Shred00is the latest build 27 hours old now because something has to be done to ack the last failure?03:26
tgm4883Shred00, there are two parts to the build process. Building of the source packages, and building of the binaries. Building of the source packages takes place outside of launchpad and can be monitored at this link  http://smithers.mythbuntu.org/~autobuild/weekly_mythtv.txt ( I just kicked off a new build )04:27
Zinn[smithers.mythbuntu.org] N/A04:27
tgm4883When the source packages are done building, they get uploaded to launchpad, you will see that in the log as well04:27
tgm4883The binaries are built on launchpad. You will see the source upload in the queue and when it starts building you will see a build log as well04:28
tgm4883If you see that the latest build is > 24 hours old, I'd check the source build log (at the link above) and see if it's still building, or if there was an error04:29
tgm4883IIRC, it will also state whether there were no new changes04:29
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