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dholbachgood morning08:04
nigelbhi dholbach08:05
dholbachh inig08:05
dholbachhi nigelb08:05
dholbachbah, typing is hard08:05
nigelbAlready celebrating for Friday eh08:06
bkerensagood night!08:40
dholbachnight bkerensa08:40
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jonomhall119, dholbach, jcastro, balloons all set for demo day?15:01
jcastroLETS DO THIS15:01
czajkowskihttps://www.facebook.com/questions/326779177369296/  what would you like to hear more of from launchpad :)15:45
jcastrotechnoviking, has IS told you any new updates?15:52
jcastroor should I ping?15:52
technovikingshould ping, no change since Saturday. Test forums running fine except for LP/SSO login15:53
jcastrotechnoviking, what's broken about the SSO?16:13
jcastromhall119, johnlea sent me a mail that should have been sent to you, fwd'ed16:13
jcastroalso, time sensitive!16:13
jcastroalso, looks awesome!16:13
technovikingtest server had an error, and still need help get the login launchpad.net link showing up in vB416:17
technovikingthe vB3 instruction don't work16:17
jcastroah ok16:17
jcastroso are we stuck waiting on something?16:17
jcastrolike, are they looking at the problem?16:17
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technoviking probably need a php guru to figure it out16:24
jonojcastro will be two mins16:31
s-foxtechnoviking,  Query: Is the new theme backwards compatible?16:32
technovikingto vB3?16:32
jcastrojono, no worries16:32
s-foxI know it is just css, but it depends on all the ids / classes on the html16:32
s-foxtechnoviking,  Yes.16:33
technovikingno, the theme structure is completely different16:33
jonojcastro invite sent16:36
jcastroodd, I don't see it yet16:37
jcastroI usually get it right away16:37
dholbachalright my friends18:00
dholbachit's time to start into the weekend18:00
dholbachhave a great WE everyone18:00
dholbachand see you next week18:00
dholbachhugs hugs18:00
pleia2have a nice weekend dholbach :)18:01
dholbachyou too :)18:01
pleia2is there an official list of the default keybindings in unity for 12.04 somewhere yet? (I keep finding nice lists for older releases but some of them have changed)18:02
dholbachpres super and keep it pressed :)18:02
pleia2yeah, but there are more of them than that18:02
czajkowskiohhh that's handy to know18:03
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 18:03
pleia2czajkowski: haha, yeah, got a few "WOW NICE!" comments from hold-down-super at our Ubuntu Hour on Wednesday :)18:04
* dholbach hugs you all back18:04
dholbachseeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu18:04
cjohnstonjono, jcastro: one idea that came out of Connect, and may be a good thing at UDS was to have a "help desk" type email address for problems during UDS. That address forwards to a group of selected individuals so who could take care of the issues.. For example, if there is an issue with WiFi, or one of the projectors goes down, issue with summit, etc.. That way people can report issues and not spend a bunch o18:32
cprofittwow... just had a lock down at my school district18:38
jcastrowe have a UDS mailing list18:42
jcastroperhaps use it more?18:42
jcastrobut make an alias like "help@uds.ubuntu.com"18:42
nigelbjc[B/ws 3018:42
cjohnstonjcastro: this was a seperate email address with Connect because not everyone needs to know that the projector in room X broke... it would create a bunch of noise on that ML IMO...18:44
cjohnstonor could create a bunch of noise18:44
jcastrohmm ok18:44
jcastroso something like, it would  be IS, the front deskers, and other planners?18:45
jcastroI'm dreadfully busy right now, but if you file an RT and give me the # I can get back to it later today18:45
cjohnstonya.. they have IS, front desk, me (i dont know why), a couple of the managers, not sure what else.18:46
cjohnstonjcastro: just ping me when you have time and we will talk a little more about it, then I'll file an RT after we flesh a few things out18:47
cprofittwe had four suspects ditch their vehicle at one of the schools and run in to the school -- the doors are supposed to be locked18:51
cprofittthey recovered two hand guns18:52
jonocjohnston, good idea18:52
cprofittman... tonight will be an interesting night to have a chat with the kids18:52
cprofittevery building in the district went in to lockdown... all eight18:52
cjohnstonjono: I'm trying to get a list of everyone that was added to the Linaro list (or atleast a reason that they were added).. jono I'm trying to think of the easiest way to do this setup as we don't have control of email addresses like they do (they can add people on the fly)..18:54
cjohnstonCould you think over who should be on the list and I'll add them to the RT please?18:54
pleia2cprofitt: wow, glad no one was hurt18:54
cprofittme too18:54
cjohnstoncprofitt: unfortunatly down here we get that a few times a month.. not the whole district, but a school or two18:55
pleia2never a dull moment at US public schools :\18:55
jonocjohnston, cool18:57
jonocjohnston, I will see if I can, but I head out on vacation on Monday18:57
jonootherwise, jcastro can help18:57
cjohnstonjono: must be nice.. going anywhere?18:58
jonocjohnston, yeah, going to Italy18:58
cjohnstonvery nice18:58
cjohnstontake me?18:58
jcastrojono, there better be a Rush documentary on the laptop for the trip over.18:58
jonojcastro totally :-)18:59
cprofittjono: enjoy the trip dude19:05
jonothanks cprofitt :-)19:06
jonoI am ready for a vacation :-)19:06
* cprofitt nods19:12
cprofittI understand that jono ... I get to that point each summer19:12
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Atlantic777How do you call people who want to have everything, wiki, mail, forum, mailing list, irc, twitter etc. even if they don't need it? :D19:44
bkerensajcastro: another subway revision likely coming out the pipeline soon20:18
bkerensa1test 1 2 320:23
bkerensa1juju test20:23
jcastrobodhi_zazen, 2 answers in one question? Confused.23:55
bodhi_zazenyea, one for the acutual question, another for the actual problem (OP needs an initrd)23:57
bodhi_zazenSeems two answers is less confusing23:58
jcastromaybe add something on top of each?23:58
bodhi_zazenI'm trying to use initrd from a livecd on my ubuntu install. Deleted it accidently.23:58
jcastro(since you can't AU chat I'm just pinging you here, hope that's ok)23:58
bodhi_zazenfrom the comments ^^23:58
bodhi_zazenYea, that is great23:58
bodhi_zazenAU chat does not work well with the proxy server my IT dept uses23:58
cprofitthey bodhi_zazen - saw you on AskUbuntu again23:59
cprofitton that UFW question...23:59

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