benjifrankban and gmb: do you guys have a slave going that I can use or should I start my own12:11
gmbNo gary today?13:06
benjigmb: he was pretty sick yesterday afternoon, so I guess not13:09
gmbAh, right.13:09
benjigmb and frankban: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/extras/canonical.com/goldenhorde13:10
gary_posterbenji, frankban, gmb, hi.  I have a pretty nasty stomach issue.  I haven't had anything except water since yesterday morning.  I'm taking a sick day, as you might have guessed already--or at least a half day.  I think I'm getting better, though I'm definitely not out of the woods yet.  I saw that benji's branch landed, which is great.  frankban is doing good stuff on lpsetup.  gmb, what's up with you?  Did Spamap13:39
gary_posterS ask for a lot of changes?  I have a juju instance from yesterday that I'll try to get a full test run from if I can.  That's all I'm really hoping for from myself tbh13:39
gmbgary_poster, He asked for tests, which I'm working on. Should be done this afternoon. You get better.13:40
gary_posterThanks gmb13:40
gary_posterI'm heading off again.  I probably will check mail now and then, so write me if you need to.13:43
gmbYay, weird, non-deterministic ordering! Always fun.14:46
* gmb fixes14:46

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