MTecknologySo... when a security vulnerability is found... do I care about what's in backports?00:38
MTecknologyalso... I think this is the first time I've ever sent something to a PPA with priority=high00:39
pabelangerevening, ubuntu-release has ack'd my FFe for bug 956188.  Anybody able to sponsor the syncrequest?01:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956188 in rebuildd (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync rebuildd 0.4.1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95618801:08
RAOFpabelanger: Sure.01:17
pabelangerRAOF: Great, thanks01:26
micahgMTecknology: for a security vuln in backports, the usual fix is to update the package in teh release and request a new backport03:06
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MTecknologymicahg: It looks like I get to address 3 CVE issues instead of just 103:16
micahgMTecknology: yep, that's the catch :)03:16
mfischhey masters, there's a ftbfs that works fine for me in a pbuilder chroot03:53
mfischI will double check with an i386 pbuilder03:53
mfischif that works can someone redo the build?03:53
micahgmfisch: seems to be builder specific03:54
mfischthis fits because the build failure is an odd hang, not a "real" error03:54
micahg*launchpad buildd03:54
mfischmicahg: what do you mean?03:54
mfischworks fine in i386 too03:55
micahgmfisch: seems to be a problem specific to the buildd env03:56
mfischmicahg: how can you tell that?03:56
micahgmfisch: common cause when stuff works locally and doesn't work on the buildds, I'd suggest uploading to a PPA to verify whether or not it's a buildd env specific issue03:57
mfischmicahg: oh, I thought you had other logfiles or something03:57
mfischmicahg: okay, I'll do a ppa03:57
mfischmicahg: any idea why there's no bug for this?04:01
mfischmicahg: or better question, should I make one04:02
micahgbug 85259204:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 852592 in libkqueue (Ubuntu Oneiric) "libkqueue version 1.0.4-2 failed to build" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85259204:02
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* micahg just reopened it04:03
mfischmicahg: it's failing on x86 too04:04
mfischmicahg: according to the qa page04:04
micahgmfisch: i386 and amd64 == x86 archs :)04:04
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mfischmicahg: ah ok04:05
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mfischmicahg: do I need to roll the version before a dput?  I did the dput, but I dont see any evidence of the upload nor do I have an email04:18
micahgmfisch: try backportpackage04:18
mfischmicahg: I'll try that thanks04:19
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mfischmicahg: I think dput doesn't like me tonight.  I should get an email pretty quickly about the dput04:30
micahgmfisch: this time of night it might be delayed a little04:31
mfischmicahg: I'm working on the python-djvulibre while waiting04:31
mfischI have a fix for python-djvulibre04:39
mfischwell I know the fix04:39
mfischthe fix for python-djvulibre ftbfs is to pull the latest copy from upstream, I noted that in #93538504:53
vibhavCam anybody sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glance/+bug/925609 ?04:57
micahgvibhav: in this case, you should probably talk to zul as he's been uploading this and has committed it upstream04:59
vibhavWho is zul ?05:00
micahgvibhav: ubuntu server dev05:00
micahgvibhav: he probably won't be around for another 9 or 10 hours though05:01
vibhavI email him then05:01
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vibhavhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/+bug/955451 can this bug be bought into precise?06:14
dholbachgood morning08:04
ajmitchmorning dholbach08:08
dholbachhi ajmitch08:08
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ajmitchLaney: how goes the haskell transition? in other words, what can I pick at & sync? :)09:51
Laneyanything which builds09:51
Laneyi'm not doing any until this evening at the earliest09:51
ajmitchbusy today?09:51
ajmitchis there a nicely presented list of haskell packages that may be syncable, or were you just using the transition tracker & comparing versions with debian?09:56
Laneyall packages should have a new version in debian09:57
Laneysince sourceful uploads were required09:57
ajmitchfirst one I looked at was removed from sid, that doesn't help :)09:57
Laneyi filed some removals already09:57
Laneystill pending09:57
ajmitchso there's a standing FFe for new upstream versions as well, like haskell-yaml going from to 0.5.2?09:58
ajmitchhaskell-data-object was the first one I looked at , I hate LP saying '0 new bugs' & misleading me :)09:59
RhondaDo I need -e switch for syncpackage currently?09:59
Rhondaerm, not -e …   -e was syncrequest …09:59
ajmitchRhonda: looking to file an FFe?10:00
tumbleweedsyncpackage has a -e, but only in non-native mode :)10:00
tumbleweedRhonda: yeah, sounds like you want requestsync -e10:00
Rhonda-e means UPLOADER_EMAIL there, tumbleweed10:00
ajmitchhow inconsistent :)10:00
RhondaFor beep it's just debconf translations added, so syncpackage is out of scope but requestsync -e is still needed, right?10:01
tumbleweedRhonda: if there are no new features, just syncpackage10:01
* Rhonda . o O ( will be my first upload to ubuntu main, yay :) )10:01
tumbleweedif you want an ffe, file a sync request with an FFE (requestsync -e)10:01
tumbleweedRhonda: you have upload rights to packages in main?10:02
Rhondafor beep, irssi and … there was a third one :)10:02
nigelbirssi is in main? woah.10:02
ajmitchRhonda: beep sounds like such a critical package... :)10:02
Rhondaajmitch: for some architectures it is10:02
ajmitchnigelb: it should be in ubuntu-minimal, imho10:02
RhondaAh, logcheck10:03
Rhondasyncpackage: Error: Signer is not permitted to upload to the component 'main'.10:03
Rhondawhy does it claim so …10:04
RhondaI think there is some failed check involved?10:04
RhondaWhom to nag about it?10:04
ajmitchtumbleweed should know :)10:04
* Rhonda nibbles on tumbleweed10:04
tumbleweedI'll look10:07
ajmitchubuntu-upload-permission looks useful, but doesn't list anyone except core-dev as being able to upload beep10:07
Laneyindeed rhonda has no PPU as far as launchpad is concerned10:07
* Rhonda is offended by Laney's initial disbelieve :;)10:08
ajmitchdid the DMB approve some PPU rights for you?10:09
ajmitchhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/devel-permissions/2011-July/000253.html says yes :)10:10
RhondaYes, and they asked why I didn't sign up for coredev membership right ahead  %-=10:10
tumbleweedthat's a single vote, not a decision10:10
ajmitchtumbleweed: oh, was it?10:10
* tumbleweed has a dig through meeting archives10:11
* ajmitch saw http://people.ubuntu.com/~maco.m/dmb_record_keeping.html as well whch implied it was approved10:11
ajmitchso 18 july should be the meeting to look for10:11
Rhondatumbleweed: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/devel-permissions/2011-July/000257.html is the vote10:11
ajmitchyeah, I was close10:12
* Rhonda prodded cody to attend personally %-)10:12
RhondaWe were sitting at mr. black in banja luka at that time  ;)10:12
* Rhonda nods10:13
Rhondacody was like "oh, meeting is tonight?"10:13
ajmitchone year I'll try & get to that :)10:13
tumbleweedLaney: looks like you chaired the next meeting, and there was no minutes review10:15
tumbleweedstgraber: ^^^^ can you grant Rhonda the PPU rights she never got?10:16
Laneythe horror10:20
ajmitchLaney: you've picked all the easy ones off the ghc transition list, haven't you?10:21
Laneyi don't have that impression10:21
ajmitchI haven't had any build yet :)10:21
Laneyi know that libzip is busted though10:21
Laneythe ordering on that page sometimes lies10:21
ajmitchlibzip is seeded for kubuntu, I just tried that one10:21
tumbleweedLaney: :)10:21
ajmitchtumbleweed: seeded-in-ubuntu is <310:22
tumbleweedglad to hear that10:23
* tumbleweed -> lunch10:23
ajmitchwoo, found one that builds10:23
Laneyi just build like 50-100 and sync all of those that worked :P10:24
ajmitchLaney: I haven't done any such automation magic :)10:24
Laneyfor i in *.dsc; do sbuild -d precise -s -A $i; done10:25
dholbachthanks everyone who participated (we got from 50 to 30): http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/1glance-sponsoring/10:25
ajmitchright, I have to parse the ghc.txt list to pass to pull-debian-source :)10:25
Laneyoh i'm not that automated10:25
Laneyfor i in haskell-{a,b,c,d,e,f}; do pull-debian-source $i unstable; done :(10:25
ajmitchLaney: you just grabbed the lot?10:25
Laneyjust get a couple of levels at a time10:26
ajmitchI'll get onto it then, will sync haskell-sendfile since it built :)10:26
Laneythen i wrote a terrid script to sync all packages which have an _amd64.changes file10:26
ajmitchdholbach: I think the results on there are wrong, and counting syncs where it shouldn't :)10:26
ajmitch(just in the breakdown of uploaders)10:27
ajmitchsince I'm sure I didn't sponsor 10+ things in the last month10:27
dholbachajmitch, that might be the case - it was what I could get up in the shortest amount of time10:27
dholbachstill I'm happy to see us at 30 again10:28
ajmitchyeah it's a good improvement10:28
dholbachit'd be great to get some more done before beta 2 freeze10:28
dholbachthat will make it easier to keep on top of incoming requests once we're rolling towards final freeze10:28
* ajmitch wasn't sure what to do with a couple of largish merge proposals10:28
dholbachyeah, they're tricky10:29
ajmitchwhere they look to be patching an awful lot of upstream stuff for inconsequential things, like https://code.launchpad.net/~geoubuntu/ubuntu/precise/tvtime/tvtime.fix-372822+947845+947850+951473+more/+merge/9687710:29
dholbachif it's stuff which should go upstream first, I usually say that and reject it - as harsh as that might seem10:29
ajmitchI suspect that & gnomeradio (both MPs by the same person) should go upstream10:29
dholbachalthought it looks like in the case of tvtime all of these patches but one are upstream already10:30
ajmitchjust going from the origin in the patch headers?10:31
ajmitchsome are marked as upstream but from the bug tracker, or upstream & refers to a LP attachment10:32
dholbachit might make sense to get it in and ask the guy to subscribe to the tvtime bugs to make sure they don't break stuff10:32
dholbachinactive upstream probably :/10:33
ajmitchwouldn't surprise me, when you look at tvtime.sf.net :)10:33
ajmitchlast upstream release in 200510:33
dholbachhe did the most of the last uploads to ubuntu10:34
dholbachit might make sense to just get it in and ask the guy to take over upstream :-)10:34
ajmitchsome of the patches referred to the in SF bug tracker date back to 2006, and have no comments10:35
ajmitchseems a bit dead10:35
ajmitchubuntu is almost doing well compared to that10:35
dholbachha, think about what Ubuntu would be like if the last release had been in 2005 ;-)10:36
AlanBellcan someone help me get started with packaging one simple python script?10:52
AlanBellit is just an executeable script that adds quicklists to unity launcher, it does some dbus listening and has one dependency, plus a .desktop file that launches it on sesson startup10:54
AlanBellall the packaging guides I have seen kind of assume that you are using something that builds or installs with setuptools or something, I don't know how to make a setup.py or whether I need one10:55
Laneytumbleweed: help this man! (I don't know what setuptools does for you to know whether it's required for dh_python2 to work)11:21
vibhavhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/956407 is fixed upstream, can I get it into Ubuntu11:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956407 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Precise) "Apport recipe attaches old/useless log files" [Medium,Triaged]11:23
ajmitchvibhav: packages like that are best left to the ubuntuone developers, who upload their changes directly11:23
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vibhavthen Ill pick another client11:24
vibhavwhat about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/943304 ?11:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943304 in Ubuntu "LXC bind run_as_root commands are obviously wrong" [Undecided,New]11:25
vibhavI have fixed several bugs in nova11:26
ajmitchopenstack, nova, etc are handled by a team who upload these packages to ubuntu11:27
vibhavI could upload a debdiff11:27
vibhavajmitch: Is uploading a debdiff fine?11:29
ajmitchI don't think it'd generally be helpful in this case11:30
* vibhav searches for bugs11:30
Laneyvibhav: you might find http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ useful11:31
Laneyit is a list of Release Critical bugs in Debian that are fixed and potentially not in Ubuntu11:31
Laneyeach one requires some investigation11:31
vibhavHow Do I investigate them11:32
Laneyyou look at the linked Debian bug and decide if it's not fixed in Ubuntu and if not then if it's worth updating our package to get the fix11:32
Laneynot fixed in → not fixed in or not applicable to11:33
vibhavthanks Laney11:34
Laneyif you decide it is worth getting the fix then prepare the approprate sync or merge request to do so11:35
Laneybut you can always check with us if you are unsure11:35
vibhavI will use requestsync right?11:37
Laneyfor syncs, yes11:37
Laneybe sure to justify in the request why the sync is required11:38
Laneyi.e. what bugs it fixes11:38
blueyedI want to use pdebuild with pbuilder-dist, but "pdebuild --pbuilder pbuilder-precise" fails because pbuilder-dist/-precise is invoked using sudo.11:38
blueyedSee also bug 37717911:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 377179 in ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu) "Implement pdebuild-dist" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37717911:40
vibhavWhat will I need to put in the changelog?11:42
vibhavWill I need to change the Changelog in any way?11:50
ajmitchvibhav: if you've made changes to a package, then you need to list those changes in the changelog11:53
vibhavajmitch: I have not made any changes, I am just requesting a sync11:54
Laneythen you don't have a changelog11:54
vibhavhttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=660553 is updated for python 2.7, shall I request a sync?11:55
ubottuDebian bug 660553 in flumotion "flumotion fails to start" [Grave,Fixed]11:55
arandvibhav: If you have tested that it builds and works on ubuntu as well, I would.11:57
vibhavI need to test it Ubuntu too11:58
ScottKjtaylor: Could you have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/956901?  I recall you working on something similar before.12:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956901 in python-numpy (Ubuntu) "Failing `import numpy.distutils.core` with python-numpy package installed" [Undecided,New]12:28
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iulianLaney: Sorry, I've been utterly busy with uni for the past few days. Didn't even have the time to get on IRC, hence the delayed reply. I will have a look at those removals today in the evening when I get back home or tomorrow if you haven't done them already.12:54
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Laneyiulian: already did the ones i noticed12:58
Laneyi haven't done any systematic analysis though12:58
ajmitchiulian: it's ok, he recruited me to help with rebuilds as well :)13:00
iulianLaney: Oh OK.13:12
iulianajmitch: Heh, that's brilliant!13:12
iulianCheers ajmitch.13:12
ajmitchiulian: I've only just started on them, there's a few to do :)13:14
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iulianajmitch: Well, it's a tedious job but don't let this hold you back. :)13:19
iulianI'll buy you a pint of lager if you do some.13:20
ajmitchsynced about 20 so far tonight :)13:20
iulian300 more to go. :)13:21
iulianGetting close.13:21
ajmitchwell, the transition page lists about 120 to go, so not that bad :)13:21
iulianOh, that's good.13:21
ajmitchlaney's done most of the work I think13:22
iulianLaney's a rock star, we both know this already.13:22
ajmitchof course13:22
tumbleweedLaney, AlanBell: sorry, it was a long lunch. Sorted?13:48
AlanBelltumbleweed: hi13:49
AlanBellI want to know where to get started when packaging one python script that just runs13:49
AlanBelldo I need to do some python setuptools stuff to wrap around it before it can be put in a .deb?13:49
tumbleweedis it a single .py file?13:51
tumbleweedif so, nothing special required, just dh_install it to /usr/bin and depend on python13:51
AlanBellit has one dependency, and a .desktop file to shove in /etc somewhere to start it on session start13:52
tumbleweedthere's nothing python-specific for you to worry about then13:52
AlanBellok, but I still don't know where to start :)13:53
tumbleweedcan you point me at the source?13:53
AlanBellis there a tutorial or guide that I could look at, all the stuff I find seems to be for things that you download wtih a .tar.gz and compile13:53
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/quicklists.py source13:54
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/unity-window-quicklists.deb bad attempt at a .deb13:54
AlanBellmy .deb has permissions errors and is just a finished .deb, not a source .deb so I don't think I can put it in a ppa13:55
tumbleweedyou probably want that in a bzr repo or something (not that this matters for packaging)13:55
AlanBellyeah, I should put it in bzr13:56
tumbleweedI suggest writing a simple Makefile to install it, then the packaging is easy13:56
tumbleweedand I think a Makefile is easier to write than a setup.py13:57
Laneyfor one file? why not just use dh_install (modulo renaming)?13:57
tumbleweedor that13:58
tumbleweedactually, yes, that13:58
AlanBellok, is there a guide?13:59
arandLaney: Modulo renaming?13:59
tumbleweed(I was thinking defensively, you don't want dh trying to do someting with a build system it thinks youhave), but that' isn't a danger here13:59
arandAlanBell: 'man dh_install' is one ref13:59
AlanBellarand: yeah, reading that, I don't quite get it though14:00
tumbleweedAlanBell: read one of the usual packaging guides (I like wiki.debian.org/IntroDebianPackaging )14:01
arandecho "foobin usr/bin" > debian/foo.install14:01
tumbleweedand just be aware that you don't have a Makefile or anything like that, that you are just oging to install the bits you want, with dh_install14:01
AlanBellso do I run dh_install or put dh_install lines in some of the scripts in the DEBIAN directory?14:02
arandAlanBell: If you use dh7 it is run automatically via d/rules "dh $@"14:05
AlanBellusing Precise so presumeably the latest stuff14:09
AlanBellso do I need to create a filestructure that mirrors where I want stuff to end up? or is that what the dh_install replaces in the source package?14:10
tumbleweedthat's what dh_install will help you with14:10
AlanBellin the directory I made the binary package with I have DEBIAN etc usr14:10
tumbleweedhowever dh_install won't let you change file names, so it helps if the files already have the final name14:10
tumbleweed(e.g. no .py for stuff going into /usr/bin)14:11
arand(or you could do a simple override to rename it)14:11
Laneythat is waht I mean by modulo renaming14:11
Laneyif you have to rename then it's a bit more difficult14:11
tumbleweedLaney: you have anything to raise before the release meeting? I don't14:12
AlanBellok, so I need the quicklists and unity-window-quicklists.desktop files in the top level with the DEBIAN directory14:12
Laneyjust tell them ghc is in hand14:12
arandAh, I though this was some fancy option to dh :D14:12
ajmitchthe ghc list is slowly getting shorter :)14:12
tumbleweedAlanBell: s/DEBIAN/debian/14:12
Laneyis there a freeze soon?14:12
tumbleweedLaney: not that far off14:12
tumbleweedFFe requests seem to have slowed down (or I'm not getting to my e-mail enough14:13
AlanBelltumbleweed: oh lowercase for source package and upper case for binary is it?14:13
arandAlanBell: It can be wherever in the source dir, just set the location accordingly in the install file.14:13
tumbleweedAlanBell: yes14:13
arandAlanBell: Do you have the source with a debian/ dir, including rules copyright etc already set up?14:14
AlanBellarand: well no, I am trying to figure out what goes in the debian directory14:15
aranddh_make can make you a template14:15
Laneyuse dh_make and remove all of the *.ex *.EX README.* from debian/14:17
Laneythen you need to make a debian/packagename.install file (see man dh_install) and edit the fields in debian/control14:17
Laneyspecifically to depend on python14:17
arandIt can be just d/install without the name in this case, unless you want multiple binary packages14:18
Laneyit can be a lot of things14:18
Laneybut let's not present all of the options all of the time14:18
AlanBellI don't want multiple binary packages! this is hello world level stuff :)14:19
AlanBellok, so I don't have dh_make and E: Unable to locate package dh_make14:19
tumbleweedit's called dh-make14:20
arandbut the command is with _14:20
AlanBellah, so it is, thanks14:20
AlanBellok, that worked. Now where do the dh_install lines go?14:27
tumbleweedAlanBell: dh will call dh_install for you14:28
tumbleweedso just create a debian/install / debian/packagename.install file to configure it14:28
arandThe format is: "path/in/source/foo install/dir", e.g. "scripts/foo usr/bin"14:32
AlanBellthis has possibly done something good, dpkg-buildpackage does a load of stuff now14:36
tumbleweedthat's dh doing all the usual stuff for you14:37
pabelangerI have 2 merge requests up on launchpad (my first ones) should I be subscribed to ubuntu-sponsors to help move them along?14:54
tumbleweednothing you need to do14:54
tumbleweeddo you see it on the sponsorship queue? http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/14:55
pabelangertumbleweed, no14:55
tumbleweedpabelanger: links?14:55
pabelangerbug 954915 and bug 95309314:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 954915 in nova (Ubuntu) "Add dbconfig-common support to nova" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95491514:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953093 in glance (Ubuntu) "Add dbconfig-common support to glance" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95309314:56
tumbleweedpabelanger: I guess we don't monitor ubuntu-server-dev branches in the sponsorship queue14:57
pabelangertumbleweed, okay so patience then :)14:58
tumbleweedpabelanger: ask #ubuntu-server14:58
pabelangerya, have been for the last few days, not much of a response.  I assume they are busy; that's why I tried here.14:59
pabelangerI'll wait it out and see what happens14:59
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jokerdinochrisccoulson: are we getting Firefox 12 for 12.04 or sticking with Firefox 11?15:38
chrisccoulsonjokerdino, 12.04 will have the latest firefox release ;)15:41
jokerdinosince the beta usually has the beta, will we have firefox beta?15:42
jokerdinoi mean, usually ubuntu+1 has a beta firefox version, are we getting on firefox 12 beta..15:42
chrisccoulsonwell, firefox 12 isn't released until after ubuntu 12.04 is released15:43
chrisccoulsonso, no ;)15:43
jokerdinoi see. thanks!15:43
chrisccoulsonbut you can install the beta in the usual way (https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next)15:43
technovikingjokerdino: the LTS should get many of the future FF updates15:46
technovikingasking for a $500,00 VMWare/SAN solution at work. Lets see how this lead ballon flys15:46
jokerdinogood news that is.15:46
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stgrabertumbleweed, Rhonda: only added irssi and logcheck as beep is in universe17:19
shadeslayerScottK: hmm, I agree with that email, kile should pull in texlive-latex-extra17:24
ScottKshadeslayer: OK.  First thing, I'd reply to the mail and say you are looking into it.17:24
tumbleweedstgraber: ta17:27
wookeyIf I find a cross-build issue that is the same in Debian and Ubuntu, and there isn;t already an ubuntuN package version should I still file two bugs and patches and link them?17:39
wookey(the ubuntu patch only being differnt by dint of chanigng maintainer field and addingan ubuntuN to the version number17:39
micahgwookey: if the Debian fix will get in quickly, I'd just suggest filing there and syncing (asking for FFe if necessary) when fixed17:40
micahgwookey: unless it's on an image17:40
wookeyOK, so the sync stuff can only happen after the debian package is uploaded - there is no 'pre-emptive' version.17:40
wookeythe thin is you never know how long the debian upload will take...17:41
micahgwookey: well, there's no need for it unless the fix is needed immediately17:41
micahgor it's on an image and you want to insure it's fixed for precise17:41
wookeyOK. I'll try filing a few in Debian and give it a week17:42
wookeyBTW two out of threee of the 'ARM porting jam' multiarch fixes are in http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ by whatever magic makes that happen. Not sure why not the 3rd?17:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 957137 in gtk-doc (Ubuntu) "(FTCBFS) gtk-doc needs multi-arch metadata to satisfy build-dependencies" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:44
micahgwookey: ubuntu-sponsors isn't subscribed17:47
micahgwookey: I'm piloting monday, if they're still there, I can have a look17:47
wookeyright - but I didn;t do that for the first two either. Maybe someone else did17:47
micahgwookey: yeah, there's a bot that subscribes sponsors when a debdiff is attached17:48
wookeyright and the 3rd one has a patch too.17:49
micahgyeah, it'll probably get to it, it runs on a cron I think17:50
wookeyOK. I've been quite impressed how fast thing tend to move round here after the sometimes glacial processing of Debian bugs :-)17:50
micahgwookey: we've been working on improving the processes :)17:50
Rhondastgraber: Erm, the source is in main18:02
Rhondastgraber: So I get permission denied for uploading beep source.  The beep binary is in universe, you are right.  Maybe the beep udeb is in main?18:03
stgraberRhonda: sorry, I checked with apt-cache show and not showsrc :( fixed!18:04
RhondaNo worries - this is strange to me too. :)18:04
* Laney boops18:05
Rhondastgraber: So I should be able to issue the syncpackage already?  Or is there some expected regular schedule delay or something?18:07
stgraberRhonda: yep18:07
Laneythe former18:07
LaneyArchive Upload Rights for rhonda: archive 'primary', source package 'logcheck'18:07
LaneyArchive Upload Rights for rhonda: archive 'primary', source package 'irssi'18:07
LaneyArchive Upload Rights for rhonda: archive 'primary', source package 'beep'18:07
stgraberRhonda: I did the changes directly in LP's ACLs so uploads and syncs should all work now18:07
Rhondasyncpackage: Request succeeded; you should get an e-mail once it is processed.18:08
Rhondathanks :)18:08
Rhondahmm, what to do with upstart in a chroot …18:17
psusiRhonda: what do you mean?18:18
RhondaI managed to create with pbuilder a chroot for lucid.  Did log into it, installed cowdancer and then extracted the tarball to work with cowdancer18:19
LaneyI guess you want https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/430224/comments/618:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430224 in upstart (Ubuntu) "init: support chroots" [Medium,Fix released]18:20
RhondaI then copied the lucid cowbuilder chroot to maverick and tried to upgrade, which failed  %-/18:21
RhondaThere is no upstart running for me outside the chroot18:22
Rhonda… giving it a try.  Thanks for the link. :)18:24
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RhondaWorked for maverick, natty and oneiric. With precise I have python related issues with the upgrade   *ponders*18:49
RhondaAh, wait, trying to upgrade from lucid directly, my fault.18:49
jtaylorScottK: re numpy bug, it should probably be changed to gcc -print-multiarch, which is more commonly installed than dpkg-dev19:03
micahgjtaylor: dpkg-dev is in build-essential19:04
micahgas is gcc19:05
jtayloryes but apparently the reported does nto have it installed19:05
jtaylorI should have wrapped the thing into a try except instead of just checking the returncode :/19:05
jtayloron the otherhand this issue would not have been found then19:05
* micahg would think neither is a good solution for a runtime dep without an actual dependency although gcc is installed by default19:06
jtaylorthe whole solution is a hack :/19:06
micahgjtaylor: right, but if you need either one, you need to declare a dependency on it19:06
micahgor at least a recommends if it's not a common code path19:07
micahgin that case, gcc is better as it's already installed19:07
PaoloRotoloHi all!19:12
jtayloryey someone made a patch for py3 numpy :D unfortunatly to late for precise :(19:19
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AlanBelltumbleweed: arand: Laney: thanks for your help, I think I have a working package in a PPA now :)19:34
arandAlanBell: Looks like you need tmux :þ19:36
AlanBelltmux is a console based window manager19:37
AlanBelland yeah some of them are byobu windows19:37
AlanBellunity is a window manager. Having windows shouldn't confuse it!19:37
jtaylorScottK: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/ubuntu/precise/python-numpy/lp956901/+merge/9797420:01
jtaylorfor nump20:01
ScottKjtaylor: If you want me to upload it, debdiff please, but I'm a bit tied up with $WORK right now.20:02
jtaylorno rush20:03
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arandAlanBell: Oh, the quicklist actually integrates with byoubu (i.e. tmux/screen) windows?20:18
AlanBellarand: no, not specially20:45
arandAw :( would be really cool otherwise.20:46
AlanBellwonder if that could be done20:46
AlanBellmostly I just have quite a few gnome-terminal sessions open20:47
plipp1Hi guys, I tried branching/checking out foobillard to create a lokal package, but during package creation, I get:20:49
plipp1Need to get 86.3 kB/21.6 MB of archives. After unpacking 81.3 MB will be used.20:49
plipp1Writing extended state information...20:49
plipp1Err http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main libglib2.0-data all 2.31.20-0ubuntu220:49
plipp1  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:49
plipp1E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glib2.0/libglib2.0-data_2.31.20-0ubuntu2_all.deb: 404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:49
plipp1E: Unable to correct for unavailable packages20:49
plipp1I see that libglib2.0 seems to be in lucid [but I have it installed on precise]20:51
plipp1foobillards is in precise but not the required libs?20:52
plipp1Or what exactly is going on?20:53
plipp1sorry, 'foobillard'20:54
ScottKplipp1: libglib2.0-data exists, it's just there's a newer version.  You need to run apt-get update20:54
jtaylortry updating20:54
plipp1ScottK: apt-get upgrade rather. :)21:01
plipp1yes, ubuntu2 rather than ubuntu3 was installed..  Let's see what happens21:01
ScottKNo, apt-get update.  What you posted indicates your package index is out of date.21:01
ScottKThen upgrade, sure, but first you need an updated package index21:02
plipp1ScottK: I seem to not fully understand how that works.  I was under the impression that if I've done an update and something wants to install a newer dependency, things would fall through21:05
ScottKThe error you showed indicated your package index was out of date.21:06
ScottKSo step one, apt-get update refreshes the index so it knows about the newer version.21:06
ScottKThen when you upgrade or when it gets pulled in as a depends, you should get the newer/correct one.21:06
ScottKlibglib2.0-data | 2.31.20-0ubuntu3 |       precise | all    <-- is current.21:07
plipp1ScottK: Hmm..  Okay. But still, when it comes to the error message, I thought I had 2.31.20-0ubuntu2 installed which is what it tried to fetch (I know it can't find that though, as the version that exists there is -ubuntu3).21:14
ScottKThat error message means it was trying to fetch ubuntu2 and failed.21:15
plipp1Yes, that's what I think it's saying too. I just thought that that's what I had installed already. Quite sure synaptic said that ubuntu2 was installed and was upgradable (to ubuntu3). Is that possible or does my memory certainly fail me?21:17
plipp1oh crap, upgrade gets stuck at replacing 'bluez'21:41

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