skaetjbicha, around?16:07
skaetjbicha, we discovered a bunch of string's had changed without a UIFe in the slideshow yesterday,  and couldn't intersect you to discuss .     Decided to go ahead as path of least total long term pain, and to get them infront of the translators as soon as possible.  However we may have overlooked something, and wanted your input - can you think of any?16:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 956554 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu "[UIFe] Changes accumulated in the slideshow branch after UI freeze" [High,Fix released]16:11
* skaet would rather take corrective action now, than cause panics next week.16:12
kjsHi guys, I am wanting to write an article on how to install wordpress on ubuntu, should I place this on the wiki? If so where?16:47
jbichaskaet: we don't really document the normal installer so I would have given my +1 anyway17:14
kjsjbicha: was that a response to me/17:15
skaetjbicha,  coolio.   thanks,  I'll cross it off my tracking list.  :)17:15
jbichakjs: no, previous conversation; you can add that guide to the wiki, I don't know of a specific location off-hand, just look around & see what the other pages are doing17:16
kjsjbicha: cool, thanks17:16
kjsSounds dumb, but how do I create a page? Normally on a wiki I would search for a topic and click create page if one does not already exist?17:17
jbichakjs: just visit the URL you want https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThisIsMyNewAwesomePage and click Create a new empty page17:18
kjsjbicha: thank you.17:58
kjsHow do i quote code on here? normally I would use preformatted or formatted text? What wiki are ubuntu using and I will look up the syntax.18:02
jbichakjs: the wiki is moinmoin18:05
kjsok I am stoked I can't find a decent category for Apache docs18:25
kjsserver team i guess18:28
peppe84hi all. I've been try to build gnome-user-docs in html format. using italian language. anyone can explain me this error? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/886807/19:49
peppe84build in english languages works properly but I receive this messages: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/886810/19:51
jbichapeppe84: I believe the 886810 error is harmless19:53
peppe84jbicha, I suppose. here work fine
peppe84but in the firt case I don't know and I don't fine any docs that explain how to build in different languages.19:56
jbicha./autogen.sh --prefix=/home/contumacia/precise/ubuntu-help/install/20:00
jbichacd ubuntu-help/it20:01
jbichayelp-build html *.page20:01
jbichaI think...20:01
jbichaactually, skip the commands after make and do cd html20:02
jbichaedit the Makefile to do LN=it instead of LN=C20:03
peppe84jbicha, .po generation now work. now I'll try to fix the style
peppe84jbicha, but thanks a lot at the moment! :-)20:15
jbichathe style should come from running make in the html directory20:18
peppe84ok! now I'll try again ;-)20:20
peppe84jbicha, yes, now is perfect :-)20:35
jbichapeppe84: now you just need to translate the screenshots too :)20:36
jbichabut you should probably wait until after we make the screenshots for 12.0420:36
peppe84we need to do some work :-) will look like this: http://ubuntu-it.org !20:37
jbichaI think I'm going to have to beg skaet and the translators to push the documentation freeze back a week20:39

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