious, since I wrote it.14:34
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rvbarick_h: around?15:55
rick_hrvba: yep15:56
rvbarick_h: quick heads up: convoy has been packaged in precise and we're using it in MAAS.15:56
rvbaJust wanted to let you know :)15:56
rick_hrvba: very cool, thanks for the heads up15:57
rvbaThe name of the package in precise is python-convoy.15:57
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adeuringhas anybody seen this EC2 error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/886528/ ?16:31
deryckadeuring, do you have an smtp_server specified in $HOME/.bazaar/bazaar.conf?16:44
adeuringderyck: yes, but the error occurs on the EC2 instance16:45
deryckadeuring, hmm, maybe this is the thing wgrant mailed he fixed in the ec2 in lp-dev-utils.  which ec2 are you using?16:48
adeuringderyck: a recent version in lp-dev-utils: 10516:49
deryckadeuring, ah, yeah.  update to 106, the latest, and I think it will fix itself.16:50
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adeuringderyck: ah, thanks -- I used the wrong parent branch...16:52
deryckadeuring, np!16:52
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=== adeuring changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Firefighting: - | Critical bugtasks: 4*10
czajkowskiany idea where I'd find mr. poolie ?17:34
jelmerczajkowski: he's in .au so probably enjoying weekend at the moment :)17:36
jelmerczajkowski: he's sometimes around in our evenings though, usually from 20 or 21 UTC17:37
czajkowskitimezone will be the death of me one of these days17:37
czajkowskijelmer: thanks17:37
czajkowskiwanted to triage his bug after reading his email17:37
czajkowskihas anyone gotten any bug mails with no subject in them ??17:41
czajkowskihave never seen or experienced this but have a user saying they are getting mail with no bug title in the subject in mail17:42
jelmerI don't recall ever seeing that17:45
_mup_Bug #190848: font in terminal does not resemble font in preview <Fontconfig:Confirmed> <GNOME Terminal:Fix Released> <Ubuntu:Invalid> <fontconfig (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu):Invalid> <gnome-terminal (Ubuntu):Fix Released by desktop-bugs> <vte (Ubuntu):Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/190848 >17:45
czajkowskiis the bug in question17:45
czajkowskihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/138775  hah found a bug17:55
_mup_Bug #138775: Notification subject included bug number but no summary <email> <lp-bugs> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/138775 >17:55
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jpdsGuys, from a buglist in the API, how can I search for which ones have a specific tag?19:42
jelmerjpds: I'm not sure; I usually just use the advanced search thingy, which allows you to search for both tags and search terms19:43
jpdsI'm trying to look for bugs people in a team are subscribed to with a certain tag.19:44
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benjiif anyone would like to do a teeny-tiny little review, I would appreciate it: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/test-bugs/+merge/9797520:17
sinzuibenji, r=me20:32
benjithanks sinzui20:33

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