ndecogra_: hi. do you mind if i cancel the call today?09:48
ndecif you think there is anything we need to discuss, let me know09:49
ogra_ndec, feel free, i dont have anything special10:23
braxis there anybody that has 5 minutes to help me with a xrandr issue?13:05
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prpplagueogra_: yea, package updates have fixed my desktop issues!16:26
ogra_awesome !16:26
prpplagueogra_: actually have to reload my box at home, i fudged up and hosed the permissions for /usr16:27
ogra_ouch !16:27
danboidLooks like I need to recompile my panda kernel just to get ALSA sequencer support so what kernel version would you guys recommend and why?16:37
ogra_the one your release has already16:37
GrueMasterdanboid: What issues are you seeing?  Precise Beta 1 works for both Panda/Panda ES ootb.16:38
ogra_danboid, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile16:38
ogra_just use the source package16:39
danboidGrueMaster, None of the current Linaro or Canonical omap4 kernels have ALSA sequencer support compiled in or as a module16:39
GrueMaster(which I just discovered is broken in the daily images...again.)16:39
ogra_right, who needs MIDI anyway :P16:40
ogra_as long as your mp3's play16:40
ogra_danboid, thats seriously worth filing a bug though16:40
danboidAs I've said before, Panda could be quite attractive to Linux musicians due to its silent aspect (if you use a SSD )16:41
ogra_yeah, agreed, i was rather sarcastic above, not serious16:41
danboidI'm hoping to use if for music production anyway16:41
ogra_so a) file a bug, b) follow the wiki t recompile the kernel package with a config change16:42
danboidogra_, jk- said this has been fixed already16:42
ogra_in the ubuntu package ?16:42
ogra_ppisati, ^^^ did you enable alsa sequencer support in the config ?16:42
danboidogra_, I presume so but he's not been around today to give more info16:42
* ogra_ doesnt think so16:42
danboidIf I want the pvr driver working am I best recompiling the standard kernel rather than going for the latest stable code?16:44
ppisatii'm here16:45
danboidppisati, I was told the latest omap4 kernel configs have ALSA sequencer support enabled now?16:46
danboidppisati, If so, can I get a package anywhere of such  a kernel yet?16:47
GrueMasterdanboid: I see CONFIG_SND_SEQ_DUMMY=m in the current precise kernel.16:50
GrueMasterAnd CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER=M as well.16:50
ppisatisorry, was in a phone call16:50
danboidGrueMaster, That'd do me but I expect I can't install a precise kernel under oneiric can I?16:51
GrueMasterSo you should be able to get the kernel either from a daily image or from http://ports.ubuntu.com.  ppisati can point you to the git tree if you really want to go deep.16:51
ppisatidanboid: yes you can16:51
GrueMasterWhy not?16:51
danboidHasn't armel been killed off in precise?16:51
GrueMasterJust use the armel kernel variant (so as not to confuse dpkg).16:52
GrueMasterOnly the image builds.16:52
GrueMasterPool is still active, and I also regularly do netboot installs on my pandas for sanity checking.16:52
ogra_we dont build armel images and we dont massively care for armel pacvkages either16:52
ogra_the archive is still existing and wont go away16:53
danboidppisati, I can get a package for 11.10 armel with the snd-seq compiled as a module?16:54
ppisatidanboid: get the P kernel16:54
danboidppisati, ? Link?16:54
danboidppisati, please!16:55
ppisatidanboid: http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/main/l/linux-meta-ti-omap4/linux-image-omap4_3.2.0.1408.8_armel.deb16:57
danboidppisati, Thanks v. much! Will be trying that tonight! :)16:57
danboidThanks for your help guys!17:04
prp_does anyone know how to install minicom on pandaboard. I tried sudo apt-get install minicom but it says E: unable to locate package minicom. I enabled all software sources and restarted but it still doesnt work17:21
GrueMasterprp_: It should be there.17:24
GrueMasterubuntu@panda3:~$ apt-cache search minicom17:24
GrueMastercutecom - Graphical serial terminal, like minicom17:24
GrueMasterminicom - friendly menu driven serial communication program17:24
prp_thats exactly what i see17:25
GrueMasterubuntu@panda4:~$ apt-cache madison minicom17:25
GrueMaster   minicom |      2.5-2 | http://mirror.gruenet/ubuntu-ports/ precise/universe armhf Packages17:25
GrueMaster   minicom |      2.5-2 | http://mirror.gruenet/ubuntu-ports/ precise/universe Sources17:25
GrueMasterHeh, local mirror, but should be identical to ports.u.c17:26
prp_i opened ubuntu software manager and tried to install 7zip and it gave a button to use universe source. i clicked it, now minicom works as well17:27
GrueMasterNote to self, don't run minicom in a remote screen session.  Key bindings are the same.17:32
steev_GrueMaster: i normally use screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200, it gets confusing when i go a few screen sessions deep17:47
GrueMastersteev_: I was only testing minicom on panda to verify it ran.17:47
GrueMasterI use screen for all my serial consols.17:48
steev_i find it easier to use17:48
steev_my buddy keeps trying to get me to switch to socat17:48
GrueMasterI'm actually going to look for some kind of serial console app that can multiplex.  I need to have screen running, but I also want some script to be able to interact with netboot installs when needed.17:50
GrueMasterNot sure if I can just attach to the screen session in python.17:51
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xteejx_Hi guys, anyone here that can answer 1 or 2 quick questions about Ubuntu for arm please?21:49
xteejx_The wiki states Ubutnu arm is for v7+, but I have an arm11 (v6). Is there no way I can get it on there?21:50
GrueMasterxteejx_: Sadly, no.  But Debian is very similar and will support your hardware.21:51
xteejx_GrueMaster, Damn :(21:51
xteejx_I'll have a google around for debian related stuff then, thanks anyway for the pointer :)21:52
GrueMasterGood luck.21:52
xteejx_lol thank you :)21:53
Riddellon what mailing list can I ask arm issues?22:53
pbuckleyi wonder how many raspberry pi people we will see in the upcoming weeks asking why ubuntu doesnt boot22:54
lilsteviepbuckley, heaps no doubt :p22:55
pbuckleybtw anyone know of a good eq (per frequency adjustments)?22:56
pbuckleythats system wide22:56
pbuckleyalsamixer seems to have some built in filters22:56
pbuckleybut couldnt figure out how to change em22:56
GrueMasterRiddell: What arm issues?  What platform?  There are quite a few choices.22:58
RiddellGrueMaster: the one where my pandaboard doesn't boot with a precise install22:58
pbuckleyusing the right image?23:00
GrueMasterRiddell: First, I would recommend going through the troubleshooting section at http://pandaboard.org/content/resources/troubleshooting to make sure your system works and your environment is set up correctly.23:02
GrueMasterIf everything goes well there, we can work to figure out why Ubuntu isn't working on your pandaboard.23:03
Riddellit works fine23:03
Riddellit does not work with precise23:03
GrueMasterWhat exactly doesn't work with Precise?  (note that I frequently test the daily precise images).23:04
Riddellthe same thing as last time we looked at it http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/precice-arm-boot.txt23:05
pbuckleyim running two pandaboards with precise23:05
pbuckleythat looks like a bad sd card at first glance23:05
Riddellworks fine with oneiric23:05
pbuckleywell something is wrong with your setup23:06
pbuckleyi assure you23:06
pbuckleybad day23:06
pbuckleyill be back later23:06
GrueMasterWhich image is this?23:06
GrueMasterI'm not seeing this on today's daily image.23:07
Riddellarmhf omap4 daily build from today for ubuntu-desktop, armhf omap4 daily build for when we last tested it, armel precise image from alpha 123:08
RiddellI know you're not.  you weren't when we tested it the other day either.23:08
GrueMasterHmm.  It is possible you have a defective board, but I can't verify that.23:09
Riddellgot a copy of the validation image?23:09
GrueMasterThis is on first boot?23:09
Riddellyes, also on boot after upgrade from oneiric23:10
GrueMasterNot on me.  It is at http://pandaboard.org/content/resources/troubleshooting23:10
Riddellthat link doesn't work23:10
GrueMasterTry http://pandaboard.org.  Click on RESOURCES.23:11
GrueMasterOr is it the gforge.ti link that is broken?23:11
GrueMasterLet's try in #pandaboard.23:16
GrueMasterRiddell: Well, that would explain the broken link.23:22
Riddellmm hmm23:22
GrueMasterSo, do you have a more recent copy of the daily builds, or at least Beta 1?23:23
GrueMasterAlso, can you download and try the ubuntu-server daily as well?  I doubt it will change anything, but it would be useful to test.23:30
* Riddell snoozes23:40

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