stgraberwendar: now fix the fridge :P00:46
ajmitchnow apply to the DMB!00:46
ajmitchsince you're an exception to the 'every ARB member must be in ubuntu-dev' rule at the moment :)00:47
ajmitchstgraber: just looking at your reply to my vote email, just changing myapps.developer.ubuntu.com to software-center.ubuntu.com looks to be valid, and I can keep the rest of the URL the same?02:03
ajmitchi.e. https://software-center.ubuntu.com/site_media/screenshots/2012/01/hseq1_1.png will suffice?02:03
* ajmitch just has to break the habit of spelling it 'centre'02:04
mhall119wendar: do you know if OMG!Words! has been submitted through MyApps yet?13:16
wendarmhall119: not that I've seen13:17
wendarmhall119: it's not in the queue now13:17
ajmitchthat sounds like an interesting submission, who's it by?13:17
mhall119ok, thanks13:17
wendarokay, calendar for the next meeting is fixed19:17
wendarif anyone wants edit access on the new entry, let me know your google account address and I'll add you as an invited guest with edit  privs19:18
ajmitchwendar: ajmitch@gmail.com21:16
ajmitch& thanks for fixing it :)21:17
wendarajmitch: added you with edit privs21:18
ajmitchthank you21:18
wendar(to April and onward, March is outside the repeating event, because it's the 5th Friday instead of the 4th friday)21:19
ajmitchI see there was a 'Downloader' submission - that name's a bit generic21:26
wendarajmitch: yeah, might need to be bounced back for refinement21:54
wendarajmitch: I'm not getting any sound out of harmonyseq, but it might just be my sound settings or something21:55
ajmitchit needs a midi synth to output to21:55
ajmitchI used fluidsynth & hooked it up with aconnectgui21:55
wendarajmitch: ah, okay21:57
* ajmitch had made the screenshot url change & removed the postrm/postinst in the branch, haven't pushed that to the staging ppa though21:57
wendarajmitch: we can suggest some documentation on that, but it's a usability issue, not a code/security issue, so I'll give it a +121:58
wendarit's got a decent interface, familiar from other midi sequencers21:58
ajmitchyeah, it seems quite nice, code looks clean as well21:59
* ajmitch has almost got flights sorted for UDS now22:02
ajmitchthough one option was dunedin->christchurch->sydney->san francisco :)22:03
stgrabersounds complicated ;)22:06
* stgraber has montreal->san francisco, but well, I'm on the same continent :)22:07
ajmitchstgraber: flying 3 hours west & then flying from australia to usa?22:09
ajmitchit was < 1 euro cheaper than flying from auckland ;)22:09
ajmitchso maybe I'll get in trouble for not picking the cheapest flights :)22:09
stgraberI doubt that ;)22:13
stgraberotherwise they'd hate me for taking the direct flight when I could have had 3 connections and maybe save $50 :)22:14
ajmitchI think I did over 50% of my syncs to precise last night22:15
ajmitchabout 35 or so, until it was time for bed22:15

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