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imnicholDoes anyone know how to modify which directories are in my rhythmbox library?00:29
Daekdroomimnichol, Edit > Preferences > Music tab00:31
DaekdroomWell, it might be different. I'm using the portuguese translation so I don't know how the original is.00:31
imnicholDaekdroom, I'm actually trying to remove a directory00:31
imnicholthat only lets me add new ones00:31
DaekdroomUnity2D feels so cartoonish.00:41
DaekdroomFor the time being I'll use it because Unity keeps crashing X for me and I need some stability for a moment.00:41
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WilsonBradleyCan someone help me remove Speech_dispatcher ? It broke my audio and gives errors at boot01:16
snadgeyeah i use unity2d01:33
snadgebecause fglrx sux01:33
aukhanI think I am missing something - I have a libwebkit based application that compiles fine, does not link (errors are undefined references for libgtk and libwebkit). I think I need to call ldd something or another to update library cache. Here is my source. http://pastebin.com/ayiEKPhU  Please help!01:37
aukhanThis is on ubuntu 12.04 beta 101:37
aukhannot the nightly01:37
DaekdroomSo you installed Beta1 and did not update it?01:38
aukhanI updated it01:38
aukhanoh - does it update to the nightly?01:38
aukhanI did not realise that01:38
DaekdroomThe same way you won't need to reinstall once 12.04 final comes.01:39
DaekdroomAlthough sudo apt-get dist-upgrade might be necessary at some point.01:39
aukhanI see, I do not usually upgrade from betas etc - Once final is out, I do a clean install01:39
aukhanRegardless, my problem is that it seems like libraries are not in gcc's path or something01:41
aukhando I need to execute lddconfig or something similar01:41
trismaukhan: you need to specify the libs after the object files that reference them, so your pkg-config --libs webkit command needs to go after the mybrowser.c file01:41
aukhanwow - that worked01:42
aukhantrism - that worked - thank you01:43
trismaukhan: you're welcome01:43
aukhanis this a gcc quirk - nothing to do with ubuntu. right?01:44
stone_qq-- what config file is 12.04b1 using to control the look of the login window?  In 11.10 it was /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf01:47
trismaukhan: the linking became more strict in oneiric, http://wiki.debian.org/ToolChain/DSOLinking has an overview, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UnderstandingDSOLinkChange also has a bit more detailed discussion about a similar proposed change in fedora01:51
trismstone_: the unity-greeter settings were moved to dconf, so they aren't really as easy to edit, although I have had success using vendor overrides01:52
aukhantrism - this is exactly what I was looking for - thanks for the clarification01:52
trismstone_: http://www.burtonini.com/blog/computers/gsettings-override-2011-07-04-15-45 using /usr/share/glib2.0/schemas/com.canonical.unity-greeter.gschema.xml as a reference for the keys01:58
stone_thanks trism.  any google keywords that you'd suggest to help guide my way?01:58
stone_ah, you beat me to it.  awesome01:58
stone_thanks trism!01:58
trismstone_: it says to create a package in the last paragraph, but you really just need to copy the gschema.override file to /usr/share/glib2.0/schemas and run sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib2.0/schemas;02:01
stone_got it02:03
stone_theres a good chance it'll be turned into a package anyhow, but knowing it can be left scriptable without being part of a package is useful too02:05
stone_*exactly* what I was looking for02:05
WilsonBradley:-*Can someone help me remove Speech_dispatcher ? It broke my audio and gives errors at boot :-*02:08
codepalcurrent status of empathy?03:08
codepalI had it working, current build seems to be very broke03:08
atpa8awhy would my laptop lose dns settings once in a while for some short time?03:37
logcodepal: There's something up with dependencies, as I haven't been able to update it/some other packages in the past few days.03:40
vnum, just burnt precise, any way to have it the server way atm?  I dont want any GUI03:48
atpa8avn: there's a download for server03:49
vndoes the default precise install go with a MBR or a GPT?04:16
vnidk who I was talking with yesterday about my blinking cursor on boot issue...I think maybe snadge but well..just tried 12.04, same behavior04:28
FyodorovnaAnyone loose the crtl-alt-t=cli05:17
vnaha, solved my issue...switched HD mode from AHCI to IDE in BIOS06:58
vnany reason why it wouldn't work with AHCI?06:58
snadgeshouldn't be no07:04
snadgelinux should work either way.. sounds like a kernel bug07:05
snadgecheck for bios update i guess07:05
snadgemaybe try a newer kernel failing that.. there is a ppa for ubuntu dev kernels07:05
vnum...that is the latest precise build.07:06
snadgeyeah its the latest precise kernel.. but not the latest kernel07:06
vnkinda bleeding edge..07:07
vnI'll check for bios update even tho' its very recent07:07
snadgedo that first.. but i guess trying a bleeding edge kernel, will help isolate whether its a kernel problem.. and whether it has already been fixed07:08
snadgeits a fairly trivial thing to do also07:08
vnsomething doable from apt-get?07:08
vnhavent been touching a kernel since redhat 5.207:08
snadgei did have one bookmarked but im out and abotu at the moment07:11
vnok, can you PM when you can?07:11
snadgefound it07:12
snadge3.3rc7 i guess07:12
snadgedownload either the i386 or amd64 depending on what you're running.. and dpkg -i linux-*3.3.0-030300rc7*.deb07:14
vn<ok thanks but after thinking about it...its not the kernel loading that was a problem, but grub's loading07:15
vnis that still related?07:15
snadgethats a point.. if it didnt even start to boot the kernel.. then its a grub issue07:16
snadgeand/or bios related07:16
snadgedid it get as far as loading grub? or just complain about a missing OS07:17
alkisgTo change the UI language one is supposed to use gnome-language-selector, right? But "Greek" (which is the system language and it shows up as installed and it was working fine so far) is grayed out...07:17
alkisgSo what can I do to change my UI language?07:17
vnblinking cursor, no grub menu loading possible, even with some edition of /etc/default/grub07:17
snadgei dont think the Greek language is going to get enabled, until greece has paid their debt07:18
alkisgHaha, then German should have been disabled since 1945 :)07:18
alkisgThey've yet to pay their debt to us07:18
vn1945? that'd be RDA or RFA07:20
snadgelol so let me get this straight.. germany owes greece money, but they havn't paid that07:20
snadgeand yet they will lend money07:21
snadgeas long as severe austerity measures are in place07:21
alkisgsnadge: yes, please google about it and let me continue doing what I came here for07:21
alkisgI don't have time for idle chat with people that don't even google before deciding about countries07:21
snadgeyou speak english pretty well though.. just use that ;)07:22
alkisgOK, thank you for your advice, now if someone can verify that there's a major bug in gnome-language-selector...07:22
snadgeok.. why not07:23
vnsnadge: if it was a bios issue, would it work in w7 or freevms?07:23
snadgealkisg: i selected greek and its now installing07:24
vnso they paid?07:25
snadgei guess its only greeks that arn't allowed to install greek language.. works fine for this australian ;)07:25
alkisgsnadge: ok, but I already had it installed, the problem is that I'm not allowed to select it in the dialog07:25
snadgeok its installing.. i'll see if i can select it07:25
snadgethe problem is if i change it to greek, i wont know how to change it back to english07:26
vnget google translator ready07:26
snadgevn: did you switch to ahci after installing ubuntu.. or before?07:26
snadgemy guess is.. if grub wont load, chances are.. windows may not load either07:27
alkisgsnadge: alt+ctrl+t gives you a terminal, and from there run LANG=en_US.UTF-8 gnome-language-selector07:27
vnsnadge: it was set to ahci and I was trying desesperately to get it to boot after install, tried from jaunty to precise07:28
vnthen I fiddled with bios settings and BANG, it was that one07:28
snadgeseems odd to me.. check for a newer bios version07:29
vnI got the latest.07:33
snadgegoogle for your motherboard and cant load grub and variations of that07:33
snadgesee if you can find other people who have that issue07:34
snadgeand ahci07:34
snadgealkisg: it was also greyed out here.. but i can drag it above english07:35
snadgeand it becomes non greyed out07:35
alkisgsnadge: ah, drag 'n' drop, I didn't think about that... thank you, let me try it...07:36
snadgeit says.. every entry below "English" will be ignored07:37
snadgeobviously english is the default.. if no translations are available07:38
snadgeand it tries them in the order you specify, continuing if there are no translations for that preference07:38
snadgeuninstalling greek ;)07:39
alkisgThank you snadge, I'll logout to see if that's working. If that's by design though, the drag 'n' drop method is not intuitive, and also I don't know when it decided that greek was my second language (have 12.04 since before Christmas...)07:39
snadgei guess they changed it07:42
vnno luck so far on my issue...gotta sleep for now but in the meanwhile found a very interesting link...custom-made ESXi build for my setup :D07:42
snadgeits only really an issue for people who install in english, and want to change it to something else afterwards07:42
alkisgsnadge: I installed in greek07:42
vnI meant for ahci thingy07:43
snadgepresumably if you installed in greek now.. it wouldn't have that problem.. they've updated the language stuff, and its defaulted back to english.. for whatever reason.. annoying, but not really a bug as such.. unless updating from 11.10, reverts to english07:43
snadgethat might upset a few foreigners ;)07:44
alkisgHope that's what it is, it wouldn't be a big problem then, just a bad interface (the drag 'n' drop thing, up+down arrows would be a hint to the user)07:45
alkisgHmmm after reboot it didn't work, with logout it did. Now my .dmrc contains Language=el_GR.utf8 instead of Language=el_GR.UTF-8. That "utf8" vs "UTF-8" problem happened in 10.04 too :-/07:58
alkisg(with other symptoms, serious again)07:59
alkisgAlt+Ctrl+T doesn't launch a terminal for me... Using gnome-shell, and "Alt+Ctrl+T" is properly assigned to "Launch a terminal" in the keyboard properties of gnome-control-center. Any idea why?08:04
alkisgOh and I can't type Greek now. Great, same story as in 10.04 with the switch to gdm2. :-/08:07
snadgesounds like a gnome issue08:24
snadgelightdm is anti greek ;)08:24
snadgemight be best to hang out in here.. someone who deals with the language stuff might be able to fix it08:25
snadgeif not.. open up a launchpad issue and wait 50 years for it to maybe get fixed ;)08:25
snadgeyou obviously have a workaround for it.. which is good, for you.. but yeah.. its not fixed08:26
snadgecan you select language in lightdm?08:26
alkisgsnadge: lightdm refused to integrate language selection08:28
alkisgIt should be done inside the session, it claims08:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 666565 in Ubuntu Translations ""utf8" charmap in locale name is wrong" [High,Triaged]08:29
snadgeyou're obviously aware of that issue.. its still not listed as "closed" though08:29
snadgeset to "wontfix" because its apparently a glibc issue08:30
snadgetypical example of something broken in ubuntu.. thats still broken ;)08:30
alkisgThey've reached the same won'tfix decision 2 years ago08:32
alkisgThen they saw that they were wrong and switched back to UTF-808:32
alkisgAnd now the same issue again and again :(08:32
alkisgIt becomes tiring after a few releases, to have the same issues solved + reappearing in the next release08:32
alkisgAnd still `setupcon` isn't called for text consoles, after many many bug reports and patches submitted :-/08:45
fre3birdi have an ALC892 soundcard that is not being recognized by pangolin beta.  can anyone lend a hand ?08:46
fre3birdis alc 892 supported in a fully updated pangolin ?09:00
fre3birdit had worked previously in 11.10 then it stopped working for no reason at all.09:00
alkisgfre3bird: what's its pci id?09:01
alkisglspci -nn -k will tell you09:01
fre3birdone second09:01
alkisgOr just check "kernel drivers in use" there09:01
alkisgIf it's using a kernel driver, it's supposedly supported09:01
alkisgIf it's not, you might be missing a module09:02
alkisgSomething like : [197b:2381]09:02
fre3bird[8086:1c20] (rev 05)09:02
alkisgAnd kernel drivers in use?09:02
fre3birdunsure what that means09:02
alkisg00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03)09:03
alkisgSubsystem: CLEVO/KAPOK Computer Device [1558:072f]09:03
alkisgKernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel09:03
alkisgThat last line there09:03
alkisg"Kernel drivers in use"09:03
alkisgDo you see that line?09:03
alkisg$ grep 1c20 /lib/modules/3.2.0-18-generic-pae/modules.pcimap09:03
alkisgsnd-hda-intel        0x00008086 0x00001c20 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x009:03
alkisgSo yeah your card is supposedly supported by the snd-hda-intel  module09:04
alkisgCan't you see the outputs with alsamixer?09:04
fre3birdnot for that device09:04
fre3birdthere is no alsamixer in my pangolin beta updated fully09:05
alkisgThere's no /usr/bin/alsamixer?09:05
alkisgHmm weird, $ dpkg -S /usr/sbin/alsamixer09:06
alkisgdpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/sbin/alsamixer.09:06
alkisgAh sorry typo: $ dpkg -S /usr/bin/alsamixer09:06
alkisgalsa-utils: /usr/bin/alsamixer09:06
alkisgOK, install alsa-utils then09:06
alkisgJust to check if it alsa can see your card09:06
fre3birddpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/sbin/alsamixer.09:06
alkisgNot sbin, bin09:06
alkisgsudo apt-get install alsa-utils09:07
fre3birdno such file or directory09:07
fre3birdwill do09:07
fre3birdhas newest version09:08
alkisgErr you have alsa-utils but not alsamixer?09:08
alkisgCheck for typos, you're doing something wrong09:08
fre3birdthat is correct09:08
alkisgJust type: alsamixer09:09
alkisgWhat does it say?09:09
fre3birdcannot open mixer: No such file or directory09:09
alkisgSo you do have that09:09
fre3birdupdatedb locate alsamixer ?09:09
alkisgThere's no need to locate it, you already ran it09:10
snadgeunity works quite nicely on a crappy atom netbook with 1024x600 resolution ;)09:10
fre3birdit has never run09:10
alkisgfre3bird: you already run alsamixer and it said: (11:09:22 πμ) fre3bird: cannot open mixer: No such file or directory09:10
alkisgWe don't care about updatedb, just about the output of alsamixer09:10
alkisgWhich tells us that alsa doesn't see your card09:10
alkisgNow, you didn't answer the question about the "kernel drivers in use" above09:11
alkisgLet me ask it again:09:11
fre3birdkernel drivers were not in use09:11
alkisgAh, ok09:11
alkisgNow try: lsmod|grep snd_hda_intel09:11
alkisgDo you see any output?09:11
fre3birdmay i paste 6 lines ?09:13
alkisgI don't see traffic in the channel, so go ahead as far as I'm concerned09:13
fre3birdsnd_hda_intel          33773  009:13
fre3birdsnd_hda_codec         127669  1 snd_hda_intel09:13
fre3birdsnd_pcm                97188  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_hda_codec09:13
fre3birdsnd                    78855  8 snd_hda_intel,snd_hda_codec,snd_hwdep,snd_pcm,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq,snd_timer,snd_seq_device09:13
fre3birdsnd_page_alloc         18529  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm09:13
alkisgSo to sum up, your kernel supports your card, the driver is loaded, and yet it's not in use?!09:14
fre3birdi cannot figure that out.09:14
alkisgPaste the output of this command, to verify it:    lspci -nn -k | grep -A3 Audio09:15
fre3bird00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller [8086:1c20] (rev 05)09:15
fre3birdKernel modules: snd-hda-intel09:15
fre3bird00:1c.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 1 [8086:1c10] (rev b5)09:15
fre3birdKernel driver in use: pcieport09:15
fre3birdand volume mixer in pangolin doesn't see it09:16
alkisgNo wonder, if the driver is not in use09:16
alkisgWhat's the output of uname -r  ?09:16
fre3birdis it possible to fix ?09:16
alkisgAnd the output of this?   grep 1c20 /lib/modules/3.2.0-18-generic/modules.pcimap09:17
fre3birdsnd-hda-intel        0x00008086 0x00001c20 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x009:18
alkisgOK, I don't know what's wrong. Your kernel supports the card, the driver is loaded, but not in use. Maybe `dmesg` has some info about what goes wrong, but I don't think I know enough to help you.09:19
fre3birdyour an expert sound debugger but i am clueless09:19
fre3birdthank you09:19
alkisgYou're welcome09:19
fre3birdi appreicate all you have tried to help me with09:19
alkisgYou could also file a bug in launchpad about it, sounds like one09:20
fre3birdit also applies to 11.10 but it used to work just fine09:20
trippehHmm. It would be nice if the network manager split dns stuff in Precise would work with not just vpn, but ethernet too.10:25
UrBwell that was weird, laptop crashed and after reboot language was chinese10:57
UrBand now it still insists listing zh_CN.utf8 & zh_SG.utf8 in the locales10:58
LogiI'm having a problem with python-numpy on 12.04 updated today. This import line from a setup.py script for netcdf4-python fails: "from numpy.distutils.core  import setup, Extension", and it worked nicely on debian testing, ubuntu 11.10 and an earlier update of 12.0410:59
LogiI'm beginning to think that something went wrong in the python packages recently?11:00
tokarbolI need some help to find the cause of bug #95684811:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956848 in Ubuntu "pam_mkhomedir.so fails to create homedir in precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95684811:03
LogiIf I add "/usr/share/pyshared" to PYTHONPATH, then that import is OK, but it complains "ImportError: No module named multiarray" on an import in "/usr/share/pyshared/numpy/core/__init__.py"11:03
tokarbolit's like my homedir should be created when I use pam_mkhomedir.so, right?11:05
tokarbolactually should I put there that it affects pam?11:06
tokarbolI am also a bit suspicious as of dbus behaviour with other things.11:06
tokarbolDoes anybody know if there is something really wrong(TM) going on with it?11:07
topylii wonder if it's possible to start evolution mail and calendar in express mode by default11:18
topyliespecially the calendar, as started from the gnome shell's clock applet11:18
trippehUrB: I rebooted today and it turned norwegian ;)11:23
LogiSo, my ramblings from earlier about python-numpy have become #95690112:30
UrBtrippeh: seriously speaking, little googling revealed this has happened before to others - slight irritating as the language choice is then in chinese too12:39
UrBhttp://ubuntu.5.n6.nabble.com/ubuntu-got-set-in-some-unknown-asian-language-td4358136.html - not sure what triggered my chinese excursion :)12:41
UrBonly had english and finnish languages installed12:41
LogiI ended up installing python-numpy_1.6.1-5_amd64.deb from debian/exprimental and stuff works again.12:51
dsdaleMorning folks. Lately when I do an "apt-get dist-upgrade", apt-get downloads, unpacks and prepares the updates, but when it begins setting up packages, it exits with a message like "Errors were encountered while processing nux-tools_2.6.0-0ubuntu1.amd64". I can do "dpkg --configure -a" to recover, but I have to run it every time I do an upgrade. Any ideas what may be wrong, and how to fix it?13:08
cordovalhi how to upgrade, is it dangerous?13:28
cordovali need git latest version13:28
dave1010can I update from 11.04 directly to 12.04? "update-manager-d" is only showing 11.1014:08
genii-arounddave1010: You can only skip intermediate releases if you are going LTS->LTS14:09
dave1010ah, ok. thanks genii-around14:09
genii-arounddave1010: No prob14:10
arandHowever this is usually not enabled until some time after release, I think14:10
dave1010ok. I'll update to 11.10, then 12.04 I guess14:10
neyder_hi! installing 40+ precise machines in a school, i crazy i know!14:45
neyder_i'm crazy ...14:45
Daekdroomneyder_, too crazy.14:49
DaekdroomAre they going to need those machines anytime before Precise is released?14:49
neyder_yes, because school year has started two weeks ago, and i have a mixed panorama with windows, lucid, fedora, maverick. a crazyness!  so i'll prepare a long two year deployement with this beta installation. i hope you can help me when is possible14:52
hifiGtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:1561:14: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.15:10
hifimy gtk theme is incompatible with gtk3 or something?15:10
zniavrehifi you should rewrite it keep an eyes on ambiance theme or adwaita to see the diffs15:13
hifiwhat package had the ambiance theme?15:13
hifiI don't really mind switching my gtk theme as long as I can see something again15:13
hifiright, light-themes15:14
hifiaptitude didn't catch it when searching for ambiance15:14
wcchandleranybody failing to fetch libgl1-mesa-glx?  Just getting connection failed when updating15:25
hifiwoo, got it working15:27
hifinext challenge is to configure pulseaudio correctly15:28
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encrypthi, ive been without wireless for a while, Networkm15:43
encryptNetworkManager is not working, and when opening Network in gnome-control-services a dialog pops up saying that network services are not compatible with this version15:44
encryptcan anybody pls assist..15:48
spacebug-encrypt: seems like you haven't got alla packages updated or something15:49
spacebug-sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:49
encrypthow to run an upgrade without wireless...15:50
encryptdont have wired connection, have tried with iwconfig commands, with no luck so far15:50
encryptnow working with the live-usb!!15:51
encryptbtw, is there a way to upgrade packages from the live version?15:52
encryptmounting the partition and logging in as root, then try to update from cli??15:53
spacebug-well you need internet connection to be able to upgrade or a cd-image from internet with upgrades15:53
encrypti have internet connection, but dont have access from the mounted distro, (cause Nm is not working)15:55
encryptin other words, im using a network i hacked whose owner doesnt care about its security15:55
spacebug-you could do: sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast    (if your on that network for example)15:56
spacebug-and eth0 is your device :P15:56
encryptfor a wep network?15:56
encryptwlan1, but that applies the same15:57
encryptits usb wireless15:57
spacebug-oh I was thinking about if you had a wired also15:58
spacebug-only wireless?15:58
spacebug-you could boot from a live cd that is compatible with your wireless if you have that, then download latest dayly build image or the beta 1 and use that to install15:59
spacebug-or if you have aother computer that has connecntion that you could use to get the image16:00
encryptthe usb wireless been working fine since i acquired it, fully compatible, all this started with upgrading with 12.0416:01
encrypti have another distro in a separate partition, but dont wanna let the ubuntu one hanged in the middle of nowhere16:02
encryptformat the partition??16:03
spacebug-what does NetworkManager --version give you?16:03
encryptcant check it right now as im using the live version, but apparently is working (its got an id when i run it) but not showing any network16:06
encryptand the applet not showing either16:06
spacebug-you could run it with --log-level=INFO or DEBUG to get more info about what is happening16:06
encrypthow can i create a text in terminal in a specific folder, with cat?16:11
itaylor57encrypt, cat <file> > /path/to/dir/somefile.txt16:12
encryptyep, thats what i asked thanks16:12
itaylor57encrypt, could do the same using mv file /path/to/dir16:13
itaylor57encrypt, could do the same using mv file /path/to/dir/newfilename16:13
encryptitaylor and then writing the text after executing the command? cat is more useful for this i guess, just want to write down some commands to later access them16:15
WaltherHmm. Somehow I can't get audio anymore through my Xonar16:18
Waltherlspci shos the device but sound settings doesn't16:18
spacebug-encrypt: you can use echo if you dont have an editor. echo "my little command row" >> myfile16:20
spacebug-encrypt: you can use echo if you dont have an editor. echo "my next command" >> myfile16:20
itaylor57spacebug-, thanks i was about to say that16:20
encryptcli is faster than firing up gedit or whatever!16:21
Walthernano <316:22
WaltherWARNING:softwarecenter.db.update:The file: '/usr/share/app-install/desktop/kde-telepathy-send-file:kde4__ktp-send-file.desktop' could not be read correctly. The application associated with this file will not be included in the software catalog. Please consider raising a bug report for this issue with the maintainer of that application16:23
encryptgonna check this thing and will be back - im also impressed how fast is the live version!16:24
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aboSamoorcan anyone help me with this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/953714?16:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953714 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "X crashes if the USB headphone is plugged" [Undecided,New]16:57
ccmonsterhey guys, went to 12.04 yesterday, everything was fine. Today did a sudo apt-get update and things went awry17:18
encryptspacebug-: no luck with all the checkings, the issue is with nm-applet, networkmanager shows no error17:26
encryptpls some help with an internet connection issue, otherwise will have to format the partition cause cant run any upgrade!17:27
spacebug-encrypt: hum ok17:27
encryptspacebug- this is the output of some commands17:28
encryptsudo NetworkManager --log-level=DEBUG17:28
encryptNetworkManager is already running (pid 941)17:28
encryptNetworkManager --version
spacebug-you have to kill that instance first17:29
spacebug-ok same version as I have17:29
encryptand is always running in the background17:29
encryptthe issue comes when i run nm-applet, have checked with gconf-editor and the box is checked (to show it as an indicator17:30
encryptit says some bluff about px deprecated with non-sense gtk and what not (when running nm-applet)17:32
spacebug-nm-applet runs nice here so I'm not sure what has happend to your machine17:32
encryptdon't know if this comes from running several desktop packages (ubuntu-desktop on top of xubuntu 11-10 upgraded to 12.04)17:34
encryptonly hope left is iwconfig17:35
zoraelDoes GNOME3 or Unity reparse .desktop files upon merely opening the applications menus?17:35
encryptspacebug-: can u pls pls provide some CLI to connect to a wireless network with WEP encryption with iwconfig??17:37
encrypthave gathered all this info about the network:17:37
spacebug-encrypt: sorry that is more than I know :/17:37
encryptAddress: 00:18:39:8E:6F:7A17:37
encryptFrequency:2.437 GHz (Channel 6)17:37
encryptQuality=35/70  Signal level=-75 dBm17:37
encryptEncryption key:on17:37
encryptBit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 11 Mb/s17:37
encryptBit Rates:6 Mb/s; 9 Mb/s; 12 Mb/s; 18 Mb/s; 24 Mb/s17:37
encrypt          36 Mb/s; 48 Mb/s; 54 Mb/s17:37
spacebug-for wireless I have only used nm-applet17:37
encryptno worries17:38
spacebug-that though should be planty of people knowing in #ubuntu since that is not 12.04 specific17:39
encryptok, will take a last shot before re-installing17:40
jbwivanyone know of an alternative launcher/dock/etc which will work with Ubuntu2D?18:00
spacebug-can be run both with and without 3d-support18:01
jbwivspacebug-, great. thanks18:03
Belial`anyone having problems with ayatana scrollbars in 12.04?18:03
Belial`like, not being able to grab them. they seem to disappear when you mouse over them.18:04
spacebug-is that the overlaying ones?18:04
Belial`yeah, overlay18:05
Belial`it only seems to do it on gtk3 apps.18:05
Belial`gtk2 apps are working fine.18:05
spacebug-have not tried that enough and currently I'm running gnome-fallback session so can't test either18:06
spacebug-can test later on my laptop running 12.04 also18:06
Belial`there's also some graphical glitches in the dashboard.18:07
Belial`and if you're running the top panel with transparency, there seems to be some glitches after a recent update.18:08
Belial`those are some things i've noticed so far.18:08
spacebug-hum ok..18:08
spacebug-*starting up my laptop*18:08
genii-around< imagines the whine of a jet engine when spacebug- does that >18:09
spacebug-probably have to update the laptop first also.. was a few days since I last had it running18:09
Belial`before you update it, check the dash18:10
Belial`and then do the update18:10
Belial`it should happen afterwards.18:10
spacebug-nothing strange so far with dash or scrollbars..updating now..18:11
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spacebug-ok Belial` it's upp and running. No problems here though18:31
spacebug-there has not been any updates to your graphic card?18:32
spacebug-should not have anything to do with the scrollbars though but maybe that flicker you had or what ever18:32
Belial`not that i've noticed.18:34
Belial`i do know it didn't happen when i first installed 12.04 beta 1.18:34
Belial`after a round of updates yesterday, or the day before, i can't remember, but that's when it started.18:34
Belial`the scrollbars have been acting up since i installed the beta 1 iso18:35
=== ccmonster is now known as Guest4059
Guest4059hey guys, i accidently had 'proposed' checked and did an update, things went wacky. I removed 'proposed', went to re-update and now I'm getting a failed update with a 'hash sum' mismatch18:47
DaekdroomGuest4059, 'proposed' doesn't contain any updates during the development phase.18:48
Guest4059so when I do a sudo apt-get update this morning, when 'proposed' was checked, there were 100+ updates18:48
icerootGuest4059: proposed is a bad idea18:49
DaekdroomThere tends to be a lot of updates during alpha and beta.18:49
icerootGuest4059: specially for 12.0418:49
Daekdroomiceroot, regardless, there is no packages in proposed.18:49
Guest4059yea, that's what I realized because everything started going wacky18:49
topylioh yay the vlc browser plugin has arrived18:50
Guest4059when I unchecked proposed, there were then again, about 100+ packages that wanted to re download/update18:50
DaekdroomOr atleast there shouldn't be, given we're during development, so updates don't need to be tested before.18:50
DaekdroomBecause Beta is for testing.18:50
Guest4059that's when the failed hash sum mismatch occurred18:50
Guest4059any way to get past my hash sum mis match and get those 100 packaged installed18:51
Guest4059W: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_binary-amd64_Packages18:52
bhb192I'm having issues with dconf, is anybody available to help?18:57
valdur55!help > bhb19218:59
ubottubhb192, please see my private message18:59
bhb192Several keys in the gsettings schema org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys are not being recognized by glib/gsettings, but are visible in dconf-editor. How can I get gsettings to recognize these keys so that gnome-settings-daemon can use them?19:03
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:04
topylii'm also having trouble with keyboard shortcuts, but haven't yet been bothered enough to look at it closely19:07
bhb192Is it causing your gnome-settings-daemon to crash?19:07
Guest4059should precise unsupported be checked in synaptic?19:10
bhb192Do you mean in software sources?19:14
jbichatopyli: currently in Precise, System Settings' keyboard shortcuts panel only sets gconf keys but GNOME Shell only listens to gsettings19:16
topylijbicha: ahh that explains it. i'll do it properly then, and all is good. thanks :)19:25
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captbunzohello folks. I've just installed the 12.04 beta and have a few questions20:28
captbunzofirst, the unity-greeter seems to be ignoring the setting in the config file to change the desktop background. perhaps am I missing something?20:29
jbichacaptbunzo: just a guess, but I'd try com.canonical.unity-greeter in dconf-editor20:31
trismcaptbunzo: the unity-greeter settings have moved to gsettings, so you need to use vendor overrides or somehow modify the settings in dconf for lightdm20:31
captbunzook. I'll look into that. thanks :)20:32
jbichaah, overrides, that's fun20:32
captbunzonext question... I have two monitors and seem to get the dash bar on the left side of both.20:32
captbunzoany way to configure that for just one monitor?20:32
captbunzoI should note I only got 1 in 11.1020:33
trismcaptbunzo: http://www.burtonini.com/blog/computers/gsettings-override-2011-07-04-15-45 walks you through the first option, I haven't found a good way to work out the second option20:33
captbunzois it fine to change the values via dconf-editor?20:34
jbichacaptbunzo: like trism said, that probably won't do any good for unity-greeter since it's not running as your account20:35
captbunzoah. I getcha20:35
jbichacaptbunzo: the launcher is on the left of all monitors and that isn't currently configurable, it's a Feature20:35
captbunzoI tried my other Feature tweak, which was to disable the menuproxy. that seemed to make things go wrong.20:36
captbunzothe system tray icons on the right side of the top bar disappeared.20:36
jussiglosoli: icon task manager is in 12.04, yes20:37
jussiglosoli: mind, smooth tasks is kind of similar and is in the older versions also20:38
FernandoMiguelcaptbunzo: also look at ccsm20:38
captbunzoalso, the launcher doesn't seem to auto-hide any more when I have an app full screen. is that another Feature?20:38
captbunzocheers FernandoMiguel20:38
glosolijussi, hmm ok :)20:38
jbichacaptbunzo: yes, but that's configurable in System Settings>Appearance>Behavior20:41
captbunzoout of curiosity, what do you guys think of the default background for the unity greeter?20:41
FernandoMiguelbut I have auto login and boot in 8 sec20:44
captbunzoI think it's pretty horrid...20:44
FernandoMiguelso I don't stand there a lot of time20:44
captbunzothere are a nice collection of backgrounds in the distribution and that's the one?20:45
captbunzobut yeah, I don't stay there long either20:45
FernandoMiguelI love my desktop wallpapre20:45
FernandoMigueland its from the pack20:45
captbunzowhich one do you use?20:46
captbunzoah... appearance setting... auto-hide the launcher :)20:47
FernandoMiguelthe grass one with the lake20:48
FernandoMigueland at work I have the digital cubic lion20:48
captbunzonice. there are some great ones in the pack.20:48
captbunzoI'm not a fan of the second, though.20:48
captbunzoI'm using a rather plain, but pretty, blue vertical lines one now (from the pack)20:48
captbunzohmmnn.. that was a fail.20:52
captbunzoah... strings must be quoted20:53
captbunzonice. got my login screen customised :)20:58
captbunzoanyone know much about UBUNTU_MENUPROXY?20:59
captbunzoin 11.10 I could set that to 0 to get an app to nicely put it's menus in the right place....20:59
captbunzourm, I mean to keep the menus with the app instead of sticking them all up in the top bar.20:59
captbunzobut when I tried that with 12.04 it made all the icons in the "system tray" disappear (i.e. the sound one, network one, logout one, etc)21:00
captbunzoany thoughts?21:00
captbunzoah, existing reported bug.21:01
Guest97370my 12.04 system is shaky today after an update, and now when I try to update im getting an error saying it cant fetch a package21:05
Guest97370Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_multiverse_binary-i386_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch21:07
Guest97370Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.21:07
Guest97370what can I do to get it all figured out.21:07
captbunzonice ... menus back in the right place by removing the indicator-appmenu package :)21:10
spacebug-was just about to write that hehe21:11
captbunzodon't get me wrong, I love ubuntu :)21:13
captbunzobut I completely fail to understand how moving the menu for an app AWAY from the app could get past usability considerations.21:13
spacebug-first thing I do also is to remove that package21:13
spacebug-I could maybe understand for small screens like tablets but not for desktops21:14
st1because it's easier to throw mouse pointer to the edge of the screen instead of focus to a tiny menu bar?21:15
captbunzoexcept you still have to aim21:15
captbunzoi.e. at a specific menu21:15
captbunzolol.... chrome needs a unity theme :)21:16
st1easier to aim when I don't have to confine myself to 18px height21:16
spacebug-st1: on my  2560x1600 pixels monitor having piding to the right, having to click the app to get it in front then move the mouse all the way to the top left of screen to get add user menu.. that is insane21:16
captbunzoyep spacebug. I'm right there. I've got two 22 inch monitors, each 1920x1080. I just want the darn menu to be in the right place! :)21:17
st1spacebug-:  I don't know your window placement though :)  I just mean I can see why it's useful21:18
spacebug-captbunzo: its even crazyer on this 30" I tell you hehe21:18
spacebug-st1: hehe ok21:18
captbunzoindeed. I can imagine :)21:18
st1anyone else having that update problem?21:18
* captbunzo needs to find a way to grow his boot partition21:19
spacebug-I know a freeware windows app that can do that but not sure about linux apps21:21
captbunzoI am sure I can sort it eventually.21:21
captbunzoI installed BURG and it's taken up a bit too much space.21:21
captbunzoprettier then grub though.21:21
captbunzoyeah, it's a wrapper for grub that.... isn't ugly :)21:21
cobra-the-jokerHey guys ... using kubuntu 12.04 here ... bluetooth seems to be on but not working ( no send or recieve or even seen on other devices ) ... any help ?21:25
spacebug-not using kubuntu or any blutooth device but have it been working in 11.10 ?21:27
cobra-the-jokerspacebug-: nope21:27
spacebug-you might find something in /var/log/syslog or with the command dmesg21:28
st1where is the infograph showing how many bugs fixed and waiting to be? I remember seeing one in december21:29
spacebug-there is a graph about that? ^^21:29
st1I think I saw that on reddit21:30
st1someone even mentioned development being slow because thanksgiving and christmas21:31
cobra-the-jokerspacebug-: http://paste.org/46908 ... tahts the output of "cat /var/log/syslog | grep blue"21:34
spacebug-seems like it is up and running ..21:37
cobra-the-jokerspacebug-: hmmm then ?21:38
spacebug-I wounder how many bugs will be fixed for the final release22:12
DropsOfSerenityi can't press alt tab anymore, or alt-f2 why not?22:15
spacebug-I also got that after en update22:17
spacebug-and other stuff22:17
ironhalikDropsOfSerenity: did you fiddle with CCSM, and the hud shortcut somehow?22:18
DropsOfSerenityironhalik, yeah i changed the hud shortcut to F! because it was interfering with a fullscreen game22:19
spacebug-back again.. now who did I just talk to about alt+tab ?22:29
spacebug-anyhow I filed a new bug about the alt+tab not working. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/957489  press affect me if it does22:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 957489 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt+tab does not work anymore" [Undecided,New]22:33
DropsOfSerenityspacebug-, it works when hud is assigned to alt22:38
DropsOfSerenityspacebug-, doesn't work when i change it22:38
DropsOfSerenitythe problem with hud being assigned to alt, is that in fullscreen applications or games, shortcuts requiring the alt key will not work22:38
spacebug-I have also disabled alt for HUD22:38
spacebug-maybe I should but that in the bug report22:39
spacebug-so there22:40
spacebug-DropsOfSerenity: not the bugreport is what it should?22:45
DropsOfSerenityspacebug-, i'll check it out in a sec.22:45
MaximLevitskyI need your help!23:08
MaximLevitskyI just did an update (last update was about week ago) and I got package problem that I suspect will render my system unusable23:09
MaximLevitskyFirst I got this: http://pastebin.com/hDL4qK6a23:11
MaximLevitskyI don't know what is inside these packages exactly, but its bound to be glibc related...23:12
spacebug-try: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade23:12
MaximLevitskyNow, apt-get -f install dies with this: E: Internal Error, No file name for libc623:13
spacebug-what are you trying to upgrade from?23:13
MaximLevitsky12.04, slightly older version23:13
MaximLevitskyI already use it for long time23:13
spacebug-well try updating again23:14
spacebug-I have also got dependencies problems some times.. later on they haveuploaded the new packages to the server and everything is good23:15
MaximLevitskyYep, its known23:15
jtayloryou can also try to install the libc-bin directly with dpkg23:15
MaximLevitskysudo apt-get upgrade -f appears to work23:16
KM0201man, this is driving me crazy... i'm trying to set up forked-daapd.conf.. it starts and stops fine, but it never sees my share... the directory is RIGHT.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/887096/23:23
KM0201weird.. i must have started/stopped forked-daapd 20x, but i just rebooted the server, and it's working fine now.23:27
itaylor57KM0201, i was just about to take a look lol23:28
KM0201ok, well, now thats done, i gotta get ready for work23:28
KM0201see ya'll later23:29
WilsonBradleyLAte shift :-(23:29
PruDoes anyone know why Flash wont work on Facebook?23:43
PruSimilar to this screenshot - http://askubuntu.com/questions/16732/facebook-and-flash-why-doesnt-facebook-recognise-that-i-have-flash-installed23:44
spacebug-Pricey: do you have flashplugin-installer installed?23:57
Priceyspacebug-: WHy do you ask?23:57

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