aviksilSpads: ping08:42
Spadser, hello08:47
aviksilSpads: Is this build error due to QEMU ARM test builder: https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/overlay/+build/328568809:24
Spadsqemu: Unsupported syscall: 33609:26
Spads^-- This would suggest it was.09:26
SpadsDo you have a link to the actual build page, rather than just the log?09:26
Spadsoh n'mind, I'm the one who followed the log link :)09:26
aviksilok. so what should be the workaround? or is there any way to schedule build on real armel builder?09:28
aviksilSpads: ^^^09:30
Spadsyou'd have to ask IS about access to physical builders, but I'm filing a bug against qemu-linaro now09:31
aviksilSpads: ok09:31
aviksilSpads: and also, on a similar note, are these armel build failures due to QEMU builder too: https://code.launchpad.net/~aviksil/+recipe/lttng-ust-daily?09:33
Spadspossibly.  I recommend you file bugs against qemu-linaro about them.09:35
aviksilSpads: ok, thanks, will do09:35
DNXhi guys! Do I have any chance to change my username with another already existing but unused?09:49
DNXhere is the account: https://launchpad.net/~dnx09:50
DNXRoMiONeT is not an active member of any Launchpad teams.09:51
DNXKarma: 009:51
DNXsince 2009-09-2809:51
czajkowskiDNX: you could mail them just because they don't have karma doesnt really mean they don't use LP09:51
DNXof course czajkowski, thank you!09:52
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* benonsoftware only got benny as the username because he emailed the old benny :P09:52
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czajkowskiwhat would you like hear more about from launchpad? https://www.facebook.com/questions/326779177369296/15:20
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cjohnstonso I see that the work items part of BPs is now live.. are they going to be migrated?17:02
czajkowskicjohnston: yes after the release of 12.0417:06
cjohnstonhrm.. so an email should probably go out to Ubuntu MLs telling them status.u.c won't pick up items that are in the new field17:08
czajkowskimrevell: can you comment ?17:09
czajkowskisalgado isn't around17:10
mrevellcjohnston, status.u.c does pick up work items that are in the new field. It picks up the work items whether they're in the whiteboard or the new work items box.17:10
cjohnstonI just found that mrevell.. wasn't aware that it had been updated. must have missed that MP.. thanks17:11
mrevellnp :)17:11
czajkowskicjohnston: sorted :)17:11
czajkowskimrevell: thanks17:11
cjohnstonty czajkowski17:12
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* mgedmin got more launchpad email about bug 190848, all without the bug title in the subject17:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 190848 in Fontconfig "font in terminal does not resemble font in preview" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19084817:35
czajkowskimgedmin: thats the same bug as before right ?17:38
czajkowskimgedmin: and did you change your bug mail settings,17:40
dobeymgedmin: i'm pretty certain that's a bug in launchpad's upstream bug watcher code. you should file a bug against launchpad itself17:53
mgedminoh, it looks like somebody already did: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/13877517:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 138775 in Launchpad itself "Notification subject included bug number but no summary" [Low,Triaged]17:55
dobeyah, ok17:55
dobeythat is pretty old17:55
bdmurrayczajkowski: I'm trying to file a bug with apport and I'm consistently getting an oops report and I'd like to find out if it is something with apport or Launchpad.18:10
czajkowskihaev you got a oops number?18:11
bdmurrayError ID: OOPS-784b24ada04f53ab155d80242075ed7018:11
czajkowskibdmurray: wondering is it to do with apport as lp is fine18:13
czajkowskibut I'm unsure18:13
czajkowskirick_h: are you about ?18:14
jokerdinohello people..18:15
jokerdinothe translation for this template https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/sound-theme-freedesktop/+pots/sound-theme-freedesktop/ta/+translate?show=untranslated does not update for Tamil18:15
jokerdinoit keeps saying one string hasn't been translated when it has already been done with.18:16
rick_hczajkowski: what's up?18:16
czajkowskirick_h: could you help bdmurray please as unsure18:17
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rick_hlooking at the oops18:17
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czajkowskithanks you18:19
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rick_hbdmurray: so it looks like LP is rejecting it because the description on the bug report is > 50000 characters long18:20
jokerdinohappy weekend then czajkowski18:20
rick_hI'm guessing apport submitted the description or did you write it out?18:20
rick_hbdmurray: if it's apport, then probably need to file a bug that they need to keep the descriptoin under that limit18:20
rick_hbdmurray: if you wrote it, any chance of shortening it up?18:21
bdmurrayrick_h: do you mean field.comment in the oops report?18:21
rick_hbdmurray: no, that's under 50k characters18:22
rick_hbdmurray: must be in an attachment or something I guess from apport18:23
rick_hbdmurray: I can't see it from the oops18:23
bdmurrayrick_h: so if one of the attachments is > 50000 characters this would cause an oops?18:25
rick_hbdmurray: looking, I don't think so. It's only on the description field. I'm not 100% sure how apport fills in the value18:26
rick_hderyck: ping, know how apport gets lp the descriptoin field in a bug report?18:26
rick_hderyck: in this oops I don't see any description value, but guess it submits an attachment perhaps? https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=784b24ada04f53ab155d80242075ed7018:27
deryckrick_h, no, actually I don't know.  I would have thought bdmurray did. ;)  hi bdmurray :)18:27
bdmurrayhey deryck18:27
derycklet me look at the OOPS and see what's up.  The issue is bdmurray can't update a bug report?18:28
deryckoh, oops on filebug.18:28
bdmurrayderyck: I keep getting an oops trying to submit one via apport18:28
rick_hit's filing a bug from apport right bdmurray ?18:28
bdmurrayrick_h: right18:28
rick_hright, triggering an sql condition where the description is too long, but I don't see the description set in the oops18:28
* deryck is looking into it....18:29
deryckso sane_description is meant to block an empty string and a too long description.18:33
rick_hah, it could be empty/missing not long...doh18:34
bdmurrayand the description we are referring to here is a combination of comment in the oops report and my attachments right?18:34
deryckI think it's just the comment.18:35
deryckI don't see anything to indicate what's going wrong here.  Looks like you filled out the form and hit submit and boom.18:36
deryckbdmurray, this happens consistently?  Even now, you get the same error?18:36
bdmurrayif you look at an apport bug, bug 956524, you'll see information that is included by apport and doesn't appear in my comment18:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 956524 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The release notes link on the first screen of the installer do not open the release notes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95652418:36
bdmurraynotice the lines ProblemType ... UpgradeStatus18:37
deryckah hmmm18:38
deryckbdmurray, did you fill out anything in the form when you went to submit it?18:38
deryckand yeah, trying the link, it doesn't fill out the title as apport filed bugs normally do.18:38
bdmurrayderyck: the information in field.comment and field.title I put in18:39
bdmurrayderyck: apport only prefills the title for crashes or package install failures18:39
deryckah ok18:39
deryckI'm honestly not sure what's wrong.  If I'm reading the constraint correctly, it's just a simple "is it an empty string or too long" check.  And what bdmurray has filed in meets that check....18:41
deryckthough clearly createBug is hitting that error.18:41
deryckI don't see how what apport does or doesn't do would affect this constraint18:41
bdmurrayI wouldn't be surprised if the information apport was putting in was more than 50k18:42
bdmurraywhat happens to the data that apport sends?18:42
deryckright, that's it probably.  and it's not reflected in the OOPS.18:43
deryckbdmurray, so I think we need a bug against apport and lp that apport shouldn't try to append more characters to the description than the description + apport < 50k chars.18:44
deryckbdmurray, and I think the data goes to the librarian, and is unpacked via the token in the url.18:45
bdmurrayderyck: is this constraint new or changed? and do you have an idea of how many times this has happened?18:46
deryckbdmurray, I don't know how often we hit this, and I don't think it's new or changed.18:46
bdmurrayderyck: okay, thanks18:48
deryckbdmurray, that OOPs says past week count was 13.18:49
bdmurrayderyck: oh, I see that now - thats kind of neat18:50
deryckI forgot about it a lot myself :)18:51
bdmurrayderyck: could you look at bug 957326 and add to it?18:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 957326 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport should ensure description is less than 50k characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95732618:59
deryckbdmurray, sure.  looking now...19:00
deryckbdmurray, I don't think I need to add anything.  that seems perfect.19:01
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m4n1shjelmer: ping20:59
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jelmerm4n1sh: pong21:35

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