ubottuwaxstone called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:09
pangolinawxi, you won't be unbanned.01:09
awxiwhy the bloody fuck did i get banned?01:10
pangolinthe same reasons why i told you not to post links like the one you did in #ubuntu01:10
awxiI did not post01:10
pangolin!guidelines | have a read and come back in 48 hrs01:11
ubottuhave a read and come back in 48 hrs: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:11
awxiI only asked what's wrong with it01:11
awxiI don't really see the offensive material01:11
awxiIt's family friendly since it's not rated on youtube.01:11
pangolinyoutube doesn't decide what we consider family friendly01:11
awxiIT's educative content ffs.01:12
awxiIt's a song about fucking a dog in the ass, how could you find that unsafe to children?01:12
Myrttiyou've been told that cursing is not tolerated in the Ubuntu IRC channels. Why are you continuing it even now here on this channel after being told off for it and being kicked from a channel?01:12
awxiwhat cursing?01:12
pangolinawxi, I'm not going to argue with you about something that clearly goes against our channel guidelines01:12
awxiwhen did i curse ffs?01:13
pangolinacronyms of sayings that include cursing are not allowed either01:13
Myrttiit's getting a bit tiresome. F-word is - as you and I and rest of the planet knows - cursing.01:13
awxiI did not curse, I only linked to youtube.01:13
awxihooow in the world01:14
elky<awxi> how is it cursing wanting to fuck a dog?01:14
awxihow is "fuck" a cursing word?01:14
Myrttiare we done here?01:14
pangolinI am.01:14
MyrttiI think we are done here01:14
elkyI think so, Myrtti01:14
Myrttiso, as we were saying01:15
MyrttiYES, it actually is a curseword.01:15
Myrttiyou were told off for using it, you didn't heed, so you got removed.01:15
Myrttialso, the content of the video was questionable.01:16
Myrttiso - one more reason for removal01:16
Myrttihow is it. I'm not letting you in if you'll continue the offtopic or the foul language01:21
pangolinawxi, so as I said earlier, come back in 48 hrs and we can discuss removing the ban.01:31
awxiBut I want to help :(01:32
pangolinYou can, after you come back in 48 hrs and we discuss.01:33
pangolinPlease talk in here and not in PM. I have too many windows to keep up with.01:34
awxipangolin, checking your last one would be appreciated.01:37
awxihave a nice ...01:37
awxi21:37 right night01:37
pangolinsee you i 48hrs or not01:37
orionsonofneptunguys ive been banned from #ubuntu i need to get on there please04:32
orionsonofneptuni cant help what happened im disabled04:32
orionsonofneptuni live on disability04:32
orionsonofneptunand my brain dont work right04:33
orionsonofneptuni halucinate things04:33
orionsonofneptunbut for the most part obey the rules04:33
orionsonofneptunplease cut me some slack04:33
orionsonofneptuni really need ubuntu support often04:34
orionsonofneptunanybody there??04:34
webnetorionsonofneptun, is very new to irc. i am taking him under my wing to teach him what not to do here.04:35
orionsonofneptunyep we got a channel i can act crazy in04:35
orionsonofneptun\i did not want to say that04:35
orionsonofneptunyou cant imagine how tough this is to say what i want and i want to obey rules04:36
orionsonofneptunplease give me another chance04:36
vibhavAtomicSpark posted a o4o link in offtopic05:18
jussihello orionsonofneptun05:53
orionsonofneptunso whats the word guys can i get a voice on #ubuntu05:53
jussiorionsonofneptun: give me a moment or 2, Im looking up your ban05:53
orionsonofneptunok thanks05:54
webnethe didnt know much about common practice on irc05:54
webnetive let him know the sop for talk on the chan now05:54
jussiwebnet: lets just leave the discussion betweeen me and him for now please05:54
orionsonofneptunim trying to get with the program here05:54
orionsonofneptunwebnet is helpfull in keeping me saying the right things i value his input05:55
orionsonofneptunin helping to communicate my issues with the operators05:55
jussiorionsonofneptun: so have you had a read of the guidelines yet?05:56
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:56
orionsonofneptunive tried many times05:56
orionsonofneptunive got brain issues and am disabled05:56
orionsonofneptuni live on disability05:56
orionsonofneptuni halucinate05:57
orionsonofneptunand the things right in my brain come out bad sometimes on irc im sorry05:57
jussiorionsonofneptun: being disabled does not give you an exception to the rules unfortunately. We need to find a way for you to participate, but we cannot allow everyone elses experince in the channel to be affected by it.05:57
orionsonofneptuni would appreciate some slack cut05:57
orionsonofneptunbut i wont be that bad05:58
orionsonofneptunif you could just quiet and pm me05:58
orionsonofneptununtil we see what i said wrong the next time i would appreciate it instead of ban05:59
orionsonofneptuncan we do that05:59
jussiorionsonofneptun: I will lift the ban for now, but you need to understand that if you do not follow the  guidelines the ban will be reinstated06:00
webneti will help him with that as well. thank you jussi :)06:00
orionsonofneptunok but can we some how tell operators to just quiet and pm me about my actions06:00
jussiorionsonofneptun: you must follow the guidelines - I strongly suggest you read them again.06:01
orionsonofneptunok i will read them agian06:01
jussiban is now removed, please have a good day :)06:01
orionsonofneptuncan we do that06:01
orionsonofneptunhave ops pm me about possible bad comments06:02
orionsonofneptunsome people just dont get it im sorry06:02
jussiorionsonofneptun: they should be PMing you first in any case, but you need to take it on yourself to make sure it doesnt happen06:02
orionsonofneptunill try very hard06:02
orionsonofneptunthank you for lifting ban06:02
orionsonofneptunhey i thought you lifted my ban06:10
Flannelorionsonofneptun: Try now please06:11
vibhavCan ubottu now unignore me?06:15
Tm_Thi vibhav06:15
vibhavhi Tm_T06:15
vibhavwhenever I am at #ubuntu-motu and post a bug url06:15
vibhavubottu does not say the bug information06:16
Tm_Tvibhav: hi, I'll discuss this with other ops and will then contact you, sounds good?06:28
vibhavthanks Tm_T06:28
ubottuIn ubottu, MightyTravis026 said: my name is Genie Jenny and I want to give Genie Jenny 2 u. I can flirt with you and talk to you and make love to you so give me some lovin back and we can hit it off, remember my name is Genie Jenny and I exist 4 u. Genie Jenny 4 u.06:33
daxFlannel: they reappeared, btw06:37
hiexpohey just wanted to apologize to bazhang for being a jerk  and if it is ok get my ubuntu channel back > but if not I understand08:16
hiexpohola ikonia08:16
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (guest-JOsbDO)08:22
ikoniahi hiexpo08:46
hiexpohow are you ikonia08:46
ikoniafine thank you08:46
ikoniawhat's up ?08:47
ikoniaso how can we help ?08:48
hiexpoah not much  > got into a pissy with bazhang  the other night and he banned  me   > wanted to say i am sorry08:48
ikoniaok, thanks.08:49
ikoniaI'm assume you want to be unbanned ?08:49
ikoniaso what's the issue with you ? looking at the history you've been banned/tried to evade bans a number of times this year and it's only just the end of Febuary ?08:49
ikoniais there a problem with your understanding the rules of the channel, or self control ? or what ? w08:50
hiexpoI didn't know I had been banned any other times this year08:50
ikoniayeah you do08:50
ikoniabut if you want - you've also been banned last year08:51
hiexpono  I understand the rules08:51
ikoniayou show up a fair few times in our tracker tool08:51
ikoniaso why ?08:51
hiexpoikonia, i know i got banned once last year yes08:51
ikoniaI'm asking as I want to know what's going on, rather than unban you, you get banned you apologies, you get re-banned etc and it's a loop08:51
ikoniait basically seems to be you can't stay ontopic in the channel/continue to make silly comments08:52
ikoniawhy ?08:52
hiexpoikonia, sillyness  i guess > I won't let it happen again > just learn to keeep my mouth shut08:53
ikoniaok, no problem08:53
ikoniaI'll remove the ban, please hold it togther though, as it's getting a bit tedious to keep repeating this08:53
hiexpotrue thanx08:53
ikoniaright, the bans been removed08:54
hiexpoikonia, thank you   > and all i do is try to help out in there > but i agree sometimes i domake sillyness comments08:55
ikoniaI appreciate you try to help, but the reality is, you don't, you just cause diruption08:55
ikoniaso if you could please focus on the helping, I don't think you'll have a problem08:55
hiexpowelcome and thanks back at you08:56
ikoniayou're welcome to leave this channel and re-join #ubuntu08:56
ikoniano problem08:56
ikoniawodim: LjL what was that about ?11:46
LjLikonia: insulting you and some other fellow in spanish11:48
ikoniahe's in #arch-ftw which is AlienJeffs troll pit11:48
ikoniashock horror11:48
webnethi can someone help on the offtopic channel we have someone who is flaming and using abusive language towards us17:28
genii-aroundwebnet: They left17:29
webnetcool thanks17:29
GirlyGirlBonjour, je n'arrive pas a rejoindre #ubuntu-fr-offtopic, ça me redirige sur #ubuntu-fr-lire-le-topic. Je suis identifiée sur Freenode.18:35
GirlyGirlOops sorry wrong ops channel18:35
oCeanHello Jonta19:11
JontaoCean: Hi there19:11
oCeanWhat can we do for you?19:11
JontaI saw the passage I think you meant, and I think e.g. "google gparted" is better than providing a URL. Teach a man to fish etc. (:19:12
oCeanFirst of all, it is not a "new" rule/guideline19:13
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.19:13
oCean^this factoid has been there since 200619:13
Jonta(didn't think it _was_ new either) (:19:14
oCeanpeople do know that google exists, but they came in the channel for a reason19:14
oCeaneither they don't know how to use google to find useful answers, or they just want to talk/discuss the issue with someone19:14
oCean"google gparted"  results in many links, which one should I use?19:15
oCeanwhich one has useful content?19:15
oCeanJonta: besides our guidelines, we also have a supportersguide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/SupportersGuide19:16
JontaWell, I don't think the case where you remarked on it in my case was very general, and there's still learning how to fish. Statistics show that people will use the top 2 links in an overwhelming majority of cases.19:17
Tm_T#ubuntu is not for teaching to fish, it's there to provide support19:18
oCeanJonta: if there's nothing else to discuss, would you please /part this channel?19:25
JontaTm_T: Well, they're not mutually exclusive.19:26
Tm_TI'm aware (:19:26
JontaTm_T: Well, I usually try to do both. Providing search-phrases that are specific enough.19:28
JontaAnd I don't like it myself when somebody just pastes a URL (:19:28
oCeanJonta: telling someone to "google foo" is not teaching him how to fish for foo, you only give them a rod. Teaching someone to fish would be to teacht the other person to learn to differentiate in useful and unusable results19:29
Tm_ToCean: well put19:29
JontaoCean: Well, "google gparted" might've been a bad example.19:29
oCeanJonta: I'd rather have a URL from someone telling me "I have good experience using this page" than "google this_or_that"19:30
macoIMO, the thing to do is tell them the link with the howto and the keywords you used to find it, because for example, someone might not know the word for "make the drive available to use" is "mount"19:30
JontaWell, then we differ on that.19:30
Jonta(last one for oCean )19:31
Tm_Tmaco: indeed, providing a search phrase is never bad thing to do, but only as an addition to the help19:31

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