david_j_rI'm trying to set up Gvim in a "Programming" menu category, but can't get the right wording for the .desktop file - does anyone have an example from this category handy?00:01
david_j_rAh! Lol - thanks! JUST this instant found this:00:07
david_j_rthanks for checking - appreciated!00:07
Unit193Pulled from scite.00:08
Unit193And sure.00:08
epictetusany chicks in this chatroom wanna do it w/ me00:13
Unit193That is way out of bounds here.00:13
Unit193!guidelines | epictetus00:13
ubottuepictetus: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:13
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epictetusubottu: but the guidelines for love are found only in the heart00:18
ubottuepictetus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:18
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corvus_Any idea why Wine isn't showing in the LXDE menu? I can see it in /usr/share/applications.01:04
Unit193Is there an "Only show in" in that desktop file?01:05
corvus_No. It's read and write.01:06
Unit193Also, you normally just get the windows application you need and double click on that.01:06
corvus_Ah, ok. It's my second go around with Lubuntu, and I just remember it showing in the menu before.01:07
Unit193Remember that you may need to mark the application as executable.01:07
corvus_Tried that...said "operation not permitted"01:08
Unit193Where is that file? CD?01:08
Unit193Ah, no. The exe file you want to run, that file is fine as is.01:09
corvus_It shows Winetricks and Wine Windows Program Loader.01:09
corvus_Hrm. I clicked on "Browse C:Drive"...now it's in the menu.01:11
corvus_Go figure.01:11
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Unit193Kalidarn: I'll just ask you once more to disable changing nick on away.05:11
Kalidarnoh sorry Unit19305:26
Kalidarndid u ask me to do it previously?05:26
Kalidarnfirst time someone said something :P05:26
Unit193Yep, 5 or so times.05:27
Kalidarnlol sorry missed that.05:27
Unit193Can I assill?05:27
Kalidarni shall fix it.05:27
Unit193That was supposed to be assist at all. (update is killing this.) :P05:28
Unit193Anywho, thanks.05:33
JohnDoe_71Rusthis interfaces http://pastebin.com/iWBx9KGE from ubuntu 10.04. if use it on lubuntu 11.10 get "more then 60 second network start" and finaly not complete network support. what's wrong?06:26
Unit193Same computer?06:33
JohnDoe_71Rusno. but the same interface work on other ubuntu 10.0406:38
Unit193Are you sure there isn't an IP conflict?06:38
Unit193Also, the device may change.06:39
JohnDoe_71Rus11.10 standalone. internet get gsm, connect after login06:40
JohnDoe_71Rusbr0 is wirtual device06:40
Unit193I take it you have already checked the logs in /var/log?06:41
JohnDoe_71Ruswhtat log file?06:42
Unit193syslog is a generic one to check, but it'll have more than just that.06:43
Unit193http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/ This look like your problem?06:44
JohnDoe_71RusUnit193: lubuntu is new install06:45
Unit193What happens if you configure it via nm-applet?06:46
JohnDoe_71Ruspart of syslog http://pastebin.com/uuNX7Xvb06:53
JohnDoe_71Rusnm-applet can't help. i need br0 to combine with wlan0 use hostapd06:54
JohnDoe_71Ruswith nm-applet start AP no success06:55
Unit193Sorry, never used GSM and there doesn't seem like much I can help with here.06:58
JohnDoe_71Rusno. gsm not the reason, then i comment br0 system start normaly07:00
Unit193I got that, just that I haven't had anything like this setup.07:02
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UnknownArtistshi, i have a problem updateing my system09:09
UnknownArtistseverytime i try to download the packages, the donwload hangs anywhere09:10
UnknownArtistsi changed the repository but it doesn't help09:10
UnknownArtistsand why should i everytime i want to install something change my repo for every package09:11
UnknownArtistswhats the mess with it?09:11
UnknownArtistsi heared about it from several persons09:11
UnknownArtistsdid you expereince the same thing?09:12
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student1hi lububtu14:58
ptrkmjI accidently deleted (xdg-desktop-menu uninstall) logout-lubuntu.desktop file (name=Shutdown) in /usr/share/applications. Can someone send me it or is it hosted somewhere maybe?15:01
ptrkmjDoes lubuntu feature program to scale jpeg files from command line?17:30
icerootptrkmj: no you have to install imagemagick17:42
perkeleHello ive installed lubuntu on USB drive using pendrivelinux wizard. It works alright but whenever I reboot my computer it resets desktop, settings, etc.18:13
perkeleWith Ubuntu it doesnt do that18:14
ikoniait's because you are not saving your settings anywhere18:14
ikoniait means it treats it the same as a livecd18:14
perkeleI ticked the option persistent size so it should have somewhere to save them. That worked for regular Ubuntu18:18
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