cjwatsonmicahg: looks like it got stuck on a download; I've killed it and hopefully the next run will work better00:11
micahgcjwatson: thanks00:11
smoseris there some tool i can use to easily get the payload of a debconf value ?00:13
smoserideally very standard.00:13
smoseri'm hoping to00:22
smoser a.) dump all keys matching some string00:22
smoser  that can be the same package, or not be, thats fine00:22
smoser b.) iterate over items in 'a', and get the value of each00:23
smoserfor this situation, they're all strings00:23
smoserlooks lke maybe i can make debconf do what i want00:24
RAOF@pilot in01:30
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Jack_Hi, Does Ubuntu development have anything to do with developing Grub 2 or configuring Grub 2 for use on Ubunutu?02:22
JackyAlcineWell, Grub's a distro-independent kind of thing.02:24
JackyAlcineYou could set it up for a Windows-only system (though MS would wipe it out with its own boot manager)02:24
JackyAlcineIf anything, there's probably a few patches made by the dev team here to make it more homely for Ubuntu.02:24
Jack_so a query about grub2 wouldn't be relavant here?02:24
JackyAlcineAll depends, it's IRC, have to ask if you want to know.02:26
JackyAlcineI know that I don't know anything Grub-specific.02:26
Jack_I was wondering if there was any particular reason why windows boot menu entries don't get parttool (hdX,Y) +boot applied by default?02:26
Jack_I have a tri-boot system with windows 7, windows 8 and Ubuntu installed. Both versions of Windows have their own boot manager. Windows 7 will only hibernate, and Windows 8 will only shut down if it has the boot flag set.02:29
Jack_So with the default grub2 install, I could only make one work with setting the boot flag, but by adding parttool +boot to the menu entry it works fine.02:30
JackyAlcineWell, again, it might be with how Windows communicates with the boot manager itself. Since it's a bit unpredictable (due to its closed nature), it might not work as expected.02:30
Jack_Could anything bad result from having Grub set the windows partitions boot flag?02:31
JackyAlcineNo background with that, I'm sorry.02:34
Jack_That's okay. Do you know anyone I could contact about it?02:35
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RAOF@pilot out04:45
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ScottKslangasek: Now that doko made python arch:any, someone's going to have to do a bit of bootstrapping on archs !i386 since two of it's dependencies need python.05:02
ScottKIt won't be me, because I'm going to sleep.05:02
ScottKMaybe pitti will be around soon.05:02
ScottKI'm very tired, so I'm sure I haven't thought through all the implications of no 'python' package on !i386, but I'm pretty sure it's "not good".05:03
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micahgScottK: thanks for fixing python3-defaults though05:06
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ScottKI fixed python-defaults too, it just can't build due to uninstallable build-deps.05:07
ScottKIt's just moving the python-policy generation to the arch:any part of debian/rules.05:07
ScottKMaybe this isn't that hard to fix.05:16
ScottKIt isn't but I'm more tired than it's not hard.05:29
ScottKImage builds failing now too.05:30
ScottKskaet: ^^^05:30
ScottKGood luck and good night.05:30
micahgslangasek: are you around at all?05:38
micahgslangasek: unping05:48
micahginfinity: around?05:55
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pittiGood morning06:30
micahghi pitti, there was a broken python-defaults upload which made python uninstallable on !i386, I reverted the change to unbreak the archive (hopefully)06:32
pittimicahg: ah, thanks06:32
micahgpitti: I just hope nothing else was depending on that change other than multiarch06:34
micahgpitti: I wonder if the python3-defaults upload needs to be reverted as well06:35
micahgbug 93459306:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934593 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "python-all-dev, python-dev must be Arch: any for multiarch" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93459306:35
micahgpython3-defaults is currently depwait on ~i38606:35
slangaseksounds like the sort of change that should have gone through the FFe process; I'd say revert it, at least for now06:36
micahgslangasek: python3-defaults?06:36
pittimicahg: looks like it06:36
pittimicahg: yes, a reversion definitively sounds like the right and quick thing here, as it breaks half the archive right now06:37
micahgpitti: python-defaults should fix precise_probs06:37
pittiunless you know exactly what to fix06:37
micahgI"m flying blind here :)06:37
pittithere's a fair amount of python3* stuff there, too06:37
pittimicahg: right :) so, our new policy is to revert06:37
micahgah, ok, then I should upload this quick06:38
pittimicahg: thanks!06:38
micahgpitti: uploaded06:46
* micahg hopes the beer reappears soon06:47
* slangasek waits for beer on https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise Upgrade Testing Dashboard :)06:48
pittislangasek: there's still 5 armel packages which are uninstallable; so no beer today :/06:50
slangasekmicahg: so did you revert python-defaults entirely?06:52
micahgslangasek: yes, is that bad?06:52
slangasekoh, well, it's suboptimal from my POV :)06:52
slangasekI was only after python-all-dev, python-dev being marked Arch: any; I don't know why python also got marked Arch: any06:53
micahgslangasek: with your multiarch hat or your manager hat?06:53
slangasekwith my multiarch hat only ;)06:53
slangasekyou're well within your rights to have reverted the whole thing, just wanting to make sure I understand the current status06:54
micahgslangasek: I didn't have the expertise to fix it properly, nor the time, I figure you and doko can work out the right thing in a fraction of the time it would take me to do it :)06:54
micahgI'm still curious about the binary domination in that case though06:55
slangasekyeah, I dunno06:56
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infinitymicahg: Err, around now.  I assume it was about the python mess?07:09
micahginfinity: yeah, was going to ask you to bootstrap, but I reverted instead, in the end, it might not be needed at all07:09
infinityIt wouldn't need to bootstrap, it would just need them all to build in the same publisher cycle (or i386 last).07:10
micahginfinity: or that :), I'm wondering why that's the case though07:10
infinitymicahg: The reason it all went pear-shaped was because doko's first upload was FTBFS on !i386, due to missing build-deps.07:13
infinitymicahg: And by the time he fixed that, the i386 packages had been uploaded, making python unintallable on all other arches.07:13
infinitymicahg: So, yeah, if his change had been done properly, and in one publisher cycle, no one would have ever noticed.07:14
micahgoh, I think I figured out the answer to my question07:14
infinitymicahg: So, I stick with my assertion that if we want this change, we just need to revert your revert, and it'll work fine.07:14
infinity(After your packages are published)07:15
infinityslangasek: ^^07:15
infinitymicahg: Basically, if you're positice that -9ubuntu5 builds on !i386 with dpkg-buildpackage -B, it would be safe to reupload that as -9ubuntu707:17
infinitypositive, too.07:17
infinitymicahg: But also perfectly valid to leave it as-is and let slangasek and doko argue about it later. ;)07:18
micahginfinity: yeah, well, I tested that, but with a slightly behind mirrror07:18
micahginfinity: I'd rather let them sort it out as I have other things to do before bed07:18
infinitymicahg: Sure, the behind mirror bit is fine, since that would simulate the current fixed situation. ;)07:18
micahginfinity: that's why I uploaded ubuntu5 as a workaround :)07:18
micahginfinity: anyways, slangasek said he didn't expect the whole source to be multiarched anyways07:21
micahgerr..arch any, not multiarched :)07:22
micahgumm, there was no need for me to revert python3 defaults apparently07:31
* micahg fixes07:35
dholbachgood morning08:04
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jibelserver images 20120316 failed to install this morning bug 95676608:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956766 in debian-installer (Ubuntu Precise) "Ubuntu Server 20120316 failed to install: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of lsb-release" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95676608:28
micahgjibel: should be fixed already08:29
jibelmicahg, this is fixed with python-defaults 2.7.2-9ubuntu6 ?08:32
micahgjibel: yeah08:32
jibelmicahg, thanks, updating report.08:33
jamespage@pilot in09:20
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pittihallyn, Daviey: did you notice that the latest libvirt upload is in depwait, because of the new numa universe dep?09:22
pittisabdfl: Hey Mark, how are you? found an animal with Q yet? :-)09:36
pittiQuarreling Quail!09:36
dholbachpitti, there's more https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames#Q :)09:40
pitti"Quetzalcoatl"? Wasn't this an Aztec king or so?09:40
ochosipitti: an aztec god09:41
pittiaah, off-by-one in the hierarchy09:41
yellowduinodholbach: just finished reading your "Getting Started" :)09:41
ochosipitti: could be that historically he was a king first09:42
dholbachpitti, an animal too09:42
dholbachyellowduino, nice (although I need to be honest - it's not only my work, but that of a bunch of others too :-))09:42
ochosi"quirky quokka" (what a beautiful alliteration)09:42
yellowduinodholbach: I bet :) I hope to get some things fixed and get involved09:43
dholbachyellowduino, rock and roll - I'm looking forward to seeing you here more often :)09:43
pittiRiddell: do you plan a calligra upload soon to fix the armhf FTBFS? If so, could you please slip in the ttf-lyx recommends drop?09:53
pittiand perhaps also the missing transitional packages, to fix upgrde09:54
Riddellpitti: good point, I'll try and do that today09:56
pittiRiddell: cheers09:56
dholbachthanks everyone who helped to get the sponsoring queue from ~50 to ~3010:22
dholbachit's nice to see how many did more than 20 review pieces10:22
sorenWhat's the correct way to set a dynamically computed, default value in debconf? db_set <template> <default value>; db_fset <template> seen false  ?10:22
dholbachyou all rock10:22
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seb128dholbach, \o/10:25
* dholbach hugs seb12810:25
seb128dholbach, thanks for keeping the ball rolling and making sure new contributors are well received ;-)10:26
* seb128 hugs dholbach10:26
dholbachI can't take credit for all the good review work :)10:26
ogra_no, but for the nagging work :P10:26
ogra_without that we wouldnt be there ;)10:27
dholbachgo back to doing some reviewing work then! *crack whip*10:27
tseliotcjwatson: do you know if there's a way to prevent grub from using "vt.handoff=7" without disabling the splash in /etc/grub.d/10_linux? Not all drivers play well with it10:41
MacSlowmvo, so yesterday evening the result was still the same... update failed due to the libtinfo5 circular dependency-issue.11:06
evanyone particularly good with x86 assembly? I'm running into difficulty trying to build syslinux from 10.10 on precise using precise's nasm, which blows up with "cannot mix real and virtual attributes in nobits section"11:42
davmor2ev: man you just hate yourself don't you with this whole how can I make my life harder and uglier attitude ;)11:47
dholbachcan https://code.launchpad.net/~dereknance-413/ubuntu/oneiric/klogshow/fix-for-678153/+merge/96059 please be rejected based on the last two comments?12:08
pittidholbach: *zap*12:17
dholbachthanks pitti12:19
jamespagedholbach, thanks - I'll remember that trick in future :-)12:26
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* jamespage comes up for air (and coffee)12:36
jamespage@pilot out12:36
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jamespagecan https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/distribute/oneiric-updates/+merge/94896 be rejected as well - its not required (see comments)12:38
pittijamespage: done12:43
jamespagepitti, thankyou!12:45
mdeslaurcyphermox: so, when I create an adhoc WPA2 network, and look at wpa_supplicant's status, it's showing "group_cipher=TKIP", but "pairwise_cipher=NON". This explains why scanning shows it as being protected, but you can still connect without a password.12:49
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cyphermoxmdeslaur: no12:55
mdeslaurcyphermox: hehe, no what?12:55
cyphermoxAFAIK adhoc WPA is supposed to be pairwise none. :)12:55
cyphermoxWPA adhoc is key-mgmt=wpa-none; pairwise=none ; group=tkip12:56
cyphermoxmdeslaur: I do think that's correct, as is documented as the proper config12:56
mdeslaurcyphermox: that doesn't make sense...why do you say that's the proper config?12:57
cyphermoxmdeslaur: pairwise=none is the right way to configure adhoc.13:02
mdeslaurcyphermox: yes, you've said that already...show me the spec :)13:06
cyphermoxmdeslaur: not quite spec, but it's documented in multiple places as such; see http://lists.shmoo.com/pipermail/hostap/2011-July/023483.html13:07
mdeslauryes, I agree that people keep pasting the wrong config :)13:07
* mdeslaur researches further13:07
cyphermoxno, it's also elsewhere, just a second13:07
cyphermoxmdeslaur: you can also see the example config for IBSS in wpa_supplicant.conf shipped in the wpasupplicant tarballs; bzr branch ubuntu:wpasupplicant; vi wpassupplicant/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf13:09
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mdeslaurhrm, yeah, it does say that there13:13
cyphermoxmdeslaur: even if you use IBSS/RSN, it's still showing as unsecured sometimes13:15
cyphermoxor android can't connect to it, so I'm thinking it's busted anyway13:16
cyphermoxmdeslaur: IBSS/RSN (wpa2) is with mgmt=wpa-none, proto=rsn, pairwise=ccmp, group=ccmp13:16
pgranerseb128, looks like the gnome-settings-daemon is crashing on my wacom tablet again13:18
mdeslaurcyphermox: yeah, let me read the specs...something fishy here13:18
pgranerseb128, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/886295/13:19
seb128pgraner, you never replied to my comment on the bug where I asked if the patch we put it last time was working btw...13:20
seb128pgraner, they might just have dropped it since you never came back to us13:20
seb128pgraner, let me check13:20
pgranerseb128, sorry I must have missed it in the bug mail. It was working fine until today13:20
seb128pgraner, weird13:21
seb128pgraner, can you run dpkg -l | grep gnome-settings-daemon and give me the version listed?13:21
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hrwwhere I can report wishlist for http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/ list?13:21
pgranerseb128, pgraner@zorak:~$ dpkg -l | grep gnome-settings-daemon13:22
pgranerii  gnome-settings-daemon                  3.3.91-0ubuntu613:22
hrwwould be great to have tags from bug number listed there - as most of armhf bugs now are Ada/FreePascal/Haskell/OpenGL related13:22
davmor2Is anyone else having difficulties trying to grab the scroll bar overlay buttons13:22
carifnot sure I'm asking this question in the right place, when I dch -i for some pkgs and change the version in the changelog, the source directory is modifed to match when I exit. This works for some pkgs and not for others (it seems intermittent). Any reason why? I like the behavior and want to see it always happen13:23
seb128pgraner, weird, the fix is still there, can you report a bug using apport?13:24
pgranerseb128, sure, one thing to note is, when the machine first boot with the tablet connected, g-s-d crashes and for some reason apport never sees it, the only way I noticed was I had the old gnome theme13:25
pgranerseb128, then I started g-s-d form the command line and got that output13:25
seb128pgraner, can you check /var/log/apport.log?13:28
pgranerseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/95695613:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956956 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon crashes when Wacom Tablet is plugged in" [Undecided,New]13:30
seb128pgraner, is there any way you could report it through apport so we get a stacktrace? there is not a lot we can do without one13:31
* dholbach hugs jamespage13:34
jamespagedholbach, ta13:35
pgranerseb128, got it, new bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/95696213:35
ubottuError: launchpad bug 956962 not found13:35
* jamespage likes a hug!13:35
pgranerseb128, I duped the other one to it13:35
seb128pgraner, thanks! waiting for retracing and I will deal with it13:35
pgranerseb128, cool, I'm here all day if you want to me to do anything13:35
seb128pgraner, ok, I might ping you back in a bit for extra infos, thanks ;-)13:36
dholbachwe're down to 18 items in the queue - I didn't think I'd live to see this happening13:38
jamespagedholbach, w00t!13:42
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ajmitchdholbach: that's great13:43
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cyphermoxmdeslaur: finding anything?13:46
mdeslaurcyphermox: finding que c'est compliqué en tabarnak13:46
mdeslaurcyphermox: how have you not gone insane yet? :)13:49
cyphermoxmdeslaur: redefine sanity.13:49
mdeslaurhrm, desktop team, network manager and evolution...yeah...too late :)13:52
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hrwdoes someone has any idea of visualvm? bug 93548114:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935481 in visualvm (Ubuntu Precise) "visualvm version 1.3.2-0ubuntu1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93548114:12
ockhampitti: hi, just added a comment to bug #95609814:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956098 in icc-profiles (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync icc-profiles 2.0.1-1 (multiverse) from Debian sid (non-free)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95609814:43
pittiockham: ah, splendid! sorry, missed the link to the other bug14:53
pittiockham: I'll sync both now14:53
ockhampitti: np14:53
ockhampitti: great, thx!14:53
lamontis it too much to ask ghc to reap its dead children more frequently?14:59
ajmitchlamont: is it causing a few issues on the buildds?14:59
lamontit is making them yell at me15:01
lamontthis is not nice of it15:01
lamontPROCS CRITICAL: 25 processes with STATE = Z15:01
lamontspecifically washngo and pandoc15:02
lamontat least so far15:02
ajmitchlamont: there's only another ~100 packages to go :)15:03
lamontremind me to hurt you. :-p15:03
ajmitchblame Laney, not me!15:03
lamontLaney: fwiw, ajmitch just threw you under the bus. :-p15:04
ajmitchhe's used to it15:04
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Laneyi'm sure ghc upstream would welcome a bug report ♥15:13
* Laney fades away15:13
pittislangasek: mono prerm bug> can't this be fixed in precise as well, for people who don't install SRUs before dist-upgrading? prerm failed-install or so?15:23
pitti(it should still be an SRU, I figure)15:23
slangasekpitti: the root bug isn't in the prerm of the package being removed; and the package being removed doesn't exist in precise15:23
pittiah, that'd spoil it of course15:24
slangasekit's a script being called from the prerm of each -cil package that's being removed as part of the upgrade15:24
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G__81Hi I am interested in contributing to Ubuntu. I am not sure whether this is *the* channel to ask, if not can someone point me to the right channel ?15:31
slangasekjibel_: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20Upgrade%20Testing%20Dashboard/job/precise-upgrade-lucid-desktop/ARCH=amd64,LTS=lts,PROFILE=ubuntu,label=upgrade-test/ shows as a "failed" test due to conffiles, but there are no details available about what conffiles are wrong; do you have more information?15:35
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pittiheh, indeed; the console output says15:38
pittiAssertionError: Obsolete config file found. Check log file '/var/log/dist-upgrade/obsolete_conffiles.log'15:38
pittiand further down15:38
pittiscp: /tmp/obsolete_conffiles.log: No such file or directory15:38
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mr_pouitpitti: thanks for the indicator-applet fix! (now i've the same issue with lightdm recommending unity-greeter ;D)16:25
pittimr_pouit: ah, lightdm gets installed before resolving the xubuntu-desktop dependencies all over again, argh16:34
pittimr_pouit: can you please file a bug about it as well, and subscribe me? we need to discuss that with a few people16:34
mr_pouitpitti: this is because xubuntu-default-settings depends on lightdm (>= 0.9.3-0ubuntu2), x11-common (>= 1:7.6+7ubuntu2), lightdm-gtk-greeter (>= 1.0.0-0ubuntu2)16:40
mr_pouitpitti: if I swap them, it should be fine16:40
mr_pouit(I'll try, and file a bug later if it doesn't help)16:41
pittimr_pouit: ah, it's x-d-s itself?16:41
pittimr_pouit: in the other bug, i-applet was pulled in much earlier16:41
pittiso this seems to be easier then16:41
pittimr_pouit: I'm nto sure whether the order of dependencies matters, though16:41
pittimr_pouit: you might try dropping the lightdm dependency perhaps?16:41
pittiit should then resove x-desktop -> gtk-greeter -> lightdm with already fulfilled greeter dep16:42
mr_pouitit was required because earlier versions didn't ship lightdm-set-default. But that was for oneiric only, so this should be fine now16:43
mr_pouitI'll try that then, thanks.16:44
ogra_diwic, yo ... seems your last upload reverted a fix from adam ... could it be that your bzr tree is out of sync ?16:49
ogra_diwic, (alsa-lib that is)16:49
diwicogra_, I don't have upload rights, but I have seen fixes from adam earlier which he has not committed to the bzr tree, so that's recipe for failure if you ask me...17:04
ogra_diwic, well, would be nice if alsa-lib could just use UDD ... then it would have been automerged17:05
ogra_i ran into that issue as well several times before17:05
diwicogra_, TheMuso is the one you want to talk to about that17:05
ogra_k, will note that down for a UDS evening :)17:05
dholbachwhat is the best way to replace duplicate files with symlinks?17:08
ogra_take your microphone and tell it to the HUD ?17:09
ogra_ah, wait, that was 14.0417:09
dholbachogra_, it's not working for you?17:09
dholbachmaybe you have too much noise in the background :)17:10
ogra_haha, i sure do17:10
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dholbachshadeslayer, congratulations!17:24
abeerhi, is anybody here planning to be a mentor at Google Summer of Code?17:32
ScottKUbuntu isn't in GSoC.17:32
abeerThere was a thread17:34
abeerwhere one of the developers posted that Ubuntu would be participating GSOC '1217:34
abeerthere was a search for mentors as it missed out in 11.17:34
micahgyeah, we missed the deadline by ~10 minutes apparently17:37
abeeroh damn! I was really hoping to work under Ubuntu17:38
micahgabeer: you still can, just not under the GSoC banner :)17:38
abeerThe thing is I am new to world of submitting code17:39
abeerGSOC would have been an opportunity where I could have a mentor who would be able to guide me completely towards the completion of a project.17:40
ScottKDepending on what you want to do, you can accomplish similar things independent of GSoC, just with a little more team approach.17:42
abeerWell, the thing is I have experience with Java to make small applets and am kind of proficient in C++.17:43
bdmurraypitti: ubuntu-bug should work with a command name for example do-release-upgrade right?17:43
abeerI've been trying to pick Python up so I can contribute using quickly as shown on the dev page,  but I can't figure out what would be the best way of go about learning Python as there are an umpteen number of resources available.17:44
ScottKPython is (IME) generally easy enough that the best way is to find some problem and figure out how to solve it.17:47
ScottKCareful what you admit about C++ knowledge or apachelogger will try to steal you away to work on Kubuntu (which also uses a lot of Python)17:47
apacheloggersee plus plus17:49
apacheloggerbest thing since godzilla17:49
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mfischAmpelbein: ping19:54
* Sweetshark is looking for a brave sponsor.20:06
Sweetsharkkenvandine, cjwatson, bryceh, mdeslaur, mterry: anyone volunteering to sponsor the upload of 3.5.1-1ubuntu1 to be found in /home/bjoern on chinstrap?20:10
Sweetsharkmicahg: ^ (just skimming through timezone data)20:13
micahgSweetshark: sorry, in the middle of too many other things20:13
brycehSweetshark, yep can do20:16
Sweetsharkbryceh: great, thanks!20:26
micahgSweetshark: I wonder if Friday EOD is the best time for a new LibreOffice code drop20:33
brycehSweetshark, upload sponsored20:35
brycehmicahg, fair point, sorry didn't see your comment before I pushed the button20:37
chrisccoulsonFriday EOD is actually the best time for a new LO code drop, because you won't have to worry about it for 2 days if it blows up :-)20:38
chrisccoulsonj/k ;)20:38
brycehwell, for better or worse the upload got rejected20:38
chrisccoulsonin any case, doesn't it take pretty much the entire weekend to build?20:39
micahgI thought it was down to just over a day on teh pandas20:39
micahgyep, ~31 hours20:40
brycehSweetshark, I've emailed you what LP sent back.  For some reason it didn't pick up the various tar.gz files20:40
bryceh(did you run debuild -S -sa ?)20:40
brycehgoing to run it through pbuilder and maybe a ppa first, for now.20:46
brycehSweetshark, out of curiousity, how is testing handled with libreoffice uploads for ubuntu?20:47
Sweetsharkbryceh: gah, yes. I didnt switch back to -sa for the new upstream upload.20:47
ScottKmicahg: If Thursday, way past COB is a good time to break the archive, I think Friday COB is a great time for an LO upload.20:48
brycehSweetshark, also, even with the -sa added my pbuilder is croaking on it20:49
bryceh(which admittedly might be local pbuilder borkage)20:50
* bryceh chucks it into ppa:bryce/lo-3.5.120:51
Sweetsharkbryceh: I am always building on a pbuilder here (one for the source package and one for the binary build). The debs build from that then are smoketested in a VirtualBox (open some document etc.)20:52
Sweetshark(the pbuilders are kicked off from a jenkins instance)20:55
Ampelbeinmfisch: re-ping!20:56
brycehhmm, my pbuilder still operates on X packages ok20:57
brycehlibexttextcat-dev (>= 3.1.1) maybe?20:59
mfischAmpelbein: I have an update on a ftbfs that you worked on bug #93538521:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935385 in python-djvulibre (Debian) "python-djvulibre version 0.3.3-1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93538521:01
mfischAmpelbein: unfortunately, I don't know how to proceed, I'm not sure I have the ability to pull and then post a new upstream version21:01
Ampelbeinmfisch: Everyone can pull current packaging and propose a merge via the sponsorship process.21:03
Ampelbeinmfisch: Let me quickly check that report.21:03
* Sweetshark watches ppa build21:17
Sweetsharkbryceh: the ppa seems to build, doesnt it? did it break earlier at your local pbuilder?21:24
brycehSweetshark, yeah looks like it's doing better in the ppa21:26
brycehSweetshark, yeah in pbuilder it terminates on unsatisfied deps, even after freshly updating it.  One of the packages is 'uninstallable'21:26
bryceh                                 Depends: libexttextcat-dev (>= 3.1.1) but it is not installable21:28
lbordaHi guys, I am running precise (upgraded from oneiric) and one of the updates crashed unity. I was able to upgrade the packages again but now every time I press right-click on the mouse unity crashes and restart again... Any idea?21:28
brycehlborda, collect backtrace, file a bug21:29
Sweetsharkbryceh: strange, I remember having that too, but it was transitional.21:29
brycehlibexttextcat-dev  precise  3.2.0-1ubuntu121:30
lbordabryceh, should I use use ubuntu-bug unity ?21:30
brycehlborda, yes21:30
lbordaalright tks21:30
Sweetsharkbryceh: libexttextcat was only recently MIRed, maybe your mirror does somehow missed out on that?21:30
brycehah, could be21:30
brycehyep, showing it in universe21:30
brycehSweetshark, this is pulling from us.archive.ubuntu.com21:32
micahgSweetshark: it's still in universe21:32
Sweetsharkmicahg: indeed.21:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 938582 in libexttextcat (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libexttextcat" [Undecided,Fix released]21:33
micahgwell, nothing is depending on it21:33
micahgoh, hmm, there is a recommends21:34
* micahg wonders why that's not on component-mismatches21:34
* Sweetshark is a bit confused by the MIR being "Fix Released", although it is not in main yet.21:40
slangasekSweetshark: because pitti promoted it to main before it was seeded, which means the next archive admin to come along demoted it back to universe ;)21:44
Sweetsharkslangasek: nasty archive admins!21:45
Sweetsharkslangasek: should I reopen the MIR?21:45
slangasekis there something that pulls it into main now?21:45
brycehslangasek, libreoffice21:45
slangaseki.e., has the LibO that uses it been uploaded?21:46
brycehslangasek, no, it doesn't build in my pbuilder due to the missing dep, so I've hesistated uploading it21:46
slangasekbryceh: can you turn universe on for testing in your pbuilder?21:46
slangasekalthough... how long is a build test of this going to take? :)21:46
brycehslangasek, I popped it into a ppa where it appears to be building ok21:46
Sweetsharkslangasek: I am always building in a pbuilder here fwiw21:47
slangasekyeah - component mismatches don't block being able to build with pbuilder21:47
slangasekit's just bryce's particular pbuilder config21:47
slangasekif someone gets that uploaded to precise, I can take care of the promotion straight away21:47
brycehslangasek, build logs going @ https://launchpad.net/~bryce/+archive/lo-3.5.1/+packages21:48
brycehslangasek, shall I wait until that ppa has finished building, or does it look ok to send it in now?21:48
Sweetsharkslangasek: 15min for the source, 2:10h for the binary build with ccache (on a quad i7 notebook with 16GB RAM). 3:30h without ccache.21:48
slangasekbryceh: I would be inclined to upload it straight away21:49
brycehslangasek, micahg also raised the issue of it being past COB Friday... worth waiting until monday?  since it takes so long to build anyway, perhaps it doesn't matter?21:49
slangasekwhat's the build-time on armel?21:49
brycehslangasek, alright.  I'm comfortable with that given Sweetshark's testing practices21:50
brycehmicahg, your thoughts?  still think it being friday is a red flag?21:51
slangasekbryceh: if the world explodes after you upload, are you going to be around to help clean it up? ;)21:52
micahgslangasek: arm* build time on the pandas is 31 hours21:52
* slangasek nod21:52
slangasekso I think it would be a good idea to get it built over the weekend21:52
Sweetsharkfyi, the oneiric backport ppa builds took 6:38h on i386 and and 6:40h on amd64.21:52
micahgright, that's the questions if bryceh or someone else and Sweetshark are committed to being around to fixing issues, I don't have a problem with it21:52
brycehslangasek, I'll be gone much of the day Saturday but am here for the next 4 hrs at least21:52
Sweetsharkarm build time is why I would like to have this in before the weekend ;)21:52
slangasekI can keep an eye out tomorrow21:53
* micahg would think with the package's history, it would be more prudent to upload very early monday21:53
micahgi386/amd64 hit Monday, everything else tuesday21:54
micahgbut if there's coverage for breakage, then it doesn't matter when21:54
Sweetsharkits 2300 local here. I can be around tommorrow till around noon but not later. sunday i could be on guard.21:55
brycehI'd be willing to pop in to do the upload Saturday night my time.  Should only take a few minutes, not a big deal21:56
brycehnot sure what plans I have for sunday, but probably will be checking in periodically21:56
Sweetsharkbryceh: that would be great. I would be around to take the bullets when it finishes then ...21:57
micahgSweetshark: re libexttextcat> sometimes, things get promoted prematurely, but then get demoted since nothing depends on it21:59
micahg* they're supposed to remain Fix Committed until it's seeded or depended on22:00
micahgbut there is a recommends in this case, so I have no idea22:00
Sweetsharkmicahg: k22:00
Sweetsharkjust leaving stuff as is then for now22:01
mterryIs there an easy way to test software under a VPN?  (like a demo VPN test server somewhere?)22:01
Sweetsharkmicahg, bryceh, slangasek: thank you very much.22:01
* Sweetshark wanders of for the night.22:01
brycehSweetshark, great sounds like a plan, will pick it up Sat night22:01
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