techquilahey anyone else having problems with youtube lately?  all browsers no you tube.. reinstalled flash ... worked for a bit...then same problem...10:53
techquilaok this is actually a flash problem upon further inspection... since last update..10:56
techquilano wait.. this makes no sense... wont load youtube on any browser... worked fine on other machines connected to same network for almost an hour then same problem  is this a buggy flash update or what? any ideas?10:58
techquilalast computer checked not updated so whats going on i wonder10:59
ojwbwhy get flash involved when youtube supports html5 video...11:18
ajmitchbecause it doesn't support it for all videos11:18
ojwbhmm, I've yet to hit one11:19
ojwbthough I'm not a big video watcher11:19
ajmitchanything with ads, it seems11:19
GI thought you still had to actually enable HTML5 YouTube?11:20
ojwbwell, that's just a handy filter then11:20
ojwbG: it's not exactly difficult to though11:20
Gojwb: very true :)11:20

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