WilsonBradleyCan someone help me remove Speech_dispatcher ? It broke my audio and gives errors at boot01:21
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ashickur-noorHow I can integrate fridge in my desktop?06:21
vibhavDo you mean the Ubuntu Fridge?06:28
ashickur-noorI am not sure06:29
ashickur-noorI want to get the update of this site in my Ubuntu Desktop06:29
Unit193Well, the calendar section is an ical or xml, and news is rss, so you could either get/usr desktop applications for that, or terminal ones and use conky.06:29
ashickur-noorI am not used of it06:30
ashickur-noorthough I use Ubuntu for 2 years06:30
vibhavashickur-noor: You can install a rss reader and suscribe to their feeds06:31
vibhavBut you will only see the topic of rthe new post06:31
vibhavYou will need to click on the topic to read the full story06:31
Unit193Depends on the client.06:31
ashickur-noorfine for me06:31
ashickur-noorWhat is the best client?06:31
vibhavUnit193: Is there any good RSS client?06:32
ubot2`Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:32
Unit193Welcome back.06:32
ashickur-noorI just close window06:33
vibhavashickur-noor: As I said there are many RSS clients for Ubuntu06:34
Unit193You can ask bestbot "what's the best rss reader?" in #ubuntu-bots, or check the repo and the program's site.06:35
vibhavakregator is a popular reader06:36
vibhavBut I wonder if it will install the rest of the kde stuff too06:37
ashickur-noorI already have KDE in my Ubuntu06:38
vibhavashickur-noor: Liferea is a nice and easy reader06:38
ashickur-noorlet me try06:39
ashickur-noorboth are installed06:39
vibhavashickur-noor: Do you know how to configure it?06:40
ashickur-noorI am trying06:40
ashickur-noorGet back if I faiL06:40
ashickur-noorFridge is already there06:41
vibhavOn your desktop?06:41
ashickur-noorBut Frigde is showing only last week news06:44
vibhavThe fridge or the RSS reader?06:44
ashickur-noorSorry, Liferea06:44
ashickur-noorof Ubuntu fridge06:44
vibhavYou might want to update it06:45
vibhavThere might be a Update Feeds button somewhere06:46
ashickur-noorThere is a option06:49
ashickur-noorBut old post are not comming06:49
ashickur-noorone more06:53
ashickur-noorhow to get this in my desktop?06:53
vibhavashickur-noor: We will start from the beginning06:53
vibhavashickur-noor: Open Liferea06:54
vibhavashickur-noor: Click on Subscriptions and then select New Subscription06:55
vibhavA box shall come asking you the feed source06:55
vibhavOn the box you will need to enter something06:55
vibhavI will give you the URL06:56
vibhavIn the box enter this : "  http://feeds.feedburner.com/ubuntu-news?format=xml "06:57
vibhav(excluding the quotes)06:57
vibhavOnce Entered , click "OK"06:58
vibhavDid you click OK06:58
ashickur-noorFridge is already there06:59
vibhavOn the right , a list should apper06:59
vibhavClick on "Ubuntu Fridge"06:59
vibhavOh wait06:59
vibhavIts already there06:59
ashickur-noorI need the calender feed06:59
ashickur-noorIs it possible?07:00
vibhavlemme check07:00
vibhavashickur-noor: Yes it is07:00
vibhavashickur-noor: Again , go to New Subscription07:00
ashickur-noorlink pls07:00
ashickur-noorI can do the rest I think so07:00
vibhav" http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/j5q85mmi6ujvjtii5s1n3li5io%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic "07:01
vibhavThis should work for you07:01
ashickur-noorIt is updating07:01
ashickur-noorI need to go for prayer07:02
ashickur-noorTalk you again07:02
vibhavNo Problem07:03
* ashickur-noor is going for prayer07:03
vibhavTm_T: Can I PM you?07:03
Unit193Me too, me too! Pick me!07:11
philipballewno, Pick me!!!07:12
vibhavThe bad thing about the ubuntu-beginners is that not many people know about it07:12
Tm_T/msg Unit193 I choose you, Picatchu!07:13
philipballewits underground07:13
philipballewsuper hipster07:13
ashickur-noorvibhav:  R U here?07:57
* ashickur-noor back07:57
vibhavashickur-noor: yeah07:58
ashickur-noorCalender on Liferea is not that good07:59
vibhavThen you can use akregator08:06
ashickur-noorlet me try08:10
ashickur-noorNo same08:13
ashickur-noorProblem is08:13
ashickur-noorIt only shows previous08:13
ashickur-noorNot the upcoming08:13
vibhavThats a problem with the feed08:21
ashickur-noorThen What I do?08:32
ashickur-noorDoes any calender aps have this feature?08:33
vibhavnoThe feed url has the problem08:42
head_victimashickur-noor: actually, you can probably put the fridge into a google or other email account with calendar functions.10:31
ashickur-noorhum I know that10:32
ashickur-noorBut I need it on desktop10:32
head_victimYou can set that up to show in the default Ubuntu calendar10:33
head_victimWhich is linked in the window bar where the time/date shows10:33
head_victimDepends on what verion of Ubuntu you use10:37
head_victimBasically just import the ical into thunderbird or evolution10:37
ashickur-noorical? I am not familiar with it10:38
head_victimI'm not sure if thunderbird or evolution is the current standard for Ubuntu. I only use webmail so I haven't kept up10:39
head_victimEither way, all you need to do is import the ical file into one of those programs, whichever is the default and it will pop up notifications and show in your calendar.10:39
ashickur-noorical will not update ?? I am right?10:43
Snicksieif its a downloadable file, it wont update ashickur-noor ;)10:46
Snicksieif its just an url you need to put in your client (which can update), then, it will update ;)10:47
ashickur-noorI am searching for goole10:47
ashickur-noorBut can not find it10:47
ashickur-noorhow to get ical file for google?10:47
Snicksiefor google calendar?10:47
Snicksiegoogle can import ical files10:48
Snicksiebut if you have google calendar, you can also use the urls provided at the ubuntu fridge (as I thing you'll want that one?)10:48
ashickur-noorNot sure10:49
ashickur-noorI have sync the fridge calendar in  my goole10:49
ashickur-noorbut not I need the google calendar in my desktop10:50
Snicksiesettings -> agenda's -> click on the agenda you want on your desktop10:51
Snicksieit has an xml, ical, html address10:51
ashickur-noorlet me check10:52
Snicksiein your client you need to find a 'subscribe' link or so... so that it can automatically update10:52
ashickur-noorNothing in agenda like link or10:53
ashickur-noorI will check it some time latter10:54
ashickur-noorI have to go10:54
head_victimSnicksie: thanks mate, sorry had to duck out11:15
justafter update my sound volume icon is missing, and in sound settings i cannot move sound indicator.Any one can help?14:07
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jazzg4quick question   why is it i never get untidy 3d to work  my video card has  512 ram  i have  core duo 2 3 gb ram  it makes no sense to me17:32
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danbyhello anybody home20:00
edlikI add an ext4 partition to my external hard drive and now it says I dont have permission to write to it. What do I do to fix this?21:18
philipballewedlik, good question21:19
philipballewlets look21:19
philipballewwhat are you getting the error from? nautilus?21:20
edlikYep, I need to move some files from my fat32 partition into my new ext4 and it wont let me21:22
geirhaIt'll be owned by root after you create it21:23
geirhasudo chown $USER: /media/mountpoint21:23
geirhawill turn ownership over to you ($USER will expand to your username)21:23
philipballewgeirha, you answered when I was writing that :)21:23
philipballewedlik, do you know your mount point?21:24
geirhaphilipballew: sorry :(21:24
philipballewno prob :)21:24
philipballewedlik, open a terminal21:24
edlikterminal open21:25
philipballewcd /media21:25
philipballewnext well use the ls comand21:26
philipballewso you typee ls, but tack on a ls -a to show all hiden files just for the heck of it21:26
philipballewso ls -a21:27
philipballewport the output here if you want21:27
edlik.  ..  external  f9ef4fc9-da3d-401b-9123-8e964d2cf432  My Book21:28
philipballewso one of those is your newly formated drive. do you remember what you named it?21:28
edlikI dont think I did name it. I used gparted I wonder if it would show up there if i restarted it.21:29
philipballewedlik, its probably the f9... but you can always cd into it and look around via ls21:30
philipballewotherwise you can do what geirha said above with21:30
philipballewsudo chown $USER: /media/mountpoint21:30
philipballewmonutpoint = the name of your drive21:31
philipballewso sudo chown $USER: /media/f9ef4fc9-da3d-401b-9123-8e964d2cf43221:31
philipballewso feel free to try it21:32
edlikstill nothing, and yes the f9 is the one, it shows up at the top of the file. Do you think I have to reboot?21:33
philipballewhow are you copying?21:34
edlikscratch that. I just needed to be in a different place in the terminal.21:35
edlikIt works! you guys are awesome21:35
philipballewyou like ubuntu overall?21:35
edlikI love it, Ive used it for a few years now but still feel kind of like a noob.21:36
philipballewwell if you want to feel better I can help with that. I'd recomend sitting in irc channels more also, are you part of your loco, or do y21:37
philipballewou do any linux user groups21:37
philipballewthere good places to learn21:37
edlikI really like the helpful community, everytime I break something someone always has the answer:-[21:39
philipballeware you part of your loco?21:39
edlikno, where would I find it? on irc?21:40
philipballewwhere do you live?21:40
philipballewill see what I find! hold on 10 secs21:41
philipballewthere is #ubuntu-us-mn its not very active. I also recomend #ubuntu-beginners-team21:42
edlikI will hop on to both of them21:43
geirhaIf you want to learn shell scripting though, please avoid the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide21:44
geirhaand all other shell guides on tldp.org.  We get so many questions in #bash because of the bugs those guides teach21:45
edlikwhere would be the optimal place to learn shell scripting?21:47
philipballewgeirha, ^21:49
geirhaAlso, the other resources listed in /topic #bash21:50
geirhaI have yet to see another shell scripting guide that also teaches "good practice".21:51
WilsonBradleyCould someone help me with System problem crash?22:13
WilsonBradleyThe crashed program seems to use third-party or local libraries:  /opt/java/32/jre1.6.0_31/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so It is highly recommended to check if the problem persists without those first. Do you want to continue the report process anyway?22:13
janusz2Hi all, I am searching how to make a sandbox under ubuntu? Any ideas?23:14
janusz2I mean what I want is to disallow a given process from writes/reads23:14
JoseeAntonioRjanusz2: Have you tried with a VM?23:15
janusz2I think it an over shoot23:15
janusz2I was thinking more in lines of chroot or Apparmor23:16
janusz2but maybe VM is a better way23:16
JoseeAntonioRjanusz2: Or maybe, if the program doesn't make any changes on the system itself, you can create another username for that23:16
janusz2I thought about that too23:17
janusz2but then I have to create a new user for each process23:17
janusz2I mean, if I have a lot of possibly malicious processess23:18
JoseeAntonioRjanusz2: Hmm, you're right. I think the best option is creating a VM, so you don't affect your current install in any way.23:18
janusz2JoseeAntonioR: Thx for help :) I'll probably go the VM way then23:19
JoseeAntonioRjanusz2: No prob. By the way, a good VM is Oracle VM Virtualbox :) If you need further assistance, just come back :)23:20
janusz2Now when I am thinking about it, even if I run a virtualbox, then a malicious program can kill it (probably), but cannot access my system (which is most important). When the program kills my virtualbox, nothing runs.23:29
janusz2There should be a way like tabs in Chrome, where each one runs in its own sandbox, and a fail of one doesn't mean fail of all.23:30
JoseeAntonioRjanusz2: Hmm, I don't know of any other ways, maybe you can run those programs on a Terminal, and if one is going to kill your VM, you just cancel it.23:31

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